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tv   Weed 5 The CBD Craze  CNN  September 29, 2019 8:00pm-9:00pm PDT

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conversation with my kids. i realize they are only 5 and 2 but i am ready because i know if i don't have the conversation with them, someone else will. >> announcer: the following is a cnn special report. ♪ ♪ it's been more than six years since our first investigation into medical marijuana. since we first introduced you to an ingredient in the cannabis plant, then it was a word few could even pronounce, canabadial or cbd and ignited a multi billion-dollar industry and that got us wondering, has it all gone too far? we're back on the road across the united states and around the world searching for the truth about cbd.
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lotions to lattes. >> we sell everything. you name it. >> in every shape and size for pain, for anxiety, even soft skin. >> this says it's for. >> hangover. >> cbd is everywhere. >> it's even in the water. it's in coffee. as you walk down the streets, you see cbd signs everywhere. >> we know it won't get you high, but we still don't know much more. research is slim. >> hi, sweet heart. >> yet success stories are not. >> she was dying. she was not going to live long. >> lives changed for the best. but now we're also learning about lives that were changed for the worst. >> experts are warning about a spice product being sold at local smoke shops. the concern is around cbd oil. >> you thought you might die? >> honestly, yeah.
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>> what you thought was harmless could be dangerous. >> is the cbd supply chain safe? >> and what's legal could be illegal. what you need to know. what we wanted to make sure you knew. this is "weed 5 the cbd craze." ♪ ♪ as i'm driving down these colorado roads, i'm realizing we should start this journey where our e weweed investigation bega 2013 where this band of brothers who many think are responsible for starting the cbd craze.
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♪ ♪ >> these are the stanley brothers. >> sanjay. >> what's going on, brothers? >> when we first introduced you to them in 2013. >> i'm joel. >> i'm josh. >> they were young. unknown and struggling with a new business. >> now everywhere you guys go, there is cameras chasing you. >> now june 2019, they are a bit older, more experienced and very rich. their cbd-based cannabis company is now a marijuana empire publicly traded and worth an estimated $2 billion. >> has it affected you? >> we're able to drive cars now that will actually get to where we're going. [ laughter ] >> it's true. >> back then, they were growing 600 pounds of medical marijuana a year on less than an acre. >> greenhouse one. >> greenhouse one. >> wow.
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>> betting the farm on thc and on the side experimenting with something few had considered. >> there is nothing like this in the world. this is 20% cbd and less than 1% thc. >> initially many wondered who would want a strain of marijuana that doesn't get you high? remember, cbd is the non-psycho active part of the plant. but josh and his brothers knew even then that this had potential. >> this area without putting it lightly is the future of medical marijuana. >> something the world would soon learn from a little girl named charlotte. she has been called patient zero for the cbd craze. >> the most important thing i'll ever do is help my own child and share that information and help others. >> born with a rare form of epilepsy called drayvay
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syndrome, charlotte had a seize cure every 30 minutes. every one potentially fatal. when nothing helped. >> this is charlotte's web. >> her parents gave charlotte the stanley's cbd oil. >> she didn't have a seizure that day, and then she didn't have one the next day and then the next day. i just thought this is insane. >> that was six years ago. >> that, i think, really catapulted cbd into the national limelight as the most favored a canabinoid. >> this doctor believes that's when the cbd craze began. >> it was sort of under the table until charlotte and sanjay gupta got together and threw it into the public domain. >> the stanleys and their special cbd strain became famous. >> charlotte is an explorer. >> they have been contacted by thousands of families.
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>> all of a sudden, everyone wanted the thing that helped that little girl. >> jared stanley and his brothers can't grow the plants fast enough. >> that third of an acre that i walked on more than six years ago has been replaced. >> no, it's almost 800 acres. >> this has to be one of the fastest growing things that i think i've seen. any kind of industry. >> my poor brother jared who runs the entire agricultural division. the guy hasn't slept in switch years. >> as the stanleys' empire grew, so did the country's interest in cbd. a recent poll shows that two out of three americans now know what cbd is. and one out of seven use it. i'm here in downtown new york city which is like a lot of cities around the country. there are a ton of stores here selling cbd products so i'll talk to somebody whose been following the cbd craze very
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closely. hey, lisa. >> hey, how are you? >> good. how are you doing? >> good to see you. >> thanks for making some time. >> yeah. >> lisa gill is an investigative reporter for consumer reports. that's the bible for main stream consumer products. an unexpected place to read about cbd. >> there are thousands upon thousands of products across the united states on store shelves and not even counting what is online. >> mints, lotions, oils, bath bombs, gummys, popcorn. what is this? looks like a joint? and smells like marijuana. smell that. >> i feel like i would totally get busted. >> i think i would, too. >> i swear, officers, it's cbd. all kidding aside, this is where it gets a little confusing. for decades, cannabis including cbd has been illegal federally. that all seemed to change with
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the passage of the 2018 farm bill that technically made growing hemp with cbd in less than .3% thc legal. or at least that's what most people think. >> even though it makes cbd federally legal, it allows the states to decide whether or not they will permit sales of it or permit farmers to grow it. in my opinion, it's very confusing for an individual to try to understand what is my state doing? what's crazier is lots of retailers sell it anyway. you might walk into a store and think it must be legal because it's here. in my personal 15 years of covering pharmaceutical medications, over-the-counter medications and supplements, there is not one compound like cbd. >> yet despite the confusion, people and companies are willing to take the chance. there is so much money to be made. the u.s. cbd market hit an estimated $591 million in 2018 and experts believe it could hit
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$22 billion by 2022. all because of those seven brothers and that one little girl. but with success comes new concerns. >> any time a craze comes out and you have everybody trying to jump in the boat, that can be a little bit dangerous. >> that side of the story when we come back. all money managers might seem the same,
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>> waths the hold up? it's been two months. >> these are complicated issues. >> cbd did seem so simple then. it was 2014 when we first started covering the case of vivian wilson, a new jersey toddler with seizures just like charlotte. >> please don't let my daughter die, governor. >> her father wanted some of charlotte's oil to help his daughter, to save her life. >> it's a horrible thing to have to see your daughter suffer like this. >> after losing the fight to access cbd because of chris christie's medical marijuana laws. >> it will not happen on my watch ever. >> the family moved to colorado. >> come on in. >> to legally access the cbd oil the stanleys had used with
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charlotte now called charlottes web. we were there in their new house for vivian's first dose. 2014. >> we came out here for cbd and you want to believe that it's going to be the cure. >> is this her? >> yeah. >> excited to see her. >> 2019, when we arrive back in denver to see the wilsons again, we quickly learn that vivian tried many different kinds of cbd and none of them had been a cure. >> how are you? >> we moved two thirds of the way across the country for cbd, which is like something that you can buy in your butter now. >> is it all good? >> i don't think so. i think there's a lot of misinformation. >> what are you doing here? >> hi. >> turns out vivian's experience with what seemed to work miracles for some was no miraculous for her. >> we seen an initial improvement and things were good. the more we increased her cbd the more seizures she had and we couldn't figure out what it was.
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>> there is no evidence that cbd caused these seizures but clearly, it was no longer working for her. >> it wasn't the benefit that they were necessarily seeking. >> dr. kelly nup, vivian's number log gist from children's hospital in denver remembered those early years. >> when a new medicine is started we may see benefit for a couple months, sometimes six months, eight months and the benefit may gradually go away. we don't fully understand why that is. >> one day i looked at brian like she seized all night long. it's the cbd. i'm done. we stopped and she never had another one at night in her sleep. >> it was the exact opposite of what we found 60 miles away. when we arrived at the figgy's doorstep. >> sanjay. >> remember me? >> welcome back.
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>> hey, charlotte. hey, sweet heart. do you remember me? [ laughter ] >> i think that's a yes, maybe. >> it was more than we expected. and it was more than page had ever allowed herself to hope for. you're walking pretty good, sweet heart. >> i can't imagine back then seeing her at 12 years old and what that looked like. she was dying and was not going to live long. >> how is charlotte doing? >> she's good. she's stable and she doesn't take any medications, just this oil she's been using for more than half of her life. >> why did cbd work so well for charlotte but not for vivian. >> what is different about the children who responded to cbd from those who didn't? so i'm wondering if there is some honeymoon effect there, as well. >> there is a suspicion that
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maybe it works by increasing the blood level of the anti seizure medicine that the children were already on. >> some think this money moon period kids like vivian experienced might be explained by her liver. >> good job. >> cbd works in the liver, in the enzymes that break down other prescription medicines and cbd inhibits those enzymes so that they don't break down pharmaceuticals to the extent that they should be broken down allowing them to get a higher level and perhaps more effective or perhaps more toxic. >> the fact that cbd can affect your liver enzymes and change the way they interact with your body could be dangerous. 60% are broken down in the liver that could be affected by cbd use like drugs you might use every day.
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antibiotics, anti histamines, anti-depressants. >> it's not benign. that's my concern about the wide spread use of cbd. >> that's medicine in that bag? >> that's what i think. trying to prove it. >> when i first met donald abrams four years ago, he was on the cutting edge of cannabis research. so much promise then but he says not much progress now. he does skill believe in the potential healing power of marijuana but is concerned about cbd alone. >> the cbd craze that we're in i think is unprecedented really in the history of medicine. it's a compound that has gotten way ahead of any research to support the claims that are being made. >> abrarms was part of the team of doctors in 2017 with the national academy of sciences that did what is considered the most comprehensive review of all the studies done on the benefits of cannabis. >> there are only about five in the medical literature studies
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looking at the therapeutic benefits of cbd. >> not only are there few studies, the sdtudies that we have are not good quality. >> there is hardly research for the benefits of the wellness products in stores. >> there is very little for a lot of these things but the potential side effect particularly for low doses is pretty low. >> might help, can't hurt, why not? that's why so many people use cbd. and it's something we've heard for years since our investigation first began. >> whoa. >> and now, as we keep digging, we're learning that it could sometimes hurt. that story, when we come back. [ orchestral music playing ] mom you've got to get yourself a new car. i wish i could save faster. you're making good choices. you'll get there. ♪
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juul record. they took $12.8 billion from big tobacco. juul marketed mango, mint, and menthol flavors, addicting kids to nicotine. five million kids now using e-cigarettes. the fda said juul ignored the law with
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misleading health claims. now juul is pushing prop c, to overturn san francisco's e-cigarette protections. say no to juul, no to big tobacco, no to prop c. in life, everyone has days they wish they could just forget. for college junior jay jenkins, that day was may 8th, 2018. >> you're sitting there in the passenger seat just like you are now. >> right, just like i am now. my buddy asks if i ever tried cbd oil. so i said no, not really interested in it, you know, why would i? he asked a few more times and eventually i gave in and said
8:24 pm
sure, i'll try it. >> they drove to a convenience store and bought a cbd product labeled yolo. yolo stands for you only live once. why did you do it? >> i didn't think there was a risk trying it. i didn't hear of anybody having negative effects from it so i thought i had nothing to lose. i took two puffs off of it and the next thing i know, i'm feeling crazy and not thinking straight and not being able to move. >> within seconds, jay appeared to have lost consciousness. and started to have frightening he hallucinations. his friend drove him to lexington medical center where he started having seizures. >> from the glasgow coma scale i scored a three. >> 15 is normal and three is brain-dead essentially. >> yes, sir. >> you thought you might die?
8:25 pm
>> honestly, yeah, at the time i was seeing all this crazy stuff going on in my head and crazy hallucinations going on. i thought i was in hell and dead. >> what did the doctors say to you and what do you remember? >> if i got there much later, i wouldn't have been able to survive. >> he recovered physically from the trama of it all but make no mistake, he's still suffering mentally and asking lots of questions. what was in this cbd oil? got him so sick? isn't cbd supposed to be safe? jay would soon learn is around the same time, people 2000 miles away in salt lake city, utah had also been getting sick from a similar substance. >> experts are warning about a spice product sold at local smoke shops labeled as cbd oil. >> people started calling utah's poison control and showing up in
8:26 pm
the emergency rooms saying they used a liquid cbd oil. barbara end endsly remembers th very first call. >> one of our specialists said to me, you know what? this is really odd. i have this case. this doctor called me about it and sort of described that this was supposedly cbd they vaped. >> as more calls came in, crouch knew something was wrong. >> first of all, cbd is the non-psycho active component of the plant, right? the first thing we said is wait a minute, this is not consistent with cbd. i com tantacted the health department and said something is going on here. i don't know what it is. this doesn't make sense but something is going on. >> everything pointed to the one thing most patients had no common. they had used a counter fit product labeled yolo, cbd oil. similar to the one jay took. so crouch went to a local smoke
8:27 pm
shop to obtain an unopened bottle to the place. >> the gentleman showed me that product and asked me what my tolerance for getting high was. it was clear to me that the overall intent was not necessarily therapeutic. >> is this product in the bottle something from an acredited laboratory or something made in somebody's garage? >> agent christopher with the state burro of investigation was assigned to the case as part of a newly created task force. >> in the early phases, we were seeking to collect the samples, get them to the lab and determine what the substance actually was. when we had these tested by the state crime lab, there was absolutely no cbd in the actual bottles. it was entirely a compound. >> that's a synthetic that's associated with fatalities in europe. >> eventually the centers for
8:28 pm
disease control and prevention got involved. roberta is an epidemiologist there. >> we were fortunate in this cluster that we didn't detect any fatalities. >> when you talked to the victims, did you tell them what you found? >> they were quite angry. they weren't expecting that when they walk into a shop they will get a product that has been tainted. >> in the end, law enforcement was unable to pinpoint where these toxic products were coming from. >> so ultimately with this, we were never able to find out who it was making it and distributing it. no criminal charges were filed. >> and that is a consequence of this cbd craze. in the middle of this circus, countless people got sick and the people to blame simply disappeared. >> after it's all said and done, it shocked me, too, that such a simple thing did so much damage
8:29 pm
to me. almost killed me. >> that is not what should be happening to a product that you've just bought, you know, at any store. it's unconscionable. >> and potentially just the beginning. >> this issue could become worse, much worse before it gets better. that's what's really scary. >> how can this happen? that when we come back. t-mobile's newest signal reaches farther than ever before.
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vaping cbd, one of the most popular ways to take it. 30% of cbd users do it. jay jenkins did it. most of the utah victims did it. and it turns out vaping is likely what made their tainted cbd so much more dangerous. >> when we're talking about positive effects for something like cbd and you're inhaling it by vaping it, that's probably going to be an effective delivery system. >> i traveled to virginia commonwealth university in richmond to meet research erma shell peace. she's investigating vaping during this cbd craze. >> but if that e liquid happens to be tainted, you're increasing
8:34 pm
the very rapid response whatever it's covered with. >> studies show in ten minutes alone, almost half the cbd is absorbed. so that means you'll feel the effects so much faster than anything else. but if it's a tainted product, that's when it gets dangerous, even dead lly. >> people are getting hurt. there's been a rash of poisonings from adulterated products. we've seen outbreaks in atlanta. we've seen them in the mid atlantic. while they are isolated, it's a rash. it's symptomatic of something. >> something that piece began looking into in 2017 when she started to hear rumblings about problems with vape pens and cbd. >> where did you decide to look where this drug forms? >> right, we started monitoring what people were saying about electronic cigarettes. >> piece started reading online
8:35 pm
posts and receiving alarming calls from people who thought they had been vaping cbd. >> a little bit scared. heart pal p palpatations. it was not the experience he was anticipating had he used cbd. >> so what was it? well, for piece, there was only one way to find out. >> so this is my research lab. >> did you call it the vape lab? is that what happens? >> originally we called it the vape lab. >> this is fascinating. the producer wanted to know what was in the substance people complained about and better understand how it would have been ingested into the body. >> we vape this for about how long we would expect a vapor to inhale and so the drugs that are going to be in this aerosol will adhere to the tiny fiber. we're able to directly take that
8:36 pm
fiber and extract the drug off of that fiber and analyze it. >> and when they did, they didn't find any cbd. none. >> it had a different synthetic canabinoid in it. one sent people to the emergency rooms and known to have killed people and we found some products that have that plus the active ingredient in over the counter cough syrup. >> it's certainly not what anyone was expecting. the problem is as things stand now, when you go buy cbd, things are not always what they seem. in 2017 as piece was doing her work, so was another group of scientists. they had randomly selected 80 cbd products and sent them to labs and blindly tested, meaning that the test tors didn't know the product they were testing at the time. it was the worst results i've seen. fully three quarters of the
8:37 pm
proud du products were mislabeled. some had significant cbd. some had none. there was no consistency whatsoever. >> alarm bells started going off. >> couple years ago. has it gotten better? >> we can't tell if it's gotten better. >> as i uncovered these stories and these studies of tainted products, of mislabeled products, i couldn't help but wonder how could this happen and who is supposed to be in charge? i soon learned like so much of this, it's not simple. you see, when cbd was illegal federally, the drug enforcement agency was in charge. but remember that farm bill of 2018 i told you about? well, that made cbd hemp technically legal. and that's where things got confusing again. >> the farm burro gave each state the ability to regulate it and every state is in a different phase of regulating how they deal with cbd and at the same time, the food and drug administration is trying to understand do we regulate only
8:38 pm
as a pharmaceutical? do we regulate it as otc or something else? ♪ ♪ >> when people say it feels like the wild west, this is what they mean. and it's going to stay the wild west until the fda can answer these questions which could take a lot of time. time the public might not have. is the cbd supply chain safe? >> there are pockets or lanes in the supply chain that right now probably cannot be trusted. identifying those lanes good luck. >> so what do you do now? well, there are scientists who think they have a better path forward. so we're taking a trip across the pond when we come back.
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that made it so real for me, it wasn't just a story anymore. bring your family history to life like never before. get started for free at we've flown across the atlantic ocean to the united kingdom and drove to london to this small down called downom market. it's a town at the center of the cbd revolution. a lot of people here didn't even
8:43 pm
realize it until one day they caught wind of it. >> it was about two years ago people started to talk about this strange smell lofting over town. >> the smell of marijuana says journalist robert what were they talking about? >> you had people saying it was giving them a headache. someone famously phoned the police. >> understandably, cannabis was illegal in the u.k. but a couple miles away a pharmaceutical company was given special approval to legally grow fields upon fields of medicinal cannabis. >> this wasn't top secret. it's not area 51 or anything like that but they don't shout it from the rooftops. >> we got a rare peak at gw's first facility back in 2013. now in 2019, we've been invited back to their new one. there's a main gate up here everyone has to clear through.
8:44 pm
cameras, security on patrol. as we drive in, you can't miss the greenhouse. some estimate it to be the biggest stash of pharmaceutical grade cannabis in the world. i met up with the founder of gw, dr. jeffrey guy. >> lovely to see you again. >> pleasure. >> you've been busy. >> slightly larger than the last one. >> yes. >> first time i visited you i walked into a greenhouse that was about one acre, one football field. what are we looking at here? >> 47 acres. this facility at any one time has just under 300,000 plants. so that's tens of thousands of patients. >> in the spring of 2018, gw was transformative because it was the first time the fda approved a medication derived from the
8:45 pm
cannabis plant. it went through clinical trials. it went through peer review and safety testing. none of which is seen with the cbd sold as a supplement. it's an issue that irks dr. guy. >> the reputation of safety of a product could be tainted by other products representing themselves to be the same. >> is the pharma route the only route they should be going? >> the only route that we're involved in. >> a route they tightly control from the moment the first seed is planted. starting with a pesticide free greenhouse. >> in terms of controlling pests, we use other priesests t that. we have mites on the plant that have an appetite for some of the pests. >> once the plant is harvested, it makes its way through hours southwest to the kent science
8:46 pm
park. >> i know you want to see the vault. >> it literally is a vault. >> big door here. all right. >> david cooper is in charge of doing something no one else in the world has quite figured out yet. >> we have pellets for cannabis. >> turning that cbd plant into an fda approved drug. >> this is the ex traction room. >> you're trying to extract the medicine, the active ingredient out of the plant? >> yes. >> it's challenging. the company has been in existence for 20 years so that journey is quite a long journey. >> along the way, they figured out how to start with a plant, break it down, extract just the cbd, form late it to the right dose and then bottle it. >> i guess it's fair to say there wasn't a book that said hey, if you want to turn this into this -- >> no. >> -- follow these steps.
8:47 pm
>> definitely not. >> and then they still have to prove that it is safe and effective. the holy grail of drug development. even if they are still not sure exactly how cbd works. >> what we now have is regulated recognition of the benefits in certain conditions of these medicines. we have to evaluate better how they work, under what circumstances, what might make them work better, important thing is to provide that eviden evidence proof and do research. >> that, that point is probably the biggest difference between what is happening here versus the cbd craze sweeping the united states. >> so many of the cbd people we talk to say pharma route is expensive and takes forever. we know this stuff works. it's safe. why do we have to wait for pharma? >> because we had bad players. we really have to do something
8:48 pm
harder about this than what we currently are. >> gw is hoping to develop more cbd and cannabis-based drugs for everything from anxiety to autism and many others are trying, as well. >> that's what we want, cbd for fda as a medicine. >> mount sinai's dr. yazmin heard has been developing cbd products to address one of the most concerning issues of our time, the opioid endem hipidemi >> you think cbd can be the tool? >> yes. >> do i think it's a wonder drug? no. do i i think it can alleviate certain disorders? absolutely. that's why we need to find out. >> through research. which for years had been near impossible. >> the farm bill now allows us to work with hemp-devooifrived that's helpful or we would never be able to conduct the large
8:49 pm
clinical trials that are needed. >> now there's a whole new wave of cbd research that is being funded. >> the stanley brothers are among them. while proof that cannabis works isn't yet required for cbd to be sold in stores or online, they want the data regardless. >> we live in a world, in a system that needs scientific validation and a process before you can make any claims. so we have to go responsibly about it. >> responsibly because if you get it wrong, people like jay get sick and nearly die. responsibly because remember, a little girl, charlotte, her life depends on it. that when we come back. well, here's to first dates! you look amazing.
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it's august 2019, at the cbc world expo in california. ♪ >> cbd. >> cbd. >> in the months since we began our investigation, the industry seems to have gotten even bigger and dare i say even more outrageous. protein powders, pet supplies,
8:54 pm
even sex products. and he's like, oh, my god. i'm feeling a tingling sensation. >> and lisa gill continues to sound the alarm for better consumer protection. >> it is legal? does it work? is it safe? >> it's a message she also brought to the food and drug administration, when the fda held on open session on cbd. >> half the people told us that they were extremely or very confident that there was a regulation in place that required their cbd to be tested for safety and accuracy by outside labs. with he no he that is absolutely not true. for the fda to take this on, they understand there is a regulatory gap. >> the fda seemed to be listening. in the past few months, they have been demanding more accountability, going after companies that make adulterated products and companies that make unproven claims. do you think there is a real path for cbd in terms of regulation? >> yes.
8:55 pm
but we are years from it. i would like the fda to act faster. no doubt. >> we wanted to as the fda ourselves. but they declined several requests for an interview. so for now, while we wait for answers, it's left to individual states. >> the dangers of not regulating cbd products are vast and deep. >> andrew rigby runs utah's new program for regulating cbd. after the outbreak, legislators passed a bill in 2018 requiring that cbd products be registered with the state and manufacturers produce a certificate of analysis. >> every single product that is going through the registry process with the state of utah is tested for the profiles, heavy metals, toxins and pesticides. >> all products must include a
8:56 pm
list of ingredients and a qr code or web address. >> you can pull something off the shelf, a snap the qr code, it takes me directly to the website and have access to the certificate of analysis within a number of seconds. >> which brings up the most important thing you should do, if you're shopping for cbd. >> ask for the certificate of analysis and it shows you the amount of all the different compounds that are in the product including thc as well as any solvents or contaminants. we can see how much thc is present. >> and remember, all cbd products will have at least trace levels of thc. >> this can accumulate in a person's body. >> yeah. >> and you no he this from being a physician. thc is not immediately metabolized and can build up. for anybody that is taking a drug test, that drug test will -- can register very low levels of thc in the body. >> yes. you heard that right. you could test positive for thc even if you are just using cbd products. >> the studies we looked at, you
8:57 pm
can see that even low levels of thc can start to register. >> it's another cautionary cbd tale. and another reason to be an educated consumer. read the labels. look for a certificate of analysis. and remember, if it sound too good to be true, it probably is. >> they make crazy claims that is a red flag. >> walk away. >> get set, go! >> walking away from cbd? it's something the wilsons did. remember, vivian and her family moved across the country and changed their lives for cbd. like so many people. >> thank you. >> thank you. >> we came out here for cbd and you want to believe that it's going to be the cure. >> when it was clear it he wasn't a cure for vivian, they
8:58 pm
did something still considered taboo. they started giving her thc. >> we would see people who are like i don't want thc, that's bad. >> we kept her on thc. and she just blossomed. if we really truly want to it get the full benefit of cannibis, there is so much more out there than cbd. >> it really got us wondering, at this time with all the attention on cbd, what about the rest of the plant? remember, cannibis is made up of 60 potentially therapeutic chemicals. >> i think the cbd thing did do damage to the progress of full spectrum cannabis being taken as seriously as cbd is. thc is demonized once again. this word nonpsychoactive got nto lawmakers and everyone's heads and so now it's an erroneous thought to think that cbd only is the silver bullet. it's not. >> she's happy and outside and this is her jam. >> and while cbd has certainly
8:59 pm
saved the life of this little girl, patient zero for the cbd craze -- did you ever think you'd be doing this? >> never. i never thought i would be biking with her at 12 years old. paige is hopeful that charlotte's story doesn't represent the end of the cannabis plant but just the beginning. >> didn't really want to talk about the future last time. but how about now? >> i have my hopes that we'll have just so much more data and research to pull from. just because charlotte uses a high cbd hemp, that doesn't mean thc is the devil. >> there is no question cannabis and cbd can be a medicine. st it's a plant that can heal. sometimes when nothing else has. we have seen the stories. we have unearthed the research. it deserves the respect of any medicine. and the regulation. it should come with a promise
9:00 pm
that while it may not always help, it should certainly never hurt. even in the midst of a cbd craze. 9/11 changed new york. after 9/11, it became our mission to stop terrorism from happening. fast forward eight years later, it's the anniversary of 9/11.


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