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tv   Early Start With Christine Romans and Laura Jarrett  CNN  August 24, 2020 2:00am-2:59am PDT

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the republican convention is just hours away. the president will be a daily attraction, but in a surprise move, one of his longest and staunchest defenders is stepping away at a critical time. we'll tell you why. and a twin weather threat in the gulf coast. two major storms barrelling towards louisiana. mandatory evacuations overnight. a new update from the national hurricane center. we have reports from charlotte, the white house, cuba, belarus. welcome to our viewers from the united states and around the world. this is "early start."
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i'm laura jarrett. >> good morning to you, monday, august 24th, 5 a.m. in new york. 71 days to the election. happening now, unprecedented back-to-back hurricanes forcing evacuations in louisiana. first up, marco. it weakened to a tropical storm overnight but could regain strength before landfall. next, storm laura forecast to strengthen into a hurricane before it makes landfall late wednesday or early thursday. both headed towards the gulf of mexico. >> weather officials say never before has a single state hit. the timing here could not be worse with shelter space limited because of the pandemic, of course. the governor gave residents until last night to prepare. his warning, don't let your guard down. >> the geographic proximity of these storms pose a challenge
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that quite frankly we have not seen before. with this one, two punch, what we are expecting, this is a situation where you really need to be prepared, as we've always told you, to ride out these storms. the first 72 hours is on you. >> this water spout off the coast there you see giving a sign of what's to come. so far 114 oil and gas production platforms on the gulf have been evacuated. >> flooding and storms are the main concerns. there may not be time for water to be pumped out and recede. pedram javaheri has the report. you need to get where you need to be and be safe says the governor. >> they're saying 72 hours before they might be able to get in your direction.
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when the think of the storm system, 48 hours apart, certainly as you go to something we have not seen to have to go back to the 1950s, marco, the good news with it, the latest update continues to show signs of weakening. down to 60 miles per hour. last hour up to 70 miles per hour. this will not have what it takes to become a hurricane. somewhere around the southern coast of louisiana within the next 24 hours. right along the coast of louisiana or make landfall across this region as a weak tropical storm. the water in advance of it, the storm surge going to be as opposed to being concerned over
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the next 24 to 48 hours. opposite of what happens with marco, this storm looks to have what it takes to strengthen quickly. don't just look at the forecast and see a category 1 or category 2, this is one of those storms that can intensify quickly. they're saying anything is fair game. landfall late wednesday and thursday morning. possibly right along the same region. western areas of louisiana, eastern texas. the area with the off shore platforms. upwards of 600 platforms in place. about 100 of them have already seen evacuations. a lot of people stand to be impacted. >> we'll follow it. thank you, pedram. breaking overnight. one of president trump's most trusted aides is leaving his
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side. kellyanne conway is leaving to focus on her family. george conway is stepping back as a leader of the lincoln project. he says he still supports the republican group's antitrump mission. >> one of the conway's high school daughters has generated attention. kellyanne conway said they disagree on plenty but they're united about their kids mattering the most. the decision is my choice and my voice. for now and for my beloved children it will be less drama, more mama. they're coming into a fall season of at-home learning. four kids, it's tough. >> a lot of stressors. it is going to be a big week for republicans. a slipped down democratic national convention. bucking tradition, president trump is said to appear every night of the convention. he's pushing aides hard to deliver a blockbuster event,
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never mind pandemic limitations. speakers tonight include prominent trump allies and a black state representative from georgia who endorsed the president, withdrew from re-election and accused his own party of bigotry. >> this will inspiring people. this election is all about trump. more now from cnn's ryan nobles in charlotte. >> reporter: laura, christine, no doubt this is not the republican convention that the city of charlotte expected to host when they were granted the bid more than a year ago. the city will play an important role. they'll kick things off here monday morning. they'll have the role call of delegates. this is where the delegates across the country will formally cast their ballots for donald trump and mike pence to be the
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ticket for the republican party in the 2020 presidential election. president trump will be here to mark the occasion as well. he and the vice president will appear briefly to thank the delegates and he'll deliver brief remarks. not his big acceptance speech. that won't happen until thursday. that will happen and shift to washington on tuesday. that's where we'll see most speeches come from. melania trump will deliver remarks from washington and president trump as well on thursday. president trump has told his team he wants this convention to be bigger and better than what we saw from the democrats last week. former reality television show star himself. he's brought in some of his former associates from the apprentice to produce this event. it all kicks off from charlotte.
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>> political pressure is driving them crazy. the decision to use convalescent plaza came after the president accused them of slow walking approval. >> convalescent plasma is made from using the blood of people who have recovered. it's safe but not yet proven to work on covid-19. the president calls it historic. the fda much more measured saying it may be effective treating coronavirus and the benefits out weigh the risks. cnn has learned top health officials have been skeptical. >> about 80% is seeing a drap in the cases. now weekend numbers are
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typically lower. still, deaths are rising in 19 states, many of them in the midwest and the mid-atlantic. 31 states are struggling with rising positivity rates which is usually followed by a surge in cases so the u.s. is clearly not out of the woods yet. >> large gatherings remain the big concern here. 26 cases of coronavirus in three states have been linked to the sturgis motorcycle rally. the university of kentucky began a second phase focusing on fraternities and sororities. penn state has suspended two universities. all of this as americans are feeling the pain of a devastated economy. one food bank in new york is feeding at least 10,000 people a week with folks lining up for blocks to get food as you can see there, but new york has also come a long way in a short time.
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museums and other cultural institutions are set to reopen today with limited capacity. the biggest question on the minds of millions of americans, when will things get back to normal? the back to normal index is comprised of state and national level. the economy was operating only 78% of normal on august 18th. south dakota has the highest index in the country of 93%. hawaii has the longest road back to normal operating at 61%. south dakota doesn't depend on industries devastated by the pandemic. the crisis is far from over. half the members expect gdp won't return to pre-pandemic levels until 2022. >> one person you won't see at
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later this morning postmaster general lewis dejoy will testify at his second hearing. overnight the u.s. postal service warned about some of the measures in a bill passed by the house. the bill would prevent changes like dismantling sorting machines or removing the collection blue boxes until the pandemic has ended. the postal service says while the changes are well meaning they will con strain the ability to improve service. >> the senate is not expected to consider the bill. president trump has raled against voting by mail over a tweet flagged by misinformation. the former head of the federal
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election commission says it's more likely earth will be hit by asteroid that mail in voting would lead to a rigged election. some of the most salacious claims raised questions over her sources. we now know where some of it came from because she secretly recorded conversations. the president's sister, maryanne trump barry, a retired judge, offered her niece a blistering assessment of how her brother has operated as president. >> all he wants to do is appeal to his base. he has no principles. none. none. and his base, i mean, my god, if you were a religious person, you want to help people not do this. >> thanks for the question. like what exactly has he accomplished? >> i don't know. >> nothing. that's the answer. >> he has five bankruptcies.
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>> good point. he did accomplish those all by himself. >> yes, he did. yes, he did. >> that is very true. >> you can't trust him. goddamn tweets and the lies. i'm talking too freely. the change of stories, the lack of preparation, the lying. holy shit. >> the record williing is legale state of new york. mary trump began taping conversations. neither maryanne trump barry nor the white house have commented on these recordings. four years since colin kaepernick last suited up in the nfl. the commissioner now goes further than he ever has admitting where the league fell short. we made usaa insurance fr veterans like liz and mike. an army family who is always at the ready. so when they got a little surprise... two!? ...they didn't panic. they got a bigger car for their soon-to-be-bigger family. after shopping around for insurance, they called usaa -
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all right. so the first time nfl commissioner roger goodell says he regrets not listening to colin kaepernick earlier. andy scholes has more this morning on the bleacher report. >> colin kaepernick has not played in the nfl since the 2016 season. that's the season he began kneeling during the national anthem. commissioner roger goodell has admitted recently that the league was wrong in the way they handled kaepernick's peaceful protests. in a conversation with emmanuel otto, goodell apologized for not listening to what kaepernick was trying to do. >> the first thing i would say i wish we had listened earlier to what you were kneeling about and
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what you were trying to bring attention to. we had invited him in several times to have the conversation, have the dialogue. i wish we had the benefit of that. we never did. and, you know, we would have benefitted from it, absolutely. >> goodell also said players kneeling during the national anthem is not about the flag and their intentions are being mischaracterized. the nfl is investigating some covid-19 test results after several times that used the same laboratory in new jersey received positive tests on saturday. according to espn, tests on 77 players from 11 different teams turned out to be false positives. several of the teams had to alter or cancel practices yesterday due to the irregularity. the league has not responded to how many teams used that lab. indy 500 being run without fans. first time ever in its 104 year history. scary moment with five laps to
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go. spencer smashed right into that pit wall there sending his car spinning out of control. he was taken to the hospital and later released. there was so much debris that the race had to end up caution. to the nba, donovan mitchell, making a duel for changes. 51 points. second time in this series he's topped 50. murray had 50 as well. two opponents scoring more than 45 points in the game. the jazz ended up winning that nail biter, 125-121. the game so far clippers and mavs. step back three at the buzzer to win it. he was incredible in this game. scored 43 points. 17 rebounds and 13 assists.
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first time that has ever been done in the playoffs. the 21-year-old doing it all on a bad ankle as well. check this out, luca getting mobbed by his teammates again getting that water bottle bad. heading into game five tomorrow. a triple header of action on our network tnt with the rockets, thunder at 4 p.m. eastern. i'll tell you what, man, these games in the nba bubble have been so entertaining, the first time i was on the couch all weekend yelling at my tv. it felt great. >> i can just see you doing that. have a good day. thank you so much. one-two punch in the gulf coast right now. louisiana on alert for two major storms this week. president trump is the featured attraction at the rnc but one of his most staunch defenders is
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from louisiana. the latest forecast in just a moment. good morning, everyone. this is "early start" monday edition. i'm christine romans. >> i'm laura jarrett. happening now, unprecedented back-to-back hurricanes targeting the same state forcing evacuations in louisiana. first up, marco. it weakened to a tropical storm overnight but it still remains a threat. next storm laura. forecast has strengthened into a hurricane before it makes landfall on the u.s. main land late thursday. tropical storm warnings were issued for parts of the florida keys. >> they say never before has a single state faced such terrifying storms in 48 hours. the timing couldn't be worse with shelter space limited. the governor's warning, don't let your guard down. >> the geographic proximity of
2:32 am
these storms poses a chol leng we've not seen before. what we were expecting, this is a situation where you really need to be prepared, as we've always told you, to ride out these storms and the first 72 hours is on you. >> this water spout off the coast a sign of what's to come. so far 114 oil gas production platforms on the gulf have been indicated. there may not be a problem. meteorologist pedram jaff very harry is live for us. what else can we expect? >> this particular storm system, marco as you know it, weakening rather quickly, that is the great news with the system. storm surge threat still very high.
2:33 am
quite a bit of wind sheer breaking it apart. it is going to approach louisiana within the next 12 to 18 hours, skirt the coast line and rain itself out on the coast or make landfall in one of the southern parishes of louisiana. that's about it when it comes to marco. it is tropical storm laura with l-a-w sound. by this time tomorrow, at this point ingredients are set to intensify rather quickly. could get up to category one, category two, category three. if that is the case, the national hurricane center says anything is possible given the water temperatures and wind sheer. you'll notice water temperatures where marco is generally to the 80s.
2:34 am
where laura is headed could get up to 90 degrees here. going to be plenty of fuel for the storm system to intensify between tuesday and wednesday. around the western area of louisiana and eastern texas, the last time we had two main tropical systems was back in 1959. laura, when you talk about seeing something that is essentially as 2020 as it gets with weather, this is it right here with tropical systems in the gulf simultaneously. >> thank you so much. before heading for the u.s. main land, marco and laura, cnn's patrick oppman is live in havana.
2:35 am
>> reporter: it's a calm morning but we know that won't last. the storm is moving from eastern cuba to central cuba and will be here where i am in havana before going to the gulf coast and u.s. even though this is a tropical storm, not expected to create the catastrophic damage from storms in the past, it is wreaking havoc. trees are down, power lines are down, coastal flooding. this complicates the other crisis the world is dealing with right now, the coronavirus pandemic because when you talk about people having to evacuate their homes, go to shelters, stay with relatives, of course, that's just not good when so many governments around the world are telling people to isolate. there is nothing you can do. if you live on the coast, the governor is telling people to get off the coast. we saw how they should take
2:36 am
heat, go for shelter. it's so incredible. on saturday the cuban government reported damage from marco in western cuba now there's tropical storm laura in the eastern part of the island. in as many days we've seen damage from two storms. >> patrick oppman for us in havana. stay safe. breaking overnight, one of the president's most trusted aides is leaving his side. kellyanne conway said she is leaving the white house to focus on her family. her husband is stepping back as leader of the lincoln project. he says he still supports the republican group's anti-trust position. one of the conways high school
2:37 am
daughters posted about her parents. they disagree on plenty but they agree on their kids. this is my choice and my voice. for now and for my children, it will be less drama, more mama. >> a slipped down republican national convention kicks off in charlotte, north carolina, bucking the position. president trump is set to appear every night. he's going to deliver a blockbuster event. speakers include prominent trump allies and a black democratic state representative and the connection is expected to include moments to design to surprise viewer and trigger outrage from opponents. the party will not adopt a new platform. this election is all about trump. the lineup for opening night of the rnc includes former u.n.
2:38 am
ambassador nikki hailey, tim scott, donald trump jr. and more. starting tonight at 7 eastern. is the is there room for convalescent plasma? that decision came shortly after the president accused the agency of slow oping the development of vaccines. >> convalescent plasma is made from the blood of people who have recovered. it is safe but not yet proven to work on covid-19. they have been skeptical there was enough data to justify emergency authorization. the fda has taken a much more measured tone. cnn's jeremy diamond has more. >> good morning, christine and laura. president trump announcing on sunday that the fda has
2:39 am
authorized this emergency use authorization for convalescent plasma. the president characterized this as a break through, an historic announcement he was making on sunday. that is certainly not the case. there is no clear, conclusive evidence as of yet that convalescent plasma is an effective treatment for coronavirus. there is some initial data but there is not the randomized clinical control trials that are viewed as the gold standard to assess the efficacy of a treatment like this. the president nonetheless saying he was able to break a quote, n un -- >> that might have been a holdup. there are people in the fda and in your larger department that can see things being held up and wouldn't mind so much. that's my opinion, very strong
2:40 am
opinion. >> reporter: there's no evidence there was any kind of political motivations about them not using this up to this point. there are questions about the kind of pressure the president may have brought to bear on the fda. the timing is notable given the tweet from the president about the fda as well as the timing in a political sense, on the political calendar. he is looking for ways to show he is handling the pandemic. while the president suggested this was a break through, the fda is a little bit more cautious. this product may be effective in treating covid-19 and that the known potential benefits may outway.
2:41 am
weekend numbers are typically lower. that is the lowest total for a sunday since june 21st. deaths are rising. 31 states are struggling with rising positivity rates which usually is a sign following a surge in cases. so the u.s. is clearly not out of the woods yet especially with labor day coming up. >> americans are feeling the pain of a devastated economy. one food bank is feeding one family. museums, with monday's capacity. >> overseas a mixed bag. italy recorded more than 1200 cases yesterday. that's the most since may 12th. france saw the highest post lockdown increase sunday with almost 4900 cases. interesting experiment in germany. an indoor concert held by researchers to better understand
2:42 am
how the virus spreads. in beijing, residents can now go and returning from wuhan after an eight month break. millions of americans are waiting for the emergency jobless benefits the president promised two weeks ago. congress left without any stimulus deal and emergency funding for the out of working small business has expired. that leaves state jobless benefits to pay. the numbers are grim. massachusetts, 16.1%. three states set new highs in july. a jobless check in massachusetts averages $426 a week but in two dozen states jobless checks are less than $300 a week on average. the president said he would redirect federal disaster aired, an extra 300 bucks a week.
2:43 am
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the country's embattled president alexander lukashenko.
2:48 am
putting up a strong man show of force refusing to be pushed out. frederick pleitgen live on the ground in minsk. does he have an automatic rifle? what is he doing there? >> reporter: hi there, christine. that was a bizarre scene that unfolded here in minsk in the capital of belarus. on the one hand you had the protesters on the ground very, very peaceful with balloons and flowers and signs calling for change here in this country. then you had alexander lukashenko releasing video of him in a chopper and he had an ak-57 by his side. it really is the dangerous rhetoric you're seeing. 100,000 people at the protest calling for change, peaceful change and calling for another election to take place, a transparent one.
2:49 am
at the same time you have alexander lukashenko claiming there's some sort of invasion from nato that might be imminent saying he's the only one that can stop it and essentially trying to paint these very peaceful protesters as being a threat to the national security of this country. the protesters want to enforce change in the country. they fear that alexander lukashenko with the rhetoric is trying to pull vladimir putin on his side saying it is the west trying to infringe on belarus. >> fred pleitgen for us in minsk this morning. breaking overnight. big protests in kenosha, wisconsin, after police shoot a black man with children in the car. we want to warn you this is disturbing to watch. the video shows at least two officers following a man with guns drawn as he walks from the
2:50 am
passenger's side to the driver's side of that car. when the man opens the door and tries to get in, one of the officers grabs him and then fires. at least seven shots were heard. boast officers are now on administrative leave. tony evers identified the man as jacob blake. he is critically injured. they were called to deal with a domestic disturbance. it's unclear who called. cnn will bring you more details as they come in. to california, deadly wildfires scorching more than 1 million acres. they're the second and third biggest fires in state history. more trouble could be coming. the national weather service issued a red flag warning across the bay area cautioning that high temperatures, low humidity and wind gusts could cause
2:51 am
fires. they were trapped in heavy brush about 75 yards from that fire. so remember earlier in the show we mentioned a former elections official said it's more likely first we'll be hit by an asteroid that mail in voting will be hit by an election. she picked the wrong day to say that. 2020 keeps getting better. an asteroid is headed towards earth just in time for the presidential election in november. it has a slim chance of entering the earth's atmosphere. the asteroid is seven feet in diameter. let's get a check on cnn business this monday morning. all markets higher. european shares opening up strongly here boosted by hopes of new coronavirus treatments. on wall street, futures also this morning leaning up about 236 points. dow futures if it holds.
2:52 am
stocks finished higher. the s&p 500 and nasdaq hit record highs. focus on the fed this week. a symposium will be held virtually. many reports due this week. the housing market is a really bright spot in the economy right now. existing home sales rose by 24.7%. people are looking for more space. increased demand along with low inventory said the median home price is 304,100. apple is apologizing after another controversy on the app store. word press had been locked out. word press is free to use and did not include any in app purchases. apple apologized and they will
2:53 am
require them to change their app and they're in dispute with epic games. we're getting our first look this morning at a new take on an iconic super hero. >> who are you supposed to be? >> a legend. >> that's robert patterson as the batman. warner brothers released the first trailer at the fan dome this weekend. expected to be released in october 2021. a lot hinges on the reopening of movie theaters. warner brothers is owned by warner media. warning. you may find this video unbearable.
2:54 am
>> it's a rocket fouled. oh, he got the bear. >> a foul ball between the arizona diamondbacks nearly knocked the stuffing out of that teddy bear. after the game the athletics showed the bare ban damaged up and he passed concussion protocol. he'll be back in the stands. >> there are a lot of them there. >> you've got to fill up the stands some way. give the players encouragement. >> i'm sorry. >> unbearable fun. >> thanks for joining us. i'm christine romans. >> i'm laura jarrett. "new day" is next.
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a one-two punch. the gulf coast bracing for two storms. >> by themselves, each storm would be considered manageable. but combine their impacts, and no one's really sure what to expect. >> it is possible that there could be some spots measuring rainfall in 1 to 2 feet instead of in just inches. the delegates from across the country will formally cast their ballots for donald trump and mike pence to be the ticket for the republican party. >> unlike the democrats last week, where there was a lot of complaints, they didn't offer much by way of policies or solutions, president trump will be laying out real policies, real visions, real solutions. >> announcer: this is "new day" can alisyn camerota and john berman. >> we want to welcome our viewers in the united states and all around the world. this is "new day." it is monday, august 24th, 6:00 here in new york. and we're just hours away


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