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tv   New Day With Alisyn Camerota and John Berman  CNN  February 21, 2020 2:59am-4:00am PST

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ecosystem when it launched. thanks for joining us, everybody. have a great rest of your day and great weekend. i'm christine romans. "new day" starts right now. >> announcer: this is cnn breaking news. we want to welcome our viewers in the united states and all around the world. this is "new day." february, february 21st 6:00 and intel officials say russians are interfering in america's election again to help donald trump win and sow distrust about the election process. the intelligence community's top election security official told house members this in a classified briefing last week. but when president trump found out about it a source tells cnn he became, quote, irate match not because of the threat to national security but instead he was worried it could hurt his reputation. all of this led the president to force-out the director of
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national intelligence joseph maguire. maguire has been replaced by a trump loyalist with no intelligence experience. and that loyalist is bringing in one staffer who worked to discredit the intel community that russia interfered in the 2016 election. >> and to be clear, again, the intelligence community told this house committee that the russians prefer donald trump. much more on what that means ahead. also, we have more in the democratic race. we have new word on how the bloomberg team is trying to adjust after the debate performance. and we have surprising new reporting on how the financial strain of the campaign led one leaning candidate to take out a line of credit in january. we want to begin with our top story though. the information from the intelligence community that the russianings prefer donald trump
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in the 2020 election. the president doesn't seem to like that fact one bit or want anyone to hear about it. laura jarrett here with us now to explain. >> it's like dejay view. here we go. intelligence officials believe russia is trying to influence the 2020 election. those are the facts. instead the president is lashing out and more worried about optics. a warning this morning of russian interference in a u.s. election again. citing five sources, last week top intelligence official shelly pierson told house lawmakers russia is attempting to help president trump win and so doubt about the integrity of the election. according to a source with knowledge of the briefing, russia is using hacking weaponizing social media and attacking election infrastructure to protect their u.s. interests. the president was angry with acting director of national intelligence joseph maguire following the meeting according
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to a white house official. president trump then forced out maguire replacing him with richard grenell. a fierce game partisan trump loyalist and current ambassador to germany. >> he has zero intelligence or national security experience. we don't need a director of national propaganda, however. we need a director of national intelligence. >> reporter: russia's interference in the 2016 election and the conclusion that their efforts hurt hillary clinton and helped donald trump led to the mueller investigation. >> they said they think it's russia. i have president putin. he just said it's not russia. i will say this. i don't see any reason why it would be. >> reporter: that controversy overshadowing trump's presidency despite his constant down playing of the stakes. >> russia, russia, russia. the impeachment hoax. it's a hoax. had the impeachment hoax. had the mueller hoax. you had the russia, russia,
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russia nonsense. all scams. we first went through russia, russia, russia. it was all bull [ bleep ]. >> reporter: president trump seemed most outraged over adam schiff's being part of the briefing. one person familiar with the matter tells cnn.
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"the washington post" reports this morning that president trump told maguire and other aides in the oval office that he didn't believe russia was interfering to help him or planning to do so and that the intelligence community was getting played. >> based on what? that's the question. based on what does the president make this claim? >> a strong feeling. >> a strong feeling. not the report from the intelligence community that apparently the russians prefer donald trump. much more on all of this ahead. thank you for being with us. also this morning, democratic con tenders making their final pitch. the nevada caucuses are tomorrow. bernie sanders, the front runner going in. what will the impact of the debate be on the voting tomorrow?
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arlette saenz live in vegas with more. i should note, a lot of people have voted already in nevada. >> reporter: that's right. over 70,000 people have cast ballots already. bernie sanders remains the front runner here. and is hoping for a repeat in the caucuses tomorrow. there's also joe biden and elizabeth warren who both need strong finishes in the state after disappointing losses in iowa and new hampshire. last night in our cnn town halls, they both took aim at michael bloomberg who isn't even competing if t-- in the state. take a listen. >> he's advertising himself to be barack's best buddy. have you seen his ad? well, he didn't support barack or our administration. >> i wrote up a release in
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covenant not to sue and all that mayor bloomberg has to do is download it. i'll text it. sign it and then then women or men will be free to speak and tell their own stories. >> reporter: now, michael bloomberg is hoping to move past that rocky debate. he only mentioned it for a short bit yesterday at an event in utah saying he's concerned democrats might nominate someone who can't win in november. that being a vailed reference at bernie sanders. and one other thing the democrats are hoping here in the state is a much smoother process tomorrow compared to what happened with that iowa caucus debacle earlier this month. and we'll see how that all plays out tomorrow. >> that's a low bar. that's a low bar. the iowa bar, very low. >> but still a good goal, i would say. if that's the main goal, good goal. arlette, thank you. american's top intelligence officials believe russia is already interfering in this year's election to help
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president trump. and the president apparently does not want to hear about it. we'll bring you the latest next. ♪ go on and ask her.
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breaking overnight, the intelligence community's top election security official warned last week that russia is already trying to interfere in the 2020 election trying to help president trump win. after being told of this briefing, the president was irate with joseph maguire. "the washington post" reports, quote, trump told maguire and other aides in the oval office that he did not believe that russia was interfering to help him or planning to do so and the intelligence community was getting, quote, played. he said the information would be used against him unfairly. and that he could not believe that people were believing such a story again.
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maguire was fired. joining us now phil mudd and john avalon. so phil, not surprising that russia is doing this again and that they prefer president trump. we have heard that for a long time. but president trump doesn't want to hear it. apparently if you tell president trump about this, you risk your job. >> that's right. i think we got to look at two pieces of this. the first you're talking about is the intel piece. as a former intel guy, there's a second piece i'd be equally worried about. and that is this a rare time in the intelligence business where the public piece is as important as the private intel. who is going to speak to the american people going into next november about the threats they face by things like russian trolls on social media. the fbi director can't do it. the cia director can't do it. not only because they don't have a voice but because the president will squelch them.
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the president of the united states would be speaking to the people coordinated with his cabinet. the bottom line is nobody will speak to the american people with the power the president does. that's a problem in this case. >> i have two basic questions out of this. number one, what does it tell us that the intelligence community believes that the russians prefer donald trump. why would they prefer donald trump? and number two, what does it tell us that the president seems to want to silence or hide this information? >> it says there's been no learning curve in the oval office since the russian interference in 2016 which was designed to benefit donald trump. he doesn't like it. it's an uncomfortable fact. he's worried -- a general explanation is he's worried it compromises the legitimacy of his presidency. but we know from the mueller report, we know that the russians interfered in the last election to help donald trump. president doesn't want to confront that. we know from robert mueller the russians were going to try to
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interfere in this election on an ongoing basis. and now the intelligence community believes they're going to try to do the same play again to re-elect donald trump. what's dangerous is the president still thinks this is all a hoax, that it didn't happen. it's that republicans don't want to hear intelligence either. then there's a question about whether the intelligence community will accept this. because this is a clear and present danger against the integrity of our elections. this is not a tough call. this should wake up everybody hardless lesless -- regardless. this is a dangerous moment. >> there is one person the president believes as he's told us many times. let me just remind you of what he said in helsinki on the world stage, phil. >> my people came to me, dan coats came to me and some others and said they think it's russia. i have president putin. he just said it's not russia. i will say this. i don't see any reason why it would be.
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>> i mean, why in the world -- you know, it's just -- it's so naive. >> and so nothing has changed since then except that as of today we know the president doesn't like that message. he also doesn't like the messenger. he also doesn't like the delivery system. so that's a little bit different. we know he doesn't believe the intel. now he doesn't even want the intel officers to be able to brief the intel committee. so that's their job. intelligence officials as you can tell us go to the congress to the intelligence committee and tell them about the information they're getting. and the president didn't like that part either. >> well, i think a couple things have changed. let me tell you in a second how this is going to play out. the first is over the course of the last three and a half years. the president has realized if he plays pinocchio, the american people will believe him. if he fwoez out there and says what he wants about russia, he thinks it's fine. in the past couple of days we learned that he's going to appoint somebody as the chief
3:16 am
intel guy who is a supporter of his. he is assuming grenell will carry water for him. when he goes to congress or the white house with talking points, the people in my old job preparing talking points are going to say the russians are interfering, what are you going to say ambassador? the second we're not talking about him, thedirector, she's tough. she is not going to go before a congressional committee and say anything that's not the truth. so the president thinks he can control the narrative. he can on twitter. he can't with the intel people. >> there's a lot going on here. number one, you keep saying the president doesn't believe the russians are doing it. i don't know what the president believes. what i do know is the president doesn't want anyone to be told that the russians want him to win. that's what he's taking action on now. >> i'm just taking it at his word. >> at your own peril you choose to believe the words of donald trump. john avalon, again, just to
3:17 am
review here. not just that the russians prefer him. not just that the president doesn't want it public. not just that he's pushing out someone who will allow this information to be given to the congressional committee, but that he's putting people in who might keep it silent. what phil mudd was bringing up there. rick grenell. all of a sudden everything that happens in the past 48 hours is painted in a different light. why do you put in a guy with no experience in intelligence right now when the intelligence community is telling people that the russians want trump to win? >> for all the reasons that all of a sudden become clear. because he doesn't want independence and integrity. he wants someone who will act as a suckup and sycophant presumably to him and other loyalists on capitol hill. as you see the president of the united states and his allies continue in a war against the alleged deep state which becomes synonymous for people to do their jobs. let's not get numb to how crazy
3:18 am
this situation we're confronting is. which is russia trying to influence an ongoing election on behalf of a sitting president. and if that still doesn't resonate to you at home or you're on the right side of the aisle and don't want to deal with it, imagine -- take the moral imagination to imagine how you'd feel if donald trump and hillary clinton's election was helped by the russians. stacking the deck with loyalists isn't going to help the cause of truth. isn't going to help advance the truth. this is a national security issue. president seems incapable. he's appointing people who seem disinterested in moving that forward. >> does it make america safer keeping this silent? >> no. because you have to have american vote who are understand what the truth is. 40% will say the truth is when i see stuff about russia on the internet or when i see stuff about the election, the president told me not to pay attention to it. somebody has to speak and without the president, i don't know who that's going to be. >> john, phil, thank you very much.
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all right. after the costly fights in iowa and new hampshire, some democratic candidates this morning desperate for cash. surprising new reporting on which candidate is hurting the most and what it means for the race ahead with nevada caucuses. they are tomorrow. you've tried so many moisturizers...
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the nevada caucuses, they are tomorrow. the results will be very key. will bernie sanders continue his front runner status heading into south carolina and then super tuesday? or will someone else make a run? joining us now karen finney, former spokesperson for hillary clinton's 2016 campaign. also with us, cnn political analyst ted herndon who has been covering elizabeth warren who's been in the middle of the news the past few days for her debate performance and taking on michael bloomberg. there is a new piece of news overnight which is fascinating.
3:24 am
which is her campaign has money issues. they took out a $3 million line of credit at the end of january because they were concerned about going under. >> they were concerned about going under. these new reports give us a key insight into the warren campaign. they entered the february month not just looking for cash, but almost broke. they were spending money at a higher rate. this is a campaign that was built out early, has staff in super tuesday states. they think that organizing early will be their key to getting delegates. that comes with a lot of overhead. and she has to raise money consistently at a higher rate to be able to keep that up. she is someone who has not done high dollar fund raisers. that's been a hall mark of hers. she has not been able to keep up with the small dollar money that bernie sanders is running. that had them entering that iowa month at a critical point. they had to as you said tap into kind of an unprecedented reserve of $3 million line of credit which they say they did not use. they end up in the last month, it's important to know, having
3:25 am
what they say has been their best campaign fund raising to date. after even disappointing results in iowa and new hampshire, the debate performance has super charged their fund raising. they say they're in a better place now but gives us a key window to know just how close they were to really insolvency going into february. >> so karen, what's the answer? what can they do now? >> well, look. i think they are wise to have had -- i think it's an important point that they have had -- i think she's got about a thousand people on the ground in those super tuesday states. really the point of it is to get to super tuesday. she has a huge advantage. obviously bloomberg just put 2,000 people, i think, on the ground. but they just got there. and warren's had people there for quite a period of time. that matters in organizing, right? and remember that we're going to come out of tomorrow we've got nevada. next saturday we've got south carolina. and then obviously just four days later, we've got super tuesday. whereas the other campaigns are
3:26 am
trying to raise the cash and get staff into those super tuesday states, i think it's going to be a big advantage for her that she'll be able to turn right around after south carolina and proceed into super tuesday knowing she's got staff on the ground. >> the other thing she can do is put herself right in the middle of the discussion which she has. and you noticed the fund raising shot up after that. she was in the cnn town hall last night. she is really leaning into the issue of michael bloomberg and the nondisclosure agreements. why is she doing this? what does she want out of it? and what kind of a position does this put bloomberg in now? >> it's a perfect foil for her. coming out of nampbz, the reporting is that they noticed the surge klobuchar got after that new hampshire debate. and then added with the money concerns, added with what has been a hugely disappointing result, they knew they needed a shakeup. you have the entrance of michael bloomberg, a billionaire. someone who has this history with these nda agreements.
3:27 am
and it's kind after a perfect storm for warren to have what was her best debate performance yet. they wanted to drive that narrative kind of like they were doing last year releasing plan after plan after plan to drive media cycles. they wanted to keep up that performance from the debate. so you have her come into the town hall last night trying to keep that pressure up. saying i'm a contract law scholar. here's a contract he can sign. >> the fact she wrote it sells well. >> exactly. because that's her expertise. >> and one more question astead, just from the reporting, is it your sense that she had been holding back on a more aggress i have style and they just decided to pivot after seeing amy klobuchar as many. >> they believe pitching an affirmative message was important. but they got to the point in the primary where these other candidates were doing contrast day after day. she was the one holding off on that. but they did not see a big benefit. more than amy klobuchar. you have the new hampshire finish of really forcing
3:28 am
introspection here. then we have the las vegas result which is again affirming to the money and interest that is then drove. >> put up the carolisouth carol polling. this is the latest. it still shows joe biden ahead there. but not by a lot. and karen, bernie sanders is rising there. and this gets to what is probably the most important story now in the democratic race which is the rise of bernie sanders as the clear national front runner as the one candidate who can more or less end this by super tuesday. which is just three or four days after south carolina. or not. what do you think? >> i don't think that's true. i think we're going to see -- you've heard me say this before -- a longer primary. when i was at the dnc in 2008 we saw that. and in 2016, we saw that. i think voters are going to want to have their say. i don't buy into this -- and we've seen it play itself out time after time. voters don't necessarily just go with what the state before them did. south carolina, for example. those numbers look very familiar
3:29 am
to me in that we saw in 2016 sanders had support mostly among younger african-americans. hillary had support, older african-americans. and they turn out. and so it'll be interesting to see in south carolina what the turnout looks like, because that's going to determine who wins. and i believe that the biden campaign knows that very well. and obviously being a primary and not a caucus, it is a different kind of challenge, right? you just got to get people out and to the polls. they don't have to be there for three hours which is a big help. so yeah. i don't think we're going to have an answer to this before the convention. sorry to say. that's my prediction. sorry. but good for us. >> yeah. there's just so many things to keep an eye on over the next couple of weeks. karen, astead, thank you very much. really interesting new comments from white house chief of staff or acting chief of staff mick mulvaney about the u.s. economy and specifically the deficit under president trump. we're going to be joined by one of the senior economists in the white house. i see him lurking in the wings
3:30 am
right now. peter navorro joins us next. now, we know the trump strategy-
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president trump is campaigning for re-election on a robust economy, but the white house has remained mostly silent on the ballooning deficit which has nearly doubled since president trump has taken office. "the washington post" reports at a speech yesterday, the president's acting chief of staff mick mulvaney said, quote, my party is very interested in deficits when there's a democrat in the white house. the worst thing in the whole world is deficits when barack obama was president. then donald trump became president, and we're a lot less interested as a party. joining me now is peter navarrn.
3:34 am
you're laughing. why? >> you put mick on the hot seat here. deficit is a legitimate issue to talk about. but elections do have consequences and this last budget we had to do, we had a democratic house. we -- bill was a little higher than it otherwise would have been. my focus is creating jobs that people work with their hands. that's what i focus on. >> i get it. the first two years, the president had a republican congress. >> he did. >> and the deficits were way up then as well. $779 billion in 2008. $984 billion in 2019. and then of course the estimate for this year $1.2 trillion. why have they doubled? >> the question is, is it a bad thing? will it get better? what our focus is on, john, is
3:35 am
basically growing the economy as fast as possible. the difference between the 2% and 3% growth rate, 3%, 3.5% is all the difference in the world. what we've been trying to do is consistently outperform cbo predictions. >> but you've been at 2% the last three quarters. you're not at 3%. >> well, we're outperforming projections. i think if you look at everything we're doing, we've got household income up. the real gdp is actually performing better than expectations. manufacturing jobs we've created over half a million although they've been down recently. >> down the last two months. >> there's certain head winds. beauing is a challenge. here's the thing. the beauty of the trump administration culture is we have a president who every day gets up thinking about how to create jobs. and that's a different kind of culture than we had. and we do it not just with macro policies like deregulation, tax
3:36 am
cuts, and fair trade, but my job is to do it one job at a time in places like lime, ohio. or marionette, wisconsin. or philly. we're rebuilding that philly shipyard. this is kind of what we do. >> but manufacturing jobs in these states are worse than nationally. >> but the unemployment rate is at historic lows. >> absolutely. but you yourself said your job is to add manufacturing jobs. >> i think we're doing quite well at that. if you look at the obama administration, they were down 200,000 manufacturing jobs. and they said it was never coming back. we did half a million so far. like i said, the culture of this administration is basically focusing on people who work with their hands. i think we're doing quite well with that. >> the president wakes up every morning thinking about jobs. does he wake up any morning thinking about deficits? >> i'm sure he does. but until the bond market starts reacting negatively to that and we start seeing inflation,
3:37 am
that's not going to be a concern. what we're going to focus on is growing wages for workers. we're not afraid of that cause and inflation like some on wall street. we're going to increase productivity through investment. and that's the plan and it's working beautifully. i think if you look at the stock market, that's outperforming the obama administration. if you look at just every single metric, we're doing better. >> one more question on deficits. you spend most of your life as an economist, not necessarily a political figure. but aren't they also bad in a republican one? you can't have it both ways. >> we had the same issue in the reagan years. there was a deficits don't matter. deficits do matter. i think my focus is basically on manufacturing jobs. that's where i'm at. by the way, today -- >> you're here before you go to the airport, yeah? >> yeah. this is a great day. we've been working on these megaflex blitzes. so i'm going out with a whole team from customs and border protection and for the eighth month in a row we're going to be
3:38 am
opening thousands of packages from china to check for things like counterfeits, controlled substances, and agricultural violations. and john, it's absolutely frightening what we've seen across the ports of entry coming in. we get a double digit hit rate. we get a million packages coming in by air from china every day. if we're getting more than 10% hit rate for things like counterfeits, 100,000 americans a day are being potentially harmed by this. defrauded or actually in some cases like child car seats which are counterfeits. those things kill. >> that's a big part of your job. how much of your job or what's your role been in recent weeks and months trying to figure out who anonymous is? who wrote the anonymous book and the anonymous op-ed? >> ever since that op-ed came out, there's been a poll cast over everybody in the administration. everybody's a suspect. so within the administration, everybody's hunting, as it were,
3:39 am
for anonymous. >> including you? >> of course. it's a vocation with everybody. >> how much time -- what does that mean? what have you been doing? >> you read the book, you read the op-ed, you think about it. that's about it. but here's the point. we've had over 20 people in this administration accused in print of being anonymous. that's a terrible poll cast over the white house. it makes you distrust everybody. so i would think at this point the honorable thing whoever anonymous is come on out. let me ask you a question. do you think that that it's right for somebody to lay within an administration, democratic republic and spy on the president? >> i wouldn't call it spying. but we've said from the beginning we're dieing to know who anonymous is. i'm not willing to call it spying. >> what would you call it? >> victoria coats who was the deputy adviser moved over to the department of energy. did you think she was anonymous? >> i have -- suspects are everywhere. >> but she moved and there are
3:40 am
now people inside the administration saying it wasn't her who are saying that you were saying it was. >> here's what's interesting about that, john. find me a story about that that actually quotes somebody with a name. again, it's all leaks from so-called senior administration officials. i'll give you one tip, john. i'll bet you a million dollars right here that anonymous is not actually a senior administration official like "the new york times" claims. we'll see. this is going to be one of the greatest mysteries of all time. >> you know who spoke off the record for 15 minutes yesterday? president trump. we know there are unnamed senior administration officials all the time who do talk. will you acknowledge that? >> but you take my point that a lot of these stories dash lot of stories that come out of china, i just -- i -- transparency would be a nice thing. >> we love the fact you come on. thanks for coming on cnn.
3:41 am
>> i appreciate the hospitality. and hopefully we find some counterfeits and put an end to that because that's a big thing for americans. >> good luck. appreciate it. >> okay, john. up next, a rare look inside a makeshift hospital in the epicenter of the coronavirus outbreak. what life is like for people in quarantine. ♪ we see you trying and the effort is for real ♪ ♪ don't forget you could just show her how you feel. ♪ make the moment mean more. ♪ jared.
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the death toll from the coronavirus rising again and millions of people remain on lockdown in wuhan. cnn has gained rare access to a field hospital in the epicenter of the outbreak which reveals the dire conditions there. cnn's david culver is live in shanghai, china. david, what have you learned? >> well, alisyn, initially when we started reporting on this story, we were hearing about some of the overwhelmed hospital staff. and hospitals not being able to take people in. and we talked about some of the testing that was delayed and put off all together. it seems things have swung the opposite direction. what we are now hearing and this is rather bizarre, that some people who say they are recovered from the coronavirus or are perfectly healthy are
3:46 am
being rounded up and put into hospitals. you are walking through one of several wuhan field pohospitals. this is a converted exhibition hall. it is to cane ton the coronavirus. notice bed after bed after bed, people just crammed in feet from each other. portable toilets, a bit messy inside, and trash cans overflowing. you can see the piles of used face masks. the woman who toured cnn through this hospital tell us the conditions worry here. she asked us call her lisa wong, not her real name. >> translator: there's a great danger of cross infection. >> reporter: aired the same hospital before it opened. much cleaner inside. wong says she and others are recovered and healthy and were still forced into the facility. >> translator: i'm very angry
3:47 am
because i feel i shouldn't have come here. i'm very anxious. i want to be back home soon. >> reporter: wong contracted the virus in late january, but fully recovered within a couple of weeks. both her ct scan and swab test results show that she twice tested negative. but officials still bused wong and several others to the field hospital for further treatment despite her negative test results. >> translator: they told me if i refused, they would force me to go. >> reporter: there was a similar rounding up in wuhan. his wife was a confirmed case so he was listed as a close contact person. but his first tests came back negative. the neighborhood committee tried to hospitalize him nonetheless. >> translator: i feel quite angry about this because there are so many people who have not been hospitalized at the moment. why do they quarantine the healthy people? >> reporter: cnn reached out to better understand how the field hospitals are being used and to ask why people whose medical
3:48 am
records show they're recovered were taken here. we've not heard back. people in all kind of circumstances are getting rounded up in multiple parts of hubei province, the epicenter of this outbreak. they picked up people who were disobeying police orders to remain off the streets. all part of the strict lockdown policies. after wong complained to local health officials wednesday, she acknowledges they responded swiftly. the next month she says she and six other who is had likewise already recovered were transferred back to the hotel quarantine. she's still bothered by how officials initially handled the matter. >> translator: they couldn't provide me with a hospital when i was sick. now that i'm recovered, they forced me into one. >> reporter: we talked about china's containment effort, the lockdown. some of them have been seen as rather extreme. however, we should point out that the world health organization has praised china and its rapid efforts. while some consider them extreme, they think they might be effective.
3:49 am
we did reach out to the world health organization. we want to see what exactly they thought about this situation in particular. is this actually effective? because a lot of folks talking on chinese social media or our sources on the ground in wuhan are really questioning the effectiveness of this effort, of rounding up the healthy. >> all right. david culver for us in shanghai. thanks so much for staying on this. this is an issue not going away. meanwhile, a strong storm moving through parts of the eastern u.s. it dumped snow across north carolina and virginia as millions of people are waking up to below freezing temperatures. chad myers now with the forecast. chad? >> some pretty pictures there, john. but some really icy roads across parts of virginia, north carolina, and tennessee this morning. so watch your drive. temperatures are obviously cold enough to make the ice and windchills are well below that. this weather is brought to you by the ninja foodi deluxe. temperatures are going to be cool today. it's the last cold day, i think.
3:50 am
we warm up for tomorrow and into sunday. that's the good news. here's the snow. the winners or the losers depending on your point of view. underachiever when it comes to a snow event, but they'll take the pretty pictures up there anyway. watch until the sun comes up where things especially on bridges and overpasses are going to be very slick today. temperatures will warm up above normal in d.c. and into new york for the rest of the weekend. enjoy that sunshine. >> okay, chad. thank you very much. so which candidate is poised to win in nevada tomorrow? and what does new polling tell us about whether anyone can beat president trump? we break down those numbers next. - [narrator] meet the ninja foodi pressure cooker with tender crisp technology. the best of pressure cooking and air frying are now in one pot.
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okay. nevada voters make their choices tomorrow. which way are they leaning? let's get the forecast with analyst harry enten. ♪ which way are they leaning it's friday ♪ >> i'm leaning towards the weekend. all right, nevada odds. you've seen them before. i'll show it to you again. bernie sanders is the clear favorite here with a 14-20 shot, about a 70% chance of waning. we have a limited number of quality polls. so 70%, clear favorite. but there's still room for someone like a biden or a buttigieg or klobuchar to surprise. but this is really it. >> he's the only one on this board with chances of getting better. >> his chances have gone up in the past week. that's in part because the low quality posts show him with a significant lead. >> what are you seeing about president trump? >> so we're going to jump to the
3:56 am
general election here. i almost got a sing there but decided to cut myself off. i don't know why. look. here's the deal. the president is getting more popular. if you look among the average voters polls, had a 43% rating. now it's up to 46%. disapproval down to 51%. on the net, he was minus 12 just a mu mononth ago. given the split we're expecting between the electoral college and the popular vote, this is not a terrible place to be. >> when you say he's not in a bad place to be. >> that's right. pennsylvania he is in a pretty bad place if you look at the new polls. they have polls from pennsylvania, michigan, and wisconsin. he's trailing all the democrats in pennsylvania. perhaps not surprisingly he's trailing biden by the most who obviously was born in pennsylvania. he's down by eight points. but all the democrats have a pretty clear lead on them
3:57 am
especially biden and klobuchar and bloomberg. but michigan which of course is another key state, right? well, pennsylvania, michigan, and wisconsin all three of these states were bahama staobama sta went over. look at this. sanders is only up by five. so is bloomberg. all of these given the margin of error are actually within it. that of course looks like "the new york times"/cnn polls which also showed a significantly tighter race in michigan than you might expect given the national polls. >> and then wisconsin is a different story. >> wisconsin, a very, very different story. so look here. all of the democrats trailing the president of the united states. and by significant margins. >> outside the margin of error. >> the closest biden and sand understand down by seven. buttigieg down by eight. warren down by ten. klobuchar all the way down by 11.
3:58 am
these are not particularly strong polls for the democrats. now, of course, the question is is this type of result given everything else, is this an outlier? so what i did was i took an average of all the polls since january in wisconsin and what do we see? look. the average is not as bad for the democrats as that quinnipiac university poll. even here look at this in the matchups which we have enough to form an average, it's still really, really tight. if anything especially against warren. this is a pretty decent lead for the president of the united states in an average of polls. >> two reasons why this is important and hope you get to both of them. number one, if it's only wisconsin, how much does that matter? and number two, why? >> okay. i'm going to reverse the order here. i'm going to answer in the order i wish to. wisconsin -- there we go. it's friday. i do what i want. wisconsin has a lot of white voters without a college degree. that's trump's base. wisconsin has a lot of rural voters. and wisconsin has a low african-american population which especially compared to
3:59 am
michigan and pennsylvania. so it's a state that you'd really expect -- >> it's grouped in with michigan and pennsylvania but it's different in significant ways. >> exactly right. and i will point out if we look at the 2016 presidential map, michigan and pennsylvania go down. but wisconsin stays red. what do we get? donald trump barely holds on. 270-268. democrats need to find another state even if they get pennsylvania, michigan. maybe arizona, maybe florida, maybe wisconsin. we'll see. >> harry, very interesting. thank you. have a wonderful weekend. >> thank you very much. breaking developments about the russians' preference to re-elect donald trump. "new day" continues right now. >> intel officials say russians are interfering in america's election again. >> the nevada caucuses, they are tomorrow.
4:00 am
>> biden folks feel better about their chances here in nevada. >> americans understand they're getting the short end of the stick. >> this election is a threat to the nation and to the democracy at large. so welcome to our viewers in the united states and all around the world. this is "new day." we begin with ek brbreaking new. u.s. intelligence officials telling lawmakers the russians are trying to help re-elect donald trump and the president is mad about it. not mad that the russians are trying to help him. no. apparently mad that intelligence officials are telling anyone about it. so mad he berated the director of national intelligence. so mad it contributed to him placing a loyalist with no experience in charge of all of the intelligence agencies. so what does this all tell us? why do the russians prefer donald trump? anne


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