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tv   Campbell Brown  CNN  August 5, 2009 8:00pm-9:00pm EDT

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dobbs show on the radio in your area. follow me on lou dobbs news on join us here tomorrow. thank you for watching, goodnight from new york. goodnight from new york. next, campbell brown. -- captions by vitac -- tonight, hear the questions we want answered. what did it take to bring laura ling and euna lee home and free and back into the arms of their family? >> we could feel your love all the way in north korea. it is what kept us going in the darkest of hours. it is what sustained our faith that we would come home. >> the freed journalisted in their own words. and the back story behind this emotional homecoming. plus, bill clinton, rock star. the former president saves the day. >> we were taken to a location
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and when we walked in through the doors, we saw standing before us president bill clinton. >> could anybody else have pulled this off? and what is bill clinton's next move? also tonight, at least 50 bullets, three women dead. inside the rampage in a suburban gym. a man on a mission to kill. >> they turned the lights out and all of a sudden the shooting started. >> what made the shooter snap? were there warning signs? >> i have always thought he was a little different. >> the chilling internet manifesto he left behind for all to see and how one victim cheated death. >> i wanted to hold my breath because i was afraid if he saw that i was breathing, he would shoot again. and more from my exclusive with whoopi goldberg. her advice for young hollywood. >> you better be ready for the whole picture.
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it ain't always pretty. hi, everybody. those are the big questions tonight. but we start, as always, with the mash-up. it is our look at all the stories making an impact right now. the moment you may have missed today, we're watching it all so you don't have to. really, there was just one moment today. so many of us watched in tears this morning as euna lee's little girl wrapped her arms around her mother. tonight, two young women home with their families. what a homecoming it was. take a look. >> we see them exiting the plane right now. there we see their family members and are hearing the cheers. >> there's euna in the front there. >> they waited 140 days for this, the joy of reunion
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captured by a 4-year-old skipping to greet her mother. >> and a big hand for the former president who secured the release of the two women after five months in captivity. >> when we walked in through the doors, we saw standing before us president bill clinton. we were shocked. but we knew instantly in our hearts that the nightmare of our lives was finally coming to an end. >> reporter: today, president barack obama said he, too, was relieved. >> we are very pleased with the outcome and i'm hopeful that the families are going to be able to get some good time together in the next few days. >> the little bit that she was
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able to recount about her experience of last 4 1/2 months has been challenging for us to hear, and through it all, she has really maintained a sense of strength. >> secretary of state hillary clinton clearly a major player behind the scenes. she spoke with her husband this morning describing that conversation on nbc's today show. >> he was so happy to be bringing these young women home. i think it's, in a way, even more personal since we have a daughter approximately the same age and he told me it was a very moving experience. he can't wait to get them reunited with their families. >> so does bill clinton's excellent adventure signal a thaw in relations between the u.s. and north korea? with the women safe at home, the white house downplaying the clinton visit and very much on-message.
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>> we were very clear that this was a humanitarian mission. >> in private, humanitarian mission. >> private humanitarian mission. private humanitarian mission. private humanitarian mission. >> extraordinary humanitarian effort. >> this is purely humanitarian. >> humanitarian. >> humanitarian. >> humanitarian. >> humanitarian. >> humanitarian. >> humanitarian. humanitarian mission plain and simp simple. >> plain and simple. >> main and simple. >> maybe but that was one carefully negotiated extremely complicated humanitarian mission. we'll have a whole lot more on this coming up. chilling new details first to tell you about tonight though, the shooting rampage in a pittsburgh gym that left three women dead. the man who turned a simple aerobics class into a massacre was 48-year-old george sodini. a loner who had been planning his attack in pittsburgh for months. >> he walked into the back of room in gym clothes, he unpacked his bag, turned out the lights and opened fire.
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chaos. he fired three handguns 36 times leaving three women dead, nine injured before shooting himself. >> leaving behind chilling words about his hatred of women. >> in december he wrote he had no girlfriend since 1984. complaining, 30 million women have rejected me. january 5th, 2009. every evening i am alone. >> he's had the hatred in him. he blames everybody, his mother an everything else, society. he just had a lot of hatred in him and he was hell-bent on committing this act. >> we'll have more details on this alarming case, including details on what drove george sodini to act -- to this, rather, act of madness. we have very strange pictures to show you tonight from russia with love. prime minister vladimir putin as you have never seen him before on vacation in siberia and letting it all hang out.
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♪ i'm a sexy body ♪ ♪ >> in the u.s. we prefer our politicians covered up but putin's actually helping those pictures make a global splash. and in iran tonight, mahmoud ahmadinejad sworn in again as president but that didn't stop the protests. no surprise iranian state-controlled television covered the occasion much differently than western reporters. guess it just depends on who you ask. >> all parliament members, including the minority factions were attending the swearing-in ceremony. >> seats left empty by reformists hinted at the recent discord. >> some of those empty seats belonging to lawmakers who used to support president mahmoud ahmadinejad. >> the seats apparently filled out with sports stars and
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celebrities. >> ahmadinejad won a landslide victory in the june presidential election. >> the opposition movement still insists that the vote on june 12th was rigged. >> protestors are lining the streets continuing to claim his re-election was a fraud. >> a few pictures are being smuggled out of police motorbikes but the media are banned from filming demonstrations. >> on foreign policy, the president said iran will continue its active role in the international arena. >> after taking an oath, ahmadinejad criticized the u.s. and other western countries for not congratulating him. >> iranian commentators believe it is a bad onlien for future negotiations between the west and the tehran regime. >> meantime, a little white house damage control in iran. yesterday press secretary robert gibbs called ahmadinejad iran's elected leader. today gibbs dialing it back, saying it is not for him to decide whether ahmadinejad was actually elected or not. clearly, off message the first time.
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closer to home tonight, a big bummer for all you "idol" fans out there. >> paula abdul announced she's not returning to "american idol." >> i think that they should give paula some money. >> it is very much about money and it is about ego. there have been reports out there that she's been making about $2 million last season. and that they had offered her a new three-year -- new multi-year deal worth about $10 million but that paula wanted $20 million. >> that has to be looked at in the context of how much "american idol" is bringing in. >> yes. >> okay? that sounds like a lot of money, but they might be bringing in $1 billion. >> i don't know about money or about this or that. i think she had a career before "idol." i don't think she's going to be hurting either. >> abdul announcing her big decision on twitter saying she'll miss nurturing all that new talent. and that brings us to our punch line tonight, courtesy of jimmy fallon. his take on bill clinton's
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secret mission to north korea. >> it was a great way for obama to use clinton that way. i think i know how he got him to go over there. he's like bill, i need to you go to north korea for me. i can't do it, i'm completely booked. i have numerous obligations. i want you to visit a women's prison. >> what time's my flight? >> jimmy fallon. tonight's newsmaker, whoopi goldberg. yesterday she shared her take on politics and the president. tonight her view on hitting 50 and the real cost of fame. also, bill clinton back in the rock star spotlight. we'll show you exactly how it all went down behind the scenes. plus, the must-see video that emotional homecoming of the two americans he helped to free. >> 30 hours ago euna lee and i were prisoners in north korea. we feared that at any moment we
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could be sent to a hard labor camp. and then suddenly we were told that we were going to a meeting. we were taken to a location and when we walked through the doors, we saw standing before us president bill clinton.
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laura ling and euna lee are safe at home tonight after an a emotional reunion with their families earlier today. we all watched it and honestly there was not a dry eye in our newsroom. any mother can imagine what it is like to see your child again after more than four months in captivity. anybody can imagine, frankly, what was going on in all of their hearts an minds today. but behind all of that emotion were weeks of incredibly complicated and incredibly delicate negotiations. here right now is a little bit of the back story of how this all went down. >> reporter: a senior administration officials says planning had been under way for months but that the game changer came in mid-july when laura ling and euna lee told their parents
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during phone conversations of an offer from the north koreans. they would be granted amnesty if an envoy like president clinton would travel to pyongyang to secure their release. >> what we did is obviously informed vice president gore and obviously the state department of the nature of that call. >> when the message came to us from the young women themselves to their families, to former vice president gore, and then to the administration, that sending my husband would be the best way to ensure their release, of course we took that very seriously, discussed it, the wouts reached out as they said, to my husband to ask him if he'd be willing to do that. there were briefings about it. but in order to manage the logistics of it, it did require communication with channels representing the north korean government. >> in this case, kim jong-il, the ailing leader, wanted the
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highest possible envoy. what kim jong-il gets is a former president to shore up his domestic base. >> the former president pressed for two things -- clear communication the mission would be purely humanitarian, and that due diligence by the national security team would guarantee success. >> it speaks well of our country that when two american citizens are in harm's way, that so many people would just put things aside and just go to work to make sure that this has had a happy ending. >> and when those two young reporters were finally back in the arms of their families, the hugging went on and on almost as if they just couldn't bear to let go. let's take a look back at what happened today and some what have they said. >> ladies and gentlemen, please help me in welcoming home laura ling and euna lee.
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>> 30 hours ago, euna lee and i were prisoners in north korea. we feared that at any moment we could be sent to a hard labor camp. and then suddenly we were told that we were going to a meet in.
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we were taken to a location and when we walked through the doors, we saw standing before us president bill clinton. we were shocked. but we knew instantly in our hearts that the nightmare of our lives was finally coming to an end and now we stand here home and free to our loved ones, friends, colleagues, and to the complete strangers with the kindness of hearts who showed us
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so much love and sent us so many positive thoughts and energy we thank you. we could feel your love all the way in north korea. it is what kept us going in the darkest of hours. it is what sustained our faith that we would come home. the past 140 days have been the most difficult, hard-wrenching time of our lives. we are very grateful that we were granted amnesty by the government of north korea and we are so happy to be home. and we are just so anxious right now to be able to spend some quiet, private time getting re-acquainted with our families. thank you so much. >> it speaks well of our country that when two american citizens
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are in harm's way, that so many people would just put things aside and just go to work to make sure that this has had a happy ending and we are so grateful to all of them. i want you all to know, your families have been unbelievable. unbelievable. passionate, involved, committed, innovative, you'll hear a lot of stories, and they're looking forward to hearing a lot of stories from you. but euna, hannah's been a great girl while you were gone. laura, your mom's been making your special soup for two days now. and to everybody who's played a part in this -- and again, a special thanks to the president bill clinton, my partner and friend. >> bill clinton certainly the hero of the day. he didn't speak at that big press conference but we are going to have a whole lot more on what this moment means for
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now some of the other must-see stories of the day. erica hill here with the download. >> hi, campbell. we start tonight with former louisiana democratic congressman william jefferson guilty of bribery an money laundering. a jury today convicted him on 11
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of 16 corruption counts. fbi says it caught him on this surveillance video taking a briefcase containing $100,000 from an informant's car. prosecutors say the bribes were in exchange for brokering business deals in africa. jefferson now faces up to 115 years in jail. he lost the re-election bid last year. a woman convicted of trying to assassinate president gerald ford will soon be out on parole. lynette fromme pointed a gun at president ford in 1975. secret service agents stopped her from firing. the new york giants quarterback is now the highest paid player in the nfl. eli manning's new six-year contract is worth $97 million. which puts his average salary at just over $15 million a year. not bad. manning was super bowl mvp when the giants upset the patriots in 2008. finally tonight, a car and a horse on a collision course.
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check out this video. if you think the car is going to win here? as you see? not so much. this is on a highway in northern israel. the horse tried to leap over. doesn't quite do it. the horse apparently was only slightly injured. i think the car suffered more damages. only minor cuts for the car's driver as well. >> that's good news. that poor horse. he looks okay though. >> he seems to be fine. which was amazing. the others are like, we'll just go around. oh, sure, you try to jump it. meet you on the other side. >> erica hill, thanks. tonight's newsmaker, whoopi goldberg last night we talked to her about politics and the president. tonight we're getting personal. >> i feel like i'm seeing myself through other people's eyes in a positive way for the first time. so many arthritis pain relievers --
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that's 105 meals free! i had awesome results. i mean, i lost 22 pounds, my goal was 20, it came off fast, and the food was great. it's what every guy's been waiting for: it's healthy weight loss and it's flexible. with prices as low as $12 a day, you'll save hundreds over other weight-loss programs. order now and get an extra three weeks of fantastic meals. that's right, 105 meals absolutely free. call or click now. guys, you can do this. just pick up the phone and call. you will lose weight. tonight's next newsmaker, the always-out spoken, often politically incorrect whoopi goldberg. i sat down with the moderator and co-host of abc's "the view" for an exclusive interview. true to form, she got pretty personal. listen to what she says about her family an her career. let me run through your list of
8:27 pm
accomplishments. the so many hats that you wear. actress. talk show host. urban oscar. tony. a grammy. an emmy. children's book author. of everything that you've done, what was the most satisfying? what are you most proud snf. >> my grandkids and my dog. >> oh, good answer! >> i spent some time with them in los angeles and just over the weekend. and i realized as we were doing all these things, my daughter took me out with her girlfriend. they proceeded to get really happy. and because i don't drink, i just sat and watched them and had the greatest time with them. my grandkids are really great. they're 20, 13 and 10. and i realized that my daughter did a really good job with her kids. she did a really good job. she was a single parent. she was a parent very young. and i get so emotional now about
8:28 pm
it because she's raising teenagers now and she's just come out of being sort of a teenager. and together, man, they are -- they give me -- i didn't know it before, but they give me the greatest joy. >> do you miss acting? do you miss movies at all? >> yes, i do. i do. >> are you still reading scripts? >> scripts don't come to me. i go looking for them. >> are you still looking for stuff? >> i do. god bless the folks at the cleaner. a show on a and e with benjamin brat. jonathan prince has been allowing me to come do some acting with them. and that has been one of the best experiences, because i didn't realize how much i missed it. i really did. and i thought for a long time -- because i just couldn't figure out who i was anymore. you hit 50 and you go, wait a minute. i got 50 more of this?
8:29 pm
to deal with? what am i going to do? who am i? who did i turn out to be? and so i think i've been in search and now i feel like i've calmed down, like i'm good at my job, i'm good with the ladies on "the view," i'm good parent. i'm a good actor. so i feel like i'm seeing myself through other people's eyes in a positive way for the first time. >> lots more to come from our interview with whoopi goldberg, including her advice to young hollywood about the price of fame, from one who knows. >> fame is really costly. and it doesn't just cost you. it costs your family. it costs your friends. that maybe has to choose between paying their credit card or putting food on the table and that's why they call us. our main objective is to reach out to the customers that are falling behind on their payments.
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8:32 pm
coming up. >> you always hear women talk about actresses, talk about how hard it is when you reach a certain age in hollywood to find good roles and it's all about young women in hollywood. >> put being black on top of that. >> there you go. >> it's like, whoa! >> so you wait, it's once in a blue moon that something comes along that you go georgia, yes, this makes sense. that's obviously still the case. >> well, everything is relative. if you're hot at the moment, doesn't matter how old you are or what color you are. i am always going to work, because there's always something for me to do. i will find acting jobs. would i like to act in big movies? only if they're like things like "star trek." you know? i would have loved to have done "secret life of bees" but they did it with young women. and that wasn't it for me now. i don't look my age, which is okay with me. but what i want will come.
8:33 pm
you know, it will come and i won't be expecting it and someone will say, what about this or i'll find something and say can i do this? someone will say yeah and i'll do that but i'm not going to stop doing what i'm doing because i think i can do all of it. i'm almost positive. almost positive. >> let me just ask you. you mentioned young women and "secret life of bees." watching. recently, you see some of these young women flame out in washington. why is it happening? >> i think because they're hot. people don't recognize that they need the experience to stay hot. you know, just because you're hot doesn't mean you're going to be hot in the next thing. also, it is a lot of pressure, man. if you're like 22 -- you guys talk about them and chew them up on "the view." we chew them up on this show. >> not me, i don't chew them. because i've been there. and i know how hard it is. you know, when you suddenly are presented with everything that you ever dreamed of, you want to
8:34 pm
do everything. >> when you're still a child basically. >> when you're still a child and you want to do everything. you want to go everywhere and you want to meet everyone and you want to try everything. and you get the opportunity to go everywhere all the time, every second of the day. and some folks, they're just not prepared for it. and because we, as a society, don't say, whoa, whoa, whoa, wait a minute. >> right. >> you're really good, but you got to take a break. because once you take a break, we don't let you come back. see? so people feel like they have to stay on the treadmill. some people are just sociopaths and are going to flip out. you know? that's just the way it is. it's like you never know who you're going to get. but sometimes, man, you know, people don't stop and say, hey, are you okay? because they're supporting their entire family. or they're supporting everyone around them and they have entourages and no one says, you know, you're paying for all this. and this money may not last
8:35 pm
because no one sits down with the -- remember when you went to school they had the big circle, they be they had the, this is what a half looks like. and then is what goes into quarters. no one says, well, okay, here's your paycheck. okay? now you think you're making $1 million, but here's actually how it works out. half of that is going to go to the government. so really, you only have $500,000. now, you have to take 10% of that, and pay your agent. and then another 10% and pay your manager, and then there's, you know, all the people that work for you. just in business. the business folks, the people that take care of the -- and god help you, if have you a nanny, if you have a nanny and you have rent? and a mortgage? so you're making about 4 cents when you get down to it. now people always say, oh, that's not true. you people who make money -- but people have no idea what that
8:36 pm
actually means or what the costs of that is. or what the cost of fame is. because fame is really costly. and it doesn't just cost you. it costs your family. it costs your friends. there is the downside that people only see what they want to see when they look at fame. that's why people want to be on tv. they want to be famous. they want to eat a bug or, you know, do this or do that. but, man, you have to keep that up. so if you become the next hot model, the next hot designer, you better be hot 24 hours a day, every day. you better not have a bad day, better not get a period, better not have anything that's irritating you. you better be what people expect you to be every second of the day. or somebody's going to talk about you. start to tear you down. and if you can take it, you'll survive. if you can take it, it's a consequence. but you better be ready for the whole picture.
8:37 pm
that fame adds. it ain't always pretty. >> words of wisdom from whoopi goldberg. >> words of experience. wisdom? no. experience? yes. >> whoopi goldberg, everybody. tonight's other newsmaker coming up -- bill clinton. back in the spotlight. a look at the former president's hero moments. >> we had a sense that the government had agreed to send president clinton, for which we were grateful.
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former president bill clinton back in the rock star spotlight this week after swooping in to help free laura ling and euna lee from north korea. when mr. clinton made his way down the steps of the jet that brought them all home today, the crowd gave him a hero's welcome. including a big hug from former vice president al gore. even before they landed, newspapers hit the streets praising clinton's seemingly instant diplomacy. he didn't do it alone but few believe it would have gotten done without him and certainly not as quickly. we want to bring in cnn's political analyst row lan martin down in tampa, florida tonight. and los angeles radio talk show host stephanie miller. here in new york, senior
8:41 pm
political analyst, jeffrey toobin. stephanie, start with you on this. i was so moved watching this tape this morning of them getting off the plane. i don't know anybody who wasn't. even talking about it with your listeners all morning long as well, what were they telling you? >> listen, campbell. i know we're only supposed to cry at like at&t commercials, but i had men in the studio with me weeping openly. and men, as you know, are only supposed to cry when something heavy falls on them. but i think it was impossible to be human and not -- and watch this and not shed a tear. as an american. >> no, absolutely. and stephanie, just to the point we heard laura ling say that when she and euna lee were called in to that meeting and they didn't know where they were going or what was happening. they walked into that room and then they saw president bill clinton standing there, that it hit them. you can just imagine that moment. >> i know, campbell.
8:42 pm
do you think they were so flustered they went, oh, my god -- big dog! but i think many of us as women can sympathize. hillary clinton as the wife did all the hard work then the guy got all the credit. but that's okay because it is a happy ending. >> it is indeed. jeff, you got to think he just relished his role to a certain extent. can't you just picture him on the plane? >> it is just a perfect bill clinton moment. because it had drama, excite and it had a happy ending, unlike some things in his life. this really was a 100% success. it is going to be hard to top this. but so what? might as well enjoy it while you can. >> roland, what did you think? >> this is the importance of having influence. think back to when you look at the role president jimmy carter's played whether it came to monitoring elections across the world. i think back to when in the '80s when president ronald reagan was in the white house, many latin american countries did not really look to reagan for leadership but they looked at
8:43 pm
speaker jim wright for leadership. so when you have an individual who has the kind of relationship as the person across the table will respect, then you take advantage of that. so it is a smart on this administration's part. it was smart for secretary clinton. it was smart for all of them to recognize it is not always the present occupant in the white house who can help influence. you take advantage of all the people as your disposal. i hope it does a moment where we do something with saudi arabia, we called on president george h.w. bush to get his input. >> to stephanie's point, roland, about the secretary of state doing so much of the work behind the scenes to bring this moment about. do you think he eclipsed her a bit or was this just a perfect moment of team clinton working in sync? >> no. first of all, without the involvement of president barack obama, without the involvement of secretary of state hillary clinton, none of this is even possible. again, the point for an administration's standpoint is you want those two young women home. so it does not matter. look, president ronald reagan
8:44 pm
didn't necessarily like the fact that reverend jesse jackson went to syria. but when that officer came home, there was a celebration at the white house. that's what's most important. not egos. the actual success rate of bringing those two women home. that's the most important. >> bill clinton, jeff, though did tarnish his reputation somewhat during the campaign. certainly his relationship with barack obama paid a price. has everything been patched up? are we turning a page here? >> i think we're certainly turning a page. the past is not going away. it was a rough moment -- rough long series of months for bill clinton in that campaign. he was never entirely comfortable. he was never as successful campaigning for his wife as he was for himself. but, he has stepped into a role that seems like it will be a good one for him, helping out where he can in these discrete individual missions. he can't be the person to do middle east peace. that's too complicated. that's too big and long a job. but these discrete missions i
8:45 pm
think is a perfect opportunity for him. >> do you agree with that, stephanie? >> you know, i think that this really works perfectly though, campbell. i understand what jeffrey's saying but i think this is the diplomacy we didn't see during the bush years where there was no bluster, there was no cowboy diplomacy, there was no swaggering from the obama administration. they did this very quietly, they laid the groundwork, so did hillary clinton at the state department. and then they understood international politics enough to let kim jong-il save face. to me it is a win-win. we get our american journalists back, they get a couple of photos, and maybe we'd laid the governing council work for some real talks about nuclear disarmament. to me it is a win-win. >> maybe we have and maybe we haven't. i think we need to have a certain degree of skepticism about kim jong-il who is clearly a madman who starved his own people, who was engaged in this mad quest for nuclear weapons.
8:46 pm
that problem is still very much there, but it's hard to think that the problem hasn't been a little closer to being solved by the way this all worked out. >> campbell, you use all your weapons. so you take advantage of it. i thought president george w. bush could have used his father more in gathering international support frr the war in iraq. he said i chose to seek the higher power, meaning god. he wouldn't consult his father. this is what a smart president does. if you can't go in as the official administration, you send someone like president bill clinton to do the job. smart move on all sides. >> certainly this president has not shied away from bringing in people regardless of his relationship with them or whatever tension may exist for the better good of what the goals they are trying to achieve. >> maybe bill clinton will be a czar. >> are there any czar openings? >> i hope president obama uses president george w. bush for something as well. >> thanks for your time, guys. appreciate it.
8:47 pm
in just a few minutes, a gunman at a suburban gym fired 36 bullets, he killed three women. we'll talk about what may have triggered his murderous rage. >> he complains about he's never spent a weekend with a girl. he's never vacationed with a girl. he never lived with a woman. he's maybe had sex a few times in his life.
8:48 pm
8:49 pm
today we started getting clues as to why a gunman walked into a health club near pittsburgh last night, turned out the lights and started shooting, killing three women, then himself. turns out he had been planning the attack for months, even going to the gym several times to rehearse. this chilling details coming from his own blog. he's identified as george sodini. he also wrote of his anger and frustration toward women saying he hadn't had a girlfriend in 25 years. this is how he dealt with that rage.
8:50 pm
horror at a health club in pittsburgh. a gunman opens fire killing four and wounding at least nine others. >> the man walks in with a duffel bag, apparently a member of the club. goes into an aerobics room where he opens fire with several handguns apparently that were found beneath his body. >> abc news has learned the shooting suspect is 48-year-old george sodini of scott township, pennsylvania. according to disturbing writings, sodini apparently posted on the web, this horrific crime is something he'd been planning. >> i want to take you back eight months ago. he writes, "many of the young girls here look so beautiful as to not be human." december 24th, "no girlfriend since 1984." he's talking about himself, how he doesn't have a girlfriend. it is a constant theme with this guy. who knows why? i'm not ugly or too weird. no sex since july 1990. december 29th, he writes this -- "30 million women reject me."
8:51 pm
>> we're going to bring in right now amy shar smith covering the case for the pittsburgh post gazette. criminal profiler pat brown joins us as well. any, tell us a little bit about what you found out about this guy about sodini, what his life was like. >> well, reading the blog and as we try to talk to people who knew him, though there are few that we found so far, he paints a picture of an incredibly lonely man. just a miserable person as he describes himself. who really felt like he, as he puts it, had no power or control over making his life any better no matter how hard he worked or what goals he set. that seems to have built to a point where he took it out in this way. >> pat, to do what this guy did, he sounds like a psyche pao pat me. >> he is a psychopath. i wouldn't put a lot of stock in his blog. this is what i think has gone wrong. this is his blame blog, his
8:52 pm
justification for what he was doing. a lot of the stuff he says is probably a pack of lies. psycho paths are pathological liars and like to spin things to make themselves look like victims. say he lost his job next week, he might have a new blog, everybody's out to get me, i've always worked hard in my life, i don't get any respect. that might have been his complaint of the week. this one happened to be all the women are refusing to have sex with me which we don't even know if that's true. we don't know if he didn't have some sex during those years. if he didn't, why not? couldn't he find a lay df of his own age, maybe a woman who wasn't looking like a cheerleader? couldn't very gotten a russian wife? gone to an escort service? he's made his choices and is now complaining of them. >> he was targeting women. i know you have information sodini had been warned in some fashion before about his behavior with women. >> right. he is a member or was a member until 2006 of a church in plum. in 2006, apparently he was
8:53 pm
warned by the pastor there that his attentions to a particular woman in the congregation were becoming overbearing, not rising to the level of being criminal but certainly something that made her uncomfortable and he was warned off at that point. he stopped attending the church. but something that definitely points to inappropriate behavior, going over the line. there was no attention to women in this class. he was angry toward women and picked a class where there were no men. >> pat, there were many references to him planning the killings and putting them off. he said he planned to do this last summer but wanted to stick around to see who won the election. another time he says that he just chickened out. i mean, again, if you believe what he was putting in these blogs, is that something that's common, that's sort of like attempt and change your mind, or whatever. i mean what do you take from that? >> actually that is quite common. we are talking about a big plan here. say somebody worked automatic their life, get bored with their
8:54 pm
job and say i'm going to join the peace corps. you still got to quit your job, change your life and make this huge move. it will be something permanent. he knew this would be permanent because he knew he would commit suicide doing it. yes, had he to build up that courage to the day where he said, oh, this is what i really want to do. i'm not surprised that it took him a while to get there. once he got all those fun things out of the way like watching the election, he decided now's my moment, now i'm going to become infamous and he got a big thrill out of this fantasy, building it up, finally carrying it out knowing he would go down in history. >> not only that, one thing that was sort of amazing, i read his blog was that he was so hopeless and so despairing about the future, yet he kept getting all these breaks. had he a date in may with this woman he met on the bus in march. and yet decided that that wasn't -- that was not going to be any kind of good direction for him, that it wasn't going to work for him, he needed to stay focused and not let this good thing get him off track.
8:55 pm
he was pretty certain he wouldn't survive. he survived two layoffs at his company, didn't think he would survive a third. he actually got a promotion and a raise in late july, a couple weeks ago. even that was not enough to make him think that -- >> do you see how many lies he's telling though? this is the spin he put on it. you can't trust a psychopath to tell you the truth. a lot of this stuff we'll find out is a bunch of garbage. >> thanks to both of you, appreciate it. tomorrow night we want to tell you at 8:00 p.m., a mayor cnn prime time event, our national report card on president obama. he is about to hit his second 100-day mark. how's he doing? we'll take an exclusive look. coming up next, a special sneak peek. than tylenol® rapid release gels®. advil® liqui-gels rush real liquid relief... wherever you hurt. advil® liqui-gels. liquid fast. advil strong.
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this week marks the end of president obama's second 100 days in office. the question is, how's he doing? we've been reaching out to find out what you think. tom foreman here with a snapshot for us. tom, what do you got? >> more than 1 million people already have gone to and cast their grades for the president for the second 100 days. look at it, not so hot on certain issues like when you look at the economy overall, all of this green means cs, purple means ds or even lower. california's still a account c." the question of health care reform, gets even worse. a lot of "cs" out here. new york strong hold, still "cs" and a lot of failing grades in here. president is not alone when you look at some of the other numbers here. congress gets failing grades across the board here.
8:59 pm
the media, us, failing grades across the board. these are all the president does a little better. he's basically "cs" all over. but anger over these programs when you look at the economy, health care, that's what's spurring that sound we've been hearing out there, campbell, angry folks. they would like the president to cut his programs. a lot of anger is showing up as people vote online to grade his second 100 days. go to and cast your vote. >> a lot of talk about whether or not that anger is


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