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tv   CNN Debate Post Analysis  CNN  February 19, 2020 9:00pm-10:00pm PST

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i said what i wanted to say. >> how much money have you raised? your campaign in the first hour sent out a note saying you raised $425,000. single best hour or day in fund raising. >> so this is really this debate tonight is about democracy. i have no doubt that coming off that debate stage that michael bloomberg is reaching in his pocket and dropping another $100 million in advertising across the country just to try to erase the memory of what happened on the debate stage. the only way to keep that memory alive is to be able to get out there and talk about it. and push it in front of people. i ask everybody to go to elizabeth pitch in $5. $25. make this about how a billionaire doesn't get to buy out nomination. especially one who is so vulnerable on the issues. >> when wrou talk about the issues and chris played a brief
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part. this is a moment where you took him on on the issue of women and non-disclosure agreements. and you did all the follow up questions. i want to play part of this moment. >> in my company lots of women have big responsibilities. they get paid exactly the same as men. and in my in city hall, the person that is the top person my deputy morphs a woman. and 40% of the commissioners are women. i'm proud of the fact that two weeks ago we were awarded, voted the most the best place to work. second best place in america. if that doesn't say something about employees and how happy they are i don't know what does. >> senator warren you have been critical. >> yes i have. i hope you heard what his
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defense was. i have been nice to some women. that just doesn't cut it. the mayor has to stand on his record. what we need to know is exactly what's lurking out there. he has some number of women. dozens. to sign non-disclosure agreements for sexual harassment and gender discrimination in the workplace. mr. mayor are you willing to release all the women from the non-disclosures? so we can hear their side of the story? >> we have a very few non-disclosure agreements. >> how many? >> none of them accuse me of doing anything other than maybe they didn't like a joke i told. >> so, what happens from here?
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>> well, i hope that bloomberg decides to live by what he says. he he wants to see the democrats beat trump. that's great. drop out of the race. keep putting your money in to help democrats beat trump. and take your ego out of it. >> did you expect him to do differently tonight? or better than he did. >> what shocks me is he seems so unprepared about the question. think about what that says about mike bloomberg. that all these years he has been sued evidently multiple times. for discrimination against women and harassing women. the details we don't know. each time it happens he puts a chunk of money on the table and forces the woman to agree to wear a muzzle for the rest of her life. over this issue. he walked in to this debate
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thinking nobody was going to ask about that? listen, this is serious. we're about to pick a nominee for president. and someone who can't answer that question about the non-disclosure agreements doesn't deserve to be the nominee. >> do you wonder what the reaction will be -- i say this in the context of the republican debate. last cycle. trump stood on the stage and had performances that were widely panned or weren't going to go anywhere and yet here he is. he won. voters didn't have a problem with it. do you think that could be the case this time around? >> i have to say i just cannot imagine that it is okay with the democratic party to say the person we want to put out there in front has a few, a dozen, 50, i don't know how many. non-disclosure agreements about what he has done with women.
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and been forced to pay money to keep them silent forever. think about what he said on the stage. he said i never said anything. it was just a joke. that's all i was accused of. if that's the case let the women come forward. and tell their side. let them say it was just a joke. can't believe he gave me money for that. if he won't let them talk, you have to assume this is man who not once not twice, but repeatedly engaged in harassment and discrimination and i have to tell you, i don't think women will put up with that anymore. we have done it for decades. and those days are over. and we are not going to nominate a candidate for president who does it. yet when it came to policy there were areas in which you agree. for example you're capitalists. >> it's not a small thing. >> it's a big thing on the stage. >> it is. >> a schism. are you socialist or a
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capitalist. >> remember i'm a capitalist who believes in rules. and enforcing those rules. so for example, while mike bloomberg was blaming african-americans and latinos for causing the housing crash, i was on the other side of that. talking about how bank regulation failed. and how the banks had been allowed to run wild. and target african-americans and latinos. for the worst of the worst mortgages. that's a factual question. ultimately the banks got sued the data came out and that was exactly what the banks had been doing. targeting communities of color to strip wealth out of them and bloomberg defended those banks. >> you were aggressive tonight. not just at bloomberg. but across the board. people are watching sp paying attention. klobuchar and buttigieg were on the receiving end.
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healthcare. in her case one that you thought only would fit on a post it note. it was aggressive. you think it worked? >> here's the thing, healthcare matters. we have a crisis in this country. year by year by year the cost just keep going up for families want premiums and copays and deductibles. so they have their talking points about why they don't like medicare for all. and keep claiming to have the wonderful plans. my view is, we're getting down to the short strokes here. look at the plans and see what they actually provide. pete's plan of the four kind of costs says he's fwoing to put cap on one. which means great. you kept the premiums. it means everything else continues to go up and families can't afford all of the uncovered expenses. the copays. her plan i looked at her web
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site. it's a couple of paragraphs. if they want to come to the stage and be treated seriously on the question of e healthcare, i assume they do, they have to be there with real plan. i put a plan out and show exactly how it's paid for and i show how we can get the most help to the most people the quickest possible. i want to do this and if we can't get it all at once. take the win and come back the next day to fight for more. for me it's about value plus getting something done. >> when you look at nevada and south carolina, how well do you think you need to do? >> i appreciate the question. since the day i got into the race i said i never did polls. i really am doing every day is out there doing what i have done all many i life. fight for working families. i am the politician who has been in politics the shortest amount
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of time. of all the people on the stage. regardless of age. i came to this after a lifetime of fighting for working families. of trying to warn people about the financial crash coming. trying to warn people about the rise in student loan debt. trying to warn people about what's happening with the retirement crisis in america. and having real ideas for how we can fix it. running for president is such an honor i get to talk about these things and actually begin to build coalitions behind them. that's how we'll make real change. >> all right. i appreciate your time. >> thank you for having me. we will be back. coverage continues from las vegas. and from new york. myself and chris will be back. at fidelity, you'll work with an advisor on a flexible wealth plan. and with new brokerage accounts, your cash is automatically invested at a rate that's at least 20 times more than other advisory firms. personalized advice. unmatched value.
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trump that comes from new york. i'm a mayor. i was a mayor. i know how to run a complicated city the biggest most diverse city in the country. i'm a manager. i knew what to do after 9/11 and brought the city back stronger than ever. and i'm a philanthropist. who didn't inherit money but made money and i'm spending that money to get rid of donald trump the worst president we have ever had. and if i can get that done, it will be a great contribution to america. and my kids. >> there was mike bloomberg arguably one of his few strong moments. of the night. so he was introducing himself to people. this is why i'm running. that message is salability. >> it's incredibly so. that's the kind of message he's been paying millions of dollars across the country to sell. the issue was not what he wanted
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to say. it's what he didn't want to say. he had no ability to pivot. or answer the questions. now again as we have been saying, whether or not that is going to matter if he find a way to do it. or campaign find a way to do it. we don't know. what is clear is that sanders had a very good night. because he really didn't get very many hits. people were so focussed on bloomberg. and sanders is still the favorite on national level. we're going into a set of races where national polls matter. they are national elections. especially super-tuesday. >> we were trying to figure out what's the best way to measure what the impact of a night is. not surprisingly yang said i'll tell you what will matter. bloomberg asset is money. you're saying that's what matters after the debate. what has to happen for someone to know it worked for them?
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>> warren had a tremendous night. that means that she's going to raise probably $3 million in the days after the debate. she needs to raise 20, 30, 40, million to contend in the super-tuesday states that have expensive media markets. that's why bloomberg has so much power in the race. he can put ads up in states that every candidate is not going to be able to afford. >> her counter tactic -- i'll make the most of the free media. she threw and landed a precise blow. especially at bloomberg. >> she did. she took aim at bloomberg and succeeded. particularly on the nda issue and started out the debate by talking about that issue. by talking about the names that bloomberg called women. comparing him to trump. which goes to his electability. which is how can you allow this guy to go up against that guy. one has problems with women.
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the other guy has problems with women. she was right on the on the arguments. the question is will it matter? this is late. you have nevada on saturday. south carolina coming up. people don't have any money. you're shaking your head. you know the story. and who has the money to compete other than sanders right now and michael bloomberg? >> that's the great question is could elizabeth or joe or amy or pete have a break out night that leads to donations. from people and donors on the sidelines. frankly getting phone calls from bloomberg saying sit this out i got this. if you're a donor not donating is a an appealing pitch. >> bloomberg is calling donors saying don't give to my opponents. >> saying sit this out i have
9:18 pm
this, i'll bankroll the whole thing. donate to anybody. >> you hear this or know this. >> i heard it from a major donor. >> your donor? >> yes. it's a person who donates to a number of candidates ordinarily. says these are the phone calls. >> a rule change in the game now. we don't just say are you sure? where'd you hear it. on the analysis side we have to put something out to verify. you are of course correct. you have to manifest your success in money. everybody complains about it. but it's all we talk about if the campaigns. if elizabeth warren doesn't get the kind of push that andrew is saying. what does that mean for her? probably the best athlete on the change. >> it's a challenge he's talked about as part of the candidacy since day one and the democratic field agrees. we don't want to be progressives
9:19 pm
don't want to be in the position. we happen to be this cycle. if we got somebody in the white house able to change the rules so we didn't have the giant money in politics. we wouldn't have to have the debate next time and have a democratic fair election based on a representative sample of who wanted the nominee to be the nominee. let's hope we get there. >> it's ironic tonight. elizabeth warren really needed bloomberg. having a foil -- that's how she became a household name. making bankers cry. >> the way a lion needs an antelope. >> exact lichlt exactly. she was right next to her the em bodiment of the corruption and the disrespected women. she came to life in a way that was extraordinary. she was doing something else she hasn't gotten credit for. she was electability argument.
9:20 pm
he's saying i have the money the machinery. i can run over donald trump. i can crush him. i have all this money. you also have a record. i want to talk about that. it's not a good one. and she was able to make it effective. is it too little too late? you have to begin to wonder when you have this kind of dynamic going on, it could be a bubble. you could have a bloomberg bubble. he is hiring everybody or whatever. the air comes out quickly if she can be effective and landing blows. >> it wasn't just attacks it was the rope she gave him to hang himself. his answer on the question of the sexual harassment lawsuits was identical to trumps answer. when he was asked about the same thing. trump would say i promoted women, my deputy is a woman. women who work for the trump organization. my daughter is a woman.
9:21 pm
i made jokes/locker room talk. listening to bloomberg give an answer that sounded very early familiar. it speaks to the original point she was smart to tie up his rhetoric with something we're used to the president -- >> one gloves are really off. to compare bloomberg with what we know at this point to what we absolutely know about donald trump. is a really heavy and ugly allegation. >> women are the driving force of the elections we have had since trump was elected and they will be again. women are the ones who -- >> it could be disqualifying for him? >> some of the things he said are truly -- there's going to have to be a real apology. not i guess some people didn't get my jokes about the awful things. women are so used to hearing -- >> can't apologize for an nda. you can say they no longer
9:22 pm
apply. >> you can apologize for what you said. it doesn't go away. >>. and the question doesn't go away either. it will be disqualifying for women watching this debate. they want to know somebody in the white house cares about them. >> what'sth best answer? >> i go back to my point. we're going into 14 big states with tremendous amount of money. a week later you have michigan, missouri, ohio. >> a week after that you have florida, illinois, ohio. we are going to a basket of states. we maybe sitting here in eighth months and say it wasn't a great calendar. we should end in new hampshire. all white states. it's not representative. that set where with we are today. the problem maybe the cluster too many states together. 68% of the delegates will be chosen in three week ands procolludes from elizabeth
9:23 pm
warren who had a great debate. >> maybe the best decision they could have made was to skip it. let's take a break here. and when we come back let's talk about the obvious dichotomy. you have a really progressive wing and you have a really scared/moderate wing. is there a middle? next. (sensei) a live bookkeeper is helping customize quickbooks for me. (live bookkeeper) okay, you're all set up. (sensei) thanks!
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i can't think of a way that would make it easier for trump to get elected than listening to this conversation. we're not going to throw out
9:28 pm
capitalism. we tried that. it was called communism and it didn't work. >> we have a grotesque and immoral distribution of wealth and income. mike bloomberg owns more wealth than the bottom 125 million americans. that's wrong, that's immoral. that shouldn't be the case when we have a half a million people sleeping out on the street. >> i can't speak for all billionaires. i have been very lucky. made a will the of money and i'm giving it away to make the country back. and a good chunk goes to the democratic party as well. >> have you earned too much money? should you have earned that much money? >> yes. i worked very hard for it. i'm giving it away. >> now that was one of the key exchanges in term of understanding these two houses. within the democratic party right now.
9:29 pm
this sanders party about billionaires should go. and obviously bloomberg giving a different perspective. how did it play for you? >> to me it's a struggle for the sole of the democratic party. and it mirrors what happened to the republican party in the last cycle. you had trump the outsider running over all the traditional candidates. putting up republican talking points and turned out the ideas weren't that powerful anymore. this time you have bernie the outsider the front runner now. poised to run the table. and the establishment has been looking around for a white knight and bloomberg showed up with his money and wealth. kp tv ads. to me this was a great night for bernie because he emerges as the front runner. he's hard to touch. i have been on the debate stage with him seven times. and he's just like a stoic messenger. it doesn't matter what you say
9:30 pm
to him. he pivots back to a talking point. and then the minute passes. >> people know what you're getting with sanders. they have known for 40 years. and they knew it from 2016. and they know it again nowment he hasn't changed. >> that's a plus and minus. he has a movement. when you look at the rallies nobody has the people behind him. what's the flip point? it's about 24% of the democratic party. that's the plus minus we talk about the ceiling all the time. i said two houses for a reason. i didn't say a house divided into two. it's two different houses in the party. i don't see where it goes. >> it will take real leadership. you have a moderate republican in bloomberg. and a socialist in sanders. and we're in the same party.
9:31 pm
trump facing a similar situation was able to unify his party. which is shocking. usually when you have that you destroy the party. you might win the nomination. but the party is in the ditch. that happened in 64 for the republicans. trump avoided that fate by two smart things. you don't like me but i'll make sure the religious conservatives stay with me. giving you a judge you like. and make sure the racial right is red meat. i'm making sure the business community gets tax cuts and regulations relief. and guess what i can hold the party together. even though i took it over. clinton had no strategy to hold a democrats together even though she won. that left us where where he now. we are still trying to figure out how to put it back together. if you're a sanders person, you have to imagine sanders will be able to figure out a way to hold
9:32 pm
onto the moouvement as trump di. but pull together other factions. >> his consistency is a strength in the debate. at this point when -- let's say he does well in nevada and south carolina. and emerges. the front runner. we need to see him move beyond the same message that he has been giving because he's been giving that kp has the supporters he has. i want to see him reach out to people who focus are issues that may not be his focus. see him own the supporter issue a little bit more. the idea that people really do get harassed by either. he might be right. bernie supporters or people who look like supporters online. russia or what. >> yeah but in this conversation. look at the abc news poll that was out today. about electability. when sanders the campaign started in july, it was joe
9:33 pm
biden who was at like 40% on ability to beat trump. sanders was in the teens. now it's flipped. sanders isn't that high. he's about 30%. he's really high. and joe biden is down in the teens. and so i don't know what that means. it could be a signal that maybe the whole democratic party isn't going to come behind him. it won't be a mirror of what trump did in the republican party. but it shows there is movement in the that direction. i don't think anybody saw coming. >> we don't know where it will go. sanders is moving ahead. what he has to do is show he can bring 51% of americans. he has to change the pitch. and i thought buttigieg had a very good point. you're not the only one with good answers. he was good making that point. he has to open up to the party. we move towards the nomination
9:34 pm
don't forget most voters is about beating trump. you make the point that the control of the united states supreme court for the next generation is going to determine the election. that will bring democrats back into the fold to say we are unifying behind the nominee. remember we only lost the democrats are watching this rubbing their hand. we lost three states by 77,000 votes. in those three states 360,000 people voted for a third party. which will not be in play this time. in 92 million people didn't vote in 2016. we can push this. >> turn out is looking good so far. iowa is low. new hampshire broke records. informed has 70,000 people voting early. they have never done that before. it's hard to say what it does election day. it's very unlikely they don't break records in nevada. >> democrats saying there will
9:35 pm
be carnage down ballot if it's sanders. and that's a real issue for someone like nancy pelosi. >> they said that about trump. >> this could be an issue. >> we have ptsd from 2016. don't forget, all -- if trump gets the no, ma'mination. the republican party will be destroyed. it's a blood bath. it didn't happen. >> you have never seen a galvanized party. with the gop. when we come back let's start talking about what you'll see as you have more results. it's all talk until the polls come in and the story is changed with each state the biggest ones are coming all within a number of a few weeks ahead. stay with us.
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i'd like to talk about who we're running against a billionaire who calls women fat broads and horse faced. and i'm not talking about donald trump. i'm talking about mayor bloomberg.
9:40 pm
democrats are not going to win if we have a nominee who has a history of hiding his tax returns, harassing women. and of supporting racist policies like red lining and stop and frisk. look i'll support whoever the democratic nominee is. but understand this, democrats take a huge risk if we just substitute one arrogant billionaire for another. >> so, elizabeth warren that was a taste of what she did to everybody on that stage. proving she is arguably the best political athlete the party has. the question becomes is what you just saw enough to make her money in a position where she can be competitive. let's take it to the bigger minds. you have been giving us a practicality. the sanders campaign posted the best fund raising night yet.
9:41 pm
the elizabeth warren campaign had the best fund raising day ever. according to a tweet. more than $1 million during the debate. >> yeah. those are really impressive sums. the question is whether she will get another million in the hours after the debate and another million. and another million. because the advertising she needs to make on super-tuesday are really expensive. like california and texas. the bloomberg campaign is hoovering up staff from every campaign including mine. paying way above market rate. like a big company that's doing roll out acquisitions. they are political staff. and i wouldn't be surprised if many of the candidates on the stage tonight were losing staff to bloomberg because he's
9:42 pm
offering 150 to 200% of what the market rate is. essentially at every level. >> it's not just advertising. people think about him talking about -- he's buying up all the ads. he's buying up all the talent in the democratic party. that's causing problems. people trying to run for state senate. >> they have to want to work for him? right. or is the money enough. >> if you're a political operative you work for a will the of candidates. yeah. >> wow. >> to that point. he was playing on the obama line you're likable enough. >> listen to what warren said. she gets full points for coming out ready and focussed and delivering with every attack she levelled against anybody. she says look, i just called you a racist and sexist and i'll be with you. it's one of the reasons -- >> it's what the primary is. there are very serious differences between the candidates on stage.
9:43 pm
and things i can't stand about some of them. things i love about others. i will vote for any -- i'll pnos and make the phone calls the second we have a nominee regardless of who it is. >> even if he's a harassing machine and bigot. >> the president has been accused of rape by multiple women. i know that. i believe that anybody on the stage wouldn't be behave that way in the white house and wouldn't talk about women from the white house would probably have a cabinet decently representative for women. i think we're talking about apples and oranges regardless. >> without the out reach that sanders has yet to do, the question that i have is who will -- it's not sanders. if it were bloomberg or the warren people. would they come out and vote? what's the incentive for people who have supported bernie
9:44 pm
sanders for years and years and he's not opening up his arms to other factions in the party. >> incentive is donald trump. >> is that enough or do they just stay home and say i'm sick of it all. >> that goes both directions. in this party. people have to ask the question. infatuated with bloomberg and want a moderate to save the party. would that be willing to walk behind a sanders and give him an opportunity? and sanders willing to reach across the other way. that's the big question. that's the leadership challenge for whoever gets the nomination. something that bloomberg i think got really wrong, he was really tone deaf on some of the questions around class. around income. when he said i worked really hard. that's why i have all this money. there's a will the of people who
9:45 pm
work really hard. and don't have all that money. the little thing around i can't possibly figure out a way to count all my money. i can't use turbo tax. he could have said i want to get this right, the american people deserve accuracy. i'll make sure it's accurate. i have so much money you can't imagine. that stuff had he been in the living rooms and looking people in the eyes when he made the comments. not his staff. real people. that is offensive. why sanders has the power he has is he knows it's offensive and understands the cut and the rub of some people being so wealthy and well connected they don't know when they are offending people. >> it's early in the process. bernie is trying to win the nomination. at this point everybody is trying to go to the base. and as they move along and collect for delegates and front runner status, they try to reach out more.
9:46 pm
i understand we have two contests. they are trying to dig down to supporters. >> it's getting late early. >> it's late early for us also. let's get in a break. maybe yang will get back in the race. stay tuned for the answer to the question. revitalift hyaluronic acid serum. with our highest concentration of hyaluronic acid. visibly replumps skin. and reduces wrinkles. revitalift hyaluronic acid serum from l'oréal. doprevagen is the number oneild mempharmacist-recommendeding? memory support brand. you can find it in the vitamin aisle in stores everywhere. prevagen. healthier brain. better life. ♪ ♪ everything your trip needs,
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something very important to remember. everybody hates talking about money and politics, but there is a great example of why it matters so much. terry, you've been talking about the realities of all these delegates coming up and how you get them. money is a big part of it. >> this may have been baked into the calendar that we have. most of the candidates should raise the money and sort of spread it out as we move forward. the problem is this calendar is so condensed. the problem that every candidate
9:51 pm
except for bernie and mayor bloomberg is going to have right now you have 14 contests coming up, three days after south carolina. then in the next two weeks, six more gigantic states. you're talking 100 to $125 million media buy, paying for your staff, doing your digital. nobody can do that. >> that means you're not in states, you're not on as often, your commercials are not there. >> chris, you are not going win if you are not on tv at all. i think bernie and probably bloomberg will be the only two on tv in california and texas. bloomberg has been on in virginia now for three months. nobody else has been on it, and north carolina. >> what about earn media? >> so elizabeth will get a great run. this clip they'll show over and over. >> but you can't compete is constant. and that's the problem with the calendar we have. it is so short, fast. even if you do well in south carolina, the next day is sunday. you can't really raise money. you can't deposit tell monday. you can't buy tv until tuesday.
9:52 pm
it's impossible. >> you have to make the media buy. you need some lead time. to me a lot of the problem is you have several moderates who are congesting the lane where bernie is capped out at around 25 to 30%. but because you have joe and amy and pete all in there, and mike now, you need to consolidate that group of four candidates. but then who gets out for who? like it's a collective action problem. and each of them has obviously a team that has zero interests in saying we're going get out for another candidate. but if they all stayed, you can see bernie rung away with this. >> presidential debt retirement communities, that is what will drive you out. there is nothing worse. because you have to find new donors that is one thing that ties the candidates. there is nothing worse. >> can you imagine sitting around the table with some collective action people saying okay, who gets out?
9:53 pm
do you get out, elizabeth? i mean not elizabeth, do you get out, amy or pete or do you get out, joe? well, bloomberg doesn't have to sit at that table. it's never going to happen. >> at this point they're all equally plausible candidates. >> right. >> they're all kind of equally cash-strapped. >> these conversations are going to start heating up over the next one to two weeks because they're seeing the same calendar. it's almost like this wall and this wave is about to crash into it. so they're having much more serious conversations. you can tell from tonight that they were all told look, this could be make or break for your campaign. and if you're in that mode, then honestly, i think we're going to see some of these candidates having very, very tough conversations. hopefully, even with other campaigns. >> you were part of that club until recently. >> yes, i was. do. >> you see what gloria just suggested, which is very logical. ever happening? the people who are there remaining in the congested lane that you just discussed having a meeting and saying let's talk
9:54 pm
about okay, i'll get out. who is going to stay in? >> no, i don't see it. i know the people involved. they don't have those kind of relationships. and again, they each have a team of dozens, hundreds of people that have interests that are very much the opposite direction because they're all trying to think hey, if my person becomes the president or the veep, then we're going to have this job, that job, that job. this is still the hope and the dream. so it's going to be tough to get them all together. but if they don't come together in some way, then i think the timing is going to end up working out for bernie. >> this is exactly what happened in 2016 with the republican party. >> yep, rubio, everybody has their dreams and stuff. and trump was -- it was a very long time before trump was winning majorities. he was just getting that 25, 30, 35% every single time. and we sit here saying well, clearly it's not going to be donald trump. there is no way it's going to be donald trump. so we came up with all these different lanes and theories.
9:55 pm
attend of the guy. >> we slept on the movement. bernie sanders is the only one that has that right now. and that's why you've got to give it some respect. >> and i think, again, for him, his electability argument, and i didn't know the numbers that you raised before, that his numbers were going up, that it makes sense to me that he is electable goes up. i think to be electable, you have to electrify. if you don't have the money, which is bloomberg's thing you got to have the energy. you have to have the people. those bernie sanders rallies that we don't show often, those things are really, really fired up. and that energy can sometimes get a candidate across the finish line. >> well, we're going to be seeing soon enough what it means. the money totals are going to start to come in. polls are going to be released. and before we know it, it's going to be one state on top of the other, hitting you on the head. cnn is going to be there every step of the way. >> thank you. i was even more right than i knew. andrew yang, my favorite group.
9:56 pm
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