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tv   CNN Newsroom With Ana Cabrera  CNN  November 3, 2019 2:00pm-3:00pm PST

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this sunday, you are live in the cnn newsroom. this is a milestone weekend on the road to election day 2020. it is now just one year away and we have brand-new sign posts showing us what direction american voters are learning and they think about the economy, national security and the wheels now turning that could lead to the president's impeachment. three new partinational opinions showing the same one, two, three lead iing the race for the democratic nomination. joe biden, elizabeth warren and senator bernie sanders. and while the election is a year away, more pressing for the democrats are the iowa caucuses. dpakt xaktly three months from now. that's why nearly every democratic candidate is cutting a path across that state this weekend. the new national opinion polls made public today show the
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country almost evenly split on whether president trump should even finish out his first term in the face of house impeachment proceedings. this is one of them from nbc and t"the wall street journal," 49% of respondents say the president should be not only impeached, but also removed from office. those numbers being slugged off by the white house today. jeremy, the president told you himself he doesn't think highly of those polls. >> that's right. this is something we have previously heard from the president. when there are polls he doesn't like, he dismisses them as fake or unreliable and what we're seeing now in these three most recent national polls, first of all, that impeachment is extreme hi divisive and now we're seeing about half of americans supporting it and in fact that is a plurality of americans. more americans now saying in these three polls they support itch peopling and removing the president than those who do not. i pressed the president today on that very fact.
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listen in. president, according to several recent polls, more americans want you to be impeached and removed from office -- >> wrong polls. let me just tell you, i have the real polls. i have the real polls. the cnn polls are fake. the fox polls have always been lousy. i tell them they ought to get a new pollster. you look at the polls that came out this morning, people don't want anything to do with impeachment. it's a phony scam. it's a hoax. and the whistleblower should be revealed. because the whistleblower gave false information. >> and there you have the president's reaction to the latest snapshot shah we have of the american public's thinking on these impeachment proceedings and clearly, he is not thrilled with what is coming out in these latest polls. we have already seen his campaign in the republican national committee fund raising
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successfully off impeachment and the president's base is very fired up, but what is clear is that there's mounting evidence coming in these impeachment depositions suggesting that the president did carry out some kind of a quid proquo involving security aid to ukraine and this coming week, we could see additional current and former administration officials disc s discussing this. however one top official close to the president has said he will refuse to testify when he was called to sit for a deposition tomorrow. >> okay, a big week ahead. thank you very much. as the president continues to lash out at the whistleblower today, the impeachment inquiry in the house is moving full steam ahead. i want to bring in brenda lawrence. the lawyer for the whistleblower says republican lawmakers can now submit questions to his client directly without having
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to go through the democratic leadership. what are your thoughts on this offer. >> i think that the democratic party deserves a that a boy or appreciation because the republican party has repeatedly stated that they wanted a more transparent, more transparency, more inclusion to the public, access to the public and that has been granted with this shoeshoevote. they asked for something and were given an opportunity and didn't vote for it, but we're moving forward and i have sat in those hearings and repeatedly, member of the administrations members of our military, of our ambassadors, they have all come and said the same thing. the president asked for a favor. he asked for something and he would not release funds and when asked about it, he went back to have you given me, have you done the investigation. so we're moving forward.
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and i, i am very, very concerned because now the republicans because they can't talk about process anymore. are saying yeah, he did it. but it's just not impeachable. how dare you sit there and say that this is impeachable when it impact national security, our allies, its lives, its agreem t agreements we have, our work as americans and you reduce it down to a personal favor for me gearing up toward an election in our country. >> okay. so we will soon i'm told hear from all of these witnesses or at least some of them who have been speaking behind closed doors. already have a lot of evidence that's been made public from the president's phone call, that memorandum released by the white house as well as what the president has said on record himself but going back to the whistleblower, you know now offering the whistleblower's
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lawyer now offering his client to answer questions from republicans directly in written form, is that a good idea? >> the whistleblower as you know, has preotections. also the independent dense to agree to a certain amount of exposure. i'm concerned when we start expoedsing whistle blowers because it deters others who want to come forward. this is a very, very serious action. i don't take it lightly. i didn't run for office to impeach the president. but if this whistleblower is part of the investigation and he or she willingly agrees to come forward and to give statements, then we need to ensure that we're protecting that whistleblower beyond just that moment where they're giving their statement. >> the most important person that you want to talk to that you haven't heard from yet?
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>> i would love to talk to giuliani. i will tell you. that will just be the icing on the cake. >> why? >> because giuliani has been the one to name the that keeps coming up. because he was doing the intervention or doing the work for the president. you know, doing the work because the president actually referred the president of ukraine to giuliani. so what did you do? what did you say? who paid you? what were you marching order or? what did you tell the president on behalf of our president? >> the president's counselor's new defense this morning was i don't know. listen to this. >> so you feel totally confident that at the core of this, the heart of this -- >> i feel confident about the fact ukraine has that aid and is using it now. it's because of this president they have it. >> you notably won't say yes or
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no. quid pro quo, yes or no. >> i don't know whether aid was being held up. >> congresswoman, what's your reaction to that? >> she does her job. she is hired to -- >> kellyanne. >> kellyanne, sorry she does her job. deflects. tries to reshape the message. i don't give a lot of credibility because she's so biased, however, with the question that you asked and this is one that the republicans are running from, is did the president hold hostage fund us based on a request to interfere with our election with a foreign government. and statement after statement after statement from multiple people, they're confirming that. so now the pushback is well, he may have done it. but it's not impeachable. where is the impeachable action
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if this is not? >> in washington of course the impeach. is front and center and that's something andrew yang addressed this morning. watch this. >> i am for impeeachment but whn we're talking about trump, we're not presenting a new way forward for the country that americans will get excite about. that's the only way we're going to win in 2020 and solve the problems that got him elected. even when we're talking about impeaching donald trump, we're talk iing about donald trump an we are losing. >> do you agree with him? >> i know that there is a message that is not true that's being put out that all we're doing as democrats is working on impeaching the president, which is absolutely not true. bill after bill after bill that we have passed addressing issues and concerns, we are actively negotiating right now the trade deal.
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we are actually negotiating and marking up a bill to address prescription drugs. we have already sent the bill for gun violence. we've already sent a bill to the senate for to increase the minimum wage. we have kept our promises. when we were elected to office, these are things we're going to work on. we have kept our word but we also cannot walk away from our constitutional responsibility for checks and balances of our government. i sit on government oversight. that's our number one priority. is to ensure that our government is in compliance to the rules, the constitution and i'm going to uphold that in the democratic party should, too, but we also are addressing those issues that the american public are asking for, but not we need to talk to mitch mcconnell because he will not bring those, those issues forward. all he wants to do is elect judges. >> congresswoman lawrence, i hear what you're saying.
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thank you very much for being here. >> thank you, ana. >> a quick programming note. stay tuned for a cnn special hosted by and erson cooper tonight at 8:00 eastern. on this date next year, americans will be casting their ballots in the 2020 election. we have new polls showing how tight the race is. how candidates are reacting. still ahead, also a cnn investigation looks into the hid l threat posed by white supremacist groups in u.s. communities. women also get drawn into these cults and we'll meet one who got out. ahead this hour. i see you found the snacks. mmm, delicious! i need this recipe. everyone thinks i made them, but it's actually d-con. what was that? judy? d-con. mice love it to death.
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one year from today, americans go to the polls to choose the next president, but who will be at the top of the democratic ticket? as the 2020 pedal hits the medal, polling starts the matter more. jessica dean is in virginia with the biden campaign. jessica, let me start with you and another poll from fox news. it shows head to head match ups with donald trump. look at that. joe biden has a 12 point edge. how is the biden campaign reacting to these numbers? >> well, they like the see polls like this because they really believe that this reenforces their message that they've been saying for months. about electability. that's the argument that biden and his campaign have been making really from day one. that when it comes down to it,
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joe biden is the person that can best take on donald trump. and when i spoke with an adviser today, they pointed me to a similar type of polling from "the washington post" and abc news poll that showed double digit leads for biden when it comes to who can best take on president trump and who's the strongest leader. so again, when they see numbers like that, they feel like that reenforces their message about electability and to that end on friday, they also put out some new numbers. $5.3 million they've raised online in october. that was their best online fund raising month that they've had so far and what's interesting is that's coming as vice president biden is is taking all of this incoming from president trump about ukraine, these unfounded allegations about eukraine and hunter biden so they really saw a spike in fund raising online for them and yeah, it's just been a lot. it's been very positive from their perspective in the last several weeks from a fund
2:17 pm
raising perspective online. >> okay, now to layla with warren's campaign. she's been taking flak for not detailing plan to pay for her medicare for all plan. she has one now and last night, she had this to say. >> this is no increase in taxes for anyone. expect millionaires. period. done. this is, this is what access to health care for everyone. but taking the $11 trillion that families will be reaching in their pockets to pay over the next ten years and bringing that to zero and funding it. by increasing taxes on billionaires and on china and corporations. that's the whole thing. and the other pieces all just stay where they are. the federal government will keep contributes. state government will keep contributing. >> clearly, warren is going to continue to take fire on this.
2:18 pm
bernie sanders is now publicly criticizing her funding plan. pete buttigieg says the math is controversial. how does her campaign hope to get ahead of this? >> well, i think part of it, i just noted three things she is saying today that sort of speaks to what you have asked. one is what you just heard. she is trying to make the pitch directly to the middle class saying my plan will be funded without raising taxes to the middle class and that will put $11 trillion back in your pockets because of no copays, premiums, deductibles. et cetera. the other thing she has said today is is that she is still with bernie. she's not really trying to distance herself much on that. she says bernie and i want the same goal. we just have different ways of getting there. and the third thing and this is interesting. she's sofrt flipping the script here, right? she's saying where is everybody else's plan. because on that debate stage, the last one, a lot of people specifically buttigieg and biden, were going after her for
2:19 pm
having a plan for everything but not how to fund medicare for all. that led to what we saw this week in her release of funding her medicare for all plan. but why does this matter? because the latest poll on fox news shows that when voters were asked how important is health caree iing your 2020 decision, 53% said extremely. >> it is the top issue in a number of polls right now. layla and jessica, thank you both. a new report details how smugglers are sawing through president trump's new border wall. apparently with cheap saws. we'll ask president trump's former acting director of i.c.e. for if that's cause for concern. yeah the only catch is i'm never leaving. no i'm serious, i live here now. book at and get the hilton price match guarantee.
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zblncht president trump's wall served as the pillar of his victory. it's touted by the white house as impenetrable and according to a new "washington post" report, it's being regularly breached. the post says smugglers have been cutting holes through the new sections of the wall large
2:24 pm
enough for adults and drug loads to fit through. they're using a saw which retails at just 100 bucks. the president was asked about it yesterday. >> i haven't heard that. no matter how powerful. >> border agents told the post that due to the height of the steel support slats which are between 18 and 30 feet tall, easy to push the steel to the side and pass through. now agents say and despite fixing the damaged areas, smugglers return to the same spot since the metal and concrete have been weaken edwea. ronald is joining us now. are you surprised that new sections of f this wall have been breached? >> no. ana, thanks for having me on. i'm not surprised. this is the nature of what happens at the board rer. the incentives to cross illegally, getting contraband
2:25 pm
into the country, that's a constant thing so every time the border patrol improves conditions, the smugglers try to find a gap in it so this is what's happening now. >> now the post is reporting the smugglers are using just a $100 household tool essentially to breach the wall. is it a flaw in the design? >> no. that design was tested in fact by cvp, for anticlimb and it's one of the best designs out there. yeah, they can get a saw and access and cut it open, but it takes a lot of time to do that and makes a lot of noise and so the wall in and of it won't stop people from coming in. this is an example of that. you have to have sensors to go along with it and you have to have an agent response. so all those three things have to work in concert in order for us to have a r fortified barrier. >> so if could just get through the wall no matter how high-tech it is, is that proof then that the wall maybe wasn't the ans r
2:26 pm
answer? >> no, the wall definitely helps. it helps illegal activity from happening. prevents some from coming into the country and anchors the technology and response that agents will need to effectively control the border. >> given what we've learned from this report, can one argue that the current barrier is any more ektive than previous border barriers? >> no, the one out there now has been tested. now there were features we lerped about in the anticlimb and antibreaching testing that we're not able to access now because the appropriators kind of outlawed the use of some of these techniques. the border patrol will be able to recover for what's happening to make sure this doesn't become a trend. >> so when you say the proep raters outlawed the use of other techniques, what do you mean. >> effectively, the language preventin prevents the v cvp from learning
2:27 pm
of new walls. some kind of game they played in the politics of it. but there are some features that can prevent the ropes and ladders that people are using now. >> why couldn't you do that? what do you mean it's not allowed if that's what's going to be more effective? >> yeah, you would think if we get something more effective that agent as and testing says it should be used and it isn't. the way the politics wrote out. >> is it a money thing? >> no, it's politics. they said the president couldn't have anything he learned off the prototypes to build the wall where he needed it so they have to use the system in place now. it's a good one, but there are some features that it lacks that would make it better. >> what makes it better though than the previous border barriers that are being replaced? because obviously this is still costing money and a lot of people who don't know it as well as you could say this seems like it could be a waste of money if it's a new wall that's still being breached regularly. >> no, what was there before in san diego was barely eight foot
2:28 pm
high and delap dated. very thin. what's there now is is 18 or 30 feet high. the agents can see through it and enforcement zone is much better protected because of a new wall there. it's very effective to have a strong barrier to go along with what the agents need to do and what the technology needs them to do in sensing when people are cutting or trying to cross. >> clearly the it's not a deterrent so what other methods do you think would be more of a deterrent? >> i think effectively it is for a certain segment of the population but the incentives to smuggle and get into the country are high so you have all three of those elements. we also need some specific policy changes. the law needs to change that stops enticing people to come to the border. and bringing their children. >> all right. thank you very much. for taking the time. >> thanks. >> democrats are expected to enter a new phase in their impeachment inquiry.
2:29 pm
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house democrats are anticipating another busy week signalling they are ready to start the next phase of the impeach. inquiry even if their subpoenas are i guegnored across the boar. democratic sources tell cnn they are discussing a time frame that would include public impeachment hearings before thanksgiving and possible votes on whether to impeach trump by christmas. time now for cross exam and ellie honing is here to answer your questions. he is a former federal and state prosecutor. so under the resolution approved by the house, one viewer wants to know does the gop gain subpoena power with impeachment resolution. >> it was a historic moment in the house. only the fourth time in our 232 years under the constitution we had an official vote recognizing procedures for an inquiry. one of the big things a
2:34 pm
resolution does, first of all, authorizes adam schiff to release depositions of the closed door hearings. second as you said, we will have public hearings soon where both parties will have a full chance to question those witnesses. and third, it requires schiff to file a public report putting out there his conclusions, recomm d recommendations. that report goes over to the judiciary committee which will then recommend articles of impeachment to the house. do republicans get subpoena power yes, but not really, because it's subject by the democratic majority. you can bet if the republicans want to issue a subpoena, it's going to be a no if the democrats don't like it. this has major political and legal implications. politically, i think it helps democrats take away the argument republicans have been making that there's no process or it's been secret. >> speaking of court, former white house counsel don mcgahn
2:35 pm
as well as former deputy security adviser, they were both in court this week. their hearings were about whether they have the to testify before the house. one viewer asks legally, can congress force executive branch officials to testify. >> i think the answer will be yes. it was quite a scene in federal court. i went down to help cover it. we had two hearings happening at the same time in same courtroom in the same courthouse on the same hallway. what we saw was a battle o the branches. the legislative branch, congress saying we need this testimony, but u we're entitle d to block it. the white house's big argument is absolute immunity, which is this fairly x treem argument that we have the power to stop executive branch employees from testifying. the judge in the mcgahn case in particular seemeded skeptical of that argument and the judge in the cooperman case noted the impeachment resolution had just passed and it strengthens
2:36 pm
democrats hands. so i expect rulings in both cases soon. i would guess they're beginning to go in favor of congress and be appealed to potentially the supreme court. >> there was major testimony this past week. we heard from the national security counsel's top ukraine expert. he testified again behind closed doors, but we had access to some of his testimony that was made public. and one viewer wants to know after he testified that he was told not to talk with anyone about the july 25 phone call between the president and trump. >> it's a great question. i heard it a lot this weekend. i consulted with general mark hurtling. now a court martial is a prosecution within the military system for violation of the uniform code of military justice. think the movie a few good men. that's based on a real hif court martial. that's what it looked like procedurally. he said all member of the
2:37 pm
military take an oath to defend the instituticonstitution and ol orders. they have a duty to report perceived conduct up the chain of command. more crimes, rules of engagement, abuse of rank or power. so as general hurtling said in conclusion as a soldier, vinman acted as he should. >> your top questions. >> first of all, will onbolton testify in the house. the house wants him thursday. his lawyers said he won't go without a subpoena. if he gets one, will he obey or fight? second, will there be any new developments strong enough to move members off party lines? third, will the white house identify and execute a koo coordinated defense strategy. up until now, it's been shifting almost by the hour, almost by the trump tweet. now this is real and the question is is will the white house come together and come up with a coordinated coherent impeachment defense strategy.
2:38 pm
>> okay thank you. so much good information there. keep your viewer questions coming. submit on in the cross exam column. wildfires rage across california as president trump says he wants to cut federal funds to california for fighting the fires. why his claim that environmentalists are to blame is false. next. [beep] you should be mad your neighbor always wants to hang out. and you should be mad your smart fridge is unnecessarily complicated. but you're not mad, because you have e*trade which isn't complicated. their tools make trading quicker and simpler. so you can take on the markets with confidence. don't get mad. get e*trade and start trading today.
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day after day, firefighters in california have been working tirelessly to extinguish more than a dozen wildfires burning across the state. thousands of f families have either lost their homes or have been r forced to leave. and while crews risk their lives trying to save others, president trump is placing blame on california's governor, gavin newsome. trump tweeted in part quote the governor of california has done a terrible job of forest management. newsome quickly responding you don't believe in climate change. you are excused from this c conversation. karen mcginnis joins us now. the u.s. national climate assessment reports that half of the increase in western wildfires is due to climate change. how are the two related?
2:43 pm
>> yes. we see a laundry list of reasons why these fires erupt so early. they last so long and the cal fire director said here on cnn, we no longer have fire seasons. we have fire years. and all we have to do is go back to 2018 and see just how crumbling and crippling a fire season it was. that last for most of the fall. back in 1980 to 1989, that decade, we saw an average of 140 majo wildfires then up to the 1990s, 16. when you see these bar graphs that go upward when talking about climate or weather, typically, that's bad news. from 2000 to 2012, in excess of 250 major wildfires. what causes them we see a lot of changes taking place. a longer fire season. major fire season during the warm summer months . june, july august then a
2:44 pm
secondary season in the fall months when it's drier. a lot of fire takes because of a lot of the tender vegetation is very dry. all right, we saw 90 mile an hour winds with the santa ana winds blowing in across southern california this past week so we see a longer warm season. those summer months, well they continue into the early fall then the fall becomes very dry. and because california underwent seven years of a drought, it has been especially bad. last year, more than 100 dead including six firefighters. >> all connected and tragic. thank you for that. coming up -- >> all very old, very antiquated ideology packaged in khakis and loafers. >> a report on a woman's journey into the heart of america's white supremacist movement. next.
2:45 pm
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in a span of six months, samantha went from a liberal nonvoter to what she describes as a productive racist as part of the inner circle of the modern white power movement. she burned books with white suh premists and helped plan a white power protest before leaving and speaking out about the dangers of the movement. we spoke to her about what draws people in and the rampant mthat
2:49 pm
was part of the why she got out! the face of america's white power movement is screaming young, white men. but there are a very small number of women who join. samantha was one of them. >> it was the last alt-right party i went to. >> she says she spent a year in a cult. a cult of racism. after she left, she feared being exposed for what she'd done. now she wants to come forward and warn others about the power of online kad raradicalization. she welcomes us in. we agree not the share its survey roubd roundings. how do you think that sense of alienation is? >> 100%. it's like the number one reason people joip join. i was seeing this guy and i was going through a lot of turbulent like emotional and just personal
2:50 pm
mental things where my sense of self was pretty damaged. it was just this emersion into the culture of it with someone that i so badly wanted the affection of and the approval of just it didn't take much. it's not as if this person was like strapping me down. i was hungry to learn. you became a member of identity europa. can you explain what that is? >> it was a white civil rights group or a white advocacy group, i believe, was the term. services trying to project this image of being clean cut, law-abidi law-abiding, nonracial slur using. handing out water bottles to old ladies on the street. just a nice group of people. >> they didn't want to look like the skinheads?
2:51 pm
>> no. the language was pro white. it made it easy to ignore the parts that you don't want to see. >> like violence. >> violence or just blatant racism. >> today known as the american identity movement, identity europa was created in 2016 as a kind of fraternity to promote white power with a more clean cut face. >> it's old ideology in khakis and loafers. >> it emerged from an internet culture that cross pollinated with men's rights and incel forums, an online subculture of men who are involuntarily celebrate and blame women for it. samantha kept her day job as a manager at a cocktail bar even as she interviewed up to 20 people a week to be new members of ie. >> i wasn't the only
2:52 pm
interviewer. >> part of her job was to screen out jews. she was named women's coordinator and she says she helped membership grow to about 50 women in a group of roughly a thousand people. why did you do it? >> because it felt good to help. >> samantha's rise in the alt right paralleled the rise of the alt right in america. in the spring of 2017, members of the movement were feeling emboldens. >> i will faithfully execute -- >> donald trump had been sworn into office. steve bannon was a white house aide. >> you will not replace us! >> and protests like this one referred to as charlottesville 1.0 which samantha helped coordinate were popping up across the country. then she started a new relationship with a rising leader within identity europa and was welcomed into the inner circle.
2:53 pm
>> we took a weekend and went to a bunch of parties in new york. >> what kind of parties? >> fancy parties. >> this is the type of awful tool -- >> i went to a book burning. that was pretty scandalous. it's all so surreal. like you're literally standing there going, i'm at a book burning at someone's house. like there are families that live next door. there's probably a nice person who lives across the street and i'm burning books about jewish people. like it was just so -- i don't know, it doesn't even feel like it's wrong or right. it just feels unreal. >> did you guys present yourselves as like a white power power couple? >> yeah, kind of. i think that's how people looked at us, that we would be like the next generation of a power couple within the white movement. >> in public you were a couple, but behind the scenes -- >> the misery was growing
2:54 pm
exponentially like every day. i had tried to break up with him several times. i had told him i couldn't do it anymore. i tried to do all these things, but i was so afraid. >> a meme among the internet nazis was white sharee ya. >> as a woman you are never an equal. >> private messages to samantha show that while the women might have played along in public, in private they found it disturbing. at the same time samantha says they felt trapped, afraid they'd be doxed. that meaned y es your identity personal information is released online. samantha says she and boyfriend broke up but he wouldn't move
2:55 pm
out. she left the movement. >> i was told a lot that i could probably hold a lot of nazi semen and i could birth a lot of nazi babies. that they would break my legs and i would be killed afterwards. >> in october 2017 she quit ie. she eventually stopped making excuses and realized she had activity promoted racism. >> all of the weird propaganda, all of the ideology and the rhetoric, it immediately hit me that it was all bull [ bleep ]. it all hit me how much of an idiot i was. >> the american identity movement tells cnn it is unaware of anyone being coerced to stay in the organization. today samantha has joined a different kind of organization,
2:56 pm
one that helps people leave hate groups. she hopes coming forward with her story can make a difference. >> for a lot of people, i don't think it's about the politics. i don't think anyone wakes up and says i really want to make a poster about being racist. i just think that the alt right really knew how to play on this like weird new form of nihilism that people are feeling. >> samantha says she joined a fraternity based on hate because it gave her a new sense of meaning. she didn't realize how fast they could turn that hate on her. 25 cent boneless wings at applebee's. get 'em while they're hot. no, just a sec. what would it look like if we listened more? could the right voice, the right set of words,
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mind over matter, those are the words of a runner and no doubt a concept they are familiar with. both won the new york city marathon today in the women and men's divisions. both are from kenya. the 26.2 mile race travels through new york city's five boroughs. this is her first time running the new york city marathon. she recorded the second fastest time ever in the women's open division in new york city marathon history, finishing in 2 hours and 22 minutes. ♪ you're live in the cnn newsroom. thank you for staying


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