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tv   CNN Newsroom  CNN  July 13, 2010 9:00am-11:00am EDT

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about the consumer report review. plenty of tech blogs say if you buy a case for the phone it fix tess problem. some of the other blogs said provide a free case with the purchase or recall the phone. >> exactly. well, hardware, software problem, it is a problem. >> that's true. continue the conversation on today's stories by heading to our blog. we will see you right back here tomorrow. >> "cnn newsroom" with alina cho starts right now. good morning, everybody. kyra is off this morning. here is what's happening. day 85 of the bp oil disaster and the end finally may be in sight. it all depends on the new containment path and if it passes a crucial test. a new poll shows the confidence in the president is slipping to new lows. the anti-incull bent mood is surging. you heard the complaints about the iphone 4 and its
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dropped calls. now "consumer reports" is weighing in. the news is not good. day 85 of the gulf oil disaster and there is new hope this morning that today could mark the beginning of the end. could being the key word. you are looking live there. here is the latest. bp successfully placed a new contain many on the gushing well. the company says that tight-fitting cap may be able to contain all of the escaping oil. now today the company will begin critical tests on the cap's effectiveness. the testing could take as long as 48 hours. bp says the ultimate solution now appears within reach. the company says the so-called kill operations to seal the well could take place at the end of this month. for the latest let's go to ed lavandara. today is a critical day. they will be closing the valve on that new containment cap for first time. what does that mean? >> reporter: we wrapped up a
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technical briefing from bp officials. what we are waiting on now is for this -- what's called the integrity testing of the well to take place. we have been told that that would start tuesday morning and now told that will begin around mid day today. there's other preliminary testing going on. es penally once they begin the process, that integrity testing, could take anywhere between 6 to 48 hours and will include closing off the valves on that new containment cap so they can take solid readings of the pressure inside of that containment cap and inside that well. even though if i sound counterintuitive, when i first heard it i was confused. they want higher pressure. lower pressure means oil cess caping from other parts of that well and that would not be a good situation at this point. the integrity of that well is the key aspect of all of this. that testing is expected now to begin around midday today according to the latest briefing we received from bp officials.
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that will give them after that, that will be -- allow them to figure out exactly how they proceed next. whether or not the cap alone will be able to take care of everything or they will -- if the pressure is not high enough, will they need to be able to bring oil to the surface through various different pipes and tubes and all of that, to bring the pipe -- the oil to the surface. so we are waiting to hear on what the next move will be and these tests we will begin later in the next few hours will tell them the information they need and thousand they can move ahead. >> next 48 hours clearly critical. ed lavandara live for news new orleans. thank you. bp could be facing yet another pr nightmare. on capitol hill some lawmakers want to know if bp lobbied for the release of the bomber of pan am flight 103. here's the explanation. 270 people died and most americans. now there are reports that bp lobbied the uk from megrahi's
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release and that's to help land a massive oil contract with libya's government. megrahi was released on compassionate grounds after he was diagnosed with prostate cancer. more developments out of uganda following a string of deadly bomb attacks on world cup fans. there are now new worries about al shabaab, the terrorist group that claimed responsibility for the uganda attacks. now they are earning congratulations from al qaeda. sunday's attacks in kampala ripped through crowds at a restaurant and a rug by field killing at least 74 people. the investigation is moving forward. several arrests but no official charges yet. police discovered an unexploded bomb device nearby at a nightclub. meanwhile, al qaeda's english language magazine "inspire" is cheering the attacks. calling it, quote, a get celebration. among the 74 people killed an american volunteer reportedly working with the charity invisible children, nonprofit working with ugandan students.
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25-year-old fatally gurode the r rugby field. this is the memorial page on his group's website. his fellow volunteers remember him as selfless. >> he was a big guy and -- he commanded a lot of respect. gentlist way possible. nate really defied the norm. he could have gone out and tried to find a well-paying job you about spent the last year and a half dedicating his time for free. he was curious about life. he was willing to give everything he had. >> in an awful twist of fate, the victim's brother was injured in plane crash while he was on his way home to delaware to be with his grief stricken family. kyle was apparently onboard a small plane that crashed yesterday in north carolina. cnn affiliate wtvd reports the
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pilot was killed but henn is said to be in fair condition at a nearby hospital. a shaky economy apparently hurting president obama's popularity. that's according to two new polls. more than half of those polled say the white house isn't doing a good enough job. only 43% of americans approve of the president's job performance on the economy. that's down from 50% in june. and that number is nearly mirrored by a cbs poll which puts the president's approval rating on the economy at 45%. money woes are top on the mind of many americans. this could be a sign of anti-incumbent moves. just four months ahead of the critical midterm elections. cnn crunching all the numbers for our own poll of polls. senate democrats may be just days away from winning a final vote on wall street reform. two republican senators, scott brown, olympia snowe, reportedly jumped onboard. giving democrats that 60-vote filibuster-proof majority the a
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procedural vote is expected today. that will set the stage for a final vote as early as thursday. if it passes, the bill then heads to the oval office for the president's signature. the overhaul is 2,315 pages long. it gives regulator as lot of leeway. . some of their decisions on oil and commodities futures could affect how much you pay for every day stuff like milk and gas. decisions on banks could determine how easy it is for you to get a loan and how much you pay in credit card and mortgage fees. critics of apple's newest iphone are getting some validation this morning. "consumer reports" concurs there is a reception problem with the iphone 4. surprise, surprise. it says it cannot recommend buying it due to problem was the new iphone's antenna. josh, this is a pretty big deal, isn't it? >> it is a really big deal. apple prads of itself in coming up with the new hot gadget everyone wants.
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when this came out, this apple iphone 4, it was, according to apple, the single biggest launch in the entire company's history. every product they have ever had, they say nothing matched the launch of the iphone. last thing they want is successive complaints about serious reception problems. it started with people out there saying it was happening to them and picked up on the internet and "consumer reports," one of the most popular places in the world to decide whether or not something is worth buying. they are saying they can in the recommend it. here is what an official from "consumer reports" is saying the problem is. >> when we tested this device, what we found is that if you hold it a certain way, such that your finger is over a gap in the case in the bottom left-hand side of it, the reception -- antenna reception is reduced considerably. such that we think people could lose calls in the middle of a call as their reception goes
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down. we like a lot of things about this phone but it has this design flaw. >> reporter: i want to see what we are talking about. iphone 4 in my hand. if you look way in, that little line right there, little tiny black line, is where the problem is. if you are hold thing phone and you somehow put your finger over that line, what can happen is that can mess up the antenna. an teen system there. bigger picture of it here on the web for you. it is that line. that's concern. there are obvious ways some people aren't having problem with this. the person i borrowed this from is not having a problem. she has a case it. you can get a case. what "consumer reports" is saying, it should be a free and permanent solution to a problem like this. this also -- another thing you should know about. take a look here. apple has said that they believe the problem is a software glitch. can you -- i don't know. we are not getting reception in the studio. they said the problem is that it looks like you are losing --
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when you are not. they said there was a software problem that made it look like have you a lot of bars when you have fewer and that touching a certain way makes the drop number to -- makes the bars drop to where it actually is. what's happened today is "consumer reports" has come out and questioned whether it is a software problem. they think it is a hardware flaw. problem with the antenna and want to see a permanent fix. we want to hear from you about this. we are talking to you about this today. i'm online. we are talking about it at facebook and twitter. you can get me at the blog. let us know if you have one of these and if it caused any problems for you, if it worked for you. what you are doing and also let us know what you want to hear from apple about all of this. do you want to see it redesigned and a little tiny patch you can stick on your phone there? this is instructive to companies all over. one more to put this in context. let's keep in mind apple had a series of problems. there was a prototype phone that got out earlier than they wanted it to.
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they have been dealing with that pr nightmare for a while. now they have than "consumer reports" telling they don't think it should be bought. little silver lining for them. "consumer reports" says aside from this issue they think it is a great phone. they will be recommending if apple can come along and fix the one problem. >> the big question is does anybody care? this is the bestselling gadget in apple's history? 1.7 million in three days. we will have to wait and see. >> they want even more sales. absolutely. you are right. >> josh, thank you. stick around. coming up next, we are going to go live to haiti with our own anderson cooper. anderson sat down exclusively with former president bill clinton, the u.s. envoy to haiti. we will have that interview and anderson live for news four minutes.
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welcome back. surprise deal between cuba and the roman catholic church. the first wave of free political prisoners is now out of cuba and beginning their new lives in spain. cuba released 52 prisoners in all. the release came hours after former cuban leader fidel castro
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addressed the nation on television. the prisoners had been locked up since 2003. that's when the government cracked down on political opposition. spain will give them residency permission and working papers. castro did not talk about the release yesterday in his tv appearance. former president bill clinton says he does not think the international community is giving up on haiti six months after that devastating earthquake. cnn's anderson cooper spoke exclusively with the former president last night and joins us now live from port-au-prince, haiti. good morning. what did he tell you? >> reporter: there's -- a lot of people here, especially in the haitian government, concerned the international aid pledges that have been made to this country by countries around the world simply have not shown up. $5.3 billion has been pledged over the next 18 months for haiti. some of that simply in debt relief. more money has been pledged for years after that. of that $5 opinion 3 million, 2% or 2% to 5% of that money has
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actually been sent. that money is crucial in order to get development projects going and get this rubble removed. rubble still jeff where. people can't move back into their neighborhoods to get new homes to be built. it all costs money. and until that donor money shows up, it seems like it is not going to happen. president clinton says he will dedicate the next seven weeks to reallytri to get donors to set out a schedule of when they are going to start to send the money so haitian government here and the clinton commission he is co-chairing with haiti's prime minister can actually start to distribute some of that money and get some of the long-term recovery and rebuilding projects going. i also talked to the president about a problem that we found and heard from a lot of the ngos, nongovernmental organizations, charities working down here. basically when they are bringing in emergency supplies and building supplies for the haitian people, inform the relief effort, they are getting hit at the airport or at the ports with taxes by customs officials. taxes of 20%.
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we brought in $5,000 worth of relief supplies from one organization and a customs official has tried to charge us $1,000 for those relief supplies that basically is going to the benefit of the haitian people. that's something the president said the haitian government should not be doing. he is trying to get it changed. i talked to former president clinton about it. >> i agree with that but keep in mind, i -- it is not for lack of effort. we met with the groups in the united states. they all promised to work with us through the commission to coordinate their activities to put them on the internet and describe how much money they put in haiti and where it was being spent. >> reporter: once they are coordinated and working with you it makes no sense. >> absolutely. >> reporter: when they are bringing in emergency supplies, getting hit at customs with taxes or huge storage fees. we brought in -- for one organization $5,000 worth of
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equipment for building -- >> was than brie approved so fees. >> reporter: a thousand dollars in fees. 20% of the cost. a lot of ngos say that happens. >> yes. i am -- as we get the donor money in here, i believe i will succeed at getting government to drop that fee. the government does not apply to ngos preregistered and already working here. when ngos come in here the first time and not reregistered and don't anything about it, they do. i tried to get them to change the whole customs system. >> they should fast track emergency supplies. >> reporter: they shouldn't charge them any custom fees, zero. it is not right. >> is that basically trying to generate money for the government? >> reporter: it is what i call the choke hold theory of revenues. what do people have to use to get into haiti? they have to use the ports and airports. so -- that's where the money flows through.
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>> reporter: president clinton saying he is trying to get that changed. there has been progress here. hundreds of millions have been donated and spent on saving people as lives. many, many lives have been saved. many lives improved. people are getting water and food in these camps. more than 1.6 million people are still homeless, living in the makeshift camps. the next step is trying to figure out how get them out of the camps and removing the rubble and getting them back in their old neighborhoods or creating new communities outside of port-au-prince. more people that leave port-au-prince, the better if they can get their job opportunities and new homes and communities built outside of this city. in case the next earthquake comes. >> i know you made a commitment to the story long ago. and you are doing your show from port-au-prince again tonight. what's on tap for tonight? >> reporter: we are going to be looking more at how the money has been spent, wheres that money gone, what money is still promised and not been delivered. we are looking to see how countries have lived up or not
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lived up to the promises they made and the money that has been donated, where has that gone? people at home can so where their money has been spent is, how it has been spent, ask what's happening on the ground. >> and how they can help. anderson cooper live for us from port-au-prince, haiti. we want to pass along breaking news that's just coming in to our newsroom. legendary yankees owner george steinbrenner has apparently suffered a major heart attack in tampa. that's according to wabc, the new york affiliate and cnn affilia affiliate. he's in extremely critical condition. steinbrenner had just turned 80 years old on july 4th. evened the yankees. the yankees have won 11 pen pants and seven world series titles during that time. legendary yankees owner george steinbrenner reportedly suffering a major heart attack. we are following this developing
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we want to return to
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breaking news just coming in to cnn. yankees owner george steinbrenner apparently has suffered a major heart attack in tampa. that's according to wabc, a cnn affilia affiliate. steinbrenner is in extremely critical condition. he's 80 years old. day 85 of the gulf oil disaster. bp plans to begin testing a new cap on that ruptured well today. the cap could contain all of the oil, some of it, or none. testing could last up to two days. possibly longer. the shaky economy is hurting president obama's popularity according to two new polls. more than half of those polled say the white house isn't doing a good enough job. only 43% of americans approve of the president's job performance on the economy. that's down from 50% in june. that number is nearly mirrored by a cbs poll which put the president's approval rating on the economy at 45%.
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welcome back. turning to china where it is see something of the worst flooding in years. just look at those pictures. dozens of people are dead or missing. the flooding has destroyed tens of thousands of homes and has forced nearly a million people to evacuate the local area. heavy rains are causing major lakes and tributaries along the river to rise alarming levels. thousands of soldiers are rescuing trapped residents and reinforcing levees. back in this country, stormy weather. not as bad as what's happening in china. good morning. what's going on? >> good morning. we do have rain in some areas that saw a lot of rainfall yesterday. they are seeing it again today.
9:26 am
memphis, tennessee, 4 1/2 inches of rain, 24 hours. they have already seen a lot of rain today. newport to arkansas seeing over three inches. knoxville, tennessee, seeing 2 1/2 inches yesterday. the other spots that we are seeing a little bit of rainfall, across the northeast. we saw temperatures in the lower mid 90s yesterday in central park. it was a sizzling hot and humid day with bad air quality. today some of that rain cleaning the air out. the rain will be on the increase as we go through this afternoon. philadelphia, back to delaware, more heavy rain has been. so far this morning, now see all of it rolling up the turnpike there. as we go through the next couple of hours, i think the rain will be getting a little more heavy in the new york city metropolitan area. tri-state area. louisville, back to nashville. memphis to little rock, the line of thunderstorms has been dumping a lot of heavier rain. nothing terribly severe as far as wind or hail damage. lots of rain and we have flash flood watches and warnings
9:27 am
posted for parts of little rock and memphis and nashville. then once this little cluster of thunderstorms rolls off towards the east later today we get a bit of help from the sun and jaem and severe thunderstorms are a possible bill. northern alabama and into northern parts of georgia and also northern parts of south ask north carolina with the heavy thunderstorms and including some rain and maybe some hail with that as well. as far as temperatures this afternoon, 97 degrees in dallas. we have heat advisories out again for parts of new orleans. heat indices could be up ask over 105 degrees again today. the wind and the sea in the gulf of mexico are relatively calm. that's good news. 77 degrees in los angeles where anaheim tonight, the all-star game is happening. weather couldn't be better for that. >> rob, thank you. we want to tell you about breaking news that we are following for you here in the cnn newsroom. according to cnn affiliate wabc, legendary yankees owner george steinbrenner has suffered a
9:28 am
massive heart attack. the report says he's in extremely critical condition. he has had health problems over the years. steinbrenner the legendary owner of the yankees. owned the team since 1973. during which the yankees won seven world series titles. he just turned 80 years old july 4th. we are following the breaking news and we are back in a moment.
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9:31 am
i may be mistaken but hasn't he had many health problems over the years? especially of late. >> he has had many health problems over the years, strokes, things of that nature. he suffered a massive heart attack. the handwriting is on the wall. going on for quite some time. we all know he's the boss. that's what we know george steinbrenner as. for some people that's the right way to describe him. for me, an affectionate and complimentary way to describe him. i have been a die-hard yankees fan, native new yorker, bron in the bronx, raised in queens. i was not allowed to watch the yankees until i was 18 years old. i grew up idolize thing man and i consider him to be the greatest owner in sports history as far as i'm concerned. he is a great, great man. wish him and his family the best. right now the news does not seem that good.
9:32 am
>> most certainly doesn't. i want to tell you -- i want to ask you because i know have you a lot of sources in the sports world -- have you spoken to anyone inside the yankees organization about this latest development with steinbrenner? >> believe it or not, no. the latest development is something that's -- actually what it is. it is the latest development. it just happened today. i talked to reggie jackson, you know the hall of famer that played for the yankees. three home runs in 1978, i believe it was the year against the los angeles dodgers in game six of the world series. i just spoke to reggie jackson on my radio show yesterday. i didn't even ask about george steinbrenner. we all knew he had health issues. at the same time he was living in tampa and faded from the scene of the new york yankees but has of yet -- no indication at all that anything progressive had taken place and was in worse condition than he had been.
9:33 am
>> for the pew fema out there that have not heard of george steinbrenner or not as familiar as you are with his legendary status in the baseball world, just tell our viewers just -- what makes him the boss. >> well, first of all, he was a -- he was born july 4th, independence day in this country. he was as independent as they came. he was an owner that believed in in doing it his way. uncharacteristically outspoken considering what owners are supposed to be. heave a loquacious individual and speaks his mind. largely blamed or responsible for driving up players' salaries because he was willing to come out of pocket and give you all of the money you wanted. the payback was that you had to produce. if you didn't produce, he was going to get rid of you and certainly was going to call you on the carpet for it. he was known for firing managers left and right.
9:34 am
rehiring them sometimes. he did that with billy martin. this is a guy that came up with the nickname for dave winfield, mr. may, instead of mr. october because reggie jackson was known for producinging in october. and george steinbrenner always hated the fact he felt dave winfield -- a man i respect and most people know anything about baseball respect ed, george steinbrenner called him mr. may to say he didn't produce but at the end of the day, this is a man the yankees won 11 pennants under his watch. seven world series championships. it was all under his stewardship. he was a flat-out winner. he demanded excellence and always let new yorkers know that you know what, i will never expect -- i will never stand idly by and accept anything less. if we don't win, heads will roll. somebody will pay the price. i don't care who it is.
9:35 am
that was his mentality. that was his approach. that's what he was famous for. in large part that had a lot to do with the success of the yankees enjoyed. >> i had an opportunity to attend a world series game back in the heyday. of late, i live in new york, i love the yankees. but they have had problems of late. right? the team has not been doing as well as maybe some of the fans think it should be. >> please. they are in first place. there's no need to panic. they have a guy like sabathia as their ace. a.j. burnett and andy pettitte. derek jeter is still the captain. a-rod is still there. tejera is coming on strong. granderson or anybody else, they are the yankees and the defending world champions.
9:36 am
you can tell you are speaking to fan. i'm speaking from a position of strength. they are in first place. going into the all-star break. nobody is panicking. they didn't need to struggle as much as they had but they are in first place. they are destined for the postseason. once they get there they usually get the job done. >> all right, stephen. i stand corrected. i stand corrected. thank you so much. stephen smith, sports commentator. thank you for joining us. on a personal note, i used to work in local news in tampa, florida, and had the chance to meet george steinbrenner. he could not have been more delightful. breaking news coming in to cnn now is that legendary yankees owner george steinbrenner has reportedly suffered massive heart attack. he is said to be, according to cnn affiliate wabc, in extremely critical condition in a tampa hospital. we are watching this developing story. [ male announcer ] presenting the cadillac "summer's best" sales event.
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we are following breaking news here in our cnn newsroom. yankees owner george steinbrenner reportedly suffered a massive heart attack. that's according to wabc, cnn failate in new york. he's reportedly in extremely critical condition. steinbrenner, legendary owner of the yankees, has owned the team since 1973. during which time the team won seven world series titles. he turned 80 years old on july 4th. wore following this developing news and other stories now. it is now day 85 of the gulf oil
9:40 am
disaster. bp plans to begin testing a new containment cap on the ruptured well starting today. that cap could contain all of the oil, some of it, or none. the testing could last up to two days or possibly longer. later today the obama administration unveil as strategy it hopes will reduce the number of a.i.d.s. and hiv cases. increasing access to health care and lowering hiv related health disparities. a russian man that came to life during the recent russian spy case is expected to be deported soon. a government official says that the man is not suspected of passing any classified information to russia but he was under surveillance. that's unlike the ten russians who pleaded guilty to spying. they were deported last week.
9:41 am
9:42 am
six months after the deadly earthquake in haiti, people there are continuing to die every day because they simply don't have the medical care that they need. surprisingly, horribly even, the supply of doctors and hospitals is shrinking. in some case it is situation is worse than it was six months ago. some hospitals closed including one of the country's largest trauma centers. cnn's chief medical correspondent dr. sanjay gupta has more on the hard reality of life and death after the quake. >> reporter: best estimate the quake displaced 1.5 million people. injured or crippled 300,000.
9:43 am
the united states the care this man mildred received would be considered ordinary. when did you realize that you were injured? here mildred is an extraordinary success story. the worst injuries he had was actually to his leg. i don't know if can you tell so far but he's walking with a prosthetic here. this is what so many people here in haiti have been wanting, waiting for. so many amputations were performed. mildred is a success here because he not only received immediate acute care but because there are resources for his recovery and his followup. intermediate care so important. but here it is way too rare. it is about the money. there's never enough. aid organizations tell us they are saving so much of it for the long term. in the meantime, hospitals are dying. so are patients. >> this little girl has been left here to die.
9:44 am
she had too much watt other the brain. the shunt to drain the fluid became infected and now there is nothing more they can do for her. she got the acute care but it is the same stupid story. six months later she needed antibiotics she couldn't get and she will die. the money, one u.s. based charity, spent almost all of the money it spent from private donors. if they don't get a larger share of the public donations by september, that's it. this hospital shuts down. >> within a month and half you are saying the mondayins out? >> yes. >> reporter: we were sitting here talking, the three of you a few months ago, about this very issue. and said, you know, literally people were giving money, more than a billion dollars. they were giving all over the world. how does a place like this show the only critical care hospital in the country, how does it shut down if so much money was given? >> where's the money? >> we asked ourselves the same question.
9:45 am
where's the money? >> reporter: the medical needs will not miraculously go away any time soon. but remember this? they think too many doctors. not long ago compassion was overflowing here. for a short while there were too many volunteers. they had come in from all over the world. but now -- this is general hospital. one of the biggest trauma hospitals in port-au-prince. just a few months ago, this place was very busy and now you can see there's hardly anything happen hearing. the tables are still left. yes. there's hardly any resources, any equipment, and there's no doctors and as a result, no surgeries taking place. it is not just the public hospitals but the private hospitals as well. there are many that say the health care in haiti is as bad as it has ever been. many hospitals simply shut down for business. so where is the money? >> lot of hospitals starting to run out of money. some had to shut down completely. general hospital, the largest public hospital in the area, it
9:46 am
has become a ghost town. >> reporter: what do you say to that? how do you address those concerns? >> you know, as everyone knows, the generosity of the american public towards the red cross, the american red cross, has been enormous. we raised a large amount of money. we are also, you know, aware that, you know, other resources are out there, via the government and support the government as receive their pay to get things in the hands of the general hospital. and we are flexible. you know. on what support, how our on funds can give. >> reporter: back with mildred, he wants to show me he cannot only walk but he can also run. careful. are you all right? that's one of the difficulties you saw here. simply navigating the road. he's obviously running. very uneven surface. the journey here is so difficult. but until september at least, mildred will get this care. once left for dead, he's back on his feet and dancing even.
9:47 am
>> dr. sanjay gupta joins us live from port-au-prince. you know, parts of your story were uplifting and parts so heartbreaking. you know. so hard to watch. so what does the country do to reverse the trend and get more medical help and fast? >> reporter: well, you know, part of it is the thinking of how money is spent. as you saw there. sometimes some of the organizations want to keep some of that money for the long term. for sort of the rehabilitation phase, if you will. and that might be not spending everything up front. the problem is w that is sometimes hospitals may shut down, patients may not survive as a result of that. part of it is using what's already here on the ground, alina. a lot of supplies and resources and medical equipment and medicines made night the country and into the city. but are not getting right into the hands of the people that need it the most. it is becoming more efficient about that. organizations like the red cross, for example, spent a lot
9:48 am
of money, $18 1 48 million of the $460 million they raised. spending another $200 million by the end of the year. some of it could get better over the next six months, for example. you can see there, it is part of the thinking, part of the efficiency and part of its -- still waiting longer. >> so frustrating to see that six months later. i know you are doing the good work there in port-au-prince, haiti. i know you will be with anderson tonight on "a.c. 360." we thank you for joining thus morning. congress says it has the votes it needs for wall street reform. if passed, it will be the biggest batch of changes to our financial system since the 1930s. what's changing? will it make a difference to main street? we will talk about that just ahead.
9:49 am
9:50 am
9:51 am
welcome back. we're following breaking news here in the cnn newsroom. according to our affiliate wabc in new york, yankees owner george steinbrenner has suffered a massive heart attack. you are looking live there courtesy of our affiliate bay
9:52 am
news 9 in tampa at the hospital where steinbrenner was reportedly taken to. he is said to be in extremely critical condition. steinbrenner turned 80 years old on july 4th. he is the legendary owner of the yankees, owned the team since 1973. we hear that legendary yankees owner george steinbrenner has suffered a massive heart attack and is in extremely critical condition. it is a big day for business news. earlier we touched on two topics, problems with the new iphone, iphone 4, and wall street reform. we want to get some perspective from the manager editor of "money"magazine. we want to start with financial overhaul because it looks liked senate does have the votes it needs to give final passage of this bill later this week.
9:53 am
obama says he got most of what he wanted, but wall street also got some concessions. so who wins in this? >> well, you know, i think that probably wall street wins because i really don't think that the reform has quite enough teeth in it, really, to stop some of the practices that got us into this mess to begin with, unfortunately, alina. there were things that wall street was able to do before the reform that he will continue to be able to do. they will continue to be able to go into the businesses of derivatives and invest their own money into the products and still be able to borrow a tremendous amount of money. if things go wrong, they'll still get paid. there are things that critics wish they would see that aren't in the bill. >> andy, what does this mean for main street? how does it trickle down to main street? how does it affect someone like me? >> you know, that really remains to be seen. let's go back, alina, to 2002,
9:54 am
when we had another wave of financial crises and scandals with enron, if you remember, and they passed the sarbanes oxley legislation, and at the time it seemed like a great idea but it didn't do much because we had a tremendous problem with the financial markets subsequent to that legislation. so how will this legislation really help main street? it's not clear at all. will it make it safer for us to invest in the markets? i don't really see that. i don't really get that. we still have a tough slog here. >> i want to ask you about the iphone 4. problems there with the antenna and reception. consumer reports coming out saying it will not recommend the new iphone saying just that because of the design flaw and problem with the antenna that causes calls to droppics apparently, that it cannot recommend the iphone had. the question is, does anyone care?
9:55 am
people are still buying it, right? >> i don't think people care that much. there is so much complaints about this but look at what apple has done. they create a huge amount of innovative products over an incredibly short period of time and we take for granted their success when they have glitches like this. we are pointing fingers which we can do, but, still, the g-4 phone has so many things that people want and that's why the demand is so strong and apple's going to fix the glitch and there are ways to get around them. it's not perfect but people love them. >> andy, thank you for joining us. >> thanks. we want to recap the breaks news coming into cnn. yankees owny george steinbrenner suffered a massive heart attack in tampa. you are looking there in the big box on the right of your screen at a live picture courtesy of our affiliate bay news 9 in
9:56 am
tampa of the hospital where steinbrenner was reportedly taken. wabc is saying that he is in extremely critical condition. he is 80 years old. back in a moment. this is power with efficiency. this is an interior that exceeds even the promise of the exterior. this is the all-new jaguar xj. the stunning result of taking a very different road.
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welcome back. we're just about a minute shy from the top of the hour, and if you are joining us this hour, we are following breaking news from the sports world. just in my ear right now, cnn has just confirmed that legendary yankees owner george steinbrenner has died after suffering a massive heart attack. he was rushed to a hospital in tampa, florida. there you see the live picture courtesy of bay news 9, our affiliate on the right of your screen. steinbrenner, called the boss by many, was just a legend in the sports world. he had bought the yankees in 1973 for $10 million, the longest serving owner in league history during that time period. the yankees won seven world searry, 11 pennants. he was 80 years old, and interestingly enough had just
10:00 am
celebrated his 80th birthday on july 4th, independence day. joining us now by phone is max kellerman, a cnn sports contributor. max, put this in perspective for us. how big of a deal is this in the sports world? >> steinbrenner is the most famous owner in sports, and really maybe in the history of american team sports. it's a very big deal. culturally, you think of even the kind of references that have been made to him. he was an ongoing character on "seinfeld." you never saw his face. the creator, larry david was playing him. steinbrenner has made his way into popular culture, and the cultural consciousness unlike any other owner in the history of sports. >> he was parodied on saturday night live.
10:01 am
he was called the boss for a reason. he had quite a hard-charging style. some might say he was a teddy bear off the field, but quite a style. you heard from him if you didn't perform, didn't you? >> yeah. the interesting think -- lots of interesting things about george steinbrenner. he bought the yankees for $10 million in 1973. but the year before he bought the yankees, the seattle pilots which later became the milwaukee brewers were bought for more than the yankees sole forea year later. so when steinbrenner bought the yankees, they now are this incredibly powerful, multi billion dollar entity and hugely successful brand but at the moment he bought them, it actually took some guts. new york was considered a dying city. the yankees were considered a meaningful really in brand name only, and he turned the organization around within a couple of years and made them
10:02 am
back into the biggest brand in world team sports. certainly, he was very demanding of everyone who worked for him. he was impetuous at times. the snl exit you referred to, ishl there was a steinbrenner death watch 20 years ago because fans went happy with the direct of the team and as long as he's owner that will never change, and in recent years, he was suffering from some sort of dementia over the last suffer years. >> i want to interrupt you for a moment because i was just handed a statement before the family of george steinbrenner on the passing of this legendary yankees owner, and if you will bear with me, i want to read it. >> it is with profound sadness that the family announces his passing. he passed away in tampa floo at
10:03 am
age 80. he was an incredible and charitable man. he was devoted to his entire family, beloved wife joan, sisters and children and all of his grandchildren. he was a visionary and a giant in the world of sports. he took a great but struggling franchise and turned it into a champion again. mr. steinbrenner recently celebrated his birthday on july 4th. funeral arrangements will be private and a public service with detail tobs announced at a later date. >> lie talk to you a little bit more about hs his life and career. obviously, we have people pouring in with thoughts about them. i pulled this up from sports illustrated. this is back in 2003. you can't have too much pitching. just ask george. this is a man who was a giant not only in baseball but in the
10:04 am
entire world of sports. i will tell you interesting things about his life and career. let's take a moment to think about the fact that this man, george steinbrenner was born on the 4th of july, an all-american date for a man who became a giant in the all-american sport. born back in 1930. in fact, on his 80th birthday, the yankees and others had a big celebration for him in which they pulled out all of their pennants. let's look back, though. we know he took on his first executive position in 1973 and he bought the bronx bombers for $10 million way back at the time, but when you look at what he went through over the decades, he had ups and downs. this was really interesting for me. i was looking at this from the baseball aleman in fact. he was initially against free agency and the whole idea of it. he later embraced it and he struck a huge deal back in 1974.
10:05 am
catfish hunter he signed for the unheard of salary of $2.85 million for four years, and they are saying this raised the bar for competitive contracts and set basically a pathway to where we are today, these incredibly high prices for some of these star players. also, after inking that deeshlg he was indicted for having made illegal campaign contributions to richard nixon, found guilty and suspended for two years. in two years, he came right back, 1976, he signs reggie jackson. now, i remember growing up in upstate new york as a kid in the mid-80s, and you look at the stars he pulled into the game, look at the way he shaped the game and turned the yanks into a top team. it was a tough decade for the yanks in the '80s, ending the decade without a single world
10:06 am
championship title but he brought them back and stayed with them throughout the years. one thing that is very interesting about him and his style over the years. he changed the manager of the new york yankees 20 times during his first 23 seasons. a lot of that was hiring and firing billy martin. this is a man who set the tone for what we know today in the world of baseball. -- in the world of professional sports, not just baseball losing a giant today in the death of george steinbrenner. >> thank you. again, the headline if you are just joinening us this hour is that legendary yankees owner george steinbrenner died after reportedly suffering a massive heart attack. he was 80 years old. here's richard roth way look at his life. >> reporter: for pinstripe fans, whether you loved him or hated him, he was the boss. george steinbrenner, principal owner of the new york yankees for over 30 years was known for his controlling style, drive to
10:07 am
win and larger than life personality. more than any player, he was the face of his team. >> i'm a hands-on involved owner. always have been. you have to believe. >> reporter: born on the 4th of july 1980 in rocky river, ohio, steinbrenner worked for his father's ship-building business before his move to the major leagues. this new york columnist has known him since 1973 when he led a group of investors to by the yankees for $8.6 million and the team would eventually become a billion dollar empire. >> he could be very charming and he could be very good to young people. he put a lot of kids through college, but to the people who worked for him, he was off awful. he was a tyrant. he supposedly fired a secretary
10:08 am
for getting him the wrong sandwich for lunch. if you didn't work for him, he was fine. but if you did, it was the type of thing no employee would want to be subjected to by his boss. >> reporter: the uniformed staff had to follow the boss or be shipped to the miners and he imposed strict rules on managers and players, requiring short hair cuts for players and no facial air below the lip. >> from his first game as owner, he made that clear. he sat in his box seat. when the players were called out to the foul line before the game for introductions, and he saw some players whose hair was longer than he thought it should have been. >> reporter: in the dugout he could run hot and cold. he had over 20 managers in 23 seasons. one of the most bizarre relationships was with billy martin who he hired and fired five times. steinbrenner was banned from
10:09 am
baseball twice, for illegal contributions made to richard nixon's 1972 campaign fund and in 1990 for paying a gambler to collect information on dave winfield. under steinbrenner, the payroll reached record numbers, the highest in major league baseball history. in the 1970s, no other owner had as much success with the free agent player market as he did. the strategy of acquiring big names didn't always produce a title. overall with steinbrenner in the owner's box, he won six world championships. >> the yankees are champions of baseball! >> reporter: steinbrenner enjoyed the limelight, starring in commercials often spoofing himself. >> you are the starting short stop, how can you spend two nights dances, two nights eating out and three nights carousing with your friends? >> reporter: and lampooned on
10:10 am
the long-running "seinfeld" tv series. >> mr. steinbrenner, there is someone you need to meet. >> i find it hard to under the logic behind some of the moves you have made with this fine organization. in the past 20 years you have caused myself and the city of new york a good deal of stress as we have watched you take our beloved yankees and reduce them to a laughing stock all for the glorification of your massive ego. >> hire this man. >> reporter: this relationship with the press, at times, contentious. >> i have no comment. that's so ridiculous. >> if a person wrote something he didn't like, he could cross that person off his list. i went one full season in the '70s where he didn't talk to me because he didn't like something i had written. >> reporter: steinbrenner was once an assistant college football coach and also owned race horses but loved baseball.
10:11 am
>> it's still the grand old game. there is no game that you go out in a little town in indiana and they will be sitting around the restaurant talking about baseball trades. no other sport has that going for it. >> reporter: if his final years, he retreated from the public eye and appeared frail at a ground-breaking ceremony for the new yankee stadium. >> i'm happy for thaev we are here to celebrate the new yankee stadium. it's a pleasure to give it to you. >> reporter: one of george steinbrenner's most quoted lines. winning is the most important thing in my life after breathing. richard roth, cnn, new york. >> just one correction on that. since that was done, the yankees have won another world series. they have won seven world series in all. richard joins us now by phone from new york.
10:12 am
richard, i know you fold his career since the 1970s. what can you tell us about the man we know as the boss. >> reporter: i'm in atlanta at the moment. steinbrenner was an amazing epic character who will probably never be matched in future baseball annals, the way the game has changed. he set the tone for free agency. we hear all of this talk about lebron james and free agency. it was steinbrenner's signing of a fitcher named jim "catfish" hunter on new year's eve in 1975, which ignited free agency in the business world after the courts said it was legally okay. he was bombastic. he just wanted to win. new york city fans may have been willing to overlook some of his other personal defects or some of this actions and landed him on the commission's suspension list because he won. many fans around the world have said, i think, we need an owner
10:13 am
like george steinbrenner, someone who is willing to back up what he preaches with money to get the best players. many fans hated him in the united states because their teams were in smaller markets. george steinbrenner made very few appearances at yankee stadium in the last few years. he issued a statement, whether through his publicist at the passing. pob shepard, the long-time public address announcer. you have two figures passing from the scene in recent days. >> richard, how many time dus encounter the man over the years? were you able to spend time with him, and if so, what was he like as a person? >> reporter: i wasn't on the spors beat, unlike new york city news writers who he had a love/hate relationship at times but always provided fresh copy, i spent a few hours with camera crews when he was suspended, but that was still a shock that
10:14 am
steinbrenner was suspended for a second time -- first time, really, from baseball, was amazing. he tried to dig up dirt on one of his players, dave winfield. he was new york city. he had come from cleveland, but the steinbrenner way will be carried on by his sons now, hall and hank, who have been in charge of the team for the last couple of years. some of the yankee players recently saw george steinbrenner in spring training if april. there's a real bond there. they like to entertain the younger players on the team with what it was like to play for george steinbrenner. he would put a team in the miners after one bad game or trade for someone and send them to another team if he didn't like what was going on. there was an espn film "the bronx is burning" recently where he was portrayed and he had titanic battles with billy
10:15 am
martin, hiring and firing the same manager five times. that does not happen these days. >> richard roth joining us by phone from atlanta on the life of george steinbrenner. legendary yankees owner george steinbrenner has died of a massive heart attack at the age of 80. the pr director for the yankees was on his way to attend the wake for another yankees legend, announcer bob sheppard who also died this week at the age of 99 but the headline today, george steinbrenner died today at the age of 80. panies seem to think so. [ whistle blows ] but 6 months later, when you've been broadsided by an suv, who do you call? not the name of the company, but the name of the person. i'm sorry. what was your name again? at allstate, you get a licensed professional who'll stand by you. not just a voice at a phone bank. you deserve a real relationship. that's allstate's stand.
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recapping our top stories this hour -- legendary new york yankees owner george steinbrenner is dead at the age of 80. he suffered a massive heart attack today and was rushed to a tampa hospital. funeral arrangements will be private and there will be a public service that will be announced later. now day 85 of the gulf oil disaster. bp is planning to begin testing on a new containment cap on the ruptured well today. the cap could contain all of the oil, some of it or maybe none. the testing could last up to two days or possibly longer. new york's landmark preservation commission is discussing plans to build a mosque near ground zero.
10:19 am
some people are pushing for the billing in question to be designated an historic landmark. critics of the iphone 4 are getting validation this morning. soon after its debut last month, lots of people complained about those reception problems. audio fade and dropped calls, the major complaints, now consumer report assessment weighing in with a similar critique and says it cannot recommend buying the iphone due to problems with the phone's antenna. >> when we tested this device, what we found is that if you hold it a certain way, such that your finger is over a gap in the case in the bottom left-hand side of it, it the reception, antenna reception, is reduced considerably, such that we think people could lose calls in the mill of a call as their reception goes down. we like a lot of things about this phone, but it does have this design flaw, and we can't
10:20 am
recommend the phone until there's a fix from apple. >> now, as an alternative, consumer reports still recommends the older phone which is still available from apple. apple will release a software update in the next few weeks to fix the glitch. a vandia is a diabetes drug swallowed by millions of americans every day. is it safe? today the drug goes on trial in front of an fda panel. the dow is up about 138 points this morning. are you suffering from frequent heartburn? heartburn that keeps coming back? then you're ready for new zegerid otc. zegerid otc is the first 24-hour treatment ever with two active ingredients: prescription-strength medicine plus a protective ingredient
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welcome back. we're following more breaking news for you this hour. it looks like supreme court nomination of elena kagan will simmer on the back burner for about another week. just minutes ago, republican members of the senate judiciary committee asked that today's vote be delayed. they apparently one more time to review her responses to some
10:24 am
written questions. kagan is expected to win approval from the committee made up of 12 democrats and 7 republicans. he nomination would then go to the full senate. the fate of the popular diabetes drug avandia is in the hands of an fda panel. the experts will decide whether it should be yanked off the market because of a possible link to heart problems, but the drug's manufacturer says its orange pills are safe. avandia has been a blockbuster hit since it was approved back in 1999. last year, doctors in the u.s. wrote more than 2.5 million prescriptions for the drug, over $520 million in sales. it's a red ribben day for the white house. president obama expected to speak this afternoon about his new national strategy to fight hiv and aids. the plan centers around three main poins, reducing the number of new hiv infections, increasing access to care for
10:25 am
those living with hiv and reducing hiv health-related hiv illnesses. the goal of the white house plan is to reduce the number of new cases by 25% within five years. that's ambitious, and even as the white house unveils its new strategy, more people are struggling to afford the life saving hiv drugs. patricia wu joins us to talk about that. >> reporter: you know, fighting aids has become that much heard now. you know that losing your job usually means losing your health insurance. for people with hiv that means they need government assistance to pay for the medicine that helping them stay healthier and live longer, and you know these drugs are really expensive. the government pays an average of $12,000 a year per person. state budgets are stretched so thin now that people have to go on waiting lists to qualify for that helple. currently 2100 people in 11
10:26 am
states are on waiting lists for the aids drug assistance program and that's not all. states are also limiting eligibility and enrollment while cutting back on which drugs they'll cover, and thousands of people are affected. more than 168,000 people receive their meds thu this program last year. >> does the president's new strategy address the financial challenge at all? >> reporter: well, the plan is being announced today, and it is not expected to include an increase in federal spending but last week the administration did allocate an additional $25 million to help get more people off the waiting lists for drug assistance. the problem is it may not be enough. advocacy groups and state officials have been asking for an extra $126 million this physical year, that's five times as much. so what can you do if you get on a wait list or kicked off the program? you can contact the drug maker.
10:27 am
most pharmaceutical companies have programs to offer discounted or free medicine to those who can't afford it, and we are told relief is coming when provisions of in you health care law kicks in. that doesn't take effect until 2014, so that is a long time to wait if you need the drugs to survive. >> thank you. fidel castro has hardly been seen or heard in several years but yesterday, the frail former leader appeared on cuban television, quite a surprise to many. why now? does it have tying do with the surprise deal with the roman catholic church? we'll be talking to rick sanchez next in a roundtable discussion. after using rogaine for a while, i went to my stylist and she said hair was growing back... i was like, yes, this works... [ male announcer ] only rogaine is proven to regrow hair in 85% of guys.
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welcome back. day 85 of the gulf oil disaster. it is a critical day as bp is going to begin testing a new, tighter fitting containment cap which could, if it works, could begin to contain some or possibly all of the oil which has been freely flowing into the gulf of mexico. i'm being told that we have some amazing pictures of our own david mattingly, who is live on a coast guard cutter. hey, david. >> reporter: hi. we're on the coast guard cutter resolute. we are short distance away from ground zero of this disaster, and we're all watching and hoping today turns out to be the beginning of the end of this economic and environmental disaster. about a mile beneath where i'm standing right now, they're running diagnostic tests of the well. if everything turns out well,
10:32 am
they will try to close that well in, and if the well can take the pressure, they will successfully have capped this well for the first time since this disaster began. right now, what you see on the surface behind me is plumes of smoke rising as they burn off gas and oil as its pumped up to the surface here. very large plumes of smoke rising into the air here in the gulf of mexico. for the last couple of miles we plowed through substantial sheen but no thick oil. that could be moving in the opposite direction because the wind has been at auerbach for most of this trip. we are seeing a lot of sheen in this area indicating there is still oil leaking out into the water. the flaming behind me still says they are pumping oil up. the big dramatic scene will be when the flames go out. that means they stopped producing oil, the oil is no longer coming to the surface and they successfully closed off the well. that test today is all-important
10:33 am
to determine if they can close that well, if they can stop that oil, and if they can keep it contained until they drilled those relief wells that could be on line in a couple of weeks. >> david mattingly with amazing pictures live on a coast guard cutter in the gulf of mexico on day 85 of the bp oil disaster. david, thank you so much. cuba's former leader fidel castro is making a rare appearance on cuban tv. watch. monday marked the first time that most cubans had seen or heard from castro in about four years. he's kept a relatively low profile since he had intestinal surgery back in 2006. he talked about several global issues and blamed the united states for sinking a south korean ship and said the u.s. is flirting with nuclear war on the korean peninsula and iran. he didn't talk about this week's
10:34 am
release of 52 prisoners. the first wave of prisoners has now arrived in spain to begin their new lives. he ree they released 52 prisoners. spain will give them residency permission and working papers. the first six of the prisoners who arrived in madrid says they hope their release is a first step toward democracy in cuba. what's going on, is the ice melting, and why did fidel castro decide to pop back into the spotlight now. rick sanchez is talking about this with us. and also andy gomez from the university of miami, an expert on cubans and cuban/american studies. i want to start with you, rick. i was watching you and wolf blitzer on "the situation room" as this was happening and unfolding.
10:35 am
you were watching and translating as it was happening. what were you most struck by when you saw castro? >> the fact that he was talking about things that seemed to be in the opposite interest of what his own brother, the supposed leader of cuba, was apparently trying to do several days prior. let's do the road map here. first you have cuba through raoul castro, his brother, say i'm going to release 52 prisoners. this is smart. they're trying to make an overture show some of those republican midwest farm belt guys who say we need lift the embargo will decide they're playing nice, let's go along with it. just a few days later, the other side coming in, fidel castro out of nowhere, and does the plip side of that and starts saying that the united states is nothing but a murderous regime that destroyed a warship off the
10:36 am
coast of korea, that they've lied and that they're now on the brink of starting a nuclear war with iran. >> that's right. >> so you have message a totally divergent from message b. what's going on here? >> dr. gomez, let's talk about this because the timing of this speech by castro, as you say, is a bit curious, right? >> yeah, it is, and i do agree with some of the things that rick has to say. i think the appearance by fidel castro was more important in terms of a message internally than externally. let me explain why. no one expected -- and they had made it very clear, that they were never going to release political prisoners in cuba. first and foremost, for the first time, cuba has now admitted that they are political prisoners. number two, castro shows himself and the symbolism of him showing himself is extremely important.
10:37 am
why? well, this is to show the inner circle of power under raoul castro, that irregardless of whether they were questioning that the regime is getting soft by releasing the political prisoners that fidel had something to do with it. fidel might not be involved in the day-to-day decision making in cuba, but he is very much involved in the major decisions, and i can assure you that fidel had a great deal to do with the release of political prisoners. >> let's look at this from a global standpoint, and here's the point, alina -- he's right, the internal conflict for cuba is something he's been a master at. >> what does it say about his power right? >> what does it say about his power, and what does is it say about what may happen in the united states politics, in world politics? here you have this guy who came
10:38 am
out yesterday and the professor is 100% right. the professor just said that fidel castro still makes major decisions in cuba. i think you can look at that news conference yesterday and come out with a very plausible argument that fidel castro is still in charge in cuba, that raoul will not make a decision without checking with his big brother. am i wrong? >> i think you are trite some extent but i think we need to look further than that. we saw fidel castro yesterday, which you could tell that this was taped, and there were clips. his health -- he didn't look all that bad compared to when we saw him last. the question we need to ask ourself assessment once fidel is it dead, how is raoul castro going to be able to consolidate power and improve the economic and social conditions of cubans on the island? that's where i think the difficult is going to be. >> let me say one more point, professor, and i really enjoy
10:39 am
talking to you about this because this is a man who studied this. fidel castro set back the movement among those in the united states who have been pushing for liflting the embargo with his speech yesterday. he set that movement back years because the argument from the hard right in miami has always been we will maybe start to consider -- even though the polls say most people agree with lifting the embargo -- we will start to consider lifting it when fidel is gone. many people around the world were under the impression that fidel was out of the body politic in cuba. yesterday he reinserted himself front and center. true? >> rick, you know your hometown, miami and the cuban-american community here is very different than it was ten years ago. for the first time 52% of the population arrived since 1980, the boat crisis, but as a matter of fact, we at the university of miami under my leadership, we
10:40 am
concluded a poll last week of the cuban-american community and one particular question that we asked was are you in favor of lifting the travel ban to cuba unilaterally by the united states. 64% of the cuban-american community that we interviewed from the early arrivals to those born here said absolutely yes. >> let me tell you why that's important. ten years ago, it would have been completely flipped the other way. >> completely. >> it's not as monolithic a community as people make it out to be. >> and you're beginning to realize that the people realize that the battle between washington, miami and havana has not brought any solution. >> right. >> so now it is the people-to-people bridge that both communities are trying to work on. >> that will be the interesting question, rick, right? whether the u.s. will begin to engage cuba. if that happens, what happens as a result?
10:41 am
>> castro made that tougher to do. with his appearance yesterday, he set back the overtures that the carter administration started and that the obama administration suggested. he set it back several years. next time you have me on, talk about something i'm less interested in. . >> why would we do that? >> your producer said, rick used up two more minutes of time than we allotted him. >> bring on more rick sanchez. i second that. >> good to see you, professor. >> good to talk to you. >> thank you, rick. good to see you as always, buddy. as we have been telling you all morning long, less than an hour ago, we learned that the owner of the yankees baseball team has died. george steinbrenner suffered a massive heart attack earlier today. we'll have more just ahead. when our clients' needs changed we changed to meet them.
10:42 am
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welcome back. if you're just joining us, we learned within the past hour that legendary yankees owner george steinbrenner died after suffering a massive heart attack. he was rushed to a hospital in tampa, florida, this morning. he was 80 years old, just turned 80 on july 4th, independence day. we want to go by phone to larry king, a long-time, very good friend of george steinbrenner. larry, thanks for joining us. tell us about the man, george steinbrenner. we know him as the boss. tell us about the man. >> he was larger than life, george. they don't come along like george steinbrenner. he could be crude and rude. he could be generous to a fault. he knew how to build a baseball
10:46 am
team. he loved the fans of new york. he initiated a lot of things. he started the yes network, his own cable network, and people laughed at him and said, you could get money from fox and espn to do your games, why start your own? the yes network makes more than the yankees. he was always kind to me and my family. he was extremely nice. he made a large contribution every year to the larry king cardiac foundation. whenever we were in new york, he stayed at the regency hotel where we always stay. to me they didn't come any better as a friend. i know had you could be gruff and was very tough on employees. he knew what he wanted. >> he was. if you didn't perform as a yankee -- just remind our viewers. he bought the yankees in 1973 for 10 mlgds, at the time a lot of money. he took a chance.
10:47 am
>> they were the woeft team in the american league. they were the yankees, a great brand. in fact, the owner of -- the president of cbs, liked steinbrenner so much that he not only sold him the team for $10 million, but threw in the parking lot. the parking lot was free. george turned that into a team worth well over $1 billion. they are probably close to manchester united in england, that soccer team, the second most valuable property in all of sports. the yankees, could you love them or hate them. if you wanted a ball player and he thought it would help the yankees, money was no object. >> that's certainly the case. he was certainly famous for that. i know what a long-time baseball fan you, larry, and how closely you watch all of the mlb teams. i'm curious for your perspective. for people who just don't know, how much of the yankees'
10:48 am
questions do you attribute to steinbrenner himself, the man? >> oh, to put it in percentages would be hard. i would say 80%. you need ball players. i'm a dodger fan. we played a lot of world series against the yankees before steinbrenner owned them and after. he went out and got ball players, and ball players win games. i want my dodger owner -- i think we're a pitcher short. i don't care what the expense is. i'm a fan. george didn't care what the expense was, and he's an owner, so he brought you players. he also built a good farm system. if a-rod cost money to get him from texas, he got a-rod. he was a tremendous individual. individuals we say are larger than life -- he was humongous. when he greeted you, it was not
10:49 am
hi. twaes hi! . he loved the yankees. when the new stadium opened and they had the bill celebration, and he wheeled him out in a wheelchair. that was a sad sight to see. you knew he wasn't communicating well. you hoped he understood what was going on. now his sons are going to run the team. they aren't going to sell them. the steinbrenner identity with the yankees will be around for a long time but he is irreplaceable. >> i by no means new steinbrenner the way you did. when i was working in local news in tampa, i had the opportunity to meet him once. as hard charges as he was in baseball life, he couldn't have been more of a teddy bear in person. clearly you don't have to be a baseball fan to know the name george steinbrenner. he is a legend, was a legend in
10:50 am
the spores world. larry king, a very good friend of george steinbrenner. thank you for joining us by phone. i want to go now to josh levs who is watching the tributes pour in on the internet. what do you have there? >> any time we hear of the death of a public figure, even this guy who is loved and times not loved, that's what you get today. twitter is going wild. here's one, you can imagine that up in heaven billy martin is running around saying, for god sakes, make room for the boss. regardless of how anyone feels about baseball, he did so many wonderful things for tampa and will be missed. let's keep going. i was never crazy about the yankee, but steinbrenner did a lot for baseball that will effect the sport forever. as a die hard yankee fan, this week crushed me. he lived a meaningful life and
10:51 am
brought pride to nyc. on my facebook page, i hate the yankees with every ounce of my being but the game lost one of it's greatest owners. time for one more from megan, the man that all fans loved to hate. we yankee fans will miss you. it was so weird not seeing you last year at the series. one more. it's difficult to imagine the yankees without george. we loved to hate him because he was so successful. baseball may never see another owner like him. i'm glad he got to go out a winner. reach me at joshlevscnn. >> that's right. thank you very much. coming up, sergeant jonathan shields saved members of his tank crew after a tank crew in iraq and pressed on with the mission before falling in combacombaba
10:52 am
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10:59 am
. there's been a new twist in the russian spy scandal. a 23-year-old russian man is now in federal custody and is expected to be deported soon. that's the 12th arrest in this case. a u.s. government official says he is not suspected of passing any classified information but he was under surveillance. you just new that spy story would make for great material on the late night comedy series. >> how about the big spy thing? do we have any russian spies in the audience. the horn section? yeah, so, let's see, russia gets ten of their spies, and i think a commie to be named


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