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tv   New Day With Alisyn Camerota and John Berman  CNN  September 16, 2019 3:00am-4:00am PDT

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at the factory with our top story. >> reporter: hi there. today we are seeing 50,000 work e across the country that are striking today because they could not reach a deal. now, gm is saying that they are offering a very fair and strong contract offering to boost wages, offering to bring more people on board, and offering to start -- restart some of the plants including one of them behind saying that is not good enough. they need stronger health care and they want a better starting salary for all of their employees. now, this is coming off of a rocky year for gm who has seen slumping car sales which has forced them to announce they're closing five plants in north america having to relocate many
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as well. and this has gotten the attention of president trump who tweeting just last night that he wanted the uaw and gm to come to a deal. he wants these jobs to stay in the country. additionally, we're hearing from 2020 candidates who are saying they are in support of the union calling on gm to make a deal. as for this new meeting that's happening at 10:00 a.m. today in just a couple short hours, it is a good sign but we are hearing that both sides are very far apart from coming to a deal, so we'll have to see if this is a one day strike or this will continue on for the next couple of will certainly be ch waing for that. also breaking overnight, purdue pharma filing for bankruptcy. cnn's jean cacarez joining us with more. >> reporter: this pharmaceutical giant maker of oxycontin filed
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for chapter 11 bankruptcy sunday night. and is saying the move is part of the framework for settling u.s. national prescription opioid litigation. this multi-district litigation has been brought by counties local and even tribal governments across the country and consolidated into one case against hundreds of manufacturers and distributors of opioids. the first trial is set to begin in october and purdue pharma has been front and center in settlement negotiations ahead of that trial. state governments have joined in believing that purdue is partially responsible for the opioid cases in this country while the sackler family has become billionaires. the family has said they wanted to settle to avoid protracted legal costs associated with litigation that could take years. saying they filed for chapter 11, quote, as the next step in implementing this historic agreement in principle.
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this court-supervised process is intended to -- of the benefit of those impacted by the opioid crisis. a source close to the negotiation tells me that the sackler family is guaranteed $3 billion has part of this settlement as well as moneys from the sales of its companies. national and international. financial analysts associated with this negotiation tells me the deal could be worth $6 billion to $8 billion. >> all right. big settlement, but still more details needed. we still have breaking news overnight. tensions reaching a dangerous level in the persian gulf. president trump says the u.s. is, quote, locked and loaded following u.s. claims that iran is responsible for an attack saturday on saudi arabian oil fields. joining us from riyadh in saudi arabia, cnn's editor nic
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robertson. and nick path ton walsh who als joins us from iran. bring us up to speed. >> reporter: yeah, the world's biggest processing plant about two-thirds of it taken offline down 5.7 million barrels a day in production. that's about a two-thirds reduction of the country's total capacity. this is a significant strike. it strikes at essentially at the heart of the country's life blood. the basis of its economy. so this is a huge strike. absolutely rackets up tensions. the crown prince has indicated this has been an act of terrorism. something they are prepared to deal with. the government here has not said who they hold responsible. however, the early indications
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are that the 19 strikes at these two facilities struck with very clear and careful precision and planning in what seems to be best described as a complex drone missile attack. the strikes have impacted the world's largest processes plant, taken that significantly offline. the saudis hope to get that capacity back up and running. the reality is they're only in the assessment phase of who is responsible and precisely the damage. that that's going to take a little bit of perhaps more time than they initially anticipate or get that full readout. they have reserved capacity about 200 million barrels in europe, china, and japan. that is what we expect to see them use to offset this current impact to their processing plant. but no mistake here, this is a huge national security issue. of course there are many more
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plants just like this dotted all over this desert kingdom. >> saudi arabia still in the assessment phase. president trump said we want to wait and hear from saudi arabia on who they think is responsible. mike pompeo pointing the finger at iran. what are you hearing there on the ground in tehran this morning? >> reporter: this morning they believe the words from donald trump the last 24 hours. his tweets suggesting they know who the culprit is. but they're waiting for saudi arabia to come together with them and find some kind of response. saudi arabia interestingly hasn't said the words iran yet in relation to this. mike pompeo coming out early on saturday in two tweets that had no evidence to back them up saying he believed iran was behind this. saying there was no evidence the people who had taken responsibility for the attacks,
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the houthi rebels in yemen. saying there was no evidence these rebels were in fact behind it. but there's no evidence, too, that iran is connected. and iran's foreign minister said this is, quote, maximum deceit from the united states after their campaign of maximum pressure. that's how the trump administration has been ratcheted up sanctions, beefing up military presence here. we've been dealing with months of both these sides here, the u.s., the saudis, the iranians, their keen adversary here wi winding each other up. it's a game changer. the question is, what are the facts of the attack and what's the retaliation nexts? and what of diplomacy? many thought the departure of
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bolton meant trump was done with the iran situation. is this a grand bid to push people towards negotiation? not likely. and we're in such unchartered had territory we simply don't know what may come next. we've been dealing with months of escalating tension here. >> nic robertson, this is such a strike at the heart of the saudi economy. is there a sense in riyadh that the saudis have to respond with some kind of military action and/or would they let the united states take that action on their behalf? >> reporter: i think there is absolutely no doubt whatsoever that any country that had its national security threatened would be taking the analysis and decision of how best to prevent that happening again. i don't think it's any different here. and i'd layer on the top of that, if you will, the way the middle east works.
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it is a society of nations here that recognize if they don't step up when they're challenged and send a clear message, they will be perceived as being weak. that would go for any established leadership in saudi arabia. then you have crown prince mohammed bin salman who is the essence of a saudi strong leader. that's why his father picked him to be crown prince. so he could change the country and be strong and tough in doing it. i think there is no doubt at all that there will be a response. the question is, how? what shape will it take? where will it put the pressure? but saudi arabia simply cannot walk away from this. it would be seen as being weak and seen as inviting more curbs on whatever their national security internal pressures would push them to do in the future. >> all right. nic robertson in riyadh.
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nick paton walsh in tehran. cnn everywhere it needs to be on this story. stand by. keep us posted on what you hear. thank you, gentlemen. >> as you point out, we can't ignore the economy when it comes to saudi arabia here. the attack in saudi arabia sending oil prices up. markets around the world moving down. christine romans is here to put it in prerspective for us. >> a shock to global oil supplies and a guarantee that higher gas prices are coming for american consumers. the attacks disrupted 5% of the daily global oil supply. oil prices spiked as much as 15% now trading at the highest levels since may. the strike was right at the heart of the aramco facility, the largest processing facility in the world. second largest oil field in saudi arabia. this is unprecedented. we've never seen so much oil side lined so fast before. not from hurricane katrina, not
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during the arab spring, not even when iraq invaded kuwait. 5.7 billion barrels off the market is a dramatic disruption in the global economy. the big request now, how fast can aramco get them back to full capacity? the president said he could tap america's emergency reserves in storage in texas and louisiana. we have more details on that. >> if this is days, that's one thing. but it's a major global disruption. thank you so much. this morning a new accusation against brett kavanaugh leading some democrats to call for his impeachment and leaving the president to call on the justice department to, quote, rescue him. what does that mean? next. orlando isn't just the theme park capital of the world, it also has the highest growth in manufacturing jobs in the us.
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several 2020 democratic hopefuls are calling for brett kavanaugh to be impeached. new sexual misconduct allegations were announced against kavanaugh.
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president trump is insisting the justice department should, quote, come to his rescue. the victim does not recall the incident. joining us now ali hoenig. there's a lot in here, but i want to start with the president's tweet. former federal prosecutor, do us a favor. remind us. what is the role of the department of justice? >> that tweet shows, i think, really ignorant and i think dangerous view of what the department of justice does. here's what the doj does not do. they do not weigh into partisan battles. they do not settle political scores. they do not seek to silence the media or victims. what doj ought to do is follow the facts, get to the truth, and do justice. this tweet i think is a new low. >> we don't even know what rescue means. what could the justice department do? >> that's the question you have to ask. saying the justice department should come in and big foot
3:18 am
media organizations that report this? it's not entirely clear what he means. but doj is not there to rescue the president's political allies. zblo. >> so the new reporting in "the new york times" over the weekend, cnn has not corroborated this allegation. but among the things "the new york times" does report is in one of the cases that was widely reported during the confirmation hearing, some 125 witnesses were provided to the fbi. the fbi didn't intervau any of them. likewise, they didn't look at this allegation either. what does that tell us about the fbi investigation surrounding kavanaugh at the time? >> it tells me that original investigation was a show investigation. it was for political cover. that is not the way real criminal investigations work. criminal investigations, you don't know where they're going to go. the approach going in has to be wherever the evidence takes us we'll go. but you always follow the
3:19 am
evidence, you always follow the lead. i've never seen a situation where you've had 25, any number of corroborating witnesses that have just been shut off and partitioned. if you don't look for corroboration, you're not going to find corroboration. >> a number of democrats have come out and said they're calling for impeachment. that is as we know not an easy process. certainly not here. but they could technically call for impeachment because of his role. >> correct. impeachment, it's not just for presidents. it's usually socieassociated wi presidents but many officials can be impeached. the most common office that has been impeached over our history is judges. as recently as 2010, a federal district court judge in louisiana was impeached and convicted by the senate and removed. majority of the house, two-thirds of the senate. it wasn't a year ago we had a vote to confirm kavanaugh.
3:20 am
you would need to see 19 who voted yet flip over and vote to convict. >> one of the things the president does talk about is lib libel. if you were counseling him here, what would you say? >> i would say you can sue for libel but i strongly advise against it. first of all there's discovery. all this stuff now comes out. and second of all, it is a defense to a libel claim to show truth. if the person you're suing says what i reported or says is true, then you beat that case. i would say walk away. don't go near it. >> thanks. top democrats this morning pushing president trump on gun legislation. how they promise to sweeten the deal if the president backs expanded background checks. that's next.
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. we're learning new details today about a phone call between nancy pelosi and chuck schumer with the president on the issue of gun violence. the democrats have been pushing for expanded background checks when people are buying guns and they offer the president what they call an historic signing ceremony if he agrees to a deal. this as 2020 democratic candidates have been clashing over o'rourke's pledge for mandatory gun buybacks to take people's guns away. joining us now, joe lockhart and
3:26 am
aiesha moody mills. this phone call between pelosi and schumer, they're pressing the president on action. everyone is still waiting to see what the president will support and not support. do you see progress? >> i don't. where is mitch mcconnell and what is he doing? you have the democratic leadership trying to get this president to do the right thing right now. where are the republicans. specifically the republicans in the senate. i think it's interesting -- >> they want the president's instructions. >> they should be the ones in position to get their guy to do the right thing. he's going have an interesting re-election where this is going to come up over and over.
3:27 am
the democrats shouldn't be the only ones carrying the water on and trying to safeguard american lives. right now we are all at risk of gun violence. and the republicans are kind of sitting around dwid ling their thumbs. we need to put more responsibility on mitch mcconnell to get trump to move something, move anything at this point. it shouldn't just be the democrats. >> in terms of the democrats making that move in this 11-minute call saying, hey. we will have the photo op with you in the rose garden. is that the way to go about it at this point? >> i think it says something about what they think of trump. that he, you know, absent the details here that people are being killed in large numbers, he thinks about optics. he thinks about, you know, you have the example with the taliban meeting at camp david. which is trump was not thinking about finishing the negotiations. he was thinking about the picture of him getting them to shake hands and being a world leader and statesman. so i think pelosi and schumer
3:28 am
have figured trump out. but i agree that, you know, i don't think that there's anything in the constitution that says senators shouldn't have to take hard votes. senators aren't elected to legislate and protect the people. under mcconnell, you have a system where he won't bring anything to the floor if it makes him uncomfortable for his members. and the president's not going to lead which means ultimately probably nothing's going to happen. >> that's why republicans like mitch mcconnell as a leader and why democrats enjoy nancy pelosi as a leader. they protect their caucus. >> how problematic is that though? it makes me sad that's their job to protect their caucus which is absolutely how they see their job rather than it's their job to protect america and americans from gun violence. >> they're elected. sometimes you can't forget they do work for the american people.
3:29 am
although that does seem to get lost sometimes. >> look. there are big senate races happening right now in colorado, texas, kentucky, maine. i think that americans and certainly the folks in those states need to be paying attention to what their senators are and aren't doing. >> let's talk about a decision now from within the democratic party on guns. beto o'rourke famously said hell yeah when he was asked whether or not he would take people's assault weapons away. he's for mandatory buybacks of assault weapons. listen to jake tapper talking io pete buttigieg about that. >> did o'rourke say something that's playing into the hands of republicans? >> yes. right now we have an amazing moment on our hands when even this president and mitch mcconnell are at least pretending to be open to reforms, we know we have a moment on our hands. let's make the most of it. >> buttigieg saying that
3:30 am
o'rourke might have gone too far. he responded saying leaves millions of weapons of war on streets because trump and mcconnell are at least pretending to be open to reforms. that calculation and fear got us here in the first place. let's have the courage to say what we believe and fight for it. >> here's where i agree with beto o'rourke is we shouldn't limit ourselves on democrats based on what mitch mcconnell might do. because mitch mcconnell is not going to do anything. this is lucy and the football. i've been watching this since columbine. so democrats should not be constrained. on another level, beto o'rourke is now betting his candidacy. it was nowhere. he's now put himself on the map he is going to do this. and buttigieg is articulating the thoughts of most mainstream
3:31 am
democrats, presidential candidates. this move has made democrats pushing hard for an assault weapons ban much more likely. but democrats are not going to next fall articulate a policy of confiscation. they're just not going to do it. i think most of them don't believe it. >> i think that's true. i don't think that the democrats are going to go for confiscation, but i do think this idea that we should play it safe is out the door at this point. it's not palpable for anybody. >> thank you very much. a high stakes do over election in israel now just hours away. could it end, though, in a deadlock? we've got a live report from jerusalem coming up next. with the sleep number 360 smart bed you can both... adjust your comfort with your sleep number setting. but can it help keep me asleep? absolutely, it intelligently senses your movements and automatically adjusts to keep you both effortlessly comfortable. and snoring? no problem... and done. so, i'll wake up ready for anything? oh, we've got your back.
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this morning benjamin netanyahu facting for political survival as voters go to the polls tomorrow for the second time in five months. cnn's oren liebermann live in jerusalem with this regular installment of benjamin netanyahu up for election again.
3:36 am
how do things look this time? >> there's speculation if this doesn't work out for president benjamin netanyahu, maybe the country is headed to a third vote. three months polls have shown an incredibly tight race between him and his rival. netanyahu went back to elections hoping to improve his position, hoping to remain prime minister. and tomorrow will have that answer. it's an election race too close to call. the long-time leader of israel versus the former leader of the military. prime minister benjamin netanyahu holding a cabinet meeting in the west bank promising to annex parts of the territory in the wins. despite the national outcry, netanyahu has shown once again he'll do whatever it takes to
3:37 am
win. the 69-year-old leader has put his friendship with donald trump on full display. he's made claims of election fraud saying the arabs wants to steal the elections. >> another secret nuclear site -- >> reporter: in his element, netanyahu has controlled the news agenda making announcements almost nightly. but he issued a warning to supporters of his party. >> translator: don't say it doesn't matter. it matters, all right. right now we're losing. if you go out and vote, we will win. >> reporter: former chief of staff benny gantz has been polling neck and neck with netanyahu. analysts have said his campaign is lackluster and yet he's very much in this race. his main talking point? netanyahu is a danger to democracy. >> translator: those who do not
3:38 am
want to see a government that tramples on democracy must go out and vote blue and white. >> reporter: gantz served under netanyahu as the military chief of staff but now they are political enemies. these men we are separated by less than 18,000 votes. both claimed victory that night and both were in the end mistaken. now it's round two where a second chance to win also means another chance to lose. netanyahu and gantz both generally avoided media interviews in the early days of the campaign. now it's down to the wire, they are both on a furious media blitz. polls open at 7:00 in the morning local time tomorrow. they close at 10:00 p.m. local time. then the counting begins by 6:00 or 7:00 in the morning on wednesday morning. we should have a pretty good idea of how this race has turned out. >> we will be watching for that. thank you. a new "snl" cast member under fire for racist asian jokes. so why is democratic
3:39 am
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a book that you're ready to share with the world? get published now, call for your free publisher kit today! democratic presidential candidate andrew yang calling for people to forgive comments made by new "snl" cast member shane gillis. >> i've experienced a lot of anti-asian racism throughout my upbringing. and it hurts. and it's something that's very real. and i do think anti-asian racial epithets are not taken as seriously as slurs against other groups. but bigger picture i think our country has become vindictive about remarks people find offensive or racist and that we need to try and move beyond that if we can. >> "snl," of course, announced
3:44 am
gillis last week. his podcast makes anti-asian racial comments and uses asian slurs. so as we look at all of this, andrew yang makes an interesting point. there's this knee jerk reaction now. people are so clear to say you said one thing back in the past. perhaps it was taken out of context. not in this case. >> yeah. >> it does call into question what is the balance in 2019 and how do you decide? >> well, it's really an interesting challenge. especially for comedy. comedy can be offensive and very funny. and i think that's acceptable. i've always felt that's acceptable. but intolerance is not acceptable. and it depends on how you use it. this did not seem especially funny to me the way he made these comments. it sounds like he used the offensive word for the joke. that isn't particularly funny to me. i don't know this guy. i'm not familiar with him.
3:45 am
it's one thing to have one in the past saying something. trevor noah had some things he wrote on twitter and it was kind of in the past. and he's gotten on, you know, "daily show" and has done great. maybe this guy would be great too. but these were recent comments. >> the context is different. so what do you think should happen? "snl" isn't saying anything. which they generally don't. >> you continue take away lorne michaels' privacy. he'll do what he thinks is right. you don't want to make these knee jerk decisions so if he's tale talented, you want to give him a chance. yang handled this brilliantly in my view. he said it's hurtful, it's offensive, but also we shouldn't make these knee jerk reactions and i forgive him. well, to me the only thing worse than a slur based comic is a forgiven comic. that is not great for a comic to say you're forgiven for not
3:46 am
being funny. that to me doesn't help your career. >> that is sbinteresting. one of the other things he points out, he's talking about the asian-american community as a whole. it's bigger than just one person and one experience. >> well, the asian-american community is very diverse. ans are very smart. they can see right through that kind of myth. and if anything, by poking fun at it, i'm making americans reflect more on them. >> it's true. forcing people to have a conversation. >> absolutely. and he makes a very good point that asians have been sort of the repercussions. there haven't beend to see you. thank you. a huge loss from the music world to report this morning. the carsront man ricko kasich has died. ♪ she's my best friend's girl
3:47 am
>> such a unique sound. the cars used pop and new the ' '80s. "shake it up" my personal favorite. the band was in the hall he died sunday in his apartment in new york city. the cause of the death is not yet known. ric ocasek wasl producer after the cars era. their music rwas great. it represents to me a big part of the early '80s brown making splash as the woman accusing him of rape is set to meet with the nfl today. what that could mean for the case next. wow!
3:48 am
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antonio brown making his debut for facing serious sexual assault allegations. andy scholes joins us now with more. >> antonio brown was greeted with cheers from the thousands of patriots fans that were here in miami for the game. he immediately played a big part of the offense we the team. tom brady getting him involved right away. brady finding brown three times on the opening drive. then the second quarter, the two hooking up for their first touchdown together. new england would win this game over the dolphins in a blowout. it was 43-0. after the game, brown nowhere to be found. he left without speaking to the media which will likely earn him a fine from the league. i was able to speak to some of
3:53 am
browns' teammates and what they thought of him with the team. >> it was awesome. he's a play maker. a lot of energy. >> he's a team player. he did what he needed to do to help this team succeed. >> good start. just was trying to find an open guy and he did a great job. >> now, this is a big week for brown and the patriots. according to multiple reports, brown's accuser britney taylor will meet to discuss the allegations later today. brown denies those allegations. the league will then have to decide whether he will go on the commission's exempt list. they could announce a suspension if they feel he violated the league's conduct policy. the nfl known for dragging its feet when it comes to these kind of cases. we'll have to see if they make an announcement this week. >> thank you very much. joining us now, christine
3:54 am
brennan and joe lockhart. three passes on the opening drive to antonio brown. then second quarter, catching a touchdown and celebrating in the end zone. this with a sexual assault allegation hanging over his head. what kind of look was that for the nfl? >> terrible optics. exactly what the nfl would not have wanted to happen. this is a league we've talked about it many times. it's been five years and one week since the ray rice video, that terrible punch in the elevator. since then, every day the nfl has tried to explain to people and fans how important women are to the nfl, listen to women, pay attention to women. 45% of the nfl fan base is women and girls. this, wow. it is quite a statement. and i understand all of the pros and cons here, but it is a mess. and the nfl, it's the last thing
3:55 am
they wanted especially as it's celebrating its 100th season. >> joe, the patriots went out of their way to target antonio brown. for football reasons, i assume and then he caught a touchdown pass. if you're roger goodell watching this, what's going through your head as this a going on? >> that this is a complicated issue. it's a complicated issue for in our culture and our law enforcement and judicial system. but it's complicated for the nfl. there are -- i think bill belichick puts blinders on. for him it wasn't about football. it wasn't about a statement whether he's innocent or guilty. for the league, they have to balance two things. one is there's a credible allegation and it's brought forward in a judicial forum.
3:56 am
they have a contract with the players. they are meeting with this woman apparently today. if they wanted to drag this out, they could have done it nexts month. they are going to do what they decided to do in the aftermath of ray rice where they stood up and admitted the mistakes they've made. and investigate. right now there's no one else investigating. it's not in the criminal context. they will investigate and do something. investigating takes time. people don't drop their lives to come in and talk to you. >> it's interesting because britney taylor will speak to the nfl today. if she tells the story the public has been told so far and produces the text messages that the public has read so far and then antonio brown just denies it, what then? >> well, joe articulated it beautifully. a couple different points.
3:57 am
certainly then you've got a he said/she said. and with the nfl carrying so much as it cares about women, that's going to be there for everyone to talk about and deal with. the commissioner's exempt list means paid leave. i thought that would be a logical move for goodell last week. i understand the other side of that. with the allegations prior to this lawsuit from britney taylor, i thought you could have given antonio brown the lifetime achievement award, commissioner's just for embarrassing himself over and over again. the last few months. but here we are. we are right smack dab in the me too movement. that is not breaking news. huge cultural issues. the nfl shines a mir or on us
3:58 am
and back to the league. so we'll be watching. i think the nfl has drk this was as interesting a cross section of these moments in our culture as we've seen in awhile. that's obviously why we're talking about it. that's why the stakes are so high. >> 30 seconds left. what do you think the nfl will do if britney taylor tells the same story we've been told and brown just says no, do you think he ends up on the exempt list before next sunday's game? >>enings yo. i thi -- i don't think so. because of the way it's been written and the law enforcement is investigating, they may have the to change that. they'll investigate. the nfl will do a criminal type investigation. they'll look at the text messages. they'll then go and try to find corroborating witnesses who have
3:59 am
contemporaneous knowledge and they'll do an investigation. what is going to make everyone angry is it will take time. >> yep. brown could be playing again next week. thank you very much. >> thank you. "new day" continues right now. welcome to our viewers around the united states and all around the world. i'm john berman. erica hill in for alisyn this morning. great to have you here. >> good morning. >> we've got breaking news from all over the world today. the biggest strike by auto workers in more than a decade. 50,000 walking out on general motors overnight. factories in nine states are affected. the two sides seem far apart today on benefits and plant closures. talks are scheduled to resume in three hours as these employees from general motors on the
4:00 am
picket lines instead of the assembly lines. there are also developments involving the attack on saudi oil fields. president trump now hinting at military action as his administration accuses iran. oil prices surging. we have this developing story covered from saudi arabia and iran.


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