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tv   Inside Politics  CNN  March 5, 2020 9:00am-10:00am PST

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that this works as best we can for our staff, for our team, for conference, john. >> our volunteers. questions a bit later today. >> reporter: it could be coming, but just not right now. >> correct. mj, thank you. joe biden had a show ohe wo >> reporter: i know your campaign manager said that he had no regrets. do you feel the same way? >> oh, i do. welcome to "inside i have no regrets at all. tuesday and racked up this has been a matter of a politics." i'm john king. thank you for sharing your day endorsements since. the congresswoman from florida, with us. elizabeth warren exits the 2020 an ex-governor from arizona. lifetime. a few years ago i was teaching a democratic race and will explain few blocks from here and talking her decision in just moments. and michigan is the next big about what is broken in america prize next tuesday, and the it is a bernie sanders/joe biden race now, and the former vice and ideas to fix it, and pretty much nobody wanted to hear it. president is rolling out big michigan governor joined team biden just this morning. i had a chance to get out there names in a super tuesday show of >> i'm going to be voting for and talk with millions of joe biden. force. when the chips were down, it was a cruise ship is held off the obama-biden administration people. we have ideas now that we talk the california coast and a that stepped up and helped out about that we weren't talking seattle school district closes about even a year ago. the auto industry, and that was because of the spreading a two-cent tax and universal a great thing for our economy as coronavirus. a nation, but it was personal to a massive spending plan is about us here in michigan. child care that could be real. to clear congress. we could make it happen. chuck schumer under fire. >> with me in studio to share and cancelling student loan debt the democrat wants payback that their reporting and their for 43 million americans and insights, athena jones, alex the president trump vote to roll raising social security
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burns with the "new york times" payments. those are life-changing events back rights. for people. the senate's top republican sees and maggie haberman, also with we could actually do this. the "times." so i'm delighted to have been a giant political opening. here and honored to have had warren was impressive, warren was growing and rising in the >> he stated he was actually polls. warren is exiting today. this chance. that's a big deal in the race. >> reporter: how do you feel about not winning in threatening fellow senators as i guess the big question -- massachusetts? >> i was told at the beginning though that would be much well, two questions. of this whole undertaking that better. >> i'm from brooklyn. what will she do going forward, we speak in strong language. will she pick, and what went there are two lanes, a i shouldn't have used the words wrong? >> there are a lot of people on progressive lane that bernie i did, but in no way was i sanders is the incumbent for, making a threat. this panel who can speak to what and a moderate lane that joe went wrong. i never, never would do such a whether she endorses, i think biden is an incumbent for, and thing. and leader mcconnell knows that. we'll know in the coming week. there is no room for anyone else she said she is not going to in this. i felt that wasn't right, but immediately make an endorsement, >> back to that story in a few but i do think her focus is moments, but we begin with evidently i was wrong. pretty solidly on beating donald >> senatdo you think you'll res today's big breaking 2020 news. trump, and i think her senator elizabeth warren is endorsement is going to be dropping out. warren was in the top tier as guided by that. >> let's stick to the recently as the fall, with a endorsement question for a minute. we know that a lot of people on the left were mad last time she with voters? ground game then envied by her >> i was told when i first got sat out the sanders-clinton rivals. but her decision today to into this, there are two lanes. abandon the 2020 contest i thought it was possible that completes the dramatic downward that wasn't the case, that there turn. race. 18 states have weighed in so was more room and more room to far, and warren has just 37 with next tuesday, and the tuesday after that, and joe run another kind of campaign. delegates and no wins, placing biden sitting back on his heels but evidently that wasn't the third in her home state of massachusetts just this past a little bit by this, he could case.
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sure use it right now. tuesday. warren quitting cements the new >> reporter: did you think you campaign trail reality, the that is elizabeth's hoecme to t would lose your home state in democratic race now a two-person left of the party. massachusetts? >> no. i'm deeply grateful to the battle between joe biden and bernie sanders. the question now who, if anyone, people of massachusetts. back in 2012, they took a chance will warren endorse? she already said that she should on someone who had never run for have gotten out of the race. cnn's mj lee is live outside public office before. >> she's been under fire for warren's home in massachusetts. weeks now. it's been apparent for some they ousted a very incumbent take us inside this decision and time, we can probably agree, that she wasn't going to be the what we know. party's nominee. >> reporter: well, this was she's been taking a lot of fire from bernie sanders' allies, a news, certainly, john, that was widely expected for the past few lot of vocal calls for her to days, really since super tuesday get out of the race. i'm not sure where she goes from republican senator and i am when she so underperformed here. you're right, in 2016, she sort deeply grateful for that. they returned me to the senate expectations. of held her fire in a way that in 2018, and i'm deeply grateful made people frustrated. elizabeth warren told her timo it is certainly the case that for that. fis she has a natural base. they're the reason i'm in this -- team officially within the her base of support could go fight and the reason i'm able to last hour on a conference call that she is, in fact, according either way. stand here today. there might be a lot of people heading for election of joe our source that was on the call, biden, a lot of people heading hi, annie. she thanked her staffers and for election of bernie sanders. i'm not sure there is a lot of said she wanted them not to >> reporter: two questions. focus on the disappointment of i saw you vote two days ago for the news but to focus on the urgency on her end beyond the fact that they have accomplished obvious pressure to make an yourself. >> i did. something and that they will endorsement. have a lasting impact. in this particular race which is >> reporter: can you reflect a so weird and so turbulent, i'm little bit what that was like for you? and the other question is you now, the huge question, of not sure it makes a difference, course, is whether elizabeth talk a little about what gender warren will make an endorsement anyway. of some kind, whether that is >> tulsi gabbard is still in the today or in the coming days. race. she has not dropped out but she
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what we do know is that on that has not been active. plays in this. she's still in the race and we need to respect that and watch staff call, elizabeth warren did >> so it was -- i stood in that that. but if you go back to the not have any news to share in beginning of this race and the voting booth and i looked down terms of an endorsement. diversity of the democratic and saw my name on the ballot. so, again, we know she didn't field, suddenly you have essentially the contest of the and i thought, wow, kiddo, have anything to say to her nomination is between two older you're not in oklahoma anymore. campaign staffers about whether she was going to make an white men, joe biden and bernie sanders. endorsement, but she will be as to what went wrong with that it really was a moment of elizabeth warren, how much of it is this, from another former holding a press komconference a thinking about how my mother and minute now outside her home in dad, if they were still here, cambridge, massachusetts, so candidate kamala harris. would feel about this. we'll see if she has any additional information to share >> this election in particular about her thinking as we go has also presented very forward. we do know yesterday senator legitimate questions about the i had gotten a long email from warren spoke yesterday with both challenges of women running for my nephew and how proud his dad bernie sanders and joe news com the president of the united states. look what's happened. there are no women currently in this race. and brother is, and how they all you know, we can have a longer discussion about it, but the reality is that there is still a lot of work to be done to make had plans to go with other it very clear that women are people. it was a long time standing in exceptionally qualified and that booth. capable of being the commander i miss my mommy and my daddy. in chief of the united states of gender in this race, you know america. >> senator harris, of course, not counting tulsi gabbard, and that is the big question for most of the other candidates don't even though she is nominally still in the race. everyone. if you say, yeah, there was
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to that point, senator harris, sexism in this race, everyone we had senator warren, we had says, whiner. and if you say, no, there was no senator klobuchar. is that a fair point? >> i think it is a fair point, and we saw this the last time around in 2016. sexism, about a bazillion women there are a lot of people who think, what planet do you live might support elizabeth warren on? i promise you this, i'll have a and amy klobuchar, but when it lot more to say on that subject comes down to the voting booth, they're worried that others won't support them. later on. >> reporter: senator, to your i can tell you the support i supporters looking for a heard on the ground, i talked to candidate, what is your advice to them? i know you're not endorsing yet. nearly a hundred voters. >> let's take a deep breath and think about this a little longer almost every person saying they were supporting elizabeth warren before we all settle in. was a woman. a lot of times they pointed to >> reporter: were the last few the idea she was a woman, they wanted a strong woman to lead, days for you emotional days to and they were proud of that. make this decision? but it looks like you can't win the nomination just with the support of women, even though what was the final reason for she had a lot of that. the decision? >> hillary clinton was the >> a big part of it was to think democratic nominee four years about all the people who turned ago, she won the popular vote, their lives upside down to be but breaking through not winning part of this campaign. the election, and i think that all the staffers who moved and hillary lost to trump is part of worked long hours, gave up jobs it. we also had senator gillibrand to be here, took leaves from in the race. school to think about what works
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she didn't do too well. for them. this isn't just about me, this now you have a democratic party is a whole lot of people who that says we have a party of were a big part of this. latinos, we have a party of and also our volunteers to try african-americans, we have a party of women with two white men. respected white men, but two to think through. for all those people who have white men at the top of the ticket. >> it's an enormous challenge already invested so many hours for them going forward. and so much of their heart in i think the burden will be on who the ultimate nominee is, the phone calls and the door whether it's bid ownen or sande to choose a running mate of a knocks and coming to the office to help clean things up and keep it all going. and think about all those diversity. promises. i take those promises seriously. i was with elizabeth warren in those are the things i needed to nevada in 2018. think through and how we make all these pieces work as best we she blew out the race. can for everyone. and one last thing. people said, i love her to it's about all the people who death. i hope she doesn't run for president because i don't want to see what donald trump would do to her. respect the issues i talked that's what you hear about a lot about. whether they got involved in my of women in the race, just a fight or someone else's fight or even not at all, but the harder concern about will sexism cost them the election, and do i want we talk about this, there still
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to see this person get treated is a trillion and a half dollars by donald trump the way they in student loan debt have any reason to believe they would get treated by donald outstanding. trump. there are still tens of millions if you look at the polls even of people across this country today, many show that elizabeth warren is actually the most favorably viewed of any candidate in the field. she's just not turning that into who one bad medical diagnosis actual votes, and i think there's no question that that and they are upside down sends a sort of snakebite from financially. there are still moms and dads who can't get an education, 2016 for a lot of folks. can't take on jobs because there >> now she says, will i endorse, is not child care they can will i wait? afford. i had to think a lot about where is the best place for me to go we know joe biden and bernie to keep fighting those fights, sanders have spoken to her, to because those problems don't lobby her. disappear when i stand here in this is the race we have right front of you. now. joe biden is your delegate those problems go on, and my job leader. how many people thought we would be saying that? we're not done allocating. we're still doing california. is to keep fighting and to fight it's possible senator sanders catches up. this as smartly and effectively here we are on the thursday after super tuesday, joe biden as i can. has won 509 delegates. >> snauelizabeth warren and her bernie sanders has won 449 of husband in front of a group of
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the delegates so far. reporters after coming out to that's 43% of those allocated so explain her decision this morning to bow out of the 2020 far. he would need to win 53% of the presidential race. she was gracious, she was remaining pledged delegates to candid, she was personal. let's talk about some of the get to 1991. things she said. the headline will be, not going that is a conversation i don't think many people thought we to endorse right now. would be having. she's going to take a deep >> no. it's not. i mean, look, it was clear that breath. she encouraged all her supporters to take a deep breath. she also was quite candid. biden was not dead as a candidate, but it was clear that candidates often spin and sugar a lot of energy had been taken coat things. from him, and while donald trump she said, i got into the race thinking bernie is the incumbent obviously hurt himself by going after hunter biden, joe biden's of the liberal lane, biden is in son, he hurt joe biden as well. the moderate lane, i can create there were a lot of questions a new lane. i was wrong. that i think joe biden had >> she got closer than anybody trouble answering about his son's work in ukraine, and which else in this race. there was that extended moment he is going to get again. in early august and september one challenge for the campaign where she really did look like is going to be how to answer she was creating a critical mass that question better without just yelling at the reporter of people that supported bernie asking it, because the voters sanders four years ago and a lot of more moderate women who i've spoken to do have questions about it. supported hillary clinton four but this was a remarkable years ago, then we saw that sort of come apart in october. comeback. we've never seen something like she got hung up on the questions this, certainly not in modern politics, where somebody came in of medicare for all that clearly scared a lot of moderate voters, lower in the first two states
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and then had this mass ive win n and then bernie sanders started mounting his comeback on the left and squeezed her on that south carolina, used that a few side. days later with what was basically a nationalized we know candidates have those victory. this is unheard of. thoughts themselves, but, as you said, don't hear them put it out what it means going forward there like this. remains to be seen. if bernie sanders wants to keep >> the knockoff for elizabeth going, there is a path for him to keep going. warren is she was all policy and but as you note, there is not necessarily a path for him to not personal. you can see this from covering catch up in pledged delegates. campaigns. when you get the gift of meeting i think that's a question he'll have to ask himself. america, traveling around the country, realizing how it's >> the math gets hard, and we'll different. look at that every day as we go in her case having the patience through ahead of us. and grace for standing for one thing we do know of from 2016, when sanders gets 10,000 selfies is pretty remarkable. challenged, he tends to get more candidates are in a hurry and she stayed and talked to voters. aggressive. you can see she learned a lot. listen to bernie sanders saying, oh, joe biden, you got the she talked about pinky promises and the like. billionaires. >> wall street starts opening up she determines she was its wallet for joe biden. unsuccessful in this campaign, but that's not the elizabeth he has more than 60 billionaires warren who was elected in massachusetts or the elizabeth contributing to his campaign. warren who first got into this race as president. >> she ran in what in a normal today the stock market went way up. the health care industry and the election cycle would be an companies did well yesterday extremely good campaign. because biden had a good day
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yesterday. >> it's ridiculous. structurally she had people come out and support her in all the it's ridiculous. ways expected to run a bernie, you got beat by successful campaign. overwhelming support i have from she ran is very, very well. the african-american community, the problem is those lanes exist bernie. you got beaten because of suburban women, bernie. you got beaten because of because people are fervently hard-working folks out there, upset with donald trump and want bernie. you've raised a lot more money to get him out of office. than i have, bernie. >> biden staying calm there. i think for elizabeth warren, like chris christie, she may have lost her opportunity in biden's confidence evolved and he feels good the last couple 2016, and like chris christie, knocking out someone who is days, but he knew bernie before surging, and in this case, when he was the senator of michael bloomberg. vermont and politics have changed. >> she ripped into michael i suspect this will get chippy and probably very personal. >> he can go the 2016 route and bloomberg when he was spending money and rising into the polls. mj lee was there for this and bernie sanders is clearly trying to get there. in super tuesday after all the has spent a considerable time on delegates are in and they're even, and we keep fighting for every single delegate up until the road covering elizabeth early june. warren. one of the fascinating parallels i was sprtruck by how candid sh i haven't seen a lot of was. she said, i had a theory of the commentary about over the last race. couple days is the way this i was wrong. >> reporter: that's right, and this press conference she just
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really mirrors how trump became president in 2016. finished up outside her house the reason biden and sanders are sort of had the feel of almost a the two frontrunners is because sendoff. she and her husband and her dog they had a base coming in in the came out and outside were not first place. trump built his after he only reporters but clearly some announced his candidacy in 2015. supporters as well. her staff and closest aides were also there to show her support. warren has seen people coming on to her campaign and leaving. but i definitely agree with you that we did see a very candid part of the reason biden soared and frank and open and recently is because that spoke reflective senator warren here. clearly she is in this position loudly inside south carolina. now holding this press bernie sanders has also been conference because her speaking, and i think that's why presidential campaign did not go those are the two that remain. >> i think the win in south well, but one of the things that she shared that was a little more poignant was when she said carolina is sort of a reality check on this sort of tidal wave yesterday she walked into the voting booth here in that the race has been massachusetts and she said she completely transformed permanently and irreversibly. saw her name as she was voting for herself, and the thought that she had and the thing that look, joe biden is in a great, great position right now. she told herself was, you've he has not sustained a great position for very long, very done good, kiddo. she said she thought about her often, if at all in this race. background being from oklahoma >> and he's never been in this and sort of what her family position before in his life. we'll see how he handles it. might make of all of this, the fact that she had become a maybe he'll grow, maybe he'll serious contender for the
9:11 am
get better because of it, maybe presidency. so these are obviously going to he'll struggle. but the last 100 hours have been be, in the coming days, not only so volatile. days of sort of reflecting on maybe the next 100 hours will be the political strategy and what volatile as well. went wrong, what she could have we're expecting to hear from done better for this campaign, but i think also just a moment, senator warren soon. she bowed out of the race but clearly a personal reflection. said her fight will go on. she talked about the fact that she has this tradition when she meets little girls on the campaign trail, she will always get down on one knee and do a schumer under attack of what pinky promise and say, i'm sound like a threat from two running for president because that's what girls do. supreme court justices. she told reporters here that xarelto® is proven to treat and reduce the risk of dvt that pinky promise means something to her and that she or pe blood clots from happening again. really does feel like this campaign will have a lasting almost 98% of people did not have another dvt or pe. impact. john? >> that's an interesting point don't stop taking xarelto® on that as we come back in the without talking to your doctor, room. as this may increase your risk of blood clots. she said she will continue to have the conversation of what a while taking, president should look like. a spinal injection increases the risk of blood clots, >> i think that's clearly an which may cause paralysis- the inability to move. essential theme of this entire you may bruise more easily campaign, and really not just or take longer for bleeding to stop. for elizabeth warren. this is the first time in xarelto® can cause serious and in rare cases, fatal bleeding. american history when we've had it may increase your risk of bleeding multiple major female candidates if you take certain medicines. get help right away for unexpected bleeding
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or unusual bruising. seeking one party's nomination, the first time we've had a do not take xarelto® if you have an artificial heart valve or abnormal bleeding. before starting, tell your doctor nomination that wasn't married to a former president. about all planned medical or dental procedures that clearly resonated with a and any kidney or liver problems. lot of women of different ages. help protect yourself from another dvt or pe. i don't recall hearing much from ask your doctor about xarelto®. hillary clinton four years ago. to learn more about cost her nomination was obviously an and how janssen can help, visit enormous event four years ago. you didn't hear girls talking about seeing themselves in hillary clinton's position than we have with senator warren and senator harris. >> she talked a lot about i was told there are two lanes and and how janssen can help, i learned about myuse grandfather's life. here were these two men. on ancestry and it was a remarkable it turned out to be true. twentieth-century transformation. i think that's as blunt as we've he did a lot of living before i knew him. heard her describe sexism in this race, different than what bring your family history to life like never before. kamala harris was talking about earlier today, but i think it get started for free at was a stark realization she was putting out there. i think there were other reasons why they are candidacy struggled. it wasn't just because there who've got their eczema under, were these two men there, but at with less eczema, you can show more skin. the end of the day, it is striking that that's where it began and that's where it ends.
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so roll up those sleeves. >> i think it's interesting that and help heal your skin from within with dupixent. she used the first two words of changing her notion of what a dupixent is the first treatment of its kind that continuously president should look like. notice she didn't bite when she treats moderate-to-severe eczema, or atopic dermatitis, even between flare ups. was asked about the gender fight. she didn't focus on that but dupixent is a biologic, and not a cream or steroid. what her message was. she talked about the 2% tax, many people taking dupixent saw clear or almost clear skin, and, had significantly less itch. child care and educational that's a difference you can feel. loans. don't use if you're allergic to dupixent. maybe if joe biden started serious allergic reactions can occur, talking more about those policy plans, maybe not like senator including anaphylaxis, which is severe. warren laid out, but if he is tell your doctor about new or worsening eye problems, going to get some of those voters, he's going to have to such as eye pain or vision changes, talk about some of those plans or a parasitic infection. that people are worried about. if you take asthma medicines, >> connect the personal to the don't change or stop them without talking to your doctor. policy, if you will, which she became. she got much better at it so help heal your skin from within. throughout the campaign. and talk to your eczema specialist about dupixent. she didn't succeed, but if you look at warren before and now, she's a different candidate. when i switched to geico. she said nothing about this is how it made me feel. endorsing. does it matter? washington state is the state it was like that feeling when you go to high-five a coworker, next up on tuesday.
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you go forward with these awful decisions. >> the backlash over those remarks by the senate democratic leader chuck schumer is escalating today. president trump calls it a disgrace. the chief justice john roberts issued a rare rebuke, calling schumer's words inappropriate and dangerous. schumer backpedaling somewhat today after mitch mcconnell opened the senate with this. >> the minority leader of the united states senate threatened two associate justices of the doprevagen is the number oneild mempharmacist-recommendeding? u.s. supreme court, period. memory support brand. there's no other way to interpret that. you can find it in the vitamin aisle in stores everywhere. >> now, i should not have used prevagen. healthier brain. better life. the words i used yesterday. they did not come out the way i intended to. in no way i was making a threat. i never, ever would do such a thing. and leader mcconnell knows that. >> so a backpedal, not an apology, but a backpedal -- he said he would never issue a threat, but if you play his words, it sure sounded like a
9:17 am
threat. >> i think it's a couple of things. yes, i think those were very unwise words for him to have said. he clearly acknowledges that. whether he apologized or not, that was a mistake, and i think you can't always stop for a fingerstick.betes it became clear to him based on what mcconnell said on the floor with the freestyle libre 14 day system, speech that president trump was a continuous glucose monitor, you don't have to. obviously elevating it. it's a little hard to take at with a painless, one-second scan face value president trump you can check your glucose with a smart phone or reader calling it a disgrace that someone would dare criticize a so you can stay in the moment. judge or attack a judge or say no matter where you are or what you're doing. anything about a judge -- >> on the floor the president ask your doctor for a prescription for the freestyle has no standing. on this particular issue, the libre 14 day system. president has no standing. you can do it without fingersticks. >> i think that's part of the problem for republicans is that learn more at they have a leader of their party that has said so many things, that if a democrat says about being a scientist at 3m. it they would seize on it. i wanted them to know that innovation is not just but i do think what schumer said was a mistake. about that one 'a-ha' moment. i think it does raise other science is a process. questions about where chief justice roberts is choosing to it takes time, dedication. weigh in and choosing not to it's a journey. we're constantly asking ourselves, weigh in. i think you'll hear that more in the coming days. 'how can we do things better and better?'
9:18 am
what we make has to work. roberts rebuked schumer for what we strive to protect you. he said. he rebuked trump a while ago for at 3m, we're in pursuit of solutions something he said, and not since, and it's not as if the that make people's lives better. president has refrained from saying things about judges. >> it's a great point because the chief normally writes an at 3m, we're in pursuit of solutions we do it every night. every night. annual report to the state of i live alone, but i still do it every night. the judiciary. right after dinner. other than that, he stays out of it. definitely after meatloaf. he did write about the like clockwork. importance of fake information on the internet. do it! run your dishwasher every night with cascade platinum. some took it as trump might have been included in that. he criticized him using the a load with as few as 8 dishes, is all it takes to save water. an energy star certified dishwasher phrase "obama judge" in 2018. uses less than four gallons per cycle. and he did a law school speech while handwashing uses that, every two minutes. right before justice scalia died so, do it. run your dishwasher every night with cascade platinum. the surprising way to save water. about a political and divisive supreme court process. but he did decide to speak out here. >> he decided to speak out, but it was also interesting to see mitch mcconnell on the floor i'm brianna keilar live from saying, you know, some of the democratic party appear more cnn's washington headquarters. interested in attacking the we start with the spread of the institutions of our government coronavirus and efforts to
9:19 am
rather than working within them. protect against it. the senate is set to vote this that was a criticism he could hour on more than $8 billion in have clearly delivered toward the president, which he won't be emergency funding to combat the doing. he also said these are shameless virus. in the meantime, senators say efforts to bully our judiciary. the trump administration will fail to keep its promise on we know about the past examples testing kits. of president trump criticizing in monday's task force briefing, judges just recently, and he the head of the fda said a wasn't rebuked for this, certainly not from chief justice million kits would be ready by friday, but we have now learned roberts. he just recently said justices they won't. in the united states there are now more than 160 confirmed sotomayor and ginsburg recused cases, and this is themselves from some cases. clearly chuck schumer shouldn't have said what he said, but the rebuke could go for both sides. >> mcconnell's speech is just that, he knows fully well it could go to president trump, and they were right when they said that. he is trying to flip the coin for a day. to the rhetoric from schumer there, this is the age we live in that the volume and the hyperbole gets turned up in rhetoric, and sometimes we look for the people at the top of the leaders. again, president trump has no
9:20 am
standing in this from a republican standpoint, to dial it back. when you have insightful rhetoric from people trying to get attention. for schumer to do that tells you what? >> i think it's so striking, and in some ways probably why it was so clearly politically unsuccessful, is that this actually did not come supernaturally to chuck schumer, and it reminded me a little bit of that moment in the state of the union when nancy pelosi ripped up a copy of the president's speech. this is a little overly demonstrative here. you're sort of trying to prove that you can do the pro wrestling side of politics. that's actually not really what you do at all. i don't remember the last time comments from chuck schumer broke through a national news cycle at all, right? so the fact that it's this tells you something, i think, about a certain generation of legislators, i think somewhat more on the democratic side, trying to feel their way into sort of daily relevance in a new cycle that is so dominated by this president who is obviously
9:21 am
totally at home in this environment. i also think it reflects on the democratic side a level of anger about the courts that we have not seen in previous elections and mitch mcconnell knows that sort of playing off that anger to remind his own base of how urgently important and threatened the courts have been in the not distant past by potential democratic appointments is very useful. >> democrats don't like it, but the biggest success of the administration is by confirmation of all these judges, no doubt. we'll come back to this later. next for us, the latest on the coronavirus epidemic. there's three states now taking additional precautions today. isn't bingo just an ok use of your hosting abilities? it's like getting a samsung galaxy s20 5g, and not getting it with at&t. america's best network. bingo! no, you can't have bingo. i just called out two numbers. you do this every week! get the most from your
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we're standing by. any moment now we're going to hear from massachusetts senator elizabeth warren. you see her home in cambridge, massachusetts there. earlier this morning she decided to bow out of the presidential race. as she explains her decision now, will she announce any clues if she plans to endorse any other candidate in the race? in her call with staff today, she gave no such hints. in her post on media to promise to push for the things she cares about, she gives no hints. we wait to hear from senator warren. number one, as we talked a bit
9:27 am
earlier, she was an early surprise in the race, an impressive surprise in the race, a threat to senator sanders and the nation. now she has a choice to make who is a leader in the progressive movement, big bangs fighting against big bangs. medicare for all was a point of contention in the candidacy here. what do we expect from, a, her explaining why she stepped away, and who she plans to endorse? >> she obviously criticized biden quite a bit in the latest debates and all. but she may want to have a big voice in the coming general election or potential biden administration should he be the nominee, so she could be deciding now between is she going to stay on the side of medicare for all and the progressive lane, or does she say, look, i have supporters that are both progressives and moderates, do i go with the
9:28 am
moderate supporters and go with someone who looks like they're going to win. >> she's very critical of a bankruptcy bill that was passed. joe biden was the senator then. she said before she dropped out she was trying to position herself as the bridge, saying if you have this long race and you have a broken convention, that she was someone who had deep credibility with sanders supporters and progressives but could also reach to the center of the party. that conversation is over. the question is where does she see her role in the democratic party going forward? >> there is a big place right now if she wants to see herself as changing the course of the election. if she wants to go out there and support bernie sanders, she could be seen as someone to revive this campaign. if she wants to endorse joe biden, she could be seen as helping him and his campaign, right? whether she is interested in doing either of those things, i think is unknown to us, and i think as athena was saying, the
9:29 am
question for her going forward is exactly what role does she want to play in democratic politics and politicism? if there's one thing we know from her, she cares about the actual policies she has proposed. i think it's an open question. you could argue it in either direction, whether she would have a better chance of having a voice in the sanders administration, which is more aligned with her idealogically, but not good for outside participation, or does she go with the biden campaign because he is a deal maker, if there ever was one, in the democratic party. >> she underperformed. i don't mean to be mean, but she hired a lot of people, they were a good organization, some with good campaign experience. she only has 37 delegates after 18 states have weighed in, third in her home state of massachusetts where she thought she could do well in the suburbs. but she has some sway here for
9:30 am
herself. if she endorsed bernie sanders, it would give him a boost at a time he needs it. if she goes with biden, it would almost be inevitability of biden happening. if she steps back and is cautious, help or hurt her? or maybe the smart thing to do, right? >> i think it would be good for her to say i trust you guys to do what you think should be done here. if you talked to sanders supporters and biden supporters, what you heard was her electability. we should vote for the candidate who we think is the best person to be president. yes, we think she can win against donald trump, but we understand how people may think bernie sanders and joe biden is better in that regard. this is a candidate who represented their values. sanders also held the same position, but they argued consistently he is the guy who could beat trump in noevember. i heard that less from warren's
9:31 am
supporters. so i could see her saying, make the decision for yourself. >> what about senator elizabeth warren from massachusetts who just came in third in her home state in the democratic primary? if you're thinking i want to stay senator warren from massachusetts, how much of a message did the voters in her own state send her? >> it's a risk for anyone. it's a risk for anyone running for candidate in their home state. i think amy klobuchar clearly played a role in helping joe biden here, but it's not clear she would have won it, and that would have hurt her. i do think this has to be a factor. i don't think we know yet what elizabeth warren wants her political future to look like. i think alex is exactly right, that we know there are these issues where she had clear plans. she talked about them often during the primary and that is where she wants her focus and her energy to be, and i think she is still assessing how best to accomplish that. i'm not sure that hanging on to your capital right now, to your point about what happened in 2016, is actually the best way to do that. >> there is a model for someone
9:32 am
running for president, losing in their home state and going on to be an influential factor in an administration that is idealogical dissimilar from your own instincts, and that is marco rubio, humiliated in florida. in a more dramatic way than what happened in massachusetts, he has clearly made his peace to try to work through its power with his own foreign policy agenda in particular. elizabeth warren and marco rubio, hard to think of two more different politicians but there is a model for sort of getting on board with someone who is not necessarily the most comfortable match. you could argue, i think, either way which one of these guys is less comfortable. >> i'm always fascinated with these moments by the verbal gymnastics, in the sense that she just, 24 hours ago, was saying, we can't elect a president who just wants to cut deals with mitch mcconnell, meaning we can't have joe biden. and we can't have someone who
9:33 am
just criticizes, meaning bernie sanders. you see klobuchar, buttigieg and bloomberg already did that when it came to joe biden. we watch candidates grow and learn during the campaign. does she talk about others and try to say, forget all that, talk her way through it, and just focus on herself and say, thank you, supporters, now move on? >> i think how much she talks about her supporters and how much she talks about donald trump is where she'll keep her focus. i don't think she'll use this as a cleanup opportunity. i don't think she would want to remind everybody of fresh video of things she said. you touched on something just now that i keep thinking about as we see this democratic race play out, which is how many people within the party, how many people describe themselves as part of the resistance to donald trump have described him as an existential threat to the country, but i can't vote for xyz. he's an existential threat, but i can't vote for bernie sanders. i think she is going to be
9:34 am
somebody who can help kind of redirect that if she chooses to, redirect people and remind them what their stated goal is. >> but you must get over it. because that was a lot of what we saw on super tuesday in the rally around biden winning states where he never set foot. a switch went off among democrats who thought, it's game time now, we need to do something. this will be fascinating to see. we expect the senator to come out. this is cambridge, massachusetts. this is where she lives before she got involved in elected politics. she was a professor on the left bank. it's a great little town. i'm just making a little fun of it here. but as she comes out -- that's what we do -- >> that's great. that's lovely. making fun of them. >> i did a little work there, too. i can be nice to cambridge. it's easy to walk to fenway from there. i'm stuck on the words "where
9:35 am
from here"? >> one of the questions that will be interesting to watch is how much does she try to talk about unity the way she did in new hampshire a few contests ago? you have to touch on unity. she called herself the unifyer, but at the same time if she's not endorsing anyone just yet, how do you walk that line and say we all need to come together, but i can't tell you who we should come together behind. it will be interesting to see how much of her message is about her, about her supporters, is about president trump and about unifying the party if she's not going to make a choice right now? >> that could be it, i'm not going to play a part in this, it's up to you guys. >> reporters outside her home in cambridge, massachusetts.
9:36 am
>> let's listen in. >> all right. so i announced this morning that i am suspending my campaign for president. i say this with a deep sense of gratitude for every single person who got in this fight, every single person who tried out a new idea, every single person who just moved a little in their notion of what a president of the united states should look like. i will not be running for president in 2020, but i guarantee, i will stay in the fight for the hardworking folks across the country who have gotten the short end of the
9:37 am
stick over and over. that's been the fight of my life and it will continue to do so. >> reporter: what advice would you give to your supporters who don't know who to support? >> well, let's take a deep breath and spend a little time on that. we don't have to decide at this minute. >> i wonder what it would be like for the women and girls who are left with two white men to decide upon. >> i know. the hardest part of this is all those little girls who are going to have to wait four more years. that's going to be hard. >> reporter: senator warren, will you be making an endorsement today? we know that you spoke with both joe biden and bernie sanders yesterday. >> not today. i need some space around this, and i want to take a little time to think a sure
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