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tv   Anderson Cooper 360  CNN  October 18, 2019 5:00pm-6:01pm PDT

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not to celebrate the things because they shouldn't be unusual. of course one of the astronauts said is best. jessica meir said get we hope we can provide inspiration to everyone, not just every woman who has a dream. thanks for joining us. anderson starts now. good evening, we begin with breaking news. more damaging testimony in the ukraine affair. another indication of how badly president trump's personal attorney wanted to obtain dirt on the president's political rivals. the news follows two weeks of other testimony that taken together lays out the parties parts and pieces of what is a wide ranging sustained intense i havive campaign to get a foreign government to do the president's personal political bidding in exchange for badly needed military assistance. and of course this comes at the end of a day of damage control after the president's own acting chief of staff conceded yesterday that, yes, there was a quid pro quo with ukraine. >> but to be clear what you just
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transcribed is a quid pro quo. it's funding will not flow unless the investigation into the -- into the democratic server happened as well. >> we do -- we do that all the time. with foreign policy. i have news for everybody. get over it. >> he put out a statement just hours later trying to say that he never said that or didn't mean that which is a hard case to make when you put it in the context of two weeks of congressional testimony, documentary evidence on the question. two thursdays ago lawmakers released text messages among the key players outlining the aid for dirt deal. as well as one diplomats sharp objection to a quid pro quo. he called it crazy. he testifies next we can. past monday russia adviser fiona hill told investigators that rudy giuliani was doing an end run around professional diplomats for the president and then national security adviser john bolton was so alarmed' told her to alert white house lawyers. following testimony from mary
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yovanovitch that she herself was cut off the loop. and yesterday one of the three people who by passed her added to the punishing. ambassador gordon sondland telling impeachment investigators that the president made jowlny his point man on all this saying he didn't realize until later what he disparating energy secretary rick perry and giuliani were actually working on. cnn obtained exclusive new reporting on what else the president's tv lawyer and ukraine fixture was op up to kiley atwood has the story what have you learned. >> we learned in his testimony behind closed doors as part of the ukraine impeachment inquiry just this woke a career state department official george kent followed lawmakers that it was rudy giuliani who had pressed the white house and the state department to try and get a visa for victor shoeken, the ousted prosecutor general from ukraine. he was ousted because he did not
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take on corruption in his country. and there was pressure from vice president biden at the time and other countries to get rid of him. now, that visa, however, was not provided to shoeken. and so the white house made an appeal and went to the state department, called up george kent and asked, why is he not getting in visa? it was george kent's understanding that giuliani called the white house and asked them to figure out why in visa wane coming through. now it's important here that giuliani has told cnn previously that he wanted to talk to shokin because shokin had dirt for him on the democrats. so we know he wanted to interview him in person. clearly he was not able to do so because that visa was not provided to him. but this provides some more insight into how giuliani had his fingers all over the ukrainian policy and really was able to push forth on some of his efforts to try and get people to the united states to dig up more dirt on the
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democrats. >> so this is -- i mean in sounds nuts. so giuliani is trying to get this guy -- this allegedly or believed to be corrupt former prosecutor to come to the united states to deliver more dirt on the bidens or his conspiracy theories about whatever it may be, his visa is rejected by the state department. he calls the white house. do we know -- do we know if the president was involved in this whole thing or just a conversation between giuliani and somebody else at the white house? >> we don't know the exact dynamics of how president trump was involved in this situation specifically. but let's take a step back here, bus what we do know from testimony this week, ambassador sondland told lawmakers that president trump had told people working at the state department, including ambassador sondland himself that giuliani was the key person they had to go through when it came to ukraine policy. it's no secret that president trump was speaking with giuliani
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about ukraine. and giuliani declined to comment for our report tonight. but i'm sure we will learn more details about how president trump was involved in this whole situation in the coming days because there is no more testimony to to come from u.s. officials on the matter. >> what's the state department saying. >> the state department doesn't comment on specific visas. they say those are confidential and they're not putting out a statement specifically on this. but what we do have to look back on is what the state department says on visas generally. so they say that they are confidential but they're rewarded in accordance with u.s. law. and they can be defied for a number of reasons, including -- this is according to the state department's website -- if the information reviews falls within the scope of the inadmissibility or ineligibility grounds of the law. so clearly right now there was a reason that this visa was denied.
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the white house pushed back. but ultimately the state department won out here. >> thank you. joining us now not only somebody running to defeat president trump next year but will be one of the senate jurors if he is impeached. it's isn't sits on the senate intelligence and judiciary committees kamala harris thank you for joining the broadcast. >> of course. >> what's your reaction to giuliani trying to override the ukraine embassies and state department to get a visa for in former prosecutor. >> anderson, it's further evidence of corruption by this administration. and personal attorney of the president of the united states clearly implicitly being given permission to act as though he is an arm of the government and the state department. and it's a violation of an extraordinary number of rules and ethical laws about who should do what. and i'm just grad to see the process is beginning to really do the investigation into rudy giuliani. he has clearly broken many laws.
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and, you know, i was listening to the report as you were playing it. and it also raises for me questions about, again, who knew what in the administration. as i've been thinking about it clearly there is -- there are questions to be asked of the chief of staff. we have talked about mick mulvaney. but i trangly think we should also be asking of john kelly and reince priebus because clearly a long time now we've been talking about bad behaviors coming from the administration and coming from the desk of the president of the united states. >> are there specific laws you believe giuliani has broken or may have broken? >> well, i don't know we're going to find out. but i don't -- i think the range includes not only abuse of power and perhaps misstatement and mischaracterization of his role and responsibilities, but i also really do wonder just instinctively whether there's been bribry associatewood jowlny's conduct.
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i think there are a number of questions to be asked. once the facts are transparent and have been available for congress at the very beginning to see i think we'll know the laws that have been broke sfwloon what's interesting about giuliani's involvement it seems with every day passing theres another example of giuliani kind of running and being licensed by the president to run a shadow foreign policy, circumvent state department protocols and it's not only for the president president's benefit but giuliani has business interests in the region. he has business interests in ukraine going back years. >> that's right. >> he has business interests i understand in turkey as well. so it's not clear exactly who he is working for. he is working for the president but also working for himself. >> well, you're right, anderson. and this is part of -- this is part of the character of in administration as a whole. there are many people in donald trump's administration who i think are, you know, have questionable priorities. and whether those priorities are in fact on before of of the
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people of the united states or on before of their special interests based on former relationships in the private sector or what they anticipate and are planning in terms of future replaces in the private sector oop. you're absolutely right. and that's why it is corrupt. because this is -- these are positions especially for knows who hold elected office and appointed office in this administration. these are positions held in the public trust. and ner not meant to be -- or designed to be for personal interest. but donald trump and many of the members i think of his administration are not clear about that point. which is why we need this impeachment process to proceed. >> it's also the president is holding this money over ukraine -- this is not his money. it's taxpayer money. american taxpayers have paid. >> exactly right. >> given this money. >> yes. >> when you think about it that way. >> that's exactly right. >> he is holding american taxpayer money over the ukrainian president's head they need it to fight russia lives hanging in the balance.
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>> that's right. >> he would get information that helps him against his main -- or at the time a political opponent in the upcoming election with american taxpayer dollars. so american taxpayers are paying for dirt upon a person running for president. >> well, and you are absolutely right. these are in the donald trump's personal dollars. these are the -- these are the dlarps of hard working americans who have been paying taxes to their government with an expectation that that money will be used to in re benefit in in re best interests. which includes the best interests of national security. but yet donald trump is bartering and holding hostage american taxpayer dollars for the sake of his personal political benefit. and, again, let's remember that this money was to be used to support a partner in a democracy who has been trying to defend his country against an insurgent from russia which is a
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longstandi longstanding daefrps of our country. so the corruption is rampant in ways because it's not only about what might be for his personal benefit. it's also a misuse of public funds. in a way that is -- is unethical and is frankly in violation of all that we would expect the president as commander in chief would do for the best interests of national security. >> so strange yesterday, the mulvaney press catastrophe was training on many levels one of the things he insisted on was that the bidens had -- dirt on biden had nothing to do with what the president was seeking. it was all just this conspiracy theory about the server being in ukraine and crowd strike. and that, yes, that was the quid pro quo that he wanted information on. but i don't understand how with a straight face mulvaney can claim that dirt on the bidens had nothing to do with it when the president in the transcript not only says the bidens --
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that's item number two on his ask after the guy, you know, is asking for the aid, but also just on the white house lawn, i think october 3rd when asked -- he was asked what did you want the ukrainian president to do after the call? and he said words to the effect of did did -- i don't have the exact transcript. he said investigate the bidens do something on the bidens. he said it multiple times. >> he committing -- he is committing -- he is committing these acts nar violations of the law in the open. in the plain sight of the american people. and i think there are some who might be confused and might try to interpret well how could he possible hi be kiting a crime if if happens in public? there are plenty of crimes let me tell you as a former prosecutor that happen in public and people seeing it are called witnesses and they come forward with evidence that proves that crime. and that's what's going to happen in this case and what has been happening in the case and it relates to what donald trump
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has done -- mick mulvaney people say well he must have meant something else how could he possibly have told the truth about the fact that this was quid pro quo? that's called a confession. that also happens a lot in criminal cases. >> yes. >> so, what we are seeing is frankly not atypical in a criminal proceeding. and in criminal cases which there are kefrpgss that's why we have that term. and we use it often. that's why we have the term witnesses. because often there are people mo actually observe the crime as it ises it happening that is what we are seeing with this case. >> i'm always fast nature in courtrooms in when a defendant or attorney argues no one would be so stupid as to do what my client is accused of the way he is accused of it when in fact many people are that stupid to do things exactly as ner charged with. i'm sure you have seen that many times. >> yes. >> kamala harris i appreciate it thank you. >> yes, okay take care.
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>> take care coming up next new reporting on white house damage control and mick mulvaney admission there was a quid pro quo. later a lawmaker raising concerns about the president's plan to hold the g-7 summit at his florida country club. ♪ ♪
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a remarkable week in the ukraine affair ends with cnn exclusive reporting on testimony detailing rouge's efforts to obtain a visa for a ukrainian official promising dirt on the boydens. in addition with the white house full on damage control mode over the mick mulvaney quid pro quo admission though he didn't use the words quid pro quo then the unadmission. cnn jim acosta joins us with more on that. talk about how the white house is responding to this. >> they were saying up was down, black was white. mick mulvaney did not commit a gaffe even though they put out a statement cleaning what he said. when i tried to ask the
5:19 pm
president about it it it spoke volumes when i asked whether or not there was a contingency to ukraine to receive the money for testimony to investigate the exact party he slich said that mulvaney clarified what he said yesterday and then he moved on. and talked about many and sundry things. but, anderson, the president i think very revealingly did not once again reiterate that there was no quid pro quo and did not spend much time defending the chief of staff either. >> what -- i mean is mulvaney's future -- i mean, now in question? >> i do think that's a real question, anderson. we were talking to a number of sources today. i talked to a couple mo said that mulvaney has been on thin ice. been on shaky ground for several months now. the from time to time has sounded out the idea of whether or not he should keep mulvaney around. but i talked to one source close to the president earlier this evening who said there might be some difficulty in giving mulvaney the boot because of what he knows in terms of this
5:20 pm
ukraine investigation. but, anderson, i will tell you one thing that we shall point out, mulvaney will be at camp david in weekend according to a white house official meeting with gop lawmakers on a range of issues. that is an indication perhaps he is not in immediate jeopardy. but i want today smarp a report i got from pennsylvania close adviser who is defending mulvaney and saying we all get turned into a pretzel defending trump. that's the sad reality. derds, at the end of the very long and exhausting week where things were turned upside down from a fact standpoint, sad indeed, anderson. >> jim acosta thanks very much. . and not like -- pretzel taste good i'm not sure that's a great anlg. even a few republicans are having a tough time buying the white house line. frances rooney saying this isn't of an etch a kech you can't revise what you want in the cameras and say i minute the opposite joining us now jeffrey
5:21 pm
toobin. maggie haberman and carl bernstein. kline cnn political analysts there are times i wish i could have reversed what i said on camera. doesn't work that way. does -- does the white house really expect anyone to believe that mulvaney's reverse sell what he men to say? i mean he seems like he was sayingway he really thought. in fact was belligerent about it and told people to get over it. >> he was asked the question several times. it's hard to suggest he didn't understand. i don't know whether he meant to go that far. he certainly want expected to go that far by people in the white house who knew he was talking about the ukraine related issues. but the nobody expected yes some version of a quid pro quo. the white house knows they have a problem with this. they are trying to turn the page as fast as possible and tell all of us that you know he didn't really say what he said, tell us that the president is not angry which actually just based on my reporting i think the president is not as focused as people think he is. >> on the mulvaney thing. >> on the mufflemy thing he is
5:22 pm
focused on kpeechment. on the mulvaney piece aids are more concerned. white house counsel's office is more concerned about np jay sekulow put out a remarkable statement yesterday making clear he didn't know about it. they are trying to mop it up. to your point i want not like members of the house mo were on the fence possibly about voting for impeachment will be swayed by actually i didn't mean to say that it's out there. >> jeff in terms of giuliani and the latest reporting by cnn, that he tried to get a visa for in -- allegedly corrupt former prosecutor who he wanted to come to the united states and went to the white house. is there anything illegal about that? >> well, there is a lot we still don't know. and the most important thing we don't know is where the money was come from for all of this. it's not illegal who was paying giuliani. it's not illegal for him to talk to lots of different people. it remains mysterious like what his ultimate responsibility was. was he working just as the
5:23 pm
president's personal lawyer? was he working for the u.s. government? was he working for the two ukrainians just arrested? >> he has been in ukraine for years with businesses with trying to -- there was a mayor who wanted to hire him for security in kyiv and then he was hired by somebody else. >> correct. was he a foreign agent for them? should he have registered? i mean, i think legally the potentially biggest problem for him is the foreign agents registration act that if he didn't register as a lobbyist for the ukraine. but, you know, putting aside the technical legalities. it's just wildly inappropriate. that he was doing all of this at the same time. >> um-hum. >>en a one of the things we have seen all through the hearings this week is that people in the government knew it was inappropriate and they were frustrated and angry. but he had donald trump's support. so they had to deal with it. >> carl is there any legitimate reason you can think of that
5:24 pm
rudy giuliani would what victor shokin to come to the u.s. besides political reasons. >> we haven't seen it. perhaps for business reasons -- that's possible. >> because, i mean all of this was being sold as and i corruption in ukraine. that's not really something he needs to be in the united states for. it's -- you know, that would be in ukraine. >> no, and we're going to find out eventually why he wanted this -- this visa. but more important is the large question of where looking at a conspiracy led by the president of the united states and his personal lawyer to undermine our own electoral system in the united states through the intervention of a foreign power. that's -- that is a high crime. that -- and that's what we are looking at here. and that's what the impeachment thus far is about.
5:25 pm
and it's also occurring at exactly the same time that the ukrainian -- the -- pardon mere that the syrian adventure by the turks with the president's support is really telling on a lot of republicans in the congress of the united states mo are starting to criticize the president in a way any haven't before. >> yeah, stay with us. a lot more to talk about. including carl's point turkey as war against the kurds and some republicans are morolake than others to blame president trump by name. we'll be right back. as a cio, you want to move your business forward.
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the cease fire president trump said he negotiated but which turkey said wasn't one may have ended according to kurdish fighters and witnesses who saw firing and mortar smelling in one down are town today. the president insisted kurds are happy with the way things are going. no evidence of that. but we know who is not member, that's members of his own party. this is senator mitt romney on thursday. >> what we have done to the kurds will stand as a blood stain in the annals of american history. . was there more chance for diplomacy? are we so weak and inept diplomatically that turkey forced the hand of the united states of america? turkey? i believe that it's imperative that public hearings are held to answer these questions. and i hope the senate is able to conduct the hearings next week. >> romney's demand more accountability is far stronger than made today by mitch
5:31 pm
mcconnell while i does call u.s. withdrawal a grave mistake in the op-ed in the "washington post" he never names president trump one time. which is a nifty trick when you think with it he does lash out at former president obama three times by name. back with us jeff toobin a maggie haberman and carl bernstein. >> do you have any explanation for the president's behavior on this? the idea of -- i know there is the promise to get troops out. but we're talking about, you know, 50 to 100 u.s. special forepersons who are in that border region preventing in invapgs that the president has now said he knew was going to come because they've been watching the troops amassing on the border for some time and then he sends 2000 troops to saudi arabia. it's not as if there is a big withdrawal of troops from the world there. >> his argument in terms of the saudi arabia troops he claims saudi arabia is paying for it which makes our troops mercenaries in ways we are unused to see thissing. i i think a couple of things a
5:32 pm
according to every source i have the president has always been fairly repliant in conversation was erdogan. i think that was the case here as well. >> he got rolled by erdogan. >> pretty much based on the descriptions i've heard of the call. and i don't think he cares much about that area of the world. i think that's clear. >> he said it's nothing but sand. let them fight over it. >> and i think that he is when you take away all of that language, i think you get to a policy -- not a policy but an impulse he huss had on foreign policy a linc time which is essentially come home america and voters do not favor the overseas engagements. that he believes that obama created a mess in syria. and i think he feels like he is not going to perpetuate that. and he has some gut instinct that voters agree with him and this is not hurting him personally. it's not at all talk bag is this the right thing from a humanitarian front, not whether it's a the right thing to do in terms of allies who fought with the u.s.
5:33 pm
but how is it dpakts him and he thinks it doesn't hurt him politically. >> what is interesting to me about in is if you go back to during the mueller investigation, the one talking point that so many republicans on this network and elsewhere would say in defense of the president and his self-provosted toughness against russia was that there were u.s. troops in syria and even a fight in which russian backed forepersons were killed by u.s. forces and that that shows the president's resolve and that he bombed an airfield. he is now given all the rest of -- the one third of syria to -- for the assad regime and to russian backed forces and iranian backed forces. >> and walked away, took us out of the picture completely. and opened this piece of business in a terrible place to slaughter. but more important, senator romney is onto something here. there is a record of what the
5:34 pm
president has done here. and it's in the phone calls or phone call with erdogan. and it's also in whatever he and putin have discussed about this matter. and just as we saw the readout of the conversations with the president of ukraine, it is essential that the congress of the united states have a look at the readout of these conversations in some kind of hearings conducted by the intelligence committee or another committee of the senate. because what we are finding is the president of the united states once again, as general mattis and others keep saying and the generals and admirals revolting against in president are saying he is undermining this national security of the united states. and we have a road map to find out whether or not that's the case. and that's in those same lock box phone calls at the national security councils and the people who witnessed and heard and read the readouts of those phone
5:35 pm
calls, they need to come before the senate of the united states as romney has suggested. >> jeff, i mean, there -- just from a legal standpoint there is no way whatever phone calls are out there that they're just going to be given up. >> no. >> and we don't even know if by the way the transcript we have seen, the rough transcript of the readout of the call with the ukrainian president -- we don't know now accurate it is. >> no. >> it's not a word for word as the president claimed to us. >> one of the deeply weird things about how the whole ukraine scandal unfolded is that they have objected to dosing basically any sorts of documents, any white house interviews, yet they released the partial transcript of thissen phone call which presidents almost never release. i mean that is an area where i think no court would ever force them to disclose, you know, president head of tate to head of state phone calls.
5:36 pm
those are tsancrosanct records f the president. i don't think we'll see the erdogan or putin records. but they chose to release the ukraine phone call. >> seems like they thought it was good for them. >> when you listen to trump li donald trump saying something is perfect you better check it. >> i think part of the issue with the phone call. >> maggie was talking. >> part of the issue with the phone wall call was there were early reports that they felt they were trying to topic down specifically how many times biden's name was mentioned and so forth. but it didn't matter. if you look at the context of the call and the way in which biden was mentioned once was plenty. >> we are out of time so we have to continue the conversation another time. carl thank you, jeff toobin maggie haberman. president trump and acting chief of staff say there is nothing wrong with hosting the g-7ty president's florida golf resort in doral. up next a member of the house judiciary committee on democrat's plans to investigate.
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well as norm breaking as it may seem to be for president trump to award himself and florida golf resort a no bid contract to host the g-7 it's also a pattern. he and the vice president both have gone out of in re way to stay at his golf course in ireland. the president stayed at resorts in skod scotland and hawaii. overnight trips by members of the air force increase ds at the
5:41 pm
air force. attorney general barr had a party at the his hotel. the president plugged his charlottesville wipery in 2017 respondsing to the neo-nazi vienlts responding there three day earlier. despite the pattern his acting chief of staff says nothing to see here it's all on the up and up. >> we're going to do the 46th g-7 summit on june 10th through 12th at the trump national doral facility in miami. dorrell doral was far and away the best physical facility for this meeting. >> yeah. the president don't doesn't even hide what he is trying to do. listen to how he pitched his resort in august. >> with doral, we have a sears of magnificent buildings we call them bungalows, each hold from 50 to 70 luxurious rooms with
5:42 pm
magnificent views. incredible conference rooms and restaurants. it's like such a natural. each country can have their own villa or their own bungalow. >> a source tells cnn that doral wasn't even on the list of venues because of ethical concerns. mr. mulvaney said it was the president suggesting it. surprise. before air time i spoke with steve cohen about what democrats plan today. congressman cohen is this anything he anything other than the president awarding a huge federal contract to himself? does anyone bleach the doral was the best physical facility for the meeting as the white house says? >> i can't imagine travel and leisure choosing the resort. june in miami is not exactly the prime season. that's when they're making all kind of deals to come down here at 50% off in miami at that time of year. this is self-dealing.
5:43 pm
this is just the utmost grifting and arrogance to take as much money and prestige as he can from the job and extend to himself and family. generally politicians are taut to avoid even appearance of impropriety. this smacks of impropriety. the appearance is so far off the charts this is main lining it. >> it's also -- it's free advertising for media from around the world covering the events. you know, the whole notion that the president won't actually profit from in, that doral will do it at cost, if they won't release documentation showing how doral was chosen certainly hard to believe they release documentation show showing they made no money. >> the president makes money off of everything. that's what the president lives for is to make money. and to see his name in big, big letters on buildings. he will make money on this.
5:44 pm
the occupancy rate is low in early jun. he will charge and make lots of money. and he will charge the government for lots of other things. today i joined with representative lois frenkel and bennie thompson introducing thug act. trump heist at the g-7. rigor them to release always information how they chose the doral. and who the competitors were and ban the united states government from spending money at the doral for the g-7. . we hope we get a hearing and vote in the house. and we hope the senate comes to their senses. >> you know if this were any other federal employee they could be facing criminal charges even prison for trying to profit from their position. the conflict of interest rules don't apply to the president because it was believed when they were written this they didn't need to apply to the president. a president would be above doing something like this. and yet here we are.
5:45 pm
>> yeah, i mean you would -- it would be obviously self-dealing. and, you know, there is just so many places where you'd rather be in june and other facilities that could accommodate in type of event in a better way. but just to -- the first thing you learn even i would think as a small-time alderman in a small town is is to avoid the appearance of imprepriet. this man has no shame, no shame whatsoever. >> it's a great point you raise about florida during the summer, not the high tourist time at a resort like this. the cooper family has reunions in a state park in mississippi in summer. i can tell you it's really really hot. >> i lived in florida as a kid process. the only thing -- early bird special is about the only thing you got going in june. >> well, they probably have is that at doral as well. congressman, appreciate it. >> i imagine they do. you're welcome, anderson. >> well, still to come, rarely
5:46 pm
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busy week, another busy friday night. i want to check in with chris and see what he's working on for "cuomo primetime." >> so the argument becomes to the left, what are you going to do about it, what do you believe this rises to the left of and why? and the right, how can you ignore saying this is wrong? you can argue all day about whether or not it's impeachable. i honestly see both sides of that argument, but you cannot ignore what happened. you cannot ignore that it was wrong, and you cannot ignore it was an abuse of office.
5:51 pm
so how was that done? we'll test both sides and we've got anthony scaramucci for the mindset of where the right is. >> certainly seems like there's a lot of republicans who have figured out a way to just ignore it. >> look, you got the jim jordans, right? i believe that's the irrational right, that they are with this president out of feelity. i don't know that that will apply to the main. they have to worry about their personal dignity at some point, anderson. i'm an optimist. >> you sure are. >> many cog up next, t-- coming house trying to get us to unsee what we all saw on national television. see for yourself on the ridiculist. and of course, fowler. at bp, we see possibilities everywhere.
5:52 pm
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5:56 pm
supervisors at fox news, though it seems that she saw her shadow and is back under ground for six more weeks of stone walling. the real secretary has yet to hold a news briefing, appeared on fox and friends. it's fox & friends. it's got an ampersand. you can take that off your list of great unknowns. grisham's appearance came after mick mulvaney's news conference, which drew huge reviews ranging from not helpful to a confession. she said mulvaney did everything a good accomplice should. >> he did a great job, mentioned the same message over and over. we put a statement out clarifying some of the things the media got themselves in a tizzy over. >> tizzy.
5:57 pm
damn, grisham's a truth teller. le the chips fall where they may. stephanie don't care. does everybody who works for the president have to lie and debase themselves? i guess so. in the alternative universe version of what happened, mulvaney stayed on message, did a great job and the white house only had to clarify his statement because the media was in such a tizzy. friggin' media, always in a tizzy over silly little things like using the presidency for corrupt personal gain, using taxpayer money to coerce a desperate leader of a country under attack by russians to dig up dirt on president trump's political opponents, that's nothing! turns out what stephanie said was something she's workshopped before on fox & friends. >> it is more theater, about people wanting to make names for
5:58 pm
themselves. >> it had become theater and they weren't being good to his people. >> ooh, stephanie! you got to increase your vocabulary. criticism, theater has been used twice. she doesn't get to broadway enough if she thinks those press conferences are theater. maybe on one of these seven days a week she's not doing her job, she can catch a matinee. and i hate to break it to you, tv reporters are already on tv. no need to try to get on tv because that's where they work, on tv. it's tough to grasp but it's how the entire tv medium works. i am on tv right now. newspaper reporters are covering the white house so they probably already made a name for themselves. you know what i mean? it's a position that used to be kind of an exalted position of people wanted to be there covering it because important things happened at the old white
5:59 pm
houses. holding the president and his staff to account, that's not theater. theater is, i don't know, the president spending taxpayers dollars on a military parade fluff fluffing his own ego, campaigning next to a pile of steaks you claim your company sells but someone on your staff bought them at a nearby butcher remember when that happened? that happened. the steaks used to be sold -- i'm in a tizzy -- used to be sold at a sharper image when he actually sold steaks. theater is standing in front of novelty size paper and tell people you're not going to have anything to do with your family business which you spend your time working toward. but when stephanie grisham finally, it's the stage, which all the president's people seem
6:00 pm
to do, whether they want to or not, let's see whether the president is in a tizzy or not when he delivers here review on the ridiculist. >> as a student of cooperology, it's hard to know when you're in a tizzy and when you are not. >> i've pushed my emotions right down inside. >> i have no emotions. >> i long to be you. >> i am chris cuomo. welcome to "prime time." new depths of the efforts of this president to go after the bidens. a cnn exclusive and key players making the case and trying to defend on the show tonight. where do you stand? let's get after it. all right. so here is the latest. the president's personal lawyer pushed the state department and the white house to get a visa for the ousted ukrainian prosecutor who