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tv   World One  CNN  January 18, 2011 5:00am-6:00am EST

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cayman. a crucial meeting of the world's two biggest powers. flags are flying in washington for the chinese president's visit. it's 5:00 a.m. in washington, 10:00 a.m. in london, hi, i'm zain verjee. also ahead -- a new government announced in tunisia, but the old anger remains. some protesters are back on the streets after police confronted
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the crowds with tear gas and batons. a hot topic after hollywood's golden night. ricky gervais' performance raised eyebrows. we'll tell you why. you're watching "world one" up first, china's president hu jintao, will arrive in washington tuesday evening to meet with u.s. president barack obama and when it comes to the two leaders, this may actually say it all. in the latest list of most powerful people in the world, from "forbes" magazine, mr. obama was number two, mr. hu was number one. but what's at stake here is more than a number on a list. there is big money to be discussed, like $263 billion. that was the u.s. trade deficit with china in 2009. and the u.s. continues to ship money and jobs to china. a lot of people in america say that china encourages that imbalance by its economic policies, by far the biggest
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complaint from u.s. politicians and businesses is currency manipulation. china holds its currency at an almost constant rate against the dollar. that basically means u.s. goods are more expensive in china than they would be if the market set the exchange rate and also makes chinese goods cheaper in the u.s. that's going to be one of the hot topics when mr. obama and mr. hu get together this week. cnn's stan grant is following the story from beijing and joins me now. hey, stan. why is this visit so crucial? >> i think you touched on it at the start. "forbes" magazine, hu jintao, chinese president, most powerful president in the world. look at the economies of the two countries, the united states clearly is much bigger than china. the united states has much more influence, much bigger military. that's an indication of just how much china is emerging, that china's economy continues to grow. it is now the second biggest in the world. china continues to pump money
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into its military and continues to expand its reach and influence, particularly here in the asia-pacific region. you touch on the numbers there. the trade deficit with the united states has returned. the fact that united states is concerned about china taking american jobs. and china holding about a trillion dollars of u.s. debt. as hillary clinton once said, how do you talk to your banker? that's what china is in many respects to the united states. so what we're seeing here, the first state visit by hu jintao. some very, very issues. it's been a turbulent relationship over the past year. some tough talking, the super power talking to the fast emerging rival. zain? >> what are the two biggest issues, stan, for china on this trip? >> china, hu jintao has stressed there are two things for china, one is sovereignty and one is territorial integrity. the sovereignty, that's the right of china to make laws and
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govern itself according to its leagues. that allows to the economy. china says it needs to grow its economy around 10% to ease the gap between rich and poor, to provide employment for its people. we know it has done that by, some say, manipulating its currency to boost its export position. we know that's created tension with the united states. once again, china is saying it needs to boost its economy and will govern in its way. territorial integrity, then you get to the issue of such subjects as tibet and taiwan, which we know has always been a flash point between the u.s. and china. zain? >> stan, we are going to be hearing so much about president hu jintao over the next few days. let's just give our viewers a little bit of background on who exactly he is. he comes from a pretty humble background. he was the son of a tea merchant. he studied at the prestigious university in beijing. he was the communist party secretary in tibet during the ethnic protests there in 1989.
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and called out the military forces to crack down on the demonstrators. mr. hu's also served as vice president of china, as well as general secretary of the communist party. he became president back in 2003. so stan, how is it that the chinese themselves view their own president? do they like him? >> well, frankly seeing someone with not a lot of charisma. he hasn't necessarily been the popular face of the government. when ja bow has done a lot of that, the premier. he's someone who has been a steady influence, steady hand, the economy has continue to recover and that's important here. and he's been prepared to buput china's interests first. we're moving into a transition period from 2012 onward he will relinquish the reigns of power. the vice president is tipped as the next leader here in china and what he will be, what sort
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of leader he will be, that's sort of a mystery. >> stan grant in beijing. mr. hu hasn't touched down in the u.s. but his visit looks like it's going to get off to a better start than the last one. that wass back in 2006 when george w. bush was president. on that occasion, the u.s. described it as an official visit instead of the formal state visit. it apparently displeased mr. hu and mr. bush only invited him to lunch and not to a state dinner. embarrassingly for the hosts and visitors, mr. hu was heckled by a protesters during the ceremony on the white house lawn. we want to take you now to tunisia where an interim government is getting down to its first full day's work. the president out and elections are promised. is that going to stop all the violent protests? let's just take a minute and recap some of the recent events in tunisia. it's on the north coast of africa and it's got a population of about 10 million. 99% are sunni muslim.
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it got independence from france in 1956. the former president ben ali took power in a bloodless coup in 1987. he was re-elected five times. the latest wave of protests began a month ago and spread across the country. there were an outpouring of anger over high unemployment, alleged corruption and rising prices. demonstrations continued into the new year. the crowds clashed with police and the army. protesters were killed. last week ben ali dissolved the government and said elections would be held in six months but the protests raged on. the state of emergency was declared and the president fled the country. now this new government including opposition leaders, but it's also keeping some of the former president's old guard. let's see how tunisians have been reacting to that news. our senior international correspondent ben wedeman joins me from the capital. do they support this new coalition or do they reject it? what are people telling you?
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>> zain, first of all let me explain to you why i'm here in a window in a hotel overlooking the city. down below me, there's been a demonstration where a lot of tear gas has been fired. in fact, we can smell it from up here. and those basically the demonstration is against this new government. i heard them chanting no to leftovers from the old regime. there's a good deal of unhappiness, zain, because the prime minister, the interim president, the foreign minister and interior minister, are all people associated with the old regime of zine el abidine ben ali. most of people i spoke to in the center of the city and outside all seem to agree on one simple thing, they want a clean slate. they want all of those associated with the regime, the old regime, to leave. so it's going to be probably a rough time for this government,
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and it may not last very long. zain? >> it's also been a really rough time, ben, for a lot of the tourists that were in tunisia at the time of this upheaval and all the protests. are there still many tourists in tunisia and is travel in and out of the country easy or not? >> well, travel in and out of the country is getting much better. initially basically the airport was closed and a lot of the flights are coming in, were, in fact, canceled. tour companies, charter companies, have been taking people out of the country. i seriously doubt anybody's going to be coming here at the moment, but probably. prices are low if you're looking for a hotel room in tunis at the moment. >> cnn's senior international correspondent ben wedeman in tunis. you're watching "world one" live from london. here's a man who brought us the iphone, the ipod and the ipad. what would apple be, what would our lives be without steve jobs? we are about to find out.
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is "world one" live from london. here are our top stories. china's president hu jintao will arrive in washington this evening for meetings with the u.s. president barack obama. they're expected to talk trade, exchange rates and north korea among other things. mr. obama will host a state dinner for mr. hu on wednesday night at the white house. it's an anxious wait for thousands of people in the southeast of australia as floodwaters rise. in the state of victoria, a town west of melbourne, is one of the places worst affected by the heavy rains. flooding has left huge parts of the country under water for the past few weeks. further north in queensland, the cleanup is now under way.
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it's australia's most expensive natural disaster ever. let's get you an update on the weather for australia. our meteorologist is here to tell us how it looks. how is it looking, jen? good news, bad news? >> zain, actually the weather is improving. you mentioned horsham, they've been dealing with the flooding along the river and it peaked earlier today and it's going to continue to recede as we go through the next 24 to 48 hours. we're talking it looks like it's going to happen very slowly and that's going to be good news for residents across that region. as i show you the graphic here, this is the area that's been hardest hit with the flooding and the river levels, as i mentioned to you, are falling slowly. but, want to point out to you, there's still two areas that we're looking at potentially some problems. we're talking some major flooding along the lauden river. we're going to be watching that. hopefully that will start to recede as we head into wednesday and thursday. looking at the satellite things are nice and quiet across this region.
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the heaviest rain is to the northern parts of queensland. that's really going to help those water levels. as i mentioned to you, it's going to be dry, but that monsoonal moisture present to the north, just about five centimeters for the southeastern part of queensland that dealt with that flooding last week. there is some positive news coming out of australia. >> thank you. the health of apple's ceo steve jobs is hitting shares really hard. apple shares dropped sharply in frankfurt on monday, a day when the u.s. markets were closed. now we're still waiting for wall street's first reaction. jobs says that he is stepping away from the company for a while, for medical reasons. can apple possibly be the same without him? jobs co-founded the company back in 1976. he turned it into a computer innovator. he was forced out in 1985. and co-founded pixar, the studio behind animated movies like "toy story." jobs returned to apple in 1997 and it was all about innovation,
5:16 am
the ipod, the iphone. it isn't the first time that jobs has taken a break for medical reasons. in 2003, he was diagnosed with pancreatic cancer and had to have surgery. last year he took a six-month break to have a liver transplant. to new york and "american morning" anchor t.j. holmes. great to see you. everywhere you look these days, someone is on their ipad, their iphone, someone like you. you know. i mean -- >> of course. >> how hard is this going to hit apple? >> you know, and good to see you as well, zain. we talk about not just we have an ipod, most of us have an ipod, an ipad, iphone, all of this innovation. and the hit, it's going to take, probably a bit of a hit in the short term. the concern is what's going to happen in the long term, because there's so much uncertainty right now, zain, about when he comes back. and wall street, the one thing investors do not like is uncertainty. this happened the same time, you
5:17 am
mentioned the previous times he was out, this is the third medical leave in ten years for him, but listen to this, in the last one in 2009, when he was out for five months after that liver transplant, yes, they took a hit. a 6% to 10%, we can expect maybe the same when the markets open here in new york in about four hours. but last time around, their shares in the time he left, rose 60%. so in the short term, they have a plan, you know they've got some products lined up in the short term, but this man, is so much a part of this company and visionary tied to this company that they worry if he does not come back in the long term, what this could mean for the viability of that company. >> and real quick, who's taking over? >> who's taking over? a man you've never heard of but he's clearly capable, by the name of tim cook, the chief operating officer, been with the company 13 years, oversaw the company last time he took medical leave back in 2009. he oversaw that 60% jump in shares. this is a man who has been groomed for this job, very
5:18 am
capable of doing this job, but the problem is, zain, you don't know him. i don't know him. the world doesn't know him. people know steve jobs. his name, his face, so much attached to the company. they have plenty of people, nobody doubts, who are in line, who could certainly take this company forward, but do they have the same vision, do they have the same work ethic, do they have the same things steve jobs has that can carry the company forward. in the short term no worries, the company is going to be fine. down the road if we don't hear more news about him coming back in the long term, we'll see what happens to those shares and also the products, zain, down the road. will this company have the same vision? >> t.j. holmes, we'll see what happens when wall street wakes up and the markets react. apple makes 21% of the nasdaq 100. you're watching "world one" live from london. if you've ever eaten chicken ki kiev, did you give any thought to the place it gets its name from? turns out there's really a lot of chicken in kiev.
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cnn's taking you to a new country each month. highlighting the innovation that's changing the world. people and ideas that are influencing business, industry and culture. we call it our i-list. this week we are in ukraine. it's been called the bread baskets of europe, thanks to its rich black soil. but there is a lot more to ukraine than bread. cnn's diana magna gives us this report on chicken from kiev. >> reporter: it looks a bit like a wintry version of chicken run. but for these chicks, it's a one-way road to the supermarket shelf. leading agri business mhp produces some 200,000 tons of poultry here each year. it's one of europe's largest and most modern poultry production
5:22 am
facilities. >> this little chick is just a day old. it was brought from the hatchery nearby yesterday. it's going to spend the next 42 to 45 days here, eating sunflower cake and grain that the company produces in the fields near here, and then unfortunately, he'll go to the slaughter house. producing in the neighboring fields reduces costs. they don't believe in outsourcing. the 300,000 hectors of farming land all over ukraine, he has the space to produce whatever he wants and other meat products from sausages to foie gras. >> translator: subcontractors are risk zones. we decided to develop a different business motto. our motto if you want something done right, do it yourself. >> reporter: he floated 25% of the company's stock on the london stock exchange in 2008 to
5:23 am
raise capital for further expansion. it's paid off. in a december survey by the kiev post he was listed as ukraine's eight ath richest man alongside headlines heralding the rise of the agriculture baron. >> translator: in order to be successful you have to have hundreds of thousands of hectors of land, the right people to manage the processes like we do, and you have to have the strength to invest a lot of money into projects because investment and our management style is very untypical. >> reporter: it's what lies beneath the snow which makes this business model work. ukraine's famously fer tile black soil. the reason the country became known as the bread basket of europe. 20 years after the collapse of the soviet union, the agricultural sector lags the rest of europe because of a lack of technology and investment. >> translator: at the moment, ukraine is gathering anywhere
5:24 am
from 38 to 50 million tons of grain and we can double that production just by introducing modern technologies and that, of course, makes our market very attractive. >> reporter: mhp is a home-grown company making the most of ukraine's fertile soil to keep its costs low. there are around 1500 foreign investors operating in the agricultural sector and the country's promising significant reforms to make the investment climate more attractive. ukraine knows that at a time of global food shortages it has the potential to feed many more mouths than its own. diana magna, cnn, kiev. it's been a pretty busy day, too, at the grand slam tennis tournament of 2011. here's john with all the details from the australian open. how is it going. >> pretty good. thanks very much. it's one down, six to go for raphael madle in his pursuit of a tennis slam. the world number one had an easy match against marcos daniel.
5:25 am
in the first round his opponent retired just before he was about to lose the second set. nadal was up when daniel threw in the towel. the brazilian had looked out of shape and form. na dal plays ryan sweeting next. last year's beaten finalist, fifth seed from scotland, murray advanced when his opponent retired with a shoulder injury. carol beck retired at that point in the fifth seed. murray was up 6-3, 6-1, 4-2 at the time. easy wins for the fourth seed robin solderlink and juan de poreta played his first match. the women's draw kim clijsters thrashing of dinara safina. that's the first time a former world number one has been double bageled as we say in a grand slam event.
5:26 am
the second seed was a straight winner. the fifth and seventh seed, stamsoza won. victim of severe flooding in australia one a child and is keen to do well in front of her fans. >> big news a short while ago ability about the ryder cup. >> europeans love him, jose ma reole that bo will lead in chicago in 2012. american golf fans will know him as the man who won two masters tournaments at augusta. very, very popular choice for the europeans. though he formed one half of the greatest ever ryder cup partnership with bisterus and played four winning teams for europe. the u.s. named their captain this thursday, expected to be davis love iii. >> thank you. you're watching "world one" live from london. after the break it's the history lesson with an influential audience.
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it's 4:30 a.m. in chicago, 12:30 in johannesburg, 7:30 p.m. in tokyo. this is "world one" live from lond london. i'm zain verjee. our top stories, protesters have returned to the streets of tunisia's capital. they're calling for member es of the old government who make up a large part of the interim administration to be thrown out of power. a month of mass demonstrations forced president zine el abidine ben ali to flee the country on
5:31 am
friday. some opposition leaders were named part of the temporary government on monday. they're expected to lead tunisia to new elections. 50 people have been killed in a suicide bombing in iraq. they say the attacker blew himself up at a checkpoint targeting a police recruitment center. the explosion left 150 wounded and started a fire at a fuel station. the irish prime minister is fighting for his political life today. mr. cowen faces a challenge from within his own party. a secret ballot is going to decide whether he continues to lead the party into the next general election. mr. cowen was widely criticized for his part in the irish economic crisis which resulted in a deeply unpopular bailout and austerity cuts. more au nall sis on this vote later in the show. the big question, will he stay or will he go? chinese president hu jintao is going to be arriving in washington tuesday afternoon. he's kicking off a three-day visit that will include talks
5:32 am
with u.s. president obama about trade, currency issues and north korea among some other things. he'll attend a state dinner at the white house on wednesday. americans are taking notice of china's influence. a recent pew research center poll found nearly half of americans see china as the world's leading economic power. only 31% say that the u.s. holds that position. the researchers say the numbers were nearly reversed when they polled americans in 2008, before the global economic downturn. those opinions may be influenced by numbers like this one. $110 billion, researched by the "financial times" says that's how much money china has lent to developing countries over the past two years. to put that in context, consider this, over the same time period the world bank lent out a little more than $100 billion, that was a record amount, but still, less
5:33 am
than china's lending. so what does all of this say about china's changing economic power? let's go to cnn's andrew stevens joins me from cnn in hong kong. hi, andrew. what does it say about china and what it's up to? >> zain, we all know china certainly becoming a major player in the global economy. i think what these numbers show us is that growth is happening much more quickly than most people would expect. they really are quite staggering these numbers dug up by the "financial times." to say china lend morse to developing economies than the world bank does, really does put it in perspective. you've also got to remember that what china is doing and how it's managing to do this, partly at least, it's offering better conditions, better terms. it can go to a country and say i don't want to know about what's going on politically, we're not interested in human rights issues either which are sometimes attached to world bank loans, we will give you the money and get the business. that's how it's working.
5:34 am
these numbers, you know, talk about checkbook diplomacy, this is checkbook diplomacy on a grand scale, zain. >> and you know, by doing this, china kind of gets its hoofs inside countries by giving them money and those countries kind of owe them. is that part of china's strategy as to why they're doing this? >> that's pretty much part and parcel. this what is it's all about. china first of all has a huge appetite for resources to actually fuel its extraordinary economic growth. it needs everything. it needs a lot of minerals. it's quite resource poor in its own right. that's why you see it do lots of deals across emerging economies like africa which has an enormous amount of raw materials but no money to extract them. southeast asia, countries like myanmar, latin america, a lot of deals where they just want to get the energy and again, no real questions asked. that's one side of it, zain. other side of it is, they
5:35 am
ingraceate themselves into these emerging economies which become markets for their own products. we've saw how many americans used to buy or did buy chinese made goods and what that meant for the trade balance with the u.s. china is looking further afield. i give you a better example. reliance, one of the biggest privately owned companies in india. that's just got a $10 billion deal with shanghai electric. shanghai electric is going to provide generators for it, turbines to make power stations. the money for this deal is coming pretty much from the chinese government. what does china get out of it? they get incredible access. as i said, reliance is a very, very big and powerful company. it's private. so doors will open, because china has just done a $10 billion deal. it then accesses a market, not just for energy, but for all the other consumer goods that china wants to sell. so this is what it's doing. you can say that in india, many
5:36 am
countries now. bottom line here, zain, is that china wants to be at the center of the new world order and the new world order really is these emerging economies. it's going to take a while, but they're certainly going down that path pretty rapidly. here's how world newspapers are covering hu jintao's visit to the u.s. in china they're reacting to hu jintao's comments about u.s. monetary policy, this is to the china daily headline. it says sincere advice for the u.s. this article goes on to say that western media were quick to call chinese president hu jintao comments on the u.s. dollar unusually blunt, but there's a real val to earnest words. though, sometimes unpleasant to the ear. the u.s. newspapers. this is the "kansas city star." its editorial headline, for china, a year of behaving boorishly. they go on to say that the trouble is that relationship has never been well defined.
5:37 am
our two countries occupy an ambiguous realm in which we are neither allies nor adversaries. hu and president obama must try to chart a course toward a more stable foundation. take a look at "the "boston globe"" with china, u.s. must separate business and military dealings. it says obama should be as tough as possible when objecting to china's artificial depreciation of its currency or protectionist trade practices. still, the commercial and financial ties that have developed between the u.s. and china create an extraordinary mutual dependence. and take a look at a view from outside, both china and the u.s., "the scottsman" headline, reads this, china's policies are boot on the throat of the u.s. in it, they say corporate interests reigns. obama's top advisers have concluded that mr. hu is often at the mercy of a defused ruling party in which generals,
5:38 am
ministers and big corporate interests have more clout than they did in the days of mao who commanded unquestioned authority. that's a quick look at world newspapers coverage of the china/u.s. talks. testing times for ireland's prime minister, brian cou when. today his own party casts a secret ballot to decide whether he'll lead them into the next electi election. we'll be weighing up his chances. a prime minister, a night club dancer and a sex scandal that is rocking italy. so, what does silvio berlusconi have to say for himself? we'll find out just ahead. ♪ work, work all week long ♪ punching that clock from dusk till dawn ♪ ♪ countin' the days till friday night ♪ ♪ that's when all the conditions are right for a good time ♪ [ male announcer ] advanced technology that helps provide cleaner air, cleaner water, and helps make all of us more energy efficient is something the whole world can get in step with. [ static ] ♪ i need a good time [ male announcer ] ecomagination from ge.
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and in new york, genworth life insurance company of new york. call now or go online for free information. irish prime minister brian cowen is fighting for his political life today. mr. cowen faces a leadership challenge from a minister within the ranks of his own party. a secret ballot is being held to
5:42 am
decide whether he will it continue leading the party into the next general election. cowen was widely criticized for his part in the irish economic crisis which resulted in a deeply unpopular bailout and a lot of au sterty cuts. how did things get so bad so fast for the irish prime minister? it's all got to do with ireland's economy. in september 2008, ireland became the first euro zone country to slip into recession after its property bubble burst. within days the government approved more than $500 billion in guarantees, covering six irish-owned banks. a couple of months later ireland injected more than $7 billion into its three main banks. just jump ahead to november 2010, irish leaders admitted then that they needed financial help. and the eu, the imf approved a rescue package. then in december last year, ireland mapped out a plan that brought in one of the toughest austerity budgets in the nation's history. so the big question today is,
5:43 am
can cowen survive today's vote? cnn's max foster has been weighing up his chances and he joins us now. hey, max. let's start first of all with why this is so important economically for ireland and for the whole euro zone. >> as you described brian cowen the face of this bailout and the question is, is a prime minister ten nable in this position when he took the country through a bailout, the economy effectively failed. for ireland it's important from that perspective. but also, what you've got, is a finance bill which is not yet enacted. the heart of that is a deal they did in terms of the bailouts. they did a deal with europe, a deal with the imf saying we will do this in return for the bailout. what a leading academic told me today, who was involved in the bailout, is saying actually the bailout could fall apart as a result of this because it hasn't been enacted yet and kite fall apart if there's a change in leadership and that would have a huge impact on the euro zone because can rogfer, leading economist, expects a bailout, portugal, expects greece to go
5:44 am
for another bailout, add ireland to the mix, and the euro becomes a question again. >> so what are the odds he can hang on? can he survive? >> publicly, certain politicians are coming on his side or against. of course the foreign minister is saying actually i'm against him. we don't know how they'll actually vote because it's a secret ballot. so, the big question is, how will they vote in secret ballot when they're not actually facing brian cowen? that will be the question we find out later on today. we don't know how much up support he has. >> thank you. let's see what happens today. italy's prime minister silvio berlusconi says he has never, not even once, paid for sex. prosecutors suspect otherwise. they allege he had sex with a number of prostitutes, including a teenager. mr. berlusconi denies those accusations strongly. >> translator: these accusations that they formulated against me are completely groundless. even laughable.
5:45 am
the police officer that would have been extorted by me denies of ever having been pressured and the underage person denies ever receiving advances from me, and even less a sexual rapport with me and she ait firms she introduced herself to everybody as a 24-year-old as so many witnesses said. in an interview recorded on saturday, the night club dancer karima el mahrough herself, nicknamed ruby, also denied having sex with the italian prime minister. >> translator: you are telling me you never had sex with him? >> translator: absolutely. no. >> translator: but you've received presents? >> translator: well, i received 7,000 euros the first evening that i went to his house. >> translator: how come? >> translator: because the girl that took me there knew my difficult situation. because i had just arrived in milan and it was difficult
5:46 am
living there. she spoke to him, explained my story, family situation, everything and he helped me. >> prosecutors have filed a request with the italian chamber of deputies. they basically want to search the office of one of berlusconi's employees. here's some of the other stories we are talking about today. nicole kidman and her country music star husband have announced the arrival of a new baby daughter. faith margaret kidman urban is her name, born to a surrogate mother last month at a hospital in nashville, tennessee. she's the couple's biological child. kidman and keith urban have a 2-year-old daughter named sunday. a florida woman is saying that she was thrown in jail for slapping a horse. stephanie six spent nearly 12 hours behind bars charged with a battery of a police horse. she told cnn she simply put her hand into the animal's face and that it frightened her by pinning her against a wall. she was outside a bar with
5:47 am
friends when mounted police approached them and then asked them to leave. and then take a look at this picture. this is pretty amazing. this is 14,000 american $1 bills. a student used them to pay for his tuition at the university of colorado. that was actually the price of only one semester. nick said he wanted to make a point here and that was to get people thinking about the rising costs of tuition. you're watching "world one" live from london. up next, a british theater group making an impact in american's top defense circles. we'll take a look at why this play is now in high demand at the pentagon. stay with us. >> many of you in this room probably know him best from such facilities as the betty ford clinic and los angeles county jail. please welcome robert downey jr. >> wickedly funny or just wicked? why people are still talking and
5:48 am
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this is "world one" live from london. we're coming up on 6:00 a.m. in boston, noon in berlin, 7:00 p.m. in singapore. let's check our top stories. china's president hu jintao arrives in washington later tuesday. he and u.s. president barack obama will be talking trade, exchange rates, foreign policy, and he'll attend a state dinner at the white house wednesday night. protesters have returned to the streets of tunisia's capital. calling for members of the old government to be thrown out of power. currently they make up a large part of the interim administration. a month of mass demonstrations forced president zine el abidine ben ali to flee the country friday. the great game is on and it's got a pretty unique audience. a group of british actors are
5:51 am
taking their latest show to the pentagon. nic robertson takes a look at the play that could end up saving lives. >> you come from a very small country to stop you and your neighbors for being at each other's throats. >> reporter: what can the pentagon learn from these british actors? maybe enough to save lives in afghanistan. >> you are putting yourself in someone else's boots, you're empathizing, you're sympathizing with people. you're thinking, what you would do in their situation. >> reporter: nick class, director of the tricycle theater in london, is thrilled the 12-part performance he conceived a few years ago to throw a spotlight on the afghan conflict has finally caught the attention of the pentagon. >> it is our job to fight. >> reporter: the great game, afghanistan, traces the afghan history of international intervention from the british defeat in 1842 through soviet
5:52 am
occupation, to present day problems with reconstruction and the taliban. >> if you read a book you can put it down. if you read a newspaper you can turn the page. if you see some television you can switch channels. with a play, you're stuck there for some time. in this case, for a whole day. >> reporter: when britain's chief of defense staff came to see the performance, he was so struck by what he learned, he said, he wished he come to see it before he was first deployed to afghanistan in 2005, saying it would have made me a much better commander. >> the taliban. >> reporter: now almost two years after the show's humble beginnings of this tiny playhouse, it's about to be seen by, perhaps, its most influential audience yet. pentagon officials, wounded veterans, and soldiers. nicolas kent is hoping it will make a difference. >> if people start to think
5:53 am
outside the box and look at these issues through a different form, rather than lecture but maybe through an art form, they might learn quite a lot. >> reporter: had the play been around ten years ago, who knows. recent history may have been different. nic robertson, cnn, london. tunisia is struggling to get itself back on track. let's go straight to tunis to our senior international correspondent ben wedeman, who joins me now live from the capital tunis. as the situation developing, ben, a reaction to what tunisians are thinking about a new coalition. what's happening? [ inaudible ]. >> as you can hear in the
5:54 am
background, there is a lot of people screaming and shouting. i understand that ben is standing right in the middle of a demonstration there in tunis. we also are hearing that people, police are starting to beat people. ben, what can you tell us about what you're seeing? >> well, when we started about 11:00 local time, little more than an hour ago, about 200, 300 people gathered in the main avenue. they're calling for the current so-called unity government to go because they don't want anybody who's still from the old regime in power. so what's been going on for about the last 45 minutes, is sort of a running battle between the police who are firing tear gas and the demonstrators who have in number grown since about an hour ago. i saw the police beating a man with sticks. one man had his arm broken. people are very upset. they're chanting "no leftovers
5:55 am
from the old regime." they want a completely new government, devoid of anybody from the old regime of former president zine el abidine ben ali. >> what area is this happening in, ben? >> this is really the center of town. it's along habib avenue, where a lot of demonstrations in the final day before zine ben ali left the country. it's in the middle of the city and this is where people come to congregate and express their, at the moment, anger at the government that was just formed yesterday. >> tell us a little bit about the size. you said that there was a group and more people were joining them. it was getting bigger. are we talking hundreds, thousands? >> it's hard to say because now, of course, the crowd has been completely dispersed. as i said before, it started with about 250, 300 people.
5:56 am
but by now, i'd say it's tripled at least from that. but they're all spread out on side streets. and as far as leading the demonstrations, it appeared initially that it was element trade unionists, although i spoke to some people who clearly were coming from an islamic political point of view. >> cnn's ben wedeman reporting. >> got to run. >> from tunis and tunisia, dramatic situation he's caught up within demonstrations happening there. people don't even like that the new government, the unity government that's been formed, they say they don't want anyone from the old regime to be there. they want them out. before we go, we want to let you know about cnn's newest program pierce morgan tonight. it's going to be pushing the boundaries of the interview every night on cnn. his next guest is controversial u.s. radio host howard stern. you can also catch condoleezza rice, the former secretary of state, on wednesday.
5:57 am
tune in at 2100 eastern. that's 2:00 a.m. in london, 10:00 a.m. in hong kong. you're watching "world one" live in london. i'm zain verjee. "world one" will be back at the same time, same place, right here on cnn. on this "american morning," two economic super powers, america and china, coming face to face. president hu jintao set to arrive in washington this afternoon for talks with president obama. we're going to talk about how the outcome could impact you, your job, your paycheck. also congress getting back to work today, ten days after the shooting in tucson. they are promising a new era of civility. well, it is going to get tested soon. because they are taking up one of the most contentious issues out there, a repeal of health care reform. steve jobs, sidelined again because of health problems. a development that could move markets this morning. what this latest setback means for apple and your 401(k). we have a new week, that
5:58 am
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