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tv   CNN Newsroom With Poppy Harlow and Jim Sciutto  CNN  July 2, 2020 7:00am-8:00am PDT

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why? well, because of new surges in covid infections around the country. the reality, the u.s. just reached more than 50,000 cases in a single day for the first time. more than 800,000 americans infected just in the month of june. moments ago president trump at the white house says the country is getting a handle on this. >> the crisis is being handled. you know, if you look, we were talking this morning something to think about. china was way early, and they are getting it under control just now, and europe was way early, and they are getting it under control. we followed them with this terrible china virus, and we are, like wise, getting under control. >> that's not true. cases are going up. we showed the numbers.
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multiple times. let's go to cnn's boris sanchez, of course, one of the states being worst hit now. boris, the vice president will be meeting with the florida governor ron desantis today. governor desantis was claiming victory like the president last month. has he changed his tune at all as the numbers go up there? >> not exactly, jim. you're remember that about a month or so ago he was colliding the media for reporting about the rising number of coronavirus cases here and questions about reporting of those numbers from the state. and just the last month we've seen more than 100,000 new cases in the sunshine state of the still, desantis says that he does not anticipate reimposing that statewide stay-at-home order that effectively shut down florida just a few months ago. he is leaving it up to local officials to impose mandates within their own municipalities and we're seeing that, for example, here in sarasota they installed a face mask mandate
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countywide. miami-dade county has expanded their face mask mandate. they have also shut down beaches for the holiday fourth of july weekend and further they are also imposing a curfew on bars and restaurants. the situation here is dire and it could soon get worse. jackson health systems, the miami-based miami health system, one of the biggest in it the state announcing overnight that they are running out of remdesivir, that key antiviral drug, the only one that's been approved by the fda to treat coronavirus. they are putting out warnings to the public specifically about the holiday weekend. the likelihood that people will congregate at parties and barbecues. they want the public to heed their warning so that the situation does not worsen, jim. >> boris sanchez in florida, thanks very much. let's go to evan mcmorris, in another hard-hit state. requiring federal hope as the state runs are out of intensive care beds and this is a big deal, right, evan, because this is not just infections,
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concerning enough seriously sick. >> jim, that's right. i mean, this is one of the ways to track the situation here in arizona which is dire when it comes to this pandemic. you know, in late march about 70% of the icu beds in this state were filled. that was at capacity. here in early july it's about 90%. there are 107 icu beds left in the entire state, 1,495 are currently full. these are some that the public health officials are looking at as they start to make changes to this state because of this continuing pandemic. public health officials yesterday requested 500 additional medical personnel to come here to arizona to try to alleviate some of this problem. the governor has reinstituted lockdowns, closing things like gyms and movie theaters, trying to lock down some of the larger gatherings as we head into the holiday weekend trying to get
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control of that, so it's a thing where if you think about places like new york where we saw some of these numbers like icu beds and death and cases go down, the usage, here in arizona it's going the other direction, and that's why you're seeing such a push to try and get more personnel in here and get things locked down to try to get a control of what is a growing threat here. jim? >> trying to be prepared. evan mcmorris in toro, thanks very much. this morning state of texas reporting its highest number of new coronavirus infections in a single day. hearing that a lot around the country. let's get to cnn's lucy kafanof. the mayor is warning like from phoenix that the hospitals are filling up. how much and what's being done about it? >> hospitals are filling up. there's at least one facility here in houston at capacity, forced to transfer patients out.
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a lot of other medical facilities are pushing patients out. there's a line of cases waiting to get tested, parked as early as midnight just to get their place in line. they went to capacity. they did. they filled up completely. they were then forced to build a new wing to deal with the surge in covid patients and that's what we're seeing at other facilities that have the ability to do so. they are trying to convert beds to do some sort of hospital tetris, so to speak, to meet the needs of people getting sick and we spoke to one of the doctors here who said a lot of the people coming in are now younger. they had someone who came in yesterday, a 19-year-old personal trainer. he thought that he was fine, he thought he might be invincible. he ended up needing an emergency operation because he couldn't breathe. he was sick with covid-19. this is just a little slice of life here in houston. we're seeing the numbers and
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trends across the state, again, breaking records, more than 8,000 new cases, 6,500 people hospitalized. this is not sustainable, jim, especially as we go into that fourth of july weekend. >> yeah. no question. good to have you here. now to california where the governor gaven nin newsom issues first shutdown and kyung lah joins us from los angeles. the state left it up to the counties on reopening, and that led to a lot of inconsistencies around the state, so how is that playing out? >> inconsistencies and individual liberty, if you will. people in the state had to learn this very tough lesson, that this virus can the no be
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underestimated. it's a cautionary tale making steps backwards as it was trying to reopen. this state in the middle of a surge. >> to understand why california is losing battle against covid-19 meet manhattan beach, at restaurants, partitions are up, tables sit empty for social distancing. ♪ talk to the residents. >> i mean, i don't want to swear too loudly, but i want to go to the beach. it sucks. i mean, this is not the same situation we're dealing with where people from all over the world are party pentagon on a beach in miami. >> i don't agree with being told that we can't do anything, especially on a holiday this this country is supposed to be celebrating independence. >> reporter: call it covid exhaustion, and it's showing up in the numbers. after early signs success controlling the outbreak, california is now bending the wrong way with little sign of slowing. >> i see people walking around
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not social distancing themselves and not wearing their masks. los angeles county alone has more than 100,000 covid-19 cases, higher than all of these states in the u.s. with the exception of the top seven. governor gavin newsom ordered indoor restaurants, movie theaters and museums closed in 19 counties and warned all residents to not gather in large groups on the fourth of july. >> yeah, 40 million people in the state of california and 40 million people turn their back on these guidelines and common sense, that is not something we ken force. >> i'm pretty gloomy and a little bit angry and sad. >> reporter: despite how dr. robert wachter feels, watching california slide backwards, he does credit governor newsome for shutting the states down early. most of the states seeing surges are republicans. california is an exception, and that's the public health lesson here, says wachter. >> i think the problem is less about governance and more about
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human nature and if enough of them say all right the rules are beginning to loosen up and i am just going to get together with friends and i'm going to stay a couple feet apart, then it really doesn't matter what the rules are. the virus says i see an opportunity and i'm going to pounce. >> jim, you were just talking about the local municipalities. well, one local municipality where there's lots of clubs and bars and says if you're walking around in a public space without a mask west hollywood will cite you with a $300 citation. why this urgency by some of these local municipalities? l.a.'s mayor put it this way. right now the infection rate in los angeles is 1 out of 140 people. by early next week it's going to be 1 out of 100 if not 1 out of 70 people infected. jim. >> that's how you get to the numbers that dr. fauci is warning, 100 new infections nationwide per day. >> good to have you on the
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story. thanks very much. still to come this hour. president trump expects a disappearing act as coronavirus cases surge to new heights. can the white house come up with a strategy to contain the virus as the president downplayers it? would the president want a strategy? we'll have that story live. plus, the u.s. has added nearly 5 million jobs in june, but the numbers don't tell the story. they are backwards looking and don't reflect the country's most vulnerable, low income workers and immigrants in particular. no statewide mask wearing in texas has prompted one county to take matters into its own hands. can it be enforced? i'm going to speak to the public health director there. that's just ahead. only tylenol® rapid release gels have laser drilled holes. they release medicine fast, for fast pain relief. tylenol®.
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inside the white house sources say there is an internal split over the president's approach going forward to the virus. the core of the argument, should he return to focusing more on the pandemic response or stay on target speaking about what he prefers to speak about which is the economy. we may have gotten the answer to that question just a few moments ago. let's bring in cnn white house correspondent jeremy diamond. where's the split and who is winning out? >> well, the split is over whether the president should be focusing on the economy or whether he should be focusing on the pandemic, and clearly this is a white house that has decided that the president should be focusing much more on the economy. at the same time, though, jim, there is an acknowledgement it seems that the president can't simply ignore what is happening across the country, these rising cases surging in most states around the country at this point
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and we did hear what the president said when he talked about this as temporary hot spots. listen to this. >> we've implemented an aggressive strategy to vanquish and kill the americans and protect americans at the highest risk. we're allowing those at lower risk to return safely to work. that's what's happening. our health experts continue to across the temporary hot spots in certain cities and counties, and we're working very hard on that. the relationship with the governors is very good. we made a call, mike pence made a call just yesterday and said what do you need? not one governor needed anything. they don't need anything. they have all the medical equipment they can have. thank you, u.s. government. >> reporter: as you can see there, jim, the president returning to what he does best in these moments and that's self-congratulations and the fact that the u.s. government
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hasful filled all the requests. what the president is focusing a lot less on is that this is a really, real concerning rise. that's not me saying this. that's the president's own public health experts as we've heard repeatedly this week, the surgeon general, dr. anthony fauci, the leading infectious it is expert saying the window is closing and time is running are out to address these hot spots to people happening around the kun trip, and there is no indication that these hot spots are temporary unless the government and they various states and americans across the country take the steps that they need to take in order to slow the spread. jim? >> it's just wrong. it's not a few cities. it's 37 states with rising cases, a couple dozen that are rolling back reopening as a result of this. it's remarkable. jeremy diamond. thanks very much. as we look at this virus, there are new strategies for testing, and an optimistic timeline for a vaccine. we want to discuss that and
7:18 am
other topics with dr. jeffrey gold with the university of nebraska medical center. doctor, always good to have you on. i want you to get the reaction of the u.s. president to continue to ignore the bare facts in front of him and in front of leaders around the country of an outbreak really becoming out of control, cases going up, not down. what's your reaction when you hear that from the white house podium? >> you know, more than half the states, jim, are seeing a rise and some states and cities are seeing a very dramatic rise to the point that it's starting to exceed the capacity or get very close to the capacity of the health care system. this is the time that citizens of our great country and leadership, not just in washington, but across the states and the cities, needs to share a consistent message and the message being, of course, that the health and the ability to provide quality care, keep people out of hospitals, is a very high priority, and by the
7:19 am
way, linked very closely to our economic and sociologic recovery. we won't get one without the other so it's really time to send a clear and consistent message. >> what needs to be done, right? you look at a state like california, a state that acted early and statewide, right, with a stay-at-home order that worked. >> and then they ratcheted things down as many states have done and now they find themselves in the same situations as other states that did not act quickly. what did california do wrong with reopening? >> so, i don't know it's what they did wrong. i think there's been somewhat of a change in this pattern of spread of the virus in that early on, if you were to look at the demographics of age, you would have seen a much older age, a much smaller percentage of underrepresented minorities, and now we're seeing a much more diverse population of individuals. you know, early on we were
7:20 am
talking a lot about senior citizen facilities, long-term care facilities. now we're talking about barbecues and birthday parties, and so we're seeing that wider spread across, you know, a socially very mobile part of the population, that you know, needs to take personal responsibility, not just for their health but for their parents, grandparents and those that are in the community that are more vulnerable. >> the other data point that we're seeing here is even as cases rise, and i believe we have this visually to show our viewers, you're seeing the number of daily deaths come down. what explains that? >> well, i think there's a number of explanations for it. no one knows for sure. certainly we've learned more medically about how to care for patients, how to keep them out of the hospital and how to keep people off of ventilators, the use of drugs like remtds vir and some preliminary data on
7:21 am
dexamethasone has made a difference in the death rate but it comes back to the fact that we're seeing younger people chance of being die and, unfortunately, what some of our public health experts are predicting is when they go home, particularly over let's say a long holiday weekend, you know, starting tomorrow and are gonna be with their parents and grandparents and maybe won't be exactly six feet apart and hopefully they won't forgot their mask, but, you know, you never know, that could cause a transition back to the older generation which would then have another significant recoil in the mortality statistics. >> we just showed those numbers up on the screen there, and the one spike you see in deaths is when new jersey started to report probable deaths there. dr. gold, before we go, i do want to ask you about vaccines because the point has often been made on this broadcast, a vaccine has never been developed more quickly than it is now. uncertain outcome at this point,
7:22 am
but a whole host of new testing strategies. where does the effort stand and how confident should people at home be that there will be a vaccine possibly by the end of this year, early next year? >> so, i'm fairly confident that there will be not just one but multiple advantages eefnl multiple vaccines. several are in preliminary data trials and right now it looks promising. how fast can they be produced and how can they be distributed widely across the population so i'm very optimistic that there will be at least some and that they will be safe and at least reasonably effective to start to blunt the effects of the pandemic. >> well, that's hopeful news. dr. jeffrey gold. thanks very much. >> always a pleasure. pretty good jobs report last month. that is good news for millions of americans, yet there are
7:23 am
hundreds of americans still filing for unemployment benefits for the first time. that's a sign of the times, and in the midst of it, dependant on basic food banks for basic necessities, the disconnect in the numbers coming up. usaa is made for what's next we're helping members catch up by spreading any missed usaa insurance payments over the next twelve months so they can keep more cash in your pockets for when it matters most find out more at
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most casinos in atlantic city are reopening just in time for the july 4th weekend but with new restriction aimed at protecting guests and the staff from covid as best as possible. among the most significant changes casinos will not be allowed to offer indoor dining or drinking. cnn's brynn gingras is at the hard rock & cafe and i'm wondering how do you keep people safe at a place that by and large is crowded? >> reporter: i can tell you, jim, this hotel is already at full capacity and just opened at 6:00 this morning allowing guests to come in. people are already gambling so it's not affecting many people. there are so many security measures in place including the one i'm going to go through. when i enter the cass any i go
7:29 am
through a thermal scan. that's where they check my temperature and then i'll get in to show you what the game floor is like. as i said, a bit of a curveball thrown by the governor saying no indoor drinking or smoking allowed. they are taking every measure possible. we talked to the ceo this morning who said that masks, those are mandatory, take a listen. >> our word is caution, wear your mask, you know, keep six, agent feet minimum. don't become involved in large groups where you potentially increase your risk. wearing your mask reduces your chances by some 60%. we don't understand why people don't want to wear masks. certainly the limited capacity is something we'll work for. our facility is a million square
7:30 am
feet so we have a lot of opportunity for outdoor dining. >> reporter: people are already gambling this morning. as you can see, every slot machine is available so they are out of service making sure there's distance for players and then there isn't someone around right now, but there's an entire cleaning team that comes right here, an entire cleaning team that comes around after every slot spa machine and table is cleaned. they clean the machines and the bathrooms and the railings. we've seen so much cleaning happening in these casinos, so they are certainly prepared for all the people that they are going to welcome for the juan 4 weekend, again, only allowed to have 25% capacity and they are happy to have it and the workers devastated by this area, saw many of them in food lines, they are happy to be back to work as well, jim. >> yeah. the cleaning is good, but it's not about surfaces, but it's about airborne and that's the real issue. brynn gingras, thanks very much. the u.s. economy treated 4.8
7:31 am
million jobs last month and the u.s. unemployment rate dropping to 11.1%, good news, but even as the president takes a victory lap don't let the numbers fool you because there are exceptions. 1.4 million americans filed for first-time unemployment benefits last week, that's newly unemployed, and in particular for low-income americans and for immigrants, they are struggling even more now than before. cnn business and politics correspondent vanessa yurkviovi joins us now. >> good morning, americans. you can see right behind me people are in the coffee shop behind me but for millions of americans they are out of a jock, and there's a growing concern for our nation's most vulnerable, immigrants, undocumented workers and minorities who were struggling before and are now struggling more than ever.
7:32 am
>> milk, this is beautiful. >> reporter: it's not even 8:00 a.m. and mohammed is in a frenzy. >> that's good, that's good. >> put it right under. >> reporter: he's coordinating 400,000 pounds of food this week alone. >> this is exactly what we're doing, right. >> reporter: for hungry new yorkers. >> we were previously servicing about 200 people a week. at the moment we're servicing almost 15,000 people. >> look at the shopping carts. >> reporter: he estimates the majority of people in this line for food in brooklyn are unemployed, americans out of work are turning to food pantries in record numbers. in response his group, council of the people's organization, turned its day care centers and seniorer? into warehouses for food. >> the need is growing. >> it's growing. what is happening is many people did not receive their unemployment checks. many people are not eligible so
7:33 am
they are the ones who are really struggling. >> reporter: the struggle is greatest in low income communities where minorities are unemployed in higher numbers. 84-year-old esmay is getting her weekly delivery from copo. she kront be able to afford food otherwise. that's because her son was laid off but he's undocumented and ineligible for unorganized. >> i have the gas bill and the tv, that's why i had to take off the cable. he was paying for all of that. >> reporter: the estimated 7.6 million undocumented workers in the u.s., many who are out of a job, have no access to government assistance. that has a ripple effect on the entire u.s. economy. >> you have those folks not being able to spend and the money that they are no longer spending because they don't have it in terms of income means other people lose their jobs and
7:34 am
we have that vicious evervicious sickle. the lines of the unemployment waiting for food here are only getting longer. >> do you think that number is going to go down or up. >> i'm hoping it goes down, but it doesn't look like it at the moment. >> another growing concern is the extra $6 hundred every week that americans are getting, and unemployment benefits are set to expire at the end of this month. we know that there was a bill passed in the house that would extend that extra $600 for americans, jim, but it stalled in the senate and the which go ge is whether there's the will to get this money into the hands of the americans because we know and see that this need is clearly there. jim? >> listen, so many people suffering. those are moving stories. vanessa yurkovich, thank you very much. and we'll be right back. when you take align,
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it combines align's probiotic with ashwagandha to help soothe occasional digestive upsets, plus stress that can make them worse. and try align gummies with probiotics to help support digestive health. china's newly enacted national security law for hong kong is broad and far-reaching. it has the potential for mavis ramifications for the city's political freedoms. now countries all over the world. they are expressing their outrage. cnn national correspondent will ripley speaks now from hong kong. you spoke exclusively with the only person who will have a vote on this in beijing.
7:40 am
what did this person tell you about this law? >> yeah. is 80 people on the national people's congress standing committee in beijing and only one person from hong kong deciding 7 million people's fate when it comes to this national security law, and yet that is frankly the reality because even though hong kong people were promised that they would be willing their own system under one country, two systems, beijing making it very clear who is in charge with this law an anyone who has posted anything on social media ever needs to be very careful now because if they are arrested, whether they be a protester or a professor or an activist or anybody, if they are arrested police can take the phone and go through the electronic, you know, foot print. they can look at social media posts and they can build a case that you are a national security threat to china simply for being in possession of something like a banner that says hong kong independence. that's exactly what happened to
7:41 am
a 15-year-old girl, one of the first arrests under the national security law, and i asked the delegate about that. >> translator: it mission be some people intensionally tarnished the law and it's also because they did not understand the contents of the law. >> reporter: how is a 15-year-old girl in possession of a hong kong independence banner or anyone for that matter a threat to the national security of china simply for possessing such a banner? >> translator: we feel very sad that some youth and teenagers have violated the law. we really don't want to see such cases, but, unfortunately, in the last year many youths and teenagers violated the law. supporters of this law say it could bring back order to hong kong. admittedly the protests were dramatically smaller than a year ago when they broke into the legislative council building and then land-of-1r57bdlized it.
7:42 am
there's a chilling effect and then there's reality and china is saying these protests are the result of foreign influence by the united states and taiwan. they don't believe it's an up rising from been and there are a lot of young people who say differently. they are angrily and that won't go alaw and some people would be radicalized and now they know they could face terrific charges anyway. what if they take the fight to a whole new level. albeit smaller numbers. >> there's also no evidence that it's plotted from the outside. brought out millions of people in the streets. it's an oppressive law and sad to see. later this morning the so-called gang of eight on capitol hill will be briefed on intelligence surrounding russian bounties paid to taliban fighters to kill u.s. drops in afghanistan and with that why president trump says he was not briefed on that matter.
7:43 am
we learned why that may be. his intelligence officials afraid of raising anything with russia fearing his reaction a. let's bring in cnn national security correspondent kylie atwood. it's remarkable to hear that the commander in chief as most of the people who briefed him has told me does not want to hear negative things, negative intelligence about russia. >> reporter: yeah, that's right, jim. your reporting is extremely relevant in the conversation that we are having now. i mean, you've report according to multiple senior officials in the administration that when the president was briefed and it had to do with russia's maligned activity he would often blow up at the intel tense officers who were briefing them and ask them why they were so focused on russia and even question the tense that they were providing him and what that led them to do is not include russia as much in
7:44 am
the oral briefings and included it in the written briefings provided to the president in the daily brief as needed so it was still there, but they weren't discussing it with him, and that's really key because as we know the president doesn't traditionally read the presidential daily brief, even though that is kind of seen as a bible for former presidents who read it every morning religiously, so this is really important in the context of this conversation that we're discussing where the president said that he was never briefed on the fact that russia had offered bounties to the taliban to kill u.s. troops in afghanistan, and i think that this is one of the things that will be discussed today on the hill because nancy pelosi said earlier this week that she will be asking during this briefing if the basketweavers didn't provide this oral evidence in a briefing because they were
7:45 am
afraid he would tell boutin. this is something that we're wondering about, why wasn't he briefed? >> the president has spoken to vladimir putin six times since this appeared in the daily president's brief, a compendium of the most severe national security threats to the country. to your -- in your reporting, has anybody raised this threat to u.s. troops on the ground with their russian counterparts to say the u.s. will not stand for this? >> reporter: no. we don't no any instance of a u.s. official bring up this specific bounting to their russian count parts. yesterday at the state department secretary of state mike pompeo really pushed back on talking about any specific intelligence and did come out saying that the u.s. does talk to russia and is very forceful in bringing up any threats that they see posed by russia to the u.s., but he really wouldn't get
7:46 am
into the details of this specific instance which, of course, is extremely important because it has to do with u.s. troops on the ground for the united states in afghanistan, and the other important thing is,im, we've seen a lot of criticism for the president seeming to give more of a positive relationship. a positive propensity to that relation this as he should. former national security adviser susan rice wrote about that in a very long time saying if she had found out about this intelligence she would have told the president immediately. that's not what happened in this situation. jim? >> there's no evidence that the president has confronted russia on this and that, of course, key as well. kylie atwood at the state department, thanks very much. >> as icus fill to capacity in texas, and how one official now is forcing masks at a local
7:47 am
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welcome back. this morning growing calls for a statewide mask mandate in texas. the state continuing to shatter its own daily records of new infections. hospitalizations, and this is key, also spiking, as icus there are near capacity. with me now is the public health expert in tarrant county, that, of course, arlington. interesting strategy from your point of view. you've issued a face mask
7:52 am
requirement on june 26. there's no statewide mandate. is the governor allowing you the freedom to do that and how do you enforce if? >> yes. so the governor did allow local county officials to -- to make that requirement, especially if you had in an area where you're seeing cases that are surging, and the way that it's been allowed is the local county and city officials can require businesses, you know, to wear face masks. there are business owners and employees, and -- and our businesses have done the right thing and they have gone ahead and mandated that for their patrons that are visited these businesses so it's a ripple effect and we're benefiting from that. >> and listen, we can repeat the science 1,000 times as we have on this show, the science shows masks work, both in protecting yourself and others. how do you explain state leaders' reluctance to order what is a simple step, a cheap
7:53 am
simple step to control the spread of this virus, that's been proven to control the spread >> you know, i don't envie the position that our collective officials are in. there's many scientific evidence that masks do cut down transmission and there's also the side of personal freedom and that's obviously very seriously taken in the united states and especially in texas, and there's, you know, others that don't believe in that, so we're trying to balance on those sides instead of forcing it on somebody. they have been very strongly encouraging people to do the right thing and slowly, slowly we're starting to see, you know, we're having to come back a little bit more forceful. okay if you're not going to do the right thing. we'll have to come back and tell you to do it the right thing so it's a very, you know, though theful approach in my mind to gently's people into understanding that this is something that we really need to do and everybody needs to do it.
7:54 am
>> i mean, you have had some state officials, let's be fair, the lieutenant governor question the science outright. i wonder about your focus on july 4th weekend because health experts have told us that some of the increase in cases that we've seen in this country can be attributed to folks going out on memorial day weekend, feeling kind of liberated from the stay-at-home orders. here we have another big holiday coming up. what are you doing to prevent that kind of thing from happening again. what are you recommending to people? >> absolutely. public health recommendations have been the same to avoid large gatherings, right, whether it's memorial day celebrations, graduation parties, cookouts at your house where you invite neighbor and friends. don't do that. let's celebrate it with our individual family units and, you know, stay healthy, and that's what we've been recommending to the public for memorial day and now going forward to fourth of july so that messaging has been the same and it's completely supported by our leadership at the county level and state level.
7:55 am
they all are saying the same thing. avoid large gatherings. >> simple rules, and, again, it's in the science. we wish you and your community the best of stuff in coming weeks. it's important stuff. >> thank you. >> please stay with us. we'll be right back after a quick break. because heart and kidney disease shouldn't prevent you from pushing your limits. because every baby deserves the very best start in life. because a changing environment should mean caring for the land that takes care of us all. at bayer, everything we do, from advances in health to innovations in agriculture, is to help every life we touch.
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hello, everyone. i'm kate battalion. thanks so much for joining us for the next two hours. an all-time record ever daily cases. here's what 50,000 new coronavirus infections in one day means in comparison to the world. the united states now has had more cases reported in one day than many countries have reported in the entire pandemic, seriously, and this is what the nationwide spike looks like right now. right now 37 states are heading in the wrong direction as the country heads into another holiday weekend sparking this warning from an icu nurse in texas which, of course, is facing some of the worst of it right now. >> i don't think i have seen anything like this ever, and i would say that if you want to see august 1st then maybe you should stay indoors and


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