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tv   Larry King Live  CNN  April 28, 2010 9:00pm-10:00pm EDT

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>> reporter: cnn, new york. >> the fingertip on the forehead sort of says it all, doesn't it? brown currently running third in the polls, this whole ordeal not likely to help matters. that's all for now. thanks for joining us tonight. i'll see you in a few hours. "larry king live" starts right "larry king live" starts right now. -- captions by vitac -- >> larry: tonight -- the trumps, donald and his beautiful wife melania. a rare interview. and a look at their lives. the donald fired sandra bullock's husband, jesse james, from "the celebrity apprentice." and sandra's revelation, she's been an adoptive mom for three
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moss. and plus, bret michaels' medical condition. and why it deserves the badge it's getting. and if arizona's tough new immigration laws are bad for business. it's all next on "larry king live." >> larry: we welcome back to "larry king live" donald and melania trump. donald, of course, a real estate entrepreneur. we don't have to tell you who he is. he is host of nbc's "celebrity apprentice." his wife, mel lana has a new jewelry line that debuts on qvc on april 30th. we'll see some of it later. they were last seen on "larry king live" together in 2005, their son barron was born a year later. our cameras recently captured some of their life together. we'll be seeing those clips during the hour.
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you want to stick around. how is barron doing? >> barron's really great. >> larry: just turned 4? >> just turned 4. >> larry: good boy? >> good boy. >> larry: preschool? >> yes. >> larry: is he a little donald? >> yes. >> larry: is he firing anybody? >> yes, he's firing the housekeeper and nanny. >> larry: let's get right into things. jesse james, sandra bullock's estranged husband. he was on "celebrity apprentice." >> i got to know him well. he was sort of a nasty guy. clint black, the great country singer, just couldn't stand him and others. sometimes, for instance, with bret, everybody loved bret, bret michaels going through a tough time right now. but people didn't like jesse. a lot of people. he was sullen but he was tough. >> larry: are you surprised that
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he and sandra had adopted a baby? >> nobody knew she had the baby three months already. i wish her well. she's very happy. she should enjoy every moment with it because they grow up so fast. >> larry: do you feel sorry for her? >> actually, it's not her fault, you know. >> larry: do you feel sorry what's happened to her? >> of course, yes. when marriage falls apart. it's a bad thing. it's not great for anybody. and i just hope she keep herself busy with a child and go for a life that she deserves. >> larry: all right, jesse, let's take a look at one of jesse's appearances on last season's "celebrity apprentice." watch. >> i mean in one way, i respect that you haven't used your wife. in another way, it's a little disappointing that you haven't brought her in, you know, it is for charity. in one way, i'm a little bit disappointed. and i'm feeling that even if you are in the final two, you probably wouldn't. so, jesse, you're fired.
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great job. >> yeah. thanks. >> really great job. >> thanks. >> next season. >> i wanted to come, do a good job and show that i could do. -t. i think i accomplished that. >> larry: were you egging him on to bring on miss bullock? >> well, i was surprised he didn't. certain tasks, some bring on others. jesse decided not to. in one way, i respected it, in other ways, i thought he could have gotten a lot of money. he had the brainstorm, i can tell you that. he didn't want to bring sandra in and i was really surprised. frankly, now in retrospect, maybe he didn't want to bring her in because he had somebody else on the side. who knows, right? >> larry: sandra has filed for divorce now, "people's"
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exclusive cover story, including an extraordinary statement from him. we wanted to give you part of what jesse had to say and his reaction. here's jesse james' statement. "my whole life has been full of hard decision. the decision to let my wife end our marriage and love lewis, not having him around to hold has left a huge hole in my heart. sandy is the love of my life, considering the pain and december station i've caused her it would be selfish not to let her go. right now, it's time for me to beat the addiction that has taken the two things i love in my life. i ask that you please judge sandy for the things i've done wrong. she's done no wrong. she's been an amazing wife and friend for the six years we've been together. smart idea to say that? >> i also know it's too late. i know her. i made two movies with he. she asked if i play myself.
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and i did. i said, can i do it in ten minutes? she said, yes. and i did. i got to know her. she's an absolute sweetheart. just the nicest person. just can't imagine what happened. >> larry: have you talked to her since? >> i have not talked to her since. >> larry: have you tried to contact her? >> no, look, she's a terrific woman. and he's a nice guy. >> i met her. >> see, melania is much more liberal, if this happened to me, she would take me back in a minute. >> larry: do you like the statement he made? does it fit the way you know him? >> i think it's obviously somebody that would love to get back with her. i can't imagine she could possibly say yes. >> larry: how do you imagine she kept an adopted child a secret? >> well, she had friends. she had some good friends that really kept it quiet.
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>> larry: do you think being in the papers a lot has helped your business? >> probably, it has. but in my life, it's made my life more complicated. i'm a real estate guy. number one, hey, we do great with "the apprentice" and it's a successful show. but what i do best is real estate. i love walking new york and buying buildings. now, i can't do that. so it's made my life more complex but probably it's helped. >> larry: i was with my friend and your friend, freddy wilmot today. he spoke very favorable of you. he said people make fun of you, but you're a great real estate developer, first and foremost, you are? >> it's nice that freddy said that. he's a great real estate developer. what i did best is develop things. otherwise, i wouldn't be on "the
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apprentice" because that's what it's about. >> larry: do you like that this name is in the paper all the time? >> well, it's part of the life. he's bigger than life in one way. >> larry: and you've cup to accept that? >> yes, yes. and what does he do? every sunday, he's in millions and millions of homes. so it's part of the business so i don't have a problem with it. >> larry: another "celebrity apprentice" contestant is in the hospital with a brain hemorrhage. we'll ask about bret michaels. stay with us. so many arthritis pain relievers -- i just want fewer pills and relief that lasts all day.
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[ male announcer ] experience fast in all its forms. the is line. at your lexus dealer. >> larry: we're back. as you all know, brett michaels is in the hospital, serious brain condition. he's earning for the diabetes association. during the competition, he learned that his 9-year-old daughter would be diabetic. here's part of the boardroom discussion. watch. >> now, does that make you feel even stronger for fight for your charity, or do you think you'd
9:11 pm
like to leave? >> you know that i do not want to leave here, but for my charity, i would fight to the end, and especially now. however, if she was really sick, i would never say i want to leave, but i will leave to take care of my daughter. >> larry: what do you make of this? >> well, first of saul, he's a great guy. i didn't know what to make of him. he was on. i know of him, i never met him before. but i didn't give him a lot of chance. he's outworked everybody. he has been so good, so strong. and, you know, like i was saying before, he was popular. everybody loved bret. every cast mate. goldberg, the wrestler, they loved bret. he actually looked like he was in good shape. it's never been the thing in my life, i saw him without a shirt and he looked good. not as good as she looks without a shirt, but he looked good. >> larry: laugh about that.
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>> but to think this would happen to him is amazing. >> larry: have you tried to find -- do you know what hospital he's in? >> well, i'd rather not say. i mean, he's really working hard to -- you know, look, he's got a very, very tough situation. >> larry: now, you've taped everything but the final show, right? >> we have taped. >> larry: how do we handle this? obviously, he's not going to be on the final show. >> well, we'll see what happens. it would be great. >> larry: when the final show? >> in five weeks. >> larry: it's touch and go? >> i don't care about the show. i really got to like him. he's become a friend of mine. everybody loves him. we just want him to get better. >> larry: as he lost the challenge, many viewers thought he might get the boot. watch what happened. >> because i've decided that for over $347,000 raised i'm not
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going to fire anybody tonight. you're all going to escape. you did a great job, sharon. you had the better workout. just get out of here. i'm not firing anyone. ali, congratulations. >> larry: was bret touch and go there? >> no, not really. they both did great. both did. they raised $347,000 in a period of hours. bret's team lost, but they raised hundreds of thousands of dollars. it went to a fantastic charity for autism by holly. they just did a great job. i've never done that before. i've always sent people out, people get fired. >> larry: are you getting soft? >> i'm getting soft, there's no question. . >> larry: why, melania, you're a viewer of the show, why is it successful? >> i think it's because of him. it's because he handles everything and the cast. the way he is in the boardroom, and he tells what he thinks and they love that. >> larry: but he's popular and
9:14 pm
he fires people that people like? >> yeah, i know. but people like tough people. they like to see how he will do it, you know. >> you know what's sad. they did a recent poll and i'm much more popular than before rye fired people. i fire people and i became more popular. >> larry: you can't like to fire people? >> i don't like to fire people. i really don't. this is a show. it can be very tough. but i certainly don't like to fire people. >> larry: donald knows a thing or two about the economy. we're going to get his financial forecast, of course, about goldman sachs. we're going to see melania's beautiful jewelry when we come back. by bringing together... information. ... people ... ... machines ... ... systems ... ideas... verizon helps businesses worldwide... including fortune 500 companies... find and achieve... better. better. better. better.
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call or click now. say hi, larry. >> hi. i like my suitcase. i have to go to school now? >> yeah, you have lunch and then to school. >> now, i'm going to go? >> yeah, first you have lunch and then you go it school. >> you can do reading, writing and arithmetic. >> larry: he has an accent? >> he does, he spends most of the time with me so -- >> larry: what do you think of that? >> i think it's great. anything he does is okay with he. >> larry: he speaks three languages actually. that's pretty good. you're planning a new version of the original "apprentice" series and the competitors reflect the problems of the economy. how's it going to work?
9:18 pm
>> the "apprentice" has done so well, so has "celebrity apprentice." they want to bring both back. the regular in the fall and "celebrity" in the spring. >> larry: what's the economy angle? >> i think people need jobs. they need work. the economy's a lot different. when we originally started "the apprentice" before "celebrity." it became the best show on television, then we went to "celebrity" version, now, we have both. >> larry: it's reflecting the economy? >> it's going to be very reflective of people looking for jobs underachieving that want to achieve. >> larry: are you pessimistic? >> no, i'm optimistic, if you look at what china's doing to this country, it's disgraceful. >> larry: doing how? >> well, they make all our
9:19 pm
products. we're not manufacturing anything. >> larry: and employers with cheap labor, right? >> excuse me, they take our money and loan it back to us. we should be fighting china, we should be fighting opec. there's oil all over the place. it's floating all over the place, including assthe sea rig now because of the oil leak. there's tankers. >> larry: you're not an environmentalist? >> i am an environmentalist. i don't want to stop progress at the sake of unnecessary environmental regulation. >> larry: goldman sachs, i don't even have to ask you a question. goldman sachs. >> well, i know goldman sachs very well. look, i also know lloyd blac blankfein. he's a great guy. >> larry: he's a brooklyn guy? >> he's a smart guy. it's not their fault, they're one of many cogs in the anoument. but the politicians are, too.
9:20 pm
>> larry: from what they're accused of, what do you make of that? they're telling people to buy this while they're selling it? >> well, i know, they're betting short and betting long. it's like a very large casino. they were using the word "casino" yesterday. it's pretty tough. all of a sudden, london's going to get bigger and bigger and asia is going to get bigger and bigger. >> larry: do you want to let the inmates run the asylum? >> it's a very fine line. i watched the politicians. they didn't know what they were talking about. they weren't listening to heir answers. they just wanted to get face time on television. >> larry: simply put, how would you feel if you gave money to goldman sachs to invest in a, b, c, while they were selling abc, but telling you to buy a, b, c?
9:21 pm
i don't mean the television network. >> you have to be able to think for yourself. they understand that goldman sachs sometimes is on different sides of the transactions >> larry: is that wrong? >> they bet against the mortgage market. they lost in some case and won in some cases. >> larry: so you wouldn't be hurt? >> i am not defending goldman sachs or anybody else on wall street. i'm just saying you have to be very, very careful with regulation because you'll drive business out of this country. that's the problem. you look at these countries like china, japan, india, they're eating our lunch. if 15 years from now, china's going to be the most important economic power if we don't get on the ball. look, i have friends in china, they think our representatives, they think our politicians are the dumbest men on earth. they can't believe what they get away with. >> reporter: melania is an immigrant. with the arizona law, that's
9:22 pm
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>> larry: it's a night you never forget. 1985. i had a feeling that night this show would be it. when it gets down to the who, what, when, why? here i am, here to ask questions. i'm the best. we've got the top 25 contest going to pick your favorites. we're going to have the trumps do their selections a little later on. arizona's new law. what do you make of it? >> well, it all starts with the federal government not coming out with a law, they've been talking about it for years and they still haven't done anything. arizona is getting crime-ridden. there's killings all over the place. shootings all over the place. >> larry: do you favor stopping people on the street? >> what are you going to do? are you going to stop people to see whether or not they're supposed to be there. i personally as a citizen wouldn't mind. >> larry: would you mind if
9:26 pm
people from slovenia were stopped because they looked funny? >> well, i think everybody needs to have papers to be legally here. we need to have papers if we go anywhere else in the world. so people need to have papers here. >> larry: do you own property in arizona? >> no. >> larry: no. what do you make of a boycott plan? >> i think it's ridiculous. arizona is one of our state, they're a productive state. a wonderful state. i've been there many times. and people are just streaming into their state. and crime rate goes way up. and they say, along the border, it's just brutal what's happening. if you live along the border. i just heard this today. i was listening to somebody describing life. it's murder. it's really dangerous stuff. and a lot of the border states are having this problem. i think the federal government has to do something or the states are going to take it into their own hands. arizona in a very tough way has taken it into their own hands. >> larry: do you see where mexican-americans might be a little offended?
9:27 pm
>> well, i can see that. but if you think about it, nobody wants to say it, you have a mexican-american and then you have a blond guy walking down the street. mexico doesn't have a lot of blonds. >> larry: so you're in favor of profiling? >> i'm in favor of -- if people are coming in illegally, i am favoring you have to have laws. nobody knows what the law is. people are streaming across the border. sometimes, it's drug dealers. what's. happening there, the drug dealers are coming in and that's a big deal. they're coming in and they're killing. >> larry: you also have american interests hiring them? >> you have american interests hiring them, absolutely. and many cases, they're great workers. the biggest problem is you have great people come in from mexico works crops and cutting lawns that i'm not sure a lot of americans are going to take those jobs. that's the dichotomy. that's the problem. you have a lot of great people coming in doing a lot of work.
9:28 pm
and i'm not so sure that a lot of other people are doing that work so it's a very tough problem. but i do say this, you have a law or at least you have to establish a law. and i guess we're sort of a country, and other people aren't supposed to be coming into a country illegally. >> larry: so you would not favor a boycott of any kind? >> no, i would not favor a boycott. >> larry: we'll be right back with the trumps. we're going to look at melania's line of jewelry, if diamonds are a girl's best friend, wait till you see some of the stuff she's brought. don't go away. my doctor said most calcium supplements...
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>> larry: by the way, i mentioned the immigration law. we'll discuss it tomorrow night. major discussion on this program. we're back with the trumps and melania now has a new jewelry line for qvc. you designed all of that? >> i designed that. i sketch. i studied architecture and design in slovenia. >> larry: you were a model? >> when i finished my design, i
9:32 pm
went to modeling. and i just love see the idea coming to life. >> larry: why qvc? >> it's the best retailer out there. and the best -- >> larry: so on friday night you'll debut this, right? you're going to sell this? >> this is on friday. >> larry: inexpensive? >> everything under $200. it's affordable luxury juewelry. and every piece has a story behind it. i design for women across the country who loves jewelry, and they don't need to break the bank to afford it. for example, this bracelet, it's only $35. >> larry: come on. >> yes. and this one, $240. it's $35. >> larry: how much is the wedding ring, donald? >> i'll never have to buy jewelry again. that's what i like about it. >> larry: but the wedding ring -- >> this is the engagement ring.
9:33 pm
this is the ring i designed. $35. >> yeah, $35 and $35 million. you tell me the difference. >> larry: what do you make of this entrepreneurial line from your wife? >> well, these very entrepreneurial. but more than entrepreneurial, she's got a good sense. from clothing to jewelry. and i noticed from the beginning. >> larry: men's watch? >> no, woman's watch. it's for the office. this is for $65. >> not bad, right? >> larry: now, your stepdaughter, ivanka, has a very successful high-end jewelry line. you'll find nothing in there for $200. i've been in that store. her boutique starts at $700 up to $250,000. you're not competitors. what do you make of the line? >> i think she has very beautiful jewelry.
9:34 pm
it's a very different design from what i have. and the price is different, too. but she's very successful and this is completely different. and they can afford it and have fun with the jewelry. there are pieces that you can wear it on the beach, playing with the son, just put it around your neck with sarong, you know, it's just for fun. and there are two collections. the paris collection is more glamorous. >> larry: but nothing over $200? >> nothing over 200. >> larry: what do you make of this, donald? >> i think it's going to be successful. i actually sold one of my books "think like a champion" on qvc. >> larry: what do you think of your wife? >> i think she'll do very well. i think she'll do very well on television. >> larry: did you come to donald and say, this is something i want to do? someone had to back you, invest in this? >> yes, but i don't like to
9:35 pm
bring business home when he comes home from office. i don't like to discuss business because they're both -- >> i've been asking her for 50% of this company. i want 50%. >> so i just told him that i have a great idea. somebody approached me, and qvc saw the line, they loved it. and that went on. when he saw the line, had said it's beautiful. >> but, actually, right from the beginning. she'd design a jacket. and she'd wear the jacket and go out to a party. and really sophisticated people and models are coming up, where did you get that jacket? she designed it and made it. she's always have a great design sense. >> larry: you're very proud of her and your daughter? >> i'm proud of her and i'm proud of ivanka. >> larry: does everybody get along? >> yes, we do. >> larry: as we saw, donald and
9:36 pm
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>> hit them hard. pretty good. good. if it ever goes through the net, i'm if trouble. >> that is so cute.
9:39 pm
>> good shot, son. give me five. >> good morning. >> good morning. >> with me is my beautiful wife melania and my son barron, a future businessman and pro golfer. >> larry: "larry king live" cameras got an inside look at how donald, melania and their 4-year-old son barron live. there's definitely glitch and privilege. but stern paternal advice about the future. watch. >> school time. give me a kiss good-bye. good guay. i want all "a"s. when you get older, what are you going to remember? no drugs, no alcohol, no cigarettes. and -- you know what else? no tattoos, i don't want ever to see tattoos on you. >> larry: oh, boy, donald, no tattoos. >> well, i don't get the tattoos. i don't get it >> larry: let's take a call from
9:40 pm
denver, colorado. hello. >> caller: good evening. >> good evening. >> larry: go ahead. >> caller: trumps, i'd like to ask you, do you think the housing market would be helped if bernanke were to raise the interest rates, and then the banks might be more willing to lend people, if they were getting -- able to make more money out of it? >> larry: that's a very good question. >> it is a very good question. not necessarily help, but this is a great time to go out and buy a house. you mow when i make speeches, two years ago, three years ago, i made speeches don't buy, don't buy. it was so overgreated. i would get in trouble, real estates companies would pay me a fortune to make speeches. now, great time to buy. great time to buy. >> larry: because? >> because the prices are low. this is a great time to buy houses. by the way, buy them from banks.
9:41 pm
the banks have them. >> larry: would you raise interest rate s? >> i would start to think about it. interest rates are going to go up on their own volition pretty soon. >> larry: the fabulous world of golf. you were on the golf channel, right? >> i love golf. i have 11 of the best golf courses in the world. they calm to me and saw how high he were on "apprentice. "they said, would you do a show. we did a really good show. >> larry: you have matches? >> i have matches every week. always at my courses. and it really worked out. i mean, it was amazing. >> larry: are you like the host? >> i'm the host. >> larry: you're also on the cover of "golf" magazine? >> i'm on the cover of "golf" magazine. >> larry: do you play? >> i play with my son because we just started. we go out and have fun and
9:42 pm
sometimes play together. >> larry: what do you make of tiger woods? >> well, i have great respect for tiger. i really like him. i understand him i like him. it's an amazing thing that he did so well at the masters. larry, i have friends, if they're under pressure, they can't sink a putt this long. they can't even take the club back for $2. there's tiger with like 2 billion people watching him, more than that, all over the world, and he comes in fourth at the mafsters. i thought he did an unbelievable job. but he played. he wasn't happy with his performance and yet, he came in fourth. tiger is an amazing guy. >> larry: do you think he'll straighten out his life? >> they'll be fine. i don't think they'll be together. it's just too hard. i think he'll be absolutely fine. he'll start winning and winning takes care of a lot of problems. >> larry: playing again this weekend. >> playing again this weekend.
9:43 pm
>> larry: michigan, hello. >> caller: hi. hi, larry. i want to say, donald trump, you are fabulous. >> thank you, i like you, too. >> caller: you are the smartest man, wonderful father. >> larry: what's your question? >> caller: my question is i'm in my late 50s. will it ever come back around to where these jobs -- i've had four jobs. what do you think? >> well, i hope so. you know, you have opec sucking the blood out of our country. you have china sucking the blood out of our country. and, so, you know, you talk about jobs, where are the jobs going? they're going to mexico? we're sending our people, our jobs to mexico. >> larry: what do we do about it? >> well, i think you get tough. frankly, i'd put taxes on things coming into this country. we have the great economy. but in 10 to 15 years we will no longer be number one.
9:44 pm
we're fighting with ourselves. we're fighting with the wrong people. >> larry: what do you think of obama? >> well the jury's still out. i like him personally. i would like to see him get very tough with opec. i would like to see him get tough on china. >> larry: you can call the shots when you don't have the cards? >> you can quality shots because we have all of the cards. we have the great economy. we have the money right now. by the way, losing it fast. think of it. we don't have to make toys in china. we can make them in north carolina. we can make them in alabama. we don't need make toys with lead poisoning. >> larry: at 2 cents an hour, though? >> excuse me. we need oil. we have to look at this nuclearly and strongly and quickly. we have environmental protection that makes it almost impossible to put nuclear power in. and yet, other countries very,
9:45 pm
very smart are going nuclear. and energy. there's so many things. >> larry: donald and melania will pick that favorite "larry king live" moment when we come back. ♪ well, look who's here. it's ellen. hey, mayor white. how you doing? great. come on in. would you like to see our new police department? yeah, all right. this way. and here it is. completely networked. so, anything happening, suz? she's all good. oh, my gosh. is that my car? [ whirring ] [ female announcer ] the new community. see it. live it. share it. on the human network. cisco.
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>> larry: we're back. want to see more of melania's
9:48 pm
jewelry like i'm holding here, this beautiful ring? go to our facebook page. and check it out. also, you know the legendary musical group peter, paul & mary? don't miss the exclusive. that's at let's check in with sanjay gupta sitting in for anderson cooper with a preview of "a.c. 360." sanjay. >> we do have breaking news, larry, on the oil spill in the gulf of mexico. the coast guard starting to burn the oil out of the surface. remarkable images. we're about to see them in a minute. the president calling a last-minute news conference. saying they have, quote, a major development. and also fallout over arizona immigration law. some states saying they'd like to adopt the same measures. other states seeing it
9:49 pm
differently, actually thinking about boy could itting. also, we're going to talk to sean penn about what's happening in haiti. she's still down there. did the money you donated actually get to the people who needed. i know you raised a lot of money for haiti as well. be interesting to see where that money has gone, larry. >> larry: be interesting. we raised over $10 million. sanjay gupta, 10:00 eastern, 7:00 pacific. we're celebrating the 25th anniversary of "larry king live." go to pick your top 25 moments. enter the sweepstakes. since you guys are here, wow like to show everyone how this works and find out what your top moments are. so -- >> well, i'm just looking and i can tell you, the marlon brando interview was fantastic. this guy was a true piece of work. it was an amazing interview.
9:50 pm
i would say tammy faye is tammy faye, right? she's great. honey, pick one. >> i love michael jackson. >> michael was a great friend o. he was a sweet guy. >> you'll see all these things when you go to the website. pick them out and vote. someone will win, revealing the top five moments. what are two others you like? >> i think the nafta debate was great with ross perot and our former vice president, al gore. yes. that's right. >> and president reagan, i loved president reagan. president reagan was a great guy. >> larry: we will reveal the top five moments beginning may 31st. now, let's look at one of the great moments that has to do with jewelry and our dear friend, dame elizabeth taylor.
9:51 pm
watch. >> larry: this is costume jewelry. >> what! >> larry: wait a minute. these are diamonds? >> you pet your ass they are. >> larry: all right. >> i never had anyone pitch diamond jewelries on the air like it was -- call in, folks, let's start the bidding at $100,000. >> this is a diamond studded necklace with pearls. >> you got it! >> larry: where did you get that ring? richard. richard gave it. >> it's a perfect ring. i thought, how poetic that would be if a nice little jewish girl like me ended up with it. >> larry: she was an amazing amazing star on the american horizon for years, amazing actress. i consider her a friend and i
9:52 pm
like her very much. there's another person, when you ask, you get an answer. enter the sweepstakes and pick your top five moments at we'll be back with the trumps right after this. >> "larry king live"'s top 25 moments is brought to you by yoplait. it is so good. ps them in the ho. no no no, i've actually lost weight... i just have a high metabolism or something... ...lucky. [ wife ] babe... ♪ umm, i gotta go. [ female announcer ] 28 delicious flavors at around 100 calories each. yoplait, it is so good. indulge in new blueberry pie and new red velvet cake. yoplait light. it is so good. i want to fix up old houses. ♪ [ woman ] when i grow up, i want to take him on his first flight. i want to run a marathon.
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that's a shot. >> oh!
9:55 pm
>> he just hit a rolls-royce. did you hear that? we're just pretending we didn't see anything because i'm not paying for that door. you know a door on a rolls-royce is about $100,000. >> larry: melania's jewelry line debuts "onq" vc. her birthday was monday. how did you celebrate? what did he get you? >> a beautiful present. beautiful jewelry. >> larry: you were 40? >> i was 40. >> larry: do you feel 40? >> i don't. i feel great. i just don't know how to explain. it's only a number. actually, they say it's the new 20. >> larry: you've seen many stories about kids from privileged, going wrong, drugs and tragic consequences. what do you hope you're doing right? you never know.
9:56 pm
you have grown children. >> they're still young and i have two very young. you saw my bit with barron, i'm saying no drugs or alcohol or cigarettes. i drive the kids crazy all their lives. i say no drugs, no alcohol, no cigarettes. i say to them everyday, every week. they say, dad, stop it, stop it. they remember it. you know what, they remember it. i already started on barron. it's really the drugs and alcohol. i've seen so much. michael douglas is such a great guy. look what drugs have caused and i think michael is a great father. >> larry: a lot of privileged. >> i think it happens to everybody. you read about the privileged, you don't read about so many others. i guess you need a little luck, too. >> larry: this is a tough time to grow up. >> this is a tough time. the drugs are all over the place. it's a tough time.
9:57 pm
>> larry: let's take another call. heartsville, south carolina. hello. >> caller: hello, larry. i have a two-part question for mr. trump. when was the last time you spoke with bret michaels and how was he doing then and how is he doing now? my second question, would you ever consider running for president? >> that's very nice. >> larry: you did consider once. >> they wanted me to run and i said i didn't want to run. i spoke to bret just two or three days before he had the difficulty and he was so great. how is he doing now? hopefully well. nobody really knows. it's a very tricky thing what can happen. hopefully, he's doing well. as far as president, get asked this question, why don't you run for president because i do have sort of a take on what it takes? i'm just loving what i'm doing, larry, you know that. i was here a long time with you a long time ago and everybody was asking me the same question
9:58 pm
and continue to ask me the same question because they really are looking for answer is in this country. they see this country is going backwards. >> larry: what do you make of this tea party thing? >> that's just it. they're disgusted with what's going on in this country, we're going to be number 2, number 3, number 4 country and there's no reason for it. >> larry: are you back in the casino business? >> i've just gone through a big battle. atlantic city has gone through tremendous competition but myself and the bondholders won a big battle against other groups. beer in the business, yeah, meaning we're in the business but atlantic city is a very competitive place. >> larry: you're in vegas but not in the casino, right? >> i'm in vegas, we built a really amazing building. trump international hotel. vegas is not doing so well but the building, we're very proud of it, it's been great. >> larry: why didn't you go the
9:59 pm
casino route? >> just because i think they're overexposed, too many of them. it turned out to be true. we built the building, was over there last week and a magnificent building, doing really well. >> larry: what keeps you going? >> i love what i'm doing. i hope obama toughens up and does a great job. >> larry: what drives you business-wise? >> i love the creation of a beautiful building. i even love the creation of getting these huge ratings on the apprentice so long. we've had 15 copies, like so many people copy you, we've had 15 copies of the apprentice and every one of them failed. we've been the number one show on television many many nights. we had a great time. >> larry: good luck to you friday, you won't need. it beautiful stuff. the trumps. tomorrow night, a border


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