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tv   CNN Newsroom  CNN  July 5, 2009 7:00pm-8:00pm EDT

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good evening, everyone, i'm don lemon in los angeles. we begin with developing news in honduras. the airport there, it is high drama. the deposed president, jose manuel zee leia, ousted one week ago in a coup, he took off from dulles airport outside washington this afternoon. he is trying to land at this airport. will he land, we don't know. for the announcement that zelaya was returning home sent supporters into the streets. it is not clear selaya will actually arrive or what will happen if he does. our karl penhaul is work on this
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story for us. he will join us in just moments. there is chaos at this airport in the capital city there of honduras and you can hear reporters there talking about what's going on. you see the military on the ground. just moments ago from the airport, telesur spoke with zelaya and he said this, he pleelded with the military to let him land there. he faces arrest by the interim government if he does land there. he said he asks that the soldiers now occupying the airport instead return their allegiance to him in the name of god, in the name of the people, and in the name of justice. chaos at the airport. we have seen fires burning, motorcycles on fire, people rushing the cameras, and running around the airport. it is a chaotic situation that we are following in honduras tonight. our karl penhaul will join us.
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he is right in the middle of it all. meantime, news happening in the united states. the sense of utter disbelief surrounding the death of a former pro football star steve mcnair. his bullet ridden body and that of his 20-year-old apparent girlfriend were found yesterday at a downtown nashville condo. police have already ruled that mcnair's death as a homicide. but they say classifying sahel kazemi's death will take longer than that. facing speculation of a possible murder/suicide. tell us what -- why are they not classifying this as a murder/suicide? it seems to be all of what the police person yesterday, the spokesperson, insinuated in his press conference. >> reporter: you're right, it's pretty much a case of draw your own conclusion. nashville police are being extraordinarily tight-lipped
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about these whole scenario, understo understandably, given mcnair's high-profile status in the community and the sports world. two things they did reveal to us, two of the most pointant revelations perhaps from a press conference just this afternoon. autopsy results show the pair were shot hours before they were discovered during the wee hours of saturday morning. in fact, they were found, you might recall, at about 1:35 local time, the afternoon of the 4th. secondarily, steve mcnair was actually shot four times according to police, twice in the head, twice in the chest, as he sat on the couch. as you said, police are finally admitting mcnair and 20-year-old sahel kaz zeemy were romantically involved. kazemi had moved here from florida and was by all reports an exotic dancer who had been dating mcnair the last several months. police say she died of a single
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gunshot wound to the head. police say the murder weapon, semiautomatic pistol, was not immediately visible at the nashville condo mcnair was leasing -- >> i want to ask you this, brent. because there have been -- last night in the press conference, police talked about kazemi being arrested on a dui charge and mcnair took a taxi cab home and she had been troublemillion some sense. is anyone talking to you about her mental state leading up to this? >> reporter: we're learning bits and pieces about this young lady's biography. she was a florida native or at least lived in florida. can't speak to her mental state per se. you're right, she had been arrested just last thursday morning by metro nashville police here in downtown. she was arrested for dui. she claimed she wasn't drinking, but was, rather, using
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marijuana. mcnair was a passenger in a cadillac escalade, an suv, registered to both kazemi and mcnair, which tells us they were making no bones about this apparent love affair. >> in the latest press conference, police said they weren't looking at anyone, any suspect, they weren't trying to arrest anyone. are they still sticking with that right now, brent? >> reporter: they're being very ambiguous about that, don. they make it apparent there isn't a dangerous gunman on the loose in the streets of nashville, that no neighbors have any need to worry. at the same time, they're saying we can't yet call this a murder/suicide until we get ballistics and toxicology and interview witnesses. >> thank you, good reporting there. i want to bring in now cnn's law enforcement analyst mike brooks. he has been working his sources since the news of mcnair's untimely death broke. we were on the air last night when it happened. tell us what police are saying
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and not saying about this really "read between the lines" investigation. i guess it's fair to call it that. >> you know, it's very fair to call it that, don. yield in the early hours right after -- discovered, my intelligent source close to the investigation was telling me they thought it was a double homicide. now they're saying they're going to -- they're taking a look at all the forensics. they're also taking a look at all of the e-mails, text messages, to see if there was any issues between the two before this happened. they're also going to be looking at forensics, to see whether or not it was a self-inflicted gunshot wound. because as brent said, they did not see the gun immediately until they -- >> hey, mike -- >> yes? >> yeah, that's what i was going to say, maybe that's why your source told you it was a homicide. in the press conference we heard, they said they didn't find a gun until much later on
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because it wasn't visible. >> exactly right. as you and i were talking, as this was developing yesterday, they were saying it looked right on, to them, to homicide investigators, that it was a double homicide -- >> and no forced entry? >> exactly. as you work a scene, don, i can tell you, as you work a scene, you come in, you take a look, you take pictures. then you're moving the body. one of the things they can do, don, is they can see whether or not if she was -- if she was the one who fired the gun because they'll be gunshot residue on her hand. and also take a look at the wounds on both mcnair and on her to see exactly how far away the person who fired the shots were. if it was a self-inflicted gunshot wound on her, they will be able to tell that. >> mike brook, whatever it is, it's a very sad story. >> it's really shaken the community in nashville because he was a rock star there don.
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>> yeah. really, the entire country. air mcnair, everybody knew him. thank you, sir, we appreciate it. and sahel kazemi's family is speaking out about this tragedy, talking to cnn affiliate. her sister said she can't believe the deadly turn of events or what could have led up to them. >> she was very young, very pretty, very loving. she would never hurt a person. outgoing. very independent, very strong. we were supposed to be celebrating fourth of july and around 5:00, i got a phone call from my brother. he said, go see washington news. so i went to, you know, washington news and i saw it and we both -- that that's her, because they did not release the name until like 11:00, 10:00.
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so we were hoping that is not her. we had the feeling that it was her. because she would be the only young woman with him at that time as far as we knew. >> we'll talk to anyone who knew steve mcnair from his formative days growing up in mt. olive, mississippi, to the glory days in the nfl. each and every one will tell you he was a class act in every sense of the word. our sports analyst join us a little later on in this hour. meantime, let's go to cherokee county, south carolina. another place where death trumps any fourth of july holiday celebrations this weekend. in fact, authorities there say they're hunting for a serial killer who they say has killed five people in just last week. funeral services were held today for 50-year-old gina linda parker and her mother. here is a police sketch of that suspect. police say they have evidence linking all five killings.
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if you have any information on this case, you are asked to contact your local police department. let's turn now to the latest on the michael jackson investigation, the death investigation. an assistant l.a. police chief says forest lawn cemetery officials are working with the jackson family on plans for a private funeral service. the fiery sermon from the pull pit takes the news media to task. want to join our susan roesgen. she's outside the church where the reverend al sharpton spoke out earlier told. it certainly wallace a fiery sermon. >> reporter: it certainly was here, at the first african methodist episcopal church. and reverend sharpton got them going, don, even with a lot of reporters in the audience, the congregation was on their feet, cheering him, when he said the media is not treating michael jackson fairly. >> i'm not even here for that. i'm really here early because of
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the disgraceful and despicable way that some elements of the media has tried to destroy the legacy -- [ applause ] -- and image of a man that stood and broke every record in the history of the music business. we come to l.a. for michael jackson. because there's a double standard. because when you had had other entertainers that had questions in their life, you did not degrade and denigrate them before their funeral like you've done michael jackson. >> reporter: now, the reverend sharpton did say he is as interested as anybody in what the investigation will show about michael jackson's death. but he said, let's not talk about that until wednesday. and that, don, was implying that the funeral would probably be tuesday and we know that the public memorial will be tuesday.
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reverend sharpton is also calling for that day to be a national day of mourning and he wants what he calls love vigils around the united states and around the world to pay tribute to michael jackson. we have paid great tribute to him and his terrific history in american music. >> organizers of tuesday's memorial service plan to send out e-mails today notifying the people who have been selected to receive tickets. more than 1.5 million people registered for those tickets. after a random draw, 8,750 people will each receive a pair of tickets. everyone who is awarded a ticket will also be given wrist bands which must be worn for the entire time and entry into the staples center for the simulcast at the nokia center or theater as well. please stay with us. in about a half hour, we're going to speak with the rev rent jesse jackson. he'll join me to talk about tuesday's service and also give us more details about the
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family, the possible service, and if their religion is playing a role in this as well. make sure you join us, reverend jesse jackson. make sure you join us for round the clock coverage of the memorial celebrating the life of this worldwide pop icon as family, friends, they all say good-bye. michael jackson, the memorial, cnn, all day tuesday, starting at "american morning" at 6:00 a.m. eastern. when the clerics in iran speak, the world listened. now they're raising questions about the recent election. we hear from a mideast expert on this. all right, people, let's give it up to one of the greatest artists the world has ever known! michael jackson! long live -- >> and pop diva madonna pays tribute to a legend. we'll show you more. and here's something to celebrate - the pontiac 72-hour sale. you only have 72 hours to declare your independence from interest payments for 6 full years, with 0% apr financing for 72
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all right, let's get back to our developing story. really our top story today here on cnn. out of central america. the deposed honduran president jose manuel zelaya on his way back to reclaim his office. zelaya was run out of the country last weekend in a coup. [ speaking foreign language ] [ gunshots ] >> you can see the crowd gathered outside the airport as
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the violence broke out there. the troops fired tear gas and shots in the air to hold back protesters. protest organizers say at least one person is hurt. cnn's karl penhaul is at the airport where the drama is unfolding. >> reporter: don, the situation may, in fact, at this stage, be much worse than that. we are hearing from supporters of mr. zelaya who were there at that shooting incident. they say that three of their comrades have been killed in that shooting incident. they say that at least one other was wounded. and has been taken to hospital. now, the taxi driver, who took one of the wounded people to hospital, has pulled out, and it's a little bit gruesome for you, but has pulled out the rear cover of his taxi seat and you can see this marked with blood. about 20 minutes ago. was still wet. what other people who were on
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the other side of the airport when that shooting incident took place have also brought to me, the cartridges that they say were fired during that shooting incident. now, these are cartridges of 556 rounds. that means these are the same caliber used by the honduran military and honduran police. a cnn team that was on the side of the airport when the shooting broke out did clearly see the military voices opening fire. eyewitnesss who joined the march, supporters of mr. zelaya, say at this stage three people were killed in that shooting, at least one other wounded and taken to hospital. and, of course, what a lot of people on the ground here are predicting that over the next few moments, things may turn even uglier. why? because we understand that mr. see leia's aircraft is in
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the air and may be only a few moments from landing now. the interim government, the government that was installled by that military coup exactly one week ago, has said they will not permit the plane to land. they say if the plane does land, they will arrest mr. zelaya when he does set foot here. thousands who have gathered here at the entrance to the airport have said if there's a danger that mr. zelaya will be arrested, they have said they will take the airport, they will take the terminal, and they will make a huge corridor around mr. zelaya to try to protect him from arrest. some protesters say they are prepared to fight the military, even though these people say they are not armed, they say some of them, that they are even prepared to die for a president who they say was introducing a series of social reforms aimed at reducing poverty here. the tensions are very high.
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the polarization in this society very high. the coup leaders have the military on their side. we've already heard from the military today. we've heard from them in the form of shots and tear gas, don. >> all right, thank you very much, karl penhaul reporting. we'll keep -- continue to go back to karl there as he gets more information. we're getting new details opt public and private memorial service for michael jackson. the reverend jealousy jackson joins us life. (cop) step aside people, let the man with the real onions in his onion strips through! when a brand new way to snack comes along, people notice. alexia crunchy snacks. a giant leap for snack kind. the clock is ticking. the 72 hour sale is on. with zero percent apr for 72 months on select '09 chevy models. including silverado xfe. with an epa estimated 21 mpg highway. that's better than toyota tundra. and now get zero percent apr for 72 months on any '09
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the fate of an iranian employee of the british embassy in tehran is still up in the air tonight. of the nine taken into custody after last month's post-election protest, eight have been or are expected to be released without charges. the ninth is still in question. it's a question mark. and the british embassy issued a warning told to free that employee as well. also in iran, signs of growing discontent among the religious elite. cnn's tim lister has the very latest for you. >> reporter: the city of komeqos one of the most religious in iran. this is where ayatollah khomeini's movement was made to ultimately topple the shah.
7:25 pm
including questions the judgment of the current spiritual leader, ayatollah khomeini. one asks, how can they accept just because the guardian counsel say so? can one say that the government born out of this is a legitimate one? one says the statement follows criticism by several grand ayatoll ayatollahs. >> it is, i think, historic, because it come also on the heel of several other equally important announcements by the other grand ayatollahs. these are the equivalent of cardinals in catholicism who have also doubted the veracity of this election, also considered a sin to beat on people inviting the revolutionary guards to cease their brutality. >> reporter: one of them posted this message on his website. a large portion of the people have not been convinced over the ambiguities in the election. due to the lack of public support, the government may face
7:26 pm
legal and civil problems and a lack of competency. conservatives are keeping up the attack on opposition candidate mir hussein mousavi. a top aide claims it has to be asked whether the actions of mousavi and his supporters are in responls to the instructions of american authorities. pro-reform common talters say mousavi's plan to form his own political movement has alarmled conservatives. [ speaking foreign language ] >> translator: they were extremely worried. this anxiety caused by mousavi's announcement has further worried them and made them tack action to somehow stop the formation of such a movement. >> reporter: a former iranian president has also criminal sized, saying events after the election and difficulties created for some have left a bitter taste. election may have been three weeks ago, but the turmoil it generated and the split in iran's establishment show no
7:27 pm
sign of easing. i want to get you back now live to honduras. telesur is reporting the plane of ousted honduran president has now landed. is trying -- is now trying to land. and as we follow these picture, we want to see if it is anywhere near the plane. i don't see the plane anywhere at the airport there. but they're saying that the plane is trying to land, that it is circling, that the military is on the runway there. can we drop that banner please? because i see military vehicles there. those vehicles are on the runway there. i'm not sure if they're trying to stop him from landing. you can put it back up now. or if they're there just to -- once he does land, to try to arrest him, because he faces possible arrest if he does land. this is all playing out, again,
7:28 pm
live. from telesur in honduras, in the capital city of tegucigalpa. the ousted leader we're talking about is zelaya. he has pleaded with the military to let him land. he mailed a phone call from the airplane, asking them to please respect him and to side with him, because he is the person who holds power. i want to bring in karl penhaul, who is our reporter on the ground. karl, what are you hearing from there? >> reporter: yes, just in the last couple of minutes, we have seen a wide -- of jets at the airport. at that stage, three broke off from the crowd. they believe that is the jet that is bringing ouflted president zelaya. back to honduras, to help him fulfill his place, to reclaim the presidency. now, even though they can see
7:29 pm
this jet, that they believe it is the president's jet, things from here are getting very tense. about half an hour ago, protesters on the other side of airport tried to break through the fencing to get at this airport. at that point, the military opened fire. with bullets and also with tear gas. now, what -- witnesses to that are saying a number of people were wounded. they also say three of their comb ralds were killed. we don't have any independent confirmation yet. from either the red cross or from honduras officials of the interim government set up by the coup. evidence of blood stains on the vehicle that was used to take one of these away -- >> and, karl -- [ inaudible ] >> reporter: -- flat on the ground, and looking to see -- huge by the honor during
7:30 pm
military, don. >> i know it is very loud around you. so far, we have heard the associated press is reporting that there is at least one death. can you talk to us about the chaos around you? have you seen any violence yourself? >> reporter: yes, it is very, very noisy here. expectation draws for the jet. and what the interim government has said is mr. zelaya attempts to land here, if he defies that and tries to land here, they will arrest zelaya. and that is going to -- the military will be able to do that if they have control of the air strip. but what forces are now gathering outside the airport say is that they will try to stop the military. even if it means they have to
7:31 pm
break into the airport and take control of the air strip itself and form a human corridor around it. certainly, the battle lines are firmly drawn here. it is quite clear the riot police and military are under orders to stop the protesters from coming through, even if that means from opening fire and using tear gas, don. >> stand by, because we are hearing from telesur. they're reporting that the airplane, those aboard the airplane ask for permission to land. they were denied. now they're seeking to land this plane in an undisclosed location. if you're just tuning in to cnn, we are watching pictures coming from the capital city of honduras, at the airport there, the ousted president, manuel zela zelaya, is trying to landness country. he took off this morning after being ousted last week.
7:32 pm
he sought refuge here in the united states. here's what he did. he asked -- called aboard the plane. this is telesur reporting as well, saying that those soldiers who were occupying the airport, instead returned their allegiance to him. okay. in the name of god, he says, in the name of the people, and in the name of justice. he's asking to land. my producers just relaying some information. can you say again, jen? the ousted president tells telesur they cannot land. telesur -- telesur is -- has been speaking to him as he's in the air. they cannot land because of the obstacles on the ground. we were correct when we were reporting about the military vehicles on the runway. i would imagine they are doing this on purpose. they're doing this on purpose, as not to let that plane land.
7:33 pm
so zelaya is telling honduran tv, telesur, they cannot land because of the obstacles on the ground. they're seeking to land in an undisclosed location. our karl penhaul is on this story as well. he is out really in the middle of all this chaos, really, madness, as you can -- is the only way of putting it, broke out. if we have some of that video. to see how people were, shall we say, rioting earlier. there were motorcycles on fire, there were people who were screaming and chanting and raising their fiflts in the air. and zelaya says that he will keep trying. there's that video. he will keep trying to get there. he says if he could parachute to the ground, he would. he is telling all of this to honor during television, telesur. on the left, live pictures of the airport in the capital city where the ousted president is
7:34 pm
trying to land. and on the right, you see the protests that took place there as well. let's get back to cnn's karl penhaul. what do you have for us, karl? >> reporter: the last few moments, i spoke to you a few moments ago, a wide executive-type jet circled an overflu tegucigalpa airport. that raised expectations amok supporters if that is the jet he is traveling on, that is the jet he is trying to land here. but no sooner did that executive jet overfly the airport, now everhead we have at least one military aircraft circling. we also have a military helicopter coming in to overfly the air strip as well. the interim government has said they will try and stop mr. zelaya from landing and what is going on now is the military are putting aircraft overhead in the airspace above the airport to try and physically prevent or physically make it too dangerous
7:35 pm
for mr. zelaya's jet to land. the interim government and the military has, however, said if he does manage to land, if he defies the danger and manage, to put his aircraft down on the tarmac here at the airport, then we already know that dozens of soldiers are out there the on the air strip, ready to arrest him. the interim government has said they will put him on trial if they can for a range of charges, including treason and corruption. what mr. zelaya's supporters have said is they believe there's danger their president will be arrested, they will confront the military, they will confront the police, to try to take control of airport themselves, to drop a human corridor around mr. zelaya and protect him. as we speak, that military aircraft continues to circle around and to make patterns in the airspace above the capital's airport and that seems to be a clear attempt to stop that wide
7:36 pm
executive jet as we saw in the last few moments to make further attempts to land. we see no other sign of that wide executive jet. unclear right now where that might be. certainly when it made its first pass, it was flying at a pretty low altitude, don. >> cnn's karl penhaul joining us live from the honduran there at the airport and reporting on this breaking news that is unfolding here live as we speak. we're looking at the video just as you are seeing it and getting the information as well from honduran tv, telesur. they are reporting that manuel zelaya was trying to land and was not allowed to land and now they're trying to land at an undisclosed location. telesur also reporting -- they're speaking to him on the plane, saying he's going to keep trying. and if he could parachute in, that he would. we're going to continue to follow this developing news this breaking news happening out of
7:37 pm
honduras here on cnn. we're getting new details also this evening on the public and private memorial service for michael jackson. a friend of the family, the reverend jesse jackson, and jackson attorney tom mesereau, they both join us live.
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we're following breaking news out of honduras. the ousted president is trying to land his airplane and the military will not allow him to do it. he has speaking to telesur, honduran television, saying he cannot land because of obstacles on the ground. you can see there, just above that breaking news banner we had there, military vehicles blocking that runway. he is trying to land that plane at an undisclosed location. they would tnot allow him to land. we'll continue to follow this developing story. our karl penhaul is on the ground, reporting for us. details as they become available here on cnn. joining when now are two
7:41 pm
people who knew jackson in unique but very different ways. attorney general tom mesereau was his defense attorney during his child molestation trial. you know civil rights activist and longtime friend the reverend jesse jackson. thank you both for joining us today. >> -- on television. >> we're waving the revolution live on television. i'm not going to forget about you. i have reverend jackson here. i want to ask him -- you have been with the family in these days and hours after michael jackson's death. how are they holding up? >> first, they are family. and they are sharing their grief. and they've not had time to mourn. the pain that -- were going through on friday morning, speaking through her tears. but they're a very religious family. strong religious roots. faith plays a big role. >> how is that playing a big role in this? >> because it gives you the sense to put destiny in its
7:42 pm
perspecti perspective. i said to her, you lost your son at age 50. mrs. king lost her son at age 39. she understands life and death and she believes she will see michael again. this is a faith. but also the global response to his music just seems to have been redeeming. all the attacks he's gone through. the redeeming has been that. but the mystery of what happened when and these investigations are now weighing heavily on the family. >> i would imagine they are. hang on, want to talk to you much more about their faith, but i want to bring in tom mesereau now. i interviewed you for the special that we did, the hour-long special we did on michael jackson. you spoke of katherine jackson as well. what a strong woman. you said every single day she was there for michael's trial and she was his inspiration. >> it was a five-month trial. she didn't miss a single day. i would see the two of them
7:43 pm
during breaks would be in a private room upstairs. it was obvious what emotional strength and just what caring she gave michael jackson. he clearly depended on her throughout that five-month trial to get him through probably the ordeal of his life. >> during that special, we talk billion michael's life. very nuanced life. you said you never met a nicer person? >> i never met a kinder, nicer, more considerate person in my life. he never complained about himself. he always talk billion his children. there was one point late in the trial where i was having health problems. he called me up. help was so concerned with me. he was just generous, kind, just wanted to heal the world through music, art and i believe he did. >> -- his mom talked about how they used to shop together, go to the junk shops together. explain to us why he would want
7:44 pm
her to be the executor of his will and guardian of his children because of his confidence in her -- >> jump in here, why when he was alive -- and even there have been -- there has been criticism after his death, why this demonization of michael jackson? maybe that's not the right word. but people only focusing on the circus-like quality around his -- >> maybe it's a lot of salacious stuff that makes for good 20-second sound bites. i'm concerned we don't cover how they came out of gary. 11 people living in four rooms. and from there to the top of the heap. >> the quintessential american story, from the bottom to the top. >> joe was working as a crane operator. mrs. jackson cooking for the 11 of them. she made michael -- she made all of their uniforms -- >> seamstress -- >> came out of there -- without a child going to jail and great discipline. everything we said -- gary is where it all starts and it must be put into real perspective as
7:45 pm
the great american story. >> thomas mesereau, as you watch all of this unfold, what do you want people to know about michael jackson? we're hearing a lot about, he did this, he was that. i have to remind people that he was acquitted, for one, and he settled out of court. who knows why he did that. maybe he just wanted to get it out of the way. >> that's absolutely why he did it. he told me that was the reason. his business advisers told him, pay money, get rid of this, you want it behind you, let's move forward. he didn't want to bother with an o.j.-type proceeding. he said that himself. sfarls the calls i defended him in, the media was salivating over the conviction. during the week the jury deliberated, they showed jail cells every day. that would make the great story for them. that would give them revenue and ratings. a very conservative jury acquitted him 14 time, 10 felonies and 4 misdemeanors. it was total vindication. i think the long-lasting memory of michael jackson will be one
7:46 pm
of greatest living artists, one of the great humanitarians. as somebody who really tried to bring all people together, who tried to reach out to people who were disadvantaged, disabled. it's going to be a positive loving memory. >> you know, while we're chasing rumors, there's family, there's music, there's a mega business visionary, there's a culture transforming force. when we -- at least let us mourn to get to wednesday, it's not too much to ask. >> both of you, thank you so much. i really appreciate both of you coming in. you guys, with your time, you have been very gracious. the reverend reminded me of something, michael jackson, the person he modeled himself after -- >> sammy davis jr. the guy who had -- was sammy. because he could sing and dance and tap and -- he was the guy. >> even in his dancing,
7:47 pm
everything -- sammy davis jr. was the guy he modeled himself >> -- anniversary, michael was a special guest -- >> ah, thank you, sir. we really appreciate it. make sure you join us tuesday for the memorial. as family, friend, fans all say good-bye. michael jackson, the memorial, all day tuesday, starting on "american morning" at 6:00 a.m. eastern. we're back with our breaking news in moments.
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welcome home, man.
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we're following breaks news here on cnn. ousted honduran president manuel zelaya is trying to land at the airport in the capital city there. he is being denied. the military is blocking his entrance. he has been warned if he does land, he will be arrested. we're following the breaking news here on cnn. we'll keep you on top of all of the developments in this particular story. you can't talk about motown's legacy without bringing up michael jackson. the ce oh of the motown museum next and he is bringing some very special items.
7:51 pm
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this is a treasure-trove of artifacts including those owned by michael jackson. oddly smith is a ceo of mote town museum. he joins us live now from detroit. this is part of our continuing series here called african-american firsts, up from a past. thank you very much for joining us, sir. >> my pleasure. >> what item do you vf michael jackson in the museum? >> actually, we have the glove and hat that he wore during motown 25. and for billie jean.
7:54 pm
>> do you have it with you? can we see it? >> i do. how's that? >> i can't see it. you have to hold it up. you have to hold it up near your face. >> all right. wow. that is the -- that's the glove, right? >> exactly. and we also have the hat he wore. he donated both items to the museum in 1988 as well as a six-figure contribution to the museum. >> does that draw people in, having this michael jackson stuff? >> it actually does. we've had an outpouring of humanity over the last week. we have michael jackson as well as just to pay their hommage and tribute to michael jackson. >> it's interesting. you met michael jackson in africa? >> i did.
7:55 pm
i met him in 1998. he was a guest of don barredon's. they were there to explore investment opportunities in the southern african country. he was there for ten days. he brought his children. we found him to be a warm and intelligent individual. he supported a couple of orphanages while he was there. so having michael jackson in africa was an incredibly rewarding experience for all of us. >> motown will be remembering michael jackson on tuesday. you'll be remembering him for as long as the museum is around. >> we're going to be developing an exhibit that we hope to launch before the end of the year. but on tuesday, we're going to be partnering with the charldz h. wright museum of african history which will be broadcasting from the museum the memorial services out in l.a.
7:56 pm
>> thank you, ceo of the motown memorial museum. thank you for sharing the glove. you don't have the hat with you, do you? >> i do. >> i have my chief curator here. he's making me wear the gloves and accessories. this is the hat along with the glove that michael jackson performed in at motown 25 when he performed billie jean. they're now at the museum. >> very nice. >> when you raise that, i can hear the "billie jean" theme in my head. we appreciate it. thank you, sir. >> thanks, don. >> tuesday, make sure you join us around the clock coverage of the memorial celebrating the life of this worldwide pop icon as family, friends, and fans say good-b good-bye. "michael jackson: the memorial" all day on cnn starting at 6:00 a.m. eastern.
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we're learning new details about the situation in nicaragua. this is it honduran help vision is reporting he is now goi


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