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tv   CNN Newsroom with Poppy Harlow and Jim Sciutto  CNN  October 14, 2019 7:00am-8:00am PDT

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all right. good monday morning. top of the hour. i'm poppy harlow in new york. right now, the president's former top russia adviser is testifying on capitol hill. you see her there moments ago. fiona hill is speaking to lawmakers as they return from a two-week recess and pick up the pace on the impeachment inquiry. this time, according to
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"washington post," sondland is expected to testify there's a quid pro quo in the president's deal wings the ukraine but he believes not a corrupt one. manu raju is live on capitol hill. good morning. let's begin with this. it's a consequential week of witnesses in the impeachment inquiry. >> reporter: yeah, no question about it. fiona hill did just arrive here moments ago. they're expected to be asking her about the work that went up to that phone call in july with president trump and ukrainian president zelensky. what she knew about that and whether she had concerns or not about what happened, ultimately she has since left the administration and learned that she's been subpoenaed to come here and testify. the republicans moments ago complained saying that she had voluntarily agreed to come but the democrats issuing the subpoena apparently making sure she answers all of their questions. this comes as a number of
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subpoenas have been sent to a variety of witnesses and for a variety of documents. there's a big deadline coming up this week, tomorrow, for rudy giuliani to turn over documents related to what he knew about his efforts to try to urge the ukrainian government to -- biden and other agencies to turn over information, something that the white house indicated they will not do. and then, yes, you mentioned that big testimony coming up on thursday, gordon sondland, u.s. ambassador of european union and what he may have known on the hold of military aid, we expect to hear more about that. later this week. certainly, poppy, democrats and republicans coming back after the two-week recess, big decisions to be made about how quickly to move on this investigation, when they decide to move on articles of impeachment for the president assuming that's the direction they ultimately take, how quickly they plan to do this, the witnesses to bring forward
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and this week pivotal as they hear some key witnesses about the preparations for that phone call, what happened on that phone call and the efforts allegedly to cover it up. >> manu, just to your point about that before you go, the chair of the house intel committee over the weekend saying he doesn't necessarily think it's necessary for the whistle-blower to testify citing security concerns, et cetera. >> reporter: yeah. that was the interesting comment from him. we've heard there's been some challenges bringing in the whistle-blower over concerns of this individual's security. they talked about extreme measures to protect his or her identity, concerns of potential leaks. republicans this morning are criticizing that decision or comment they may not bring in the whistle-blower but schiff saying they may not need to hear from this person talking to people around the call so we'll see what they ultimately decide but that's significant decision not to bring forward the whistle-blower and open up the democrats to republican criticism, poppy. >> for sure.
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thank you very much for that reporting. also this morning, the white house is reacting to incredibly disturbing, violent video that shows a fake president trump shooting and stabbing media organizations as well as his political opponents and critics. "the new york times" reports this video was played last week at the president's miami resort during a conference for trump correspondents. bri have we heard about this? >> i asked if there's a comment overnight and she said this in a tweet now regarding the video to describe, the president's not seen it and will shortly and based upon everything heard he strongly condemn this is video flying in the face of years of rhetoric of the president promoted constantly. talk about what's in this video. we are clearly not showing here it on cnn.
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it shows gruesome violence, a parody of movie from 2014 called "the kingsman" and created by a man promoting president trump content online and then made the way to doral. "the new york times" describes it this way saying mr. trump attacks a range of kritdices, strikes at john mccain in the back of the net, hits rosie o'donnell in the face and stabs her in the head, strikes maxine waters, lights the head of bernie sanders on fire. the clip goes on for several minutes and ends with trump putting the stake in a head of a person of cnn and then stand on the altar of a church and smiles. now, some trump supporters might say it's funny, supposed to be a joke. there is nothing funny about the rising threats of newsrooms in this country, nothing funny about the mass shooting scourge in this country and i think it seeks to unfortunately the
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venomous climate in the country partly created by president trump. the daily attacks against the media and lawmakers cause some supporters to take it very serely. >> brian, thank you for joining us. let's talk about this and more. cnn political commentator mia love with me and cnn senior political analyst john avalon. what should the president say about the video? >> i think he should emphatically condemn it. if this is not what he wants to be associated with, it is important to say that this is -- nothing to do with us and i strongly condemn it. you would think watching this video that this person was actually working for the president's opponent. it is that horrific. just to see the violence, to see what is happening to people and, you know, to some people making jokes about it saying they're
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supporters of the president. i would if i was the president move as far away as possible and strongly condemn it and follow the statement that cnn put out saying that if you don't condemn it then you're essence for it. >> yeah. john? >> i want to pick up on something mia just said because let's offer a reality check here. mia said that this is a video something you expect the president's opponents to come up with showing the president of the united states, doctored video, conducting a church shooting, a mass shooting in a church against his political opponents. instead we see that this is something that his supporters created. stop and take that in for a second. his supporters celebrating the idea under the guise of parody and satire the president to commit mass shooting in a church. that says a lot about our current environment. that says a lot about how we have defined down to that those feeks see it as something to celebrate rather than a sane
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political universe but a slur about the incouplen't be in the oval office. >> it is tragic and, of course, white house condemning it, of course, hearing from the president and his words we'll bring them to you here because they hold so much weight. let me turn to the topic of testimony this week. mia, you have fiona hill, the former top adviser on all things russia to this administration testifying. thursday gordon sondland, big donor and supporter of the president will testify under oath with the subpoena on thursday and "the new york post" reports things of what he'll say, someone familiar with the prepared testimony and one of them is to say that in that text conversation with bill taylor the diplomat in ukraine, you know, who said it's crazy to trade defense, you know, funding for, you know, political favors, et cetera, that he spoke with
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the president in those five hours and the president directly told him to relay that there was no quid pro quo. if that is what he testifies, how significant is that? >> well, i think if there is evidence of a quid pro quo, especially when you're withholding funds to get information on a political opponent that will not bode well. i don't think that it would -- i think that it would actually put into question even some republicans saying, okay, we've crossed a line here. it is going to be really interesting to see what he says. i understand that when you go into the hearings being a former member of congress, going into the hearings, both sides have pretty much made up their mind and so what you are going to get a lot of is how am i going to get these words or the words that have been used in these testimonies to fit my narrative? you will see that as we have seen before. >> except i hear you, mia, except the difference, john, is that they're not going to be
7:10 am
able to paint this guy as a hater of the president. right? million dollars in donations to his inaugural fund. a defender of the president who according to "the washington post" saying two things. one, a quid pro quo but not a corrupt one and when asked if he had knowledge of whether, john, the president telling him the truth or not, he says it's only true that the president said it, not that it was the truth. >> which is an extraordinary distinction. i'll testify the president said it, not necessarily the president told the truth, because it's baseline that the president lies. i think the point mia made is important. right? one, both sides coming into this with their own talking points to fit facts in the narrative but it is difficult as you point out to cast this ambassador as a deep state operative. >> he's never been a diplomat before. he was a hotelier. >> he raised money for the campaign and got a plum ambassadorial job and now in the
7:11 am
middle of an impeachment inquiry. potentially. when's so significant, though, is people should go into something this serious, this constitutional of a standard without minds made up and finding ways to reason together but that kind of flexibility and open mindedness of congress is m.i.a. >> okay. thank you both. mia love, john avalon. we'll see how it shakes out. still to come for us, the white house says sanctions on turkey are ready to go but will the president follow through with them? we'll discuss with tim kaine calling for that, next. plus, elizabeth warren and facebook, at odds, clearly over political ads posted on facebook. what she says and how facebook is firing back. and one person still missing after a deadly construction collapse at the hard rock hotel in new orleans. search efforts under way,
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when the president gives him the green light the u.s. is ready to sanctions on turkey. listen to this. >> the national security team met yesterday in the situation room. we'll be meeting again this morning. i think you know this is an evolving situation. we're monitoring the situation carefully. as i said, the sanctions are ready to go and updating the president this morning and when he makes the decision we'll act. >> joining me now to talk about this is senator tim kaine of virginia sitting on the armed services and foreign relations committee. senator, thank you very much for being with me. it's clear where you stand. you called the president's command to withdraw the troops a betrayal to the kurds. >> it is a betrayal. >> we learned that the sdf allied with the assad regime backed by the russians out of desperation to fight back turkey in the region. what is your response? >> well, it is a betrayal of the kurds and there's three big
7:18 am
consequences. when you betray the kurdish were our best allies in fighting isis. everyone says isis is likely to come back stronger, regain strength after we spent tremendous energy with the kurds to defeat them. we see isis supporters escaping from jails and prisons in the chaos that's occurring after the u.s. pulls out. second, our on military's very demoralized. they don't want to leave people behind and when somebody is your ally in a battle against isis, for example, and the u.s. leaves them to be slaughtered the military is upset. we need allies. the way you get allies is being a nation that they can count on. if we're together we'll stick with you. people are now looking at the united states as they can't count on us and that means it will be harder to get allies to go together with us to battle isis or other bad actors in the future. >> in fact, "the new york times" reporting this morning there have been two isis attacks in
7:19 am
syria since wednesday, since the turkish incursion. one right near an international military base. listen to defense secretary mark esper yesterday. >> we find ourselves is we have american forces likely caught between two opposing advancing armies and an untenable situation. i spoke with the president last night after discussions with the rest of the national security team and he directed that we begin a deliberate withdrawal of forces from northern syria. >> well, you know, the question, of course, becomes how did they get boo the untenable situation? that aside, is that a prudent move at this point? >> no, no. the reason that -- the reason that these armies are approaching with u.s. stuck in the middle is because the u.s. drawing. turkey was not going to invade northern syria to go after the kurds with u.s. troops there. and so, our troops' presence not
7:20 am
only defeated isis but was maintaining some stability in a very unstable part of the world. but with the u.s. announcing it's withdrawing, you have turkey move in, having russia and the assad regime in syria pushing back. you likely see a full-scale war on the border which is bad for everybody because the u.s. stabilizing force is gone. >> so senator, that is area where you couldn't agree more with senator graham and there's not a whole lot that you guys agree on but on this you're on the same page. he said that the conditional sanctions that mnuchin keeps talking about, we're ready to go right now, but they haven't moved, he said conditional sanctions embolden president erdogan. is he right? are you supportive of the legislation that they have put forth with very severe sanctions on turkey and erdogan and some of the leadership in turkey?
7:21 am
>> i haven't read the text but certainly the way lindsay and chris van hollen talked of i'd be supportive. what is happening is what president trump knew would happen, what his military leadership told him would happen. we don't have any guarantee that the president would even sign these sanctions. and the sanctions are not going to stop chaos. they're not going to stop the chaos left by the u.s. withdrawing. >> just a point of fact, the president dwetweeted ago severe sanctions coming on turkey. we'll wait to see for action -- >> he knew that turkey would invade across the border pulling the u.s. out. everybody told him that would happen. >> the response from secretary esper yesterday, he was on "fox news sunday" with chris wallace and the phone call last week between erdogan and president trump made the administration believe that turkey was coming
7:22 am
anyway. we have seen for years turkey wanted to and has not when u.s. troops have been there and that's the read. >> right. i think the likelihood of turkey invading northern syria with u.s. troops there was zero. and with the u.s. pulling out now they feel like they have a green light and doing exactly what everybody told president trump they would do. >> let's move to domestic poll sic politics if we could. adam schiff leading the impeachment inquiry signaled over the weekend that the whistle-blower may not appear. i want you to listen so his argument it may not be necessary to hear from him or her. >> given that we have the call record, we don't need the whistle-blower who wasn't on the call to tell us what took place during the call. >> do you agree or give fodder to republicans arguing lack of transparency? >> it might.
7:23 am
the republicans are going to make every argument they can think of against this. look, the house will complete an investigation and if they decide that the evidence warrants articles of impeachment there will be a transparent debate about the evidence and everybody will have to vote. first likely on the judiciary committee and then on the floor of the house. that will be aired before the entire american public and the -- either the evidence is going to be there or it is not. >> let's ask you finally this. having been on a presidential ticket before, running with hillary clinton in 2016, you saw what happened with the messaging around her e-mail server and how that was effectively by many used against her. right? i wonder what your advice would be to former vice president joe biden and his campaign on how they address this, how they message questions of hunter biden and the overall question of children or family members serving with foreign companies when someone is in office.
7:24 am
what would your advice be to them? >> i think the step that was taken by hunter biden over the weekend is smart. you are right. i thought about the days in 2016 as it is revealed that the white house puts material on secret servers now, when they really don't warrant it by classification and doing it to hide it from the public and i derive some -- had a smile on my face when i heard that. i think the key right now is we have got to get all the information out on the table so the american public can understand what's at stake. this is about protecting the integrity of our elections. it is not a rear-view mirror look at what happened in 2016. what is going on right now is to protect the 2020 election from a foreign attack. >> you know what? it is a question my good colleague and cohost jim asks every day. senator tim kaine, thank you very much for being with me this
7:25 am
morning. i appreciate it. >> absolutely, poppy. what's next now that kurdish forces in northern syria cut a deal with the russian-backed syrian assad regime? we'll talk to a retired air force colonel to get his perspective, next. i called usa, it was that voice asking me, "is your daughter ok?" that's where i felt relief. we're the rivera family and we plan to be with usaa for life. see how much you can save with usaa insurance. see how much you can save is eh, not enough chocolate would be good. snacking should be sweet and simple. the delicious taste of glucerna gives you the sweetness you crave while helping you manage your blood sugar. glucerna. everyday progress. the rut. it only happens once a year, when the bucks start chasing does. and it's time for you to start chasing the bucks. for the next two weeks, this is where you'll be because this is what you live for. it's your season.
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u.s. forces are moving out. the kurds cutting a deal over the weekend with syrian president assad after president trump ordered all u.s. forces to leave that region. listen to u.s. defense secretary mark esper speaking yesterday on fox explaining the president's thinking behind this decision. >> it looks like the sdf is cutting a deal with the syrians and russians. >> sdf, the kurdish forces, syrian democracy forces. >> cutting a deal and now facing u.s. forces in a trapped between a syrian russian army moving north to take on the turkish army moving south. we are in a terrible position and the protection and safety of the service members coming first to me. >> joining us is cedric layton. good morning to you. thank you for being here. how does this play out now? where does this go? >> well, poppy, that's the great question this morning.
7:31 am
it's i think what we are seeing is a very predictable state of affairs. what you have is, of course, the turks coming in from the north and you've got the syrian government taking over towns with the help of the syrian democratic forces and specifically the kurdish element of that. and they're coming in from the south. so you have the chance that those two forces will meet so in one sense secretary esper is correct that the situation for american forces is untenable because of these two forces meeting and the question, of course, then is, what will happen when they do meet? but, you know, we have a case where it appears as if turkey and russia are at least working together and through russia that means also that the syrians could be working with the turks indirectly at this point, as well. >> so what does this do? you bring up that important point about sdf allying itself
7:32 am
with syria, assad regime, so how much more influence does that give to vladimir putin, russia, iran in the region and to what end, to what consequence? >> so the biggest gainer of all, biggest winner is vladimir putin, no question about it. in fact, he was in saudi arabia just today and yesterday and he basically said that this is, you know, something that he has looked forward to in so many words and he also is aligning himself with other arab nations so what the russians are trying to do here is gain control over as much of the middle east as they possibly can. and that may mean, you know, all kinds of varying degrees of influence depending on the country an the specific region. but what you're dealing with is a really concerted effort by the russians to break out of what they see as the isolation that
7:33 am
they suffered ever since the fall of communism and this is their big moment. >> we just heard over the weekend from the leader of the syrian kurds general and this is what he had to say about the united states. quote, you are giving up on us, you are leaving us to be slaughtered. what should the u.s. do at this moment to curb what we have seen? meaning, what will move turkey's hand here? the president said he can destroy the turkish economy. should that be done and will it stop turkey at this point? >> well, probably won't stop turkey but it should be done. you know, you have to exert some degree of pressure on the turks and stopping dollar transactions
7:34 am
for their armaments industry is a big deal. this is a complete failure of policy but now that we are here the big thing is to not only do the sanctions but we should also align ourselves with the european allies specifically france and germany because they curtailed arm sales to the turks and what we should be doing, as well. >> what happens in regard to isis? there have been reports, "the new york times" reporting of two different isis attacks in syria since last wednesday, since the turkish incursion, one in a northern city and one at an international military base. what does this mean for isis in the region? >> it means isis is resurging and they're going to have the sleeper cells do some jailbreaks to be quite frank about it. we are probably seeing some of that already. supposedly somewhere around 60 hard core isis high value
7:35 am
detainees have been released or in the process of escaping their detention centers. that's a major failure and we have to expect that isis is going to try to show itself to be very potent force as the syrian government comes through and as the turks come through to these areas of northern syria that we are talking about. if i sis does this, they will then once again have a potential growing ground for their terror group and that's going to be a real problem not just for that region but for europe and potentially for the rest of the world, as well. >> colonel, thank you very much. the stakes are incredibly high. i appreciate your expertise this moshing. >> any time. coming up, senator warren ramping up attacks on facebook and now the social media giant is firing back. that's next. i had always heard stories about my great grandfather,
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tomorrow is important, but she's only seven once. spend your life living. find an advisor at elizabeth warren's face-off with facebook is getting more intense. she is now openly accusing the social media giant and its ceo of taking money to promote lies. those are her words. this comes after her 2020 presidential campaign ran an ad on facebook containing a deliberate lie to raise attention to the issue. now facebook is firing back. with me is cnn tech reporter brian fung.
7:41 am
break it down for me. how did this start and where are we now? >> sure. so this all begins with a controversial ad run by president trump's campaign that contains discredited allegations against vice president joe biden and his family. now, this ad ran on facebook and that prompted senator warren to lash out at the company saying this is an example of the facebook using its power to prioritize profits over protecting democracy. and that's when she ran her ad which contains a deliberate lie as you said showing or claiming falsely that facebook and mark zuckerberg endorsed president trump for president. now, they very quickly in the same ad said that that's not true but the whole idea was to drive attention and home the message that facebook is engaging and profiting from some of this advertising material. >> so, but facebook is responding and they're saying essentially we're following the
7:42 am
law here. right? fcc guidelines. looks like -- looks like broadcast stations across the country aired this ad a thousand times as required by law fcc doesn't want them censoring speech. we. >> 'gree. it's better to let voters not companies decide. are they right on the fcc law? >> well, media experts told me it's interesting to see facebook sort of cite broadcast media law here and while it's true that, you know, companies and media companies who are engaged in tv broadcasting have to carry all of these political ads without a view to the accuracy or truthfulness, and those rules don't apply to cable networks like cnn or to websites like facebook so it's interesting to see facebook refer to really heavily regulated industry to try to defend an action that it's taking. >> what also i think makes that more interesting, brian, is that
7:43 am
in so many ways facebook does not want to be considered a media platform. right? they don't want -- you know, section 230, right, lays out they're not responsible for what's on their platform differentiates them from us airing something here on cnn. but now, it seems like they're saying with statement they want to be viewed as a broadcast network. >> exactly. media law experts say this actually undercuts facebook's argument that it isn't a media company and raises big questions about just what are the policies to apply to large online platforms like facebook given that in the past for decades we have had these rules on the books for other large media industries that had a large role in shaping and influencing public opinion. >> okay. this is going to be fascinating to watch this play out. this is not the first ad like this that is going to come. brian, thank you. appreciate the reporting. >> my pleasure. also, a quick programming note.
7:44 am
watch tomorrow night cnn and "the new york times" host the democratic presidential debate right here on cnn. all right. right now, crews are trying to stabilize the hard rock hotel in new orleans after saturday's deadly construction crane collapse. the latest on their search for a missing worker, next. and non-24 can throw my days and nights out of sync, keeping me from the things i love to do. talk to your doctor, and call 844-214-2424. doprevagen is the number oneild mempharmacist-recommendeding? memory support brand. you can find it in the vitamin aisle in stores everywhere. prevagen. healthier brain. better life.
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welcome back in. just a few minutes officials in new orleans will hold a news conference with the latest of saturday's deadly collapse of a hard rock hotel under construction and a search for a worker still missing. rosa flores is live in new orleans with the latest. it is so tragic, rosa. what can you tell us this morning? >> reporter: you know, poppy, the latest is that one individual is missing and two people are dead. just yesterday, rescue teams were able to recover the body of one of those individuals but family members still on scene hoping and praying that that one missing individual is alive. take a look over the shoulder. beyond these barricades see the pile of debris and beyond that, a black crane. that is the pocus today and thought in over the weekend. weighs 110 tons and the reason is to stabilize the building because until now search and rescue teams have not been able to go beyond the eighth floor of
7:50 am
this building because it is so unstable and it is unsafe for search and rescue teams for them to go in there for them to take dogs. the other thing we have seenget closer to the building are drones, using drones to get access to get their eyes into the floors. now, the tragic moments were caught on video and in this dramatic video you can see how the building collapses, how debris starts flying off the building, landing on the ground and a cloud of dust builds. if you look closely at the video you can see how people started running for their lives. since then, of course, search and rescue teams rushed to the scene to try to save as many lives as possible and too early in the investigation, the focus right now is search and rescue but we do know, poppy, that osha teams are on site ready to investigate but again the focus is trying to get to that one person who is still missing and of course family members trying to figure out if this person is
7:51 am
alive. >> praying, praying that they are. do we know, rosa, the identity of the victims at this point? >> reporter: the identities have not been released yet. we know that one body was recovered yesterday. we have contacted the coroner's office. they haven't released any information yet but, poppy, we do video of the area where family members are staying waiting for information. we, of course, have kept our distance giving families the distance that they need and the respect that they need right now because they're trying to get more information and many of them not leaving the scene hoping and praying that missing worker is alive at this time but like you mentioned, we are hoping to be at a press conference here in a few minutes and hoping to learn more and we'll of course bring you that information as soon as we know it. >> hoping for the best for them, rosa. thank you very much for that reporting from new orleans this morning.
7:52 am
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all right. welcome back. the family of a british teenager killed by an american diplomat's wife is now in the united states pleading for justice this
7:57 am
morning. the parents of harry dunn just spoke a short time ago here in new york. dunn was killed by anne sacoolas in august when she was driving on the wrong side of the road. she left the country abruptly and now dunn's family is trying to get her to return or be extradited to the uk. alexander field was at the press conference this morning. what are we hearing from her family at this point? >> reporter: poppy, look. this is a complex, international and legal matter. the family is grieving seven weeks after they lost their 19-year-old son harry dunn. they're looking for justice and they're also looking for an apology. they wanted this woman anne sacoolas to stay in the uk. she returned to the united states. the u.s. said she had immunity and refused to waive it and there was a development over the weekend with the uk's foreign secretary contacting the family saying that uk officials don't believe that that immunity
7:58 am
applies to anne sacoolas. they say u.s. officials agree to that point but the family says, no u.s. officials contacted them to say as much. cnn has not been able to confirm that. still the family decided to come here to new york. they'll travel to d.c. saying they want to send a message directly to lawmakers directly to president trump and anne sacoolas herself. >> see if we hear anything from her on that front. alexandra field, thank you for your reporting there this morning. now to texas, another grieving family demanding answers, this after a black woman over the weekend was killed by a white police officer in her home. atatiana jefferson shot on saturday. police were reportedly called to the house after a concerned neighbor saw an open door. in body camera video, look at this, released by police, the officer opens fire through a window just two seconds after
7:59 am
shouting commands. that is when the edited video that was provided by police stops. so we don't have the full body camera video. cnn has requested that. the full unedited body camera footage. we have not received it yet. the officer that opened fire is set to be interviewed today by the department's major cases unit. jefferson graduated from xavier university in 2014 with a bachelor's degree in biology. she worked in pharmaceutical sales and recently moved to take care of her ailing mother in her own home there in ft. worth. her family grieving, they will hold a press conference at 12:00 noon today. we'll bring you the latest when we have it. thank you so much for jonning us today. jim and i will see you back here tomorrow morning. i opp poppy harlow in new york. "this ho "at this hour" starts right now.
8:00 am
hello, everyone. i'm kate bolduan. fiona hill is on capitol hill testifying behind closed doors, the latest witness in the impeachment inquiry kicking into a whole new gear this week as congress returns from recess. here's what you need to know for today. she left her post on the president's national security council just before president trump's july 25th call when he, of course, pressed the president of ukraine to dig up dirt on his political rival joe biden. she is sure to face many questions about the president and the role of even rudy giuliani and u.s. policy toward ukraine. she is not the only key witness, though, going before congress this week. house investigators plan to hear from gordon sondland on thursday, this's at least for this very second. let's check the


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