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tv   Cuomo Prime Time  CNN  February 28, 2020 6:00pm-7:00pm PST

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immigrants by taking all of the credit for a multi-state, multi-agency bust. news continues with chris or cuomo primetime. >> i am chris and welcome to cuomo primetime. 64 confirmed cases. more importantly, there's a second coronavirus case of unknown origin in california. for us, the task tonight is to test why this white house plan is fueling fear by not allowing for the testing that's going on literally everywhere else. they are keeping us from getting a handle on who has what and where. also, we have more proof tonight that trump just fears no push back on anything at all. he's reviving the name for intell chief that got derailed. why he's doing it now is scary. what do you say? let's get after it.chief that g.
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why he's doing it now is scary. what do you say? let's get after it. >> sorry if my voice starts to go. a cold. not coronavirus. i can't get tused. that's not where we should go, not this trump and co fiasco. here is the fact, we have this second case in the west of a patient where it is not clear how she got the virus and there was a delay in detection again. she's an older woman. she had been hospitalized for a respiratory illness and a doctor requested a coronavirus test. now how does this information let us know what we need to do more of going forward? here's the context. with the world health organization just raced the global threat from high to very high. why? there are infections on every continent except antarctica. 56 countries. 64 here in the u.s. now and
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rising. pentagon is now warning of increased threat to u.s. troops everywhere worldwide. again, to be clear, it's not about us to sew fear. we're trying to do the opposite. information is what empowers our calm here. what do they mean, what we're learning now? how does it shape what we're doing going forward. we're lucky to have the health experts. ebola czar under obama. we have zeke emmanuel and ron claim. >> good to be here. >> 64 cases. 64 matters why? because it keeps going up every day. every day there's a little bit more. one day we had the same cases both days. each day since we're seeing this we've seen an increase in cases. we're worried about the two unknown. why is unknown origin more of a pressing concern? >> it suggests the virus has been spread and the people who are spreading it either don't
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know that they're infected or have no symptoms and continue to spread it because you can't trace that person either to have gone to china or to someone who was in china and who has tested positive for the virus. so it seems to be out there and people who have not been diagnosed seem to be spreading it. that's a turning point. that's a different infection. it's not person to person, it's community wide. >> not to let the mystery become madness, ron, that's what we expect. it will get transmitted from person to person. you need a plan. the first part is testing. i don't get the notion of why the cdc, why they have changed this somewhat and do the testing so we can be like south korea and all of these countries, we have a graphic to show how much more so many other countries are
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testing than we are. why? >> why? because the white house was asleep on the job whmpt we found out this was spreading widely in december, january, we should have rapidly accelerated the preparation and deployment of test kits in the u.s. they don't have the testing kits, no diagnostic tools. supposedly they'll be out by next week. we're just behind on producing the tests. we're behind on getting them distributed. this should have been job one of the coronavirus task force. >> right. >> and what we're seeing is we're just behind, chris. >> so you're behind and testing matters because it's the unknown that freaks people out. i'd rather know you have 8,000 cases because you'll start to see people going home and it's better than not knowing what you're dealing with. states, i know for a fact in new
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york and california, they have the protocols to test. they're very sophisticated at the state level. they've asked for permission and the cdc to use in california is ghosting them and how does that make sense? >> it doesn't make sense. you can't know the magnitude of the problem and you can see which portion of them is positive for the coronavirus. we also don't know the magnitude of the graphics. you've identified and we've identified california, but remember that's not the only place these people from the cruise ship in japan or the people from china went to. there's also the air force base new york san antonio in texas and we haven't seen any cases there. that's probably because we haven't been looking rather than
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the fact that there's no there. knowing it's a geographic threat is number one, addressing the problem, and trying to contain the problem. the other important element is knowing whether a patient has it will change how you deal with the patient if they get to a hospital. one of the things we know, people who walked in might be having respiratory symptoms. that person could spread it. health care workers could spread it to other patients. you knock out a lot of doctors and nurses from being able to provide care. >> right. right. there isn't the boogie man. this isn't something in a movie where everybody will start dropping dead god for bid but it's the unknown being known. this piece talking about being tough on the testing. it goes hand in hand with how
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the messaging. when we had this, that's okay. it happens almost every time, but i never heard that ron couldn't come out. it's only happening selectively. that's about? why are they locking it down so tight? >> chris, that's a great question. when we had the ebola conference, i didn't do any. we put tony fauchi. a lot. and to show the experts are involved. the number two at the cdc silenced. i think that adds to the public suspicion and fear, when you add to that, we have a reputation for lying and trugs what he's saying and we can't lead from
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the actual reading experts. that's a very combination. >> it's not about cases for us, all right? we have 64. we'll wind up having a lot more than that, so what. j the lethality. right now they think it's more that aren't just in the extreme, people got better. >> the testing reality we do know. vaughn, put up the graphic. cdc has done 59 tests. some of the kids were flawed. they shu have done it. look how many cases have been confirmed with testing. that's why the u.k. has the fear of the unknown. >> starting to see the people
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with the masks even though you keep telling us it's only special if you have the environment. >> you said something that i haven't heard yet that i will put on the category. wash your hand, cough into your elbow, stay sick if you have a high fever. there's something else you want people to do to make it healthier on a whole. weigh also should not attack privileges. maybe we should go shopping in chinatown. chinese owned and no more so if i stuck the budget. we don't need to spread
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prejudice and seek the community. >> once the power goes up -- >> well, our health system is well equipped. the one thing i do worry about, we have less than 1 million hospital braids. well, we can't have a -- they're not aenlly done. what really bothers me is there's no evidence that the administration has planned this out, has a plan for surge capacity so that all of the other patients with all of the other illnesses were it's cancer, heart disease or diabetes will be treated with the folks who have coronavirus. we have to worry? are we going to have enough ppe everybody refers to? are we going to have enough
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drugs and the right number of drugs with the huge number come from china. at the moment the f.d.a. and this 1 not going away tomorrow. as you point out, chris, this is here for weeks -- even on an optimistic level. at least two more months until we get warm weather. again, that's an uncertainty. we have to prepare for that, right? there's no evidence that that's what's happening out of a pass cord and that will create action. i will rely on you and ron to help us with perspective. please come back. >> thank you, chris. a little bit of perspective here for us. imagine if i was forced to have to tell you at some point you've got hundreds of thousands of cases knew. i have to tell you, there are
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people who are dial. as manic. i can't believe the spy. >> oh, flu. >> the cdc says we have hundreds of,000 cases, 125,000 children so far this season, the highest number since reporting began in 2004. haven't been killed by it. top ten. why no panic? because it's not the unnineteen. you know we have vaccines, the way to do with it. i have to say by a president that you can't tough. i have more proof of that in our next segment. this has been a terrible week. dow lost 12% in 5 days.
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mark zandi is with me right now. mark, thank you for being here. you to not believe this is just about people posturing in politics. what do you think is fueling what we're seeing? >> i think the markets investors are discounting the possibility of global recession. i think if the buyer is concerned in a similar way similar to what the cdc is suggesting will happen, that
6:18 pm
disruptions will be so significant and severe that we will suffer an economic downturn. that's what investors sense and fear and that's why they're selling stocks. >> i want to step sideways into my natural skepticism into this. you like volatility. you often trade on fear. it gives you a chance to create action on what is a stre sophisticated form of bet making that you make in the market. isn't that part of this as well. >> who's we? are you talking about me? no, i don't trade in the market. >> no, i'm saying people on the market that trade. you can except yourself. talk about the rest of them. >> no, i don't think that's what this is about. you don't see a decline like we have seen over the past week by some traders trying to engage in mischief in the market. that's not what's happening here. this is a broad-based reassessment of the risks that
6:19 pm
we face. think about the timing. you go back a week ago and, you know, the markets were pretty sang w sanguine. then we see cases show up in korea, italy. that was pretty explicit. the woman said, look, i'm talking to the superintendent of my kids' school. when you hear that, investors say this is a big deal and this is going to have a big impact. connect the kauts. go take a look at what's happening in china. if that happens anywhere else on the globe, we have a big problem. >> apple and others -- >> this isn't about miss chief. this is real. >> i hear you. i'm saying my skepticism is i think people who trade in the market look for reasons for things to move, sometimes it's borne out, sometimes it isn't. look what we do for the flew.
6:20 pm
they're saying that china seems to be coming back online. apple believes that. do you think they're trying to protect their own stock or do you feel the worst fears are true about the stock chain? >> no, this is one group. chinese and other factories use lots of coal. that's real data. that's caylee data. we know exactly what's going on. take a look, straight down. went flat and has not recovered. that's not indicative of a chinese economy. they'll get back online and they have used extreme efforts to contain the virus. they may be having some success.
6:21 pm
it's done cynt can't damag-- significant damage. that's a negative number in an economy that grows 6%. if that's the kind of thing we have to deal with here, that's very, very disruptive. by the way, it's not just about reality, the american people are going to have a hard time with this. they're already having a hard time with this. they're going to hunker down. on top of that, if the stock market keeps sliding. you have boomers like me in their 50s and 60s are up to their eye balls in the equity market. they're focused. i don't think we can discount. maybe the virus doesn't turn out to be what the cdc sayings it's going to be. if you are a prudent investor, you have to be thinking i have to prepare for this. that's what we're being told by the experts.
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john ratcliffe lied and republicans had a problem. they put him up again. they say a change in circumstance. let's test what that change really means with congressional colleague representative lance goodin. congressman, thank you for joining us. first news item of the day, do you support the nomination of your colleague from texas, congressman ratcliffe to take on the lead position for the intelligence community? >> absolutely. i supported it last fall.
6:28 pm
he drosly exaggerated his record. what has changed from now and then? >> i think since then we've gone through an impeachment fight and the president feels empowered and emboldened. i think he pulled his name down out of respect for the president. he didn't want it to be a distraction. i think the president was okay with it back in october but congressman ratcliffe is one who wants to not be a distraction to the president. moving forward to now, i think the president is not really interested in some of these criticisms that continue to linger perhaps unfairly. i think we are ready to move
6:29 pm
forward. congressman ratcliffe is going to do a great job and i have full faith in him. >> let's unpack it. i do think your a probably right, the president does feel a new sense of freedom. he doesn't think that you guys will check him on anything so he's going to take his own counsel. why wouldn't it bother you that the person who's going to be in charge of intelligence and coordination had grossly exaggerated his own record trying to make it seem like he has a background prosecuting terror cases when he has basically none? >> well, i'm not going to get into the back and forth about his record and your opinion and others opinions. >> it is not an opinion. it is a matter of fact. he worked on one case. >> we're moving towards for now the president still has faith in him. i have faith in him. back in october before mr. ratcliffe pulled his name down and i think the president if he had had it to do it all over again, the president would have
6:30 pm
said let's just move forward. i think we're to the point now where nothing the president does is going to be good enough for democrats. nothing whether it's coronavirus or -- >> we'll get to coronavirus. let's not play the victim just yet. what i'm saying is other than mr. ratcliffe's unflinching nature during the impeachment, why would you say it's not going to bother you. there is no back and forth. he has zero experience in prosecuting terror except for one case where he was a side note and he grossly exaggerated that. it's not a back and forth. it's a fact. why doesn't it matter? >> the qualifications of mr. ratcliffe i think are phenomenal. he's going to be a great director. >> he has no experience in intelligence. >> i think he's qualified. >> where is the qualification?
6:31 pm
>> i'm sure that will come out on the senate side during the approval process. i think the media is just -- i guess that's you tonight, chris. >> lance, tell me, what am i saying that's wrong. >> you're saying he's not qualified, i think he is. >> no, i'm saying what are the qualifications? he exaggerated his record as a prosecutor to say he had terror experience. that's why he pulled his name down. nothing has changed except he did a beautiful job of defending the president during impeachment. >> i think he has done a beautiful job of being a member of the intel community. i think he's been a wonderful member of congress. i think he's going to be a great director. i think he's going to, as you say, do a beautiful job in his position. in months to come after he's been in that role his detractors will absolutely be singing his praises. >> his detractors include republicans and we sent senator burr to see what he would say.
6:32 pm
he had said some things negative in the past. they just sent us a statement where he says nothing about ratcliffe personally. he just says i look forward to putting him through the process. that's not exactly a vote of confidence. >> you know, if you have senator burr on your show, he may say something different than what i'm saying, but i'm saying to you. you asked me how i feel about ratcliffe becoming the new director. i'm not a senator. i'm not voting on confirmation but i think it's a great pick. >> let's talk about coronavirus. the big cause for concern is is the leadership good? one quick point on that and then i want to finish on testing and what you know about us getting better with testing. his second case in california is two cases. so what. community spread, no reason for panic but testing is again a factor. don't you think there should be focus on both sides of congress and the statehouse, allow states to test that are competent, get more testing to give people more
6:33 pm
could have dense in the reality? >> the answer is yes and i have seen publications come out as recently as a few hours ago from groups like bain capital who have said there could be 10,000 people with it right now and we won't know about it for a few weeks. absolutely. there could be more testing and you and i may have it and we don't know about it. >> god for bid. that's the cdc. they're being kept very tight. why? let people test. >> i think you're -- i think you'll see in this next week to come there's already talk in congress about passing a supplemental appropriations bill that will send more money and -- >> the white house could do it today, lance. they could call and say to california and new york, hey, you guys have your own protocols. go ahead and test. >> my point is i think that's happening. >> it hasn't happened yet. >> every day is something new. i think this is happening and i think you're seeing the white
6:34 pm
house do a pretty good job considering this is all new territory. very scary, but i'm pleased with the efforts so far and i think we all need to be pulling together and fighting this together, not playing politics. >> i agree with you on that and i'm telling you the testing is key. i know people think if there are more cases politically that looks bad. i'm telling you, it won't work like that. i'd rather know about 8,000 cases in california that aren't being monitored that are active cases and see how many people go home in a week or ten days. people would be better for that. the white house can change it with a phone call. lance goodin. i appreciate you taking on the tough cases. stay healthy. >> you, too. republican admits there should be more testing. that's cause for hope. we're on south carolina watch. less than 24 hours from the big vote. it's huge for biden and for bernie. what about predictions about tomorrow through super tuesday? "the wizard of oz" next.
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for those who were born to ride, officially hitting the us.virus man: the markets are plunging for a second straight day. vo: health experts warn the us is underprepared. managing a crisis is what mike bloomberg does. in the aftermath of 9-11, he steadied and rebuilt america's largest city. oversaw emergency response to natural disasters. upgraded hospital preparedness to manage health crises. and he's funding cutting edge research to contain epidemics. tested. ready. mike: i'm mike bloomberg and i approve this message. more new information about coronavirus. a third case of the virus
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community spread in america. right now keep going, this is a presumptive case. why? state officials in oregon, not california, say they found it. no known travel exposure. that's like the two other cases in california. now these results need to be confirmed by the cdc but it shows again if the states can look, if they're freed up to do it, you'll know more sooner. let's turn to the 2020 race. joe biden could know by this time tomorrow whether he has a real path left for the nomination, all right? if this south carolina firewall with stands the heat of bernie sanders, he's going to have time before super tuesday or not? a question between me and "the wizard of oz." thanks for being with us tonight. >> thank you, sir. >> south carolina and nevada, what a difference. why? >> yes. this was shocking to me. joe biden had a small little
6:40 pm
lead over bernie sanders. you would have thought that lead would have shrunk given the fact that bernie won. look at what happened. the lead has ballooned up to 16 percentage points. tomorrow steyer is back to 15%. you ask why? i think this gives you an indication why. this left side here. look at the black democratic primary voters in south carolina. in nevada it was a 10-point marnl begin. look here in the monmouth university poll, up 30 points over bernie sanders. steyer back. >> imagine if there were no -- why do we care? 2008. >> why do we care that he's going up so much? 2008 top choice. what we're looking at is whether or not joe biden will get a surge coming out of south carolina.
6:41 pm
2008 before south carolina clinton was leading by 9 points nationally. afterwards -- >> his win was a big boost. >> it was a huge, huge boost. >> i argue that there may not be enough time between tomorrow and tuesday to make up for the difference of the momentum bernie has and others and all the ad spending on super thus biden is not doing. >> let me bring you another example, 2012. newt gingrich had a surprise win. he gained about 15 points overnight and then that bounce basically receded and romney won the state by 14 points. i would argue that 72 hours is the perfect time for a bounce to appear especially when you don't have the campaign infrastructure joe biden does have. >> strong counter point and we agree he needs this because of this. >> he absolutely needs it. these were polls put out by us. california, 428 delegates, texas more delegates.
6:42 pm
california, large lead for bernie sanders. 35%. everyone else under the 15% threshold. so important for delegates. in texas, a nine-point lead. if joe biden gets a bounce you might see it in a state like texas where that could help him close that fwap with sanders. >> truly one to wash. wiz, thank you very much. >> big day tomorrow. bernie sanders, he doesn't just have a movement, he's got a lethal weapon helping his campaign. that's right, actor danny glover. i've got to smile, he's one of my favorites. i'll be fair. why is he feeling the bern? and a big question for him next. (snoring) what's going on? it's the 3pm slump. should have had a p3. oh yeah. should have had a p3. need energy? get p3. with a mix of meat, cheese and nuts. breathe freely fast, with vicks sinex. my congestion's gone.
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>> i'm too old for this [ bleep ]. >> a lot of us are feeling that way these days. now, look, i was a little sideways about using this clip because danny glover, obviously roger murtaugh there, much more than an actor. he's an artist with a place in politics. he grew up in it. he's been active on social justice causes, political causes since he was young. he is backing bernie sanders since i think i believe april. he's working for him down in south carolina and he is an effective advocate. danny glover, thank you for joining us on "primetime." >> you're welcome. >> what's bernie got that other democrats don't have in your opinion? >> well, he has authenticity for one. he has a history. and that history has been history of fighting on behalf of working people, fighting for justice and he has spoken out
6:48 pm
when he was senator, when he was a mayor, whatever it was. when he was a young student himself part of the civil rights movement and part of core in chicago. so there's history there and it's consistent as well. and the issues that bernie brings to the attention, whether it's cancellation of student debts, whether it's medicare for all, all those things are things that really citizens are concerned about. and it's not to take anything away from the affordable health care, but certainly there are millions of americans who are out without health care. >> true. >> and without adequate health care as well. >> so the formidable jim clyburn says the issues bernie cares about, so does joe biden and they don't carry the risk of his radical ideas and rigidity. >> i talked to members of both
6:49 pm
sides of our political equation. they were very, very concerned about whether or not there would be perhaps somebody on the ticket that would cause down ballot carnage. i've been in congress for 28 years. it may not surprise you to know that 21 of those years working in the minority. that ain't a good place to be. >> why do you not share his concern? >> well, with all due respect to the congressman and the work that he's done here in south carolina, i certainly think that this is a moment, a transitional moment and certainly the body politics. the young people have come to the table. the fears that they have for the future whether it's global warming and climate change, for the debt that -- the amounts of debt that they have around the
6:50 pm
country, talking about 45 million citizens have debt, overburdening of debt from their student loans alone. >> absolutely. >> certainly what deepened the conversation and with the deepening of the conversation he's built a movement. >> there's no question. we can't sleep on a movement. i argue i made that mistake in 2016. under estimated how the president's lack of credit issues and vulgarity would disqualify him. similarly here with bernie, he's got the movement. why can't he say, my principle is medicare for all. but people even in the civil rights movement don't surrender princele but changed position to
6:51 pm
get things done. it's not my way or the highway. i will try to get the best deal i can to move us as far as in that direction as possible. why can't he say something like that and instead of saying it's all or nothing? >> i'm not familiar with that all of nothing scenario you presented. the idea that we have changed the dialogue the discourse, this whole idea of universal healthcare is going on about 100 years in this country. roosevelt the first lady at the end of world war ii proposed the idea. >> that's true. >> unions. lay labor unions fought for universal healthcare. imagine what universal healthcare if you take healthcare out of the negotiations. of collective bargaining.
6:52 pm
what -- here we are at this particular point in time with know there's a serious issue with that. among so many issues. this is a discussion that is happening among the american people. >> it is. >> whatever side you're on. >> he may get further. that's all i'm saying. you're right about the conversation and he advanced it. it's just about whether he can convince moderates that he would work with them and that's why i'm referring to the all or nothing attitude. i had you here because you deserve it as an advocate. i know what you're doing in south carolina. and bernie's campaign. i'm a fan. there's a lethal weapon 5? will you confirm and make my day by telling me i will get to see you in it. >> i can't confirm. >> you must.
6:53 pm
>> i must confirm. okay. there will be -- for you. only you. there will be a lethal weapon 5. >> will i get to see my favorite part, danny glover? >> of course. >> thank you for sending this week off on a good note. i respect your opinions and i wish you good luck with the sand si. good luck with the advocacy. and something to smile about as ab an artist. so much meaning throughout the years and i appreciate it as a fan. finally some good news. lethal weapon 5. and he'll be in it. i didn't ask about mel gibson. all right. back to the news. president's son-in-law spoke today. eye popping prediction for a second term. i'm not big ongoing after the family. i get why they defend him.
6:54 pm
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bolo. be on the lookout. president's son-in-law and seen your adviser is making quite the promise if trump gets a second term. >> the way you're seeing the campaign being run again there's no leaks, no drama. it's high confidence. low drama. everything is very efficiently run. and i think that's exemplary of how he would run the second term in office. >> free is on his face. how the straight face? how? how? when the president claimed to be the most transparent president in history. to drain the swamp. only the best. to get things done and deals made. how does he say this with a
6:59 pm
straight face? be on the lookout to see if anything in the run up to the election proves mr. kushner right on any level. thank you very much for watching. "cnn tonight" with the man known as d. lemon starts now. >> no what? opposite day at the c pack? >> you go to preach. we get it. no drama, things run in exemplary fashion? is he not looking at what's going on? we're not even testing for the virus in this country the way south korea is. >> was this the obama administration? no drama obama. >> until he wore that suit. >> i forgot. i'm sorry. >> i wear the same thing every day because i'm so worried about
7:00 pm
that criticism. >> i forgot about the tan suit. i'm sorry. >> he made a mockery of the presidency. still haven't recovered. >> no drama. no drama and no leaks and no chaos. >> straight face. i will never play poker with kushner. you are coming out of there broke. you're getting no tells. >> send him to take the lie detecter. >> all day. vouch for me about anything. >> send in kushner. >> listen, there's another case. >> why it's key, oregon did the test. now can verify it.


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