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tv   CNN Saturday Morning  CNN  September 18, 2010 6:00am-7:30am EDT

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-- captions by vitac -- good morning. the gloves are off. those are the words of lisa murkowski. she now has a pln to win the new re-election. she's asking supporters to write her in now. also, happening right now, the pope holding mass at westminster cathedral is on day three of his four-day trip to the uk.
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this is a live picture of that mass taking place right now. the pope has not changed his busy schedule, despite the arrest of six men suspected in a pos terror plot. we'll be going back there live in a moment. from the cnn center, it's 6:00 a.m. it's 5:00 a.m. in fayetteville, arkansas. wherever you are, i'm t.j. holmes. also coming up in the next 90 minutes of this "cnn saturday morning," a florida dad was coming to the defense of his disabled daughter, but as it turns out, his daughter actually wasn't the victim. also, how would you like eva longoria or kim kardashian to follow you on twitter or justin bieber or lenny kra vits tweet about you. i'll tell you about about an auction that's going on right now that could get you a
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celebrity tweet. they're raising money for haiti. that's the video we're showing you. also, they have websites out there for black, for white, for jewish, for hispanic, but what about for the unattractive. the look behind the scenes of we'll explain that in a bit. but can you spell murkowski? alaska's senator, lisa murkowski, hoping her supporters can, and she launches now a write-in campaign to try to keep her job. she lost the republican primary to a tea party-backed candidate. joe miller is the name. sarah palin backed joe miller. a tea party spokesperson said the people of alaska have already fired lisa, but lisa called on alaskans who didn't vote out in the primary to turn out for her next month. >> i will be the first one to
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admit to you that in the primary campaign we made some mistakes. we talked about ourselves. we talked about me a lot. but we didn't educate alaskans about the extremist views that were held by mr. miller. and when he swung, i didn't swing back. well, ladies and gentlemen, friends and supporters, the gloves are off. >> well, here we go. it's a write-in campaign now, and they almost never work. in fact, only one senator ever has won that way, and that was strom thurman back in 1954 in north carolina. there's the political gathers known as the values voters summit in washington. here is a look at who's talking today, conservative talk show
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host bill bennett. then former speaker of the house newt gingrich who's been in the new as lot lately. he's going to be addressing the crowd around 9:50 and then governor mcdonald will speak at 10:15 this morning. meanwhile political upstart christine o'donnell was given a hero's welcome yesterday. she slammed the democrats saying the elites will never have the last word on liberty. she was featured on the part of who's who in the rising of republican stars. as always, for the latest, you know where to go. cnn.cweb you see here a live picture of the mass the pope is holding right now at westminster, a cathedral in london. he met with the british prime minister a short time ago. right now he's delivering mass right now. this has been going on about an hour now. as we look at the live picture,
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we want to turn to phil black who's been covering the visit of the pope to you. as we continue to watch this live picture, we know the pope hasn't necessarily changed his schedule. even though we heard about six people being arrested in a possible terror plot, police have come out and said they made a connection between the possible terror plot and the pope. >> reporter: we still haven't confirmed that from the police yet, t.j. according to the police there appears to be a link between the arrest of the six terrorist suspects and the pope. the pope hasn't changed his i tinry in any way. he said he's sort of used to these threats against hymn. we understand the six men are still in custody. the police can hold them for up to 28 days or so under the terror laws in this country, and cnn understand they are algerian, all of them or at least some of them possibly in this country illegally.
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we know the police have carried out a number of searches across london yesterday. their investigation is continuing, t.j. >> right. and aside from that part of the story, the pope otherwise, how has he been received there in great britain? >> reporter: indeed, broadly, incredibly warmly really. there has been some protests along the way, which were expected, but it has to be said that numbers turning out to support and welcome him have been far greater and also far louder. as his visit continues today, that's expected to continue also. as you say, he's currently attending or giving a mass within westminster cathedral. and i want to share with you some of the comments that he made during that mass only moments ago, addressing the child sex abuse scandalle. he said to the congregation, thing of the abuse and suffering. above all i express my deep sorrow to tin oh sent victims of
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these unspeakable crimes. i also acknowledge with you the shame and humiliation that all of us have suffered because of these sins. it is the first time he has directly publicly addressed these issues since his visit here. will it be enough to perhaps diffuse some of the anger that exists here? well, probably not. there is a large protest rally planned for this city today, and certainly the victims of abuse of the church here in this country have said publicly in recent days, they don't want more words from the pope. what they want is action, to bring people to justice and to help support the victims of that abuse within the church's institution. t.j. >> phil black, we appreciate you as always. we're going to turn to the weather. we've got a couple of storms we're keeping an eye on, including igor, strong storms, waves. it's supposed to hit bermuda tonight. where else would reynolds wolf be except right there where all
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the action is. i know it might be a nice morning, but, still, something is looming out there. >> reporter: you're right, t.j. we've got igor. bermuda, it's a collection of 138 miles but the total land maas about a third of the size of washington, d.c. with one of the biggest storms of the planet bearing down over the next 24 hours. we've got the story coming up in just a few moments. you're watching "cnn saturday morning." [ male announcer ] have something you love doing? cheerios could be your ticket to do it. big time. you could win a once in a lifetime chance to live your passion by choosing from ten never-dreamed-possible prizes. from a customized v.i.p. vacation, to a hollywood red carpet experience, to cooking with a celebrity chef, and more. find details on specially marked boxes of cheerios. why cheerios? because whatever you love doing, you'll need a healthy heart to do it.
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ten minutes past the hour on this "cnn saturday morning." we're tracking a few storms right now. hurricane igor in atlantic. also keeping an eye on tropical depression karl now. karl you see there on the left side of your screen. it is weakening rapidly. it's going over the high mountains of mexico. still dangerous mud slides and flash flooding are real concerns there. hurricane igor, meanwhile, on the right side of your screen, it's tracking, to be bringing in strong winds, heavy rain to bermuda this time of the evening. we have meteorologist karen maginnis. she is here with me. she's here in the headquarters with me and reynolds wolf. he is in the thick of things.
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not just yet. are they hunkering down? are they ready for this thing? >> reporter: they really have. i have to tell you these are tough people here in bermuda. they have dealt with this type of stuff before. they have emergency shelters set up. the emergency meter regiment has been told to be prepared. they do expect some damage. i can also tell you that bermuda electric light company also has a plan in place to restore power outages. they have been through storms very similar to this one, in fact, one back in 2003. it killed three and destroyed a lot on the island. that was hurricane fabian. as you mentioned, the storm is quite a distance away. as it gets closer, we're going to see conditions deteriorate. we were on the beach yesterday and got to see some of the massive waves come in firsthand.
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you see the big waves coming on through? it's hard to believe we've got these big white caps and towering sheets of water way off in the distance. we're talking about a storm that's still way off in the horizon. when you look even farther south as they go right up against those huge rocks, they send a spray of water everywhere. you know, this area is no stranger to these tropical systems. in fact, in 2003 hurricane fabian came through and caused all kinds of damage. knocked out the airport for several days and killed four people. it is our hope the storm won't be quite as bad. what i can tell you about these storms is it's different in intensity. it's a chance the storm will be a lot bigger. impacts across the island could be just devastating to say the
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very least. it's not the only storm we're following. we're keeping an eye on hurricane karl that caused all kinds of damage. power out to some 22,000 customers at this time. there are four reported dead there at this time, but that number may go up as the remnants of that system move farther inland. the big question with this will now be not just the wind but heavy rainfall and mud slides. for more let's send it over to karen mcginnis with more. >> we're updating you as far as what's happening with igor. it looks like it's going to pass over onto bermuda as a category 3 hurricane. you heard reynolds mention back in 2003 it was fabian. as it moved across berm dark it had supporting winds of 120 miles per hour. this is going to pick up speed, so we think perhaps by sunday evening we're going to see the
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weather conditions deteriorate across bermuda and move across the north atlantic. it's moving quickly across the northwest at about 13 miles app hour. but it is huge. kpening from the center 345 miles. it is an extraordinarily high system. it's churning up the atlantic. very broad system, as you can see. some of those clouds already affecting bermuda. i checked the weather conditions there. the winds are coming out of the northeast at just about 16 miles an hour, and you can only imagine that's going to increase throughout the day. let's go ahead and show you what's happening with karl. the national hurricane center has issued their last advisory on karl. it's moved across the mountains of mexico. there are just those remnants now, but the remnants could bring out additional moisture, but in veracruz, they've seen 20 inches of rainfall.
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t.j., back to you. >> karen, thank you, as well to you, reynolds wolf. coming up, a florida father is facing charges for threatening kids on a school bus, and his entire tirade is caught on surveillance video, but the dad said he had a good reason for this. you'll hear from him. it's 15 past the hour. ♪ everything you need to stretch out on long trips.
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residence inn. ♪ everything you need to stay balanced on long trips. residence inn. it's 16 past the hour now. let me give you a look at some
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of the stories that are making headlines. first, though, toyota is settling a case, a deadly accident caused by one of its vehicles. you look at the video of it. a family of four died when the accelerator got stuck in their car. this accident happened last year. the settlement amount has not been released but toyota has, in fact, settled the case. this is a lexus. that's a part of toyota. >> a harvard professor, elizabeth warren is going to be organizing it. we saw this announcement yesterday in the news room. it was her idea to have this consumer protection bureau that's going to be looking out for you, but the president appointed her as an adviser instead of appointing her to direct the office because many thought she would not get through the senate confirmation fight. she told john king that she wants to start work on it right
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away. and this could be the day that we're done with the well. you remember it. we haven't seen the pictures of the oil going out. these are just taped pictures. oil hasn't been going out in some time, but the well could finally be killed today. the well they called the lost cause, the largest oil spill in u.s. history, oil hasn't flowed out of it since july 15. still they needed to do this bottom kill method, which is this file step. they're pumping cement into it today so by some point today we could say this thing is finally and forever dead. 18 past the hour. stay with us. [ announcer ] how do you plus up breakfast?
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22 minutes past the hour. i want to share with you a story now that a lot of people in this country can relate to. your heart will just melt when you hear about this. the small town of west orange, texas, in a state of shock after the star quarterback of the local high school football team collapsed and died during last night's game. his name was reginald garrett. he was rushed to the hospital after he collapsed on the team's sideline shortly after throwing hiss second touchdown pass of the game. after collapsing, he died just a short time later. hundreds of fans, teammates,
6:23 am
friends, filled the hospital's waiting room waiting to hear word about him, and they didn't get the word they were hoping to get, which was that he was going to be okay. susan courtney is supervisor for the baptist hospital of southeast texas where he was taken. she is joining us now by phone. ms. courtney, i appreciate your being here. we have you here not just in your capacity as working for the hospital, but you can give us an idea. everybody in town knew this kid. >> yes, everybody did. he was a very popular child. he was very sweet, very well mannered. he was an a student. he had collegebound -- he already had scholarships lined up. every child liked him. he was nice to everyone. was just a very star person. >> well, ma'am, i guess what was your reaction? like you said, everyone knew him, including you. you were there at the hospital. you heard what was coming in. like you said to me here during a commercial break, you said you
6:24 am
got the word that a full arrest was coming in, meaning someone that was not responsive. what was your reaction when you saw who they wheeled in to your hospital. it was him. how did you react? >> it was shocked to look down. he had been at my house. i live not far from the stadium, and my nieces are on the drill team, so they would come over after the games and raid my refrigerator. so he had been at my house. i knew him. very respectful. to see him lying there like that, it was just total shock. >> ma'am, at any point was there hope that he was going to be okay? a full arrest. like you said, totally nonresponsive. was it a dire situation for the most part when he came in? >> the paramedics did everything possible in the field. we did -- we worked -- worked with him for well over an hour, and we did everything possible, including our physician getting on the line to a local cardiologist to see if there was anything else we could do.
6:25 am
but we simply couldn't get a heartbeat back. >> ma'am, what happens next? i assume they're going to try to understand better what would have caused this. so at this point is an autopsy planned? right now we don't know what happened to him, is that fair to say? >> right. the judge was out tonight. an investigation is under way. an autopsy has been ordered. and as of then, we don't know nothing else. we don't know the cause. >> ma'am, what was that hospital like last night when he came in? like you said, the game was going on. he's a very popular kid, small community. everybody knows him. but what was that hospital like, and was it full of poem at the time just trying to check on him? >> when he arrived about 8:30, 8:35, he wasn't pronounced until about 9:45. his family was there, of course. it was very devastating. lots of crying.
6:26 am
but shortly after the game ended, my parking lot completely filled with people. the waiting room was full. the parking lot was full. there was cheerleaders, band members, all the coaches were there. it was just -- the entire community is like the entire football stadium came to the hospital to check on him. we were trying our best to give them good news and comfort them, but it was -- it was impossible. they were in the parking lot, gathered in groups. they were sicking hymns. they were praying. it was just just a very touching scene. hundreds of people showed up in support of this young man. >> susan, we can hear it in your voice, lady. how much more difficult? i mean you guys have a difficult job working at a hospital and dealing with oftentimes people who are injured, suffering, and sometimes dying. but this young man here, how difficult of a task was it for you to try to fill different role, one, in treating the young
6:27 am
man, another, in trying to comfort a community, and another, frankly, trying to deal and cope with this yourself. >> correct. i held up pretty well during the whole ordeal because that's my job and i'm a professional. but like you said, when i get here in my office and get quiet, you know, it hits that it was real and he's really gone, and the devastation on his mother's face. it's just -- it's something that's going to take a while for the community to recover from. >> what were his plans, ma'am, after high school. >> he had a scholarship to the university of houston. football scholarship was completely paid. his mother told me he was an a student, ranked very high on his s.a.t.s. he had a bright -- wonderful future ahead of him. i'm just -- now, as far as the -- some of the reports are saying he had a seizure, the
6:28 am
mother reported to me he did not have a history of seizures, that he only had one seizure at 2 years old. >> no medical history. >> no medical history. perfectly healthy strong young man. >> my goodness. ms. courtney, our hearts go out to you, to the family and entire community for this devastating story. like you said, it just puzzles you why a young man, as healthy as they get would just drop dead like he did. it looked like he had such a future ahead of him. ms. courtney, thank you so much. we know it's difficult for you. we appreciate you hopping on and telling us the story. they you so much. >> you're welcome. >> again, rehn nald garrett, straight a student, star football player, for unknown reasons dropped dead after his second touchdown pass at a game in texas last night. quick bright. we'll be right back. it. sweet!
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(announcer) new icy hot power gel. relief that's icy to dull pain, hot to relax it away. and no mess. new icy hot power gel. don't mess around with pain. well, bottom of the hour now. welcome back to "cnn saturday morning." i'm t.j. holmes. we'll give you an update on some of the stories. a couple that worked at a laboratory in new mexico have been indicted on charges that they tried to sell nuclear
6:32 am
secrets. they tried to broker a deal for over $800,000 with him. after losing her state's primary to an upstart tea party-backed senator, lisa murkowski says she's going to announce a write-in campaign. they say those everies rarely pan out. the chairperson of the tea party said she was fired by alaskans and doesn't get it. lisa murkowski says she will not let tea party extremists as she calls them take over the republican party. and continental and united are merging. the stock swap closes in about two weeks. the new airline will be called united and use continental's
6:33 am
logo. polls are open today across afghanistan. we have some 2,500 candidates hoping to be elected. that's if voters can get safely to the poll. so far there have been several attacks. hello to you. thank you for being here, and everybody was wondering was it going to be safe enough for people to go to the polls. how has it been? >> reporter: well, t.j., i have to say there have been attacks. but i have to say the afghan supporters and others have done a pretty good job allowing them to go out to the polls. that does not mean they're leaving their homes to go out to the polls because they say've finance they rick their lives to go out to the polls their vote will not count, obviously pointing to last year's presidential elections where
6:34 am
there was mass allegations of fraud. even speaking on state television stating ta they should go out and vote, that there will be irregularities but they have to build their nations. and i've about got to say to you, right now i'm in the western city of harat. it's a fairly safer proirchs, especially when you compare it to the south and east of the country, and i've been very impressed with the people here, especially the young people who we talked with in the last couple of days, many of them saying they will go out and vote, no matter the threat because they want to stay in their country's future. at this point we've seen at least a thousand men come to vote. a polling station nearby for women. there were lines of women as well. even though the taliban has even threatens the haratys themselves, a few blocks away a bomb detonated. no one was killed but at least two people were injured. >> atia, can you give us some
6:35 am
perspective as well? there have been essentially national elections. do people get a sense that their vote is making a difference? the significance here of these selections? >> reporter: for the most part -- t.j., for most of the country, no. they don't feel that their vote is making a difference. there was this enthusiasm back in 2004 during the first presidential elections to take place ever for that matter here in afghanistan. many people came out to vote. i believe the figure was 7 # 5% of all those registered to vote came out to vote. last year during the presidential elections, only around 35% came out to vote. and it's been significantly dropping each election. so we expect that today's vote, there will be a bigger drop, and the number of people who come out and vote mainly because of that factor. it's not just for security. many people that if -- even if the risk was there but their vote counted, they would head to
6:36 am
the polls, but right now they feel that there's so much fraud involved that their vote won't count. even here at this polling station, they were able to confiscate 20 fake voter cards, and they showed us, the election observers, when they dipped their finger in ink, how easy it was to wipe the ink off and go and vote again. >> atia, as always, we appreciate it. thank you so much. meanwhile mahmoud ahmadinejad says they released sarah shourd because of their respect for women. he hopes the u.s. will return the gesture by releasing some of the iranians being held in this country. her fiance and another hiker still in jail, headed for trial on spy changes. she and her mother are planning to speak to the media tomorrow at 3:00 p.m. eastern in new york city. well, 36 minutes past the
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hour. we're keeping an eye on a couple of named storms, one still a hurricane, one still fizzling out a bit. still causing problems. we'll have an update on karl and igor. stay with us. everything you need to stretch out on long trips. residence inn. ♪ everything you need to stay balanced on long trips. residence inn. my name isi am a bankerson. with quicken loans. this is kathy, who i helped do her first home loan, and this is her sister tina, who i also helped do her first home loan. it was unbelievable how well it all fell together. we wanted to stay in our same neighborhood. kathy said, "well, let me give you rachel's number." rachel just made it effortless. i didn't have to do any of the work. rachel did it for me. extremely friendly... easy.
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all right. 38 minutes past the hour. not quite sure what to make of this next story. the unlucky in love now have a new website to seek out romance. karen, i don't know what to say about this one. it's called this is a central community for the so-called unattractive to meet others like themselves who are also, i assume, unattractive? members can vote out others considered too attractive. so you can't be too good look if you're on this thing. everybody this the studio is thanking share heads right now. there's college grad joe de-luca. he launched this ugly venture.
6:40 am
the profile is free, but the memb membership to be attracted to other ugly people is going to cost you $13 a month. there are sites where you can be voted out if you're unattractive. this is insane. >> t.j., t.j., t.j. who is that? is he a cute kid? >> he's a cute kid. oh, dear. >> you would never at any point need anything along these lines, karen maginnis. >> there are days. there are days. >> well, this ain't one of them. karen, good to have you here with us this morning. >> food morning, t.j. how are things going with you? >> things are going well. who should we start with? >> igor. >> igor, okay. >> we have reynolds wolf in bermuda. i have never been there but
6:41 am
every two or three years they've been sideswiped. they're kind of in the line of fire. >> they're used to this. >> they need to hunger down a bit. igor is going to churn its way. it's a huge system as well. it's very broad, extending from the center about just under 100 miles. hurricane-force winds but extending out 345 miles from the center. we've got tropical-force storm winds. this is going to engulf bermuda in the not too disstants future. weather conditions are going to be deteriorating and the system is packing winds just about 115 miles an hour. it's a category 2, but before it's expected to make landfall, we're anticipating that it's going to be at category 3. then there is karl. karl used to be a hurricane. then it moved onshore from the gulf of mexico, slammed into the
6:42 am
southeastern or eastern coast of mexico, and now just the remnants are ringing out across the mountains and essentially just kind of moving off the coast. we've got some pictures of flooding across south central mexico in the past 24 hours now. veracruz specifically nchlt a 24-hour period they saw something less than 20 inches of rain. but when all was said and done, they saw 20 inches of rainfall. even though karl has not gotten kind of the headlines we've seen, it nonetheless has had a very strong impact across south central meks koechlt mexico city, i think, just a few clouds, a few breezy conditions. all in all, they've seen the end, they're not going to issue any more advisories as far as karl is concerned. for the u.s., it's reasonably quiet. very dry in utah, and there is a risk of some -- a possibility that a fire danger could occur
6:43 am
there. but hot across the southeast. hot across the southwest. and, t.j., it looks like summer will never come to an end, but it is officially on thursday. >> already? summer will officially be over. >> yeah, but it's not going to end in atlanta for another month. >> around january we start to cool off, right? >> you got it. >> we appreciate you. thanks so much. coming up here, what would cause a dad to go off on a school bus full of children? he went off to the point that he's now facing some serious charges. but the dad says he had a good reason for it. we'll explain. it's 43 minutes past the hour. >s
6:44 am
6:45 am
a school bus in florida to confront some kids that he says had bullied his daughter. james jones is his name, and he went off on that bus, even threatening some of the students. one parent said his son is now even scared to ride the bus to school. the rules say it's the driver's job to control the students. jones says the driver did nothing to stop the kids from tormenting his daughter who has cerebral palsy. he says they poked, pinched, even threw a condom on his daughter, and it led to this. >> everyone sit down. tell me which one. tell me which one. this is my daughter, and i wi wiwil will -- >> the other part of this story is it turns out the alleged bullying involved another child. it wasn't even jones' daughter
6:46 am
that was bullied. a family friend says the daughter is hospitalized now on suicide watch. police arrested jones, charged him with disorderly conduct. >> my daughter is not going to be hazed and beat up and touched on and like what he done. i'm very sorry. i apologized. this is not just to me. >> that was him responding to some reporters who had questions for him. it wasn't his daughter. he's facing some daughters now. a quick break. i'm right back. [ male announcer ] you're at the age where you don't get thrown by curve balls. ♪ this is the age of knowing how to get things done. ♪ so why would you let something like erectile dysfunction get in your way? isn't it time you talked to your doctor about viagra? 20 million men already have. ♪ with every age comes responsibility. ask your doctor if your heart is healthy enough for sex.
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it's time for our political ticker. presidential hopefuls are taking the stage in washington, plus we'll have a look at the president's midterm campaign
6:50 am
schedule from our deputy political director paul ste steinhouse. this is a annual gathering of conservativive visits. a lot of it is about 2010. a lot of it about 2012. we have a bunch of people who may want to run next time around. later today let's keep our eyes on that conference because they're going to have the results on a presidential skrauple coming out this afternoon. last year mike huckabee won that straw poll. the president will be headlining a dnc fund-raiser up in philadelphia and while he's up in philadelphia he'll be helping to raise money for joe.
6:51 am
t.j., some of the stuff we got on the political ticker. back to you, man. >> thanks, man. a reminder for you all. for all the latest political news go to our website. with frequent heartburn. did you know, with prilosec otc, you can stop frequent heartburn before it starts? heartburn happens when stomach acid refluxes, or backs up into the esophagus. this causes the burning sensation in your chest, known as heartburn. with just one pill a day, prilosec otc treats frequent heartburn for 24 hours, providing all-day and all-night protection. here's how it works -- prilosec otc's unique delayed-release system protects the medicine as it passes through the stomach's tough acid. the medicine then gets absorbed into the body, turning off many acid-producing pumps at the source, so less acid is produced. with just one pill a day, you get 24-hour heartburn protection all day and all night, satisfaction guaranteed. trust the number-one doctor-, gastroenterologist-,
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6:54 am
anything else on facebook. i got the facebook pastor in here with me right now for our mission possible. sean keen is with me. we're going to explain what you're up to. you have found a way now -- this auction is going on, and you're using celebrities right now for a twitter auction to raise money for haiti.
6:55 am
now help folks, maybe those who are not so twitter and facebook-inclined how that's supposed to work. >> the main thing we're trying to do is keep the light and attention on haiti, and while the news cycle might not include it so much, we're trying to use technology to keep people understanding how big the needs are. and so on twitter you can see what celebrities and entertainers and actors are doing. and twitter people kind of -- 140 letters tell you what's going on in their life. and so one of the things that everybody wants and never says they want, everybody wants to be followed by somebody famous. and it's like a dirty little secret. you know, everybody wishes that shaq or diddy or kim kardashian would follow them or tweet them. >> and you're tapping into that. >> yeah. so what we've tried to do is connect with those celebrities,
6:56 am
and fans are going to get a chance to bid to have eva longoria or shaquille o'neal or kim kardashian follow them or mention them on twitter. >> how did you get all of them on board? >> well, it really wasn't me. we starteding down some great stuff in haiti right after the earthquake, and eva longoria saw all the work that we were doing, and she was going to start a website for a project, and so she called some friends of hers at microsoft, and they told her to work with us. a lot of our friends tease me about working with eva longoria, but as a tech guy, i was excited about microsoft, you know, and so i don't -- i don't really watch "desperate housewives," so when she told us microsoft said work with this group, we were over the moon. >> well, just in case you're not clear, let me let you know, she's kind of a big deal. she's kind of a big deal. how much money can you possibly raise like this? how many celebrities do you
6:57 am
have? >> we have about 150 celebrities on-on-board all around the world. every day we're having 1.5, 2 million people go to our website. we have no idea how much we need to raise. we need to raise almost a million for the project we're working on but we're trying to lower our expectations and get surprised. >> i want to make sure people understand how they do it. they need to go to your website. >> they need to go to >> eva longoria is on the front? >> yeah. we have a video on there. you can bid. 100% of your donation goes to charity. ebay donated their services. it's just going be a great thing. >> explain to people one more time. what exactly are you hoping to do, your mission necessarily in haiti. we know the needs are still great, even though, like you said, it's not in thedlines
6:58 am
every day. what is your mission and you're going to do. >> our pastor at our church is helping to build the largest home and orphanage and school for severely disabled children in haiti, and so i've been to haiti several times since the earthquake, and all of these donations are going to go toward building that home. and right now in haiti, children with severe disabilities are most regularly orphans, an we have over 100 orphan children that are going to be living this this home. it's going to be great. we're really excited to be able to do something permanent for them. >> how much did you say you need? >> we need about a million. we'll see what the auction does and keep on pushing. >> the facebook pastor. it says a lot about how tech savvy you are, to be more excited about microsoft than eva
6:59 am
longoria. appreciate you coming here to atlanta. >> appreciate it. >> you can go to our blog. we have it up for you right now. we have it up there. all the information you need. we want to make sure you're able to hook up with pastor king. good morning, top of the hour. live picture of the pope on his uk visit. he's wrapping up his mass. one of the public events he's having on day three of a four-day trip of the uk. the first official state visit of the pope. the pope hasn't changed his very busy schedule despite the six men suspected in a terrorist plot. we'll go back and tell you more about this historic trip coming
7:00 am
up. plus the debate continues on capitol hill, what to do about the tax cuts for the middle class. will they happen? will they not? will those making more than $250,000 get an extended tax cut? coming up, we'll tell you how the tax cuts will affect you. we're going to show you specifically, if you make so much money, how much you stand to lose, how much you stand to gain with these tax cuts. that's coming up for you. from the cnn center, this is "cnn saturday morning." 7:00 where i am in atlanta. i'm t.j. holmes. glad you're right here with me. also a big shake-up on the political scene once again. can you spell murkowski? alaska senator lisa murkowski hopes her supporters can certainly spell it as she now announces a write-in campaign to keep her job. she lost, you may remember, the republican primary to a tea party-backed candidate joe miller. sarah palin had endorsed miller. she's now calling murkowski's
7:01 am
latest move a futile effort. the people have said the people of alaska have already fired murkowski but she's calling on lkens who didn't vote on the primary to turn out for her next month. >> i will be the first one to admit to you that in the primary campaign, we made some mistakes. we talked about ourselves. we talked about me a lot. but we didn't educate alaskans about the extremist views that were held by mr. miller. and when he swung, i didn't swing back. well, ladies and gentlemen, friends and supporters, the gloves are off. >> well, them's fighting words right there. however, she has a really uphill climb here because write-in campaigns almost never work and they're almost tricky in alaska as well given a couple of
7:02 am
factors, given the fact that her name is murkowski. someone would have to write that name out. as well as writing it out you would have to fill in the oval next to the name. you have to know the rules going in. if it's not clear exactly you were trying to write in, that ballot could be disqualified even though the state official has said lisa m. as a write-in might be okay. but historically speaking, write-in candidates, the only other senator who has been able to get in with a write-in was strom thurman back in 1954. i want to go back to a live picture of pope benedict. he's wrapping up a mass at westminster cathedral in london. you see him greeting the crowd and the crowd greeting him. this is the third day of a four-day trip to the uk. this is the first ever official state visit. the pope has visited the uk before, but at the invitation of the church. we saw john paul ii visit great
7:03 am
britain back in 1982. but that was some time ago. this was a state visit, at the invitation of the queen. she's, of course, the head of state. the pope here, the head of state as well as being the head of the catholic church. keep this picture up while i bring in our phil black. phil, i'm not sure if you're able or how far you are or where you are, if you can see this picture or hear this picture, but it seems like he has stepped out here and has been greeted enthusiastically by the crowd there. like you said, there was some speculation on what crowds he would draw on this visit, but has that been the kind of reaction to him, a lot of enthusiasm for this pope? >> yeah. and t.j., he hasn't had too much trouble drawing crowds wherever he's gone. i'm standing in the park where 80,000 are expected to sell prat a pope with him. he's at the westminster cathedr
7:04 am
cathedral, the most important house. he's now currently greeting and meeting thousands of school children who have traveled to london from across this country to spend a little bit of time with him there. during the mass, though, that finished just a short time ago, he had some interesting words to say about the child sex abuse scandalle. it is the first time he has addressed this issue during the visit here. he spoke of the immense sorrow he felt, the ufer issing felt by the church, particularly by the church, particularly by the clergy. take a listen. >> it's a shame and humiliation, which all of us have suffered because of the sins, and i invite you to offer it to the lord with trust, to the healing of the victims. the purification of the church, of the renewal of the age of
7:05 am
commitment and education and care of young people. i express my gratitude for the efforts being made to address this problem responsibly, and i ask all of you to show your concern for the victims and solid darety with your priests. >> reporter: so some strong words on this most controversial of subjects, but victims' groups have responded saying that's all they are, just words. they want action, bringing the pep traitors to justice, helping the victims overcome their suffering. that's why the victims' groups will be among the thousands of people expected to march through london today, protesting the pope, and the fact that he's receiving the honor of a full state visit here. those victims will be among atheist victims who will address homosexuality, and other things.
7:06 am
remember, 80,000 people are expected to be here tonight at london's hide park. >> don't go away. i want people to see what we're seeing. it's a live picture at westminster cathedral where a mass is wrapping up. you see the children enthusiastically greeting the pope. thousands came over to see him. i just want to remind you this is a live picture of the pope right now at westminster cathedral. one more thing. you hit on this. security always a concern where the pope travels anywhere, but there in particular there were six arrests of people allegedly involved in a terror plot of some kind. has that changed the pope's schedule and do we know if that plot yet was directly linked to the pope? the pope hasn't changed his schedule, despite the fact that six people have been arrested here for allegedly planning some sort of terror. they were picked up through the day yesterday. police have been talking to them, conducting searches across
7:07 am
london. they're still in custody and could be for some time. police have not confirmed that this is, in fact, connected to the pope's visit, but it does go to the heart of what is a very complex situation because he's not just a visiting head of state, which means keeping him away from all possible trouble. he's also the lead over a significant religion who wants to move among, be seen by as many of his flock as possible, and they certainly want to see him. so police say it has been a challenging security operation, but they have not altered it significantly in light of those arrests. >> phil black, we e certainly appreciate you as we continue to watch this live picture. again, live at the westminster cathedral. the holy place as phil was explained to us. we're still hearing music. a mass is wrapping up. he's keeping a full schedule, continuing through the afternoon. he has more meetings. he'll end up at hyde park for a prayer vigil. that's where phil is right now. he's expecting some 80,000 people to show up.
7:08 am
we'll continue to follow this historic visit of pope benedict 16th. well, we have a couple storms we need to keep a very close eye on. one of them, karl in mexico, the other one igor, a huge category -- what is it? 2? 3? it's been fluctuating. wouldn't you know reynolds wolf is not here with me. he's right in the path of the huge storm. can be unsettling. but what if there were a different story? of one financial company that grew stronger through the crisis. when some lost their way, this company led the way. by protecting clients and turning uncertainty into confidence. what if that story were true? it is. ♪ it is. our points from chase sapphire preferred are worth 25% more on travel. we're like forget florida, we're going on a safari.
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so we're on the serengeti, and seth finds a really big bone. we're talking huge. they dig it up, put it in the natural history museum and we get to name it. sethasauraus. really. your points from chase sapphire preferred are worth 25% more on travel? means better vacations. that's incredible. believe it...with chase sapphire preferred your points are worth 25% more on travel when booked through ultimate rewards.
7:10 am
>> we are tracking hurricane igor in the atlantic right now. also keeping an eye on tropical depression karl. but igor, the stronger of the two storms right now. it is projected as you see there. that is the projected path which is going to take it very close or right over bermuda right now. so, of course, wherever that storm's going is where reynolds wolf wants to be. he is there. our karen maginnis is tracking the storms as well. we'll check in with her in just a moment. but reynolds, hello to you. you were talking in the last hour they are used to this kund of thing, so they know what do in bermuda, but what are they preparing for necessarily? >> what they're preparing for is a mammoth storm. they've been dealing with strong storms. this island was founded in 1609 and since then they've dealt with all kinds of tropical
7:11 am
systems go. through any of the streets in any part of the town of bermuda, you can see people making prep rags. they're putting boards on the windows, getting provisions, doing everything they can, setting up emergency places for the storm that they know is coming. say if you have a storm that strikes, say, the texas coastline, there's a place for people to go. they can go farther inland to face the storm. that's not the case in bermuda. you have to remember it's a small island chain. only 138 small coral islands collectively that make up the land mass that's only a third of the size of washington, d.c. when the storm coming calling, there's no place to be. we were at the beach yesterday and got to see some of the mammoth waves firsthand. let's give you a look of how things looked to us as we got to bermuda. it's hard to believe we've got these white caps and the
7:12 am
towering waves off in the distance. as you watch the waves come onshore, look at the white caps. they go right up against those huge rocks, they really send a spray of water everywhere. you know, this area is no stranger to these tropical systems. in fact, in 2003 hurricane fabian caused all kinds of damage, knocked out the airport for several days, and killed four people. it's our hope that this storm won't be quite as bad a. very quickly, t. jchlt, one thing quickly, t.j., that we want to share with you is one thing it could bring to the island. one would be 50-foot rains, heaven rainfall, damaging winds of up to 120 miles an hour. some up to the 110, 120 range. keep in mind the storm is much bigger than fade f bigger than fabbian struck back in 2003.
7:13 am
it's going deeper into mexico. mud slides and flooding. karen maginnis has the latest on that. >> yeah. it looks like the national hurricane center has issued its last advisory. it was downgraded to tropical storm and a depression. whatever is left out is wringing itself out across extreme areas of mexicost. very impressive on the enhanced satellite imagery. hurricane igor is just churning around and has hurricane force winds extending out to about 90 miles, but we've got tropical force wind s extending out. it's going to make its way further north and northwest. it will start its curve sort of like this. bermuda is just about here. hamilton, you're looking for tonight, those weather
7:14 am
conditions really deteriorating as we go into the evening hours. now, in the forecast as we look in the next maybe 12 to 24 hours, right along the coastal regions of bermuda -- let's go ahead and show you what the track is going to look like. we can expect a category 3, this going into sunday. winds at 125 miles an hour. as you can see, once it moves past bermuda, it quickly loses steam because we're encountering much cooler water. but as t.j. said we're looking at high rainfall, high waves. every 2 1/2 years, they look at these weather systems brushing by or moving right over them. back to you. >> karen, thank you. to reynolds wolf, thank you. we'll be checking in with them. coming up, we're not going to do just politicsing we're going to break it down for you, show you exactly what the tax cuts or lack of tax cuts is going to mean for your wallet. stay here.
7:15 am
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everything you need to stretch out on long trips. residence inn. ♪ everything you need to stay balanced on long trips. residence inn. well, you have seen this big battle on capitol hill over tax cuts. lawmakers plan to extend the cuts from the george w. bush area, but they're at odds over whether to continue them for the wealthiest americans. josh levs looking at the argument. >> it is one of the biggest battles facing the president right now. it actually does affect your wallet. the president wants to keep the
7:17 am
tax cuts on the first $250,000 of income and then drop the bush-era income. let's start with our famous avatar couple. we plugged in some levels. here's what we got. if their income is at $57,000, a little above that, and their taxes are just over $3,400, their tax cuts if the current tax cut expired, they'd be paying a couple,000 more, about $2,000 more in taxes. that's a big chunk of change. no one is calling for this to happen. everyone is saying let's keep the same tax cuts. now let's make this couple a little bit wealthier -- actually a lot wealthier, let's go to $396,000. if the tax cuts were to expire, if president obama's plan were to be enacted they would pay about $6,000 more in tacks every year. by the way, for you real tax
7:18 am
crunchers, they're attaching it to the a.m.t., which is what the president wants. what's the big buzz? billionai billi mill millionaires. we're giving them an income of over $1,750 million a year. if their tacks are currently at $573,000, if president obama's plan were enacted they would be paying more. that's another $70,000 in taxes. that's where you get into the dedate. which is better for the economy? to leave the money in private hands or collect it for the government, maybe do something about the debt or deficit or pay for programs that are currently being put into place. that tension is where this comes into play. if you want to know how it plays
7:19 am
out for you, go over to the website. plug in your information and see how it might play out for you. i'm josh levs, cnn, atlanta. well, if you owe somebody out there, close your facebook or twitter account. somebody is looking for you, and they're trying to collect. it's 19 past the hour. stay here. when i brush, i like to do a really mediocre job.
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all right. you know you do it. you post just about everything about you on a website, what you eat, your vacation, hook-ups, break-ups, jobs. be careful if you owe money. if you owe money, debt collectors are using social media sites to track you down. say it ain't so. why. why are they going this route? >> first of all, it's free. in this economy everybody is looking to cut costs. if they can avoid doing the skip traces they did in the past this is a cost-effective way to find people. >> how exactly are they hunting you down? when they go through a simple face site, what are they doing? >> they're going to catch you off guard.
7:24 am
you're give to give a lot about what you're doing or spending money. >> it's not necessarily that you're talking about spending money. they see you on a vacation to canc cancun. >> you owe us money and we need to get our money and we see you have money. >> can they come after you in that way? do they have a valid argument, you spent money on this, then you have money to pay me. >> if you ever had to deal with debt collectors, they can be a dirty, dirty thing. they need to get their money, rightfully so. they're going to do whatever they can to get the money and the fair declaration collection act existed back in '78. they haven't gone back and visited these things. is it sneaky? is it legal? right now, yeah. right now it's sneaky, but legal. >> so if you do owe some money should you be safe and stay away from these things all together? >> if t first thing we want to
7:25 am
advocate is you need to be responsible, pay your bills in the first place. a lot of people will negotiate a settlement with you in these teams, but definitely be careful what you're putting out there. don't be so easy to put everything online. be careful who you friend. a lot of people they turn to people who have friended other people to say, hey, let's be friends, let's talk. then they say, wait, i need that $500. >> wait a minute now. that's a little bit deceptive. they're using methods like that to deceive you? >> they're using that to friend you. they have to disclose it. that i have to disclose this is an attempt to collect a debt. they have to let you know, this is an attempt to collect a debt. so you have to be careful what's going on out there. >> how widespread is this in use? >> it's growing. i'm hearing a lot, lot more. the buzz is growing. more people are doing it thacht're say, hey, this is fair game, public domain, anything
7:26 am
you put out there is online. what you're putting out there, it's for the whole world to see. >> we used to talk about potential employers would check. now you're talking debt collectors. they could be doing it but we have no idea. >> in the past there was skip tracing where they would go and find you by looking at your relatives, whoever they could touch to contact you and find you. now you talk about what you've doing, freelance jobs, other things you're doing, they can go after your employer or to your employer and go to your employer and garnish your wages. >> we've got more time for this segment but i need to go clean up my facebook page. good stuff this morning. more top stories coming your way as "cnn saturday morning" continuing live at the top of the hour, but after a quick break, my doctor, dr. sanjay gupta.
7:27 am
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