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tv   CNN Newsroom  CNN  November 14, 2010 5:00pm-6:00pm EST

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what we needed to give this country was a tangible way to say thank you. a way to say, you know what? that sacrifice is important to me. i will show you how important it is to me. i am willing to display a symbol. >> reporter: lutz has met with state legislators, community organizations and religious groups. >> 16 governors. >> reporter: he wants states to adopt the remember flag and fly it on national holidays. >> minnesota, new hampshire, colorado. >> he wants washington to adopt the flag as a federal symbol to too, and his virginia congressman is sponsored the legislation. he wants the gold star families to fly the flag in front of their homes. >> at the end of the day there's nothing we can do, there's no gifts we can give, ceremonies we can provide. there's just nothing we can do to give a family what they really want. and that is their loved one.
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to come home. if we can't give them that, the one most important thing is gratitude. approximate. >> one surprise he'll never forget came in the heart of the midwest. >> in nebraska on a ceremony with the governor, many gold star families. there was one man there, a first sergeant, who was with my son when i was shot. he just told me what happened that day. it was just a powerful moment, you know, for me to get to hear one more story about that day and what happened. it meant a lot to me. >> separate from his personal healing, george lutz calls his flag campaign a mission. >> i don't cancel because if i've got a presentation to make, i'm going to make that presentation one way or the other. >> reporter: an incredible trip that will be completed on veterans day at arlington
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national cemetery when he plants thousands of honor and remember flags graveside. >> the emotional strain of this to meet family after family who have lost a son or a daughter or a husband or a wife is just very draining. >> reporter: julie peterson, cnn. it's shaping up to be a rather large day tomorrow on capitol hill. lawmakers reconvene fire lame duck session that will include making a decision on the bush era tax cuts. they're set to expire at the end of the year. kate baldwin joins us now from washington with more on this. how likely will this business get done in the next couple of weeks. >> reporter: what a good question, fredricka. congress returns for this lame duck session with some serious and tough business before them. probably the biggest and the most contentious heated issue is what to do about these bush era
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tax cuts set to expire in january. president obama and congressional democrat ps want to make tax cuts permanent for the middle and lower class but want to let cuts expire for individuals making more than $200,000 a year and families making more than $250,000 a year. republicans feel differently. they want tax cuts extended for all americans, and today on nbc's "meet the press," president obama's top adviser says the white house is sticking to his position but seemed to leave a little wiggle room. >> i'm telling you what the president's position is. we need to move forward to the middle class tax cut. we cannot afford a permanent extension of tax cuts for the wealthiest americans which costs $700 billion over the next ten years. >> i know the arguments. >> note that david axelrod right there said we cannot afford a permanent extension. president obama has recently said that he'd be open to a compromise on the issue, and this is kind of suggesting that maybe a temporary extension of
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tax cuts for wealthier individuals would be okay. something that they'd be amenable to. many republicans want all the tax cuts as i said made permanent and emboldened by big wins in the midterm elections, they seem ready for a fight heechlt listen. >> i think extended until we're out of this recession. we're in this recession, i cannot believe that raising taxes is a good thing on anybody. >> all in all we're likely to get a better idea really of the priorities and the tone coming up in the lame duck session come thursday, and that's when congressional leaders on both sides plan to meet with president obama at the white house. it's a very interesting lame duck session ahead. >> yeah, under score interesting. that's so much. appreciate that. kate baldwin in washington. so we may be getting a preview of the 2012 race this week by the way by tracking the travel plans of some republican
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leaders. that's not the only big political story to keep an eye on. cnn's deputy political director paul stein houser has more. >> it's been almost two weeks since the midterm elections, but they're still counting votes in alaska. election officials say it could be the middle of the week before all the ballots are counts. the republican senator is running as a write-in candidate after she lost the primary battle to joe miller who was backed by sarah palin and top tea party groups and we'll see how the state is counting the votes could extends the balttle longer. former house speaker newt gingrich who made make a bid for the gop nomination is in iowa this week as part of a four for the new book kws vallvalley for. iowa's state caucuses are the first caucus in the road to the white house. later in week the republicans head to san diego to gather for an annual convention.
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among those attending are all of whom who make make their own predal bids in 2012. fred. president barack obama is back home from asia. on the flight back he discussed a variety of topics with reporters including the need to reemp the legislative earmark process. he said he was focused on policy during his first two years but is now ready to redouble efforts to get back to the core principles the american people want like bipartisanship. one day after she was freed from house arrest, yu i hopes to meet with myanmar's rulers. they mobbed her at the headquarters of her political party today. she told them she's anxious to talk with her former captors. >> they treated me well on a personal basis. but they have not aktded in accordance in rule of law, and
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that i shall always fight against. because i think any count can survive as a praus prus and dignified nation unless there is rule of law. >> she spent 15 of the past 230 years underhouse arrest in myanmar known as burma. a government-backed newspaper says she was pardoned for good maifr. russell simmons' path to fame and fortune was anything but orthodox. my face-to-face interview with him after this. [ diane lane ] when you were 14
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he's a true force in the business world here in the u.s. and abroad. russell simmons is one of the most recognizable talents whose claim to fame includes making music, clothing and tv shows and that's the tip of the iceberg. he foshrged ahead without a business plan. i talked face to face with the mogul who was modest but excited share some of the secret ingredients of his personal and business philosophiephilosophie.
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did you ever realize that your reach would be global to this degree? >> you just do what's in front of you. of course, i didn't have a business plan. i never have written a business plan. when i invest in new companies these days, they write them. i don't read them. but i know what they are. the plan is to do well and focus every day and give as much as you can. >> i know you like to be modest, then. i wonder if i could ask, do you think there's like a certain ingredie ingredient, something about your approach to business that means almost everything you try is going to be a successful one, given your track record? >> i think, you know, i'm more famous than i'm rich. i read how rich i am. but, you know, my idea is really to just serve and keep serving. so what do you mean by success? we do cultural things that matter. it's because we love them. i look for what's honestly hot
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or really needed, a vehicle for expression, deaf comedy. these kids and their poetry, these kids new expression. when i made rap records, there were no rap records. when i did the urban clothing company, there was none. i have an honest passion and pursue it, and when you see it, stay on your grind until it's done. >> back to all your ventures. you had def jam records and productions. >> like movie stuff, yeah. >> you had phat farm, baby phat. where else can i go here? >> my big company is my financial service company that will change the world. >> there's reality tv. >> that's fun. >> giggle. >> i'm not. >> jewelry. >> simmons, jewelry. yes. it's at kay jewelers. >> you had the malachite
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jewelry. >> it goes to a school in africa. >> and books. that's a lot. >> i'm sure you left out a lot. >> you don't keep track? >> i have lots of smart people around me, and they keep track. >> do you ever get to the point and say, i'm taking on too much and i'm stopping right here? >> i'm going to do the best i can and stay focused on things. there's always going to be suffering and poverty, education for africans in needs, they're all ongoing. you know, it's just finding stuff to do until it's too late as best you can describe. keep doing it. >> have you had a failed business? >> well, you know, you can't fail until you quit. >> that's the philosophy that should stick with you, right? more of my face-to-face with fredricka and russell simmons next week. he talks about his
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transformation from a drug-dealing gang member to a fill lantist raising millions for sharts and i'll ask him opinions about music today and his newest undertakings in fashion and jewelry. that's right here on cnn. rev refugee children anyway maul georgia town are learning a new way of life and they had a fame sport so lean on. dr. sanjay gupta shows us how soccer is used to educate kids in need. >> at first glance they look like a bunch of kids playing soccer, but take a closer look. this is the fujis family. >> anybody who wants to be part of this family can be. >> any refugee who wants to be part of this family can be. >> that binds them together. they're all refugees, 86 children and teens from more
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than 28 countries. >> any country that's had a war in the past 20, 30 years we've had kids from those countries. >> what started as a casual soccer team six years ago is now a school full of students, most of whom have never been a classroom before. >> i come from russia to america. >> robin, sharply dressed in the school's uniform blue sweater and tie is an eighth grader at the academy. something that would have been almost impossible in his native sudan. right after you moved to the united states, if someone said, robin, what are you going to do with your life, what would you have said? >> i really didn't know what to say during that time. now when i look at myself, i want to be someone like very good and make my people proud. >> life in america has not always been good to robin. when you were an outsider from sudan living in the united states, what is that like? what happens to you? >> it's very hard.
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everyone picks on you. they treat you really different like you don't belong here. >> what did you do? >> i used to fight a lot. now a days i don't get into fight. i try to resoovl. >> while refugees live all around the united states, they're the only group combining soccer with the hope for a better future. are there other organizations like this around the country? >> no. >> this is? >> this is it. we get e-mails from people around the country and around the world. >> how many more years before you finish? >> i have four more years because it in eighth grade right now. >> for mour years and then? >> four more years of college. time to reclaim your career. the six small steps to make to make big moves on the job. that's next. fiber one chewy bar.
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oouch heard it before. going that extra mile at work can be a plus. we'll tell you what you can do to earn extra brownie points after this look at the top stories. the u.s. could spend an additional $4 billion to modernize america's nuclear arsenal. a senior administration official says it's under consideration. president obama is urging lawmakers to pass the new treaty with russia before the end of the year. republicans have said they're not convinced he's committed to a strong missile defense system. israelis are considering a u.s. proposal to jump start the peace talks.
5:21 pm
it calls for israel to stop building for 90 days in the west bank. palestinians have threatened to walk away from the talks if the construction continues. trimming america's $13 trillion debt. members of the deficit commission say it has to be reduced approximate reduced, if the u.s. wants to remain a power. they're proposing a cut by 2020 which could mean cuts in social security and medicare plus higher taxes. let's talk about boosting your position, your reputation and responsibilities at work, and all of it actually can be done in six simple steps. joining us right now to tell you what the steps are, valerie burton, she's the life coach and author of the book "what's really holding you back." what are the six easy steps? >> a lot of times as we get older we forget them.
5:22 pm
>> maybe you're settled comfortable with your job or life. >> you get sucked into what's going on at work and you forget to see the big picture, which is the first step that is so important. >> this is like a refresher course. for one you say you have to think of ways that perhaps you can help others, and that in turn helps you? >> exactly. like jerry mcguire. let me help you. if you see the big picture you see it's not about me getting what i want. i have to understand what the company wants and how do i fit into that big picture, and the people around me, my boss or co-workers, what are their goals and can i help them? when you help others, they're more likely to help you. >> help me help you. that's it. rise above the fray. it's so easy. you're not happy with your job. you start hearing all the other rumblings and then you get roped in. don't do it. >> don't do it. don't get sucked into the negativity. it's so easy, especially if you work with a lot of negative
5:23 pm
people. you want to make sure you rise above the fray and you want to make sure you're not the person that comes out looking petty. if you're fighting battles you don't need to fight, ultimately the question is will this matter a month from now or a year from now? if it doesn't, move on. >> it burns a lot of energy. >> drains your energy in fact. don't harp on the problems, but think about those solutions and make it easier. >> think about the solutions and think about the decision-makers. people come to people with just problems. anytime gu to your boss, you need to go to them and tell them about the problem and tell them three potential solutions to to problem. that will help you come across as someone without solutions but helps them recognize it takes a load off them and you have more influence on their decisions. >> tap into unofficial networks. what does that mean? >> there's a good book called
5:24 pm
"you don't need a title to be a leader." it is so true. a lot of times people making a big influence at work aren't those that have the title but somehow they have influence. you need to know who those influencers are and you need to pay attention. >> and then start small. boy, that is like the mantra of life, doesn't it seem to be? sometimes it's about baby steps. >> a lot of times it's about baby steps. if you're trying to have more influence, start with the things you know a boss may say yes to, and you end up building trust and rapport and have more influence later on when you ask for bigger things. >> it's buttering them up? >> uh-huh. >> plan what you say? >> you have to have your own personal strategic plan. before you have any conversation, even if it's april minim a minute or two, what do i want the end result to be out of this conversation. how will i say it when's the best time to say it?
5:25 pm
do i need to talk to a few other people to make sure i have others backing me up on this? >> looking in the mirror and thinking about what you're going to say or having a little cheat sheet or notes. >> if you have someone else to talk to, a mentor or co-worker, talk it through with them first. >> excellent. these are great keys to success or at least trying to kind of reinvent yourself in your particular occupation and freshen up your outlook on things. >> we know the job market is tight, but you have to be that person contributing something extra on the job, especially if you look at maintaining that job. if there are layoffs, they look at the people that are contributing more. it's not that you won't get laid off, but it's less likely. >> it's showing you value your job. >> that's right. >> valerie burton, awesome, thanks so much. appreciate it. >> thanks. islam's holiest city gets a makeover. luxury hotels, starbucks,
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muslims are making their way to mecca for the annual pilgrimage getting under way today. many people make the trip. it's causing a business boom as well. give me an idea while millions are descending this area this weekend alone, give me an idea how significant it is today. >> well, today muslims are literally following in the footsteps of the prophet mohammed. they're congress gating under the foothills where the prophet
5:30 pm
stood in xlencon tell me plags. they're meant to take pent nance and look within themselves and try to make contact with their spirituality. it's the main ritual in islam's main pillars. every single one of the 1.8 billion muslims around the world are expected to make this trip at least once in their lifetime. already the pilgrims are congregating outside the mosque in preparation for the dawn prayer so they can begin their day of pentance, fredricka. >> why is this also becoming busine big business? >> reporter: we spoke with the vice president of the hilton group in saudi arabia, and he said their tag line is there's only one mecca. it's a requirement for every single muslim to visit at least one in the lifetime and many
5:31 pm
more muslims come many teams for the smaller pill gram ij. as far as the hospitality industry is concerned, this is their biggest market. he says that it's outperforming every single other sector they have, and the saudi arabiian government has to find a way to acome date all these pilgrims. they seek to join public/private partnerships with the industries. mecca is providing a little corner of certainty. >> you're about how many hours from day break there? >> reporter: we are now -- it's around 1:00 in the morning. the dawn prayer is around 4:30 in the morning. people have three hours. they're setting up in tent cities. for most of the pilgrims this will be a sleepless night. then they have to stand here in which mineans standing in xleng
5:32 pm
and prayer until sunset before they move on to begin the ritual stoning of the devil, which really is an opportunity for muslims coming here to undertake the haj j pilgrgripilgrimage. >> thanks so much. let's talk about some crazy weather taking place. yes, the calendar says fall but it's feeling like winter in some places. beautiful picture. >> yes. >> just don't try to drive in it. >> seriously, you know. even for minnesota it's tough because it's a lot at one time. this is the bulk where all the snow was across the twin cities. we had some in wisconsin as well as northern iowa. some totals of a foot in maple grove, 10 inches in duluth as well as mankato and a lot of
5:33 pm
people without power by the way, too, in the twin cities. i just checked excel energy, and there's about 5,000 people or so that don't have power and it's cold. temperatures in the 30s right now. the snow is over with, and that's pushing eastward across parts of wisconsin into the u.p. of michigan. it's a little icy here. the big thing to watch with this system now as it heads to canada, the main low is ahead of this we have a cold front here. we have some showers and isolated thunderstorms. nothing big today but a nuisance. what will happen is an area of low pressure is going to develop on the tail end of this front, and that is going to be our big weather maker for the week ahead across the southeast heading up into the mid-atlantic and eventually into the northeast as well. this will impact millions of people literally. this is actually good news across parts of southeast, because we need the rain. i know it's been gorgeous in the 60s and 7 0s, a little warm thi time of year.
5:34 pm
expect travel issues in new orleans towards pensacola and memphis and nashville for a while. we think you'll be okay in d.c. and philadelphia until late, and this will head into tuesday for you guys there. we want to talk about the tropics real quick, too. it's november and we're still in hurricane season, believe it or not. we have monstitor any clusters thunderstorms we see. there's probably about a 50% chance or less that this could develop into our next named sform. if it gets a name, the name would be virginie. we have 19 named storms. we usually have 10 in an average season. things have been very, very busy in the tropic. we had a tower cam from the twin cities. yeah, snow? did you just say tour cam. there it is. >> i was looking for snow. >> that looks like atlanta. it's all deck kate rated for the
5:35 pm
haul days now. >> can you believe it all right? >> yeah. >> rain tomorrow. enjoy it today. >> they put it up thursday or friday and saw it yesterday for the first time. this inspires me. maybe i will put up holiday decorations before thanksgiving. >> really? do you it with the nice weather before it gets too cold. >> i'm always so sad when the decorations go down, soipt it to last longer. i'll start it sooner frr now on. >> months of holidays. why not? >> why not. thanks so much. appreciate that. all right. time for a cnn equals politics update. here's what crossing the political ticker right now. david axelrod says a temporary extension of tax cuts for the wealthy may be necessary for the white house to reach their goal of extending tax cut force the middle class, but he made no mention of earlier comments hinting at a possible compromise deal on the issue with republicans. one democrat is vocally breaking ranks with house leadership now.
5:36 pm
north carolina congressman heath schuler says nancy pelosi would be unacceptable as minority leader in the new congress, but schuler says he also knows he doesn't have the support to unseat her. michael steele's days may be numbered as rnc chairman if south carolina's jim demint has his way. he says new leadership is needed to capitalize on the success of the tea party candidates. a world war ii veteran never thought he'd again get a chance to see the d.c. memorial in honor of the greatest generation. that's until 80-year-old chris mauer learned about honor flight. it's a program that provides veterans with a free round-trip ticket to washington. >> welcome on board honor flight one. it is an honor, privilege and pleasure to have you on board with us today. >> we're going to see the world war ii memorial, korean and
5:37 pm
vietnam and whatever they have up there. >> all right, all right, all right! all right. how about that? it's unreal how beautiful that is. i'm telling you what, that stands out from everything. >> how about it? >> good to see you. >> i'm fine, great. this is something fabulous. world war ii i was 15. you were supposed to be 18 years old or older. i said i'm ready to go. the guy said you look too young. i said my mama said i could go. he said sign here for him, and that was it. i was gone. m man, if this ain't fabulous. that is plum beautiful. just can't fathom in your mind how many people that represents
5:38 pm
to definite our country. that's what it was all about. it's got me flagger gassed i tell you. that's where i was raised at up there, in louisiana. it's an honor to be here up here and still be alive. i can't express no words to describe everything. something i'll take to my grave. >> so after world war ii he was shipped off to the korean war when he was just 19. he was awarded a bronze star for his service there. all right. in this young man has been called the new mr. las vegas and one of the 100 greatest stand-up comedians of all time. you know who i'm talking about. george wallace right there. he's maybe of our newsroom family. he's joining us today to give us his take, george's take on the week in news. >> yeah. considered making turn-by-turn navigation standard. if you want to talk about it.. call me when you get there.
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comedian george wallace is in the house giving us his take on the news in a moment. a new segment in the newsroom. first, a look at the top stories. a deadly blast today at a popular resort in mexico killing
5:43 pm
7 people. 20 others were hurt including two americans. authorities say a gas line or stove exploded. arizona voters narrowly approved a measure legalizing medical marijuana. the vote was so close it took until now to finalize the results. arizona joins 14 other states and d.c. to allow medical marijuana. the federal government collected more than $2 million by auctioning off some of bernie madoff's personal items this weekend. madoff is in prison for swindling billions from investors. the proceeds from the auction will go into the victims compensation fund. time to introduce to you now a new regular segment here in the weekend newsroom every sunday, 5:00 eastern hour, george wallace has been ranked as one of the 100 greatest stand-up comedians of all time. >> really? >> did you know that? >> no, i didn't. i thought i should be around number 20 or 22.
5:44 pm
>> you were way up high on the list, but we don't want to leave anybody out in the 100. you just flew in from vegas. >> there's so much happening right now. guess who i was on the stage with last night after 30 years, diana ross. whoopi goldberg and usher. it's going crazy right now. i get on a plane and come here. we need to bring smoking back on the airplanes. >> why? >> we just need to. >> are you a smoker? >> no, but people are releasing odor on the airplanes. it's crazy. we need smoke back on the airplanes. have you ever been on an airplane and all of a sudden out of nowhere, what the hell is that? >> something from the kitchen maybe? >> something. everybody is looking at me like i did it, and i did do it. no. i'm here in atlanta, and i'm glad to be here. coming here, thank you for having me here. i got a taxi. this is the first time i took a taxi. i think my cab fare was higher than airfare to get here.
5:45 pm
>> it's quite a fare hike from the airport to here. you've gotten it all in. you flew from vegas and got to church and you've been here with us now. you've been thinking about news items all week long. quite the hodgepodge. >> i think i'll get in trouble for going to church today. i sang a song today and i think i did the wrong song. i stood up and sang "he touched me." >> maybe that's not the church -- >> i'm going to hell. >> that's an interesting lawsuit. >> i didn't hear about it in the background. >> is the pastor eddie long saying anything about it? >> he shouldn't say anything until it's over, because nobody knows. i'm going to stand behind him, because i believe in the word and not the man. we all make mistakes. that's what i like about michael vick. he's back. michael vick is great.
5:46 pm
michael vick, even o.j. called him and said, whoo. >> san francisco, one of your favorite places make. >> my brother played football there for years. >> now there's a city ordinance at that affects all mcdonald's ha happy meals. you can't get one with a toy if it doesn't meet nutritional standards. >> it's kind of stupid. if you want to make it happy, take the hamburger out. they're going there for the toys. why don't mcdonald's put a buy cycle in there. these new kids don't get exercise. . >> i guess that's what they were trying to say. >> they want to sell hamt burger. the kids are obese. the problems is kids don't play like we used to. >> every christmas, what do we have, a bicycle, skate, running out in the yard. now all the kids at christmas, you look out the window, you see nothing. they're in their room.
5:47 pm
>> they're on video games. >> making a bomb. >> let's hope not. just playing video games. >> there's crazy. they have to get rid of the foot. put a bicycle in there. all the people are crazy in san francisco. >> if you were on this carnival cruise line anytime last week, the carnival splendor, here it was making its way to the mexican rivera, and then there was an engine blowout, big problems, no hot water, no creature comforts of the 4500 people on board. they had to be towed back for days. >> i could not believe it. they had over 200 magicians. what good are the magicians? why are they on the ship? they can make food disappear? you know the people were really mad. you ever been on a cruise? >> i have not been on a cruise. >> people love to eat. >> that is the focal point. >> i was the smallest person on ms. cruise, and i was 190 when i went on the ship.
5:48 pm
when the spam showed up, they taut it w thought it was a birthday. the fireworks went off. >> at least it was something. >> the chileans caught in the tunnel down in chilchile, what these people complaining about? they have to sing that song macerena and these people are explaining about the ship. it's crazy. i just left a ship on a cruise in the caribbean, and the the people are crazy. being on a ship is just crazy and just eating all of that food. >> i haven't done it. >> you got to do it. i perform on the ships. >> being with everybody for a long time, same place just waiting for port. i don't know. >> there's great entertainment on the ship. i perform on the ship. every time i'm on a big cruise i walk out on the stage and have a life jacket on and my luggage. people laugh at me. you laugh now, but i will be waving at you if anything happens. the life jackets, that's another
5:49 pm
thing i was thinking about the other day. the people down -- they were talking about the oil spill in new orleans people at my show last night at the flamingo and they were still angry at the president because he didn't do nothing about it. this never happened before. nobody knew what to do. call in the military. they didn't know what to do. he's the president. do you want him to put on a life jacket and get out in the ocean and have him plug it up with a sham wow? i'm so proud of him. >> we'll get more of george's take after we take a short break in the newsroom. >> we talk about anything. >> anything goes. [ female announcer ] in the grip of arthritis, back, or back joint pain?
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5:53 pm
take." we talked about san francisco and the proposed changes on the happy meals, also talked about the pleasure cruise that was anything but when folks had to lose hot water and they saw their ship being towed back into shore. what a drag. >> carnival has given them another cruise if they want to go back. >> that's right. >> that's good. >> vouchers and a refund. >> most of the white people are going, i'm going next year. most of the black people are staying on the ship going i want my money back right now. >> oh, my gosh. let's talk about the month of -- the month of november now is considered kind of like a whole month long of black friday as opposed to black friday, big shopping deals starting right after thanksgiving. now it's almost the entire month. >> do you know that's what's wrong with the world today? >> what do you mean? >> because they're celebrating a holiday like in las vegas. i know they do it in atlanta and all over the world. august 31st putting up christmas decorations. that is not right. i don't like it. when i was a kid -- the people my age that are listening, we celebrated one holiday at a time, didn't we, people, baby
5:54 pm
boomers? first we started with halloween. love halloween. >> there was a distinct separation between them. >> i love it now because when i was a kid we didn't have money to buy costumes. one year we changed clothes with the neighbors and they went as us and we went as them. >> really? >> my mom didn't have gum and candy to give out. one year she gave out mashed potatoes. you could hear when they hit the bottom of the bag. across the street there was gravy. it should be one holiday at a time. >> that's not a trick. that's a treat. >> this year i went to a masquerade party dressed as a butler and they worked the hell out of me. >> they'll never do that again. >> next week, the real holiday coming up, thanksgiving. >> yes. >> this is one i enjoy because you can sit around your table and look at your family and say thank god it will be another 365 days before i see these greedy suckers again. >> you do not look forward to it? >> i look forward to going home. most people are like me, you start eating at noon, 2:00,
5:55 pm
3:00, 4:00, 5:00, by 6:00 you say i got to get the hell out of here. these people are getting on my nerves. you sit there and eat turkey. the wing, the breast, the stuffing. that's something been bothering me for years, the stuffing. who came up with that idea? some guy came up with it in like 1986. >> stretch the meal. >> they had the turkey basted. hold it. wait a minute. let's shove something up that turkey's butt. he said let's shove some -- >> you've totally ruined my appetite. >> let's shove it up that turkey's behind. give me the onion, celery, grapes, oysters, box of baking soda, shove it up that turkey's butt, then you can put your christmas decorations up. >> stuffing was good until i heard that it way. you can say the turkey cavity, but, okay. >> that wouldn't be funny. let me do it for you. some guy a long time ago said the stuffing, let's shove
5:56 pm
something up that turkey's cavity. >> no, huh? >> no, not at all. >> more appetizing. you're going to be very busy on thanksgiving, too. you are going to be on the road. >> thanksgiving night, thanksgiving eve i'm going to be in detroit at the motor city casino. arita franklin is coming out and the judge, the big judge up there and my family -- >> a comeback for the motor city. >> comeback. very nice. >> a little bit more business. >> my cousin owns a funeral home called cole funeral home. the dead people come down and everything. saturday i'll be in atlantic city at harrah's. all the people in new york, philadelphia, come out. we're going to gamble and win a lot of money. >> oh, look. don lemon is joining us on the set. >> trouble is in the house. >> i can't believe it. >> this is my life. i'm going to be there. i'm going to be there. you didn't invite fred over for thanksgiving. >> she can come to my house anytime. >> i'm probably working. i can still make room for a meal. >> onion and celery and shove it up that turkey's butt.
5:57 pm
the paper stuff inside the turkey. what do you call it? >> that's not good. >> i didn't know it was in there. >> with all the parts? supposed to take that out? >> i'm stealing this ipad, that's what i'm doing. >> don lemon is stealing something. he's such a nice man. i watch him on tv. >> he is a great guy. >> oh, my. she's awesome. >> where are you from? >> louisiana. >> i had some people in my show last night from louisiana. >> i'm sorry. i apologize. >> and i knew they were -- they had the trailer parked in the back. >> george, we're going to see you again next week, right, sundays. >> i let them stay at my house. they've been five years at my house. better be out by the time i get back over there. >> we're going into your hour for the "newsroom." but that's all right. >> such a good man. has a great smile. look at those teeth. >> yeah. he's got some great teeth. keep it right there. george wallace, great to see you. see you again next sunday.
5:58 pm
>> god bless you. >> love you. >> don lemon, see you in the next hour. >> you guys are here all the time. what's going on? >> i know. one big family and now you're part of our family, too. >> love you. god bless you. you're stealing my pad. >> i am. thank you. >> all right. much more of the "newsroom" after this. >> bye. [ male announcer ] humana and walmart are teaming up to bring you a low-price medicare prescription drug plan called the humana walmart-. it's a new plan that covers both brand ans
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