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tv   CNN Newsroom With Ana Cabrera  CNN  September 29, 2019 2:00pm-3:00pm PDT

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of strong arming ukraine on digging up political dirt on joe biden and his son. that person is close to testifying before the powerful house intelligence committee. the exact date, we don't know yet. the name of the whistleblower and where he or she workses, we don't know that either. but his or her attorney tweeted a short time ago that discussions about the pending testimony continue and protecting the whistleblower's identity is their top priority. the congressman in charge of the intelligence committee says the testimony will happen very soon. >> all that needs to be done at this point is to make sure the attorneys that represent the whistleblower get the cleerns they need to be able to accompany the whistleblower to testimony and we figure out the logics to make sure we protect the identity of the whistleblower. our pair mount concern here. this whistleblower has done a cardinal service to the country by exposing wrong doing of the most serious kind. a breach of the president's duty
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to the country that endangers our security and he's got to be worried b about his own security right now with the president issuing threats like he did the other day. >> now the security concern comes from the president's comments when he called the source close to a spy and referred to how spies were dealt with in the past. also preparing to testify about what he knows, curt volcker, a top state department envoy to the ukraine. at least he was until he quit the day after the bombshell report went public for all to read. three committees are now going to question volcker. they haven't said yet if those depositions will be b open or closed. rudy giuliani, the president's personal attorney, his name pops up in the report 31 times. giuliani said today that anything the intelligence committee wants from him is a no. or is it? >> i wouldn't cooperate with
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adam schiff. if they put a neutral person in, have him prejudge the case. a democrat who hasn't expressed an opinion. ibts i will consider it. >> you said you wouldn't do it. >> i said i will consider it. i have to do that about my client. i'm lawyer. it's hprivilege, not mine. if he decides he wants me to testify, i'll testify. even though i think hif is an illegitimate chairman. >> and what about the american people? what's the public appetite? a new poll released today shows a majority of people in the country support an impeachment inquiry. the question was is an inquiry into president trump's conduct necessary and 55% said this weekend they believe it is. michael warren is with us. you have this amazing long piece on today and it focuses on rudy giuliani and how he now
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finds himself in a very center of this fast moving impeachment battle. just how big a player is he? again, he's a central player in all of this. it's raul because as the president's lawyer, he's a close a adviser, up unofficial adviser to the president. in his ear talking with president and all of these con spearty theorys about connections between the ukraine and potential cases that could go after the president's political enemy, particularly dratds in the 2016 election and joe biden, the b possible 2020 democratic no, ma'minee. this goes back to december 2018 when giuliani first met with a former ukrainian official. he continued over several months into early 2019, a meeting with current and former ukrainian officials to gather information about these cases. all the while talking with his client, president trump, about this. where this gets complicated, the whistleblower report mentions giuliani's name several times as
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well as the transcript between donald trump and zelensky, the president of ukraine, when they spoke on the phone july 25th. that has raised a lot of questions, as well as giuliani's own media appearances including with cnn where he's talked about a state department official, particularly volcker, who resigned on friday, as being someone who directed him or maybe suggested to him that he connect with the ukraine. going to raise a lot more questions an again, rudy giuliani's right there in the center of it all. >> and you have new reporting about conversations giuliani had with mike pompeo. >> that's right. rudy giuliani saying on cbs this morning he spoke last week with pompeo about those conversations. an interesting development the state department hasn't realliereally answered the questions of the interaction between giuliani and
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state department officials. pomp pompeo's only comment was where he told reporters the state didn't did everything appropriate. >> and giuliani has been saying the state department asked him to get involved with this situation. thanks very much for your reporting. now the majority of republicans have expressed zero interest in even looking into these ax saixs. here's the ranking member of the house oversight committee. couple of things. i don't have problem with the call. the president there was no pressure. look, if democrats if democrats want to impeach because rudy giuliani talked to a couple of ukrainian ukrainians, i don't think the american people think that's the appropriate action. this is what it is. this is just one of the many unending attacks on the president. and here's the chairman of the senate judiciary committee. >> if you believe that donald trump did something to hurt this
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country. >> and finally, here's steve ska lease. >> do you think it was appropriate for the president to ask a foreign leader for help investigating his chief political rival for 2020? >> again, go look at what he talked about in that conversation. he was talking about the 2016 interference that happened in our election. >> every time i've asked you whether you have been, you're concern ed about the actions th president took, you've avoided answering the specific question. >> don't try to confer. >> i'm just asking you seem uncomfortable defending the president's actions. >> please don't put words in my mouth. >> i think well you've made a lot of statements and accusations that aren't true,
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chuck -- >> i don't think i made one. >> now here's what we know over the past three years, the president had welcomed and asked for foreign goths to governments to interfere in elections. here he is in 2016. >> russia, if you're listening, i hope you're able to find the 30,000 e-mails that are missing. >> now the president claimed that was a joke, but we've learned this weekend that that during this meeting, president trump said he didn't care they interfe interfered. then remember when the president said this in june? >> if somebody called from a country, norway, we have information on your opponent. oh, i think i'd want to hear it. it's not interference. i think i'd take it. just one month later, he asked
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ukraine for a favor. a favor that's now frigerred an impeachment investigation that could end his presidency. now to the democrat's take. katy hill is the vice chair of the house oversight committee. listen to doug collins, the ranking member of the judiciary committee. >> they're not going to allow this president due process. if they would -- would know it's not a democrat ramrod of this president. he's echoing what a lot of republican lawmakers are say in this weekend that this inquiry has been launched without a vote unlike past inquiries. why dbt the inquiry first go through a vote? should i have? >> no, there's not a precedent for this. this has only happened three times in american history. one thing is for sure that over
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218 member of the house have stated they want to see this inquiry move forward. the real vote that's going the happen or that may have to happen is on actual articles of impeachment. the article that's happening now is the vest fwags. to determine whether they vote to impeach the president or not. i don't know what seem unfair about this. another example of them trying take away from the real issue at hand which is the president of the united states abused his power and is underb taking corruption at the highest levels and it's threatening our national security. so ths what we have to focus on. any attempt to do otherwise is the president's allies distracting the american peel. >> in terms of the process, how soon can americans expect a vote on impeachment because there are some reports that could be as as
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next month. >> i think we have to let this process play out. it is so, so critical. this is a somber moment. no one should be celebrating. the fact that we are undergoing some kind of impeachment process, it is truly tragic. it's tragic we're even having this conversation in the first place and it is important that we go through the right way. that we get all the evidence we need to. that we use the can when i l blower's complaint as a road map. we need to play all this out and let the evidence come forward. i'm not in a hurry to try and rush this. when we know what we need to know, it's brought to the floor and it should go to the senate. >> you said there's corruption happening at the state department. what evidence do you have of that? >> if the state department was
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helping assist someone that was an unofficial person involved in this, that's misuse of state resources. so all this information that's coming forth, the request for information and others, that's beginning to be critical in the come weeks and that will help us determine where this goes tr here. >> now in terms of f where the public is on impeachment, let's look at a new poll as we reported 55% of americans say they approve the inquiry, but there is division over whether the president deserves to be impeached. 42% feel he does. 46%, he doesn't. 42% feel it's too soon to say. how confident are you that the president will be impeached in the house? >> i think it's too early to say. i think they've said enough on television to make it highly likely as far as i'm concerned that an impeachment vote will
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come to the floor. i think this process is going to allow the american people to make the decisions on their own as to whether they believe that this is appropriate behavior for a president and frankly, i think most people going to the same conclusion which is that this president is abusing power. >> are you ready at this point to vote for impeachment? >> i'm going weigh every, when the time comes, i'm going to weigh every article individually. one, as oversight, i don't want to come to any kind of c conclusions before the actual articles are set forth b and we know the areas of focus and we know that the actions that fall within those, but i think evidence for certain articles of impeachment that could come forward quickly. >> i preeappreciate you joining. thank you so much. >> thank you, appreciate it. >> with the ukraine continue ro
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whistleblower specifically. adam schiff confirming there's a tentative agreement for this person to testify as early as this week. now professor of constitutional law at the university of north carolina joins us now. rewrote a book called the federal impeachment process and also with us, jennifer rogers. jennifer, let's talk about this testimony if it in fact happens. the acting dni did say the whistleblower would be allowed to speak freely. do you think they'll be allowed to speak before congress without any constraints from the white house or doj. >> we've had these promises before. when they show up, things differ, but the whistleblower didn't have any conversations with the president so there's no executive privilege and there's no attorney client privilege so the level of interference they can offer is really limited here because this person wasn't in a
2:18 pm
position to have any of those relationships. so i think the whistleblower if he or she is willing to come forward, that's still an if in my mind because it's fairly risky for this person, will be allowed to testify as to what he knows, but not much if firsthand ch it's mostly what he heard from others. >> the president's lawyer rudy giuliani this morning talked about whether he'll eququalify. >> i wouldn't cooperate with adam schiff. he should be removed. if they remove him, put a neutral pesh in, have him prejudge the case. a democrat who hasn't exe pressed an opinion. >> i didn't say that. >> you said you wouldn't do it. said you will not cooperate. i said i will consider it. >> i have been guided my my client. i'm a lawyer. >> if he decided he wants me to testify, of course i'll testify. even though i think adam schiff is an illegitimate chairman.
2:19 pm
is it enough to keep him from testifying if he's been talking to foreign officials from the state department? >> there's no privilege that protects anybody from undertaking illegal or criminal activity. we have net to find that. this is well past the normses and protocols and statutes that apply to americans, particularly from people working at the federal government on how they do their business. sounds like he's sort of going rogue outside the boundaries of the law, which i think remoous any possibility he can hide behind any privilege from talking about the proof. >> volcker is expecked to appear before these three house committees this week. since he resigned now from his official you know involvement in this administration, is it free game for him to answer any type
2:20 pm
of question. >> it is. he's not a government official so he can say what he wants to say. now will the white house still try to come in and assert some privileges? we'll see. but the ones we've seen so far, they've been friendly people. they don't really have a way to bind him. >> do you believe the president has committed an impeachable offense on this whole ukraine story? >> it's a good question. i hesitate to reach any conclusion before all the fact finding, but based on what we're hearing and looking at the transcript, i think the president crossed the line. he's seeking soliciting foreign assistance and intervention in the next election. that's a classical impeach bable offense. >> do you agree, jennifer? >> i do. i want to see more when you're putting together a case, you want to see your central piece of evidence, which is the call,
2:21 pm
but also the other things, too, we don't know what rudy giuliani said. there's more to come, but so r far, the central piece of evidence is very, very d aramni. >> michael, you say the president in his defense of trying to confuse and distract is working. explain. >> i think it's working to the extent there's a lot of confusion out there. and most of the defense we hear from not just the president but from others like mr. giuliani or from members of the congress is just smoke. just there to come fuse people and distract them. so the president might have crossed the line and did something wrong. point iing the finger a differe direction. another response is to attack the person answering the question. lit lg defense on the merits here because it's clear what's happened. so the defense is trying to have this look in a different direction in part saying look, hillary clinton's worse.
2:22 pm
it's not about the president. it's about her. that's just a deflection. that's irrelevant. as to whether the president crossed the line and he did. >> thank you. just when you thought it was old news, it's back. hillary clinton's private e-mail server. why dozens of current and form rer officials have been contacted by the state department according to a new report. that's next in the cnn newsroom. woman: what gives me confidence about investment decisions? rigorous fundamental research. with portfolio managers focused on the long term. who look beyond the spreadsheets to understand companies, from breakroom to boardroom. who know the only way to get a 360 view is to go around the world to get it. can i rely on deep research to help make quality investment decisions? with capital group, i can. talk to your advisor or consultant for investment risks and information.
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remember hillary clinton's e-mail scandal? who can forget, right? well just days after the release of a whistleblower complaint that alleges president trump abused his official powers during the call with the ukrainian president and that the white house trieded to cover it up, "the washington post" is now reporting the trump administration is investigating the e-mails of dozens of current and former senior state department officials who sent e-mails to hillary clinton when she was secretary of state. according to the post, as many as 130 officials have been contacted by investigators. they were notified that e-mails
2:27 pm
that i sent years ago may have been retroactively classified and are now potential securi violations. the fallout continues from president trump's call with ukraine, there's one detail trump mentioned in the call that the president -- former homeland security adviser says is completely debunk. the false theory that a server tied to the election is somehow in ukraine. >> it's not a conspiracy theory, it is debunked. i don't want to be glib about this matter, but last year, retired former senator judd gregg wrote a piece in the hill magazine, the third way was to hire rudy giuliani chlgt at this point, i'm deeply frustrated with what we he and the legal team is doing in rebeating that debunkeded theory to the president. for clarity, it has no validity.
2:28 pm
>> the mention of this server by trump during the phone call confused even the whistleblower. brian has that part of the story. >> it's one of the more bizarre comments made by president trump in his phone call with ukraine's president. the suggestion that somehow, a computer server tieded to the 2016 election is now mysteriously in ukraine. according to the rough transcript of the call, trump said he'd like his ukrainian counterto quote do uz a favor before saying i'd like you to find out what happened with this whole situation with ukraine. i would like to have the attorney general call you or your people and i would like you to get to the bottom of it. the only problem, experts say there's no evidence of any of this.
2:29 pm
>> it appears to be the national committee's server saying it was hacked by the russians during their 2016 election interference campaign as part of the kremlin's effort to help get trump elected. crowd strike is the cybersecurity firm hired by the committee to investigate the russian hacks. trump tweets in other public comments has heart attacked on the debunked idea that the dy's server contains evidence and may be in mysterious hands. >> i want to know where is the server and what is the server saying. >> trump regularly points out that the fbi never had access to the original dnc servers. that's in part because of the's practice of working with copies. but the dnc says none of is original servers were ever missing. the dnc and crowd strike say they ultimately gave the fbi copies of the servers. once they determined there was a russian hack.
2:30 pm
>> always get access to machines themselves, but this my folks tell me was a appropriate substitute. why would the president think someone in ukraine has a dnc server? no response from the white house. crowd strike did work for the ukrainian government, but that was unrelated to the dnc or 2016 presidential election and trump waonce mistakenly asserted that crowd strike was in a run by a ukrainian. a comment driven by online conspiracy theorys. analysts say trump is just repeating these myths or is trying to misdirect or muddy the waters. >> i think he's looking for a counternarrative. trying to shift the blame. >> then there's the matter of trump telling the ukrainian president he wanted bill barr to contact the ukrainians to get to the bottom of the server question.
2:31 pm
a justice department spokeswoman tel tells cnn the president didn't ask barr to contact the ukrai ukrainians on that or any other matter and that barr never communicated on his own. >> with the house democrats inquiry picking up speed, president trump is resorting to his well worn playbook. painting the controversy as a smear against him, but will his tactics work this time around? we'll take a look.
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he's trying to paint the saga as a smear orchestrated by democrats in the deep state. >> it's a witch hunt. i'm lead ng the polls. have no idea how they stopped me. the only way they can try is through impeachment. so many leaders came up to me
2:36 pm
today and said sir, what you go through, no president has ever dpoen through and it's so bad for your country. it should never be allowed what's happened to this president. >> in the last week since the story broke, the president has tweeted or retweeted about this stand more than 100 times. the latest cover of time depicts the president painting himself into a corner, seemingly unaware until it's too late. joining us now, former clinton white house press secretary. joe lock heart. "the new york times" did a look back on how the clinton white house faced impeachment including the strategy by his chief of staff. a water cooler discussion about the monica scandal and i will quote break your neck, he recalled telling staffers using an expletive.
2:37 pm
mr. clinton's aides had studied watergate and their take away was that the public believed richard nixon was beiury with t scandal so the only way to keep his rating up was to demonstrate mr. clinton was still doing the job he was elected to do for the people. did that strategy work for clinton and should president trump take note? >> well, you know, it did in a sense that his popularity not only was strong, it increased from 63% to 73% the day he was impeached. it worked because the public wanted the president to do their business. not what the republicans or democrats wanted to do in d.c. so i think it was a very effective strategy. as far as the trump administration, they followed
2:38 pm
the exact opposite strategy. the president can't stop talking ab it or indulging himself. it's one of the reasons why we've never seen this president rebound in pop lularity. he has stayed in the same band of around 40% since he took office. it's a vstrategy that just isn' working. >> maybe there is no cohesive strategy, but he has an army of loyalists out there in the media, at fox, breitbart, on conservative radio. take a listen. >> spying on the president of the united states. >> to spy on the president. >> and snitch. >> does that make up for the lack of a war room? >> i don't think so. those people are all talking to just the loyalists. the fact of the matter is for
2:39 pm
the president to get re-elected, he has to get all the people to the polls then 10% more. of americans. the people who in 2016 might have had some trepidation about him, but were not exciteded about hillary clinton's candidacy. and there's nothing in this that does anything to reach out to those people. in fact it turns those people off when this you know harsh talk from these fox bullies night after night make up theorys. those in his camp believe it because they want it to be true. the rest of the country, about 60%, looks at this and says i can't believe any of this. none of it makes sense. >> look at the democrats on the flip side because while you have speaker pelosi saying impeachment is no cause for any joy, you also have congresswoman talib selling these t-shirts that say impeach the mf.
2:40 pm
i'll let you guess the abbreviati abbreviation, but do they need to get on the same page with their messaging? what should their tone be? >> i think the t the tone that speaker pelosi has said. isn't just her tone. he was under intense pressure over the last three or four months to do more. to go faster. to really try to punish this president and hold him accountable through impeach. . she to do back and said not yet. we don't have what we need to go forward. let's not turn this into a divisive political b football. and you crane happened and she saw no choice to move. so there are going to be people in both parties who say things that don't necessarily reflect the entire party. i don't think the t-shirts are helpful. but that's their opinion. you know just like the breitbart and fox people have their
2:41 pm
opinion. but she sets the tone and it has been, having xwoen through this myself, b there is nothing to be happen wii about here it's an awful prosecco, for everyone involved and if country, but it is important for democrats to stay focused on the substance, not necessarily the politics and i think the speaker has done remarkably well here. >> joe, good to see you. thank you. lawmakers and lawyers for the whistleblower are ironing details and more details on the alleged cover up are emerging. i'll talk to samantha power about all this next. thanks to move free ultra i keep up with this little one. see the world with this guy. and hit the town with these girls. in a clinical study, 4 out of 5 users felt better joint comfort. take the ultra challenge. try move free today. this inot this john smith smith. or this john smith. or any of the other hundreds of john smiths that are humana medicare advantage members.
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hello to the italian way. hello primo.
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it was an event meant to honor the u.s. mission at the u.n., but instead what we heard was the president railing against whoever told a whistleblower
2:46 pm
about his call with ukraine. earlier, i spoke to samantha power, the former u.n. ambassador under president obama about the saga and that white house lawyers tried to lock down the transcript of the president's phone call. >> the transcript like this which could reasonably be classified because it's an exchange between a president and foreign leader but putting it in a special compartmented code word system which is something that the lawyers appear to have insisted upon speaks to the fact that outside this little circle, bullying and extortion, somebody who's further away says woops, this is not korb e sher. if the distribution continues beyond the small circle of people that surround president trump, this is going to be
2:47 pm
trouble. so i think you've got both sets of individual who is work in our government. there are tens of thousands of patriots who have worked for president george w. bush, president obama, worked for president trump had every intention of stays and severrvi loyally, they remember what it's like to have an ethical system. >> more than 300 official fbush administration to the -- say trump appears to have f leveraged the resources to invite additional foreign interference in our democratic processes. that would constitute an unconscionable abuse o power. we consider the president's actions to be a profound national security concern. i noticed your name isn't on this list or on this letter, but as a former adviser to the national security council yourself, do you agree with that assessment? >> oh, absolutely. and i mean, there are a lot of different dimensions to the fashl security threat posed by
2:48 pm
this. this is an example of president trump pursuing his personal interest instead of thinking through what is good for us given our alliances in the region, given the threat posed by russia to our democracy to other democracies. but we saw last week when the president was at the u.n. in principle with a position the advance our interests bilateral meetings, it's a unique opportunity. i attended eight of those over the life of my time working for president obama. instead of advancing the national interest, president trump was taking every chance he could to denigrate people within his own government. to describe the person who had come forward or any of the people who provided this information as spies deserving terrible retribution. imagine also the cascading effect on our national security establishment when somebody just tries to do right by our country and national security sticks their head up knowing there
2:49 pm
could be tremendous personal cost to doing so. anlgd what happens, the president seeks to exact that cost. what effect does that have on our national security and people's willingness to speak up when they see something that's dangerous. >> what do you think it has? >> i think it has a chilling effect. a profound, chilling effect. this is why it's really incumbent not only on the people who are leading the charge now to commence i think finally impeachment proceedings and to look into what has happened and to produce more of the facts. who are these other officials who provided this information, what more do they know? who are these officials who exploit ed a code word classification system that has no business of having anything to do with domestic politics. who are those people? it must be also republican legislators and state men and republican national security
2:50 pm
professionals. people who serve on the armed services committee for example in the senate or the senate foreign relations committee. republicans who stood by this president at some point they have to say . >> my thanks to former ambassador powers. she is the author of this new book "the education of an idealist." he's legendary. known for playing tough guys on tv and has some tough words for president trump.
2:51 pm
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he's one of the most out spoken trump critics in hollywood, legendary actor robert de niro has frequently feuded with the president. trump said de niro has a low iq. de niro also famously played robert mueller in last season's "saturday night live." my colleague brian stelter spoke with him this morning about his thoughts on president trump. >> i think he's crazy in a way. part of him is just crazy. >> do you mean in a medical sense? >> possibly medically too. i'm starting to think. i didn't think that before, but now i actually -- when i saw him in front of the helicopter waiting to go somewhere and talking endlessly and sweating and sweating and not even -- i said this guy, he's not even aware of what he's -- -- he should at least ask somebody for
2:56 pm
a handkerchief or something and dry himself off. there's something very strange. >> i remember the tony's when you got up there and cursed. >> [ bleep ] him. >> de niro also said he hopes snl brings his character about. president trump is lashing out against the impeachment inquiry into his dealings with ukraine. we have new details about when the whistleblower may go before lawmakers. that's straight ahead. press start and consider the job finished. finish quantum's three-chamber detergent works with bosch's precisionwash technology to clean, degrease and shine every dish, every load. for a sparkling clean, from bosch to finish.
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it's 6:00 eastern, 3:00 in the afternoon out west. i'm anna cabrera and you are live in the cnn newsroom. the anonymous man or woman is a big step closer to testifying on capitol hill according to the man in charge of the powerful house intelligence committee, democratic congressman adam schiff. he said today that a tentative agreement has been reached with some details to be worked out. schiff says he wants to make sure the whistleblower's identity is protected. >> all that needs to be done at this point is to make sure that the attorneys that represent the whistleblower get the clearances that they need to be able to accompany the whistleblower to testimony and that we figure out the


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