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tv   CNN Tonight With Don Lemon  CNN  December 6, 2019 8:00pm-9:00pm PST

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heros and the 2019 cnn hero of the year. cohosting with kelly rip pa. it will be a fun night. join us. good night. this is "cnn tonight" i'm don lemon. we have to give the trump white house an a for consistency. once again refusing to coop rapt with the house impeachment investigation. tonight was the deadline for president trump to decide if he and his aids would play a role in the proceedings. specifically the next house judiciary committee hearing. which is set sfr monday morning. in a sharply worded two paragraph letter sent this afternoon to judiciary chairman, the white house counsel cipollone blasting the process. he went to onto claim adopting
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articles of impeachment would be a reckless abuse of power. and constitute the highly partisan and unconstitutional attempt at impeachment. nadler responded immediately in a statement. if the president has no good response to the allegations, then he would not want to appear before the committee. having declined the opportunity he cannot claim the process is unfair. and house intel chairman schiff saying the white house said they want an open hearings. now closed. and then they didn't want those either. then said they wanted to participate in the proceedings and now they say they don't. all they really want is hide the president's serious miskulkt. it's not working. the house speaker undaunted by the house. said this. last night. >> acts are clear the
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constitution is clear. the president violated the constitution. >> the white house decision was not unexpected. given president's repeated refusal to turn over subpoenaed documents or allow officials to testify. trumps legal team has an official chance to defend the president n. inquiry. and they are declining. the president says over and over. >> they don't give us any fair play. it's the most unfar situation people have seen. no lawyers. you can't have lawyers or can't speak. can't do anything. >> the way they're doing it they take away our rights. >> we have no rights on the other side. no rights no anything. and it's very unfair situation. >> shall refuse, stall, refuse. dodge. deny. confuse. it's not only the strategy of the white house it's what
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republicans have been doing all along. let's review the facts. remember facts first. fact do matter. in this time it doesn't seem like they do. the rough transcript of the july 25 phone call with ukraine president shows trump clearly asking him to investigate joe biden and his son. yesterday my capitol hill colleague asked the house republican leader if it's ever appropriate for a president to ask a foreign country to investigate a political rival. that's a clear question. the answer, not so much. >> at every single time of every witness that the democrats got so select and control, they were asked the question. the two best witnesses they this they started this all with. can you name one article that he should be impeached upon. no one said a word. why are we going through this nightmare? >> okay. that's both a dodge.
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and confusing. he tried again. >> the best way to dodge a question. walk away. then there's republican gym jordan congressman who doesn't wear a jacket to hearings. pretty much most of the time. loves to shout at and berate witnesses. he was asked directly was it proper for president trump to use rudy giuliani his personal attorney to pressure ukraine to investigate the bidens. here's his answer. >> look, there was a new guy elected. the president has for the longest time talked about his concern about foreign aid and corruption in ukraine. >> president trump should be concerned about distributing u.s. foreign aide money. it is part of the job. and should be concerned if there's corruption in ukraine.
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but jordan didn't answer the question. if it was right for president to use giuliani in the grand scheme. he dodged it. he didn't yell out the answer that time. so let's move ob. to congressman mark a nevada republican. he tried to turn the tables on the question. take a look. >> white house transcript released had president trump asking president zelensky to open investigations into piden. >> do you know if they have plans to call the whistleblower? i heard they didn't. i don't know if it's true. >> you're not anni answering th question. >> it's a conclusion not a question. if you have to interview yourself go ahead. >> is it okay for the president to ask a foreign country to investigate the bidens. >> interview yourself. >> the president asked on the white house lawn. >> answer my question.
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>> i guess that's a no. if you don't want to interview me. interview yourself. >> i'm asking you a question. >> i don't understand. >> thanks for doing the best you could. >> cool. he doesn't understand. you don't have an answer what do you do. dodge. deflect. here's a shiny object. ask a question. walk away. bringing in the whistleblower is a non-issue. calling his question a conclusion. that's absurd and insulting. congressman non-answer answer was embarrassing to him. and a disservice to the american public. not only did he dodge a legit question, and refuse to answer it, he deliberately confused and misled on a very serious issue that may constitute president trump abusing power. one of the probable articles of impeachment congress is likely to vote on in two weeks.
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we know the president is preoccupied with the proceedings and should be. maybe that's why he went off today at the white house during a meeting with small business leader about deregulation. acting more like the plumber in chief. take a look. >> we have a situation where we're looking strongly at sinks and showers. and other elements of bathrooms. where you turn the faucet on and areas where there's tremendous amounts of water. where the water rushes out to sea. you could never handle it. and you don't get water. they take a shower and water comes dripping out. very quietly. people are flushing toilets ten times. 15 times. as opposed to once. they end up using more water. so, epa is looking at that strongly. at my suggestion.
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and go into a new building or house and they have standards. you don't get water you can't wash your hands. there's so little water. and the end result is you leave it on and it takes you longer to wash your hand. you use the same amount of water. we're looking at seriously at opening up the standard. and maybe areas where we'll go the other route. desert areas. you have many states where they have so much water that it comes down it's called rain. they don't know what to do with it. we'll be opening up that i believe. and we're looking at changing the standards very soon. >> do you know what he's talking about? >> no. >> nope. >> any idea? >> we needed that. after this week.
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not clear what standards he's talking about. or when they might be changing. didn't stop at water, though. >> the lightbulb. they got rid of the lightbulb that people got used to. the new bulb is more expensive and i hate to say it. it doesn't make you look as good. that's important to me. it's like if gives you an orange look. i don't want an orange look. has anyone noticed? >> you should watch anderson's ridiculist. tonight. maybe it's bronzer? i'm just saying. make up. could be a tanning booth. i don't know it's something. anderson explains it.
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check it out. it's probably good the president is having a few laughs. it's nice to see self-depp ri kating humor. what he's looking at now and what the nation is facing, no laughing matter. >> there is some breaking news in the impeachment investigation the white house firmly refuses to have any part in the proceedings. a lot to discuss. people here i'm talking to earlier asking him a if they had any idea of the president is talking about. they'll weigh in. next. you've had quite the career. i like working. what if my retirement plan is, i don't want to retire? then let's not create a retirement plan, let's create a plan for what's next. i like that. get a plan that's right for you. td ameritrade. get a plan that's right for you. [upbeat music] no matter how much you clean, does your house still smell stuffy? that's because your home is filled with soft surfaces that trap odors and release them back into the room.
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good evening, everyone. on this friday evening. katherine, i'll start with you. the house white house is not going to participate in this impeachment proceedings. despite the complaining that this is hasn't been fair. looking at the letter sent to pat cipollone. the counsel to the president. game plan all along, anybody shocked? >> obviously not. the white house said that they demand the transcripts be released and it was released. they demand there be open hearings. they demand there was an impeachment vote. there was a vote. and demanded as well of course that trump and his lawyers get to participate. in this process. and then can't take yes for an answer. in case you were wondering whether this was conducted in good faith. obviously no. >> i'm wondering is this what you do when you don't have a good defense. you call it illegitimate.
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i want to read this. as you know the impeachment inquiry is baseless and violated the basic principle of due process. and house democrats wasted enough of america's time. this charade. and anyway. that's what they're saying. the president's counsel on monday could have asked questions and could have raised objections and requested witnesses. they're choosing not to do any of this. is this what you do when you don't have a good defense? >> that's exactly what you do. they don't have a good defense. because the president himself in the transcript from the 25th is shown that the bribery was right there. what's going to happen, this is a part of the distortion and distraction that's been there all along. you ran the tapes a while ago of
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the republican house members not answering the questions. that's exactly what's going to happen until it gets to the senate. and the second ranking republican senator out of texas said just yesterday we don't want a three ring circus in the senate. and on calm day it looks down on the house anyway. with all the antics going on in the senate -- in the house. when it gets to the senate it will will be solemn. it will be for the history books. and the whole dynamic will change. and all this business is where we're going to invite all the thugs from ukraine to be witnesses. it's not going to happen. >> why doesn't it explicitty say they're not going to participate. it should be called off and a sham. buzz words. >> because they want to leave their options open. they don't think fox news won't
8:18 pm
make that distinction that you did. >> i'm sorry? >> that's a good point. president tweeted this out. nadler hasn't had a single fact witness testify, zero substance. judiciary had one hearing. and is the president forgetting he blocked his closest aids from testifying. he hasn't had one fact witness. he blocked everybody. >> this is a strategy. you say okay you're not doing this fairly. people aren't testifying. let them testify. we can't have that. as everyone here is noted this is about obstruction, about muddying the waters and confusing people. there isn't a great defense. facts aren't really in dispute. and probably the what we're doing is distracting and they're doing it well.
8:19 pm
number ofs are not in a great direction. support for this is not high. it's working to a degree. >> in those hearings, and on television, republicans are on point. they are on message. they're not fighting this substance or even going anywhere near the substance. they're saying this is a sham. attacking witnesses. staying on message. it appears to be working. >> today you see in the senate, senator grassly and graham. and johnson of wisconsin. raising again the idea of ukrainian meddling. they want to hear from this democratic consultant. who was looking into the manafort stuff. that is another effort to further muddy the waters and further confuse. >> it's a conspiracy theory. speaking of, monday the district committee hearing the doj inspector general report. it's expected that the fbi is
8:20 pm
going to say again if the reporting is correct, that the origin of the russia investigation that it was launched properly. >> correct. >> there may have been mistakes human error. is that if the reporting is correct. it won't be a good day for the president and the conspiracy theorists. >> this ig was hand picked to confirm the conspiracy theory that trump has promoting that bill barr has been promoting. and it was in effort essentially to distract from the very bad evidence that we have been talking about. that the president was extorting a foreign ally. into inventing a fake investigation into a domestic political rival. the problem is the distraction doesn't hold up. so i do wonder what we'll see on monday. if the distraction is isn't
8:21 pm
effective. what will they do to distract us from the distraction. to try to deflect and get the conversation going in a onto a subject matter he thinks is not as damming. this turns out to be. how is he going to up the ante. >> you brought up the distraction is going to be what you just said. they'll say that ukraine meddled. >> it was the ukrainians and the democrats. it wasn't the russians. and why aren't we focussed on that. we should look at this, biden, whatever. >> there was no evidence they did meddle. they are saying that. >> trump's own people said that. >> can you -- why is rudy giuliani in kiev as all this is going on? with photographs of him popping up and digging up dirt while articles of impeachment are being drawn up. what the heck is going on?
8:22 pm
>> i'll answer your question in russian. rudy giuliani -- a russian asset. or he's a useful idiot. either way, they're doing russia's bidding. it's more of the distraction. the distraction is going to continue. until we get to the senate trial. then there will be real witnesses like bolton and pompeo. and mulvaney. fact witnesses and then there's going to be a real problem. >> this is really about rudy giuliani. he's doing president trump's dirty work and trying to come up with excuse for him other than what's happening right in the face of everyone as the impeachment is going on. he's doing exactly what nancy pelosi and the democrats are
8:23 pm
saying. >> i'm coming tolt conclusion trump may not be hiring the best people. if this is his attorney. his other attorney is signing legal documents with a sharpie. and returning to the scene of the crime. like a perp on law and order. >> johnsons lawyers didn't do this and one of the articles of impeachment was saying bad things about congress. >> nikki haley under fire. saying it was hijacked by the charleston shooter. some are accusing her of hijacking history. pties itself into a base you can empty once a month. and unlike standard robots that bounce around, it cleans row by row. if it's not a shark, it's just a robot. i was on the fence about changing from a manual to an electric toothbrush. but my hygienist said going electric could lead to way cleaner teeth.
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former un ambassador governor of south carolina in 2015 when a gunman walked into the church and killed nine people. his actions that day were racist, and led to the confederate battle flag being removed from the south carolina state house. then governor nikki haley signed the bill ordering the flag to be removed. with symbolize each victim. her comments about the shooting have so many people upset. >> south carolina fell to our knees when it happened. this is one of the oldest african-american churches. these 12 people were amazing people. they loved their church they loved their family. they loved their community. and here is this guy that comes out with his manifesto holding the confederate flag and had just hijacked everything that
8:29 pm
people thought of. and we don't have hateful people in south carolina. there's always the small minority that will be there. people saw it as service. and sacrifice and heritage. and but once he did that, there was no way to over come it. >> so let's discuss. okay, um, hmm. abby, she got lots of praise -- i was there when it happened. she got a lot of praise for her decision to take down the flag in 2015. she said is represented sacrifice and heritage? what happened? >> i was there too. i went down to south carolina after that massacre. and interviewed nikki haley and did a profile about her and the decision. and i'll tell you, she understands this issue is really about. she told me when we sat down
8:30 pm
that her son had actually raised the issue of the confederate flag and its awful history to her. and asked her if it had ever been discussed before this point. to take it down. she reminded him of back in 2000 when south carolina moved the flag from a top the capitol dome in the south carolina state house to the place where it was on 2015 on the grounds. and that decision in 15 years before he was controversial. listening to this, what is surprising about this is not that nikki haley is repeating the viewpoint of white south carolinaens. some believe maybe this is about heritage. it's the complete absence of the viewpoint of blacks who she knows view this flag as a symbol of hate. it's the absence of what she didn't say that is really so
8:31 pm
striking. and frankly to a loft people disappointing about what he said. she was viewed as the future of maybe of the republican party in the south. now it's a lot different based on what she said. >> it's a 180. of what she said. and when you all -- it sound like she wants to be president. and she's trying to appeal to the trump base. that's exactly what it sound like. you had a chance to sper view. i spoke with her about the shooting. we spoke about her childhood growing up in south carolina as daughter of indian immigrants. >> does it mean more to you, does it make you connected ttd issue? do you have a special feeling? >> we grew up an indian family in a small town in south carolina. my father wears a turban. it was hard growing up in south carolina. what i have been proud of and what i worked towards is to make
8:32 pm
sure today is better than yesterday. and my kids don't go through what we went through. and now i feel good because now i know my kids can look up and there won't be a flag. it will be one less reason to divide. and more reason for us to come together. >> okay. so she clearly knows a confederate flag symbolizes to what the non-whites southern communities today that is not service or sacrifice. she stated it there in the interview. is this -- what is going on. is this invasion of the body snatchers sfwl it is. what she just said is shameful. as an african-american and descendant of robert e. lee.
8:33 pm
it's hate and racism. she knows it. it represents the full 180 of the republican party who is just decided and we saw it perfectly well on display during the impeachment hearings. they have taken leave of senses and leave of facts and truth. and decided we're all in with trump. we're the party of trump. facts don't matter. truth doesn't matter. and what's so shameful about this is there will be a day when there's not a donald trump as president. and the thing for nikki haley and the young members who are young enough who will be around in ten years, we have video of her saying one thing and then the other. i promise you should she try to run for president, there will be plenty of people to remind her that she decided to fall in with a racist false narrative. for the in part to sell a book and number two she decided to be a defender of the president. because she thinks like many
8:34 pm
others that's the way to go now. >> i want to bring you in. let me play another clip. i want your reaction. the interview with beck about the media role in the shooting. >> the national media came in in droves. they wanted to define what happened. and make it about racism and gun control. and make it about death penalty. and i really pushed off the national media and said there will be a time and place when we talk about this. it's not now. >> the media made the attack racist? >> yeah. i don't know why she went there. other than it's just fun and easy to attack the media. if the media made him a white supremacist goes in and murders african-american worshippers at a church and that's not? the media made it about race. that wasn't about race? it's insane. not to put too fine a point on
8:35 pm
it we have comments in 2015. where she talked about i'm my father wore a turban. i can't look at my kids if we don't take the flag down. it was tough growing up in south carolina. >> they can grow up and don't have to look at the flag and the hate. >> what does she say today. ba basically says it wasn't about hate until roof hijacked it. what changed between 2015 and 2019 isn't the obviously donald trump. obviously donald trump. i have to say there was a time in 2015 when i think nikki haley believed that you could get ahead of the republican party by being a compassionate conservative and she could win the presidency some day by bringing together diverse americans. and soccer moms and everybody else behind her.
8:36 pm
now she doesn't believe that anymore. you have to be trump to win the republican nomination. >> she was one of the few members of the trurp administration to make it out with her reputation. she somehow is trying to get back in? >> that's -- it's like god father 2. they suck her back in. she's running back. there's a burning house she's running into it. it's stunning. she makes it through this amazing event in south carolina. this tragedy. this shooting. actually comes out looking great like a leader. like a unifier. survives that. then goes into the trump administration. everything trump touches dies. the first two people who endorsed trump i believe were indicted. have left congress. yet, nikki haley serves adds ambassador, gets out unscathed and keeps coming back in. i guess because a book? and wants to be president.
8:37 pm
>> just to one of the interesting things also ability nikki haley. she when charlottesville happened she made a point to make a it clear to the public she disagreed with the president and how he handled it. what charlottesville was about was the normalization of a false narrative that confederate symbols are about anything other than racism. and slavery. and essentially what she's doing in this interview is pandering to those very same people who bought in the false narrative. >> i want to get this in. >> that's part of the problem. >> another clip from my interview after the shooting. she sounded different. >> a flag is living and breathing. so it represents something. i think it should be in any museum setting. in the places of historical
8:38 pm
settings. not places that represent all people. if someone wants to travel to see it. that's one thing. it shouldn't be in front of someone's face to where they have to feel it. >> should it fly? >> in museums. if they want to have it. absolutely. that's where historical things should be. present things in the future that's different. >> that was a point she was making what a difference four years make. >> the flag were symbol of oppression. when white america was trying to say to black america we're going to get you. and so for her to be so disingenuous and the 180. it's really an example of what's happened to the republican party. >> so many people in the republican party. it is really unbelievable to watch. thank you all. investigators digging into the motive of a deadly shooting at a naval air station carried
8:39 pm
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breaking news in shooting attack at naval air station in florida. fbi says there's an active and ongoing investigation to determine what a saudi military
8:44 pm
trainee opened fire at the base killing three people and wounding eight. let's discuss now. james gagliano is here and juliette cayenne. terrible story. the fbi has algts working on this. in the u.s. and saudi arabia as well. what are they doing to determine whether this is terror related? >> i was i watched the press conference earlier this evening. i was struck by a couple things. i know the special agent in charge of the office. that is covering this. to see her -- >> she gave the press conference. very emotional. >> visibly distraught. i imagine being in the crime scene and seeing the carnage this morning. visibly affected her. i was struck by really the close hold information the fbi is holding on couple things. not willing to release the name yet. the name is out in the public sphere. the second piece is they are not
8:45 pm
willing to declare this terror yet. the fbi is always cautious in these instances. you assume terror in this. and work backwards. before you make a declarative statement it has to meet the threshold. it has to be act of violence or sp intimidation in a political goal. >> the biggest question you have about the shooting. >> exactly where he is. motivation. he enters the country two years ago and basically the way it works is when the military officials are invited in, they tr vetted by the department of defense. for drug use and criminal behavior or terrorism. once in however, they are considered fine. and you have him here for two years on and off he within the back to saudi arabia for some period. two years is a long time for lots of things to happen. he may have known people. the fbi caution in this sense
8:46 pm
makes a sense. it wasn't like he just came over and was doing something to plan something. two years is long time. i'm also waiting to determine where the fbi will go. the investigation will take place in two countries. it may have to do with his experience here. rather than saudi arabia. >> how close do they check up on there while they're here. >> not really. i went to west point with saudi exchange cadets. and the basic course as a lieutenant with saudi officers and attended military training with saudi sailors. when you say check up on it, they are treated the same way. these are fraternal exchanges between countries that are allies or we have a friendly relationship.
8:47 pm
i don't know how much continued background checks. a five year reinvestigation? non i don't know that for a fact. >> they don't check up like how are you doing? >> it's determined they can safely be in the country. and training situations where you have weapons and live ammunition. if you're trusting somebody to do that. i don't know if they continue to run background check or maintain contact with the you're hosting them with the country from the origin. i don't know. >> juliette, president trump spoke to mohammed bin salman this morning. >> the king said that the saudi people are angered by the actions of the shooter. and that this person in no way shape or form represents the feelings of the saudi people. who love the american people so
8:48 pm
much. >> if this was from any other islamic country would he have the same tone? >> no. nor mexico for that matter. think of immigrants who kills someone here. so it was a very sort of complimentary phone call or description of a phone call. why does that matter? the guy who killed at the base today doesn't represent the saudis. anymore than a mexican represents who might have done something similar represents mexico. a couple issues. why is the president so motivated to compliment the saudi arabia before there's an investigation. we don't know yet. he was a government official. he is paid for by the government. secondly we have a number of cases here in saudi arabia. people are forgetting this. in which the saudis have essentially taken man accused of rape. we have a criminal investigation that we have to protect at this
8:49 pm
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the cnn heros all-star tribute celebrates people who put others first all year long. the gala airs live this sunday at 8:00 p.m. eastern. take a look. >> there is a saying in ethiopia. people are medicine for people. >> what we do here is provide food, clothing and shelter and a whole lot of love. ♪ >> to give children a place to mourn their loss and tell their story. >> through the best the world has to offer. >> we're going to start a program, and we're going to help people. >> i'm feeling the love. >> they're heroes today and every day. >> i think we must talk less and do action more. >> video games are an incredible source of relief during difficult times. >> we purchase rvs and give them to a family who lost their home in a fire. >> many come to us trauma tiedsed. >> join anderson cooper and kelly ripa live as they name the 2019 cnn hero of the year. >> our heroes are incredible
8:55 pm
people. >> their work and their stories will inspire you tonight. >> cnn heroes: an all-star tribute, december 8th at 8:00 p.m. on cnn. >> it's going to be a great show. you won't want to miss it. so gather up the family. grab your tissues, and get ready to be inspired. thanks for watching. our coverage continues. (man) you take care of yourself. (elderly woman) oh, thank you so much. (elderly man 1) i'll be alright. (man) ok. (elderly man 1) ok. (man) ok george, see you again soon. (elderly man 2) bye bye. (elderly man 3) ah dell, and you brought the family this time! (vo) it feels good to help those in need. you can choose meals on wheels to get two hundred and fifty dollars from subaru
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good evening. after repeatedly teasing throughout the impeachment inquiry that maybe, possibly, he would consider participating directly in the process, president trump and his attorneys have done the only thing they and many top current and former officials have ever done in this white house, which is refuse to cooperate. the white house was on a 5:00 p.m. deadline imposed by the judiciary committee and they met it with another round of rhetorical fireworks. white house counsel pat sip lone said, quote, your impeachment inquiry is baseless and violated principles of due process and fundamental fairness. he also called the process a


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