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tv   At This Hour With Kate Bolduan  CNN  February 12, 2020 8:00am-9:00am PST

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years ago. that is 203 years for dogs. >> thanks for joining us. i'm poppy harlow. >> i'm jim sciutto. "at this hour with kate bolduan" starts now. hello, everyone, i'm kate bolduan, that you fnk you for j me. this morning the fierce backlash and the president making no secret he's happy about it. there are so many questions right now about what really happened when attorney general bill barr stepped in, recommending a more lenient sentence for the president's long-time ally, roger stone, effectively overruling career prosecutors working the case who had filed a memo in court asking that stone get sentenced to seven to nine years in prison for lying to congress, among other crimes. this morning president trump applauding bill barr for getting involved, tweeting this. congratulations to attorney general bill barr for taking
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charge of a case that was totally out of control and perhaps should not have even been brought. the unprecedented power play has sparked a dramatic protest. one by one in quick succession all four of the prosecutors working this case and have been for a very long time quit the case. one resigning from the justice department entirely. cnn's laura jarrett has much more on how this all went down. >> a stunning development as four federal prosecutors withdraw from roger stone's case after top justice department officials overruled their sentence recommendation, calling it too harsh. stone, a long-time confidant of president trump was convicted last year of lying to congress, witness tampering and obstructing the house investigation into whether the trump campaign coordinated with russia, a case that stemmed from special counsel robert mueller's investigation. prosecutors originally told a federal judge that stone should serve seven to nine years in prison, but then the president expressed his outrage on
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twitter, calling it a very unfair situation, adding cannot allow this miscarriage of justice. hours later, justice department leaders intervened, one senior justice department official tells cnn that the sentencing recommendation that prosecutors made was not communicated to leadership at the department before it was submitted. >> this seems to be a full-scale reversal in a politically charged case by the department of justice. i've never seen anything like it. >> reporter: the official went on to say, quote, the department was shocked to see the sentencing recommendation. the department believes the recommendation is extreme and excessive and is grossly disproportionate to stone's offenses. ultimately the presiding judge in the case will have the final say on stone's sentence. >> the idea that this was just adjustments on the sentence that are somehow routine, nonsense. this is nothing routine about this. now, the one thing i would add is that i do think that the seven to nine years'
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recommendation was very high. i was surprised by it. >> reporter: a justice department spokeswoman insists that the white house was not involved in overruling the prosecutors. >> i thought it was ridiculous. >> did you ask -- >> no, i didn't speak to the justice department. i'd be able to do it if i wanted. >> reporter: still in a series of tweets the president continued to rail against the prosecutors, the judge and the case saying it's all starting to unravel with the ridiculous nine-year sentence recommendation. democratic leadership in congress outraged by the president's rhetoric. >> i have called for an investigation by the office of inspector general. this political interference by the president of the aorney general as his henchman is not only an insult to the career dedicated prosecutors, but also to the jurors, ordinary americans, who served on that jury and convicted roger stone of nine serious felonies. >> reporter: behind the scenes,
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sources tell cnn that the president has faced some intense lobbying to pardon stone. some even taking to tv to make their appeals most effective. meanwhile, trump abruptly withdrew the nomination of jesse lu, someone who he had hand picked to serve in a top position at the treasury department. she was the u.s. attorney who led that office in d.c. that oversaw stone's prosecution and one source did not dismiss the idea that the scuttled nomination was connected to developments in stone's case. kate. >> so even in the quick succession of things that happened with the prosecutors dropping out, there's even more with the withdrawal of the nomination. there's a lot to get to. laura, stick with me because here also with us is two former federal prosecutors, elie hoenig and ann milgram. just off the bat your reaction to this. >> look, this is stunning. i was a line attorney at the department of justice and a senior attorney at the department of justice. i never saw anything like this happen. i've also been a state attorney general where i was the chief
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law enforcement officer. this is the kind of thing that it is the last thing that anyone who is in law enforcement or criminal justice wants to see happen, because all americans need to believe that when the criminal justice system, whether it's an arrest or a sentencing, that it is the fair administration of justice. >> you said to me last night when i saw you, this hits you harder than any other of the breakings of norms, busting through barriers that we've seen. >> this has been tremendous. i think elie would probably see the same thing. this was home to me. i never left to try a case without someone saying do justice. it wasn't about winning or losing, it was about being fair and following where the facts and the evidence went. this kind of thing, to see the government and the peeople who tried the case to put in a sentencing recommendation and have it literally flipped within 24 hours by political bosses, and it looks like based on the appellate's twe president's tweet, undermines everything about the rule of law
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and really concerns me. >> elie, the line that came from justice at first was they were surprised when they saw this memo, this sentencing memo put forth by the line prosecutors. do you think top officials could have been surprised by the sentencing memo that was filed as they suggest? and if they were and there really was no involvement from the white house in what happened in the 24 hours after or less, what should justice be doing right now to clear it up? to remove any of the fear that ann is getting at right now? >> first of all, doj has a lot of questions to answer here. they need to be answered either to the judge or to congress as to how this went down because it's so unprecedented to see this. this is why you see, i think, federal prosecutors, former federal prosecutors like ann and me reacting so strongly. in terms of what can be done now, i'm nots done. i think they have taken a serious bite out of the independence of doj. i think the damage is going to be long lasting. did doj know about it at the highest levels? they should have.
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you need to have your house in order. if not, why not. the question as to whether -- did the president directly order this? i don't know. maybe we'll find out. the thing is he doesn't even have to at this point. he tweeted it. isn't that enough? >> this is bad short of a direct phone call. >> they don't need a direct phone call, the tweet is enough. bill barr is on the same wavelength, he's using doj to bail out trump's associates and to potentially target his enemies. >> prosecutors, their initial requests, it doesn't come out of nowhere. it's not just presented in a vacuum. there are sentencing guidelines that the justice department attorneys have to follow. >> and there's internal debate, right? >> debate happens all the time. main justice and line prosecutors disagree all the time. what they don't do, and i know these former prosecutors know this better than anyone, what they don't do is put out a sentencing memo and then pull it back hours after the president says i don't like it. >> it's really important to understand that you're 100% right. but once that memo is done, there are levels of review upon review. the department of justice is far
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more administratively bureaucratic than any other prosecution office i've worked in or run. and so maybe -- >> maybe for good reason. >> there are a lot of eyes that would have seen that. the u.s. attorney who was pibil barr's right hand at the department of justice, tim shea, would have absolutely signed off on it. i find it hard to believe that this was not communicated to main justice. >> okay. so now what can the judge ov overseeing this case, what can judge amy berman jackson do in the moment? can she say you need to answer my questions of how this went down before i get to the point of handing roger stone a sentence? >> don't you think she hauls them into court and says explain right away in an affidavit exactly what happened here? why the reversal. >> she can't unsee the sentencing memo that came before her and then what happened. >> so remember judge berman in the case where basically the lawyers from doj tried to resign and judge herman said no. so she could -- the lawyers move
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to come off the case. the judge has to approve that. >> elie, as you look at what appears to be a campaign by president trump on this, are there laws and rules stopping him from going this far now and later? i'm also struck by the president has the power of pardon. why not just pardon roger stone after this? >> so here's the thing. the only rule on the books is the pardon power and that's a very broad power. if he wants to exercise it to save roger stone or michael flynn, go ahead, he can. there will be political fallout, but he has to deal with that. >> or not. >> maybe not, who knows. >> who cares, it's the power of the president. >> right. there is no law saying the president shall not interfere with the justice department, but that is, as ann said that is a long-standing crucial norm that has been observed and respected by presidents certainly throughout my lifetime of both parties. now we are seeing that norm, of all the norms this president has shattered, this is the most damaging one. >> there's also one more thing
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that struck me in how this went down. "the new york times" is reporting the line prosecutors were even more upset because they were told that they would be reversed only after fox news had reported it late tuesday morning, according to people familiar with the situation. what does that tell you guys? >> it's a morale issue. how do you do your job when that's how you have to find out about this. when you're finding out that you get a call we're going to reverse this, we're going to do a complete about face. why? who knows what that conversation was. >> it's a protest. >> it's a protest. i think that that's what you see -- >> carrie cordero wrote this. four federal prosecutors didn't withdraw from a case because they had a substantive disagreement with management. they withdrew because they were watching justice undone. >> the question is who's calling the shots? is fox news calling the shots for the justice department or trump's tweets? that's not how it should be done. >> can we can see, some answers, more questions and a lot more oversight that needs to be done.
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thanks, guys. coming up for us, bernie sanders gets a big win in new hampshire. a win is a win. what was behind his support and can he replicate it going forward? and with pete buttigieg and amy klobuchar nipping at sanders' heels, are they now going to set their sights on each other? we'll be back. too many after parties? not drinking water? we've all committed skin sins! new neutrogena® bright boost... kick-starts dull, tired skin with neoglucosamine... a gentle, non-acid amino sugar exfoliant that works within the surface and boosts cell turnover by 10x. for brighter, wide-awake skin. bright boost. pair with illuminating serum for 3x the brightening power. neutrogena®
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it takes only one week to reveal younger looking skin. making wrinkles look so last week. rapid wrinkle repair® pair with retinol oil for 2 times the wrinkle fighting power. neutrogena® there is a clear winner in new hampshire, but after last night there's more than one candidate claiming victory. bernie sanders edged out pete buttigieg. amy klobuchar surged to a third place finish as she gained momentum in the final days, leaving elizabeth warren and joe biden in fourth and fifth respectively. here's what sanders says should
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be the big takeaway. >> and let me say tonight that this victory here is the beginning of the end for donald trump. with victories behind us, popular vote in iowa and the victory here tonight, we're going to nevada. we're going to south carolina. we're going to win those states as well. >> so let's dive into the vote totals. what the data can tell you about where the race is and how it's been reset. phil mattingly joins me now. you've been looking into all the numbers from last night. what sticks out to you. >> let's start with the fact that we have numbers which is a pleasant surprise compared to last week. here's another thing. this is a very different race than 2016. obviously people will say yeah, sure, of course. bernie sanders won, just like he did in 2016, but what he did in the state in 2016 was vastly different. all of the light blue is bernie
8:17 am
sanders. he wiped out secretary clinton back in that race. this underscores this is a different race, different field, different organizations, a lot more money. still same top line result. if you go through the largest towns in the state, bernie sanders really cleaned up. bernie sanders ran up some numbers in concord, he ran up numbers in manchester and nashua. also the university towns, in particular the public university towns. when you have youth vote, when you have progressive vote, that tends to go bernie sanders' way and it did again last night. and that more or less made up his margin, which right now i would note is under 4,000 votes. what that also underscores is that this was made more of a race than it was in 2016. the reason why is when you look at pete buttigieg and you look at amy klobuchar. look, if you look at two areas specifically, this is the border of vermont. obviously where bernie sanders is from. he cleaned up in this area back in 2016. these aren't necessarily huge towns, a couple hundred votes here and there. but pete buttigieg punctured that area in some form or fashion on the western part of the state.
8:18 am
he also did very well down in the southeastern part of the state, some of the more affluent voters, well educated voters. pete buttigieg made headway compared to where bernie sanders was in 2016. also amy klobuchar. if you look at the dark green, you see where amy klobuchar won in some townships, a lot of places that were republican-held traditionally. also note one key point. these three right here were the top three in just about every single town. that means that they were all playing every single town. and guess who wasn't playing? elizabeth warren and joe biden. they both had disappointing nights. i think that's underscored by the results. clearly bernie sanders happy with the top line takeaway. pete buttigieg happy to basically split delegates coming occupy new hampshire. and amy klobuchar where a lot of late breakers broke after the friday night obviously feeling good as well. iowa and new hampshire look very different demographic aem thall the next two contests, nevada and south carolina. for tonight at least these three candidates feeling pretty good
8:19 am
about themselves. >> takeaways but only to a point. good to see you, thank you. joining me now, cnn chief political correspondent dana bash and former obama campaign manager jim messina. a win is a win, no question for bernie sanders, but the results are likely tighter than the sanders team had thought or wanted. what does this mean for him going forward and also then buttigieg? >> first of all on bernie sanders, yeah, of course it was closer than he would have wanted, especially given the fact that on the moderate side of the ledger, so to speak, it was split. i mean if there were no amy klobuchar, i can just tell you anecdotally and also looking at the exit polls, a lot of her votes would have gone to pete buttigieg and he would have won. that's just kind of a fact of basic math. but a win is a win. and more importantly, just like pete buttigieg, bernie sanders has staying power. he has people who are his supporters and they don't want to go anywhere. in the states to come he's got
8:20 am
money, he has infrastructure, he has a movement behind him. those are no small things as jim messina, who kind of was behind and a part of a movement way back when will tell you. but pete buttigieg has similar, and so that is why you are seeing and hearing from a lot of democratic strategists, a lot of democratic leaders who feared a long process saying that's exactly what we think is happening as we speak. >> jim, dana is calling you old, i just wanted to state that for the record. >> it's true. >> takes one to know one, jim. >> right, totally. >> so, jim, klobuchar, let me ask you as dana noted the impact that she had with late breaking, late deciding voters in new hampshire. do you see that she has a path to keep this momentum going forward as this race turns now? >> i do. look, momentum matters in democratic politics, right? half of voters said they decided
8:21 am
who they were going to vote for in the final few days of this campaign. half. people have been campaigning in new hampshire for 18 months and yet half the voters said, hey, we're thinking about this at the end. amy is doing something that's pretty unprecedented. he doesn't have a lot of money. she really is one of the candidates who is surging right now and it's kind of about her appeal saying i can beat donald trump. the other number that i think was really interesting last night is the most important issue for democrats is who can beat donald trump. and with those voters mayor pete is now number one, klobuchar is number two. over half of voters last night voted for candidates that were more moderate because democrats are looking we have to beat donald trump. and that's why bernie sanders, who won by 22 points in 2016 in new hampshire only won by two last night. and going forward, we have a primary that is about passion versus practicigmatism and that going to be what happens. we're still in these lily white states where there are no minority voters.
8:22 am
we're finally going to get to nevada and south carolina. then we get to super tuesday where 38% of the delegates are going to be awarded and we have for the first time battleship bloomberg and all of his money coming so this race is about to get even more topsy-turvy. >> when it comes to moderate voters, i'm really curious, dana, what you think. what does buttigieg versus klobuchar look like now? >> it looks like, look, they obviously have different appeal. they're appealing on different -- >> different levels. >> -- issues, different levels. just the most basic is where she has differentiated herself from him, which is nice guy but he doesn't have experience and he's differentiated himself from her as nice woman, she's too inside washington. you know, that sort of continues to be a differentiator. but on the most important issue that jim was just talking about it's a little bit less clear, which is curious
8:23 am
to see if jim is hearing this, but i've been hearing -- there's no panic setting in yet, but there is a lot of concern about the split of the moderate vote. and i've got to say, there's an irony at least right now that joe biden isn't part of that conversation. >> right. >> he likely will be, to be fair, as we get to nevada and south carolina where as his campaign is reminding everybody today they have more of a natural base for his vote, as jim was saying, more latino voters, more african-american voters. but if that is the case, there will be even more of a split which could help bernie sanders keep -- stay on top or stay close to the top. >> real quick, jim, what do you make of what we're seeing in turnout? we just got some numbers from cnn that looks like the turnout in the democratic primary will exceed the record level votes that were cast in 2008 and there are big numbers for president trump as well on the republican
8:24 am
side. >> yeah. that's good news because iowa turnout was not where we wanted. but we saw in 2018 the highest turnout in a hundred years in the midterms. both bases are incredibly fired up. the one number that made me nervous was the youth vote was down from 19% to 14%. that's a troubling number. if you're bernie's campaign that's a very troubling number they have to fix going forward so we have to watch the youth vote. but big turnout is very good for democrats looking to november. >> good to see you guys, thank you. on to nevada and south carolina. president trump has broken norms and sparked outrage before, many times before. but post impeachment, this is a whole different game? is he now more emboldened than ever? and what does that mean? ♪
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president trump unrestrained, unleashed and unrepentant, on a tear settling scores after his acquittal one week ago in the senate. since then here's a bit of a remiesr reminder of what he has done. he fired lieutenant colonel vindman, fired vindman's twin brother who had nothing to do with ukraine policy or impeachment. he removed ambassador gordon
8:30 am
sondland. he vowed revenge and then in quick succession he has attacked the judge and prosecutors handling the criminal case of his long-time friend and ally roger stone. all of this in the week since the senate vote and senate republicans saying that they think that trump had learned his lesson. >> i believe that the president has learned from this case. i believe that he will be much more cautious in the future. >> are you confident the president is not going to simply ask another foreign power to investigate a political rival again? >> yes. i think that there are lessons that everybody can learn from it. >> i think the message has been delivered. again, if you listen to not just what i have said but what so many other senators have said on our side of the aisle as well as obviously the whole process of impeachment, i think it's clear now where that line is. >> to be fair, they were talking about lessons learned over potential abuse of power and
8:31 am
pushing a foreign government to investigate a political rival. but do you think republicans will be saying the same today on this topic? cnn caught up with several republican senators this morning already. manu raju working the hallways and he put the question to many of them. they didn't want to answer. they are dodging the questions right now. joining me right now, cnn senior political analyst john avlon and john harwood. good to see you guys. john avlon, what is the takeaway this week with this president? >> the president is not remotely restrained. the senators that said that were wishing and hoping, naive in the extreme, willfully blinded by pa partisan self-interest. this is a president who is angry. he is unhinged and he is unaccountable because his attorney general seems to believe his job is to act as the president's personal attorney. that is a very dangerous circumstance that frankly the founders and the framers didn't anticipate. >> or he's hinged and this is exactly what his hinge is.
8:32 am
he knows exactly what he is doing with what he was trying to do here. >> i wouldn't say control -- self-control is a real hallmark of this president. >> nor does he want it. john harwood, what is the message then that folks there where you are are getting from this? >> reporter: well, they're getting the message that this president is going to proceed on the course he wants to proceed on. hogan gidley, the deputy white house press secretary was just out in the white house driveway telling reporters the president had every right to talk to bill barr, even though he did not do so, but that he could. he's the chief law enforcement officer of the united states. that is correct, but of course interfering in cases like this and seeking retribution is contrary to american traditions of equal justice under law and nonpolitical interference in the justice department. so i think members of the white house staff even if privately they would like to restrain him know that the president, who is impulsive, who's headstrong, who
8:33 am
doesn't listen to aides who try to impede what he wants to do, is going to do precisely what he wants to do and the last few days have just given us a taste of it. >> and two areas that can offer restraint would be congress and also the inspector general of, say, the justice department in terms of what we have seen of late. republicans so far, they're dodging the question on it. i've seen some of the interviews that manu has been asking and some of the questions he's been asking them. do you -- i do not want to ask the question because i think we all know the answer of what do republicans do now. but in doing nothing, is it just at this point like outrage fatigue and a shoulder shrug? >> i think it's more than that and it should be. democracy is not a spectator sport. part of the strategy of a blizzard of lies is to overwhelm people. it's to overwhelm our ability to take in the outrage of the day. there's a lot of fake outrage in politics, but then there's the stuff that really stands out if you use anything resembling historic standards. >> a lot of folks are telling
8:34 am
you what has happened since yesterday is part of that? >> is absolutely part of that. the idea of impartial justice is go core to the credibility of the justice department. and right now what republicans are backing themselves into is advancing the nixon standard, if the president does it it means it isn't illegal. >> john harwood, real quick, any indication that this president unleashed goes beyond a direct response to impeachment or anything relating to the mueller investigation? >> reporter: i don't think so but you can certainly imagine it doing that. the president certainly not going to be constrained by his moral sense on that because by his words and actions, he has indicated he doesn't have a very active moral sense. he's going to do what he thinks is in his short-term best interests. if that in the future goes to things like punishing people who vote against him on legislation, nobody would be surprised to see it. >> not a lot of surprise left, if you will.
8:35 am
good to see you, johns, i really appreciate it, boys. republicans on the house intelligence committee have announced that they are boycotting a public hearing today. cnn got a copy of a letter signed by all nine republicans in explaining why. they claim that chairman adam schiff has strayed from conducting business relevant to the committee. they want him to address the inspector general report that identified problems with the fisa warrant application targeting carter page which of course takes us back and dates back to the mueller investigation and investigating the investigators. so instead they are protesting, not showing up for a hearing on emerging technologies and national security. we'll keep you updated if that changes. just wanted you to know. coming up, another big night for pete buttigieg. will he get a bounce heading into nevada and south carolina? north carolina is a little later. we'll talk about that when we get back. johnsbut we're also a cancer fighting, joint replacing, and depression relieving company. from the day you're born
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pete buttigieg is riding high after winning iowa and finishing a close second last night, though the road does not get easier from here. he knows that. as it now heads to more diverse states, nevada and south carolina and beyond. states where support from nonwhite voters is critical. here's what buttigieg said this morning. >> certainly there is another hill to climb each time, and we've got more work to do to demonstrate the breadth of our support. but just as we came from zero to top two finishes in the first two states, we believe we will be able to develop, build and grow a fantastic base of support
8:41 am
in states like nevada and south carolina and of course super tuesday is not far behind. >> joining me right now, democratic congressman anthony brown of maryland. he's the first member of the congressional black caucus to endorse pete buttigieg. he's a co-chair of the campaign. it's good to see you, congressman. thanks for coming in. >> thanks for having me on, kate. >> of course. so going forward, pete buttigieg needs to win over nonwhite voters to get over the finish line. is that appeal to communities of color different today? is it different from what folks have already heard from him in iowa and new hampshire? >> yeah, i think, first of all, when you look at what we did in iowa and new hampshire, we built these broad coalition, generationally diverse, geographically diverse, so we have to bring the same message, the messenger and the organization as we are approaching nevada, south carolina, as you point out, much more diverse racially and ethnically. but pete is the guy that's demonstrated that he's electable. he's right on the issues,
8:42 am
whether it's health care, job creation or public safety, so we'll deliver that message, we'll harness the energy with a sound organization and do very well in nevada and south carolina. >> where mayor pete is right now with black voters is in a recent quinnipiac poll, very recent, his support for pete buttigieg among black primary voters stands at 4%. that's nationally. whereas biden has support 27% and mike bloomberg is right now seeing support among black voters nationally at 22%. why hasn't pete buttigieg been making a connection with black voters? >> yeah, i think in the case of the vice president, he's served in national office for decades and even in the case of senator sanders, his campaign nationally certainly the last presidential cycle. what we know about pete is when communities, african-american communities and others get to know more about him as a person, but more importantly where he
8:43 am
stands on the issues and how he's going to improve voters' quality of life and the quality of life for their families, that's where we earn and gain the support. that will be true in the african-american community as well. >> so do you think it's just they need to get to know him more, it's not he needs to speak more about how he will be helping them? because i want to hear what the message is that is different, because it hasn't connected so far. >> sure. and as you know, pete rolled out what we call the douglass plan, a comprehensive approach at addressing systemic racism -- >> that was months ago. >> it was months ago. and now as we turn our attention to south carolina and nevada, you're going to see those numbers move in his direction. >> if he doesn't improve the number that i just listed out, does he have a chance in these states like nevada and south carolina? >> yeah, no, we do. we certainly have demonstrated the ability to pull together a
8:44 am
coalition of voters who, number one, want to see a democrat beat donald trump and, number two, they want to see a leader who has the ability to pull people together. when you look at demographically how pete has done in iowa and new hampshire, older americans, younger americans, those who live in rural communities and urban communities, we've been able to pull more and more communities together than any other campaign. that's what voters in south carolina want to see as well as in nevada, someone who can win and then someone who can govern in the era -- the post trump era. >> my question was if he does not improve that number which i listed out, his support amongst black voters was at 4%, if he doesn't improve upon that number, you think he can still pull out a win in nevada and south carolina? >> first of all, it's hard for me to accept the fact that he won't improve. when you and other networks were reporting on his support in the african-american community, it was at zero, so there's movement that we've seen.
8:45 am
we're going to build on the momentum coming out of new hampshire. americans, no matter what community you come from, like a winner. we've demonstrated the ability to win in iowa and demonstrated the ability to win in new hampshire. i believe you're going see numbers moving in the right direction. >> movement in the single digits as compared to 27 and 22% i think is kind of the comparison i was trying to make there. what does it -- what is it like for you as the first member of the congress a.ional black cauc to endorse him that right now he is not getting that groundswell of support that you have seen him gain elsewhere among black voters, and he has been in the race now for more than a year? >> look, one of the things that attracted me to pete buttigieg was his record in south bend, indiana. as a mayor working with a very diverse multi-cultural community, which comprises 25% african-american, they made a lot of progress in terms of affordable housing, reducing black poverty by 40%, black
8:46 am
unemployment by 70%. so that's what i look at. i think that's what voters in south carolina are going to look at. that coupled with the comprehensive plan that we call the douglass plan, that's what's going to move the numbers for pete and that's what attracted me to his candidacy. >> we will soon find out. congressman, thank you for coming in, i appreciate it. we'll see you on the trail. >> thank you. coming up for us, joe biden and elizabeth warren each took a big hit in new hampshire. is a comeback in the cards? we'll talk about it. listerine® cleans virtually 100%. helping to prevent gum disease and bad breath. never settle for 25%. always go for 100. bring out the bold™
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joe biden had a rough night, finishing in fifth place in new hampshire. he is vowing to fight on. biden and elizabeth warren, a senator from the neighboring state of new hampshire both are getting exactly zero delegates from last night's contest and both are focused on south carolina, nevada and beyond. what does that look like. former chairman of the dnc, terry, good to see you. they call it their firewall. does he need to win huge or just win? >> he needs to win. the same for senator warren. they need to win in nevada and south carolina. the problem is, if you're putting everything on south carolina, that's on february 29th. three days later is super tuesday. you have 15 contests, big contests, california, texas, north carolina, virginia, you can't raise money -- if you have a win on the 29th, sunday and then tuesday, there's no
8:52 am
opportunity for you at that point to raise any money, go on tv. they have to begin to show momentum and it will be important to both of them. they need to show they can raise money by tv in these marine states and there's not enough money to turn around after south carolina and put your operation in place. >> let's talk about cash. you're a money guy. >> don't tell my wife that. >> i won't, don't worry. just you and me here talking. nobody's listening. what happens when bloomberg and his millions and millions drops into the race officially after south carolina? >> none of us have ever seen this before in our party. i think it will have a big impact. no way a billion dollars or whatever his number is. he hasng them through november. i live in northern virginia in mcclain, there is an ad every
8:53 am
few seconds there. it's fascinating after iowa and new hampshire this thing is beginning to be winnowed down. it's not. we have five candidates seriously playing tuesday. you think of amy and pete and bernie. joe still in and elizabeth in. then, you have steyer and bloomberg, the two billionaires. after march 3rd, we're down to two or three. my guess with bloomberg with his money he will still be around. bernie consistently getting his 25, 30%, and then it will be a battle when you have more moderate candidates fighting each other to continue on as we go forward. >> you talked about biden, and you mentioned warren. what does a warren campaign reset look after new hampshire? >> i think it's harder for her, biden has made it african-american community in south carolina.
8:54 am
a big moment. it's harder in the last debate. pete buttigieg would have won in new hampshire. a lot of people, folks in new hampshire said, i'm either voting for amy or pete and she had a great debate. she needs a great debate moment. i give her credit, no matter what happens to her she changed the policy of debate. all the candidates looked to her and she led on these. at some point you have to begin to win states. the next three weeks from tuesday, super tuesday will be over, we will have a much clearer idea. we have a big muddled field. we have a lot of folks in this thing. this thing could go on for a very long time. i don't like. i'd rather see us get behind a nominee and focus on trump. >> at some point it becomes a money problem. if people don't win you won't be putting money in your campaign.
8:55 am
no matter what kind of smiley face you put on it, you can't just rack up debt and continue. >> you can't pay your staff. >> look at california, texas, d.c., the media market, you can't buy tv. >> can't buy cnn tv ads. >> that's right. top dollar. what about last night's top finishers with sanders and buttigieg, can they hold it with amy klobuchar nipping at their heels? dawn is a go-to grease-cleaner throughout the kitchen, too. keep a bottle in the laundry room to pre-treat greasy stains. and keep dawn in the garage to lift grease off car rims. it's even gentle enough to clean wildlife affected by oil. dawn's grease cleaning power takes care of tough grease wherever it shows up. scrub less and save more... with dawn. the business of hard work... ...hustle...
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welcome to inside politics. i'm john king. thank you for share psychology your day with us. the 2020 democrats are feeling the burn. bernie sanders wins the first in the nation presidential primary. it is clear proof he is the race's leading progressive. does now a victory suggest challenges ahead and protracted democratic race. nevada ahead with latinos


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