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tv   S.E. Cupp Unfiltered  CNN  October 12, 2019 3:00pm-4:00pm PDT

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♪ welcome to "unfiltered." here's tonight's headline -- boot and rally. after booting u.s. troops from northern syria, leaving our kurdish ally toss fend for themselves after a turkish invasion, president trump did what he always does when facing a bad news cycle -- he rallies. it wasn't just to the bipartisan fallout from trump's inexplicable syria blunder, creating bad headlines. there were also a handful of court defeats, the recentition nation of his acting homeland
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security chief. at the nothing that a good old-fashioned hoot nani nanny, warning -- the president is about to use foul language, so you might want to earmust have your kids. >> the policies are crazy, their policy tickets are corrupt, their candidates are terrible, and they know they can't win an election day, so they are pursuing an illegal, invalid, unconstitutional bullshit impeachment you. >> if he sounds nixonian, things are getting downright watergate-y. more to come next week. the house will hear from former russia's adviser, his deputy assistant secretary of state, the councillor of state department, and perhaps most
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significantly ambassador to eu, the author of the infamous "call me" text. trump is freezing out a coequal branch of government in a temper tantrum her to speaker pelosi, basically saying, with no legal the white house will not be complying with congressional subpoena power. when it comes to congress and the separation of powers, trump is not a fan. congress, in his view, is meddlesome, annoying and jest gets in the way. remember at a republican-controlled congress -- he hates those, too can be refused to appropriate funds for his wall, he said screw it, i'll reroute the military funding to the wall. yesterday a texas judge ruled that that was unlawful. trump went around congress to sell $8 billion in harms to
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saudi arabia, after congress voted against it, exploiting a loophole in federal law. he threatened to strike iran without congressional approval. the house passed legislation barring him from doing that, but it went on to die in the senate. then, of course there's a blatant rejection of congress's constitutional authority that got us here, the ukraine aid, the reason we're talking about all of this. trump put a hold on funds approved by a bipartisan congress, funds green-lit by state department officials. he never gave a reason for delaying those funds. of course a transcript with the phone call with the president of ukraine, during which our president asked for a favor, has given a lot of sane people an idea. okay. here's the deal. trump has gotten away with bypassing congress and ignoring our separation of powers. that's because republicans have largely let him. congress is supposed to be a check on the executive. it's supposed to have the power
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of the purse, and it's suppose to do require permission for the authorization of military force. on nearly every count, trump has essential said to congress, you people are irrelevant. promising elected lawmakers now he will stonewalls their investigation, he'll keep doing it as long as he knows he'll get away with it, but when will republican members of congress, elected to be a check on the executive, to control the purse, and to play a leading role in matters of war, whether will they decide to take their jobs back? we'll wait here. congress returns this week. here to talk about what they'll do about trump's obstruction is democratic congresswoman debbie dingell. you've been saying we need to let this process play out, follow the facts. how do you do that, though, when the white house is stonewalling? >> so, s.e., it's good to talk with you.
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is oneks. of the reasons i was reluctant this summer to come out was because how divided this country is. the point at which i came out was when it was -- a whistle-blower complaint, the inspector general had found the complaint was credible, urgent and of danger to our national security. we have to be very transparent about this as this is happening, and we have to make sure the american people understand why we are doing it. they can't believe we're throwing the kitchen sinkal him or that this is a witchhunt. they have to understandic like we do, the rule of law is the glue that holds us together as a nation, that nobody is above the law, that my job, when i take that oath of office, is to protect our democracy and our constitution. that's what we're doing right now, following the facts, getting the facts. by the way, we've got lots of speculation, we still don't have
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all the facts. right. so do you believe that trump's stonewalling and trying to keep you from getting all the facts, do you think that amounts to obstruction? >> i think it doesn't help. i think he is looking and asking for a contempt of congress, though you're seeing some of the witnesses come forward after they are subpoenaed. i keep going back to when i was young, and i really was in high school or college working for senator robert griffin, a republican senator from michigan. i flew back with him the day that he called richard nixon and told him he needed to resign. up until that moment, he had been with him. i was lucky enough, my family knew president ford. i remembered what it was like back then. suddenly they heard the tapes. they knew he had lied. >> yeah. >> i think that that's why getting the facts right now, but slow, deliberative, making sure we're getting them, and that people -- we do have to work about our national security.
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i'm someone that thinking a classified setting is probably the appropriate place for some of these briefings, but what should be ma-- could be made pu should be made public. this shouldn't be partisan. we are fighting for our democracy. we need to be looking at this as americans, not part sans. speaker pelosi had a call with the caucus yesterday what did he say about next steps or strategies? >> you know, i think the speaker has tried very hard -- we've been home for two weeks while the committee has been doing the work they had to do because of the jewel wish holidays. she has kept people abreast , chairman schiff, who's been doing the classified briefings, but assisted by chairman engle and chairman cummings have been talking about the work that's been done. she too is being very deliberative. she wants people to know what's
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happening, talking about the other issues, yet there was some discussion of syria. when we get back next week, chairman schiff stepped out of the hearing and was still hearing from the witness yesterday, just to make sure he was talking to his colleagues. but i think all of them are still in the data collection process, concerned by what they're hearing, concerned by refusing to talk to us. these are three equal branches of government. the president can keep trying to blow us off. >> i know you want to be deliberative, and nancy pelosi wants to be deliberative, the impliees want to be deliberative, but nancy pelosi doesn't want this to drag on. how do you balance that trump is stonewalling, but not wanting this to carry on through the election. >> i think he himself is going to decide if the white house refuse toss cooperate, you're seeing subpoenas, some people are choosing to come forward voluntary. i think the next few weeks, as people are being careful and
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deliberative, we'll see where this is going, and where this path goes will probably be determined november, december, this is what i think should happen. the constant -- making this go on forever tears us apart as a country. i think we all need to be worried about -- one of the things i want to know and may never know, because this is a classified setting -- was russia part of this whole ukraine deal? there are lots of rumors, and i know nothing. let me be clear, i don't know anything, but this week we've gotten reports from other intelligence et cetera, about how russia is trying to destabilize democracies. we know they're trying to do it to us. we all need to, not republicans or democrats, our democracy isn't something you take for granted. we have to work to protect it every day. that's what i'm focused on right
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there's a reason trump is mounting these smear campaigns against joe biden. he's the front-runner. the president was reportedly worried about biden running. for his part biden has faced blistering friendly fire. he's made several gaffs on the campaign trails, mixing up dates and places, leading some to question hi stamina. now he's at the center of trump's attacks remark the impeachment crisis. through it all, biden has not only survived, but thrived. in fact it seems like the ukraine fight has invigorated him. >> he's shooting holes in the constitution, and we cannot let him get away with it. he's just flat doing what he's
3:15 pm
always done -- lying. his lying is matched ounce by his manifest incompetent. biden is still sitting atop the polls, according to politico. in more than a dozen state and national pooles, since trump launched his nearly daily fuselage of attacks. cnn "new york times" democratic presidential debate is tuesday night at 8:00. we'll see how biden does when he's finding off his democratic opponents. governor of virginia, veteran, cnn political commutator terry mcauliffe. welcome, governor. >> thank you for having me. you know these campaigns are rough stuff.
3:16 pm
do you think the campaign smears on biden have helped? >> if i were joe biden, i would use it as a way to say, why is trump attacking me? because he's scared of me. i would be out there every day whacking at donald trump. he wants a trump versus biden. >> that's right. >> he ought to use in as an opportunity. we're not going to take the junk that trump did before. he's going to go as loe as can be, and all the e-mails and bengha benghazi, we're not letting that happen this time. we're going to fight back. >> there's no evidence that vice president biden or hunter biden did any illegal, but do you think it's fair to ask a question about ukraine and why hi son was on the board of an energy company? is that fair game, in your mind? >> absolutely. i think when you're running for president of the united states, everything is fair game. if joe biden can't handle a question from a fellow
3:17 pm
democratic contender, how do you possibly deal with president trump? so, sure, that's all fair, put it out there. joe better have a good explanation, and the quicker he can put it to bed, better off that he will be. >> so trump has thus far, as you know, focused most of of his attacks on biden. we know how far he's willing to go, how low he's willing to go, including engaging foreign countries and withholding aid in order for them to investigate his rivals. i don't think we have any idea what trump has planned for elizabeth or warren, or bernie sanders should one of them get the nomination, but i think it will be brutal. do you think they're ready for what trump could have in store for them? >> i do think they're ready. i couldn't agree more, it's going to be brutal.
3:18 pm
nobody has any idea how low donald trump can go. . truth doesn't matter to him anymore, so he will say absolutely anything and democrats have to be prepared to fight back and go back and lay out that positive agenda, but defend ourselves. i think it will be hard for trump to win again. i go back to wisconsin, michigan and pennsylvania, we lost by 77,000 votes, s.e. 92 million people did not vote and woke up the next day and said, holy cow, how did this possibly happen? you saw in '17 in virginia, the biggest pick up. in '18 the biggest in, seven new governors, people are fired up. they're not going to miss their vote this time around. tulsi gabbard, another democratic contender, said that the dnc was rigging the election. that echoed some complaints from
3:19 pm
the last election, where many people blamed the dnc for boxing out bernie sanders. are you concerned about that type of charge? >> i don't like to hear democrats making these charges. i think the dnc has done a good job putting this is debates together. i was the chairman who started these debates. my feeling was to give everybody an opportunity to get out there, to lay their plans out. it was a way to be much more exclusive. what the party is saying, with 25 candidates, at some point you've got to show some strength. we can't continue to have several dozen candidates. we have to beget to formulate or message. if you can't get 2%, how do you possibly compete against donald trump? i support the work that tom perez and the party has done. people have to quit whining, get out there. this is about beating trump,
3:20 pm
taking our country to the next level. it's not worrying about dnc debates. get over it. move on. >> what are your thoughts on how impeachment and all of this will affect the down-ballot races in places like louisiana and virginia. >> in louisiana today we have governor john bell up today. if he gets 50%. i'm hoping he gets that done today. they had a tragedy today, lsu is playing florida tonight, so hopefully the voters will get in before the 8:00 kickoff tonight, but you know, i think we'll do well in louisiana. as you know, i just spent all day, such a diverse group of candidates in virginia. we will win the house and senate for the first time in 26 years, the house, the senate and have the governor's mansion. i can tell you, impeachment -- i
3:21 pm
didn't know which way it was going to go, but it has really fired up our base. the numbers in virginia are moving our way, people are fired up. s.e., they're voting her ojai water. this has loaded democrats to come out. i hope they do it quick, but, you know, trump's not going to hand over documents. so he would rather fight obstruction than the truth, which is actually hurting him. quickly, before i let you go, hillary clinton, you know her well. earlier this week she tweeted to donald trump -- don't tempt me. to get in the race. i talked to people who say she seriously is considering it. >> she's not getting in. trump talks about her every single day. donald trump cannot get over the fact that hillary clinton got 3
3:22 pm
million more votes than he did for president. he goes to bed every night, it gnaws on him, keeping him up, drying him mad. hillary is having so much fun reminding him of that and talking about it, and trump's massive ego can't handle it. he's nuts today, and hillary is enjoying adding gas to the fire. >> i'll tell my friends that terry said she's not getting in. thanks. >> thank you. a star play in the trump administration has taken one step closer to be state tv. and you are leaving us to be lawsuitered, the words of a syrian to a u.s. diplomat. iver . only marco's can deliver america's most loved pizza. hot and fresh, and right to your door. dough made from scratch, every day.
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3:27 pm
stelter, he decided last month he had simply enough, and his own fox colleagues attacking him for his coverage. we talked to him before about a growing rift between fox hosts. well, that rift just took a hit. senior fox employees tells cnn that shep's departure feels like a death in the news division. assistant editor at the "the washington post," david swerdlik. >> if you're going to sign off, just sign off, drop the mic. well played by shep smith. i think you get to a point that you have to say, look, i'm a news guy, and we're tipping too far away from news. >> yeah. >> if you think about an outlet
3:28 pm
like breitbart, and they don't pretend to be something they're not. fox news pretends to be fair and balanced, a news organization, but they have tipped all the way over into trump bootlicking and shep i think said i've had enough. >> i've been stunned to watch anchors of the network mocking and attacking another anchor. that would never happen here -- wouldn't happy for very long. let me tell you that. do you think that might be the breaking point? do you think fox may reconsider this kind of hunger games to play out? >> i would imagine so. and i would say about shep smith, it tax a significant amount of courage to say what you're thinking inwardly/outwardly. it takes courage to go against the tides. takes courage to stand alone when the president of the united
3:29 pm
states is attacking you. it takes courage when your own colleagues are attacking you. at some point, i watch fox news, i respect a lot of the people at fox news, they're going to reach a point where they have to ask ourselves, where do you want to find ourselves on the like? >> i think they're just looking at the ratings, and the ratings are killing. if i'm bret bahair. w. with shep smith's departure, someone like chris wallace now is in the control position. if he walks out the door, fox can't pretend at all that they're a fair and balanced, neutral news-gathering organization. so the fact that one anchor of the news division has gone out the door, gives the other more power to say, if i leave, you
3:30 pm
guys are just news max light. >> if they go too far to speak truth to power, will the network back them if the president attacks? will it back them as an opinion host goes after them? as we've seen with shep, the answer is no. joe biden's campaign sent a letter to "new york times," strongly worded letter, about a column they had written. joe biden's campaign also sent a letter to tv networks, asking them to stop booking rudy giuliani. is that a bad look? >> it is a bad look. earlier this week, let me take a left turn. earlier this week, vice president biden made a comment also about senator warren, saying she's a planner, not a president. that's the kind of quip that's gotten him in trouble. just make your case, vice
3:31 pm
president biden. you don't like the guests booked, you don't like who "new york times" and "the washington post" gets quotes from. don't worry about it. stop playing media critic. just make your case to the american people. >> shermichael, kamala harris repeatedly has told reporters, leave joe biden alone when asking about coverage and stuff and how he's being attacked, leave joe biden alone. she even said she wasn't going to be, quote, duped into having this conversation. should the media leave biden alone? are we duping her by asking about this? >> i like joe biden. i respect a former vice president. a lot of people do, but if he is afraid of what he's going through now, how in the heck can voters expect him to be the nominee? >> he's the front-runner.
3:32 pm
>> through senior gas and their campaign, this is why i'm the front-runner. this is why i'm capable of going head to head with the craziness. >> this bothers me this kind of language. that might not be the intention there by joe biden, but it playing into trump's argument that the president is the enemy of the people. >> it playing into that argument and playing into the bigger problem we've been having, where a lot of our viewers and readers don't always zero in on the fact that it's not our jobbing to on a side. >> or to be liked. >> we all have opinions and analysis. we're not all there to be on a side. joe biden is running to be president of the united states, the top job. if you can't -- >> if you can't take the heat, get out of the witch. a great conversation as always. thanks. lawmakers on both sides are making a full break on a decision with huge national
3:33 pm
security implications, coming up.
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e-cigarettes. juul is "following big tobacco's playbook." and now, juul is pushing prop c to overturn e-cigarette protections. vote no on juul. no on big tobacco. no on prop c. in the red file tonight, chilling words from the commander of the kurdish-led syrian democratic force toss a u.s. senior diplomat -- you have given up on us. you are leaving us to be slaughtered. he said it in a meeting on thursday, details which were
3:37 pm
exclusively obtained by cnn. it is the fourth day of turkey's invasion of northern syria, where u.s. troops had been protected kurdish fighters. more than 40 have died. some civilians have died as well, including children. today reports that u.s. troops still operating near the majority kurdish city outside of area of withdrawal came until fire from turkish positionings. no injuries were reported, but a pentagon official said ominously it's in an area known by the turks to have u.s. forces present. at least five isis militants have escaped a prison. trump's withdrawal in syria earned the rare condemnation of many republican lawmakers, including reliable allies like lindsey graham and mitch mcconnell, but to what end?
3:38 pm
one retiring congressman has told his chief of staff to pull my name off the i support donald trump list. did i mention he's retiring? let me be clear, trump's decision in syria represents a moral and ethical failure. kurdish forces sacrificed 12,000 lives fighting isis, so we wouldn't have to. after committing to their protection, we are abandoning them for no good reason. for the at the kurds, america just essential issued a death sentence. and for the future, they now know the united states cannot be trusted. and for the syrians, once again the u.s. is turning their backs. bill, i spoke to many republicans this week, including two congressmen and a senator who said for them trump's decision in syria is far worse a
3:39 pm
transgression than ukraine. do you expect to see any real pushback against trump other than strongly worded tweets? >> it's a different kind of transgression, but it's an unbelievably -- not just foolish, but amoral, i would say even immoral. no one in the united states government wanted this to happened. who wanted to do in erdogan? putin? ass assad? trump has a phone call with erdogan, and does there? it looks like there's war crimes, the woman who was the future of the syrian company, was murdered today by jihadist, maybe turkish backed. so it's terrible what's happening. i hope republicans and democrats as well do what they can. it's hard to overcome a president who is willing to be
3:40 pm
so recklessly -- the reason this has had a huge imbalance is this is it. there's no march mcmaster, no more till i son, no one constraico constraining the president to have a phone call. and he just does it. his team follows orders. this is what the next year would be like, this is what the next five years would be like. all these republicans supporting him for reelection, they need to say why won't this happen time and time against? lindsey graham is all outraged. can he guarantee -- could he convince us or make an argument that trump won't do it again and again, not only for the next year but the fourth years of his second term? i hope republicans really take this seriously and think hard about what this says about
3:41 pm
donald trump as xharchder in chief. trump's base largely supports him no matter what, but at least one bloc is not on board. evangelicals, all expressed their dismay at trump's actions this week, but does that translate into voters? into any redefections for voters? >> well, we'll see. there are at least challenges in the republican primaries. i think leadership has to come to the top. voters tend to look to their leaders for guidance. this is especially senators, who have six-year term, serious people, some of whom know about foreign policy need to step up, but this is really making me think about whether we can afford to have trump as president for the next year, let alone an additional four years. >> well, it blows my mind to think that a republican
3:42 pm
president may be responsible for unleashing isis into europe. i am old enough to remember when republicans were outraged that obama was going to release a couple guys from gitmo. will the republicans have to answer for this in the future? will the party have to answer for this foolish decision? >> we correctly criticize many obama for a too hasty decision. i think he didn't do the right thing, and then had the red line, and as a result we got a horrible jihadist resurgence. there were a lot of deaths, isis is still there, and now trump is doing what obama did, but worse in a sense. there was no pressure to do it from his party or the other party. the only people who wanted this was erdogan, assad and putin. >> always good to talk with you. thanks for coming on. >> thanks, s.e.
3:43 pm
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new polls for the president not so hot. npr, pbs, marist published a poll saying 52% of americans approve of starten an impeachment inquiry. a fox neu poll foul 51% of the actual impeachment and removal for office. as you might have seen, trump was not pleased with that, not one bit. harry antonin is here for us what do the new polls tell us? >> before the inquiry, there was a monmouth poll that showed 51%
3:48 pm
thought it would be a bad inquiry. those numbers flipped around overnight. it's polls from wos as well, and there's a clear majority of americans supporting it, so the idea that it would by political boole for democrats doesn't seem to be borne out. if you look at the average of the polls, it's more of more of a split. >> i just want to clear something up for the president, but also i think some viewers probably don't know, the president's very angry with this fox poll, because they believes, i'm imagining, that it's a poll of fox viewers, so it seems like a betrayal, so fox network should not -- >> this is a poll of voters, and the fact that fox news is a
3:49 pm
pretty about polling outlet. they pretty much nailed the national house vote back in 2018. they're showing basically what everybody else is showing across the board in terms of the president being u.n. popular. they are professionals doing a professional job. >> among republicans there's still not a majority support for impeachment. is that number ticking up? >> it is a little bit. when you look at an average of polls, about 16% of self-identified republicans show that. anotherr on the impeach and remove, only about 11% on average support that. that number will have to move up if you see republican lawmakers change their anyone. at this point they have no real reason to go against the president, because they know it will upset the base.
3:50 pm
when you look back at nixon eventually support for impeachment came. public support want there for clinton. where do you expect it to go here? >> i think that's the real question. if you look back at '73-'74 everybody it wasn't until the early summer in which you got a plurtity report, and right now we're all pretty much there or close to it. so we start out in the northern end. i think the question is whether or not in our polarized era, whether or not there's perhaps we'll see it going forward but we'll see. >> thanks so much. we'll be right back. don't go anywhere. i work hard and i want my money to work hard too. so i use my freedom unlimited card. even when i'm spending, i'm earning 1.5% cash back on everything i buy. earning on my favorite soup... with freedom unlimited, you're always earning.
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exclusive playered the washington times headline, self-declored socialist aoc splurges on high dollar hairdo. that's right the right wing paper was outraged, outraged this week that democratic
3:55 pm
congresswoman alexandria ocasio-cortez got a pricey cut and color at the d.c. salon called the last tangle in washington in the canon of excellent hair salon puns that is right up there with hair force one, a real place in new port, new hampshire. spending an estimated $300 on lelights and a hypothetical tip the, nowites hard for me to take whatever political point you're trying to make seriously when you put the words exclusive and hairdo in the same headline. but the 600-word piece earned growns from political circles over its alleged sexism. would you care for a male politician got a pricey haircut, they complained. turns out yes, yes we add. just ask bill clinton, marco
3:56 pm
rubio all which have sparked outrage over their trips. as far as personal indictments go, this one's pretty thin. as journalism goes, it's hanging on a razor's edge. i'd like to cut a few inches off this column. s sorry, i'm just giving this stupid story it seriousness it deserves. okay, that's it for me. up next, former senate majority leader harry reid joins david axelrod. stick around for the axe files. man: can i find an investment firm that has a truly long-term view? it begins by being privately owned. with more than 85 years of experience over multiple market cycles. with portfolio managers who are encouraged to do what's right over what's popular. focused on helping me achieve my investors' unique goals.
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all you have to do is have a basic understanding of the law in america. you can't do what he did and go unpunished. >> his former republican colleagues. >> he is a tote and fetch guy for the president. i'm so disappointed what has happened to him. >> and the 2020 democrats. >> you'll wait and see how it all turns out. >> you think she's more pragmatic. >> i know she's pragmatic. >> plus to boxing ring, from congress. >> you said i wasn't the fastest and i wasn't the


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