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tv   CNN Newsroom  CNN  September 6, 2009 6:00am-7:30am EDT

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hey, there, everybody. from the cnn center, this is "cnn sunday morning" for september 6th. tomorrow is labor day. thank you for being with us. i'm t.j. holmes. >> i'm brooke baldwin. maybe are you out and about today, at the beach. maybe you're out at the beach and thinking of swimming, what do you not really want to see in the water? >> the last thing. scariest thing.
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sharks. >> but cue the jaws music. sharks off of cape cod. what they are seeing, and what they are saying? and i'm feeling under the weather. hopefully not swine flu. it is an issue. we're talking to the cdc about their concerns. a lot of students congregating back on campuses, high schools, junior highs. and that could cause a problem. we have top stories we want to update you on. stuff happening overnight. news overnight that one of the president's advisers is resigning. van jones. stepping down mainly for signing a petition in 2004 that suggested that the government let the 9/11 attacks happen. jones was the president's adviser on green jobs. an administration source said
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nah jones didn't read that petition carefully. he has apologized and gave this statement. we'll be talking much more about van jones this morning. and more this morning about afghanistan. we told you about a deadly air strike today. today, an insurgent attack leaves a u.s. service member dead in eastern afghanistan. five americans have been killed in afghanistan so far this month, and a total of 52 lost their lives there last month. and that is the highest -- the highest monthly total since the war began nearly eight years ago. five people dead in a small plane crash in oklahoma. this happened not long after the plane took off in tulsa the federal aviation administration said it fell after it hit a wire. the plane was headed to dallas. time to head back to capitol
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hill. recess, vacation, whatever you want to call it just about over. lawmakers headed back to washington and they'll be talking health care reform. >> talking about that for a while. and we explain now that they may return to find the white house trying to do the job for them. >> reporter: maybe i'll put some cards on the table. sources close to the health care reform process says the white house is considering draftingity own legislation, this, after months after congressional leaders has led to little progress on a health care plan. one expert thinks this strategy could pay off. >> i think the president has too take ownership right now. this is a critical time in the debate. >> reporter: if necessary, the bill would be presented after an address to the joint sessions of congress it would include the so-called public option, but would allow for public insurance under certain circumstances. it wouldn't allow insurance
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companies to deny basted based preexisting conditions. and republicans reminded that they introduced their own plan in june. the white house insisted this time it has not written any formal legislation. matt cherry, reporting from atlanta. the president's address to congress is the big political news next week. but there are other developments. we are certainly keeping our eye on as is cnn deputy political director paul stinehouse. push health care reform aside. other than health care reform, what else is on their agenda? >> we've got clean energy and cap and trade. a huge bill. it barely passed the house. what will the senate do with it?
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another thing, the administration wants to reregulate wall street and financial services. they want to get this item through congress. a lot of talk and debate over that the next couple of months and the mundane stuff that you need to keep the country going. spending bills and a lot of discussion over money and spending the next couple of months. >> a lot of people will be watching and waiting for his address wednesday night. let's talk about tuesday. he's addressing school kids nationwide here and his message according to the administration, tell kids, work hard, stay in school, and also issuing a lesson plan and has a lot of parents up in arms. explain the controversy. >> the lesson plan that the education department put out sparked controversy. the lesson plan originally called for schools to recommend that students write letter to themselves about what they could help president obama. that got a lot of conservatives very concerned that this is going to be a political speech
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and the president would be putting out political ideas out there. the white house says no, it is not. the white house also said they will post online on monday, the president's comments so parents can read what is in there and decide whether they want their kids to listen to the president. >> shifting gears, paul, it is hard to believe it's been, what? eight years? eight years since 9/11 of 2001 and the attacks. do we know what the president is going to do to commemorate the tragedy? >> the president will be at the pentagon for the anniversary of the 911 terrorist/11 terrorist . he'll visit the memorial and make a speech. last year, presidential candidate barack obama and john mccain were at ground zero. >> a beautiful memorial at the pentagon. paul, good to see you, thank you. and you heard from paul
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there, it's also about how the president plans to address students on tuesday. certainly generating a lot of controversy. listen to the folks out on the . >> it's the president talking to students. the embrace of technology as a young student, i would have been so excited to have the president talk to me. so i think's a great opportunity for students. >> bring his news all into school and with the school kids and things. no, i don't think's a go idea for him to do that. >> you all have been chiming in. we've been getting a lot of comments on our twitter pages, facebook, all that stuff. and also on our blog. here is what some of you all are saying. suzie says, what happened to the days when we analyzed all sides of the situation.
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so some of your comments. please continue to send those on. go to and you know how to find us on facebook, twitter, all that good stuff. >> and watch the president's address to all of the students tuesday. but wednesday, a big day he'll mapping out his strategy on health care reform this week, happening wednesday. the president will be addressing a joint session of congress wednesday evening. watch that speech in its entirety, right here on cnn and we'll be talking about it afterward. what is he saying, public option, trigger option. everything else we've been talking about.
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the best political team on l talk about at at 8:00 eastern. trouble in the san francisco/oakland area for folks driving. you live there you know how big a deal this is. >> it's a huge deal that they don't have this thing back open on tuesday morning. >> this is the bay bridge. how you get from san francisco to oakland and berkeley. and you know what they found? what was it, thursday? workers are calling it a significant crack in this bridge in the eastern span of the bridge. pictures coming in from our affiliate in the bay area and they decided after finding this significant crack, you know what, they have got to fix it and ma may take longer than tuesday. >> already closed over the weekend. closingory the labor day weekend so they can replace -- they have been working on this to make it -- so it can hold up to an earth square essentially. doing that, and they found a crack. they planned on opening the
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bridge by tuesday morning when rush hour begins. but now because they found this crack it might not be able to open by tuesday which means you have a hot mess going on in the bay area on tuesday morning. because you have -- >> once people headed back to work after the weekend. >> a quarter million vehicles go over that every single day. have you a few other bridges, but that is the main bridge out there. if they don't have it ready, that is going to be an your honor eau. >> what do you do? you live out there? >> you have to go around. you have to go san mateo bridge, san rafael bridge. >> such pressure on workers to get that done. >> you have to get it right and that section fell during the 1989 quake. so you have to get it right. tuesday morning if that's not open. oh! >> not fun. also not fun, sharks over the labor day weekend if you were at the cape.
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cape cod. some people caught a rare glimpse -- keeping a lot of people out of water at cape cod. i think we have pictures of maybe the scene. >> we'll be showing those this morning. we saw at least two in the video. make sure you stick around. we promise you, we'll show you the video. also, the video we can show you that's readily available, science fiction fans, they are in atlanta. that's actually brooke in that robot outfit. this dragon chan. the trekies, all of that, they have come to atlanta. what they are up to, next. to block and relieve the pain. doesn't your whole body deserve excedrin strength relief? excedrin. what ache? s that make every day special.
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umm fancy a crisp? geico. fifteen minutes could save you fifteen percent or more on car insurance. ♪ that's the margaritaville guy. right on track there, my friend. jimmy buffet, and the song is entitled "fins." thanks, deanna, for this video i'm not even okay watching "jaws" on tv or in the theater, let alone seeing a shark. a great white shark in the water on my labor day weekend, if i'm at cape cod. that's exactly what some people
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saw over the weekend. two great white sharks were spotted yesterday. and they say they are pretty common during the summer. although you would think great whites, off of new england can't be -- >> not that common. normally we talk about whale watching off the new england coast. i'll tell you an interesting bit of trivia. guess where the movie "jaws" was filmed? >> right there, wasn't it? >> in martha's vineyard. it's a claim to claim. but that's a mechanical one. >> that's the kind of like. >> universal studios, it opens and closes. a lot less menacing when it's fake. great whites off the coast of massachusetts and cape cod. right now, the temperature across the region in the 60s, and looks like this will affect beachgoered fs for sure.
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this is nantucket. not too far from martha's vineyard. new bedford, 62. 60 in m 60 in manchester. a nice day. there is the beach. the beautiful coastline of new hampshire. courtesy of our affiliate, wmur. if you're headed to another beach, besides where the great whites are. nice weather for the jesse shores. 70s, nice day in southampton. long island. temperature in the 70s and tracking beach weather in florida, where it's not so nice. scattered showers and thunderstorms. particularly in south florida. we're getting a lot of rain right now in and around the miami/dade area, boca raton, into ft. lauderdale. in south beach, may have a storm to contend with. back to you. >> good morning, by the way, bonnie. >> hi, bonnie. >> nice to see both of you.
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>> we jumped right in with the sharks. thanks for taking over. we have new video coming in. a bit of a problem out in california. they can redirect some waufrt to some of those fires in l.a. county that would be great. this is a water main break we've seen in studio city. a huge pipe, 64-inch pipe in studio city and you can see, looks like quite literally a flood. but it hasn't been raining out. firefighter has to do one rescue because somebody swept away from the waters by a water main break that person okay. been in the car, got swept away. several feet deep in the water. different pictures we have. >> there we go. >> several feet deep. 125 firefighters responding to this thing. you can imagine? this happened late saturday night. in your home. people evacuated.
6:18 am
not a fun way to enjoy your labor day weekend. >> amazing video. streets in l.a. we'll keep an eye on that. and also our viewers sounding off on the controversy over the president speaking to students. more of your comments from our blog. >> and josh levs has the best on susan boyle beating whitney and the beatles. this is wild. plus, robot fish are headed to the water. no joke. designed to look like real ones. we'll show you all of that. the rest of the body is a no brainer. doesn't your whole body deserve excedrin strength relief? excedrin back & body. excedrin. what ache? you weren't always my favorite day. with all the pet hair in the air, i'd spend class preoccupied, bothered by itchy eyes. but now i have new zyrtec® itchy eye drops.
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top stories we're keeping an eye on this morning. after more than a week battling the huge wildfire, firefighters gaining the upper hand. north of los angeles. no longer threatening homes. it has destroyed 76 homes and burned 250 square miles this it is he angeles national forest. van jones, one of president obama's advisers stepping down for signing this petition, right around 2004 that suggested that the government let the 911 terrori9/11 terrorist attacks happen. sources say jones did not read the petition carefully. we have a house versus vehicle story to tell you about. an suv ended up not where it's
6:21 am
supposed to be. >> pieces of the home and glass. quite a mess. the driver, according to police, hit a berm on the side of the road and smashed into the second floor of the house. and after splaming into the second floor, that's not all. look at that. slamming into the second floor, falls into the foyer of the home. you don't often see that, you see them go through the wall. >> he went air born to get to the second floor? >> i was shocked. how did you do this? what were you thinking? how fast were you going? he was took "dukes of hazzard." >> i love that what happened? we don't know. >> it was like bo and luke, when they were going airborne, they did the horn thing. da, da, da, da, da, da, da, da,
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i love "the x files." >> you watch that? your favorite event is in town this weekend. >> a big thing for me. getting out of this suit. >> clark kent, superman, because i did see a grown man in blue tights leaving work yesterday. >> was that your ride home? >> very funny. >> i didn't know where you were going with him. >> superman, spiderman, this is
6:24 am
dragon con. going on in atlanta since friday, lasts through tomorrow. they had a huge parade. a huge pop culture event. people come, hundreds of workshops. learn sci-fi writing, amime. i think some people take it pretty seriously. i read it's the largest multimedia pop culture convention in the country. >> okay, that's putting very nicely. >> what do you think it is, my friend? >> a freak show. but, you know, people are into this stuff. just because it's not my stuff or your stuff. to get 50,000 folks together year in, year out -- >> you'll have blingons coming to get you after the segment. i'll step away. >> the cool thing, the thriller, trying to break the guinness
6:25 am
world record for the thriller dance. people dressed up like this trying to break the record. >> the people last time won with 12,000 people dancing in the city. they have to go over the routine, make sure the moves match up. kind of cool. kind of a scene in downtown atlanta. >> i love it. president obama plans to deliver a tv and web address to the nation's school kids on tuesday. >> some parents are saying they won't let their kids listen to the president why is the president speaking to school children so controversial? stay with us. i can enjoy the zoo with my grandkids. (announcer) for people with copd including chronic bronchitis, emphysema, or both, great news. advair helps significantly improve lung function. while nothing can reverse copd, advair is different from most other medications
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i promise not to wait as long to go for our ride. zyrtec® works fast, so i can love the air™. hello, again, everybody. welcome back to "cnn sunday
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morning." i'm t.j. homes. >> i'm brooke baldwin in for betty nguyen. talking about the situation in afghanistan. the top u.s. commander in afghanistan says he is convinced that the civilians were among those killed in a nato air strike. we told you about the air strike yesterday. about 90 people killed in northern afghanistan it came after two tanker trucks hijacked late thursday by the taliban. a large people were attempting to sif on gas from the fuel truk when they were hit. >> it's important to me that we be as honest with the afghan people and people around the world as possible. of course, you don't know all the facts until an investigation is complete. and i clearly don't know all the facts now and would not want to affect a potential investigation by making some conclusion.
6:30 am
what i have seen today in going to the hospital, it's clear to me that there were some civilians harmed at that site. >> some civilians. but we don't know how many. we heard it mentioned that investigators, both with nato and the afghan government are investigating. funerals for seven people in one town in georgia. the 22-year-old son of one of the victims has been charged with eight counts of first degree murder. more than 200 mourners attended funerals. also news overnight. van jones, one of the president's advisers is resigning amid controversy. among the controversy, he signed a petition in 2004 that suggested government let the 911 attack happen. jones did not read that petition carefully.
6:31 am
jones also has come under fire for video that showed him out in california, calling arepublican a nasty word i can't repeat here, jones gave this statement. president of the united states taking a breather at camp david for a little r & r. a big week ahead of him. coming yup, health care reform. he will push his reform plan at a labor day rally, first in cincinnati tomorrow, and then on tuesday, the president will give his address to the nation's school kids. we've been talking about that and the controversy surrounding that. the pressure is definitely on. the president will address a joint session of congress on health care, it's to map out his health care reform strategy and friday, of course, it's been eight years since 911. the president will be
6:32 am
commemorating the tragedy at the pentagon for that memorial ceremony. eight years. hard to believe. we remember where we were. president obama's speech to school children has delivered a tough lesson to the white house. >> we've been facing angry backlash, and the white house plans to release the transcript of tuesday's speech tomorrow, on monday. tom forman on the story board. >> reporter: call it a fast lesson on public pushback. the president's plan to talk to school kids on tuesday has some conservatives saying he is trying to brain bash kids to believe his policy. >> thinking about my kids in school listening to that really upsets me. >> will i send my child? i don't know. right now i would say no, i'll keep them home. >> reporter: across the country, many school districts are encouraging students to watch in
6:33 am
new orleans, it will be required. but that's an exception. in virtually every state, at la least some schools have decided not to show the speech, and some site scheduling conflicts and technical difficulties. this is not what the white house expected. it will focus on keeping kids in school. but the core complaint seems to be with supplementary teaching materials from the department of education. originally they called for students to write "what they can do to help the president." the white house has since changed that. suggesting that children now write about their own educational goals. furthermore, the text of the president's speech will now be put on line monday so any teacher, parent, or politician can preview what's going to be
6:34 am
said. plenty seemed fine with that, including the national president of the pta. >> we have an opportunity in the united states for parents, teachers, and students to take part in a tremendous civic lesson. >> reporter: still, just like the crowds in all of the town hall meetings, others are far from satisfied. >> my rights as a parent are being circumvented to this president can speak to my children. >> and they clearly resent the notion that they are unfairly questioning the president's motives. >> education matters. what you do today and what you don't do can change your future. >> reporter: after all, they point out, when the first president spoke to school kids in 1991, top democrats called that political advertising on the ta the taxpayers' dime. >> we've been asking about what
6:35 am
you think of the address to school children. one response by a 14-year-old by the name of jasmine. a freshman on tuesday and the president will be talking at her school. she says i'm excited and honor he's coming this is a once in once-in-a-lifetime opportunity. carroll says -- a lot of responses this morning. we appreciate them coming in. our blog and you know how to find us on facebook and twitter as well. wednesday, a huge day for the president. he'll be mapping out a strategy for health care reform.
6:36 am
we're also hearing that the white house, the administration will be drafting their own legislation, their own version here, but the president wednesday will be addressing the joint session of congress that evening. you can watch that right here on cnn, followed by analysis from the best political team on television. wednesday, 8:00, right here on cnn. lawmakers will be back this week, and the issue will continue to loom large with the speech and all of the bills out there, health care reform. >> and in drexel hill, pennsylvania, discussion was described as lively but polite at this town hall meeting toa. the democrat post hosting it has defied his own party leaders and the president by challenging articl arlen specter in the may primary.
6:37 am
opponents of health care and big government are making sure their protests remain fresh in their lawmaker's memories. for the very last weekend at home, opponents are staging rallies like this one. this one in louisville, kentucky. and cnn sending its crews to be at rallies. today, we stop for the tea party express in bloomington, indiana and champaign, illinois. how worried should you actually be about h1n1? a lot of people call it swine flu. when can you also get a vaccine? we're talking to someone from the cdc. appear american killed in afghanistan. our correspondent in kabul talks to the top u.s. commander, she is shadowing him and talking about what is on her mind three months into the job. stay right here. i just don't know how wireless can help my business. tara showed me how i could keep track of my employees
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all right. good morning. welcome back here to this "cnn sunday morning." a lot has developed overnight. a big week for the president coming up with a couple of speeches he has. a lot of things to keep an eye on. you have been weighing in. we appreciate that. continue to weigh in on our top stories. and the president making a speech to school children. spacebook, twitter, our blog as well. please, chime in. and a few other stories you
6:40 am
might not have heard about. at least three people killed today in a ferry accident in the fill peeps. philippine coast guard officials say the ferry capsized. 227 people rescued. 964 people on board that ferry. holiday weekend ending in tragedy for a pennsylvania family. a desperate search for a missing 4-year-old boy ends on a tragic note. they found the body stuffed insuede a neighbor's septic tank saturday. he went missing friday after playing with his sisters, the associated press say authorities have a suspect here and anticipate filing charges. also, do not go in the water. that's not what a lot of people want to hear. that will change your mind real quick. a lot of people at the beaches. two large great white sharks off the coast of chatham,
6:41 am
massachusetts. great whites were tagged to help monitor their movement. wild life officials make sure they can monitor them. there are three other sharks sighted over the last three days. some of the beaches are closed. some still going in the water. all you have to do is play in music on loud speaker at the beach. that will change their minds. stay with us. quick break. (announcer) you can make a bigger difference in the world. you can make a positive change in your career. you can make a greater contribution to the greater good. and you can start today, by earning your degree online... at walden university. where advanced degrees advance the quality of life.
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come on in and stay while. they are owners of a bed and breakfast in connecticut. they saw their business drop off, but things are starting to
6:43 am
rebound. we have the report in today's "money and main street" report. >> reporter: this bed and breakfast that dean and marie bought five years ago. at the time, it seemed like a cash couple of last year, along with the economy, bookings dropped off even steeper than the national average of 7.3%. >> we were down about 20%, 25% overall in terms of booking and it was really a reflection of the economy. people holding back on discretionary spending this week it started out fairly weak. the wet season didn't help. >> reporter: but help was on the way. this is the first summer of the unfinity music haul. it's a new music venue in town, making norfolk an overnight destination. >> i think it's becoming a destination for people. i know inns are filling up. the restaurants are busy.
6:44 am
restaurant next door is busy. >> it's an impact the johnsons are starting to feel. but not enough to sit back and relax. dean and jean marie are taking all possible steps to bring overnight visitors in the door. >> we can call this our budget room. it's a lot less expensive than other rooms. >> what's the price differencial? >> ahmadinejad maybe $100 less than others down the hall. >> they see more guests in this room than any others. they are willing to negotiate. >> given that people are stretched about discretionary funds, we're much more flexible. if someone can only stay one night, we almost always accommodate them. >> reporter: one more one huf night stays are on the way. big name bands has meant needed
6:45 am
bookings. >> it's meant 20% more than we would have had. >> reporter: and the remainder of the season senior. >> pretty much sold out every weekend. >> cnn, connecticut. check out thursday morning. we've been talking about the president's schedule. a big speech on tuesday. wednesday talking to a joint session of congress. friday, friday is the eighth anniversary of september 11th. >> with it comes key questions for the president. a report due out this week as well. we'll tell with yyou about that. stay with us this morning. i would say convenience is something
6:46 am
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we heard about the h1n1 virus for the first time just months ago. a new report warns up to 50% of the u.s. population could be infected by the virus by winter. president obama says he wants to be ready with answers before that ever happens. >> we're also making safe progress on developing a safe and effective h1n1 flu vaccine and we expect a flu shot program will begin soon it will be completely voluntary, but strongly recommended. >> well, dr. beth bell, an epidemiologist with the cdc joins us now. ma'am, we just heard the president say we are making steady progress on developing a safe and effective vaccine for h1n1. how close are we to having a safe and effective vaccine right now? >> the clinical trials are going on right now. we are anticipating that vaccine should be available by mid october.
6:50 am
we're working as fast as we possibly can. we know people are eager to receive the vaccine and so we are focusing on getting this done as soon as possible to make sure we have a safe and effective vaccine. >> all right. you feel pretty good. you say trials, think you'll have one by october or so. have you something you believe will be effective? >> yes, these vaccines are being made in the way that very well known to us, very similar to the way we make seasonal influenza vaccines and more than 100 million people receive seasonal inf influenza vaccines each year. >> once the vaccine comes out, what will it look like? will it be one vaccine or will people need to get two separate shots? which way are we leaning? >> that's one of the big questions we expect to answer at a clinical trial. we think probably some people, maybe children, will need two
6:51 am
doses of the vaccine, we won't know for sure until we're able to look at the study data. >> how problematic if people have to go back to get a second shot and they are not fully cover and protected against this until later in the year. we could see everybody running out of the country still not necessarily immune, but no resistance to the swine flu? >> well, even now with the seasonal influenza vaccine, children nine years and younger do need two doses, so it's not surprising that some people might need two doses of the new vaccine as well. you know this. 2009 h1n1 has not gone away at all since it first appeared in the spring. we continue to see activity throughout the summer. upbreaks in camps. now that school is starting, we can expect to see disease
6:52 am
increasing, and in the southeast part of the country, we're starting to see increase in disease activity in many parts of the southeast. >> is that directly the call of some of the locations, do you attribute that to the fact that people are going back to school? >> one thing about influenza, it's very predictable. and we've seen lots of variation in terms of what areas have a lot of disease at any particular time. hard to be sure exactly why a disease appears to be increasing right now in the southeast. certainly possible that one factor is that schools opened up a few weeks ago. >> this is on the minds of a lot of people. a simple way to break it down. i don't get the flu vaccine every year. i know i should. i got the flu last year. i fought it off, drank fluids, got rest, and i was fine if i
6:53 am
don't get a swine flu vaccine and i happen to get h1n1, will my body be able to fight it off the same way as the seasonal flew, or do i have more to worry about? >> we know anybody can get very ill from seasonal flu. although most people do fine. and it seems that things are fairly similar in terms of the 2009 h1n1. >> well, a lot of people are -- we're trying to educate folks. a lot of people should be concerned. we don't want everybody to be alarmed at the same time. we appreciate you coming on and continuing to educate us about this. >> thank you for having me. and the doctor will be headed to the nation's health secretary to get answers on the real threats of the h1n1 flu. could be answer to the nation's health care we found in
6:54 am
cleveland. many say yes. and learn why its ring tonight might help your mind later on. ". a lot of viewers sending us questions on h1n1. josh levs checking out the questions. what are you seeing? >> so many questions. especially a lot of skepticism about the vaccine. a doctor who is part of the clinical trial, taking questions directly from our blog and facebook. your safety concerns, coming up next hour. take 2 extra strength tylenol every 4 to 6 hours?!? taking 8 pills a day... and if i take it for 10 days -- that's 80 pills. just 2 aleve can last all day. perfect. choose aleve and you can be taking four times... fewer pills than extra strength tylenol. just 2 aleve have the strength to relieve arthritis pain all day.
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we're keeping an eye on things happening on the web. josh levs. >> good morning. what is this army of robot fish? what's up with that? >> susan boyle and an army of robot fish. when susan boil's album comes out, will you buy it? >> no. i should think about it. >> you will be in the minority of the world. one of our most popular stories on it comes from "people" magazine originally. right now, susan boyle is beating whitney houston and the beatles, even though her album does not come out until the end of november. people don't realize this is historic. never been a literal overnight sensation like this. here is the story from and this is the amazon best-seller list they are pointing to. susan boyle number one, then whitney houston and then the remastered beatles albums.
6:59 am
willie nelson. people lining up this far in advance. and as for the robot fish. you are excited. take a look at that. one of the most popular stories. researchers at m.i.t. have created this robot to look like real fish. they will be able to do surveillance, and apparently the navy is among the places that are interested in this. they have cameras inside. >> check those sharks off of cape cod, those aren't robots. >> i hope the sharks don't eat one of these things by mistake. that could be a digestive issue. by the way, to tie this up hour, because t.j. loves pictures of baby animals. a picture of a baby lion cub.
7:00 am
come on, t.j. >> as long as it's another polar bear. >> you got issues with polar bears? >> i got issues with baby bears. it's a story from childhood. we'll get to it. we'll roll on with our next hour of "cnn sunday morning" on september 6th. good morning to you. i'm t.j. holmes. >> good morning. brooke baldwin sitting in for betty this weekend. thank you for continuing your holiday weekend with us. lots to talk about. the president's weekend ahead and the adviser on gro e er on van jones, stepping down from his post. apparently he signed a petition a couple of years ago suggesting that high government officials deliberately allowed the 9/11 attacks to happen. the administration said he didn't read the petition
7:01 am
carefully. that is the news out of washington this morning. new pictures out of los angeles. this looks like a flood. but it has not been raining in l.a. we'll explain to you exactly what the situation is out there and why thousands and several homes -- i don't know about thousands of people just yet, but a number of have had to be evacua evacuated. things have developed overnight. five people dead in a small plane crash in oklahoma this happened in an airfield in tulsa. faa said the plane hut a wire and came down. faa spokesman says the plane was on its way to dallas. after a week following that massive wildfire out west, firefighters gaining an upper hand. the fire no longer threatening homes on the western flank. a massive undertaking for fire fighters. 76 homes have been destroyed, and the fire has burned nearly 250 square miles of the angeles
7:02 am
national forest. a key week for the president. he will push health care reform tomorrow and then on tuesday, an address to the nation's school kids. on wednesday, the president will address a joint session of congress on health care and friday, the pentagon for a 9/11 memorial ceremony. van jones, one of president's advisers is resigning. >> our mary snow tells us what it has to do with the 9/11 conspiracy theory. >> reporter: van jones may not be a well-known administration figure as an adviser for green jobs, but he's been pressed into the forefront over questions surrounding this 2004 petition he signed on the 9/, calling for immediate inquiry into evidence that suggests high-level government officials may have deliberately allowed the september 11th attacks to
7:03 am
occur. he was signer 46. asked why his name was on it, an administration source tells cnn that jones did not carefully review the language in the petition. and in a statement, jones said i do not agree with this statement and it certainly does not reflect my views now or ever. robert gibbs was asked about jones' name appearing on the petition, saying it's not something the president agrees with and jones continues to work in the administration. jones has gained attention for comments he made before his white house job. including this one, when he was talking about republicans. >> how are republicans able to push things through, but somehow we can't? >> well, the answer to that is they are [ bleep ]ing animals. >> i was afraid that was the
7:04 am
answer. >> that's a technical, political term. and -- >> reporter: in 2005, he was quoted in "the east bay express," by august i was a communist when explaining his radicalization in the acquittal police beating case of rodney king in 1 t992. fox tv host glenn beck has targeted him. jones wasly formerly with a group getting advertisers to get beck to boycott his show. before this, jones was primarily known for his environmental work, back in may in comments on the san francisco chronicle's website, jones won the praise of
7:05 am
former ebay ceo meg whitman. >> i am a big fan of him. he's done a marvelous job. >> reporter: she said she didn't know jones well and is distancing himself. and says it's clear he holds views she entirely rejects. on tuesday, the president plans to address students that is creating controversy as well. a lot of people think he's sending out materials i guess that is more so the issue, sending out lesson plans suggesting what he should do. turn on the computer if to our blog and send us comments. we are getting a ton already. we'll share more comments this morning. that speech, not the only fallout the president dealing with this morning. he expects to get a report on afghanistan.
7:06 am
which will likely make the case on whether or not they should send additional troops to afghanistan. stanley mcchrystal will present it yesterday. he said that 90 people, some civilians, some taliban militants, were killed. we have more from kabul. what an amazing opportunity. have you been shadowing general stanley mcchrystal, and he talks about this new approach. what is it? >> reporter: well, general mcchrystal has been given an assignment as has the u.s. ambassador, karl eikenberry to combine military and civilian efforts and we had a chance to go see the progress that was made and what needs to be done with the two gentlemen. the mountains of kunar province in eastern afghanistan. a mirage of serenity in a
7:07 am
ferocious land. the taliban have staked their claim here time and time again. but now the american military and civilians are trying a new approach to rid the area of insurgents. these men were hand-picked by president barack obama to turn things around in a war that many think is lost. >> some people say we're starting over in afghanistan. i don't agree with that. in my view, you never start over anyway. you are always building upon the history of the past. >> reporter: after eight years of weapons and warfare, it's evident that a new approach is needed. as support for the war among afghans and americans wanes. >> this has to be an integrated military eft to succeed. the military has an important role, helping to maintain security, train the police.
7:08 am
it's not enough. >> reporter: here the top commander in afghanistan take a look at a bridge built by a provincial construction team. a small step in a big battle. the commander said in this bridge has helped security because their police officers can go from one signed of the land to the other side of the land and stop militants that come over the boarder right there. kunar province has a border with pakistan, and creates a border which militants are easily able to slip in and out. as you can see, these gentlemen have a very big task ahead of them, what they are trying to do is gape support from the afghan people as well as the american public. 57% of americans tired of the war in afghanistan, thinking not enough progress has been made after eight years, and after that nato air strike, just a
7:09 am
couple of days ago, their task and mission just got harder. brook. >> i know you were talking to us yesterday about nato air strike. 90 people killed. and one insurgent attack leaving one u.s. service member dead. are you talking at all to u.s. troops? what is the sense among them about the mission? >> reporter: well, when you talk to the u.s. troops hereinafter began stan, wheth -- here in afghanistan, they have gone through various deployments and they want to be here. this is where the war on trar starts and they want to keep america safe, but when you talk to the afghans, they want a safe nation as well. we spoke to afghans out in the kunar province, and we had an
7:10 am
afghan national police officer tell me about ten kilometers away is an area where the taliban has control and right now his government can't handle the taliban. >> thank you so much. the white house says victory in afghanistan will take time. meanwhile, fraud allegations continue to mount. complaints, up to 2,000, and u.s. casualties xliming. 738 american forces have died in that region since 2001. and we have a former brigadier general from d.c. we appreciate you being here. i want to start with the government. the election we saw a few weeks back. still don't have the results. start with that how important is it? how much will it complicate the u.s. mission there if this election is not seen as legitimate by the people of afghanistan. >> it is important for the
7:11 am
people of afghanistan and all indications are it was generally a free and fairy electio electi. the most important is if the people accept the new government. and all indications are that they will. >> let's go back a little bit now. if we say in 2001 that the taliban with the strength level, let's do a scale of one to 10 here if it's strength level before the election was a ten, tell me where today is the strength? >> strength may not be the right word as influence. clearly they had 100%. a 10 in 2001. they controlled the country, cutting the arms off people that disagreed with them. killing people who violated their slightest rules. things seemed to get better over the next couple of years. the amount of influence, i don't
7:12 am
think anybody can really answer that, but it's certainly more influenced now than the past couple of years, that's what general mcchrystal and ambassador eikenberry is trying to deal with. >> it sounds like influence would be almost as or even as important as strength. they have an influence and that means u.s. military and nato forces are losing influence. >> it's clearly a struggle for that influence and for the people on the ground. that's one of the basic tenant. do the people call under the influence of taliban, or will throw their hats in with an elect government. >> a lot of people would phrase that there was a new beginning that was needed. what you have seen, since
7:13 am
general mcchrystal got in plates a , is there somewhat of a starting over here? >> general mcchrystal said, it's not a starting over, a continuation. these types of things ebb and flow over time with new leadership on the ground and in the white house, more of a focus on off began stan than iraq. it is going to have a fresh look, a new look, but starting over is certainly not the case. >> how much does public sentiment and should public sentiment occasion we know it's going down for support of what's happening in afghanistan. should that ever and you deal with a lot of politicians. how does that come into play when you're making military decisions. if you don't have the support of american people, can that and should that influence what's happening on the ground?
7:14 am
>> well, quite frankly, political will, public support, is absolutely essential. it's not simply about troops and stuff and about civilians. that's one component. the capabilities. but none of those camps pabilit are it alone. it's important for everyone up to and including the president to ensure not only our troops have enough, but the american people are behind the effort as well. >> sir, we appreciate you taking the time out. knowing it's a busy holiday weekend. a lot of people taking time off. enjoy the rest of your weekend. >> thank you very much. starting tomorrow, "a.c. 360." inside afghanistan live.
7:15 am
that is tomorrow night, 10:00 eastern time. many of you might be hitting the roads today and tomorrow. but if you stay with the show, hang on a section. riders to berkeley, a bit of a bay problem, the bay bridge is closed. now they found a significant crack. saying it may be open by tuesday, now they are saying not so fast. going to take other bridges. >> the key here, really racing the clock. need to have this open by tuesday morning when people going back to work. quarter million vehicles cross this bridge every single day so all of those folks need to find another way into and out of san francisco. we have a situation as they would say in the bay area. we're keeping an eye on work out there. also, a lot of rumors about h1n1, looking through rumors. >> good morning again. this debate going on in our
7:16 am
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did you have a nice summer? almost over. >> tomorrow, right? >> officially or unofficially? >> unofficially. >> kind of like that feeling. back to school, summer is over. >> whether is the official end? >> later in september when we start the official start of fall, around september 21st. but it's still summer. you can get out and enjoy the weather, right? >> i love the fall, though. it's my favorite season. weatherwise, for those of you who are enjoying the last hurr hurrah. pretty good conditions across the u.s. the beach forecast what we're looking at here are very pleasant conditions. temperatures about 74 degrees and if you're traveling to the south, just to let you know, we're expecting changes out there. look for scattered showers and
7:19 am
thunderstorms in daytona beach, south florida, and around miami, have you rain there now, and also showers popping up on the beaches in the carolinas. keep that in mind. taking a look at the national forecast, stormy conditions across the gull coast. cooler weather in the northwest. rain headed into think. as we preview ahead to tomorrow, what we can expect is a high of 78 in chicago, cool temperatures at night in the 50s. and temperatures at 83 in los angeles. a little better for the firefighters. in the 90s in texas. tt.j. and brooke, 93 in dallas. >> hot, hot, hot. >> thank you very much. we'll see you shortly. coming up, a former meth addict got a clean and healthy second chance. we'll find out if it will work for others. for arthritis pain... in your hands... knees... and back.
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7:21 am
checking out the morning's top stories here. at least three people killed in a ferry accident in the philippines. the ferry there capsized as it was going to manila. 270 people rescued. 964 people on board the ferry. and one of president obama's advisers stepping down. his name is van jones. is he stepping down for a number
7:22 am
of questionable things he said. one of the them, citing a petition he signed about 9/11. jones has apologized. he gave a statement accusing opponents of smearing him.
7:23 am
everybody has been hearing about h1n1, everybody wants to protect themselves from it. we've been hearing about a vac even now. is it safe? that's a lot of questions that people are asking. >> maybe even two vaccines. >> a lot of viewers are asking.
7:24 am
we've been getting questions on our blog. safe is the number one question. we were joined by a whole hour by a doctor who is getting the vaccine. i started out by asking, is it safe? >> it is going to be a safe vaccine. remember, each year we make a brand new influenza vaccine that's subject to test. last year we gave 90 million doses. must be our safest vaccine. this one is being made exactly the same way. we're not cutting a single corner. by the time it's released, we will have all of the information we need about its effectiveness and its safety. >> robert wrote -- you know what? best thing you can do for prevention work out and stay healthy and don't worry about any kind of flu. it's not that summer. how big a part of the picture is exercising, eating healthy,
7:25 am
getting enough sleep, all of the basics? >> i tried to do all that, and i had probably to get to work out later on this afternoon. but that's not enough, that's why i volunteers for the vaccine trial. it's so important we have the vaccine in addition to all of those other things. >> you heard the other, most popular question. we were getting so many questions from viewers, thinking if i had my orange juice and take good care of myself, i would be okay. the doctor saying you have to focus on getting the vaccine. we have it going on the blog, facebook, twitter. and you will get a lot more from sanjay, going to the nation's health secretary to get answers on the real threats of h1n1 flu. could the answers be found in cleveland? also, why many experts are saying, yes, coming up at 7:30, six minutes away, right after this newscast. keep in mind, h1n1 always packed
7:26 am
with all of the latest. >> you mentioned it. coming up on "cnn sunday morning" first case coming from new york. >> we'll hear from the nus who first sounded the alarm about the outbreak. we can't. sure, we can. the points don't expire... ♪ there is nothing for me... ♪ there's no travel restrictions... we could leave tomorrow. we can't use them for a vacation. you can use the points for just about anything. i know... ♪ the way you look tonight ♪ chase what matters. get your new chase sapphire card at wellbeing. we're all striving for it. purina cat chow helps you nuture it in your cat... with a full family of excellent nutrition...
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7:29 am
all right. brooke and i back at the top of the hour with more live news. first, we'll hand this thing over to dr. sanjay gupta for "house call" right now. good morning. welcome to "house call" the show that helps you live longer and stronger. i'm dr. sanjay gupta first up, could the answers of nation's health care questions found in cleveland? experts


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