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tv   CNN Newsroom With Brooke Baldwin  CNN  September 12, 2019 11:00am-12:00pm PDT

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what we've got. the justice department just rejected an appeal from former fbi deputy director andrew mccabe who is now a cnn contributor. this is all about the recommendation to indict him after it was alleged he made false statements to investigators days before the 2016 presidential election. and our cnn crime and justice reporter is here to put it in perspective and cnn chief legal analyst jeffrey toobin. what is this about? >> really whether or not andrew mccabe was truthful with the inspector general investigating leaks, contact the fbi was having with reporters and it stems right before the election. andrew mccabe spoke to a "wall street journal" reporter at the time, a "wall street journal" reporter about a story they were writing that andrew mccabe basically told the fbi, fbi agent it's investigating the clinton foundation to stand down. stop investigating the clinton foundation. obviously, andrew mccabe, he
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says he felt at the time that it was important to make sure that the right information got out there, that it was accurate information and he did nothing wrong. so that contact with this reporter from the "wall street journal" became the subject of the inspector general's investigation, and when they confronted him about his contact with the reporter, they say the inspector general "lacked candor" essentially their way of saying he wasn't truthful to the inspector general about those contacts, about his conversations with the reporter and andrew mccabe says i was confused about some of the questions, the way they asked the questions. so they investigated, inspector general investigated and recommended charges. in the end, they recommended charges to the u.s. attorney's office in washington, d.c. now it appears that that is what's happening. a last-ditch effort, mccabe's lawyers, his team, they went into the department of justice. they made an appeal saying we do not believe you should charge
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andrew mccabe, here's why. we're told the definite of justice rejected that last-ditch effort, that last appeal and we expect he will be charged for making fault statements essentially to federal investigators that the inspector general considered federal investigators and what he'll be charged with, making false statements. that's what it appears to be at this point. >> let me emphasize the point you started with. andy mccabe is a cnn contributor, he is a colleague and a friend to many of us who work here. he's here recently but people need to factor that in to what they're hearing. this is an extremely unusual prosecution. andy mccabe had the right to speak to reporters. that is beyond dispute as deputy director of the fbi, he had the right to speak to reporters and has an impeccable record one of the most honored and successful fbi agents of his generation.
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an admirable job explaining what went on. it's complicated in itself. >> it is. >> it is really difficult to understand. even what the lie is here. the alleged lie. the alleged lie is, well, you have the right to speak to the reporters and you spoke to the reporters. months later, describe what was in the conversation that you already -- that you had ever right to have, at a time when being interviewed about a different subject. you never have the right to lie to an inspector general. if you lie, it's a crime, but lie to inspector general is rarely prosecuted. lying in these very esoteric circumstances where, you know, it's about this conversation, that conversation is rare. you know, it looks like he's going to be indicted, but you know, good luck to the government proving this case. >> and mccabe was deputy director of the fbi. this is "the" number two guy at
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the fbi at the time, and i think in his mind, he can argue, i want to talk to reporters i, as deputy director should be able to do so. >> able to do that. >> the issue also for the inspector general and generally for the department of justice and we've seen this with the come when you start talking about investigations it's against regulation. it's not necessarily against the law, but it's against the guidelines of the department of justice to start confirming or not confirming investigations that are ongoing, and that's what we saw also in some of this, that they took issue with how he handled that. >> another important point to add to this context. >> yes. >> the president of the united states has been on a crusade to disparage and insult andrew mccabe for literally his entire presidency. he has been saying that mccabe was corrupt. mccabe's wife ran for the state senate in virginia as a democrat before all of this happened,
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he's claimed, the president claimed some sort of bias. you recall there was an inspector general's investigation, and mccabe was fired on the last possible day when he could be denied part of his pension. i mean, there is every bit of a sign of a vindictive crusade against mccabe, and mccabe has sued in a civil lawsuit to try to get, to say that his firing was unjustified. that case is pending. he may also be fighting a criminal case. >> okay. i think we've got it. thank you both. complicated, appreciate you both, the best folks to explain all that to us. thank you very much. move to this, to washington today. the house judiciary committee under leadership of jerry nadler troet voted to move forward on the impeachment process for president trump. >> this investigation will allow us to determine whether to recommend articles of impeachment with respect to
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president trump. ship call this process an impeachment inquiry. some call it an impeachment investigation. there is no legal difference between these terms and i no longer care to argue about gnomen clacher with the new procedures, next week we will begin an aggressive series investigating allegations of corruption, obstruction and abuse of power against the president. the investigation will go well beyond the four points of the mueller report. >> not surprisingly, final vote, 24-17 went along party lines. ranking republican on the committee called the whole thing a snoozefest. >> it doesn't go outside of the committee. this does not go to the house floor. covering for moderates who don't want to vote for impeachment and vast majority who want nothing to do with this. >> and then there's this. latest polling showing just 35% of voters think impeachment
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should be a priority right now. democratic lawmakers so divided over what the actual focus should be, i would like to have a chance to weigh the consequences of this. i have no illusions about what will happen in the senate, but i want to make sure we can make the case to the country that -- that this president's conduct is so incapable with office we had to take this step. >> it is beyond time and we have to end this lawlessness and corruption coming out of the white house. >> california congresswoman katie hill is with me now. congresswoman, pleasure to you have back. >> thank you. >> in the recent past, you wouldn't quite say you outright support impeachment. did today's vote move the needle as all for you? >> no. today's vote is part of a series of steps that have been taken as part of this investigation that we know we have to have. we know that democracy is under attack from both our adversaries and also from actions that have been taken within the
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administration. i'm one of, on oversight, vice chair on oversight and one of the investigating committees and glad and hope that today clarifies there is not an additional inkwuquiry vote or investigation vote that needs to happen. it is happening in judiciary. happening in other committees. ultimately judiciary will decide whether or not to introduce articles of impeachment. i think that will happen probably by end of year. >> where are you on all of this, congresswoman? where are you? are you in favor of or not quite there yet? >> i'm definitely in favor of these investigations and in favor of the process, the way that the process is playing out. i also think more importantly, though, when articles are introduced, each and every one of us is going to have to weigh them and make the hardest decision we will probably ever have to make in our political careers. it's not an easy thing to decide whether to impeach the president and it shouldn't be. if anyone acts like it is they're not doing a service to their constituents or to our country as a whole. each one needs to be carefully
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considered. can be one article of impeachment or dozens. we don't know yet and why it's so important. many might vote yes on one or several and no on others, but the number that people need to think about is 218. these will not come to the floor if 218 people are not going to vote on them. and that's just how it is. >> someone who has been very cautious in all of this, speaker nancy pelosi. what she said today. >> i support what's happening in the judiciary committee, because that enables them to do their process of interrogation in their investigations. >> specific language not important jt how should the american people understand -- >> the american people -- >> you're the only ones who are -- they understand that impeachment is a very divisive measure, but if we have to go there we'll have to go there,
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but we can't go there unless we have the facts. >> but, you no, congresswoman, to the reporter's point and the question what does it say that even after today's votes speaker pelosi wouldn't go there, use the "i" word and that impeachment proceedings are under way? >> i don't think so. we've seen so many people confused or unclear about the definition between inquiry, an investigation or procedure, because there's really not a technical distinction between them. we've been using them fairly interchangeably and that's our own fault as members of congress to not be more clear. it shows there's no box we're reporting to except our own voters and our own constituents and it can cause a fair amount of i think confusion just generally speaking on language. that's why it needs to be clear that we are in investigations that will result in a decision by the judiciary committee to
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recommend articles to the house floor or not. personally i think those will be, those articles will be recommended, and i think that we're in a throat our democracy to the point that that recommendation has to be seriously considered by each and every one of us, and the ultimate decision is going to be, that's going to be the legacy we leave. >> ask you about this letter, that 145 ceos from across the country sent this letter to the senate demanding action on gun violence and we know all of these companies are stepping in as certain members of congress are not. walmart, other stores banning open carry. are we witnessing an open watershed moment in this debate and leaders in the business community actually getting certain politicians to act? >> well, unfortunately i think that we have seen for -- for many, many years that corporations tend to have a bigger say with some politicians than individuals do. so, you know, the activism
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that's happened by action and the other groups organizing around this issue of gun safety if your members of congress or senators listening, then let's put the pressure on the public companies that have to make a profit or not and if they are losing business because of decisions that are related to gun safety, then they might have a better chance of influencing the elected officials that have been stonewalling this issue and i hope so and see no issue with that. we need to use every tool in our toolbox to mobilize and ensure the message is loud and clear that the american people are not okay with the current trajectory we're on with respect to gun violence and we have to do something. >> congresswoman katie hill. thank you very much. >> thank. breaking news now on that dive boat tragedy in southern california. the ntsb just issued a preliminary report and a major revelation about the crew. that's coming up next. also ahead, israel denying that it planted spying devices
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near the white house. and was justify juiced? the 2018 triple crown winner never should have been in that race. you're watching cnn. i'm brooke baldwin. we'll be right back.
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california coast where the national transportation safety board has just released its preliminary report on the labor day boat fire that killed 34 people. the report found the conception dive boat did not have a crew member on roving overnight watch, which is required by its certificate. meanwhile, you are looking at live pick commerce of the coast guard actually preparing to finally lift this boat out of the water. the last missing victim was located and recovered from the wreckage just yesterday. cnn correspondent stephanie elam is live in los angeles and also with us josh campbell, cnn law enforcement analyst and former fbi super special investigatory agent and stephanie, first to you here. what did they find? >> reporter: the big takeaway from this, this preliminary report from the ntsb, not lay out findings or not telling you
11:20 am
anything hard yet but they do give you an idea what they've identified so far. the big takeaway so far from the report is the fact all five crew members up top. asleep. something we've been trying to narrow down because we know the u.s. coast guard, a certificate of inspection, up to date, should be a roving night watch person to rove around the boat making sure everything is okay and a sixth crew member supposed to be in the bunk room and that person was there and she lost her life in the fire. we learned both of the exits from the room were engulfed in flame and one crew member woke um, tried to get to them. the other thing we've learned here that was interesting as well is that when they did dive off of the boat, the crew members, when they dove into the water, a couple of them went around to the back, got back on the boat to try to look into the engine room to see if there was something they could do. there was no fire another interg we've learned about this boat so
11:21 am
for a. what this doesn't help us to do, while it raises that question, could somebody have gotten there earlier if they'd seen the spark and been able to rescue these 34 people it doesn't answer or give more clues as to what could have started this fire in the first place. that part is still not there. this image you see here, they are working so slowly to bring this wreckage up because they don't want to lose any information. any evidence that may be there on the bottom of the ocean floor and taking their time to slowly bring up what's left of "conception" get the water out of it and take it to an undisclosed location to len work on figuring out what may have caused this fire, brooke. >> as we look at these pictures, josh, to stephanie's point, readiread ing part of the letter, passengers beloan unable to use the aft ladder on fire. tried to swim around to the stern opening hatch to engine
11:22 am
room, saw no fire. there were attempts we know as they lift this boat -- of all of the things they are going to look at, what are the key pieces for investigators? . i think the easiest way to look at this is the outset to understand there are two investigations essentially under way at the same time. the ntsb, looking at this from a safety perspective. get to the cause of this fire. that includes interviewing the crew members we know stephanie mentioned some information there, but still information we don't yet have and won't have until that vessel is actually surfaced which is under way now. ntsb, worked with them in the past as an fbi agent. they're methodical don't rule things in, they rule things out. go through the boat about its stern once actually surfaced and try to get to the root cause of the fire. the second phase of the investigation going on now. talking to our sources, federal officials currently conducting an investigation. coast guard and atf looking at
11:23 am
the operation of this company. whether this company was actually in compliance. the ntsb is the lead, if it turns out there was neglect, negligence on the part of the vessel or those onboard you could see additional possible criminal charges possibly down the road. it's too early for that yet. we still need to get the vessel up and figure out what was actually the cause. >> awful for these 34 families, tight-knit deitsch community in southern california. totally we'll stay on this. thank you both very much on this ntsb report. coming up next, a strong denial from benjamin netanyahu saying israel did not plant listening devices near the white house, and it may be round three, but tonight joe biden, bernie sanders and elizabeth warren are debating together for the very first time. what to watch. that's next. you're turning onto the street
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we are hours from the most streamlined democratic primary debate so far for the 2020 race for president. of the 20-plus candidates who were at the starting line just 10 made the cut to reach the stage at texas southern university in houston tonight, and for the first time the face-off among the front-runners, joe biden, elizabeth warren and bernie sanders taking center stage. you see the podium light up on your screen.
11:29 am
biden standing between warren and sanders, nerve before on a get debate stage. a new chn cnn poll shows why bi continues to get a star spot. once again in first place among democratic voters with warren and sanders vying for second place. how will those taking up the plank, castro, klobuchar, turn heads their way this evening? turn to an expert for incite. mark alexander on the team who prepared then senator obama for the 2008 presidential debates, now dean at villanova university law school. great to have you back, and we task you to think of the top three things you'll watch for tonight. begin with your point about just the intensity really dialed up. >> right. thanks for having me on again, brooke. >> yeah. >> the intensity will be much higher tonight, as you mentioned you've got sanders, warren, biden all on the same stage plus
11:30 am
klobuchar, booker, buttigieg all of those, top candidates all on the stage together. much more intense. focus on the top candidates make a more intense event. >> what else? >> i think also you have to see what's their appeal? i think there's a lot to see about trust and fear as i look at it. who are they trusting? the question, what's the appeal? trust to all voters? candidates have to say, i'm the candidate for everybody, and i trust they'll vote for me and i worry that some of the candidates are misguiding themselves saying i fear something here and there. you know, donald trump, he trusts his voters. they follow him at a very high rate. the question is whether democrats will find somebody who trusts their voters. an interesting appeal in the debates tonight and going forward in the primaries and in the general election. >> how about the fact abc has issued a warning that there's no delay. so memo to the candidates, no cursing onstage, and why are we
11:31 am
even bringing this up? here's a refresher. >> republicans need to, quite frankly get their [ bleep ] together -- >> laughing years. >> i wonder what [ bleep ] doing that? >> i wonder [ bleep ] -- [ bleep ]. >> this is just [ bleep ] politics. we are nort going to give thoughts and prayers to me is just bull [ bleep ]. sorry to say that as a man of faith. >> this is not yet know the firearms useded or how they acquired them, but we know this is [ bleep ] up. >> averaging 300 mass shootings a [ bleep ] year. no other country comes close. so, yes, this is [ bleep ] up. >> that's a lot of -- a lot of bleeping. >> sure. yeah. >> what do you make of a broadcast network telling the candidates not to curse? >> quite something. i wonder if we're on tape delay yourself. >> don't do. >> it i won't use the words.
11:32 am
what the candidates are doing, trying to connect with voters. reality is that the electorate for the democratic primaries are people who feel things are really messed up, shall we say. the question is, how does a candidate genuinely connect with that voter? i think to the extent there's a lot of significant passion among the electorate is what the candidates are doing. that's why they've been put on notice tonight, but to the networks i say good luck. >> we'll be watching. mark alexander, thank you very much. thank you. >> thanks. ahead here, two cnn exclusives. why chief justice john roberts changed his mind and voted against the president since a question and inside a syrian camp for women and children. why this is being called the birthplace of an isis revenge generation? you will not want to miss this. i get it all the time.
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israel is disputing reporting that its government was most likely responsible for cell phone surveillance found around the white house. interception tools known as stingrays s discovered in a review. and whether israel had a plot to spy on the united states. >> absolutely not. we have a directive. i have a directive. no intelligence collection in the united states.
11:38 am
no spying, and it's rigorously enforced, without any exceptions. it's complete fabrication. >> cnn's senior national correspondent is with me and so alex, talk to me about these devices. what were they? >> brooke, the existence of these devices and their collection methods was not new. reported last year. what is new according to politico, most likely in their phrasing israel was behind the use of these devices near the white house and around washington, d.c. in addition to that strong pushback you just played from the prime minister i reached out to the irldy embassy here in washington and they told me, "these to allegations are absolute nonsense. israel doesn't conduct espionage operations in the united states, period." brooke, last year the department of homeland security did acknowledge the existence of these devices and their ability to collect sensitive information. in essence how they work is they
11:39 am
re-create cell phone towers. so a cell phone will latch on to it and whoever's using the device will then be able to track that cell phone. listen in on calls read text messages and surveil other data streams. now, in reaching out to former officials about the possibility that israel did carry this out, they say absolutely. despite the fact that the u.s. has a lengthy and productive intelligence sharing relationship with israel, it is highly possible that israel not only uses these stingray devices here in the united states but does continue to carry out espionage here in the united states. we at cnn have not confirmed they were using these devices. we did reach out to the cia, the fbi and the national security council, none of them offered us any sort of comment. brooke? >> all right. alex, thank you. coming up, a cnn exclusive. we will take you inside a camp in syria filled with isis
11:40 am
widows, and their children. why this place is being called a ticking time bomb.
11:41 am
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now to just extraordinary cnn exclusive, our cameras and correspondent go inside a refugee camp in syria to meet the wives and children of isis members. this camp may become a terror incubator as radicalized women pass on isis ideology to the next generation. arwa damon brings us this incredibly rare look inside isis' resurgence camp.
11:46 am
>> reporter: it's called a camp that's sprung from nowhere now the size of a small town. the wind and sand mercifully blow through the tents in the baking heat of the syrian summer. but it's the anger, the seething hostility that strikes you. to step into this camp is to witness a strange mutation of the calafat kept add live by the wives of isis. a spirit seeping into the next generation. hatred magnified by the retched conditions, you think it's a camp but it's a prison. >> reporter: it's a place in limbo, like know other refugee camp on earth shunned by the international community. kurdish forces say this place is a ticking time bomb, an isis academy where its brute's
11:47 am
ideology is incubated without resources to keep control. women don't know where their husbands and teenage sons are and tell us quite openly they're teaching their children to hate the infidels, who imprisoned and killed their fathers and brothers. [ speaking in foreign language ] >> reporter: the camp's population swelled while isis was making its last stand not far from here. many new arrivals have direct ties to isis and were organized and quickly established their version of the moral police terrorizing those who refused to wear the full veil. beneath the black uniformity some women want nothing more than to leave. i don't care if it's the curds or even americans who control my town, this woman pleads. but there is no reintegration program.
11:48 am
this is an open-air prison. >> what do you want? >> i want to go home. i am scared. >> reporter: should i be? >> just asking. a lot of people talking in our countries, take us back. >> reporter: if they gave you an option, let's say, of creating another callafat you? >> no. >> reporter: you're done. >> reporter: fur are repatriating. living conditions filthy. little access to medical care, clean water scarce, food rationed. a telegram tack room turned this place into a cause for isis referring to it as the death camp allegations atrocities by the pick enemies of islam. >> there is a lot of propaganda and promoting of the isis
11:49 am
ideology, but they're also using this platform to send messages. >> reporter: it's where they posted this video. the isis flag raised inside the camp. that happened here in a part of the camp for syrians. it's a reaction to the psychological pressure on us, one woman says. they should know that more can be done than the raising of a flag. and more has been done. foreign women here are no longer allowed to leave their annex and go to the market. after two incidents when kurdish guards were stabbed. the more radicalized women threaten and terrorize those less devoted to isis. one woman says her tent was burnt down. another, that she's so afraid of being stabbed she barely sleeps at night. outside the camp we get access to a prison. a surreal scene. former isis fighters painting and crafting papier-mache
11:50 am
models. this man says, isis held his family hostage to coerce him to join. isis gave me the bombs, he tells us, and then showed me on whatsapp how to plant them. he's serving 20 years. the maximum sentence. in the crowded cell men say they never supported isis. [ speaking in foreign language ] >> reporter: others accept their fate. [ speaking in foreign language ] >> reporter: the curkurds are dg their best to separate the true believers in the rest. in this rehabilitation center there are scores of teenaged boys. this 15-year-old was an isis fighter. his first mission to plant explosives as a u.s. base. he describes how they were given the bombs, weapons and suicide
11:51 am
vests. we covered everything with the women's black nikof so the jets in the sky would not target us. the operation failed and he ended up in prison. even there isis rules, he said, but at the rehab center things are different. i've left isis behind. it was a mistake. i learned from it. but the center barely reaches a fraction of the children indoctrinated. there just aren't enough resources. if the situation stays like this and nations don't help, isis will come back, this administrator tells us. we hear about it. the sleeper cells. they take advantage of the children trying to recruit them. [ speaking in foreign language ] >> reporter: and the children are so vulnerable, they know nothing but conflict, destruction and grief. some have no parents like this little boy. >> he's jut visiting his friends here and says that his mom was
11:52 am
killed, his dad detained and it's just him and his siblings, oldest of which is 16. >> reporter: children pay the price of their parents and in turn are preyed upon. there is a shocking lack of international involvement here. the place is forgotten. the legacy of yesterday's war, and that makes it uniquely dangerous, because if allowed to fester, this sprawling camp contains the seeds of the next war and isis' revenge generation. >> arwa damon is with me now and from istanbul and, wow. i wrote down your line, the spirit of vengeance seeps into the next generation. i mean, seeing that little boy with that toy gun, without parents. what are the solutions? what's being discussed? >> reporter: the problem, brooke is that if discussions are happening they're not
11:53 am
translating into any sort of action, whether to better the humanitarian situation there to give the children the option of an education, trying to create some sort of program within the camp that can really begin to at the very least pull them away from the brutality that they have witnessed. it's not just that little boy with the toy gun. as we were leaving some of the kids were pelting the veect whi with rocks, others would say infidel, we're going to bury you -- finger across their neck and you can't tell they're doing it just because they're children or because that's the only life they've actually been exposed to, but these kids, they don't have to have that be their narrative. it doesn't have to be defined by evil or isis but it's really why there has to be an international response to all of this and that has to happen now. not tomorrow. now. >> the need is now. what, from just spending all this time, did you just as a
11:54 am
woman walking around ever feel threatened? and what struck you the most? >> i didn't feel threatened, but keep in mind, too, that we had about four to six armed guards with us. depending on which part of the camp we were in. you know, when we would approach the women, some of them would just run away, literally, from the camera. others didn't want to talk, but after you spoke with them for a few minutes, everything would come pouring out, and i think by and large the women we were talking to, they really just wanted to be heard, and their perspectives on what has happened to them and what they want their future to be is incredibly diverse. we spoke to so many women who said they just want to get out, leave it all behind, and then other women openly saying, no. we prefer to stay here because at the very at least we're still living by the rules of isis, the rules of the caliphate and only
11:55 am
positive% of the population as they call it were hard-core isis. 70% of the population wants to get out and move on. one. striking things look at those visuals and see that sea of black and can perhaps be misled into thinking that the thoughts are all the same, the desires are all the same, that beliefs are all the same, but they're not. every single person, every single woman in there is an individual with her own thoughts and her own hopes for her future, but, again, those women that want to get out, those families that want to get out need that chance. >> thank you and your crew for taking the rick and getting in and telling the stories of these women and children. arwa damon, you are phenomenal. thank you. breaking news. the trump administration rolling back yet another environmental regulation from the obama era. this one involving clean water. be right back.
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