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tv   CNN Newsroom With Ana Cabrera  CNN  September 15, 2019 2:00pm-3:00pm PDT

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. hello, on this sunday. we began with the attack raising tensions in the middle east an threatening to jolt markets around the world when trading opens in just a few hours. a senior administration official telling cnn that a large scale strike on saudi arabia's large oil facilities like like originated from iran or iraq. iran has called the u.s. accusations maximum lies. and as we wait to learn the exact diplomatic fallout, half of saudi arabia's oil production is currently offline. that accounts for 5% of the world's output. the fires from the attack so large the smoke can be seen from space. how rebels in yemen have claimed responsibility, but brand-new satellite information indicates that the 19 saudi targets that were hit were struck in the northwest side.
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which an official tells us would be difficult to do but not so much from iraq or iran. nick is live for us in tehran, but first, to jeremy at the white house with new information. >> that's right. i spoke with a senior administration official a few moments ago who said that this attack does appear to have originated from iran or iraq. officials saying it's difficult to see how these things could have come from anywhere but iran or iraq. as you mentioned, the official pointing in particular to the location of these facilities that were targeted. all of these 19 targets that the u.s. has now identified being struck at the saudi all facilities throughout the northwest part of those facilities and that is the information so far that this administration is using to try and back up secretary of state mike pompeo's claims that there's no evidence these attacks came from yemen and that instead, blaming iran for these
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attacks. now the question of whether this attack came from iran or iraq will be a very significant one. either way, the administration believes that this was carried out by iror its proxies, but of course if this did originate from iran, this would be a very serious escalation this official told me and all of this of course very note bable given the fact this it come as the u.s. president has been considering a potential diplomatic opening with iran with the united nations general assembly approaching in just over a week. the president trump of course was considering a meeting with the iranian president rorouhani. so far, the trump administration not ruling out that possibility, but it appears this information now could be derailing that diplomatic opening. >> thank you. i want to go to nick peyton w l walsh and obviously this latest attack though has raised tensions across the region
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regardless of who is to blame. >> no doubt this is ng new. it is remark bable that the rebels if they did as they say they did, managed to get drones to attack it. let them fly through saudi arabian air space. now what you just heard from jeremy there, i have to say i'm surprised if that's it. if that's all u.s. officials have to say about the evidence from where the attacks came from. because yes, you could see logic if they came from a different direction, that is some evidence, but it isn't necessarily satellite imagery or tracking of vehicles in the air which may properly provide a convincing case to back up what secretary of state mike pompeo so threateningly said earlier this morning. the iranian foreign minister said while the u.s. had tried
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maximum pressure, that's the phrase they've used for the rash etting up of sanctions and withdrawal from nuclear deal. i'm paraphrasing tweet here. they were using maximum deceit suggesting miami pompeo's tweet was a falsity. we are still waiting for the convincing detailed evidence to that effect, but showily it appears that the demand for that is making the u.s. administration release more information bit by bit, but i will tell you, we're in very unchartered territory here because for months, tensions have been building here, but there's been proxies doing things to other proxies. saudi arabia and iran have been long-term especially mys in this area. saudi arabia is a u.s. ally. iran is a u.s. enemy. they've been picking at each other, but something like this is totally new. while there's no evidence that iran's behind it, the idea of diplomacy that so many here have their hopes in and now john bolton was fired from the white house, that key iran hawk, that seems more distant.
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>> thank you for that report. i want to bring in cnn global economic analyst and retired army lieutenant general. general, iran has essentially denied responsibility. u.s. senator chris murphy seems to doubt the claims. he tweeted iran is a bad actor. you don't need to make stuff up to convince me. so if the administration has evidence that the iranians, the hoothys who claim responsibility, launched the attack, show it. you say you were surprised by how quickly pompeo came out with his tweet twooet and blamed it on iran. does the administration's version make sense to you now. >> it doesn't yet. here's what i'll say on this. there are some facts we have to look at and a lot of people are rushing very fast to conclusions and they're using cognitive dissonance to ignore some issues. if these allegedly came from the northwest, if whatever struck those facilities came from the northwest, they couldn't, if
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they were drones, they could certainly loiter in an area. so it could be fired from yemen and loiter over the target. it could be fired from iraq. it could be fired from iran. it could be fired from within saudi arabia. a group of people who are actually connected to the rebels within the kingdom. so i don't think we've eliminated any possibility just yet. the other thipg i just like to comment on, all the commentary about the unbelievable amount of air defense weapon systems saudi arabia has is absolutely true. they have millions of dollars worth of technologically advanced air defense weapons system. however, depending on the type of projectile, whether it be a low speed, low tech uab, those can get in under any kind of ray cdarr systems and truthfully, that's what all the countries in the world are trying to determine right now.
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how do you address an asymmetric threats like swarmed drones when they're coming in from a below radar level and are difficult to shoot down. i'm not ready to believe anything yet until i can see a point of orgin. a point of impact and any radar tracing if it exists. those are the things that as a military commander i would be look iing for before i would ma any pronouncement. >> i'm sure you're looking closely at the satellite image we put earlier showing the smoke. do these images give you any clues? >> i got to back off a little bit op that because i'm no expert on intelligence imaging and analysis, but i will tell you that when you take a look at the prefer rations on the oil tanks, those are not explosions. those are per f rations. so if you have a cruz missile, it would explode with a much bigger hole. i caveat that by saying i'm not an expert in this area. >> okay, kellyanne conway has
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down played the potential economic impact, especially when it comes to you know the oil supply. listen to her this morning. >> this president from his energy policy bill has made us less dependent on these foreign dictators and bad regimes for energy supply. we now are net exporters of national gas and oil at the highest levels this country has seen and that will continue. if we have energy on to our feet and off our shores. >>. >> are we going to see oil prices go up? >> i think wee going to see movement on monday. saudis have said they can get this back online within 48 hours. it's true. the u.s. has become more energy independent, but the bigger issue here is is that what the commander was saying earlier in a post bolton world, a lot of asymmetric threats particularly in the middle east and i think that the global economy and
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particularly the u.s. economy which a lot of people think may go into recession at any time, is quite vulnerable to anything out of the ordinary. you think back to how recessions begin. they sometimes begin when there's a supply shock around something like energy. i'm not saying that that's going to happen this time, but i do know one thing. the u.s. consumer is very, very vulnerable and particularly middle class and working class consumers spend the majority of their income on things like food, energy, gas and you even saw l i'll note this past summer during vacation season, people scaling back on gasoline purchases because they were already feeling that their budgets were a little tight so it's going to be interesting to see if we get a spike at the gas stations, what that's going to mean economically and politically. >> if saudi arabia is successful in doing what they said in that they're able to get these facilities up and running very quickly, would we see anything? >> you're not seeing a lot of movement in the currency markets over the weekend. that's usually an indicator of b trouble. so that's been less volatile than i would have thought, but
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the saudis, this is interesting. they're going to other opec members. saying look, we need some help getting supply back online. i think what this says to me is it's a new game. it's not all about middle east rn oil. there's an interesting arbitrage going on. the u.s. becoming more independent. china and china aes neiece need. >> the "wall street journal" talked to economists who said this is less likely to hurt the u.s. economy and more likely to harm china and russia. >> exactly. so but you know, china and russia are big part of global growth. we're all interconnected. there's this sort of story line that everyone can be economically independent in this new political world and that's not the case. if you start to see chinese consumers being hit or a sharp downturn in china, that's going to ricochet back to u.s. companies. those that have been hit by tariffs, but get half their revenues from abroad. >> should have said it was china and japan. not russia. i misspoke there.
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general, this comes b obviously op the heels of the big shake up on trump's national security team in the wake of bolton's ouster. are you concerned about internal instability and dealing with this. >> i am because secretary pompeo has dual headed. that's a very challenging role. usually under most administrations keys up options. to determine what could be done and then offers those suggestions and recommendations to the president. if you have a duel handed secretary of state, how much attention is he going to pay to others within the cabinet like the secretary of defense, treasury treasury, commerce, all the other people, homeland security, that have an element of this to play. the other thing i'm concerned
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about is the director of intelligence. as opposed to the secretary of state immediately going before cameras and saying what he thinks is happening, that's not a great approach to take when you're talking about the potential ki nnetic action or combat. i'm concerned ant those issues. >> great to have you with us. thank you. democratic presidential candidates are now calling for the impeach m of supreme court justice, brett kavanaugh. at a the same time, the president calls on the doj to quote rescue him. i have moderate to severe plaque psoriasis. now, there's skyrizi. 3 out of 4 people achieved... ...90% clearer skin at 4 months... ...after just 2 doses. skyrizi may increase your risk of infections... ...and lower your ability to fight them. before treatment your doctor should check you for infections and tuberculosis.
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president trump takes to twitter to call on his justice department to rescue brett cavanaugh. his tweets come at as the "new york times" releases erpts of a new book detailing a new allegation of sexual misconduct against him and now a growing number of 2020 democratic candidates are calling for him to be impeached. they include harris, o'rourke, buttigieg and bernie sanders saying he supports a mechanism to hold cav acotable. he was a controversial pick from the get go. this new reporting is clearly will.
2:18 pm
putting a dedate bathe on his fitness to serve. sin sint. >> it is. there are several democrats you have mentioned who are now calling for his impeachment in the wake of this "new york times" report that includes excerpts from a new book that includes a new allegation of sexual misconduct by allegedly brett kavanaugh when he was younger. just a short while ago, pete buttigieg released a statement in which he said that kavanaugh should resign and if he doesn't, the house should impeach him so there are a number of democrats calling for his impeachment, but there are some others who aren't quite going as far including senator amy klobuchar who suggested there should be more investigations. >> i strongly opposed him based on his views on executive power, which will continue to haunt our country. as well as how he behaved including the allegations that
2:19 pm
we are more about today. my concern here is that the process was a sham. i don't think you can look at impeeachment hearings without getting the documents. the house would to get the documents and the attorney general is shielding documents. >> now we are still wait tog hear from a number of other democratic candidates on this issue, but we'll see if this continues to be a rallying point for these 2020 contenders as the story evolves. >> you're in birmingham tonight with bindden campaign. has he weighed in on this? >> he has not, but this morning, he was here at the 16th street baptist church commemorating the 56th anniversary of o the church bombing which killed four young girls and really became a kr critical moment in the civil rights moouchl. he warns that hatred and racism and white supremacy is still on the rise in this country and linked that bomb iing here 56
2:20 pm
years ago. he linked that to the cemassacr in el paso and charleston and also talkeded about those clashes in charlottesesville saying it's a defining moment and that hatred is on the rise. now he was here in birmingham partially courting black voters, which is a key constituency of his support. a cnn poll released he had 42% support among black voters in this country. he's going to be heading down to south carolina tomorrow to further continue to court black voters, which will be key to any democrat seeking the nomination. >> that's right. thank you. sick children who are undocumented immigrants undergoing medical care in the u.s. are now facing deportation and fearing death after a rule change by the trump administration. >> i didn't i had to come to d.c. to fight for my life. i only thought i had to go to the hospital for that.
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deportation. these children and some adults say without the medical care they're receiving in the u.s., they will die. tom foreman reports. >> i don't want to die. i don't want to die. >> one after another, b they are pleading with congress. imgramigrants in the yit for medical care who fear being forced to go home. >> this is not a partisan issue. this is a humanitarian issue and our lives depend on it. >> the issue is a change to a program that has allowed some undocumented immigrant families to stay in the u.s. for treatment of serious medical issues. applications b about 1,000 a year, were previously handled by u.s. citizenship and immigration services, but now immigration and customs enforcement, i.c.e., is in charge and sieve civil rights advocates say many f those immigrants say they must depart or be e der ported. jonathan sanchez is just 16 and
2:26 pm
was suffocating from cystic fibrosis. he believes if he has to go back to honduras -- >> it will be illegal homicide because in our country doesn't exist a treatment. >> to inform families via a letter their status in this country is at risk is not only cruel, but it is harmful to these children's health. >> immigration advocates immediately sued but even that legal challenge is being complicated by the mystery of it all. >> i'm baffled. i've never seen a situation like this before. >> at a a hearing, congressional democrats asked who ordered this change. when? why? and will anyone get medical deferrals now? >> we're not able to respond to that today. >> and you heard right. >> who advised you to do this? >> immigration officials repeatedly said because of the lawsuit, they would not answer except maybe in writing, maybe in the future. >> was this a policy change that was a result of a request from
2:27 pm
any high ranking political appointee at the white house? >> at the advice of counsel, i'm not able to discuss the reasons for any change. >> so all serena from spain knows is this. she is 14, has a rare heart defect that has already put her through five surgeries and her future remains wildly uncertain. >> i didn't think i had to come to d.c. to fight for my life. i only thought i had to go to the hospital for that. >> we reached out to immigration officials who told us once again they will have very little to say about this until this lawsuit is settled, but one official did say whether a very limited version of this deferral program might still go forward is still under review. cnn, washington. >> maria is a cnn political c e commentat commentator, democratic strategist and a republican
2:28 pm
strategist. luis, first, just a reanchor ct. >> no question that beacon that sign at the top of the hill is being covered by the mantle o nationalism and isolationenism. it's sad to see this that this nation that was once seen as a nation of compassion is now is a cold nation that really doesn't have a pulse that tells that world that we're a caring nation. and that is something that i personally see as a devastating image for our country around the world. maria, we're told this only impacts about 1,000 people a year. we're talking about some of the most vulnerable of the vulnerable. i.c.e. officials won't say where these orders are coming from or why they're doing this. >> this is part of what makes it
2:29 pm
so barbaric, ana. when they think that we can't see the trump administration and the department of homeland security go any lower, in terms of being cruel and inhumane, we see it. this i think is so barbaric and so inhumane, it makes us cruel. it makes us cowards. it makes us bullies, un-american and it makes us unworthy of the country who was supposed to be the one that carries the banner of american values. that is vastly disappearing before our eyes. i could not keep my eyes dry, ana, while you played that clip right before our segment. as a mother of two young latino children who thankfully aren't even sick, i can't even imagine what the parents and the families of these kids themselves, they're going through and i guarantee you just from talking to latino advocates and these families who are so
2:30 pm
vulnerable that these children are being made sicker by what this administration is doing. and let's be very clear here. these draconian policies are geared to one thing. to deter immigrants of color from coming here. not just to deter, but to harm them and in this case, to kill them. to send a pesce that they are not welcome here in the united states. no matter what kind of life and death situation these kids might be facing. disgusting. >> we do know the administration wants to deter illegal immigration. just this week, the supreme court seemed to back them up on the new controversial limits on asylum. migrants who have resided in or traveled through third countries can be prohibited from seeking asylum in if u.s., so basically anyone from central america who passes through mexico for example, can't claim asylum and here's acting dhs secretary talking about this today.
2:31 pm
>> people who waited to get their citizenship, naturalization through the green card process, et cetera, they have waited and done it the legal way. you've got to illegals just getting in front of the line to get it first. >> that's exactly right. that's why these measures including the supreme court ruling on the asylum rule are so important because it allows us to combat that unlawful entry and repate rate people that are trying to jump the line and give us more space to focus on those following rules. >> luis. to that you say what? >> that this system has been broken for many, many years. we have made discussions on how the obama administration faileded when they had control of the white house and the both congress. and this is -- >> not true. >> that we haven't argued about it. >> no, that is true. what you said about the obama administration failing is not. but okay.
2:32 pm
>> all the way back to harry reid. when democrats had the opportunity to do something of great significance, both houses failed. both the republicans and the democrats failed to actually come together and do something that can help the nation. this is what happens when put the bull in the china shop and when we have ton of broken china, obviously everybody's going to be pointing fingers. the reality is it's time to stop poining fingers from both sides. republicans and democrats are looking at this system right now and they're looking at what holds this future and unfortunately because we are an electoral year, we're going to continue to politicize the problems. not going to find solutions and until we can find one way to bring both houses together, this is going to continue and continue to be darwinistic. >> american people will have a chance to take action in their own way. the power of each individual vote. i do say as we look at the statistics, maria, border arr t
2:33 pm
arrests are dropping. down from more than 144 thourk in may to 64,000 in august. and now it's been back to baback s of decline. is this a sign that the trump administration is having its desired effect? >> i don't think in the long run that's true. what we've seen about the numbers is that they ebb and flow. when trump first came into office with his draconian talk of shutting down the boarder, o deportation, the numbers went down, but guess what, they shot up again when migrant families were facing certain death if they stayed in their home countries of central america. what we have seen time and time again is that what this country does and says on immigration is not a deterrent if you are a mother or a father who is facing the certain death of your children if you don't get up and get the hell out of your country and where are you going to go? where historically has been that beacon of hope regardless of whether that hope is till there or not.
2:34 pm
but you know you mentioned something at the beginning in the second question and you said that the administration is trying to deter illegal immigration. they're not just trying to deter it. they're trying to shut down legal immigration as well. that is why we are seeing that they are reducing the opportunities to seek asylum. seeking asylum here in this country is not an illegal act. it is legal act. it is something that is, is something that we can do under the law that anybody can do under the law, so again, this president and administration and their draconian policies are based on racism, white supremacy, white nationalism and they're trying to shut down the borders to anybody that does not have white skin or does not speak english. >> i got to leave it there, guys. really appreciate the conversati conversation. >> thank you. still ahead, antonio brown makes his debut with the new team amid rape allegations. will the nfl's investigation
2:35 pm
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antonio brown taking the field today in miami and coach belichick showing no hesitation to use him despite the controversy he's under over rape and sexual assault allegations. brown's former personal trainer says he assaulted her twice in june of 2017 and raped her in may of 2018. brown denies these allegations. andy, not only did brown play, he was pretty involved in the game. >> yeah, that's right. and you knowing how much controversy or questions are surrounding brown, he is a very good player and he came out on the field before the game for warm ups. he got cheers from patriots fans when he took the field then when the game started, it just looked like he had been a member of the patriots for a long time.
2:40 pm
he and brady instantly connecting on three passes on their very first trooif then in the second quarter, brady finding brown for a touchdown. he ended up with four receptions, 56 yards and a touchdown in this game. patriots just blew out the dolphins in this one. 43-0. now after the game, i went in the locker room looking for brown, so did the rest of the media, we were hoping to ask him questions. he was nowhere to be seen. he had cleared out his locker, he was gone. did no, ma't speak with the med but i was able to catch up with some of his other teammate and asked him what they thought of his first performance with the patriots. >> he's a team player. did what he needed to do to help this team succeed. >> impressive what he was able to do on three day's practice. >> just learning, soaking in everything b and preparing to get on the field. >> it was awesome. he's a play maker. a lot of energy. and it's going to make it tough.
2:41 pm
yeah. i mean you're impressed anytime you see a guy like that. >> it's going to be a big week for brown and the patriots. a source telling cnn that brittney taylor is scheduled to meet with the league this week about her sexual assault allegations that she's made against brown in her civil suit, allegations that brown has denied. then it's up to the nfl what they do next. will they put him on the list where he can't pay, but till collects a paycheck or will they continue to let him play while this investigation continues. >> we know you will stay on top of it. thank you. urging caution on the idea of prosecuting trump once he leaves office. there are three words that mean everything when you live with migraine... "i am here." aim to say that more with aimovig. a preventive treatment for migraine in adults that reduces the number of monthly migraine days. for some, that number can be cut in half or more.
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the question of impeaching president trump, back front and terror this woke after the house judiciary committee voted thursday to define the rules of its impeachment investigation. as the democratic-led panel seems to be moving ahead,
2:46 pm
investigations continue in new york over hush money payments paid to cover up allegations that trump had an extramarital affair. eric holder says it's that investigation that could follow the president even after he leaves office. >> if there is no impeachment, do you believe that he is subject to prosecution after he leaves office? >> i don't think there's any question about that. we have an indictment in the southern district of new york where michael -- >> to the payout. >> the payoffs. michael cohen's in jail with regard to his role in the individual one is the president and it would seem to me that the next attorney general, the next president is going to have to make a determination. >> i think there's a potential cost nation by putting on trial a former president and that ought to at least be a part of the calculus that goes into the determination that has to be made by the next attorney general. >> that bringsto us to a weekly segment, class exam.
2:47 pm
he is here to answer your questions about legal news. start with this topic of impeachment and we know this week, there was this new resolution by the judiciary committee that essentially outlined the rule of the game to proceed with this impeachment investigation and one viewer asks what is the broader significance of that? >> so the big picture is this is real now. there's an impeachment inquiry underway in the house judiciary committee. this week, the committee passed a resolution. t it sets procedures for how this will go. they're not dissimilar to a lot of ways the house went about with nixon and bill clinton. it allows subcommittees to do the work. it sets the basic procedure for how this will go. staff attorneys can do some questioning and it allows the president to submit his own defensive materials. now this should help house dems in court because when the judge says why do you need these materials? we have an impeachment inquiry. the house dems continue to send mixed messages. in particular, nancy pelosi
2:48 pm
seeps to be putting on the brakes when f she can and that seems to be holding things back but ultimately, once they go down to road, thest tough to turn backment only two ways this comes out. they do thishouse judiciary com returns and recommends articles of impeachment to the full house. this will carry on and we'll follow it closely. >> a court friday revived an ethics lawsuit against president trump that argues his business interests violate the constitution so another viewer asks is there a legal remedy if trump did profit from his private holdings while in office. >> a great question and no clear answer. they're not criminal. no criminal remedy unless we get into bribery where you have an exchange. no evidence of that at this point. there are various civil lawsuits various phases when the courts, but the question is what can a judge really do. i think the most a judge could do is to order the president to
2:49 pm
to give up, divest his profits from his private holdings. i'm not that would hold up. then we have congress. they hold the sole power of impeachment. they made clear they're expanding their investigation beyond just mueller's finings and into this area. so that will be very much in play moving forward. >> it was a big week of legal news because as cnn learned prosecutors with the new york da's office actually interviewed trump's former personal attorney in prison as part of its investigation into the trump organization of those handling of the hush money payments. this comes as the manhattan da's office submitted the organization. here's the other viewer question. where is this going and can a state prosecutor indict a sitting president? >> short answer is is yes. a sate prosecutor, a da or ag is not bound by the justice department policy against indicting a
2:50 pm
would have a strong argument, same reason doj has its policy. there's potential politics at play. new york d.a. is looking at the trump organization as a whole. they're looking at potential falsification of records. it's a misdemeanor. they're digging in and trying to make a case here. >> corey lewandowski heading up to the hill to testify on tuesday. he's still loyal to donald trump. will we see that justice department investigation inspector general's report on the origins of the russia investigation. we know the ig is done. will we see any movement on gun legislation? a package came through the house judiciary committee last week. this is going to come down to the growing political will for some sort of meaningful legislation versus the nra and mitch mcconnell and donald
2:51 pm
trump. >> great information. good to see you. you can submit your viewer questions to a dream became reality for a san diego woman. she dreamed she swallowed her engagement ring. what a shock it was when she woke up. egared omega-3 power for your whole body. now with an antioxidant blend for great sleep, refreshed skin and less stress. one softgel. 7 benefits. new total body refresh. power your day with megared. we can't give you, unlimited summer, but we can give you unlimited talk, text and data for just $30 a line for 4 lines. and that comes on our newest signal. no signal reaches farther or is more reliable. so you can... share more sunsets. stream more videos. and stay connected with friends while you slide into fall. all for just $30/line. and for a limited time, you can get free smartphones too!
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a pancake style collapse. that's what authorities are saying what happened in new jersey at the beach that caused a deck to collapse, injured 22 people. you can see why two decks fell from this beach side condo in wildwood, new jersey, trapping families in the wreckage. investigators are still working out what caused that collapse. a florida man sentenced to ten days in jail for filming a viral video of a shark being dragged to its death behind a boat. we do want to warn you. this video is disturbing. robert benknack was one of three men arrested back in july of 2017. the video featuring them laughing as the shark is dragged by its tail at a high speed. the case sparking incredible outrage from animal rights groups. some people talk in their
2:56 pm
sleep, others sleepwalk, but this is a first. a california woman says she was having a dream that she and her fiance were being chased by bad guys and in the dream she wanted to protect her 2 1/2 carat engagement ring so she swallowed it. it was more than just a dream. in the morning the engagement ring was nowhere to be found. >> when i woke up and it was not on my hand, i knew exactly where it was. >> where was it? >> it was in my stomach. >> an x-ray at the local urgent care showed that sparkler in all its glory nestled in her intestine. doctors performed endoscopic surgery to retrieve it. the woman says she now takes the ring off when she goes to sleep. [dogs barking and whimpering] [dogs whimpering] ♪
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