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tv   The Lead With Jake Tapper  CNN  February 24, 2020 1:00pm-2:00pm PST

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the surprise spike in the coronavirus number of case, and those cases are popping up outside of china, and that is the spark that has sparked this dramatic sell-off today. one of the worries is that the virus could spread to countries that would not be able to contain the virus, and so we see the dow now closing down over 1,000 points. that means that the dow had to raise erase all of the gains for the year and getting into negative territory for 2020 and with the investors paying attention and they are reassessing the impact of the coronavirus and not just on the global economy but on the companies as well. that is why yare seeing the shares hit from airlines to disney hit by 9%, and disney and royal caribbean down 9%, and looking at the u.s./china trade war in 2018/2019 was a wild card, but jake, the coronavirus is the x-factor in 2020. jake? >> all right. thank you so much, alison kosik
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where the dow is down more than 1,000 points. and let's bring in our market analyst here, and i'm honestly confused because coronavirus has been spreading throughout the world and asia for weeks, and what is today so different for the investors? >> well, it is a perfect storm of markets falling in japan and south korea and italy and american companies issuing the warnings saying that we won't meet the revenue expectations because of this, and china, fundamentally, china playing a bigger part of the global economy and looking back 20 years ago at the sars epidemic, and china was 4% of the global economy and now it is 16%, and so what happens there does matter. >> and now, for 2020, it is still up, and are those going to affect your 401(k)s? >> yes. and coronavirus was going to be bad no matter what because of
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the way of china, but it is pushing the nervousness that already existed in the markets. we are at the tail end of the recovery cycle and a lot of juice put into the stock market over the last couple of year, and the investors are ready to be worried about something, and it is also making the people focus on the u.s./china trade conflict and whether it has been in fact resolved. we have seen the trade agreement, but the process of the decoupling of the two economies and the ceos that i talked to looked at doing business in china and the risks going forward which is going to have an impact on the profits and the supply chains, and you know, beyond this quarter. >> can you compare the potential impact of the coronavirus to any other economic crisis in history? anything that you are hoping it does not get as bad as or anything that comes to mind? >> yes, it is interesting. no perfect analogy, but i would compare it to a natural disaster like the tsunami that we saw a few years back in japan that
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disrupted the auto supply chain, and what is different this time around is a couple of quarters of big impact, but you will see the decoupling speed up because of this. the fact that the chinese regime was not transparent about what was happening with the virus, and the fact that we are still so vulnerable to supply chains in china, and lot of the businesses are going to say, this is the tipping point, and we are going to be seeing that pulling away. >> and several company, apple, coca-cola, and general motors and other american companies are warning that coronavirus could hurt the sales. how long might this linger in 2020? >> i think it is going to linger for a couple of quarters in terms of the real economic hit, but the question then is how is the world going to shift? is the u.s. and china and europe, are we all going in different directions and the technology companies have to find a new place to produce the semiconductors and who is buying the apple products in china? are we separate tech ecosystems and those are the big questions. >> and obviously, this is playing into the politics, and
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president trump has perhaps the strongest argument for his re-election is that the economy is going well, and it could affect the re-election chances? >> yes, and trends pushing and pulling. you have coronavirus potentially causing a real headwind to the economy around november at the time of the election, and if the economy is not strong, the president loses one of the major arguments on the stump, and on the other hand you have markets saying that i don't think that bernie could win, and we'd rather have trump than bernie so there is a push and pull, and it is hard to see where the markets will be and the economy is around this around november. >> thank you so much, ruana. and this is primarily a human tragedy where we go to melissa bell in italy where the coronavirus cases surged with the largest cluster west of asia. melissa, it is the speed of the spike that has so many people concerned. >> that is right, jake. we were looking at fewer than
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five cases at the end of last week thursday and friday and now at 229 confirmed cases and the italian authorities have confirmed the seventh death. what has that meant? a western liberal democracy having to lock down entire villages and towns and some 500,000 people in northern italy are imprisoned inside of their own villages and cities with all of the measures put in place, and had to be put in place to keep them in there, and for instance, jail sentences if they try to leave or come into the zones they are not allowed to do so and this is adding to the huge amount of the worry in this particular part of the world. remember, also, that europe has open borders and no system of harmonized health public policy, and all questions of the neighboring countries of what the sudden spread is going to mean, and bear in mind that patient zero has not been found and we don't know how it got here and how fast it is spreading and how far it has spread yet. >> and melissa, parts of italy
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are on lockdown, and the public events canceled and the public buildings are shutdown and how widespread is the holockdown itself? >> well, for the time being in cities like venice, the carnivale that was meant to last until sunday has been closed and the basilicas in the region of italy has been closed and schools closed and sense of urgency, and many are questioning what han happens ne and how many cities or borders will be locked down, but still, the authorities are grappling with something new, and it is what you have said, the suddenly that the questions of uncertainty, and what happens next. and authorities here several weeks after what has happened in asia grappling with the fundamental question that public health is ensured, but panic is not going to set in too quickly and the economy is protected as well, jake. >> melissa bell in venice, italy. stay safe, please. and coming up, senator
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back with the 2020 lead in a pivotal nine days that could make or break the presidential dreams of any number of candidates. while senator bernie sanders cements his frontrunner status. we have cnn town halls with the candidates starting tonight and a presidential debate tomorrow, and the south carolina primary is saturday and super tuesday is a week from tomorrow, and 15 states are voting in the eight-day time period with more than one-third of the delegates up for grabs. as jessica dean reports from the
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campaign trail, bernie sanders's campaign is upping the efforts from south carolina looking to deliver a death blow to his democratic competitors. >> reporter: democratic frontrunner senator bernie sanders riding high after a blowout win in nevada. >> i have been hearing, you know, the establishment is getting a little bit nervous about our campaign. >> reporter: with the recent cbs/u.s. gov poll, he is within striking distance of joe biden in south carolina, the vermont senator is looking to build and the support in the palmetto state, and lobiden is looking t halt his progress. >> it is not just bring him alo along, but can you bring along a democratic house of representatives and a democratic senate. >> reporter: and he is pushing back for electability going so far as to read his poll numbers at a rally in texas. >> general election, cbs,
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sanders, 47. trump, 44. in the key battleground states, michigan, sanders, 48. trump, 41. >> reporter: still sanders' rivals are more aggressive in the attacks. former mayor pete buttigieg saying that the democratic nominee should be galvanizing and not polarizing. >> i still believe that the way to build the movement to defeat donald trump is to call people into our tent and not to call them names online. >> i want to have someone heading up this ticket who is going to lead our party so that we win not just the presidency, but the house of representatives as well as the u.s. senate. >> reporter: as sanders strengthens his position in the primary, he is also drawing scrutiny for the comments to "60 minutes" offering a partial defense to the fidel castro cuban revolution. >> we are opposed to the
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authoritarian nature of cuba, but it is not necessarily that everything is bad. when he came on the office, he had a bad literacy program, and that a bad thing even though fidel castro did it? >> and dissidents in prison. >> yes, and we condemned that. >> reporter: those remarks calling criticism from democrats including debbie marsiel powell calling them disgraceful. and also, interesting bloomberg adviser telling my colleague that tomorrow's debate should be about one candidate, bernie sanders and they see tomorrow as the last best chance to really go after his record and ideas before super tuesday. jake? >> he has been the frontrunner for months and i am glad that they are finally realizing that. jessica dean, thank you very much. let's talk about this all.
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with the frontrunner status finally donning on the candidates, and bernie sanders is getting scrutiny and a new digital video from the bloomberg campaign, aisha, attacking sanders' record on guns saying it is a potential weak point for sanders in the primary and he has been in the past, a supporter of the pro gun measures and could this hurt him since he has since changed the position? >> it is the record and smart to call it out. he is the frontrunner, and so when we get to debates tomorrow night, on the stage, people will come after him about it as well. what is interesting though is that point that you originally made about how people are finally figuring out that bernie sanders is the frontrunner, and come after him. >> last debate, they came after bloomberg. >> yes, and he is spending all of the money, but right now, bernie sanders is the only person creating a ground swell and a movement in the country, and other candidates may have good polling and raising some money, but he has people-power behind him and that is what the folks are attacking the people-power and it is to
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detriment of the democratic party, because we need that engine of enthusiasm in november to actually beat donald trump. so i wonder if the attacking of bernie sanders is actually attacking the people, and those people ultimately are suppressed attend the end of the day. >> and patrick, it is not just the democrats saying that, but other people looking at sanders and saying, who knows, maybe this guy can give the president a run for his money. this is tim scott, a republican from south carolina. take a listen. >> do you think that bernie sanders is the biggest threat to president trump right now? >> i do think. so if there is a second choice other than himself, it would be bernie sanders. bernie sanders brings that outside game in a similar fashion that president trump did in 2016. >> what do you think? >> well shg i think that bernie is donald trump's biggest problem, and he is donald trump, jake, from the other side of the room. there are two very loud and very angry populists and both of them will make it much more a screaming act than a thoughtful
1:17 pm
sort of the campaign about policy, but more importantly, bernie sanders' socialist issue that the president will bring up over and over again and that is one problem, but the hypocrite problem, and the front light of frontrunnership is on him, and asked to explain socialism or gun record, and it is hard to explain how the socialism works, because it has not worked and never worked and the math does not add up and it is tougher and tougher. >> so many crocodile tears about trum trumpistas because they are saying that nobody can excite the base, and here they come. and the parallels stop there. particularly when you are looking at the basic electability, and there is a reason that republicans want to run against bernie sanders, because he is the dream and the
1:18 pm
bumper sticker running against in phantom form forever and he makes florida look less likely with the comments from about castro the other night. look, we have had two caucuses. play to the base folks do well there and one primary in a state where sanders neighbors. south carolina a big test. he pulled together an impressive win in nevada and don't get ahead of yourselves and after that, it is super tuesday and the reason that democrats have not gone after him, because they are afraid of ill yen nating the base and they are realizing the movement, but it has not worked yet. >> melanie, it is not just important for bernie sanders, but also joe biden. here he is, and a lot of people saying that he needs to win south carolina or the campaign is dead. take a listen. >> south carolina though was your firewall. >> you have said it is my firewall. i have never said -- >> the campaign has said it is your firewall. >> no, that is not true. i have said that i will do well there. >> i will have said that i have never said that south carolina was his firewall, and that true?
1:19 pm
>> i think that i have a real firewall in south carolina. >> so, the hypocrisy of all of the candidates and there recie reciepts and tapes for everything they say. >> yes, no doubt, it is a firewall. and so he is banking on the black voters in south carolina to propel him to victory in the primary, and we have seen the polls coming up and the "wall street journal" and nbc had a poll last week that said that the level of support between sanders and biden on the ground there is the same level of support, so they are making the inroads with black voters and steyer is catching up with them in the polls and perhaps tempering the expectations, but he needs to hold on to it. >> and the biden campaign has been strategic about it, and if you are looking at the talking points, they are trying to show bernie sanders anti-obama and
1:20 pm
doing that in a very interesting time, because we are going to south carolina and wanting to pull some of the black vote away. >> and that momentum, jake, but this momentum is hard to erase. like bloomberg waiting to get in and other democrats hoping to stay in, and bernie has the momentum, and he is doing it in maybe only in three places, but nevada was a good show of black, brown supporters other than white supporters and new hampshire and iowa and hard to turn it around. i will tell you that joe biden has to win tomorrow, and that comment was downright trumpian. >> yes, and the south carolina primary saturday. and stick around because you can hear more from democratic presidential candidates bernie sanders, pete buttigieg and tom steyer all starting at 9:00 p.m. and then tomorrow night, another round of town halls with former mayor mike bloomberg, and joe biden, and amy klobuchar and elizabeth warren. and now, the new details of trump trying to surround himself
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even that that pet-camera thingy. [ whines ] can your internet do that? xfinity xfi can because it's... ...simple, easy, awesome. [ barking ] in our politics lead, the trum adviser is telling cnn that the trump allies are work on a
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running list of the people inside of the trump organization who are believed to be never trumpers. and they are firing anyone who is considered disloyal and now the president wants to go further and telling the aides he only wants loyalists in key positions and as kaitlan collins is reporting, it appears that a purge is coming. >> reporter: for the president obsessed with loyalty, donald trump is on a new pursuit to weed out the staffers who are not devoted enough. >> i want loyalty to the united states of america. >> reporter: and trump has told aides that he wants fewer people working for him and only those aggressively advancing the agenda. since he took office, the allies have given him hiring and firing suggestions based on how loyal the candidates are, and trump appears the be reviewing them in the post impeachment purge. >> look, any list, i have not seen them, but the fact is that we know that there are people actively working against this president. >> reporter: as first reported by axios, the conservative
1:27 pm
figures jenny thomas the wife of supreme court justice clarence thomas has given trump this list of appeals to leave him less subject to false attacks. >> it is more worried about the personal loyalty than the facts. >> reporter: the president has multiple aides serving in acting capacities including the chief of staff who didn't make the 8,000-mile trip to india after catching a cold. mick mulvaney's absence may not have been noticed much by trump who is surrounded by singers and dancers and a marching band on camels since arriving. for a president who loves the crowd sizes prime minister modi hoped to leave a lasting impression impression. >> nasmaste trump, namaste
1:28 pm
trump. >> from this day forward, india will always hold a special place in our hearts. >> reporter: he toured the taj mahal at sunset, and he made no mention of the new prime minister's religious test for migrants that is facing intense criticism and he signaled a possible trade deal was not ready to be signed just yet. >> everybody loves him, but i will tell you this, he is very tough. >> reporter: and now, jake, the president has threatened in the past to get rid of the staffers that he believes are disloyal to him without taking any real mass action, but the sources close to him say that they feel like this time is different and one thing they are pointing to is the fact that he put a loyalist who was once marched out of the white house in charge of the personnel office. >> thank you, kaitlan collins, and namaste trump. >> it is the love and the light in me bows to the love and light in you. >> i am thank you for the
1:29 pm
translation. >> and there is no love and light in that man, so i don't understand. >> and now, what are you seeing for the purge that is coming? >> it is no secret that we want people working for this president and not against them and if we find them, we will take appropriate action. >> so what does that mean to be working against the president, and obviously spreading state secrets and not getting the trump agenda implement and is that what it means? >> no, that is why what he is doing is different from most presidents. most of the administrationses are staffed by people who support the president, and it is almost without saying and the standard here is different and hogan may ask himself what statute of limitations is criticizing the president, and this is a purge and paranoid, and u.s. presidents don't do purges and this one does. there is a word for people who ask for unquestioning loyalty to the leader and they are called the cults and not oval office of
1:30 pm
the united states, and this is a departure from the best traditions a the fact that jenny thomas is involved in this is all the more bizarre, the wife of a supreme court member. >> and to purge a person who may have a particular point view is dangerous. when you are screening out facts in advance, because you are afraid that the president does fwhoont to hear th not want to hear them, that is a risk to the country. >> that is what admiral william mccraven and the former head of the seal ops was ousted for saying things that the president did not like such as that the whistle-blower acted with integrity. >> and it is more than just about installing the loyalists around him, but it is about sending a clear message after impeachment, and that is don't cross me, don't challenge me and don't blow the whistle on me, because the whole ukraine
1:31 pm
scandal came to light, because the career officials were willing to testify publicly, and this is a chilling effect and dangerous to have the yes-nen the intel positions where you need people who are willing to tell you things that you do not want to hear. >> and don't you think that president trump is someone, william, who is not unlike other presidents to pushback and give him countervailing viewpoints? >> well, it is not that guy. and the mantra post impeachment is that only the paranoid survive. it is clear here that you would expect loyalty and expect that of people in the administration, but what is more clear here is that he is a little sensitive since this particular impeachment effort. he is angry and concerned, and this is going to continue. this idea of we will purge them and then find them, and sort of root them out, and find them is troubling and bottom line, people need to think hard, because it does not end well for
1:32 pm
this president who has worked for him. it doesn't. >> and jenny thomas, as john noted the wife of supreme court justice clarence thomas is leading the effort to compile of a list of people who are viewed as never trumpers and many people have sent names to jenny to make sure that the right people are on the list. and now, she is not part of the trum administration, and she is a conservative activist and this is not done within the confines of the white house. >> yeah, and i think that we should all be extremely alarmed with what is happening with the democracy right now, and the fact that the president is constantly talking about loyalty to him, and loyalty to him as opposed to loyalty to the united states of america, and under oath doing your job on behalf of the american people is what is problematic, and this is how the democracy breaks down when we do not acknowledge the fact that this guy really seems to be moving and moving closer to acting like a dictator as opposed to the head of the free world in our country. so it is actually that we should be afraid and alarmed.
1:33 pm
>> john, one last point, and i wanted to say that one white house aide won't be filled until the president wins election as high level hires will be reluctant to take posts that may not last more than eight months, but mcentee who is the head of the personnel escorted under john kelly and now back, and he is going to be doing the dramatic actions after the president is re-elected and so in other words, the president is fairly constrained right now? >> well, the president is constrained by the constitution of the second term that presidents are unconstrained, but the problem is that you have a government to run, and waiting to fill it with loyaltyists who will disregard the democratic norms and afraid to face facts with the president is dangerous in a different way in breakdown of the governance to get the ball down the field. if people are afraid to raise facts with the president, it is not a good decision-making process. so we have a pandemic coming,
1:34 pm
and a real foreign interference happening, and whatever the degree of the targeting may be, and so you need the people who are willing to communicate facts. >> and everyone sticking around and this is just in believe it or not a new update to the nevada caucus results and 100% of the precincts are reporting, and showing bernie sanders with a solid first-place finish with 46.8, and joe biden in second at 20.2% and he is followed by buttigieg in third at 14.3%, and senator elizabeth warren finishing fourth at 9.7%. coming up, the president's national security adviser is now saying that russia is not interfering with the president trump to get re-elected and what kind of analysis is he offering, and can we trust it? stay with us. we're building the most powerful 5g experience for america. it's more than 10 times faster than some other 5g networks. and it's rolling out in cities across the country. so people can experience speeds that ultra wideband can deliver.
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try to win by attacking, now, we know the trump strategy- distorting, dividing. mr. president: it. won't. work. newspapers report bloomberg is the democrat trump fears most. as president, universal healthcare that lets people keep their coverage if they like it.
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a record on job creation. a doable plan to combat climate change. i led a complex, diverse city through 9-11 and i have common sense plans to move america away from chaos to progress! i'm mike bloomberg and i approve this message.
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back with the politics lead. the director of the national security adviser had sharp words for director o'brien because he deviated from details saying that the bernie sanders is tis russia would like to be president. >> it is because he wants to spend money out of the social programs and take it out of the military and that would make sense. >> but according to the national security official, that is not what the intelligence says. the official said that the intelligence right now shows that the russians are trying to boost sanders as way of sowing discord in the democratic primaries, but the russians have no actual preference.
1:40 pm
the officials added that the russians are thinking that they can work with trump and they see him as transaction, but they don't prefer him nor sanders the official said, but that is not what the national security adviser robert o'brien said. >> well, the reports that they want bernie sanders to get elected president, and that is no surprise. he honeymooned in moscow. >> again, that is not what the intelligence says, according to the national security official that i spoke with. so what accounts for the national security adviser misrepresenting the intelligence and taking potshots at bernie sanders like that? quote, perhaps his first instincts are more political than that of a national security professional the official said, and by saying that o'brien injected himself into the campaign by commenting on a potential rival and if he is willing to say that as national security adviser, what does that mean for the next nine months and what is he doing when the camera is not on him? joining me to discuss the russians and politicizing it all
1:41 pm
is steve hall, a three decade veteran of the cia who served e as the russian chief aide. and so, perhaps those comments were more political than that of a national security professional and what do you think? >> well, jake, that has certainly been my experience and i have been in the room with and been involved in meetings with a number of national security advisers, and i was trying to think back to the time when one of them sort of inserted himself or herself into the domestic politics in a strong fashion and it is not the norm. i mean, the focus of the national security adviser is almost always foreign affairs and foreign events to threaten the security of the united states. so i have to agree with the source who said that this is very unusual for a national security adviser to inject the director to inject himself in a story like this. >> and what advice does this have for the presentations of
1:42 pm
the intelligence that mr. o'brien is giving president trump? >> yeah. that is a real grave concern that i have with these sort of the purging that we are seeing in the administration and the staffing of really critical jobs with people that are really political partisans, and there are certain positions in the administration where that is appropriate, but when you are having for example the dni, the national security adviser, and those are the people who need to bring the facts to the administration, to the president to senior policy makers in the draw mathematical concise way so that policy can be derived as it should be, but when you have people who have concerns, political concerns about the administration or what the administration might react to if they hear for example a bad piece of intelligence or something they don't like, that is really damaging to the national security of the country when you have that kind of politicization going on. >> bernie sanders confirmed that he had received a briefing that russia was trying to boost his campaign as a way of disrupting
1:43 pm
the democratic primaries. explain to people who might be confused why it would make sense they would not have a preference, but try to boost sanders and then ultimately boost other candidates including the president? >> sure, to answer the question so that folks understand what we are talking about. you have to ask yourself what is the -- key geopolitical goal, ad not that a republican or democrat or particular individual wins the presidency in the united states, but it is weakening the u.s. democracy and playing on the social and political things that drive us apart. so if you are starting from there and then you say, okay, who is the best person in the russians' view to help sort of bring the united states to its knees in that sense, it makes sense that it is donald trump. i mean, this is somebody who has not taken a particularly strong view against russia and who is by far the most polarizing and
1:44 pm
divisive person, certainly politician and public person in this country, but it also makes sense for them to sow chaos on the other side as well, and perhaps put out the word that we are supporting bernie sanders or something like that, and this is causing american citizens to stop and think, is this whole process screwed up or actually working. it is an american problem and not a democratic or republican problem, but it is a problem for the entire country, because we are being attacked by russia. >> steve hall, thank you for your expertise. and coming up in the 2020 lead, well, we will do it now. anderson cooper on "60 minutes" asked bernie sanders about comments he made in the 1980s about cuban dictator fidel castro, and this is part of sanders' response. >> opposed to the authoritarian nature of cuba. but it is unfair to say that everything is bad. when fidel castro came into office, he had a massive literacy program and is that bad
1:45 pm
even though fidel castro did it? >> and so the senator's colleagues took opposition to the comments and so did the freshmen congresswoman debbie marsiel powell from florida who said it is unacceptable, and so did donna shalala who said singing the pradzs of a tyrant murder. and so this is not the only problem causing consternation among the democrats. >> reporter: accusing the powerful pro israel lobbying group of providing a platform for bigotry and not attending the apac platform. i do not agree with them, and so i will not attend. and they shot back and saying
1:46 pm
that he has not attended anyway and he is insulting his very own colleagues and those americans who stand with israel and shameful. the heated exchange highlights the vermont's willingness to criticize israel more than any other presidential candidate has. >> it is not anti-semitism to say that the netanyahu government has been racist. >> reporter: sanders is the first jewish nominee from a major problem is advocating for a more even-handed approach for dealing with the israeli and palestinian conflict. >> what the american foreign policy has to be about is in the middle east is bringing the israelis and bringing the palestinians together. it cannot be simply be a one that we are just pro israel and we ignore the needs of the palestinian people, and we have to pay attention to both >> reporter: and the polling shows that the sympathy of israel has weakened in recent years and this is true among progressive democrats, but sanders has faced criticism from
1:47 pm
supporters of israel on both sides from embracing the campaign surrogates for those with more anti-israel views. congresswom congresswoman tlaib and rahim has also been criticized. and also, a palestinian law professor and comedian as well. and there was a advocacy group who ran ads against sanders has been urging him to distance himself from the supporters. >> and he says he wants to combat anti-semitism, but he has appointed people in the campaigns people who have repeatedly made anti-semitic
1:48 pm
statements and refused to disavow the statements and that is deeply troubling. >> reporter: and so he was ousted along with others from the women's march amid accusations of anti-semitism, and more accusations which has been deleted comparing israel to isis. and linda azar has denied that he is anti-semitic, and he says that this is changing the dynamic among the presidential level, jake. >> and now, a new verdict against the disgraced movie producer, harvey weinstein, and what is coming up next for him? that is next. ♪
1:49 pm
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taking a shortcut. woooo! taking a breather. rewarded! learn more at the explorer card dot com. and here we have another burst pipe in denmark. if you look close... jamie, are there any interesting photos from your trip? ouch, okay. huh, boring, boring, you don't need to see that. oh, here we go. can you believe my client steig had never heard of a home and auto bundle or that renters could bundle? wait, you're a lawyer? only licensed in stockholm. what is happening? jamie: anyway, game show, kumite, cinderella story. you know karate? no, alan, i practice muay thai, completely different skillset.
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(howling wind) (howling wind) vo:for president.ver that's mike bloomberg. a middle class kid who built a global company from scratch.
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mayor of new york, rebuilding the city after the 9-11 terrorist attack, creating 450,000 jobs. running for president - and on a roll. workable plans to deliver on better health care. affordable college. job creation. common sense plans to beat trump, fix the chaos in washington, and get things done. mike: i'm mike bloomberg and i approve this message. disgraced hollywood producer harvey weinstein is behind bars after a judge found him guilty of two of five charges he is facing and this is coming just
1:53 pm
four weeks on trial, and as bryn g gingrass reports after being accused of rape. >> reporter: guilty, and bringing redemption to the two women at the heart of the case and likely dozens of others who have accused harvey weinstein of unwanted sexual acts over decades. the disgraced hollywood mogul handcuffed and led out of the courtroom after a jury convicted him of two sexual crimes. >> this is a new landscape and new day. >> reporter: after a month-long trial, the jury acquitted him of the most serious charges against him predatory assault and first degree rape. the panel of seven men and five women deliberated for 26 1/2 hours over five days trying to make sense of the complicated jury instructions and ultimately
1:54 pm
convicting weinstein of a criminal sexual act against merriam haley who said that he forced oral sex on her and rape of the third degree of jessica mann who says that he raped her in 2013. actors ashley judd and patricia arquette both reacted to the verdict thanking the women who testified for their bravery. >> this is the age of the empowerment of women. and you cannot intimidate them anymore. >> reporter: the verdict suggested that the jurors believed the testimony of the two women, but struggled with the testimony of annabella sciora whose case did not fit within the statute of limitations, but they planned to use her testimony to prove a pattern of behavior. he could spend two decades in
1:55 pm
prison and weinstein's attorney says they will appeal. >> he is as strong as he has been through all of this, and he is disappointed, and he has obviously maintained the innocence from the beginning, so it is tough, tough to sit there and kind of put my hand on his arm, and it is a tough thing, and not the way that we wanted today to end. >> reporter: and now harvey weinstein is booked at rikers here in new york city, and he has an inmate's number, and where in the facility he is, it is not clear, because that information is not released, but the defense attorneys asked him to be in a special unit near the infirmary because of his back issues, and he will be back in court nex month for sentencing. >> thank you. michael jordan is leading the emotional tribute to kobe bryant and his daughter and all of the victims of that horrific chopper crash. stay with us. break out the butter lobsterfest has something for every
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