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tv   The Lead With Jake Tapper  CNN  September 19, 2019 1:00pm-2:00pm PDT

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thanks for joining us. "the lead with jake tapper" starts right now. >> the deepening mystery of the intelligence community whistleblower. "the lead" starts right now. inspector general of the u.s. intelligence community is sounding the alarm today, saying that the trump administration is keeping him from doing his job and preventing him from sharing a serious whistleblower complaint about the president with congress. dangerous drum beater warns of all-out war. how would a president pete handle this crisis? mayor pete buttigieg weighs in this hour. breaking today, canadian prime minister apologizing again after a new image shows him in dark
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makeup, third such racist incident. could this mean curtains for north america's wokest leader? an alarm being sounded by the inspector general of the u.s. intelligence community, michael atkinson saying the national director of intelligence is keeping him from executing two of his most important duties and responsibilities. white house, acting director of national intelligence have blocked atkinson from sharing with congress details of a whistleblower complaint which could involve communications between president trump and a foreign leader, according to three sources. cnn's alex marquchl uardt kicks off our coverage. >> reporter: a deadlock over an unseen, potentially explosive complaint by a member of the
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intelligence community about the president that in communications between a foreign leader and president trump he, according to the washington post, had made that leader a promise. what he allegedly promised is unknown, as is who the foreign leader was. but it was enough of a blockbuster claim for the intelligence community inspector general to feel forced going to congress, claiming that the whistleblower complaint is being blocked by the white house, and office of director of national intelligence because they believe it's not an intelligence matter. in a letter to the house intelligence committee, inspector general writes that the complaint not only falls within the dni's jurisdiction, but relates to one of the most significant and important of the dni responsibilities to the american people. >> that whole purpose is frustrated here because the director of national intelligence has made the unprecedented decision not to share the complaint with congress. >> lawyer for acting director, joseph mcguire, argues the
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complaint here involves confidential and potentially privileged matters, relating to the interest of other stake holders within the executive branch. sources tell cnn it was the white house and the department of justice that told mcguire he doesn't have jurisdiction. today when the ig spoke to the house intelligence committee, he didn't provide any details about the whistleblower's complaint. ham strung, the chairman said by someone trying to manipulate the system. >> we can't get an answer because the department of justice and the director of national intelligence will not authorize the ig to tell us. and the inspector general is doing his very best to be very careful that he follow the law. >> the complaint was filed on august 12th, days before then director of national intelligence, dan coats, as well as his deputy, sue gordon, were pushed out by the president august 15th. it was also after the president had communicated with a number
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of world leaders, including presidents of ukraine, prime minister of israel, dictator of north korea, the amir of qatar and the president of russia, vladimir putin. acting dni joseph mcguire is walking a tightrope here, jake. one hand he has a complaint from someone in his own intelligence community. on the other, it's about his boss, the president. mcguire had refused to appear today in front of the house intelligence committee, but he is now due to testify to both house and senate intel committees next week. jake? >> alex marquardt, thank you very much. pamela brown broke the story in the white house and department of justice also advising the dni, director of national intelligence not to share it with congress. are they providing any explanation for this? >> they are not but the white house counsel's office has been in discussions with dni and so far the refusal to turn over the
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complaint information to capitol hill. white house and doj advised odni that the controversial complaint is outside the scope of intelligence communities that would be protected under law. odni has told the committee from the general counsel of odni that essentially it's not an urgent matter under law and there could be confidential communications. in one instance this involves the president's conversation with a foreign leader. it's not surprising that the white house would want to weigh in on whether there's an executive prifl issue here. what makes this so unique, jake, of course, is the fact that this is a whistleblower complaint under the law. that is what makes it so unprecedented in many ways. we know the white house stance on communication with foreign leaders is not to share that with congress. in march you'll recall congress
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wanted information on communications with putin and longstanding precedent, the white house said, prevents that from being handed over. >> requests from president trump? >> that's right. i've been trying to get a better idea of trump's conversations with foreign leaders. administration official tells me there will be outlandish requests made as it has to do with policy or perhaps the need for u.s. help or individual, certainty entity and the president will often say i'll have my people look into it. that doesn't necessarily mean he's going to have that happen. sometimes it's the president's way of blowing it off. in one such case a foreign leader asked the president to look into a doj indictment of a state-owned entity. the president said he would look into it. ultimately, nothing was ever done. in terms of his conversations with vladimir putin, the russian president, sources say that the president has been much more cautious in talking to putin and making any sort of offers of assistance or promises ever since the fact that he share d
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classified information leaked out of the office. jake? >> sounding alarm in this letter to the house intelligence community. how do you interpret it? >> essentially we see the ig acting as a whistleblower himself in this case. you have a whistle blower who went to the ig. now the ig is being blocked from giving this to congress. he is kind of sounding the alarm, as you said. you know, it's an unprecedented situation. simply not in complains with the law. but, of course, he has to be very careful. he can't kind of blab the contents of the complaint himself to congress, because then he might run afoul of the law. i think he's walking a tightrope. but, you know, it is really in his purview to make sure that this gets to congress and he's being prevented from doing that by the dni. by the way, the ig is a trump appointee. i think it's important to note that as well. >> indeed.
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carrie, if these communications involve the president, are they covered by prifl, as the department of justice office of legal counsel seems to be arguing and therefore not a matter for the intelligence community? that seems to be the administration's argument. >> the administration is make a few different arguments, throwing out a few different arguments. it's unclear which ones really would stick. they're saying prifl. they're not saying what kind of privilege, executive prifl, attorney/client prifl. it's unclear what kind of prifl would exist. these are the intelligence committee so they're allowed to receive classified information. so that's not a legitimate basis to behold the information. the other argument that the administration seems to be making is that it simply is about a subject matter that doesn't fall under the authority of the detector of national intelligence, and that's where the really substantive disagreement exists between the intelligence community inspector general and the acting dni in the administration. and the ig's letter was very strong.
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i haven't seen a letter from an inspector general ic like the one that came out today. he is putting as much information in these public letters as he can to indicate that he so strongly disagrees with the judgment that's being made by the administration. >> naturally critics of the administration have argued this is an effort to protect the president and block congress from conducting its ability to conduct oversight. do you agree with that? >> it certainly seems like it. there's no question there's been a violation of the law in terms of the dni taking on this veto power. what i suspect is happening behind the scenes, even though it's not being explicitly stated in this letter, we know that the dni went to the olc at the department of justice to get an opinion. and i suspect that they are hanging their hat on a constitutional argument that the president has a certain shield of secrecy in his communications with foreign leaders. that kind of diplomat ic
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executive privilege goes back to george washington. he wouldn't be the first one to make it. the idea is that he should be able to have these confidential communications in order to pursue his foreign policy and foreign affairs. when does that come up against congress' oversight authority when he may be using his foreign affairs powers for, you know, to abuse, you know, the law or for personal gain or something like that. >> if a president, let's just remove trump from it for a second. if a president were overheard by somebody in the intelligence communities doing something illegal, like hey, strongman x, i want to have better relations for you guys. do this financial favor, this personal favor for me and we'll have better relations and this intelligence community officer overhears it, what is the proper step to do if he or she thinks
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that this hypothetical president broke the law? >> first of all, if it wasn't the president, it would be very straightforward and they would be able to file what's called a crimes report. intelligence community personnel, if they, in the course of their work, hear something that's violation of the crime, there's a process they go through to make a report to the department of justice. if it's the president, it falls into a different category. really the only accountability that the president has is from another branch of government because he can't be indicted because he's not going to be investigated by the justice department for something like that. so, the channel that the intelligence community professional has to go through is the inspector general to congressional intelligence committees. this is the way this person, whoever they are in the community, they're trying to do this the right way. i think that's so important. we think of whistleblowers, people releasing things to the media or some other undisclosed way. this person went through the
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right channels, went to the ig and there's a path for the ig to report back to congress. >> right and they're saying this financial crime, political crime, this hypothetical thing doesn't fall in the tenls purview? >> whatever is the subject matter that is the current dispute, which we don't have all the would be the dispute, it's to go to congress, who is to hold the president accountable. otherwise there's no accountability for the president. >> canadian prime minister justin trudoe speaking yet again after wearing black face. how he is addressing new images amid his re-election campaign which is coming up. anyone can deliver pizza. only marco's can deliver america's most loved pizza. hot and fresh, and right to your door. every day at marco's, get two medium, one-topping pizzas for just $6.99 each.
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promise that trump made to a foreign leader and white house records showed that trump spoke to or interacted with five foreign leaders in the week before this complaint. putin from russia, kim jong-un from north korea, prime minister of pakistan, netherlands and amir of qatar. it's not clear what communication, if any of those fi five, in which this took place. >> that's right. there's perhaps others that we don't know what it is and with which foreign leader it was. what this whole episode shows, one of many things it shows, is how little we know about this president's communications of foreign leaders, whether it comes in a phone call, reported in the washington post last night that this happened or whether it's in the one-on-one meetings with foreign leaders. nearly an hour-long meeting with kim jong-un and trump that we don't have the details of. they were so incensed and concerned about what may have
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happened with putin and trump in helsinki. the white house hasn't made it a really regular practice of reading out these calls. very often times we find out these calls happen from the other country. one of the calls you referenced, the july 31st call, i believe that was first -- we first heard about it from the russians and once we do get these readouts, they're pretty short, perfunctory and there's still a lot we don't know about. >> and the american people at the mercy of foreign governments to find out what happened. >> state media. >> state media. the fact that there's a readout there, fine. it's not from the united states. it's from, perhaps, an adversary. >> judging by this white house's records it's probably more accurate if it doesn't come from this white house, the readout. it's not even the official calls. trump went round and handed out his personal cell phone number to these leaders.
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justin trudoe called him up and he didn't tell his aides that he had called him on his personal cell phone. this guy runs his mouth in ways he shouldn't, handed over classified intel about isis the day of 3/5, jim comby. he has done it before. did he it yesterday at the border. a general had to tell him to shut up. >> about the surveillance information. >> sir, you're better not discussing. he did it in front of our eyes yesterday. i'm not sure why he's tweeting today he doesn't do this. >> on that list of world leaders, like i don't know what he could have done that would have been that bad with the netherlands. everyone else on that list is not great. >> ukraine, he spoken to them. a lot of people pointing to personnel shuffles that happened during the time of this complaint. the president pushed out the director of national intelligence, dan coats, installed a new acting director, joseph mcguire.
1:21 pm
also the deputy, susan gordon, who he basically pushed out as well. we don't know if it's tied to this or not. >> we don't know if it's tied to this or not but there's no question that zblrchlts it was john radcliff, house republican, respected in the house republican congress but did not have the credentials seen as the very partisan warrior. probably the most nonpartisan of all. it's just this constant struggle we're seeing escalate between all those factors right now. >> and the struggle we're not seeing is normally the house and senate are pushing back, saying we're supposed to do oversight with the president. democrat s aren't doing that. >> surprise. >> it's their job to know. that's the oversight.
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>> in the old days if there is such as thing as the old days, would you have no real blue water between the two parties but on intelligence interviews the republicans see everything as a deep state conspiracy and it's only a matter of time before the whistleblower is called a deep state agent trying to take out the president. we know trump likes to put everyone in as acting because then he can steam roll it. >> house and senate republicans are not going to be interested in investigating this and house democrats have been inept so far at holding these things up to the light and drawi ining atten to the things the president has done. >> i think they're being briefed next week on this. it seems like warner and burr have had a much better relationship than we've seen on the other side. >> mayor pete buttigieg has a background in intelligence from his days in the military. we'll get his take on this next.
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inspector general of the national intelligence community sounding the alarm today, that preventing him from doing his
1:28 pm
job with regard to a whistle blower when it comes to president trump. it could have involved communications between president trump and a foreign leader, cnn has learned. democratic presidential candidate and mayor of south bend, indiana, mayor pete buttigieg. thanks for joining us. a letter was released from the inspector general of the intelligence community to the leaders of the house intelligence community. essentially he's saying he has a complaint from a whistle blower that he wants to share with them, leaders of the intelligence committee but the director of national intelligence and justice department are blocking him from bringing it to these congressional leaders. what's your response? >> my response is muzzling the inspector general's response is the exact wrong direction to take. congress has oversight over the executive branch in order to prevent abuses. the whole idea of an independent inspector general and a whistleblower function is to make sure when some kind of
1:29 pm
abuse is observed or suspected, it can get addressed. and the inspector general has a duty to bring this to congress. first of all it raises the question of what exactly is it that they don't want congress to find out? secondly, it shows that they have no respect for the process. remember, we're talking about an intelligence committee where all of the members have clearances and, frampgly, a much better track record of handling sensitive information than the president and the administration do. they should be given a chance to do their job, evaluate whatever it is that created this, quote, unquote, urge enter concern and determine what steps are needed in order to keep america safe. >> the white house would theoretically push back. i'm sure they would argue, look, president trump is allowed to have private, confidential conversations with foreign leaders in order to do his job and people aren't allowed to just share that classified information. >> this, again, is not about making classified information public. this is about sharing it with an oversight body, with security clearances, whose very job is to
1:30 pm
make sure that the president and the administration are acting in the interest of the american people. i don't know what it is they're hiding. i don't know why they're afraid to just defend this within the congressional committee, but it certainly is disturbing to see that they are muzzling the inspector general and telling him he can't share this according to his duties under the law. >> some other big news in the world today, the iranian foreign minister tells cnn that if the u.s. were to launch a military strike on iran, it would lead to a quote all out war. he served as an intelligence officer in afghanistan. how would a president buttigieg respond to the attack on the saudi oil fields and that threat from the irani foreign minister? would a military option be on the table? >> everything is on the table. the priority has to be deescalation. i'm very concerned that this latest talk might just be bluster but i'm more concerned about how actions could continue to escalate tensions that are there. remember, this president decided
1:31 pm
to authorize an attack on iran and then changed his mind at the last minute. that was before we started seeing the current instability in terms of who is even giving him advice. this is an incredibly precarious situation. i'm worried that it could actually get out of the control, both of the white house and of the iranians. what we need are measured steps that de-escalate the situation there and, by the way, since this attack on the saudi oil fields appears to have been spillover from the conflict in yemen, let make sure there's some strategy for resolving that conflict in yemen. we could exercise leverage with with both the saudis and iranians to do something about this. when american leadership is absent, the world gets to be a more dangerous place day by day. >> health care the number one issue on the minds of many democratic voters. you introduced your new medicare for all who want it, health care plan today. that's what you called it. public government option for health care or lets people keep their private insurance if they want to. you wrote in a "washington post" op ed with my plan we can
1:32 pm
achieve universal health care without raising taxes on the middle class. anyone who lets the words medicare for all escape their lips should tell us just as plainly how they plan to get there. you seem there to be accusing some of your rivals of not being upfront of paying for medicare for all. steven colbert earlier this week seemed to suggest that senator warren wasn't being upfront. >> she is known for being straightforward and was extremely evasive when asked that question. if you are proud of your plan and it's the right plan you should defend it in straightforward terms. it's puzzling when everybody knows the answer to that question of whether her plan and senator sanders' plan will raise middle class taxes is yes. why wouldn't you say so and then explain why you think it's the better way forward? our plan does not require raising middle class taxes? it does create a way for everybody to be covered. i think that's what most americans want. people are used to washington
1:33 pm
politicians not giving straight answers to simple questions but at a time like this on an issue this important, that's exactly what we need. >> health care proposal seems to share a lot with that being proposed by former vice president joe biden. how are they different? why would yours be better? >> first of all, i don't think that it's enough to simply build on the aca. certainly the aca was a leap forward. we should be thankful that the obama administration delivered that. we know far too many americans are finding that they still can't get good insurance or when they have insurance, affordability remains an enormous problem. we're seeking to attack the problem of affordability from several angles. insurance but also looking at what's driving those costs in the first place. and i really do believe the public alternative will be better. it could well be the glide path that leads to a medicare for all environment. i just don't think it's a good idea to command americans to adopt medicare for all, whether they want it or not. under my plan if you prefer to
1:34 pm
keep your private insurance, you can. i think ours will be better. if we're right, americans can decide that for themselves. >> mayor pete buttigieg, thank you so much for your time, sir. appreciate it as always. >> sure thing. good to be with you. mayor buttigieg is not the only 2020 candidate, calling out senator warren. other swipes directed at her today coincidentally coming as warren sees a rise in the poll. stay with us. he was an advocate for the people... a voice for the voiceless. bring your family history to life like never before. get started for free at
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>> senator kamala harris campaign is saying she must
1:39 pm
finish in the top three senator kamala harris told an aide i'm f'ing moving to iowa. i want to get to iowa in a minute. take a minute what mayor pete buttigieg told me about his new medicare for all plan, all who want it, he said. criticism of his opponents, especially elizabeth warren about whether or not they're fully explaining -- whether or not she's fully explaining how she's going to pay for it. take a listen. >> senator warren is known for being straightforward and was extremely evasive when asked that question. and we've seen that repeatedly. i think if you are proud of your plan and it's the right plan, you should defend it in straightforward terms. it's puzzling when everybody knows the answer to that question, of whether her plan and senator sanders' plan would raise middle class tacks is yes, why wouldn't you say so? >> sanders is more direct but
1:40 pm
taxes will go up, premiums will be eliminated and universal coverage will be provided, that is an important context. he has a point. warren was grilled by stephen colbert earlier this week and wouldn't give an answer to it. >> she has an answer for everything except the most important issue. i think mayor pete calling people evasive, not straightforward, in february, january when he launched on the presidential scene, he was saying single payer great centrist position, compromised position. now i think he has worked out -- there's nowhere for him to go. he hasn't had that continual rise. he's in the joe biden lane, has a joe biden plan and is attacking the main rival of joe biden, swallowing up all the votes between biden and sanders. it's kind of opportunistic on his part as well. >> opportunistic politician. >> what? >> indeed, indeed. >> listen to this, someone else perhaps in that biden lane is senator amy klobuchar. listen to her earlier today spl
1:41 pm
my view is that we've got a lot of great people running but some of these ideas are better left in the college faculty lounge. >> she actually said this during the debate, to her credit. great idea, bad plan. i can't remember her exact verbiage. she has come at, in a respectful way, these front-runners. centrists are taking a position that polling reflects when you look at not just democrats. people don't want to give up their private health insurance. medicare for all is all fun and games until you ask the question, would you be willing to give up your insurance, then it gets more dicey. >> there's two fundamental problems democrats have. one, 149 million americans have a private plan that they generally like or at least find acceptable. they're scared of a government alternative and paying for it is vastly expensive. covering people who are currently uncovered, by definition hard to cover, it costs a lot of money.
1:42 pm
people are unwilling to pay higher tacks to cover someone else. >> they're not scared of a government alternative. looking at the polling, they do like medicare for all in principle. when you drill into details you can ask polling questions any way you want. if you tell them you get to keep their doctor, their position changes. i'm with warren on this, i don't think anyone loves their insurance. >> they like their plan. they like their doctor. >> one in four americans uses that. >> change jobs. we see what's happening in gm. >> look, you can ask the question any way in polling and get any result. >> you tell people you're going to lose your health care plan and access to your doctor you like and you're going to pay more, that is deeply unpopular. that's probt with this plan and that's why she won't answer it. >> we won't resolve this right now. iowa, senator kamala harris is doubling down, going there. senator bernie sanders got rid of his political director in iowa this summer. it's pretty pivotal for a lot of these campaigns.
1:43 pm
>> kamala harris is refocusing her energy out there. you see how she's stagnated in the polling where she went after joe biden, her numbers went up. her fund-raising clearly went up. i thought it was interesting how her campaign acknowledged to reporters that that was a sugar high. they realized that wasn't going to last a long time. in the last debate she really tried to focus her attention and energy on trump and try to show herself as the best person to go up against president trump, but whether her all-in iowa strategy works, we'll have to wait and see. it worked for obama. >> but this is after a more than a month absence in iowa, which was reported today iowans notice she hasn't been around. >> we'll see what happens thank you very much. we heard from canadian prime minister justin trudoe, addressing questions about images that show him in even more brown face or black face.
1:44 pm
that's next. landmarks as possible terrorist targets. that story is next. every day, visionaries are creating the future.
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breaking news for you now. feds say a new jersey man was an operative for hezbollah, scouring targets for possible
1:49 pm
attack. apparently this individual was conducting surveillance on these locations and the fed said he even took photographs? >> not just photographs but video as well according to a 33-page complaint that was unsealed today. according to federal authorities, this man named alexei saab was a naturalized citizen back in 2008 here in the u.s., but they believe he had been working with the terrorist group hezbollah for more than two decades. as you said, acting as a scout for the terrorist group during that time here in the u.s. scouting out locations in boston, in washington, d.c., in new york city, in major locations in all of those cities. for example, in washington, d.c., the white house, the u.s. capitol. in new york city, the united nations, statue of liberty, stock exchange, fbi headquarters, airports, even bridges and tunnels to, quote, had structural weakness to cause
1:50 pm
the most destruction. that was the information he was trying to glean from his surveillance and reporting that back to the terrorist organization, according to this, again, 33-page complaint which was released or unsealed, rather, today. we do believe he has been in custody for a few months now. jake? >> brynn gingras, thank you. >> prime minister justin trudoe faced more questions about him in black and brown face as a scandal rocks his re-election campaign. he apologized when the first photo surfaced showing his hands and face in dark make 00 at an arabian nights party. now a similar photo has emerged. paula newton joins us. it's now consumed trudeau ahead of the election? >> yes.
1:51 pm
have you to look at those pictures. it's jaw dropping especially for a man who really is the political brand is that he is inclusive and he has fought for women's rights, indigenous rights and to have that diversity in canadian society. there were many, many words of contrition. he said it quite often. take a listen to him once again apologizing. >> people who live with the kind of discrimination that far too many people do because of the color of their skin or their history or their origins or their language or their religion face on a regular basis, and i didn't see that from the layers of privilege that i have and for that, i am deeply sorry. >> the layers of white prifl. and he called them out as racist. in terms of what he said in that press conference, he said he could not recollect if there
1:52 pm
were other times he did this. this was the first one, as we said, gala at a private school function where he was a teacher. he was 29 years old. you see him there in the costume of aladdin. one in high school he was impersonating harry belafonte. apparently it happened again in the '90s. it is video. he is being quite glib and quite offensive, many would say, in terms of his costume but also his demeanor. jake, the issue here is that he called it out for what many people saw it as, and that is racist. >> again, they're clearly racist images and i assume they play the same in canada as they do in the united states when you have scandals here, including involving the governor of virginia. they're just seen as out and out racist. right? >> absolutely. there's some discussion as to whether or not candidate ned cas the same legacy with slavery.
1:53 pm
the very complexion of canada has changed. they are your neighbors, your friends. and so many words that came out, jake, were we betrayal and hateful. >> and 29 years old, old enough to know better. questions for the pentagon after reports that the u.s. military fired a deadly drone strike in afghanistan, one that may not have hit its intended target. stay with us. dietary choices are crucial to help manage blood sugar, but it can be difficult to find a balanced solution. try great-tasting boost glucose control. the patented blend of protein, fat, and carbs is part of a balanced formula that's clinically shown to help manage blood sugar levels. in fact, it provides 60% more protein than the leading diabetes nutrition shake and contains only 1 carb choice. enjoy the balanced nutrition of boost glucose control as part of a healthy diet.
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a drone strike carried out bys forces has killed at least 16 people and wounded eight more in eastern afghanistan. the strike targeted isis militants but the pentagon says that it's investigating reports that some of the victims are not terrorists, they're innocent civilians. this comes during an uptick in violent attacks by the taliban ahead of the afghan presidential elections next weekend and what the taliban says is an effort to dissuade voting. barbara starr joins me now. what are you hearing about this drone strike? >> the u.s.-led coalition says it's all under investigation, this drone strike taking place in a remote area of eastern afghanistan. 16 killed, eight wounded. what they simply don't know at this point is they were targeting isis, but is that who was killed? that's the point of the investigation. they'll have to talk to local people, local leaders to try to determine exactly what did
1:59 pm
happen here. a lot of concern about all of this. as you say, jake, it comes during this period of rising violence. >> and ever since that be a day camp david meeting between president trump and the taliban fell through, the terrorist group has been increasingly violent, at least 15 killed, 66 wounded in a car bomb just today. >> well, that's right. i mean, these are happening multiple times a week, everywhere from some of the most secure areas of kabul, the capital, out into these remote areas of eastern afghanistan. it is making it very difficult for afghan forces to secure these areas in advance of the election, making it very difficult for the u.s. to try and improve securities, help improve security so that eventually u.s. forces can withdraw as president trump wants. as for the taliban, president trump called off the peace talks. ever since then, the taliban have just been going at it. numerous scores of afghan civilians killed.
2:00 pm
it is those afghan civilians that continue to pay the price. jake? >> barbara starr at the pentagon. thank you so much. follow me on facebook, instagram, twitter @jaketapper or @the lead cnn. >> happening now, breaking news, intelligence impasse. cnn has learned the intelligence inspector general suggested to lawmakers that the whistleblower complaint about president trump that's being when would from them raises concern about multiple actions, possibly by multiple people. terrorist arrest, multiple charges against a jersey man who authorities say scoped out several targets for an attack by hezbollah. iran warns about all-out war


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