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tv   CNN Newsroom With Brooke Baldwin  CNN  July 3, 2020 11:00am-12:00pm PDT

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and that's just one of the many ways we're here to help the military community find out more at thank you for being here and happy early fourth to all of you. soon president trump and first lady will head to mt. rushmore but festivities are being overshadowed by the coronavirus. 52,000 new cases reported. and some places like texas and florida are breaking records. and now coordinator of the white house task force says folks in florida need to get tested. >> if you've participated in a large gathering in the last four
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weeks, we ask all of your to come forward and be tested because of the level of asymptomatic spread. we're asking if you were in a gathering, please go get tested, please wear a mask, please do all of the hygiene issues and please stay away from those that have morbidities. >> live in manhattan beach, california. i know part of the issue, and it's a good thing, i guess. is that beach already closed? >> reporter: it is. but here is part of the issue and part of the issue from the beginning of this pandemic is overlapping jurisdictions. not necessarily anybody's fault. so, here the beach is closed, the pier is closed, the bike path is closed. but the city of manhattan beach has kept the strand open so people can walk. it just makes it confusing for the public to figure out what exactly it is they should be
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doing but happy 4th. in florida now more new cases every day than any other state. >> we know this virus is spreading rapidly all over the country. and the more people it infects, the more will get sick and eventually more will die. >> reporter: in arizona more people are already being killed by covid-19 than ever before. >> now the majority of cases are in people who have an average age of 35. so, they're going to have less co-morbidities and less likely to end up in the hospital and die. what we're worried about is they get it and spread to the grandmother and grandfathers. >> reporter: yesterday more than 50,000 new cases across the country for the first time. yesterday it happened again. the president says ritsdser just more testing. it's not. >> we're setting records, practically, every day of new cases in the numbers that are reported.
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that clearly is not the right direction. >> reporter: on the state level, mixed. vermont hasn't had an a covid icu patient in the hospital for weeks. but in texas we're told there are now waiting lists for icu beds. he's finally mandated masks and might be a water shed moment. >> i hope every governor takes notice that in one of the most freedom-loving states, one of the lasts places you'd expect, would do it and say let's put public health first. >> reporter: and in myrtle beach, masks required, not just for the 4th of july public weekend, but for the summer. the sand is off limits again for this weekend. the mayor's message. >> the hardest thing to deal with are these mixed messages from the state and federal
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government. year telling people there's nothing more american than making a sacrifice by staying home. >> but it is of courses different strokes for different folks. we heard from the republican party of texas. they have voted to go ahead with their indoor, in-person convention in houston. masks will be made available. brooke. >> similar situation in south dakota tonight. president trump and the first lady are ignoring the science. heading to south dakota for the early 4th of july fireworks celebration for mt. rushingmore. no masks required, no social distancing will be enforced. what are officials saying as the president gets ready to leave? >> reporter: we've certainly detected no concerns about this event that the president is
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going to be participating in this evening as he prepares to encourage thousands for this fireworks display. celebration of the 4th of july. about 7500 tick tsz have been made available for this event. and face masks are going to be available but not row choired. the president of south dakota made a point of saying no social distancing. you can see rows and rows of seats. it seems like we could see a similar scene playing out here. and same situation there. and people choosing not to wear those masks. so, we are seeing the president continue with these large gatherings and like we saw, dr. deborah burks saying avoid large gatherings and if you do attend, please, please, please
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get tested. but the president again, he is certainly forging ahead, despite the consequences we've already seen what happened after tulsa, oklahoma, where several members of the campaign staff tested positive. and herman cane also tested positive and was hospitalized for coronavirus. >> we have heard for this event tonight they will have masks, hand them out, if you so choose to take one. thank you. lively to south dakota for medical perspectival on this event at mt. rushmore. vice president at medical affairs. welcome. >> pleasure to be here. >> no mask required, no social distancing required. what's your biggest concern tonight? >> as all the cdc guidelines recommend, masks, hand drz washing and observing your distance.
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it's very key to interrupting the transmission of this disease. >> it is outdoors. so, that at least is on the plus side. what would you say to people who do want to go tonight? >> i would say the three ws. wear a mask, wash your hands and watch your distance. and if you're offered a mask, please, please, please take the mask. and this is in a public health emergency. and our role as individuals. everyone of us can do our bit by observing >> hoy was the case load in terms of coronavirus cases? >> close to 7,000 cases. and the western half of the state is where we are in the black hills where there are about 900 cases. and we're seeing a plateauing
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and this is all because of efforts in our collaborative efforts between public health officials, local and state, and following cdc guidelines. that's something we have conveyed in several ways to our communities to continue to do those. this has kept our numbers down, but as you can clearly see, the tourism we are known for -- the black hills are a beautiful place to come in the summer and large gathering are what they'll be concerned about. >> this whole mask issue. all the scientific guidelines say wear a mask. for all of us and everyone wants to have a good time. i was talking to a coroner in ohio who was saying at the end of the day, this is ant political issue. this is a health issue. how do you see it and do you
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think it would make a difference if the nofz united states wore a face covering? >> absolutely. i think public health is very key to taking care of the community. nothing would be a boulder and more curages leadership statement than to wear masks and model that. >> thank you so much. have a safe 4th of july. >> you as well, brooke. thank you. thank you, sir. we are live in arizona as this one town is moving ahead with its annual arts festival. plus the next phase of trials for human vaccine have been delayed. and we investigate the stark difference of coronavirus in united states verses our neighbors to the north. what is canada doing that is just so right? to severe psoriasis,
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a book that you're ready to share with the world? get published now, call for your free publisher kit today! arizona is one of four states that posted a record number of new coronavirus cases this week. and you can see the dramatic rise. there are more than 87,000 cases in the state. and we just learned arizona had a record-high spike of er admissions. and that means the state is rapidly running out of icu beds. but despite that, one town is going ahead with its annual arts festival. and evan, what is this event and why are they still holding it? >> reporter: well, hi, brooke. this is the presicate ice craft fair that happens every time
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around the finale of the rodeo, they call the world's oldest rodeo. you walk around and get a bunch of different answers. i've spoken to somebody who says i don't think this disease is real at all, we should just go ahead with our normal lives. this isn't a real thing. other people are saying they're taking into account some of the changes that have come down from the governor as this case load has risen in arizona. for example vendors and volunteers are being asked to wear masks. stations with hand sanitizer stationed. and i want to show you how different it is for people coming here. there are signs everywhere urging people to pay attention to the way things are changing because of the covid-19 outbreak. facemasks, again, required for vendors.
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if you're an attendee, it says feel free to cover your mouth and nose at your discretion. and yvl i've been here all morn. some people are wearing them and some are not. they're trying to make a balance between keeping this important part of their economy open by holding this event, and giving people the discretion to wear masks in a place where people don't want to do it. >> folks working there, required. folks attending, not necessarily. good to hear they're, hopefully, for the most part, wearing them. and the art festival is one of thousands happening this holiday weekend. and dr. madad, welcome. happy early 4th to you. >> thank you. >> as you know there's all this new research the virus has mutated to become more infectious.
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they have more than 2.5 million coronavirus cases. what do you think the trajectory of that is? do we assume come monday morning we see it go up? >> absolutely. we're obviously in a very disturbing trend if you look at the totality around the nation and just in april we saw 30,000 cases and as of yesterday we had over 52,000. we're headed in the wrong direction. if you look at even hospitalizations, florida, arizona, tennessee, mississippi, they're having record-number of hospitalizations. there's a lot of virus spreading around. >> why is this mutated virus so much more infectious? >> so viruses mutate. that's normal. but in terms of the biological
11:19 am
significance, this is something still being investigated. so, certainly something to keep our eye on. i think one of the things to perhaps mention is while we're talking about mutation of viruses, of covid-19, when we talk about vaccines, we're on a good timeline. but one of the things i'm concerned about is come fall and winter, we're going to have seasonal flu, something we have every year. we want to make sure we're implementing these measures so we can bring down case count. >> i'm glad you brought up the flu and flu shot. i know a lot of people don't believe in it or don't do it. this is something dr. anthony fauci brought up that this would be a total double whamy with the flu and coronavirus. the first clinical trial was expected to begin july 9th. it is now pushed to the end of
11:20 am
july, maybe early august. why do you think it might be delayed? >> you have various noints where you don't have much more information on what they're evaluating in the protocol. and hopefully we're still on track to have an effective vaccine by end of this year, early next year. and make sure we have enough for all of americans. you probably have a kpoupal of batches available, probably going to first responders and health care workers. and as more vaccines are made available, it will be for the general american public. we'll open to make sure we have a good campaign. we know antivaccine is a good movement. but right now we're in the 4th
11:21 am
of july weekend. so, when we talk about reduce disease transmission, it's the same basic thought of preventding covid-19. and another big thing to note is people are having barbecues and getting together. a lot of sharing of items. >> such a great point. if you're going to gather and you do socially distance and wear the mask, don't share drinks, forks for the barbecue. it's a great note. what about hospitals? we've been showing these pieces inside some texas hospitals. i know we were just talking to our correspondent in arizona. the number of icu beds there are dwindling. doctors are telling us stories of how are they supposed to choose when they have ex-number of beds and so many more really
11:22 am
sick patients? and then factor in the 4th of july weekend and potential superspreading activities, how can these hospitals keep up? >> it's a disturbing trend and as we continue on, we're going to see even more hospitals and that's why we wanted to shelter in place and a lot of the states in the south have done that. hospitalization is a lagging indicator. you can add as many beds as you wanted but you need appropriate staff and supplies to go with it. it's a very worrying trend. we want to make sure people understand this is something to take seriously. >> thank you for all of that. have a safe weekend yourself.
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and speaking of 4th of july, if you've decided to stay in for your holiday, we have a whole evening of fireworks and an all-star musical guest to keep your entertained. so, we're calling it cnn's 4th of july in america. you can tune in 8:00 eastern tomorrow night. coming up next a tale of two leaders. how the canadian prime minister is putting president trump to shame and the nfl commissioner throws his support behind the possible name change for the redskins. it's been 75 years since your ancestors served in world war two. many of their stories remain untold.
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as the u.s. continues to sote single day records, our neighbors to the north in canada have a completely different situation. while the number of cases in the united states has been on a steep rise for months, canada has managed to keep their cases low and steady. paula newton is with me now. how is it that canada has done this so right? >> reporter: so, i want to preface all of this, brooke, and you know. you've gone through it already that there are so many people in
11:29 am
canada saying we didn't do everything right. it is a dish service to all the people who died of covid in canada. but there is a key difference. and me following this virus for five months, speaking to people across the country, they had a healthy respect for the virus. and at every turn they realized they had to get it under control. for canada it's been a hallmark hof the pandemic. empty hospitals. the wave of covid patients never happened. canada started out much like the united states, but as the covid curve climbed, canada crushed it. now seeing, on average, a few 00 positive cases a day. the u.s. is reporting more cases per capita than canada. and yet no one is declaring mission accomplished.
11:30 am
>> what the situation highlights for us is we need to make sure we're continuing to remain vigilant. individually and collectively. >> vigilance has been the watch word. early and widespread testing. still building surge capacity. social distancing and is there is no controversy over wearing masks. most see it as their duty. >> i wear it for myself and others. protekts them from me and me from them. just respectable. being respectable to other people. >> they're leading by example. >> reporter: british columbia's top doctor acted a as the country's early warning system and proveing it could be done. >> a lot of it comes dune cohesiveness, providing information people needed to to do what they needed them to do. and that has held up as we've
11:31 am
gone into opening up things again. people still are ad hering to the basics to try and assure we keep each other safe. >> reporter: she points to something else critical, keeping politics out of the response. here's a conservative leader praising the liberal leader. >> what can i say? she's an absolute champion? >> in general, we were all coming together. we had the same basic information for people and the politician made right decisions based on advice and that helped us. >> also the u.s./canada boarder remains closed to all but essential travel and anyone must quarantine for 14 days. and the eu has deemed canadians as safe for entry, unlike americans. and yet here too, missteps have
11:32 am
had tragic consequences. more than 8500 people have died. ivist majority of deaths linked to crowded and poorly-staffed senior homes. >> i don't remember anything with this level of sadness. >> reporter: prime minister trudeau admits it's been national shame and they see a willingness to work with the virus. and imagine in the united states you had 3,000 cases, which is equivalent of what canada has per capita. you can contact trace that. you can keep people safe, isolate them. the issue is canada knew right from the get go they needed to get numbers under control and they've done that and now they can get on with trying to reopen
11:33 am
the economy. >> as you said it, respecting the virus and all of the things about the virus. thank you for the interesting juxtaposition here. and what it's like to be black and pregnant in a pandemic. 300 miles an hour, thats where i feel normal. having an annuity tells me my retirement is protected. protected lifetime income from an annuity can help your retirement plan ride out turbulent times. learn more at
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only from carvana. the new way to buy a car. stress, is at an all time high, but for our next guest, that was taken to an entirely different level. maya mckenzie is due to give birth to her second child a baby girl, in just four days. and in this emotionl and honest essay, she talks about not just the worry of being pregnant and, quote, being black and pregnant during a pandemic and uprising
11:38 am
is -- and i know it's an every day situation for you. just reading your pieces t was beautiful and very real. and so, let's just talk about the emotions. how are you feeling today? >> i'm really, really anxious. and that's just been the predominant emotion i've had since march. and i live in memphis, tennessee. the south has not taken seriously from the beginning. when you couple that with having to go to the hospital because you have to seek medical attention when you have a baby. i know some people believe in home birth but i had a long labor with my first son, so i want to make sure nothing goes wrong. when you couple that with going to the hospital, you're cupeling that with being surrounded by sick people and then being asymptomatic. they could give you and your
11:39 am
newborn or one-year-old a virus that could potentially kill you. so, obviously that's super anxiety ridden times right now. and then also -- go ahead. >> no, please. you go. >> i'm sorry. and then also i have to say living in memphis, the police brutality is a daily issue here. i'm scared to even -- if something were to happen to call the police in my own home. it's just been stressful. i don't know. >> i can't begin to imagine. it's this like triple whamy for you. and when i was reading your piece, the line that really got me, you said no, this virus hasn't taken anyone from me but i have experienced a deep grief of lost joy. lost joy, maya. like what? >> um, i mean, simple things
11:40 am
like 40 photos, for instance. i mean, that's a relatively new thing people get done to see their newborn before they're here. that's not safe. being around my parents, we all live in town. i am not able to bring my son to my parent's house right now because they have people living there that are essential workers and not taking the virus seriously. so, i can't put our family in harm's way for a hug. which is really hard because, you know, my parents are older. frrms a and they're not going to be able to hold my daughter and it's like will be this be a one, year, two-year, three-year thing? will they die before they see her? or will i die before they're able to see her? >> oh, maya, no. i can only imagine how you can just spiral. but let's -- i just want to stay
11:41 am
on the you staying healthy track and your baby staying healthy. as i was reading your piece and i think a lot of people may not realize this. it's one thing to not have your part partner and significant other in the room giving birth, but you're worried you may not be able to immediately hold and kiss your little girl. explain why that is. >> okay. so, when i first decided to opt out of the hoshaupital, it was the separation the cdc was suggesting if a mother tests positive. for me, i'm like really big on attachment parenting, nursing. i'm still nursing my 19 month old now. that golden hour, the first hour is just being trampled upon by the virus. and it makes no sense because biologically it's not better.
11:42 am
the baby's getting antibodies through your breast milk and it's what is happening at hospitals here and the hospital i planned on giving birth to. i had to minimize the risk of that happening. there's still a possibility i could hemorrhage or she could come out with breathing problems and i will be transferred to vanderbilt university in nashville. and i could still have these problems. i could be asymptomatic. i've had instucart come to the house and then i'm going to have to deal with the possibility of separation anyway. >> here's hoping looking on the upside that you won't have to deal with that. but that is a reality. i was talking to a nurse in a nicu. you think of all of the -- there are so many ways that, at least you have a near term baby because just imagine all these mothers not able to touch their babies for months.
11:43 am
my last question is this for you, maya. any minute now, as we said, for you, and despite everything l these worries, which are entirely justified, what a blessing. what a blessing. and so, what is the one, of i'm sure a million things, that you're looking so forward to once she's here? >> i'm looking forward to settling down. at least the anxiety of the hospital subsiding. and being able to enjoy her because it's been most of my pregnancy i've been like a hermit, waiting on something to happen. so, looking forward to bonding with both of my kids together. and it won't be outside, we won't take cute little pictures. but iphones are great, social media is great. we'll have to figure out a new way to enjoy life. >> take some cute, healthy selfies from inside the comfort
11:44 am
of your own home for the next little bit. sending blessings and love. and prayers that all things go as you hoped. thank you so much for sharing that. >> thank you. and a quick reminder my colleague, don lemon, is taking on the hard conversations with his podcast "silence is not an option." you can find it on your favorite podcast app. right now in florida, starting to fill up as they record nearly 10,000 cases in a day. but there are still some traditions happening, despite the pandemic. one of them, the annual nathan's hot dog eating contest. we're told there will be changes for covid-19 safety. the contest will take place at a private location. no spectators and only five will eat at a time to allow for social distancing.
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venezuela has cases sore and in australia, 300,000 under strict lockdown after the melbourne area reported new cases. subject to id checks. not allowed in for the next two weeks.
11:50 am
and they must undergo a check at a government-run facility. >> in havana. to reopen. you can feel life slowly returning to the city even though people are still required to wear face masks, are still required to maintain social distancing. cuban officials say that cubans have managed to fly the curve of new cases. one problem though e remains the economy. most of this island incrude iin colluding havana remains off limits to dinternashlt tourists. is while the city is reopening, it remains cut off from the outside world. >> i'm shasta darlington.
11:51 am
repobrazil reported cases on thursday and is expecked to surpass 1.5 million infections today. experts warn the country has not hit its peak and like lick won't until mid august. despite that, several city rs reopening for business. in rio de janeiro, bars, restaurants and gyms opening for the first time in three months. and frank ly, it's not a good look. patrons without masks cramming together and spilling out on to the street. >> i'm scott mcclain in london will restaurants and pubs will be reopening tomorrow. last month, boris johnson said he was confident there would not be a second spike in cases as a result. certain ly nothing that would overwhelm the health care system. today though, he has a much more blunt message to the british public and that's don't blow it. don't undo the progress that a the u.k. has already made against the coronavirus. now there is some risk in going to the pub. not only from the virus, but the
11:52 am
pub will be taking down the names and contact information of pubgoers just in case there's an outbreak linked to that place, which may mean people having to quarantine for two weeks whether they have symptoms or not. >> all right. thank you to everyone. we are just two hours away now from president trump leaving the white house from the july fourth celebration at mt. rushmore. no social distancing or masks required. here's a look at what else to watch out for today. >> there's a place where a man born on another planet makes a singer born to be a star. where a big bang meets a bot a bing. meets a guy named bing. >> can i interest you in a sarcastic comment? >> and a who meets crew meets a -- it's where a all of hbo meets new u originals for everyone in the family. hbo max. where hbo meets so much more.
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>> still to come here on cnn, major league baseball just announced it will cancel this year's all-star game and new developments today many the nfl. the washington redskins announcing they will do a thorough review of the team name. with your hosts john stamos and vanessa williams and performances from coast to coast. featuring: patti labelle, john fogerty, the temptations, andy grammer yolanda adams, renée fleming, trace adkins brian stokes mitchell, chrissy metz, mandy gonzalez, and a tribute to our frontline workers. it's the fortieth anniversary of a capitol fourth. saturday july fourth, eight- seven central. only on pbs. you have the support of a, probiotic and the gastroenterologists who developed it. align helps to soothe your occasional digestive upsets twenty-four seven. so where you go, the pro goes. go with align. the pros in digestive health.
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and if stress worsens your digestive issues, try new align digestive de-stress. it combines align's probiotic with ashwagandha to help soothe occasional digestive upsets, plus stress that can make them worse. and try align gummies with probiotics to help support digestive health.
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yeah. this moving thing never gets any easier. well, xfinity makes moving super easy. i can transfer my internet and tv service in about a minute. wow, that is easy. almost as easy as having those guys help you move. we are those guys.
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that's you? the truck adds 10 pounds. in the arms. -okay... transfer your service online in a few easy steps. now that's simple, easy, awesome. transfer your service in minutes, making moving with xfinity a breeze. visit today. nfl commissioner roger goodell says he supports the
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washington redskins after the team announced it will undergo a thorough review of its name. it's been facing pressure from critics who say the name is racist and now you have sponsors seeking a change as the nation's really grappling with racial tension. carolyn manno is with me now. what are they discussing? >> happy holiday weekend to you. in a statement released essentially said these conversations have been internal but the fact they're happening at all is a revelation when you u consider the fact that team owner, dan schneider, for years, has maintained his position that he does not want to change it at all. that is not what he was saying today. i want to show you a little bit of a statement released by the team a a couple of hours ago. he said this process allows the team to take into account not only the proud tradition and history of the franchise, but also input from our alum any,
11:59 am
the organization, sponsors, the national football league and local community is proud to represent on and off the field and roger goodell confirming his support of this latest step shortly after, but the key here is the sponsorship dollars. money talks and this is coming just a couple of days after ad week reported that investment firms totalling $600 billion and more really voiced their concerns as some of these brands are not on board with the inclusion and diversity issues they really care about and that is a very, very loud alarm for an owner like dan, particularly with an uncertain financial climate in this pandemic. >> i know. it's been a a conversation for years but yeah, time for some real discussions and potential changes. thank you and same to you, happy fourth. and to you at whom, don't you want to spend your fourth with dana bash and don lemon? good news. you can. they're going to be hosting this big show on cnn.
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you can tune in for these performances. tune in. it starts at 8:00 p.m. eastern here on cnn. thank you for being with me. i'm brooke baldwin. happy, healthy, safe fourth of julys to you and our coverage continues now with the lead and jake tapper. this is cnn breaking news. welcome to this special edition of the lead. i am jake tapper and we begin today with the health lead. the coronavirus pandemic. the united states continuing to set record highs for the number of new daily infections. the new record, more than 52,000 in one day. the nation's top infectious disease expert, dr. anthony fauci, saying it's obvious the united states is not going in the right direction. the escalation of this crisis coming as americans prepare to celebrate july fourth, sparking fears this pandemic could