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tv   CNN Sunday Morning  CNN  July 5, 2009 8:00am-9:00am EDT

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today. i'm sanjay gupta. if you missed any part of my show, you can check out my podcast. remember, this is the place for the answer to all of your questions. -- captions by vitac -- hello there from the cnn kr center in atlanta, georgia. i'm t.j. holmes. >> good morning. i'm losing track of my day. it all rolls today. it is 8:00 a.m. in atlanta, 6 a.m. in nashville, 5k in los angeles. we've got a lot going on. first a start with what's happening out of orlando, continuing our breaking news coverage. breaking news out of disney world. an accident. here's the amazing picture that we got from an i-reporter.
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a mon a rail crash. it happened six hours ago. a witness told us within the past hour one of the trains -- one of the trains ran into another train that was just already stopped there on the tracks. the tale is still sketchy, still coming in. there were several riders on one of the trains. a witness said he heard a smashing crashing noise and saw debris falling off the track. >> the picture you're looking at right now, that's one of the trains going back to the loading dock. when we first saw it, we were getting off the ferry. we were trying to -- we were leaving the park, and we -- i guess we got off the ferry. we were going toward the exit where they were getting tickets. we were about to get off the
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roof and we heard a loud explosion. when we looked back, the trains had crashed. pieces fell to the floor beneath it and a bunch of people were running from like under it. and then like about 10, 15 seconds later they moved the trains toward the loading dock. >> that's what we heard from our i-reporter. now let's hear from disney's vice president of public affairs getting a statement in. i want to read it for you. quote, today we mourn the los of a fellow cast member. our hearts go out to the friends and family who lost a co-worker. they go on to say the monorail is out of service and we'll continue to work closely with law enforcement to determine what happened and the appropriate next step. an autopsy to be performed
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on steve mcnair. police say he had been shot a number of times, including once in the head. his body was found next to a woman who was also shot. police also saying they're not looking for suspects in the case. mcnair retired last year after playing 13 seasons. our don lemon tells us how he went from a small college superstar to nfl mvp. >> reporter: he was a small-town boy with big-time dreams. le mcnair was recruited to play football at several major universities be u they wanted him to play on defense. determined to play quarterback he went to a hogs torically black university where he became one of the most prolific passers in college football and was nicknamed "air mcnair." he was featured on the cover of
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"sports illustrated," finished third in the heisman trophy and was picked third overall draft for the houston oilers. he became a starter in 1997, the same year the oilers moved to tennessee. in 1999 he led the team to the franchises first and so far only super bowl, becoming just the second african-american quarterback to start on the game's biggest stage. it was a thrilling game which ended with the titans coming just short of the goal line for what would have been the winning score. mcnair never would get back to the championship game, but with the nfl's peyton manning. he played two more with the baltimore ravens before injuries took their toll. mcnair retired after the 2007 season with more than 30,000 yards passing. good enough for 28th on the all-time list. titans' owner bud adams said of mcnair, question, he played with
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unquestioned heart and leader and led us to places. steve mcnair was 36 years old. some new legal trouble this morning for former washington, d.c. mayor barry. you'll recall he was arrested on drug charges back in 1990 as part of a federal sting operation. a sergeant for the u.s. park blees told us bairy was not the target of any investigation this time around. >> simple issue is that the united states parks police enforces the law regardless of who people are and i think it's very important to note that we absolutely did not pick barry out. we were flagged down by the complainant in this case and he was seeking the assistance of a
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police officer and that jury dikz happens to be in the area of the united states park police. >> he has had run-ins over the year. current can hely he's serving as a council member. he's now being charged with stalking and was later released . a serial killer is on the loose there. five deaths being blamed on one man. our richard lui has the details. >> abby tyler, a much loved 15-year-old died saturday morning two days after being shot. the cha t >> she live heard faith every day. she got that faith from her mother, her father, her
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grandparents. they passed that faith to her. she lived that faith every day of her 15 years. she was a good model for all of us. >> abby was with her father at the family business on thursday when she was shot. her father was pronounced dead at the scene. this picture of her family is from her church. the shootings began a week ago. on wednesday the bodies of 83-year-old hazel lynn der and her daughter were found bound and shot. police have issued this sketch of a suspect. a white male in his 40s with salt and pepper hair. the town of gaffney is on edge. one shop owner and resident told us how his son reacted to the consider of a serial killer. >> he was actually fearful and scared and asked me not to stay up late because he was afraid
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something would happen at the house because of what he hears. it's constantly in the news. people are talking. it's what they've been hear for the last two days. so he was fearful. he was scared. and he was concerned for my safety. >> everybody that works up here, somebody has a firearm at all times just for protection. >> do you always wear it? >> no, no. just working up here, i wear it up here working. it stays in my truck all the time in the glove compartment of my dash. i carry it in my car all the time. >> that's more the common rea in town. they work to track down the killer. richard lui, cnn, gaffney, south carolina. >> well, about 1.6 million people are keeping an eye on their inboxes today because they'll find out if they have tickets to tuesday's memorial for michael jackson which, of course, will happen out in l.a. those con fir makes e-mails will start going out around 2:00 p.m.
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eastern time, 11:00 a.m. they're having to wear wristbands to pick up the tickets. if if the wristband is damaged you won't be able to pick up the tickets. the last word we heard from organizers is his body would not be there. burial arrangements are also still pending. all right. if you don't have a ticket for the memorial ticket, all day, tuesday, however, we'll bring it to you. we'll bring it worldwide coverage as they say good-bye to the king of pop. we'll sign on at 6:00 eastern time so stay with us here for that michael jackson memorial. we'll turn to the president now. he's heading oversea. his first stop will be to russia. >> after that it's on to italy for the g.a. 8 summit and he'll have a meeting with the pope at the vatican in rome then to after ka, specifically ghana.
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cnn senior correspondent ed henry has the details. >> reporter: the president leaves sunday for his fifth foreign trip since taking office. the first stop in moscow is all about trying to warm up the u.s./russia relationship. as you know it got downright chilly in the bush years. president obama says he wants to reset that relationship and so far the current president is bearing fruit. russia recently signed on the sanctions against north korea and this week both sides will officially allow that they can have weapon and fly over russian territory. it's a big deal as u.s. ramps up efforts to finally finish up the wafr war. >> the old cold war approaches to u.s./russian relations is
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outdated, that it's time to move forward. i think medvedev understands that. >> reporter: mr. obama is also lobbying for cooperation, a subject that will also be a major topic in the midding of the week at the president's second stop, italy for the g-8 summit. other issues will be financial cry circumstance climate change and efforts to wipe out global poverty. next friday he'll have a private audience with the pope and then head to ghana. t.j.? brooke? >> we'll have more this evening. reynolds? it's going to be okay for him. certainly in better parts of the southeast although it's going to be looking pretty this evening. if you look outside, you can see
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gray skies, pretty gloomy in some places, but that's not a bad thick. clear down to downtown atlanta, parts of florence, just north of birmingham and over toward hoover we're seeing rain. heavy storms west of tupelo, elvis presley's home town, don't you know. the reason why we're seeing that precipitation is pretty simple. we have a stationary front, cold front and warm front. we have plenty of moisture coming in. combined with the daytime heating and this upper-level low it's going to give a chance of storms for the afternoon hour. later in the day, a chance of stronger storms and not only there but could see some storms in the front range of the rockies and back near parts of denver. relatively dry along the west coast and with that temperatures mainly in the 60s and 70s in san francisco. 110 in phoenix.
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84 in kansas city, 81 in memphis. and atlanta, 83. that's wrap on your forecast. we're going to send it back to you guys. >> i like how you do that. push it off. nice move. you're smooth, reynolds. >> hey, that's what they call me. >> thank you. from the lower 48, let's talk alaska. how does sarah palin follow up her bombshell? we'll have the latest statement a la her facebook page. >> months and months after waiting al franken knows he's the winner. now he can't sit back and celebrate. now he'll have to go to work. contain a nitrogen-enriched cleaning system... that seeks and destroys engine gunk... left by lower-quality gasoline. it protects engines from performance-robbing gunk. try new nitrogen-enriched shell gasolines.
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a simpler way to ship. call or go online now to get started. the book on the 2008 elections. democrat ail. have been waiting for in the week ahead. paul, hello. i'm glad this is the last time we have to discuss the rate. we have been discussing it for a while. when is franken finally going to get sworn in and go to work? >> congress is back and he'll be on capitol hill tomorrow.
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tuesday is when he's going to get sworn in officially and become a senator. he's got a lot of his staff in place. >> we've been going back and forth about the legal battles. we forget what franken is actually about. remind us what he's about. >> it's all about the issues. on the issues he seemed to be pretty much a progressive democrat. that's the way he ran last year on the campaign on health care which is such a big deal. he supports universal health care and he wants the states to main date health coverage for all the citizens and for federal government to help pay. on immigration, he supports immigration reform and maybe pathway immigrants. >> is he going to be a "yes" man and a pretty committed yes vote for democrats and pretty much all of their issues? >> i think he's definitely on the more progressive side than
8:18 am
the moderate side. i guess you could say he should be a pretty reliable vote overall. he's replacing a republican. and t.j., right off the bat, he's going to be right in the middle of some of the big fights. he's going to be joining the health, education, labor and pension committees. he's also on a judiciary committee and a week from monday, the sotomayor confirmation hearings a will be going on. >> we can't go without talking about the guy he defeated norm coleman. what's he going to do? >> let's not cry for norm coleman. there may be a job he has his eye on. the current governor tim pawlenty has announced he will not be running next year. norm coleman may be considering it. he says, you know, nothing yet.
8:19 am
maybe i want to go fishing. but people in minnesota say if norm coleman wants to rub he could quickly be considered a front-runner next year. >> okay. don't cry for norm just yet. a friend of ours here on saturday and sunday. thanks so much. good to see you. >> thank you, t.j. after unexpectedly stepping down as alaska's governor o sarah palin has taken to facebook to tell us why. she's leaving for in her word as higher calling though she didn't say what her higher calling is. she did have harsh words for those criticizing her. here's what she said. how sad washington and media will never understand it's about country and she goes on to write -- so that is sarah palin on her
8:20 am
facebook page. what are you getting? >> let's go right to it. it's over there. we can give you a look. this might be one of the biggest responses i've gotten to anything she's posted. one thing she's currently gearing up for a run in 2012 and being governor clearly stood in her way. here's another. it's about money for palin. if she quits, she can make more money. i'm no fan but if she can make money, it's a rescission. one says she got a taste of the real world and she don't want to go back. it's a nasty game out there, politics. >> it is a nasty game. and we'll have to wait and see. talk to one of those radio talk show hosts in d.c. betting on if fact that she is going to be on a tv game or getting ready for 2012. >> we haven't heard the last of
8:21 am
sarah palin. meanwhile california handing out ious. >> who knows that? josh looking into it. >> doing my best breaking it down over here. we're looking at what's getting cut, what is going up and how your state compares to all the others. could someone toss me an eleven sixteenths wrench over here? here you go. eleven sixteenths... (announcer) from designing some of the world's cleanest and most fuel-efficient jet engines... to building more wind turbines
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some programs took a cut. josh watching that very closely. got a breakdown of what exactly is getting lost. josh? >> it's interesting. the whole country is in the same boat in terms of the recession but individual states are doing different things. different people are going to lose different programs. and click on your state. they'll give you breakdowns on what's getting lost. go to the graphics. some of the big cuts here, this is according to the center on budget and priority policies. public health programs getting cut in at least 21 states. programs for the elderly and disabled also in at leaf 21 states. next, public education and higher education. public education in at least 24
8:25 am
states, higher ed in 32 states. those programs getting cut. state work forces. this is one. they're going to be cutting back on jobs. it gives unemployment already in mesh. they have to do something with the shortfall? in addition to the cuts you're talking a lot of states adding new taxes. >> that's the other way they're trying to make up some of the big holes. i'll show you just a few. it's interesting what a few states are doing. more than half are raising taxes. hawaii, what they're duch is increasing their hotel room tax rate to 1%. massachusetts, 25% sales tax increase. florida, adding an additional dollar in cigarette taxes. vermont extending sales tacks on digital downloads.
8:26 am
we have that's our blog, face bob and twitter. let us know how you feel about that. we want to shear it with everyone else and get a little discussion going online. for a lot of people it's going to be a tough time and even already in this recession you've got more programs cutting back. the hopes is the big picture helps with the picture. >> digital download taxes. >> yes. >> that's going to be a big one. >> coming up we'll talk to john king about presidential trips, sarah palin quitting, conversations with colin powell. all of that coming up on "state of the union." >> all of that coming up. and a new show giving gospel singers a chance to become stars. there's an "american idol" connection here but it's "american idolesque".
8:27 am
take a listen. well, hello t.
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welcome back to "cnn sunday morning." i'm t.j. holmes. >> i'm brooke baldwin in for betty. we've been talking about this. we just got word of two monorail trains that crashed at disney world. one driver was killed and a statement the officials saying the monorail has been shut down. they're working with law enforcement officials to determine what happened. no disney guests were injured in the crash. police in gaffney, south carolina, looking for this man. take a close look at this sketch. they believe a serial killer is on the loose. the latest victim a 15-year-old
8:31 am
girl shot thursday along with her father at a family-run furniture store. she died yesterday. an autopsy for former nfl star quarterback steve mcnair. he was found shot to death inside a nashville condominium just yesterday, a gun and body of a young woman were also found nearby. it's still not clear exactly what her relationship is with mcnair but we're told she is not his wife. so far no arrests have been made. a showdown to take place today. the ousted president is scheduled to return between 1:00 and 2:00 this afternoon. he was ousted in a coup more than a week ago. they were demonstrating in the streets yesterday. you've seen this video. congressional leader micheletti who was sworn in after the former president was removed has vowed to arrest him if he
8:32 am
returns. last night they voted to suspend honduras. summer floods have forced more than 320,000 people from their homes and left at least 16 people dead in southern and central china. news reports say there was a damaged dam there. 15,000 people downstream have been moved to safety and are now living in tents. president obama with thoughts on iraq this weekend. he invite 1d 200 military families to the white house for a traditional barbecue and hot dogs. they have put americans on the path to control its own destiny. >> because of the courage and commitment of every single american, a solid and united iraq has taken control of its own destiny. it's an extraordinary accomplishment that is. we know that this transition
8:33 am
won't be without problems. we know there will be difficult days ahead. that's why we'll remain a strong partner on behalf of their security. >> joe biden returning to washington this morning after spending his fourth of july weekend with u.s. troops in iraq. in baghdad he swore in 237 new members as he praised u.s. troops for their efforts in iraq. >> because of your service and their sacrifice, iraq is emerging from the terror of sectarian strife to a future of progress and god-willing process spirit. >> well, reacting to alaska governor sarah palin he says he respects her desig and is taking her at her word. michael jackson fans
8:34 am
registered to attend his memorial services tuesday we'll find out this morning at 11 a.m. pacific time, 2:00 p.m. eastern time to see if they get to attend. a senior political analyst bill schneider reports he had a definite impact and appeal along party lines. >> reporter: michael jackson was not just an amazing talent. he was also a cult rat phenomenon. more than half of all americans describe themselves as michael jackson fans. who are they? jackson's appeal is racially ambiguous. 42% of whites call themselves jackson fans and almost three-quarters of minorities. his appeal was gender ambiguous. nearly half of men called themselves fans. a majority of women do.
8:35 am
older americans didn't get michael jackson. they were probably defensive of his northerlies. they may have known him more as a cure yosty app than an entertainer. was jackson political? not really. his closest known connection to politics was to accept an honor from reagan in 1984 for supporting the campaign against drunk drivers. >> i'm very, very honored. thank you very much, mr. president and mrs. reagan. >> but here's a surprise. jackson's fan base can be defined more than anything else by politics. 63% are jackson fans but just 35% of republicans. of course, you might take african-americans are overwhelmingly democratic but it's not just race.
8:36 am
in his music and his behavior, jac pushed the boundaries of convention and that in itself was a political statement. ♪ >> reporter: michael jackson was a cultural icon who defied racial and gender categories. that made him a partisan in the culture wars without uttering a political world. bill schneider, cnn, washington. i ontario know that show. but there's an "american idol" for gospel singers as well. who will be the next king or queen of gospel? some hopeful singers get a chance to live the dream. stay here.
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of all shapes and sizes. saving time by comparing our progressive directories to those of other top companies. and saving money with our discounts and customized policies. ah! thanks for dropping in! maybe it's time you visited if you like saving money, you'll fit right in. thank you, thank you very much. you're welcome uh-huh! very much. savings everyone can enjoy -- now, that's progressive. call or click today. let's go ahead and cheng in with john king. let's talk about sarah palin. we're all abuzz about her and her decision to step down. we heard from joe biden saying he respecting her decision. he's taking her at her word. what do you think? the beginning of something else
8:40 am
for her or the beginning of her political career. >> she put a message out on facebook. some take it to be she's going to be very active. it remains to be seen. the way she did this has raised a lot of eyebrows. she repeatedly in the statement and you're seeing pictures of it there in ocilla calls it very unorthodox. everyone expect her not to run for re-election and then travel the country to see if there's an appetite for her to run for president in 2012. but leaving in the middle of her term will shock people. she'll be a less than one-term governor and if she wants to run for president people will say she doesn't have the experience. so it's unconventional to say the leechlt the big test now is let's watch. republicans are starting to raise money for the 2010 o midterm cycle. will she be out there? will she be raising monies?
8:41 am
be in iowa, south carolina, places like that? it will be fascinating to watch her. if you go into the core republican base, she does have a committed base of support. is it enough? we may find out. >> but you talked to her, john, about that lack of experience. but i guess the nocuous that even if she did stay in office, she won't be getting that much experience in alaska. she's kind of wavering. she can't travel around the country like she really wants to. the dummest thing she's ever done krk you take me through boast of those if you can. how would this move be brilliant? how would o this move be idiotic. >> those who say it's the dummest thing she could have done says she'll be runs against mitt romney. former governor mike huckabee finished his terms in arkansas. other candidate woulsd have a
8:42 am
more impressive, if you accept that word, a list of achievements. some would say how can you do that when you haven't run one term as a govern. let's say she not only travels the country but travels the world. take time. she doesn't have to worry about the school budget, state budget, state police, learn up on china, learn up on russia and the other issues so when she comes to the table in a future presidential race she'll with better prepared than perhaps she was in the last race. so she has the freedom of time to study both big issues and travel to raise her profile. >> president obama and the entire first family heading to moscow and --
8:43 am
>> in russia, i would focus on these two things. you have two countries saying they're going the try to significantly reduce their arsenals. let's see what number if they come to a number there. and the most significant short-term thing we'll see out of the summit is russia has allowed shipments. resupply food, other items needed by the u.s. troops now in the middle of afghanistan, the u.s. military says that is some help and you're showing the president and the prime minister there relations at the end of the bush administration got pretty frayed so it will be pretty interesting to see if president obama says hit the reset button. >> the "state of the union" coming up at 9:00. we'll notice and see you right there. you ee trying to get mood lighting or cutting back on the light bulbs but you're in a
8:44 am
different studio. you're in l.a. today. explain why. >> i'm in los angeles for person time in addition to work time. my wife's grandfather who's an amazing man who escaped the eds turning 95. we've got a fascinating show. with've got general colin powell on. he'll talk about his commitment to community service. some questions about the obama agenda, specifically the price. we'll also talk to admiral mike mullen. he's the top military officer. he'll help us break down with my magic map the missions in afghanistan and iraq going forward. it's a fun packed day on "state of the union." >> the map travels with you? >> we can travel the map if we have to but that's classified. >> jong king coming up in 15
8:45 am
minutes, top of the hour, "state of the union." thank you.
8:46 am
8:47 am
all right. if you're going to audition for the show "meamerican idol," youe got to have faith. any contestant, you've got to have faith to think you're going to make it. but there's another show ow
8:48 am
there with the whole premise of "american idol," but here's the twist. they perform gospel music. that's where the real faith comes in. it's a reality show called "gospel dream." you'll recognize one of the hosts. her name is kimberly locke. take a listen to my conversation with her. >> the show, it's one dream. >> one dream. >> it's very genre specific, so it is gospel singers. it's about -- it's like "american idol." it's like a competition. they have to go through the realms, and every week and someone is cut. in that way it's very similar to "american idol." i thought the judges would be nicener this genre. >> you would think so. >> not so much. >> everybody would wonder. you have assignment among you?
8:49 am
>> yes. mitchell is our simon judge and he's the executive in the business. and he is -- he gives it to them straight. he doesn't really try to fluff it for them. >> you said it's not just gospel but inspirational. >> i think what this show is -- what they do on the show is very interesting. because what they do is expose the public to different -- different categories of gospel music. when people think of gospel, they think of blass gospel, and they think of church. yes, motive of us singers starred in church. i started in church. i think nowadays when there's so much crossover music that there are so many inspirational shows. it's about inspiring people. it's a feel good show. so these contest tans, the age ranges are from 16 to 40.
8:50 am
they're very serious about what they're doing. >> you don't get just a trophy and congratulations. they get something there. they get a price. >> they get a record deal. they get signed to a label. you know, just like "american idol," you know, as a singer, that's what we all aspire to. that's what we want. that's the money in the bag. that's what we need. and at the end of the show, one person wins and they're assigned to the deal. >> so many singers have that background coming up from church. besides singing in the church choir and that being in good practice and training through the years what else does that instill in them? it gives them edge and soul. >> it gives you confidence. let me tell you. let's say we all go to church with our family, aunts, parents, uncles, and they go, sing, baby, the thing about sing in church is you can never make a mistake and when you do make a mistake,
8:51 am
they're going to encourage you. they're not going to let you walk away. you're not going to walk away until you finish the song. >> really, good luck with the show, "gospel dreams," and, please, it's "gospel dreams." tell the guy to take it easy. >> oh, you've got to watch. >> thank you for being here. >> she's gorges. >> you would think "gospel dreams," you think of church songs. they say he's just as brutal as simon on "american idol." a student left feeling she wasser under discrimination, she's officially left school but she hasn't given up her fight just yet. ♪ look at this man
8:52 am
♪ so blessed with inspiration ♪ ♪ i don't know much ♪ but i know i love you ♪ and that may be ♪ all i need ♪ to know (announcer) customers love ge aircraft engines almost as much as we love making them. innovation today for america's tomorrow.
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a muslim doctoral stuntd a visiting instructor says she experienced discrimination wearing a head scarf and says she was punished for speaking up. now she wants justice from a court in georgia along with her college professor who was also the head of the indianapolis substitute who quit her job over this very issue. >> i feel like they're very angry at me. >> because why? >> because i complain and stood up for myself. >> ever since she was 16 she has worn her hejab. not once has anyone ever discriminated against her appearance until this school year when she says her communications professor made a comment about her head scarf. >> she turns back to me and looks at my scarf and i had it a little further back so you could see my bun and she points to it
8:56 am
and she said, what is that? a bomb? >> according to the student that was the first of several comments she made. other comments she alleges in the complaint she filed with the u.s. equal employment opportunity commission include, what you have under there? bombs? are you carrying any bombs on your today? by the way, don't worry, that's the head dress, not a bomb. >> so much of my work was given to georgia state. it hurts that they didn't think twice before retaliating against me. >> she says her professor did eventually apologize but then she calls it the retaliation began. she was told she could not continue on as both a doctoral student and visiting instructor and she was stripped of her title. donna stewart was the director of georgia state middle east
8:57 am
institute until this week. >> the way in which the college has retaliated has sent a signal around the university that if you're a staff member or in position of power it's okay to discriminate. for me this is not necessarily a muslim issue. it's a civil rights issue. >> in an 'em te-mail to cnn she i have to release all statements to the university. she was addressed using university procedure and appropriate action was take p in september of 2008. it was donna stewart's decision to resign as director of middle east institute. while she has resigned she the still an employee of georgia state university and are was recently promoted to full professor with the dean's support. in no way was retaliation taken against professor stewart nor the student as a result of the
8:58 am
complaint. as for her she is seeking support. >> we're behind you. >> they have the same attorney. they told me they're still continuing with this federal filing but they're hoping they can settle with georgia state out of court and she told me tearfully that she'll be leaving georgia state. it's a tough decision. she got her undergrad degree but is leaving and hopes to find a different program that. >> it's been a pleasure. thank you so much for being here. >> we should shake on it. thanks very manager vegas me. >> we've got john king with "state of the union" and an interview with carolina coast carolina coast two trains crashed in disney world. one driver was killed. disney officials says the monorail has been shut down and
8:59 am
the company is working with law enforcement officials to find out what happened here. no disney guests were injured in the crash. also an autopsy scheduled for today on quarterback steve mcnary. he and a young woman were found shot to death. no arrests made in this case. police in gaffney, south carolina, are looking for this man. police believe he's a serial killer. five people have been killed within a week. a 15-year-old girl was shot thursday along with her father at a family-run furniture store. she then died yesterday. jackson family spokesman said more than 1.6 million people registered. 9,750 people will be notified by e-mail today, actually in a matter of hours about how to get their tickets. also, the alaska governor sarah palin offering


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