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tv   CNN Newsroom With Ana Cabrera  CNN  October 19, 2019 12:00pm-1:00pm PDT

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you're live in the "cnn news room." i'm ana cabrera. meeting with the man whose stunning admission on ukraine blew up the trump administration strategy for defending against impeachment. >> did he also mention to me in past that the corruption related to the dnc server? absolutely. no question about that. but that's it. that's why we held up the money. >> you just described as a quid pro quo. funding will not flow unless the investigation into the democratic server happened, as well. >> we do that all the time with foreign policy. i have news for everybody, get over it. there is going to be political influence in foreign policy. >> acting white house chief of staff mick mulvaney now wants us to believe he never said what he
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said about the president, ukraine and the quid pro quo. but unless he has a time machine and can erase the footage of him telling the country to get over it, the damage is done. add to that senate majority leader mitch mcconnell sat his colleagues down and warned them to prepare for an extended impeachment trial. "new york times" saying quote, according to people who were there he came equipped with a powerpoint presentation as he schooled fellow senators on the intricacies of a process he portrayed as all but inevitable. much more on the impeachment fight in a moment. but, first, take you back to queens, new york, where crowd's packed. bernie sanders after receiving an endorsement from alexandria ocasio-cortez. this happening since last week when the 78-year-old suffered a
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heart attack. could cement his standing with a key part of the democratic base. just a few moments ago he spoke to the rally there saying how the freshman congresswoman has transformed american politics. but, first he had to hail the crowd size. >> let me begin by making an apology. we got a permit for 20,000 people and we had to close the doors. and i look at this huge crowd brothers and sisters, i have no doubt that the political revolution is going to sweep this country. >> cnn's ryan nobles is there to see sanders soaking in this big moment with this endorsement with alexandria ocasio-cortez.
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ryan, what did we hear from the congresswoman? >> well, ana, let me comment on the size of the crowd. it is absolutely massive. this is no doubt the biggest crowd we've seen at a sanders rally in his campaign, that included his massive launch at the beginning of the year. the endorsement of alexandria, ocs ocasio-cort ocasio-cortez. the young, progressive left and talked about her unlikely rise to congress. how a year ago she was working as a waitress and said of all people bernie sanders who inspired her to get involved. take a listen. >> when i was a waitress and when it was time for me to graduate college with student debt, bernie sanders was one of the only ones that said no person should be graduating with life-crushing debt at the start of their lives.
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bernie sanders did not do these things because they were popular. and that's what we need to remember. he did this and he thought for these ends when they came at the highest political cost in america. >> the other important point that sanders is making here today is that he feels a lot better after suffering that heart attack a little more than two weeks ago and also made it clear that he's up for the challenge of running this campaign. ready to move past the heart attack and he said, he made it very clear just a few minutes ago, that he is prepared to be president of the united states and that this campaign is back. he made it very clear, i'm back. those were his exact words. ana? >> ryan nobles, we know you'll bring us any more highlights from today's event. in the meantime, let's bring
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in senior editor for "the atlantic" ron brownstein and cnn political commentator and senior columnist matt lewis. sanders was sidelined a while for his heart attack and the latest poll has him at 11%. his numbers are going down and not up and well behind warren and joe biden. why do you think aoc made this decision? i'll go with sanders instead of maybe warren who has a similar policy platform? >> first, to echo warren. bernie sanders looks incredibly good and healthy for a 78-year-old who had a heart attack three weeks ago. remarkable to see how well he has recovered. but for aoc, look, bernie sanders, she embodies the portion of the democratic constituency who is drawn to sanders because he is the, you know, point of the spear and revolutionary and she will exert
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more and the problem sanders has is that he is playing at the moment on the short side of the field. this is an endorsement that will more deepen than broaden his potential support. it helps him where he is already strong with young, the most liberal, young elements of the party. his problem is that his support falls off dramatically both as you move to a more centrist voters and towards older voters, interestingly despite his own age he struggles with democrats over 50. democrats 45 and older are 65% of all the voters. this helps him where he's already strong and not sure it solves the biggest problems he faces as a candidate. >> on the note there that ron brought up, matt, as much as warren was said to have also ocasio-cortez. do you think some on her team maybe feel better off because member of the squad are polarizing? >> yeah, look, i think they would have taken the endorsement if aoc had endorsed her then the message would have been bernie's
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gone. elizabeth is the progressive candidate and they would have been happy with the endorsement. they didn't get it and now you hang a lantern on your problem and you spin it differently. i think elizabeth warren can say, that's right. i am the main stream candidate and a general election, aoc would have actually been a negative. now, i can go into michigan and pennsylvania and talk about i'm not the radical candidate. i'm that working class, progressive, populist but main stream democrat who still believes in capitalism. i'm not a socialist. so that's how they can spin it and we'll see if it works out that way. but that's pretty much what you have to do when you don't get the endorsement. >> here's the other thing here. sanders supporters have never lacked in enthusiasm and he is leading in the money race with more than $33 million cash on hand right now. so, matt, let me come back to
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you. in general, how much will voters even care or even pay attention to an endorsement like this? >> i don't think it matters that much as ron was saying. i don't think this brings a lot of new voters that bernie doesn't already have. i think what it does do is it keeps him in the game. he had a heart attack. he ended up having a very good debate. i think good in terms of showing that he was resilient that he still has energy. now, immediately, he has this endorsement, which is going to be exciting. which we're talking about right now. it keeps him in the game. he has enough money to stay in indefinitely and that potentially could keep elizabeth warren from galvanizing the left behind her candidacy and that actually could have ramifications in the nomination. >> can i add to that point real quick. >> sure. >> sanders does have a white working class constituency that may cut into voters that might otherwise end up with biden. matt's point is right. the bulk of his audience are younger progressives and you see
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the kind of crowd he could turn out. >> let me ask you on that, ron. given his current constituency, can he broaden his base supporters in terms of diversity, ethnic diversity with ocasio-cortez and omar and that's where he has struggled in some cases. >> right. if you go back to 2016, he was very competitive with african-american voters under 30. and then really fell off the table for older voters. i suspect we will see something similar in 2020. and as kind of as matt was saying the real impact of all of this is it makes it harder to imagine elizabeth warren sweeping him from the field given all the money he has and his own perception of himself as an outsider and schemed against by powerful forces. it is hard to imagine him getting out of the race. in the end, even though some of his voters who might gravitate towards biden, that is more of a problem for warren than it is for the more centrist candidate.
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this endorsement like the money and recovery from the heart attack point to him staying in the race much like a jesse jackson in 1984. 88. he will have a sustainsustained. >> involving tulsi gabbard and hillary clinton. clinton suggesting that russians are grooming gabbard to be a third party candidate. clinton didn't say gabbard's name. here's both of them. first clinton. >> i'm not making any predictions, but i think they've got their eye who is currently in the democratic primary and grooming her to be a third-party candidate. she's a favorite of the russians. they have a bunch of sites and bots and other ways of
12:11 pm
supporting her. and that's assuming jill stein will give it up, which she might not because she's also a russian asset. >> she knows she can't control me. if i'm elected president, then she will not be able to come in and try to influence or manipulate me or the policies i will lead forward for our country. >> matt, why did clinton go there? and what do you make of gabbard's response? >> such a weird story. number one, be careful what you see on podcasts because here we are talking about it. look, i do think, let's go through it sort of step by step. would a third party campaign help donald trump? maybe that's the only way he can win if he's at like 40% popularity. 45%. he can't get more than 50% of the vote. maybe democrats should be worried about a third party candidate. tulsi gabbard says she isn't going to run as a third party. talking about russians grooming
12:12 pm
her. that's where hillary crossed the line. now, would russians like to maybe support tulsi? does she actually some russian talking points? yes, she does. that could be entirely organic. i think hillary gave the impression that she is somehow an asset and that is not, there's no evidence, of course, of that. >> ron, democrats constantly slam republicans for indulging in conspiracy theories. has clinton conceded the moral high ground on that point? >> look, a lot of democrats who are very suspicious of what tulsi gabbard's motivations are in this race. as you know, a lot of kind of questioning about the online activity that has supported what she's done and, in fact, some of that is supported by russian bots and her language as a candidate saying that the process was rigged against her. rigged to keep her from getting 2% to 3%. what is the rigging?
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they can kind of see her heading down a track where, you know, regardless of whether she is, you know, a russian asset, she does not, there are a lot of democrats who are skeptical that her goal was ultimately to elect a democrat in 2020. so, you know, look, again, like matt said. that is quite a charge to put out there, you know, without specifics to back it up. but i think there is representative gabbard have given reason to question what her motivations are. she is facing a primary challenge in her home district if she does, in fact, run for re-election after this. clinton sort of framed it in a very stark way without full evidence to support what she's saying. but she reflected, i think, what the concern and the unease that a lot of democrats have about the trajectory that representative gabbard seems to be on. we're following breaking
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news. turkey has broken a cease-fire. president trump touted as an incredible outcome. what does this mean for u.s.'s allies, the kurds. more gop cracks over impeachment including the top republican saying an impeachment. you're live in the cnn newsroom. don't go anywhere. color. full of... woo! full of good. so you can be too. try our new warm grain bowls today. order now on grubhub. curiosity- try our new warm grain bowls today. it ignites our imagination. in search of inspiration and daring new ideas.
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fast-moving impeachment inquiry that mitch mcconnell believes will lead to an impeachment trial in the senate. we've learned that the senate majority leader sat his republican colleagues down this week and told them to prepare for an extended trial. according to "new york times" his warning was so serious he even had a powerpoint presentation to walk republicans through the process. this comes as mick mulvaney huddles with republicans at camp david this weekend. you'll recall just a few days ago mulvaney completely blew up the gop's defense that there was no quid pro quo with ukraine when he admitted that, in fact, there was. mulvaney has since tried to walk that back. ron brownstein and matt lewis are back with me. matt, what do you think is going on at camp david right now? how tense are those conversations? >> well, you know, the president is putting congressional republicans in an extremely difficult position. first of all, you know, we saw in gallup polling this week
12:19 pm
support for impeachment and removal reach 52%. it never got remotely that high in gallup polling during the entire bill clinton impeachment saga. never got above a third of the country and in nixon impeachment only reached the level that it did for donald trump last week once in the very final poll before he resigned in august 1974. republicans in any kind of competitive district are dealing with a reality that now you have a substantial portion of the country who believe the president committed acts not deserve not only an impeachment inquiry but a removal from office. the trump card is that the numbers are not moving very much among republicans. in gallup, 6% of republicans said he should be removes. he believes he has them over a barrel and what is fascinating on the last couple days is look at what he's done. he's taken a foreign policy in sear i athat he knows is deeply offensive to virtually every republican in congress. he has awarded himself the g-7
12:20 pm
meeting. really kind of putting them in a very difficult position to having to defend an indefensive use of independent power to direct money towards his own assets and he's doing all of this while he needs them to defend him. >> that's what i just don't understand, matt. why would the president be making this move on syria, which is getting republicans very angry and, inict f fact, causin bit of a turn even among those like mitch mcconnell. he also made this announcement that he is going to hold the g-7 summit at his own resort. that upset a lot of republicans. why go there at a time when he needs the most. what is the calculus? >> he thinks he has them under his thumb or just chaotic and tempting fate and guilty of self-inflicted wound that could come back to haunt him. >> when it's coming down hill maybe just throw the whole boat along with it and then maybe it
12:21 pm
won't be so bad. does that make sense? >> so, i do think there is one interesting question here and that is republicans have finally and mitch mcconnell is a really good op-ed in the "washington post" where he clearly criticizes what donald trump did in syria and i think it's very eloquent and he is actually right. so, republicans are starting to feel comfortable attacking donald trump and criticizing donald trump. but it's not clear to me is that a sign that you can get away with criticizing donald that his bark is worse than his bite or does this actually backfire in the sense that it creates almost a permission structure where republicans can vote against impeachment and still get to say, but i'm not for donald trump. i criticized him publicly, but this is not worthy of impeachment. that, to me, is one of the big questions we don't know the answer to yet. >> we have heard some republicans say they're open to an impeachment inquiry and allowing them to play out. we're also starting to hear some
12:22 pm
republicans go even further. listen. >> you're saying at this point you are not ruling out the possibility that this is an impeachable offense for the president? >> i don't think you could rule anything out until you know all the facts. >> if you're asking me if i was sitting in the house of representatives today and you were to ask me, how do i feel? do i think impeachment should go forward and ask for a full examination and trial in the united states senate, my vote would be yes. >> here's the thing, though. kasich is no longer governor and, guess what, rooney formally confirmed this today on fox news. >> if we put up a list of the republicans who have said they're not going to run again in 2020, do we add your picture there? >> yes, you do. yeah. i've done what i came to do. i want to be a model for term limits. i'm the guy that came up with a term limits bill that doesn't require a constitutional amendment. this is, as you said, public service, not public life. >> so, ron, are we actually seeing cracks form here?
12:23 pm
are we just hearing republicans who have nothing to lose say what other republicans may actually be thinking. >> i think it's more the latter at this point. but, this is a dynamic situation. and you can't rule out something happening in the senate. i think there are going to be very house republicans who meet for impeachment. he's pretty popular among a lot of their constituents. this is the paradox or kind of the conundrum that donald trump is creating for the republican party. he is extremely popular in small town, blue collar, evangelical communities. but the price of that has been to drive away support, undermine support for the republican party really in the big, diverse, metro areas everywhere across the country. not only philadelphia, new york, chicago and what that means is the people most inclined to break from him, they're gone. they lost. what's left are people in trump country. the problem for the party is
12:24 pm
that that hold prevents them from kind of shifting their gyroscope in a way that allows them to broaden their base. given all that, it may be in the senate the retirees rather than the swing state members who are more likely to break from him. >> i want to get to this, but a quick answer if you will, matt. the trump administration is now fund-raising off of mulvaney's get over it line. the line where he was responding to you're saying it is a quid pro quo and then try to walk that back. i mean, where does that leave us? what is their story now? >> well, look, there's no shame any more and if something is out there, i think you try to exploit it and you can't take it back and make money off of it. this one, i think, will come back to haunt them because that line, get over it, i could see people. that is going to become a meme and whenever something bad happens it will haunt them. >> good to have both of you with us, thanks so much. >> thank you. breaking news out of syria this afternoon. two u.s. officials are telling
12:25 pm
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the cease-fire in syria this weekend appears to be in name only, at least according to two u.s. officials. one saying turkish-backed forces broke the agreement on friday the first day of a five-day pause in turkey's offensive against kurds inside the syrian border. a u.s. official telling cnn those turkish-backed forces either acted on their own or the turkish government simply didn't care. both sides claim the other is violating the deal, but either way, u.s. officials now say the cease-fire is not holding. consider that when you hear president trump and vice president pence each trying to sell this deal just 48 hours ago. pence spoke in turkey right after the meeting with turkey's leader, president erkogan. >> president trump sent us here to achieve an immediate cease-fire and thanks to the agreement that we negotiated today and the strong stand that president trump took in the
12:30 pm
proceeding days, we've achieved that. >> the kurds were great. great day for the kurds. really a great day for civilization. it's a great day for civilization. >> our nick paton walsh is gathering some of that new reporting. nick, what can you tell us about this cease-fire not holding? >> well, u.s. specialists saying the rebels, the syrian rebels backed by turkey doing a lot of fighting on the ground still pushing to control all of the town of rah on the town. the u.s. special says the syrian kurds were stopping operations initially and they came under attack and as you mentioned concern amongst how much turkey is in control of what they have been doing here. i should point out a turkish senior official dismissing the idea and noting to all they can to maintain the cease-fire. in their version of it and how they read it, we got everything
12:31 pm
we possibly wanted. some of the scenes distressing of what the syrian kurds said were the first violations of the cease-fire early yesterday. two decades vanished in a week with the u.s. rapid withdrawal from northeastern syria. the rules from the region rewritten. u.s. forces leading so fast and perilousy they blew up their own base. abandoned their key ally against isis the syrian kurds died fighting the terror group. where the u.s. flag once flew at this outpost just days ago, russia now stands tall. the kremlin cannot believe how easy extending their influence has been. >> some help with russia and that's fine. a lot of sand. >> reporter: president trump campaigned on leaving what he
12:32 pm
calls endless wars. and has tried to put that into action. he also said he had 100% defeated isis and first bid to leave syria last year came at the critical moment the group had territory so it delayed. the u.s. departure from syria was inevitable, as was the syrian kurds needing to find new allies but the speed and the chaos of the with dedrawal announced before the troops got the order to leave and not only the kurds and the americans. we saw a u.s. convoy bussed here by a turkish jet, but america standing as an ally globally. america's other allies may be reeling. saudi arabia's gas oil fields were hit. u.s. officials say by iranian missiles. when iran said it would fight back if attacked -- >> an all-out war. >> reporter: trump dropped his big stick. >> i don't want war with anybody. >> reporter: it was no
12:33 pm
coincidence the saudis who expected u.s. protection met another president weeks later. he's also been keeping close to another traditional u.s. ally. the last two decades of u.s. involvement in the middle east have been exhausting in blood and treasure but led to alliances that endured as u.s. troops came home. this week's hasty route in syria and the lives it cost not only expose the president on willing to restrain his whimsicals urges to keep troops and allies safe, but the world's bloodiest region. that risks more mayhem as a new order resets to learn the rules of the game. so, we are just learning, in fact, that the general who is the commander of syrian commander forces may travel to d.c. at some time in the imminent future. that is according to sources outside of the trump administration. that would suggest possibly some
12:34 pm
sort of work on capitol hill potentially to bring him to d.c. not clear if he'll go or what he does when he gets there but that will be deeply embarrassing to trump administration and i'm sure he is not coming with message of glowing endorsements over the past weeks. the cease-fire as you saw there eroding. i have to say, to be honest with you, not as violent as it has been since it began. the fact that both sides are not adhering to the differing versions of the cease-fire we're in for a rocky time between president erdogan and president vladimir putin. we have to see what happens before then. >> with these lives hanging in the balance. nick paton walsh, thank you for that report. the president cares about corruption in ukraine. the white house announces a major world summit at a resort with a familiar name on the sign. ♪ sport drumming starts
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we now know the location of next year's g-7 summit and out of all the places in the united states, the president has deemed it prudent to hold it at his very own resort in dural, florida. the president awarded this no-bid contract to himself and that foreign governments will be putting money directly into trump's family business. cnn's brian todd has more on this decision that has watchdog groups alarmed. >> reporter: it's a historical first. the president of the united states using his office to bring a contract for a major event to one of his own properties. in announcing that the trump national dural golf club near miami will host next year's g-7 summit. mick mulvaney said it is not a conflict of interest. >> we thought of the 12 places we looked at and you'd recognize the names of them if we told you what they were, that this was by far and away the best choice.
12:40 pm
>> reporter: but watchdogs say the president claims he's not breaking ethics rules is laughable. >> just the general principle that you're not supposed to profit off of government work. you're not supposed to make any private profit. the second reason is that the president cannot profit from foreign nationals and this is the very definition of it. >> reporter: trump has bipartisan promoting dural as a possible site for the g7 at least since august. >> with dural we have a series of magnificent buildings, we call them bungalows. they each hold from 50 to 70 very luxurious rooms with magnificent views. we have incredible conference rooms and incredible restaurants. each country could have their own villa or their own bungalow. >> reporter: among those endorsing doral, trump said at the time were secret service officials. anthony choppa a former secret service director who planned security for inaugurations says securing such an enormous location is a serious challenge for the secret service.
12:41 pm
>> some of the unique problems in a place like that is access. who has access. how do you control access? how close can people come to the event? >> reporter: and questions keep coming back to whether the president is trying to save a struggling trump brand. this spring, financial records obtained by "washington post" showed net operating income at dural which trump bought in 2004 and restored fell when trump became president. one of several indications that his presidency may have taken the shine off his gold covered portfolio. >> his showcase building in new york's fifth avenue and golf course and in each case we see that there has bipartisan an impact where people do not want to do business in a place that carries the name of someone they disagree with. >> reporter: the dignitaries keep coming. 60 foreign governments have been
12:42 pm
spotted at trump hotels, golf courses and other properties since 2017, according to "the new york times." but mulvaney and trump have both denied that the president will make a profit from hosting the g7 at doral. >> i'm not going to make any money. i don't want to make money. i don't care about making money. >> reporter: it is possible that trump won't make a profit from hosting the g7 at doral since in order to secure the event guests already there may be asked to leave and others they be asked to stay away. but it's also that trump will profit from it. if upgrades to doral are made for the g7 and the government is billed for them. brian todd, cnn, washington. coming up, the duchess of sussex gets personal in a rare tv moment. the question that almost brought her to tears. on this edition of global energy challenge.
12:43 pm
redesigned the electric circuit breaker. invented more than 100 years ago as a safety fear, now ready for the digital age. >> a solid circuit opens the ci 3,000 times faster than the circuit does today. >> multiple source energy distribution. the power faults can be catastrophic and costly. >> if you put something like solar on to the same source as say your utility, they have to sync up. if you don't, you could have a fire. it will blow up. what a circuit breaker could do is you could bring any number of renewables or feeds into the same source. >> cnn, north carolina.
12:44 pm
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welcome back. we take you to london now.
12:48 pm
we're close to a million protesters marched through the streets calling for a second referendum on brexit. today british prime minister boris johnson suffered a bruising setback. uk lawmakers withheld just as johnson appeared on the brink of an extraordinary political triumph. the uk has been bitterly divided, as you know, how it should separate from the european union ever since voting to leave the eu back in 2016. meghan, the duchess of sussex getting emotional and being a new mom in the public eye isn't easy. meghan was giving a rare look into her eye for a documentary harry and meghan and african journey which air s in the uk tomorrow. with tears in her eyes, she answered the question, how are you doing? >> look, any woman especially when they're pregnant, you're really vulnerable. and so that was made really challenging and then when you
12:49 pm
have a newborn, you know -- >> it's a long time ago, but i remember. >> and especially as a woman, it's a lot. so, you add this on top of just trying to be a new mom or trying to be a newlywed, yeah, well, thank you for asking because not many people asked if i'm okay. but it's a very real thing to be going through behind the scenes. >> now, when this video was made public, the #weloveyoumeghan with hundreds of thousands of people sending their support to the duchess. proof that one man can make a big dent in cleaning our oceans. 8 million tons land in our world's oceans and one man took it on himself to tackle the isproblem by first recruiting a neighbor to help him clean his childhood beach and then word
12:50 pm
spread on social media. >> beach was covered in plastic. for the first time in my life, i didn't want to go in the water because the garbage was like 5 1/2 feet. the pollution created by us and with this in my mind, i i told myself it would be difficult for a single man to do it, so i said why not take this journey to others. if this huge ocean is a problem, we'll have to rise up in numbers. when you have a complicated problem, sometimes solutions are simple. >> to see how the first beach he began cleaning looks now, go to we'll be right back. ♪ (vo) the big dogs. the old dogs. the deaf, blind, the different. subaru presents the underdogs.
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post and you might pay a painful price. much of what we reveal about ourselves online is voluntary. we type it in without a second thought. address, phone number, birth date, credit card. in the wrong hands, it can have serious consequences. cnn's tech reporter allowed himself to be hacked to show how vulnerable we are online as you're about to see. an ethical hacker was able to disrupt his life simply using the information he posted on social media. >> you want to assume that everything you put on social media is public. information that can be found in places like this can be used to authenticate you with different companies. i called like pretty much every business that he ever listed that he used on his twitter or
12:55 pm
instagram. i got your current address. i got your birthday. that's how i also got your phone number. >> they gave you my phone number? >> so i'm going to be doing these phone calls. i'm going to be live hacking. so when i call, your phone number is going to display on their caller i.d. >> i can tell you my address, date of birth, phone number, whatever you need to verify that's really me. >> i'm on the road right now and i'm having trouble getting access to my internet. but i need to transfer points to my friend for a bridal shower. hopefully you can help me over the phone. i have 90,000. is that correct? oh, they've been transferred? fantastic. are your points gone? >> they're gone. >> i'm trying to do this personal essay thing. can you move me to a middle seat, kind of in the back of the plane. i know you probably don't get that request a lot. >> you're in the back of the plane, middle seat. >> i had an exit aisle. >> until these companies learn
12:56 pm
to change their authentication protocols, there are certain things you can do to help protect yourself. remove your geolocation tagging. products you buy, services you use, that you want to do privately. >> new cracks are emerging in president trump's wall of support with senate majority leader mitch mcconnell warning republicans to get ready for an impeachment trial. you're live in the cnn newsroom. ♪ ♪ only lexus asks questions like these, because we believe the most amazing machines are inspired by you. experience the rewards of our curiosity.
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you're live in the cnn newsroom. thanks for being here. ooi i'm ana cabrera in new york. the republican resistance to impeaching president trump is showing small cracks. more leading voices in the party are sounding off against the president. florida congressman frances rooney says he would not rule out voting to impeach the president, as he also reveals he will not run for re-election. and former ohio governor john kasich told me this. >> if you're asking me if i was sitting in the house of representatives today and you were to ask me, how do i feel, do i think impeachment should move and should go for a full examination and a trial in the united states senate, my vote would be yes. >> even mitch mcconne i


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