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tv   Situation Room With Wolf Blitzer  CNN  December 19, 2019 2:00pm-3:00pm PST

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asked people whether there were any democrats they might possibly consider, the answer was unanimous, no. jake? >> martin savidge in al tuna thank you so must have. follow me on instagram, facebook. happening now. standoff. all eyes are on the developing deadlock between nancy pelosi and mitch mcconnell. when will the speaker turn over the newly approved articles of impeachment to the senate for a trial? and will the majority leader give any ground? trump lashing out. the white house had hoped for a speedy trial in the senate but pelosi's latest move has take ten president by surprise. mr. trump is reportedl growing distressed amid the uncertainty and refusing the apologize after lashing out with new insults against a widowed congresswoman. debate stage set. democrats are about to face off for the final showdown of 2019. we will share an exclusive new
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poll on the state of the race. the debate coverage begins at 8:00 p.m. eastern right here on cnn and pbs. and. mar-a-lago a spy? another majority security preach at the president's south florida mansion. for the second time in nine months a chinese national forced her way onto the property raising concerns about espionage just one day before president trump is set to travel to the residence he calls his southern white house. i am wolf blitzer. you are in the situation room. tonight we are tracking the deepening standoff in congress warehouse speaker nancy pelosi is refusing to turn over the new articles of impeachment to the senate until the majority leader mitch mcconnell sets the terms for a rile. the house just adjourned for the year meaning there wasn't be any action on impeachment until at least january 7th at the earliest. president trump pinning his helps on swift vindication from
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his fellow republicans in the senate now distressed by the looming delay. a dedemocratic of the judiciary committee and our correspondents and analysts will have full coverage of today's top stories. let's begin with manu raju. he is up on capitol hill. manu, what is the speaker now waiting for. >> reporter: the house actually just closed doors for the year meaning there will not be a vote that could lead to the articles being transmitted to the senate until the week starting january 6th. there is not going to be a vote until january 7th. when the trial starts in the senate is still an open question. the speaker herself is saying she wants to understand exactly the process under way for that trial so she can determine who she can name as managers from the house, people who would actually prosecute the case in the senate. and in order for her to make that decision she needs to hear that from what the senate is going do. that will lead to all the steps going forward. but the house needs to cast a vote in order for that to
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happen. the house being gone meaning there will not be any action until january putting off the trial for the indefinite future. last night after the house voted to impeach the president speaker pelosi said there needed to be a quote fair process explained before they begin the articles of impeachment trial. this morning i asked her about it. >> we would like the see a fair process. well see what they have and we will be ready for whatever it is. >> is that the requirement, you need to see a fair process before submitting the articles? >> we would hope there would be a fair process just as we hoped they would honor the constitution. by the way i heard some of what mitch mcconnell said today. it reminded me that our founders when they wrote the constitution, they suspected that there could be a rogue president. i don't think they suspected that we would have a rogue president and a rogue leader in
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the senate at the same time. >> reporter: so the question is whether or not her members in her caucus will get behind her. at the moment she does have support from her democratic caucus members. there are some freshmen, though, who say they will let pelosi push to try to get what they believe is a fair process, get witnesses to come forward, the documents they wanted but they want this to happen soon. >> it can't go on forever. i want it to be over. but i think it is all right to ask for the process and what it will look like when it hits the senate. >> reporter: that's going to be the big question for the speaker how -- when she will allow this to move forward. and lawmakers going just left in the house. the senators are finishing up their votes for the year. a lot of uncertainty when that trial will actually start as congress adjourns for the year here. >> a very uncertain situation.
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we know that senator schumer met with senator mcconnell this afternoon. what are you learning about that meeting? >> they did meet for about 20 minutes during an extended series of votes. it appears there is no agreement between mcconnell and schumer. schumer's spokesman put out a state saying that the witnesses and documents are necessary to ensure a fair trial in the senate. senator schumer and -- senator schumer asked senator mcconnell to consider his proposal over the holidays because they are convinced the witnesses and documents are essential for a fair senate trial. mick mulvaney, john bolton who did not come before the house judiciary committee because the white house intervened and mcconnell said he would not allow that because he believed it was the house's job to pursue those witnesses. he said he should have gone to court to get those witnesses and
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says they are not a fact-finding body in the senate. that still appears to be a standoff between the two sides. it appears they are no closer to an agreement. it appears there will be days of negotiations ahead. >> i thought it was going to start january 7th when they all get back to washington. clearly it will be delayed a few days maybe longer. manu raju thank you very much. now to the reaction from the white house where president trump is growing anxious and distressed over the latest uncertainty over his impeachment trial in the senate. jim acosta is joining us now. jim, this was not necessarily what the president expected? >> not at all. even after being impeached president trump isn't sounding apologetic about his comments in ukraine or his nasty comments on debbie dingell. one of his advisers said the low blow forward with dingell was a quote unforced error. the president also ripping into
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innocency pelosi after she was warning she mite might hold off a trial in the senate. >> article someone adopted. >> reporter: one day after he was kbeechd in the house president trump is sounding anxious ready for the senate the get on with it and holding a trial where republicans are in charge and expect it to acquit him. >> i don't feel like i am being impeached. it is a hoax. it is a setup. it is a horrible thing they did. >> good morning. >> reporter: house speaker nancy pelosi is causing heart burn at the white house holding out the possibility she may wait before turning over the articles of impeachment until gop can ensure a fair trial. >> they are playing games. they don't want to put in their articles, they ridiculous phony fraudulent articles. and i think they are not allowed to do that here, it is unconstitutional. a lot of other things but they don't want to put them in because they are ashamed of
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them. >> reporter: the president has stressed how the trial could be delayed peppering colleagues how the trial is taking shape. >> he called me at 7:30 and said what is going on. i i really don't know. >> reporter: democrats are demanding top administration officials testify about mr. trump's dirt for dollars deal with ukraine. >> i have little doubt that if we tell the president that he can he is escape scrutiny in this instance he will do it again and again and again. >> reporter: in a sharp contrast with his impeachment there is bipartisan outrage over the president's mean-spirited comments aimed at michigan democrat debbie dingell. >> debbie dingell that's a real beauty. >> reporter: at his rally the president mocked dingell suggesting her late president was possibly looking up from hell. >> maybe he is looking up. i don't know. >> do you regret your comments
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to her? >> the president refused to take questions about dingell who reminded him she is still in mourning. >> it is still something i am really grieving over. this thanksgiving was really hard. and christmas is harder. >> reporter: white house press secretary stephanie grisham defended the president saying mr. trump was just punching back. but that's not true, the dingells didn't punch first. >> he was just riffing. >> reporter: speaker pelosi said the president's remark revealed his character. >> just because he gets a laugh for saying the cruel things that he says doesn't mean he's funny. it is not funny at all. it is very sad. >> reporter: the president used his appearance in the oval office to introduce jeff van drew who bolted from the democratic party. the president also told reporters he is all but settled for pat cipollone to be his
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attorney during the senate kbreechlt trial. the how has passed his new trade deal between canada and mexico. all week long the republicans have been saying the democrats hate this president but they did approve his trade deal. >> a major major victory on this deal with canada and mexico. for that, let's discuss the latest developments with a democrat who served on the judiciary committee. senator thank you for joining us. >> thank you. >> the house is leaving for the holidays as you know without sending the articles of impeachment to the senate. do you support this decision by the speaker nancy pelosi? >> i think it makes perfect sense for the speaker to say that the senate should establish its rules as to how we are going to proceed with the impeachment trial before she appoints her managers. i think that's a perfectly
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reasonable position to take. and that's the position she's taking. >> what concessions can the speaker hope to win from the senate majority leader mitch mcconnell when he isn't even eager to hold a trial to begin with. >> the negotiations will take place between chuck schumer and mitch mcconnell. if we can get four brave republican senators to agree to having witnesses then we will be able to have witnesses. but it is going to take the republicans to come forward, four of them, at least, for that to happen. and so we will establish the rules and the procedures. whether they are fair or not we can argue over, and frankly i don't necessarily expect it to be fair because mitch mcconnell has made it plain that he doesn't want to call any witnesses. once again, we are confronted with the republicans who have nothing to offer that addresses what the president did, classifies to shake down the president of another country for his own political ends using almost $400 million in taxpayer
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money as the bribe. see, they don't address that. they are constantly turning the to other thing and saying what about this, what about that, what about this? i say we should be looking at what the president did. they have no defense. now the trial is an opportunity for the president to mount his defense. and i am calling on him to do that. and i would say witnesses such as mulvaney and bolton who were right there, they could exonerate the president. they should come forward. but the president doesn't want them to testify. >> if they testified under oath they might exonerate the president. maybe not. i am assuming the four brave republicans would be somebody like mitt romney. could you really count on any republicans to back you in calling for witnesses? >> no. i am not holding my breath that
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four senators will come forward to say we should have witnesses, this is a definition of a fair trial. what is going end up, we will have procedures, we will have rules. they would not be what we would like but there you have it. that's why this is another example of how the republicans simply cannot address directly what the president is. because you know, if so, then they are really saying the president did it, so what. it is what i call the so what defense. this is what chuck schumer is talking about. if we do not hold the president accountable for shaking down the president of another country and doing what he did, then we know for a fact that this president is going to continue to abuse his powers. and he will thumb his nose at anything that congress does in terms of subpoenas. you know what? if this is the kinds of democracy we are living in that is not a democracy, that is a total tear onstate. and i think trump really likes
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that. he sees himself as a dictator. he likes that he thinks he can do anything he wants as president this country including shooting somebody on fifth avenue and not being held accountable for it. >> let me get your thoughts on some of the arguments we heard on the house floor yesterday. this is mike kelly. listen. >> on december 7th, 19 1 a w horrific act happened. and president roosevelt said will live in infamiliary. this is another day that will live in infamy. >> he is comparing the impeachment vote in the house to pearl harbor. being in your home state of hawaii. what's your reaction to that? >> the republicans will come up with any argument that they can, but they cannot come up to defending -- they can't come up with anything to defend what the president did. it is all all these
2:15 pm
distractions. they even liken the president to jesus christ. good grief. how can you take these people seriously. it is what i call, these argument are rhetorical nothing burgers. they keep tossing them out bass they can't address the main question. when they do. if they don't hold this president accountable they are really saying he did it, so what. mulvaney pretty much said that. hey, everybody, get used to it. no. this is not a getting used to it kind of a situation. we have a president who is out of control. >> certainly you are not getting used to it. >> of course not i am fighting back every minute, every moment. >> i see that thank you for joining us. >> happy holidays. >> happy holidays. merry christmas, happy new year. appreciate it very much. coming up, what is the next step now that the house voted to impeach the president. but speaker pelosi is refusing to sent the articles of impeachment over to the senate. a member of the intelligence committee is standing by live.
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less than a day after their historic passage, the articles of impeachment against president trump appear stalled right now. the speaker nancy pelosi is refusing to send the articles over to the senate. and house members are leaving for the holidays without voting to name impeachment managers for a senate trial. joining us now, the house intelligence committee member joaquin castro. thank you for joining us. the house is leaving for the holiday recess. you will be bolting, getting out of town without sending the articles of impeachment over to the senate. could this decision by the house speaker backfire on democrats if there is a long delay or maybe even no trial in the senate? >> i don't think so. because speaker pelosi is doing it for a very good reason, which is to figure out what the rules of the road are going to be in the senate, whether there is actually going to be a fair trial, an impartial trial there. the nation i think was very shocked about a week ago to hear
2:22 pm
mitch mcconnell talk about how he was basically working with the white house on setting up this whole trial. so that caused great concern for not only the speaker and the congress, but a lot of people. so she's going to take some time to work with mitch mcconnell and try to make sure that it is a fair process. >> do you want her, the speaker, to transfer the articles as soon as the house reconvenes, i think january 7th? or do you support her waiting longer. >> well, number one, as she said, she's definitely going to send over the articles of impeachment to the senate. and i trust her on the timing. but its also rn important, wolf, that we take pause because i think it is important for the american people to realize what's going on that you have in mitch mcconnell the person who is supposed to be presiding over this trial or at least arranging the rules of evidence and so forth who is saying that he is neither impartial that he is working with the person who is on trial, with donald trump, so that they are in cahoots on
2:23 pm
this. americans expect a lot better than that. >> is there any serious talk among the democrats about maybe never sending the senate these articles of impeachment? is that seriously under consideration? >> no. he have never heard that discussion. at least within the talk news what if mcdonnell doesn't blink and he says there is not going to be any witnesses? >> i guess we will have to figure that out if we get to that point. but we believe that the speaker, in meeting with mitch mcconnell and all of the different parties that are involved in setting up this trial that we can come to an agreement where mitch mcconnell is not just going to be in the pocket of the president throughout this process. >> the senate majority leader, mcconnell, says he isn't even anxious to hold a trial. so far it doesn't look like he is facing any serious pressure from moderate republicans in the senate to call witnesses. does the speaker really have much leverage here. >> i think it is not just about the politics of it or the
2:24 pm
partisanship. the speaker is standing up for the american people. we owe this to the american people, a fair trial, and a fair process. it's not just about republicans and democrat. so she's standing you will for her duty and for the american people in doing this. >> some of the vulnerable democrats who won in trump districts let's call them stuck their necks out to vote in favor of these two articles of impeachment. are you putting that potentially them in an even more difficult political positions they are worried about getting reelected a you know, by dragging this out? >> no, you are right. for them many of them felt it was a tough vote because the constituents in their districts may be more suspect kell about impeachment. but when it comes to the process all americans whether republican or democrat should want a fair and impartial process and the speaker of the house pausing for
2:25 pm
to a second to make sure happens is not going to be a political liability. >> previously adam schiff said your investigation would in fact continue even after impeach. is that the case? >> yeah. i believe that that's still very much possible. look, we are going to make sure that we investigate every significant lead in terms of either the president or someone a the white house who has committed wrongdoing. that's our responsibility to the people that we represent. i hope that if there are witnesses like rudy giuliani or others that are willing to come forward and testify in front of our committee that they will do so. >> congressman castro, thank you for joining us. >> thank you. coming up sources describe president trump as distressed over the sudden holdup as far as the impeachment effort in the senate is concerned. will there even be a senate trial in january? these people didn't sleep well last night.
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because when you're with fidelity, a president who abuses power. and obstructs justice. the impeachment of donald j. trump. he was supposed to protect our constitution. not trample on it by asking foreign countries to undermine our democracy for his personal political gain. trump broke his oath to america. members of the house and senate must now do their constitutional duty. if you agree, sign our petition at need to need to impeach is responsible for the content of this advertising.
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at xfinity, we're here to make life simple. easy. awesome. so come ask, shop, discover at your local xfinity store today. semiwe are just getting a report in from the "washington post." the headline, former white house officials say they fear putin influence' the president's views
2:31 pm
on ukraine. from the moment he took office, president trump seized on the theory that senior aides from ukraine try the stop him from winning the white house. it is based off of a long and detailed report saying that russia didn't interfere that it was ukraine and that putin was the president's source. >> the thing that disturbs me here is you are talking about when the president has already taken office. he gets intelligence before he takes office. he is in the oval office presumably getting updates on technical intrusions. and he still says i don't believe the intel guys i don't believe the billions of dollars of intel we collect. i believe putin who clearly has an interesting in saying it wasn't me, it was the ukrainians. >> let me read to you from this
2:32 pm
bombshell report from the "washington post." the president's intense resistance to the assessment of u.s. intelligence agencies that russia systematically interfered in the 2016 campaign and the blame he cast instead on a rival country led many rivals to believe that putin himself spur ed. one more sentence. one former white house official said trump stated so at one point saying he knew ukraine crane was the real culprit because quote putin told me. >> we have already seen initial reporting that the ukrainian conspiracy theory originated with the russians. i think this is evidence an even more direct line. keep in mind there have been new mexicoious conversations between president trump and president putin. kafrgss that took place without
2:33 pm
staff and without comprehensive readouts. remember the transcript of the phone call between president trump and president zelensky was only one of the calls moved to the security server and whether or not any conversations with president putin are among that group. if conversations like this in which essentially president putin is giving conspiracy theories to the president of the united states is then taken up as official u.s. policy. >> this is clearly in russia's interest. laura, the both says the idea that it was ukraine not russia was promoted by putin in a july 2017 group of 20 summit in hamburg, germany. it was at that time according to the "washington post" that president trump gu more insistent that ukraine worked to
2:34 pm
defeat him. >> so the president has been brood being this for quite some time, the course two of years, which lends more credence to the claim this was not a happen stance coincidental call in july this year that prompted and led to the whistle-blow complaint and impeachment proceedings. remember the phrase trust and verify? that only applies if you have a reliable source you are getting information from. russia remains a geopolitical rival to the united states of america and thus should not be automatically trusted particularly when the president of the united states refuses to do so with the intelligent community. this indicates to me the president of the united states is much more beholden to the truth telling of vladimir putin than it is to the intelligence community, which is really problematic for the head of the executive branch of government. >> a comment as an intel guy. putt seine a kgb guy. there is phrase we use.
2:35 pm
it is called plausible deniability. covering your tracks. if we are going to do something can we cover our tracks by saying there is a reason arc plausible reason somebody else could have done it. it is plausible. >> it is also the basis for impeach. the articles of impeachment just approved by the house of representatives focused on a conversation, focused on a event that basically can be traced facebook the russians. the question beings -- the concern is what is the extent of russian influence over this president? for the president not to disclose that and for the president to seem to be subservient to it is a concern for a lot of americans. >> there is a powerful editorial, shifting gears, in chichbity today, just published. trump should be removed from office. it is time to say what we said 20 years ago when the president's character was revealed for what it was. let me read a couple sentences from this editorial.
2:36 pm
we believe the impeachment hearings made it clear in a way that the mueller investigation has not that president trump has betrayed his constitutional oath. li this damages both the spirit and the future of our people. none of the president's positives can balance the moral and political danger we face under a leader of such grossly immoral character. >> i think this speaks to a trend we have seen for a long time. the republican party is becoming the party of trump. but it is becoming a shrinking party. the idea that the president of the united states has claim over this moral majority any longer, that he does speak for sort of these core christian values that have been central to sort of the republican platform since ronald reagan isn't the case anymore. i do think we are going to see more and more people speaking out and saying what we are seeing here is fundamentally
2:37 pm
wrong. it is fundamentally inconsistent with the values this we purport to hold and hold other people accountable to. >> let's look ahead, too. remember this idea of kormtallizing the president's behavior from his poll jie-ae jen de has been a theme and a constant refrain over the course of the last several years which is the reason people advocating who want to overturn roe v wade e to. and yesterday we saw 11 hours of testimony each talking about his examples to overlook and compartmentalize the ukrainian telephone call. i wonder how it is going to bode in the upcoming election. >> this man scene, christianity today, founded by billy graham. it is not some wild publication.
2:38 pm
this is mainstream evangelical christianity leadership. i will read a sentence. in our founding documents billy graham explains christianity today will help the news reflect their faith. the impeachment of president trump is a topic that requires comment. this is a evangelical mainstream publication that billy graham put out. >> the president has to be accountable to something. if he is not accountable to higher moral values which our constitution seeks to ensure, if he is not accountable to the law or the constitution, to whom is he accountable. back to the articles of impeachment, it appears to be his own best interest. >> let me play this clip. it is not mentioned here but i think it is a source of concern to a lot of evangelical christians. i want to get you to respond.
2:39 pm
this is the president last night mocking congresswoman deputiy dingell a widow bhoz husband died not that long ago. he was a member of the house, too, a world war ii veteran. >> she calls me up, it is the nicest thing that ever happened thank so much. john would be so thrilled. he is looking down. he would be so thrilled. thank you so much, sir. i said that's okay. don't worry about it. maybe he's looking up. i don't know. >> congressman dingell was from michigan. the president was speaking in michigan. he was beloved in the state. >> he was. remember what happened with john mccain. why are we surprised by in? anybody including christianity today who wants to object to that i want to tell you one thing. the question of humility, courte courtesy, kindness, charity z we see any of these during the election when the president attacked every opponent using
2:40 pm
stupid fourth grade terms like lying ted. i epipen if we look at this and say we are surprised, this is what the americans voted for. you can't impeach somebody if they have low character. the americans wanted this. they got it. he told us who he was during the campaign. >> it doesn't go to his oernl crassness. it also goes to the way the president of united states views the urs po of the presidency. everything is a trade. he does something nice for somebody else he deserves something. there is a lot of news unfolding right now. everybody stick around. much more right after this. with an adjustable precision jet spray and advanced pad system braava jet breaks up messes and gets deep in corners. braava jet. only from irobot.
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we are just hours away from tonight's democratic presidential debate which you can watch on pbs and on cnn. cnn's reporter is in los angeles getting ready for the debate. what are you expecting david. >> i think there are several things to watch. obviously it is the first time these candidates are going to be on the debate stage since the impeachment vote in the house last night. the first time since that health care ruling out of the courts that indicates the individual mandate may not be constitutional. i have no doubt both of those things are going to come up. take a look at the state of play. our latest cnn poll out today shows joe biden maintaining his national front-runner status, 26% followed by bernie sanders at 20%. warren at 16, and buttegeig down at 8. only eight candidates on the stage. the smallest debate stage of the
2:46 pm
cycle. everybody has more time the make their arguments. i would be watching to see does anyone try to make biden down a peg? he has been the front runner the entire campaign. do buttegeig and warren mix it up on astage the way they have been doing on the campaign trail. will they take it to the stage when they are sharing the stage tonight. look at elect. . joe biden is seen by democrats by far as the one that can beat trump. that's the argument that everyone else has to try to break into in terms of biden's support on the stage tonight. >> a major and powerful argument indeed. david chalian on the scene for us in los angeles. once again to our viewers, watch tonight's pbs news hour politico democratic debate here on cnn and on our local pbs station. our coverage starts at 8:00 p.m. eastern. blac. ix them. so will we. no we won't. lac. ac. c. . -network with vsp.
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police in florida say yet another chinese national made an unauthorized entrance to mar-a-lago. the latest breach is raising serious concerns about a pattern of security failures at president trump's private
2:52 pm
residence. brian todd has been looking into all of this for us. what have you found out? >> we found serious security concerns about those who know mar-a-lago and how susceptible it has been to intruders. this case is another red flag and more heightened tonight since the president is about to head to the resort for the holidays. >> lu jing's behavior was strange. the 56-year-old national has been the third person in over a year to breach security at president trump's mar-a-lago resort in florida, and the second chinese woman to make her way onto the property unauthorized in just under 9 months. >> was her intent an intelligence issue? was it to try to cause harm to the property? test the security structure that's there? right now, we're not sure. >> according to the palm beach police, wednesday afternoon, lu jing first tried to enter mar-a-lago through the main
2:53 pm
gate. she was turned away by security but she quickly walked 100 feet to the service driveway, entered mar-a-lago there and got about 100 yards inside the perimeter, snapping pictures on her cell phone. she then got away and later apprehended miles down the road. today in court she pleaded not guilty to loitering, prowling and resisting arrest. critics have long complained mar-a-lago is not secure from intruders. >> it's so easy to do this. it's been that way since the beginning and warned by all kinds of people and a failure of the secret service. but the secret service doesn't need to protect the club when the president is not there. when the president is there security goes beyond controlling access to the resort. >> everybody, whether they're a private guest or coming one night to that location, are screened for all types of physical security threats, whether that's sharp-edged weapons, guns, explosives, all
2:54 pm
of that risk is taken out of that equation by the process secret service puts forth. >> when police tried to detain lu jing, she bald her hands into fists and screaming, no, no, no, and began pulling away. she could have been an erratic person trying to get into mar-a-lago. no indication she is a spy. but in march another chinese national got past three checkpoints carrying a lap drop, four cell phones, external hard drive and she was convicted of trespassing, not espionage but a source says it was a potential probe of spying efforts. sources says they could have been informal intelligence operatives, not highly trained, sent into mar-a-lago to probe. >> certainly, they could have been trying to test the response time of security personnel and
2:55 pm
what a person could get away with carrying on their person. it could be just a probe but by a foreign security intelligence to test the services. >> has the security been enhanced since march? the secret service did not get back to us on that and we pressed them to respond to criticism security has been lax in recent months. >> the majority leader is speaking on the impeachment of the president. >> the impeachment of president trump, our conversation was cordial. my friend from new york continues to insist on departing, departing from the unanimous bipartisan precedent that 100 senators agree before the beginning of president clinton's trial. back in 1999, the senator
2:56 pm
recognized there might well be disagreements about questions that would arise at the middle and end of the trial. such as witnesses. and so here's what happened. all 100 senators endorsed a common sense solution. we divided the process into two stages, two stages. the first resolution passed unanimously before the trial began. it laid groundwork such as scheduling, structural early steps, like opening arguments. mid trial questions, such as witnesses were left until the middle of the trial, when senators could make a more informed judgment about that more contentious issue.
2:57 pm
all 100 senators, including me and including senator schumer and colleagues on both sides who were here in 1999 endorsed the first resolution as a bipartisan minimalist first step. as of today, however, we remain at an impasse. because my friend the democratic leader continues to demand a new and different set of rules for president trump. he wants to break from that unanimous bipartisan precedent and force an all or nothing approach. my colleague wants a special pretrial guarantee of witnesses whom the house democrats themselves did not bother to pursue as they assembled their case. he wants to proceed without giving any organizational
2:58 pm
resolution whatsoever. so, as i said, we remain at an impasse on these logistics. for myself, i continue to believe that the unanimous bipartisan precedent that was good enough for president clinton ought to be good enough for president trump. fair is fair. of course, there is this matter of articles of impeachment themselves. highly unusual step, speaker of the house continues to hem and haw about whether and when she intends to take the normal next step and transmit the house's accusations over here to the senate. some house democrats imply they're withholding the articles for some kind of leverage, so they can dictate the senate process to senators.
2:59 pm
i admit i'm not sure what leverage there is in refraining from sending us something we do not want. but ailas, if they can figure that out they can explain it. meanwhile, other house democrats say they would prefer never to transmit the articles. fine with me. the speaker of the house herself has been unclear on this, her message has been somewhat muddled. so, here's where we are, mr. president. we have the curious situation where house consists rushed to impeachment following weeks of pronouncement about the urgency of the situation. urgent situation. the prosecutors appear to have
3:00 pm
developed cold feet. the house democrat prosecution seems to have gotten cold feet and to be unsure of whether they even want to proceed to the trial. like i said, a very unusual spectacle. in my view, certainly not one that reflects well on the house. so, we'll see. we'll see whether house democrats ever want to work up the courage to actually take their accusations to trial. let me close with this, mr. president. i'm proud that the senate came together today to confirm more well qualified nominees, and to pass major legislation for the american people. i wish


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