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tv   CNN Newsroom  CNN  April 11, 2010 6:00am-7:30am EDT

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hello there, everybody. this is "cnn sunday morning." 6:00 a.m. where we sit in atlanta. i'm t.j. holmes. >> i'm brianna keilar. a moment of silence happening now in poland to honor the poland president and all of those who died in a plane crash yesterday. we'll have tr latest in a
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momen moment. >> this is from nasa tv. they're showing work up there. we'll let you know what we're doing and we'll check in live with them. we want to tell you about stories we're keeping an eye on overnight. seven people have been shot at a music festival at the french quarter in new orleans. two gunmen now out on the loose. police say seven people were shot. one was the intended target. . we're told now is in stable condition. >> deadly anti government protests are going on in taiwan. more than 825 people have been injured. the protesters known as red shirts want parliament dissolved and new elections called.
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and web remembering the west virginia miners. a number more to come over the next week. a ceremony offering the late president of polan is going on right u president lec lech kaczynski. >> the polish people are pausing for two minutes of silence as well. poland's first lady and several other government and military leaders died in the crash. nick robertson is there with more on the crash investigation. >> i'm about half a mile from the runway here in this direction through the trees here. a look down here. debris twisted and torn apart. up here across the road, take a
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look. this is the direction the plane was coming in over this way. this is where it begins to hit the top os it have krees again. you begin to see all the the pieces of broken wood as the plane comes down. already some flowers being laid here. already people reported picking through it. but, again just follow me up here. and you begin to see the scale and the force with which the plane hit the trees.
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some of the most influential people were on the plane. the first lady was traveling with her husband, maria kaczynska. the deputy foreign minister and the deputy parliament speaker died in the crash as well. along with the president of the poland first national bank. also on board were lawmakers, presidential aides and several historians. this appears to be part of the wing. you can see as well the tree here just large bows of tree ripped apart. at the top, you can really see how the plane cut into them, and what the investigators are going to focus on are the black box recorders. they say they're still looking at the possibility of human error, the possibility of bad weather, of course, is clear.
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but when the crash happened 24 hours ago, there was a thick fog, and also there's a possibility it could have been mechanical errors. they're not ruling out any of those things right now. the bodies have been removed from the site here, most of them already taken in for identification. prime minister vladimir putin said the priority is to find out what happened in in accident, but he's going to give full support and help to any of the polish families who want to come here, who lost loved ones on the crash. visas will be expedited. but this is essentially the field of investigation right now. i can see one or two soldiers, i've seen policemen securing the sight. there doesn't seem to be a lot of forensic examination at least in this area going on, which sort of gives the indication that they're looking at the black box and re-examining what the air traffic controllers talked about. the warnings they gave the
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aircraft, that it was too low, moving too wide. half a mile short of the runway down through the trees there. nic robertson, cnn, russia. ever since word of the crash hit poland, people have flocked the presidential palace in warsaw. tomorrow begins the week of official state mourning for the crash victims. many people in poland say they were in absolute shock as yesterday's news. >> translator: i can tell you we're feeling just shock. this is the place all polish should be here today. not just the president, but his wife and many other important people who have died. i don't think there will be a better president. >> some 10 million americans of polish decent. some expressing their grief as well.
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pole land embassy in washington has opened its doors. >> reporter: here outside the embassy we've seen a steady stream of people come to pay their respects, leaving candles, notes, flowers, all in memory of the late president and the victims of the tragic crash. the the embassy has also opened its door thos the public this week to make sure that people can come and pay their respects. >> my family is in poland. any grandfather fought in world war ii. i've been to poland studying there. came out to pay respect. it's a tragedy what happened. >> here inside the embassy, a very somber mood. people are waiting to express their grief and sorrow by writing messages in a condolence book. >> stay with us all morning. we'll be bringing you coverage of the deadly plane crash. in about 15 minutes josh levs
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will take a look at the emotional i-reports that have been filed from people arn the world mourning those lost in the recent crash. we know you're just getting your day started. some of you maybe just going to bed. some of you on the east coast just getting up. a lot of people grab the cup of coffee to get you kick started in the morning. a lot of people don't do anything before you have the coffee. how much would you pay for it? we'll tell you about one pricey trip to the coffee shop. are you a coffee guy? >> are you kidding me? absolutely. >> how much you pay for that stuff. >> for a good cup of coffee, not enough money. maybe first born child sort of thing. on a morning like this it sure seems that way. something that's going to wake you up will be the strong wind in california. possibly heavy snowfalls, too. plus the beautiful weather you can expect in parts of georgia, namely augusta for the national.
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i never see people drinking coffee anymore. more like red bull.
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you're oo coffee gal. >> i love tea. but when i'm tired that coffee just makes me human. >> so, i guess you are half way to being human, because you have a cup of coffee. i use a coffee mug, but there's only water in here. i'm not a fan of the stuff. it helps me understand what people go through with this coffee. how much would you pay for it? exactly. how much woumd you pay for a cup of cough knee? >> i don't know the difference between good and bad coffee. so i'm not going to pay that much. some coffee connoisseurs in baltimore are shelling out $13 a cup if you can believe it. pricing is all about the bean. that $1 cup of java is made from beans that are grown in el salvador. the coffee is described as tasting fruity, juicjuicy, full body. the world's most expensive coffee comes from a bean that, stay with me here, it is eaten
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and excreted by a rodent like creature. a cup of that -- >> what! >> $50. >> what's rodent like? >> i don't know. if you're like me, you still don't get it. go to you can also take a coffee quiz there. >> the most expense oif cup of coffee comes for a coffee bean that is extrecreted from an ani. wouldn't you rather have fresh and unused coffee? >> we're going to find out this rodent. let's talk weather. wrapping up a nice weekend actually. >> wow. we certainly are. great weather in parts of the southeast where the sun will extreat plenty of sunshine. no question about it. beautiful day in augusta national. picture perfect. temperatures a little bit warmer than yesterday. however, by late afternoon it's
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going to be kind of humid, too. just be prepared. springtime in augusta. picture perfect. same thing in new orleans. when you get west of austin you may see scattered showers. they're not going to last that long. when you get to if west coast this is where it gets interesting. we deal with an area of low pressure that will make its way athrong the coastline. along the coast strong winds pick up. in the high sierra nevada mountains 5,000 feet and higher we could see anywhere from one to two feet of snowfall. that's only part of the story. the second half will be the strong wind gusts you're going to experience. anywhere from 30 to 50 miles per hour. the gusts approaching 70 miles an hour. not quite hurricane forced winds. there's the potential for tropical storm forced winds. winter storms not in effect until 3:00 local and 4:00 tomorrow. about a 24-hour event. for the great lakes, scattered showers this morning.
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tomorrow morning it looks like it could have been kind of dreefly with scattered showers. 69 degrees will be your high. 77 in denver. beautiful day in phoenix with 89 degrees. 64 and breezy in los angeles. more in term of the wind in san francisco with 64 degrees. that's a quick look at your forecast. let's send it back to you guys at the news desk. >> we found the rodent. this rodent that people -- >> it's like a cross between a sock puppet and a -- >> and a what? >> a raccoon. >> this eats the coffee bean and excretes the coffee bean and people pay $13 a cup for the thing this poops out. >> we refer to as dinner. that's the story.
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good times, guyed. >> we appreciate it. there you go. you find coffee connoisseurs out there in the world. we have a lot of stories to keep an eye on today. we'll talk more about coffee, i'm sure, a little bit later. we'll talk about the masters happening today as well. tiger has a chance to win it. a lot of things happening over in pole land right now. people around the world sending their condolences to the victim of the polish plane crash. >> josh levs is taking a look at the i-reports that we've received so far. there's a lot of interest here. >> we're hearing from dozens of countries. people all over the world today especially are getting aceps of what the loss means to the people of pole land and to people all over the world. we are about to show you. ♪ so sensory ♪ so satisfying ♪ the discovery ♪ never seems to stop ♪ ♪ it's the magic friskies ♪
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(announcer) right now, all over the country, discover card customers are getting five percent cashback bonus at home improvement stores. it pays to get more, it pays to discover. pole i-reporters at the scene. josh levs is looking into the events for us. >> i'm going to start off with something that our i-report team has put together. a woman who spoke with cnn who is an i-reporter inside poland talking about what a significant loss this is. our team put her interview together with really powerful photos we're getting from poland. especially warsaw. >> oh my god.
6:18 am
the president, it's the first lady, i don't know t the whole bosses of the polish army. some really good politicians. it was just, you know, i couldn't believe it. we lit the candles next to the palace on the pavement. there was a huge spot of light. then we were just trollying from the president's palace to the square. the people were just going like a river. more and more people. there were just people going. and then lighting the candles, and, i think, now they must be tens of thousands of those candles.
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>> and there are tens of thousand there is and tens of thousands more all over the world. let me show you the i-report and how you can send in your photos as well. these are some of the i-reports from different parts of the world. this is set up inside berlin. you're seeing the flowers that people are leaving here. we're getting more and more photos. some are ending up on the main page of as we follow the stories, the observances all over the world. send in your photos, videos or stories or just your thoughts. brianna and t.j., we'll bring you more next time. >> josh, we appreciate it. to our viewers, we're talking
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about the economy here. i was going to show this live picture outside the pal las. continuing to grow and grow and grow. you see on the ground there, or the right of the screen, nothing but flowers, candles and messages people have been leaving and gathering outside the pal las since we got word of the accident the flag all over pole land flying at half staff to honor now the late president, whose body is now about to be noun back to warsaw. a ceremony just happened there. his body flown back to warsaw here. he's going on the hand back in his home country in the next several hours. let's get chinese
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check this out. this is an annual party near the campus of james mad sewn university in virginia. usually about 2,000 people show up to this block party. for whatever reason this year the crowd got up to 8,000. some people started throwing rocks and bottles. police had to use tear gas to disperse the crowd. >> more on a story we've been following all weekend. a tennessee family heavily criticized for returning a child they adopted from russia. they tell cnn they were lied to. the grandmother said the orphanage misled them about his mental stability and other
6:24 am
issues. they sent the child back only seven months after adopting him with just a backpack and a note. always amazing we're able to get these live pictures for space. what you're seeing here, i believe that's an astronaut's hand you're seeing there. this is a live space walk with the astronauts from space shuttle discovery. on another note. this marks the 40th anniversary of the launch of apollo 13. i think two days after the launch had its tank ruptured. that led to the dramatic rescue made into a movie with tom hanks. an anniversary today of the
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launch of apollo 13. [ male announcer ] how can the oil industry in the north sea
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people are working hard out there. still, some don't be getting a whole lot of money. we're talking about the economy all the the time it seems. and what some are saying is now an economic recovery. >> with all the job opportunities being so scarce, a lot of unemployed people are looking to themselves and their hobbies for work. their goal is to become their next boss. >> reporter: these days meg spends a lot of time in her sewing room. more than a year ago she lost her job as a legal secretary making $59,000. finding a new job to replace that level of income has been tough. >> usually you would get a call at least. this time around, never ian hear from them. >> meg says the initial rejection was hard to deal wchlt now she's hoping to turn her misfortune into a business opportunity that incorporates
6:28 am
her passion. in september meg started doing small clothing alterations for her friends, and then -- >> one of them came over one day and she said, i really think you should make a jewish prayer shawl. >> reporter: typically worn on special occasions. meg made a couple, took them to a local business, and they sold a few days later. we were like, wow, we're onto something here. >> reporter: this really needs to work. meg's husband suffers for a severe dyslexia that has significantly impaired his earning potential. he makes just $20,000 a year. 11 months after meg lost her job, the fishers filed for bankruptcy. they still risk losing their house, even their children worry. >> makes me just question what's going to happen. what are we going to do? how are we going to get through this? >> for now meg sits and sews. she started a website and
6:29 am
attends trade shows. meg has had 15 orders so far. it's not nearly enough to turn a profit yet, but meg is hoping she can eventually turn this into a lucrative career. >> when my unemployment runs out, if i'm still not able to do it, then obviously i'm going to have to work at mcdonald's or do just anything. but for now, i'm trying to find a real job that pays something like what i used to have or keep doing this. >> reporter: tony harris, cnn, atlanta. >> on one hand he's helped the republican party win several key races. on the other he's been accused of mismanaging the republican committee's finances. some within the party have called for michael steele to step down. up next, michael steele gets to respond.
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hello again. welcome back to "cnn sunday morning." i'm t.j. holmes. >> i'm brianna keilar. some of the stories for overnight. police looking for two gunmen who opened fire after a weekend music festival in new orleans' french quarter. seven people were wounded. six of them were bystanders. the intended target was a 17-year-old boy who was shot in the chest. he is now in stable condition at
6:32 am
the hospital. still no cloer word on a motive. deadly protests are going on in thailand. at least 20 people were killed in clashes between protesters and government forces. more than 800 people have been injured. the protesters want parliament dissolved and new elections called. well, yesterday we saw two of many more funerals to come unfortunately in west virginia. they are remembers the miners there who were killed in an accident, the explosion that happened on monday. a whole community standing by. more funerals are scheduled for the coming week. officials still not sure what caused the blast. so that investigation does continue. gop chairman michael steele says he knows he's not perfect, but he's willing to learn from his mistakes. >> he's cautioning the party from dwelling on the past and focusing on the goal at hand, taking back the white house.
6:33 am
>> in life you realize quickly thaw you can't please everyone. you can certainly make them all mad at you at the same time. that's a lesson well learned. thz an opportunity as well. folks have been mad at nus the past. we have learned from the past. you are on the front line of this surge to take back our country. >> steele spoke yesterday before the southern republican leadership conference in new orleans. this was his first public appearance since the disclosure of questionable spending resulted in top advisers cutting tiles with him. we're still a couple years away from the presidential election. republicans already talking about who they would like to put up the there to challenge
6:34 am
president obama. the former massachusetts governor, mitt romney, barely edged out ron paul. then sarah palin, by all accounts the star of the show down tlrks she spoke on friday. she came in tied with the former house speaker, newt gingrich at 18%. tomorrow in washington president obama opens a two-day summit on nuclear weapons. the summit's main goal, to reduce the risk of terrorists getting ahold of nuke particular weapons. 40 countries have been invited from various regions across the world. they want to continue pressing iran and north korea to abandon their nuclear programs. the summit comes as president obama calls on him to ratify a
6:35 am
new nuclear arms treaty with russia. how many explosives does it take to bring down 4 million pounds of concrete, 2 million pounds of steel? >> we're going to find out shortly. we are just minutes away still -- you recognize this building probably. but it's about to come down. an implosion for the ages. people already lining up just to see a building come down. we'll explain when we come back. you all want to run your businesses more efficiently, so we've brought in a team of experts to help.
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good choice. only meineke lets you choose the brake service that's right for you. and save 50% on pads and shoes. meineke. some people always want to go out for their birthday. they don't want to stay at home and throw a party. they want to go out somewhere. if your home is the playboy mansion, why would you ever leave? especially on your birthday? they had a special, special reason to celebrate there. 84 special reasons. doesn't he look good?
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>> that's right. he looks -- he does, right? hugh heffner turning 84. he was celebrating his big night in style. but surprisingly with a very small guest list. friday's party was intimate. caviar, champagne. then they went to sin city last night for an '80s themed bash. heff says age is nothing but a number. the more numbers the better. >> that is kind of laid back. you know what's missing, you're usually seeing four or five women on his arm. you don't see that in these pictures. there's always a blonde or two in there. maybe we don't have the pictures. >> i want to see the '80s theme bash. the neon and the teased hair. he looks pretty good.
6:39 am
how old did you say? >> 84. he's got a lot of things the there that make him young. let's show you what's happening weather wise. spring weather across much of the nation picture perfect across parts of the southeast. not so much in terms of sunshine, but rather spring showers. when we go out west, it's a different story all together. we have an area of low pressure off parts of oregon and washington and the northern california coastline. this low is going to intensify. you're going to deal with 30 to 50 miles an hour wind gusts. where you see the bluish green colors, those are advisories. plenty of the sunshine across parts of the southeast.
6:40 am
still in south florida alligator alley, anybody maybe going to disney world, driving down to miami, look for scattered showers. maybe a thunderstorm. nothing too severe expected for the day. the sunshine will feel wonderful. 67 in boston. 64 in chicago. both nooe nix and vegas, mainly in the 80s. springtime is wonderful. 72 is your high in denver. 62 in seattle. what we can expect later on today, maybe delays in parts of the northeast. so be patient. the drive heading to central california, look out for strong winds there. anyone in a high profile vehicle, semitruck or winnebago.
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what's in your wallet? oh, poor baby. some of the things we're keeping an eye on. a party got out of control near a campus of james madison university. for whatever reason this year they got about 8,000 people this time around. you saw some people being taken away in handcuffs. police had to use tear gas to break up the clouds crowds. there was fighting going on. partygoers were throwing rocks and bottles. they finally got the party to break up. >> russia has halted all pending adoptions. the parents put him on a moscow bound flight and returned him home to russia unannounced. he carried a letter saying he was violent and tlhreatened to
6:44 am
kill family members. not to make them nervous, but a couple of nasa astronauts right now are doing their work on live national television. these are from the shuttle "discovery." they've been doing this for five hours now. it will go for some time to come. a side note in nasa history. this is the 40th anniversary of the launch of "apollo 13." that ended with one of the most dramatic rescues ever. wellbeing. we're all striving for it. purina cat chow helps you nuture it in your cat... with a full family of excellent nutrition... and helpful resources. ♪
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purina cat chow. share a better life.
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is there something i don't know about? >> it's been fun, reynolds. no, we're talking about good-bye to a long time institution in texas. not the grand prairie -- well, we're talking about texas stadium. it's been in itself a character. if an object like that can be a character, it is. it was established 20 or 30 years ago. much longer. >> i think '71. built in '71. when my dad was in his 20s he worked for general foods and bought a skybox on behalf of the country for $25,000 for the entire season. can you believe that? nowadays there's no way in the
6:48 am
world you can do that thing. >> people are going to tailgate there for the implosion. >> yeah. a lot of people are emotionally invested in this. one of the long time cowboy greats got choked up when they asked him what do you think about the station coming down? he didn't have much to say. i bet he would say yum, yum, chili takes good. got to like that. prairie dogs not going to be used. the world championship of the pickled quail egg eating. they have these things. they're soaked in jalepeno juice. it's the 12th year they've been doing it. they sprinkles the bikes with holy water, training wheels, too, if needed. that's also a great time. we round things back up at the home of the dallas cowboys.
6:49 am
we are going to show that live. 39 years to be exact. the last game in zes of 2008. th they moved into the cowboys' $1.2 million stadium in arlington. >> people were already gathering. you're talking about the tailgating. and this is happening at 7:00 their time. i mean, the cowboys have five championships, i believe, during the time they were in this particular stadium. it looks like they're showing up for a game. >> it is a game. boom. >> joy r you show up. you get to tailgate. there's going to be beer. there's going to be the sunrise. this is going to be an implosion. what else do you need? right. it's an 11-year-old pushing the button. >> are you serious? >> an 11-year-old who has done
6:50 am
outstanding work tw the homeless. he gives clothing and goods to them. he won an essay contest talking about what he does. they said, all right, push the button. >> kacy rodgers. a kid who wasn't around when this opened up. we'll show the other picture this morning, too, of the new stadium. put them side by side and let them pick which one you prefer. texas stadium going bye bye. piece of history. i was active, eating healthy. i thought i was in great shape. so i was surprised when my doctor told me i still had high cholesterol. that really hit me, and got me thinking about my health. i knew i had to get my cholesterol under control. but exercise and eating healthy weren't enough for me. now i trust my heart to lipitor. [ male announcer ] when diet and exercise are not enough, adding lipitor has been shown to lower bad cholesterol 39 to 60%. lipitor is backed by over 17 years of research. lipitor is not for everyone,
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there's going to be an opening at the supreme court soon. justice john paul stevens stepping down. >> josh? >> we've been hearg from more experts throughout the day yesterday. a few names keep coming to the top. last time around the speculation got it right. we know who is on the the short list now. let's look at the possibilities. this is a name you're going to hear a lot about in the coming days and weeks. elena kagan. she was a clinton administration policy aide working various domestic policies. former dean of harvard law school where president obama
6:54 am
attended. no judicial experience. bringing a different perspective to the court. this is judge diane wood. she served in both the reagan and clinton justice departments. sometimes that can help in a confirmation hearing process. when you're finding someone worked under a republican and a democratic president. that they were respected within both administrations. i want to show you one more, too. another judge with lots of years on the bench. merrick garland is on the court of appeals since 1997. 13 years on the bench. one thing he did while working inside administrations as a prosecutor. he managed the investigation of the oklahoma city bombing.
6:55 am
he got a lot of praise for that. that will come up through a confirmation process. there's three of the big names. some say janet napolitano. which is possible. some people think less likely. it come any of them right now. that's the short list the president is looking at, guys. >> one of the really interesting themes here is that steven is retiring. this is going to probably shift the court religiously. >> america is 51% protestant. stevens is the only propertesta on the high court. then early in the days of the supreme court it was all protestant white men. now he's the only one. if he leaves and is not replaced by another protestant, there will be none left. >> thank you, josh. well, he compared members of the tea party movement to
6:56 am
members of the kkk. and he is a u.s. congressman from tennessee. i asked him what prompted him to make the statement and if he greted saying it now. glap
6:57 am
6:58 am
hate mail, death threats and all kinds of remarks you don't hear often from a second term congressman. >> it started when steve cohen compared the tea party movement to the kkk. >> he did it as a guest on a satellite radio show. well, here's a clip of that. >> so why make a remark like that? why especially from a u.s. congressman? i asked him about that during our interview yesterday. >> certainly they're not all racist, but there's an undercurrent when you're against health care and you're against government programs that have a de facto effect.
6:59 am
martin luther king was for national health care. he was assassinated in my city. we remembered that event last weekend. to think 42 years later we finally get health care after 42 years and people are against hit. that makes them rally against their government and act out. to me it's inhumane. no, they're not all racist. no question. but the fact is, they're against government spending. they're against programs. there's certain similarities in their tactics who have historically been against civil rights. >> tea party activists are demanding an apology. so far they have not gotten one. good morning, everyone. this is "cnn sunday morning."
7:00 am
i'm t.j. holmes. >> and i'm brianna keilar. mourning at the gates of the presidential palace in poland. president kaczynski and his wife and so many others lost yesterday. the latest straight ahead. also we're watching a live space walk at the international space station. th this is the second of three space walks. we have been monitoring their progress. we'll continue to do so this morning. we want to tell you about other stories making news overnight. one story out of new orleans, the french quarter, seven people were shot after a music festival last night. police say two gunmen are out on the loose. police say of the seven people shot, one was the intended target, a 17-year-old shot in the chest. seemingly no end to the violence erupting in thailand where protesters are vowing not
7:01 am
to negotiate with the government. at least 20 people have died in weekend clashes between government forces and protesters. think want parliament dissolve and new elections called. and they're beginning to say their good-byes in west virginia. relatives, friends, family and entire communities coming together to mourn 29 miners who died after the explosion on monday. they're going through the painful process now of burying the dead and, again, 29, we saw two funerals yesterday. more are scheduled for this coming week. officials still not sure what caused that accident. want to get back to the deadly plane crash in russia that killed poland's president and dignitaries. >> at the same time they were in the process of handing over the body of the polish prosecute.
7:02 am
>> we have the latest with nic robertson in russia this morning. joins us over the phone. nic, we appreciate you being here. tell us what the scene was like and what they essentially did there in russia to send off this polish president? nic is not with me. i'll try again, guys. you let me know. i think he's on the line. i hear you now. >> i'm just about 20 feet away from vladimir putin. i couldn't hear you before. they're carrying the casket of president kaczynski back. taxi iniing down the runway. the president's casket carried
7:03 am
out by two russian soldiers, and laid on a trestle in the middle of the airfield draped in the polish flag. for about 20 minutes soldiers and sailors paraded in front of it. both looking very solemn. just beginning the journey to take kaczynski back to warsaw. >> we'll try to reestablish a connection with him in just a bit. having a tough time hearing us. while the investigation goes on, in polish have flocked to warsaw
7:04 am
and the presidential pal las. palace. hello to you. the pictures we started to see yesterday of people just starting to gather and see this grow and grow and grow. >> right now the mood has certainly changed to nothing but sorrow, t.j. that grove of people really hasn't let up at all. if you look behind he you can see there's literally tens of thousands of people still here at the presidential palace coming in ever greater numbers. they were here for that moment of silence. all of this happened yesterday also. let's look at how that day
7:05 am
unfolded. >> crying out their grief in songs. lighting candles. laying flowers, publicly displaying sorrow. 100,000 gathered to mourn their president, his wife and much of the country's political leadership killed in the crash. >> shock. >> translator: i can tell you what i'm feeling u just shock. >> i thinks the the place that all polish should be today. not just for the president, but his wife and many other important people who have died. i don't think there will be a better president than mr. kaczynski. their plane crashed in western russia. many political leaders were on their way to a ceremony marking the 70th anniversary. many were waiting there. but instead of commemorating some 22,000 polish officers killed by soviet army in world
7:06 am
war ii, they prayed for their presidents. he visited the crash site. clearly taken aback by the scene. for many of us they were friends and acquaintances. the biggest tragedy is for the families of the people who were killed. to his daughter, to his mother, to his brother, and to all the families of all the victims. >> reporter: political leaders from around the world offer their condolences. >> i think at a time like this we also remember a family in mourning. large numbers of people who have died and a whole country that will be shocked and saddened by what has happened. i met president kaczynski on a few occasions. i've talked with him recently.
7:07 am
everybody will be sending their sympathies to the people of pole land. >> reporter: the speaker of parliament will take on the presidential duties until elections are held in about two months. he's already ordered a week of mourning. and we're also getting detail as as to how all of this will proceed. nick was already telling you the president's body has been loaded onto a plane bound for war sa. it will be received with military honors at the warsaw airport. after that the body will be brought to the presidential palace where mourners can pay their respects after that. throughout the evening, there are going to be passes here in warsaw and a around the country. >> thank you so much. poland's late president had forged strong ties to the u.s. and with his death the emotional ties to the country are in full view as well.
7:08 am
in washington mourners have laid flags. the country's flag flies at half staff. a book of condolences is open for people to sign. the same sense of grief and shock rippled across the community. >> his politics was trying to put all the polish people togethe together. >> my grandfather fought in world war ii. during the war they had to leave poland. i came out to pay respects. it's a tragedy what happened. >> also this morning pope benedict extented his sympathies to the polish people. this came five years after the death of his polish born predecessor, pope john paul ii.
7:09 am
we'll bring you more coverage of the dped deadly pla crash. how it impacts the u.s. and plans for a missile shield. and we're going to be talking about tiger woods. 144 days off, no problem. despite media scrutiny and rehab, tiger is in the hunt for another green jacket. for the first time, discover exotic fragrances... and rich moisture from aveeno, the naturals brand dermatologists trust most. introducing positively nourishing moisturizers. with active naturals, they're clinically tested... to lock in moisture for 24 hours. now, skin can be soft and beautifully fragrant. that's the best of both worlds. new positively nourishing. and experience our enticing body washes, too. only from aveeno. that's the beauty of nature and science. [ abut you don't want's say yto end up like gary.r. gary.
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7:12 am
masters. sports writer for "usa today" is in augusta. she joins me on the the phone. as someone who has covered golf for quite some time and someone who has covered tiger for quite some time, just your reaction that here we are on sunday, and he could win this thing. >> absolutely. considering what they said and talked about with tiger woods over the last five months. it shows his ability to focus and concentrate. a lot of people who like him. a lot of people can't stand him. those opinions seem to be separate if it's possible to say you can separate the feelings from the man who is out there on the golf course. at least he seems able to make himself just kind of a golfer.
7:13 am
obviously not present to him on the golf course. sfl what have you seen? he talked about how he was going to be different. a warmer, fuzzier tiger in some ways? have you seen a different tiger? what have you seen that you thought that's the same old tig sner. >> reporter: first of all on thursday and throughout the week, friday and saturday. he's been tipping his cap and waving and smiling much more than we've seen. he's no phil mickelson, i don't know that he will be. but he's been much friendlier. as far as the same old tiger, certainly on saturday, the people were watching on television. we certainly heard it in the press room. a couple swearing episodes. if that's really going to change, that has to change. i'm sure he would tell us it's a
7:14 am
work in progress. i don't think athletes should swear, especially when they know the cameras are on them. the other guys don't seem to do it tiger seems to have a problem with that still. >> still fiery and emotional sometimes out there. a lot of people say this is the tournament that tiger can't be bigger than the masters. it's been a great tournament. does it seem like we have all gotten back to golf in a lot of ways? this was probably the perfect tournament for him to come back to. >> it was. with @ security. the way the fans look at the masters and the players, he will be cheered here in ways he may not be cheered other places. you don't have a yankees/red sox atmosphere by any means here.
7:15 am
this is still the biggest story here. if he doesn't win, then i agree, we revert back to golf and whether it's phil mickelson or fred couples, those are great stories. tiger is transcending the golf stories. >> always a pleasure to have you and your expertise. great to talk with you. enjoy in final day. >> really beautiful weather at the masters today. when we talk to reynolds wolf and he says everything is good except for just a little bit. you have plenty of sunshine. temperatures in the 70s. it should be dazzling for you. high temperatures in parts of the southeast including augusta and atlanta. 76 in washington, d.c. 80 in dallas.
7:16 am
72 in denver. salt lake city, 71. when you make the jump from salt lake city back to san francisco, you'll see changes in things. we're not just talking temperatures. looking at the chance of heavy snow developing in parts of the sierra nevada. some locations could see extremely heavy snow. 16 to 26 inches in some locations. one to two feet near yosemite. strong wind gusts. approaching 70 miles an hour by late afternoon. look for breezy, windy times, no question about it. that's a quick look at your forecast. more updates are coming up and so much more.
7:17 am
7:18 am
well the tragic plane crash in russia leaves some of the most prominent positions in the polish government vacant. >> how much of a shakeup should we expect? and how could it affect the relationship between the polish and the u.s.? >> gad morning to you guys. obviously a lot of major officials were on the plane. it's a huge tragedy for an entire country and for people around the world. i was looking into how much power he has. he's the head of state. he plays major roles. he can veto bills that come across the desk. he can represent the country. he can sign treaties. there are ways in which this man really helped set an agenda
7:19 am
inside poland. they were trying to weed out the investments there. he was facing a re-election soon. and he was not necessarily likely to win. his popularity had fallen pretty far. we have an analyst here to talk about where things really stood for him. >> he was a president who maybe wasn't popular among all the polls. he was the head of state. he developed good relationships with the united states. during his watch, he joined various international institutions. he did have popularity, even though he had a lot of opposition. the important thing was his symbolism. he represented poland. >> the same analyst says he believes whoever takes over will
7:20 am
also be a friend to the united states and a supporter of a stro strong relationship. so most likely no huge shift. guys, back to you. >> interesting to cover. thanks for that. you know, the texas stadium implosion. woe love implosions here, don't we? this is just 45 minute weas. >> it's coming up. a piece of history is coming down. you'll meet the boy who gets to flip the switch.
7:21 am
7:22 am
7:23 am
in virginia, an annual block party got out of control. this is near the campus of james madison university. usually they have 2,000 people show up to the thing, have a good time. for whatever reason 8,000 people showed up. it trickled out to other neighborhoods. police tried to break up fights. plis ended up using tear gas to break it up. russia has halted all pending adoptions by the u.s. an american put this 7-year-old
7:24 am
boy on a moscow bound flight and returned him home to russia unannounced. he was carrying a letter from the tennessee woman who had adopted him. it said that he was violent and mentally unstable. now authorities in tennessee and the state department are investigating. live picture from nasa tv. astronauts on the second of three space walks. they're replacing an old storage tank for the station's cooling system.
7:25 am
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we are about 30 minutes away from the texas stadium employing. it's going away. never see it again. there's a new one they have there that costs 1 plus billion dollars. you'll forget about this soon anyway. the person who is going to be table to make the building go boom is an 11-year-old who start ad charity for homeless. he won an essay contest. you see him there. he gets to do the honors today. don lemon talked to him last night. check him out. >> are you nervous? >> no, i'm not.
7:29 am
just a little bit. >> what do you mean, a little bit? >> well, i'm kind of nervous and kind of excited. >> you been tabable to sleep? >> a little bit. >> what do your buds think of them? >> two of them are -- a lot of them are happy for me. some of them are kind of jealous. >> if i was 11, i would be jealous. you been practicing? >> no, i haven't. >> are you going to have to pull a lever, push a button, what do you have to do? >> push a button. >> you can do that, right? >> yeah. >> hand the kid a lighter and say go for it. thank goodness that's not the case. >> and a stick of dine nit. just toss it in there, kid, we are, you know, implosions around here. we haven't had a good implosion in quite some time. this is the granddaddy of all implosions. the building


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