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tv   World One  CNN  January 20, 2011 5:00am-6:00am EST

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it's just after 5:00 in the morning in washington and this is the view from capitol hill. things may be quiet at this hour but it is going to be tense later today when chinese president hu jintao faces tough criticism from the u.s. congress. it's 5:00 a.m. in washington, 6:00 p.m. in beijing, hi, i'm zain vergee.
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watching "world one" live from london. also ahead, listen to this sound. imagine what it feels like to be hit by a wave of fast-flowing mud as the ground gives way. that's what many brazilians have just been through. and listen to those cheers for jean-claude duvalier. but how long will they last? state prosecutors charge the former haitian dictator with theft and misappropriation of funds during his period in power. and "the devil may wear prdad" but the star of the movie is about to change her slinky gown for a bat suit as bat-man sweeps anne hathaway off her feet. on the agenda today for hu jintao, a trip toll capitol to meet with congressional leaders.
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it's going to be a much chillier reception than the one mr. hu got last night at the white house at the state dinner hosted by president barack obama. both leaders focus on promise and common ground. >> translator: in recent years, china/u.s. relations have made strong headway thanks to the joint efforts of both sides. >> it's easy to focus on our differences of culture and perspective. let us never forget the values that our people share, a reverence for family, the belief that with education and hard work and with sacrifice, the future is what we make it. and most of all, the desire to give our children a better life. >> u.s. congressional leaders won't be focused on shared val use when they meet with mr. hu
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today. they're angry over what they see is china's deliberate policy of undervaluing its currency which they believe is taking away american jobs. cnn's stan grant joins me from beijing to talk a little bit more about today. stan, president hu has been called a dictator, a gangster. congress is not happy and currency is their top problem today, right? >> reporter: yes. the niceties are out of the way, aren't they, now down tat bare knuckles if you like. currency is number one. this has been something many in the u.s. congress have been banging on about for some time now. basically it's this, they believe china keeps its currency low to give it an export advantage and that takes away from manufacturing jobs in the united states. there's more ammunition for that argument today coming out of here in beijing, in china, they've released the latest economic figures. the economy continues to pouer ahead, growing at 10.3% for the
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past year, 9.8% in the last quarter. let's contrast that with the united states, third quarter growth was just under 3%. so a big gap differential there. yes, there is criticism, a lot of rhetoric. they're going to beat up on china. they're beating a path to china's door, this economy continues to grow and there are 1 billion customers here if the u.s. can get access to them. zain? >> there is so much tension between the two countries behind the smiles and the toasts and all the photo-ops that we've been seeing. how are the u.s. and china going to find real common ground? >> reporter: they have to make this work. there's a lot of mutual interest at stake here. china needs a mark tote sell into. at the moment here, consumption is only about 30% or so of gdp. so the consumers here are still growing. they need to sell into a market what better market than the united states, still the world's biggest economy for miles. now, that, of course, means that
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they need to be able to keep this relationship on an even keel. the united states needs to bring itself out of its hole that it's been in, 10% unemployment, economic growth. they want a mark tote sell into as well. what better than china with 1 billion potential customers? over the past 20 years, exports from the u.s. to china have multiplied by 12%. there's a lot they have in common. there is a lot that divides them. we've been through so much of that, human rights, of course, china's military buildup and so on. money potentially unites them. zain? >> as we listen to the press conferences, as we read the press releases and listen to the political spin, both sides are going to have here, what's important, though, is the average person, you and me and how all of this affects us. >> reporter: the average person, let's just start right here in china. 10% growth, exports, that means jobs. you know, there are tens of millions of people flocking to the cities like beijing every
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year in china and they need work. that's why china needs to keep growing. what do they manufacture? they work in the factories, manufacture flat screen televisions, microwave ovens, fridges and clothes and the shoes that we wear. we're all able to buy those things a lot cheaper than we were ten years ago precisely because of market here, the manufacturers here that are able to produce these things with 70% of the u.s. gdp made up from consumers that be that's been good news for the u.s. in the past. now they want to get a bigger share of this pie here in china as well. >> cnn's stan grant reporting from beijing. thanks a lot, stan. thousands of miles from washington there's a young boy bridging the divide between the u.s. and china in his own personal way. coming up, we'll introduce you to an american teenager who's studying in beijing and living with a local family, embracing the culture as well. he's going to tell us what he likes about china and what he's learned. that's a little bit later in our
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show. now to a story that's gathering pace and with it fury in italy. the prime minister, silvio berlusconi is again denying allegations that he's abused his power and tried to cover up alleged sexual relations with an underage woman. in his second tv address this week, the millionaire leader says the truth will always win. here is he on monday where he dismissed the accusations as degrading, false and politically motivated. in the heart of this latest scandal is the moroccan-born dancer ruby rubacuori. >> translator: it was a little bit difficult living there. >> ruby who was 17 years tlold when she first met with mr mr. berlusconi.
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britain is deanything entry to terry jones, the american preacher who threatened to burn the koran and protest against the september 11th terror attacks. britain's home office says it's against extremism in all its forms. jones is vowing to take legal action to change the decision. he says he's been invited to uk to speak at several rallies as well as do book signings. you're watching "world one" live from london. this man is the dictator accused of plundering millions of dollars from haiti's coffers. now a surprising claim from baby doc duvalier's lawyers. >> that money he gave to american red cross to help the people. all that money. >> he gave them all that 7 million? in brazil, hundreds of people are still missing.
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we'll speak to the rescue teams desperately trying to find survivors and bodies in mud-covered hillside towns. >> for a period of time we were also able to get her into a chair, a mobile chair and we went to a window sh she could see the mountains of tucson, which there's no doubt in my mind lifted up her spirits, i think. >> fighting her way back, we'll bring you the latest on the condition of the u.s. congresswoman shot in the head two weeks ago. that's just ahead on "world one." - savory rice and lamb stew. - [ barks ] you're right. tonight is a beef stew kind of night. [ announcer ] beneful prepared meals. another healthful, flavorful beneful. [ male announcer ] in the event of a collision, the smartest thing you could do is cut the fuel supply... ♪ ...unlock the doors, and turn on the hazard lights. or better yet,
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it's the second full day of mr. hu's visit. he met with u.s. president barack obama for several hours and attended a state dinner held
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in his honor at the white house. a big step on the road to recovery, gabrielle giffords' doctors say they is now able to stand with their help. the u.s. congresswoman was shot in the head two weeks ago when a gunman opened fire outside a grocery store. her astronaut husband says he had concerns for her safety long before the attack. >> we discussed it a number of times. you know, that -- she felt that that was a possibility, pretty much exactly what happened. that things at times get pretty heated and there have been threats against her and other members of congress. at the same time, you know, she was doing what she loved, which was representing the people of southern arizona. and she felt it was very important for them to have the opportunity to walk up to her and tell her what they think. so that wasn't going to stop her.
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>> kelly says that he is sure that his wife will return to work as soon as she's recovered. in brazil, thousands homeless as floodwaters go down. the final death toll from last week's deadly deluge is still unknown, that is because hundreds of people are listed as missing. heavy rains have transformed hills into tombs of mud and debris. with more incoming, the rescue effort is tough. we have this report from one devastated town just north of rio de janeiro. >> reporter: another day, more bodies. the death toll in brazil keeps rising. more than 700 people were killed when violent floods and mudslides ripped through the hillside towns northeast of rio de janeiro. making it the worst natural disaster in the country's history. this is the landscape that the rescue workers have having to
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deal with. as you can see, the rivers still fill up quickly with rain. they have to dig through the mud. they have sniffer dogs out here. what they're looking for are bodies. there are still dozens, if not hundreds of boyds to peop-- according to the rescuers and people who live here. "i found my mom" he said. "she's alive but in the hospital. my dad didn't survive." we made the trip upriver in a helicopter provided by brazil's armed forces. the raez than the helicopter has given us this ride is because they tell us they want us to show the world the reality, the destruction that has occurred here. they suspect there are many more deaths and they want the world to see what's going on. >> they look for survivors.
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the day we visited they founded some 200 people cut off from the rest of the city. they also found more dead. major carlos fall coney coordinates rescue operations here there are going to be a lot more bodies? >> of course. i think. in my evaluation, there may be five times what we found until now. >> reporter: the homeless, thousands of them, end up in shelters like this one. this woman says her nephew died, so did five neighbors. "we heard people shouting help, help, even children" she said. "when it got light out, all we could see were corpses. now it's time to start rebuilding" she says. back in the rubble, rain continues to drench workers and
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neighbor neighbors. let's take a look at what's next for brazil amid all that devastation. meteorologist jen delgado is joining us. >> i have to point out to you, i have been looking over the satellite graphics and the rain is shifting a bit more down towards the south. that's better news but the problem is we still have instability in the region. that means we still see the potential for storms to pop up across the region. we're talking it's the summer, that's the rainy season across brazil. you notice we have a few clouds and isolated storms pop up just to the north of sao paulo. that low is moving more down towards the south. as i show you on the graphic, this is the airy that's going to be of concern. when you add more rainfall to a region that's already dealing
5:18 am
with mudslides and landslides, the grounded is so null verbal. this is going to be a dangerous situation because the grounded is so weak. if you add a bit more rainfall, we could see bad things happening across that region. the low will be shifting to the south. the bulk of the rainfall will be mainly down toward this area. roughly about an inch of rainfall as we go throughout next several days. that is the bright news. from south america, we go to north america. for california, we have a big wind event as the winds go down the canyons they'll be intensifies. what this means is we'll be dealing with wind gusts up to 150 kilometers per hour. that's hurricane strength winds. we're talking 85 miles per hour. for all the areas that you're seeing from los angeles as well as into long beach. these are the areas that will be under the gun. the potential today for downed
5:19 am
power lines, power outages and trucks driving, this is going to be bad news. we'll also look at homes being damaged with roofs possibly being damaged and the shingles coming up. zain, this is the santa ana event. this looks like it will peak as we get into the afternoon, we get the mixing in the air. it will certainly be something to watch. a lot of video coming out tomorrow win suspect. >> jen delgado, thank you. you're watching "world one." first up, fashion praise for the u.s. first lady, michelle obama. mrs. obama chose this spectacular dress. it is say red silk organza dress. it's actually by the late fashion designer alexander mcqueen. she wore this at the state dinner with president hu. we were wondering where is mr. hu's other half.
5:20 am
it turns off that the wife of the chinese president didn't join him on this visit. stan grant tells us that's actually normal and the chinese first lady is not a high profile figure. this is the menu for the state dinner on wednesday. the white house chefs served a five-corpsmen yew that included things like poached maine lobster. here there are dried aged cris. the dessert is old-fashioned apple pie with ice cream. take a look at this picture. this say picture of a deer that crashed through a couple's dining room window. the animal had been in a neighbor's yard. when something spooked it and it charged through john and loretta starkweather's house.
5:21 am
it created a big old mess. the couple are still cleaning it up. let us know which stories grab your attention today. what gets you talking? we're on this is "world one," live from london. he's one of ukraine's greatest boxers. find out why this world heavyweight champion wants to throw punches in the political ring. could it be his biggest fight. and he's thousands of miles from the u.s. but says he feels right at home. what an american teenager is learning and loving about living in china. it flows with clean water. it makes its skyline greener and its population healthier. all to become the kind of city people want to live and work in.
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somewhere in america, we've already answered some of the nation's toughest questions. and the over sixty thousand people of siemens are ready to do it again. siemens. answers.
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cnn's taking you to a new country each month where we focus on the people and places
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that are changing the world. we call it the i--list. the first stop is vitali klitschko. he's a world heavyweight champion but he's also in the political game in his home country. we get a view of his fight against corruption. >> reporter: hamburg, october 2010. ukraine's vitali klitschko versus usa's shannon briggs. >> we have a lost experience. we're strong. and if we're healthy, nobody can beat us. >> reporter: klitschko retains his world heavyweight champion title. briggs is hospitalized. >> in every way, in life, in politics you have to show your
5:25 am
skills. you have to defend yourself. you have to defend your mind. and not physically. you use your strong mentality. you use your brain skills to defend your position. >> reporter: april 2010, klitschko launches a new political party to fight corruption. it's called the ukrainian democratic alliance for reform. >> corruption is biggest problem for us. and that's why it's goal for me to make the same standards, political standards, economic standards, european standards, here in ukraine. >> reporter: since august 2003, the klitschko brothers foundation has worked to promote healthy lifestyles for children through schools. >> we try to give the younger
5:26 am
generation an opportunity to develop himself in sport. to bring attention to the people and our society. >> reporter: vitali's younger brother vladimir is also a world heavybeat boxing champion. >> when my brother is not just a brother. he's my closest friend. we understand each other. maybe that's why we have -- we are lucky and successful in sport. but sometimes we have problems to decide. who will we fight against? vladimir, i'm the older one. you have to say no. this time i am so sorry.
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we're making a tradition in sport, also. we play each other, chess. i am thankful for my parents. i have my brother, vladimir. >> you're watching "world one." giving it all to haiti, the former dictator accused of stealing millions from his impoverished country says the money never left the island. and before you take a joke, a controversial comedian defends his performance at the golden globes. is with 4 doses a year, after 2 starter doses. in a medical study, 7 out of 10 stelara® patients saw at least 75% clearer skin at 12 weeks. and 6 out of 10 patients had their plaque psoriasis rated as cleared or minimal at 12 weeks. stelara® may lower your ability to fight infections
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you're watching "world one," i'm zain vergee in london. the top stories we're following this hour -- in brazil, the death toll keeps rising. at least 765 people were killed in floods and mudslides a week ago. but hundreds more are listed as missing. heavy rains have transformed hills into tombs of mud and debris. with more rain coming, rescuers are struggling to find survivors. italy's prime minister is once again denying that he paid for sex with an underage girl. prosecutors in milan are investigating two charges against silvio berlusconi, their allegations are abuse of power and paying a minor for sex. >> and to the steady growth of u.s./china relations. cheers. >> it was an all-american menu
5:32 am
for 225 guests at wednesdayance state dinner at the white house. the chinese president hu jintao and president barack obama both offered toasts an tried to focus on the similarities between their two countries. >> whidz it's easy to focus on our differences of culture and perspective, let us never forget the values that our people share. a reverence for family, the belief that with education and hard work and with sacrifice, the future is what we make it. and most of all, the desire to give our children a better life. >> there's one child who has embraced the chinese way of life and that's an american teenager that you're about to meet. he's living in china and he's loving it. despite being thousands of miles from home. what's he doing there? cnn's stan grant has his story. >> reporter: his mother didn't
5:33 am
want him to go. his friends thought china was just scary. six months into it, he's getting the full dose of china 101. >> definitely my friends and family, they were like, don't let the chie breeze brainwash you into communism. >> reporter: the boy from manhattan now sits in the shadow of chen and mao. he speaks only chinese in class. he's fluent. sometimes now even better than english. >> i've been really, i guess -- wow, what's the word? my english has gotten worse since i've gotten to china. >> reporter: it's all part of this unique program. take a kid out of american school, put them in a regular chinese classroom and place them
5:34 am
with the chinese family for one year. spencer is one of nearly 50 american teenagers here building a bridge between the world's superpower and its fast emerging rival. >> i think the opinion of china in the united states is really kind of off. and a lot of the idea of china is kind of flawed. there's a lot of thoughts that china is backwards and rural and not modern and obviously that's wrong. we're here in this supermodern city. it's been really interesting and fun. >> reporter: spencer tells me he always thought china was cool, living here hasn't changed that. the chinese kids, he says, are just like americans. they love sports. he says they kick his butt on the basketball court. they like western movies and music but in the classroom, that's where the differences begin. >> their approach to education is really at lot, they memorize, study, study, study. i feel like they're not really -- they don't have
5:35 am
discussions. >> reporter: it hasn't all been easy. like any kid he gets home sick and then there was moving in with a new family. >> we had a one-week orientation when we first got here where we got to meet the teachers and adjust to the people, then we went to the host families and that was kind of -- >> reporter: just settling n. the first move being with the host family and living in the host's house. it was definitely difficult. it was tiring, really physically tiring to be doing chinese all day. >> reporter: he's right at home now, though, happy chatting over the dinner table. like any family, his surrogate chinese parents never graduated from high school and work at a local market. they live in a moderate apartment, small in size but big
5:36 am
on hospitality. >> he's like my son. i always chat with my son. i now chat with spencer. >> reporter: spencer has a 13-year-old host brother who teases like all little brothers. what did you think when you first met spencer? he's teaching his big brother a lesson in chinese chess. spencer hasn't yet won a game but each move, he hopes brings his homeland of the united states and his adopted home, china, thatch closer. stan grant, cnn, beijing. the leaders of the u.s. and china are spending a lot of time together this week. as the chinese president continues his state visit. and in our media matters segment we'll take a look at how newspapers around the world are
5:37 am
covering this important trip. the south china morning post says the u.s. and china really need to work on changing how they see each other. this is the headline, "setting the right tone for dialogue." the editorial itself says this -- america's elite should change their stair row typical impression of china while the chinese must also not allow widespread and narrow-mind nationalistic sentiment to prevail. such efforts are especially important at a time when balance of powertown the two is changing. "the washington post" has this headline today about yesterday's press conference. hu jintao meets the free press. hu had to put up with a news conference for a repressive ruler facing a free press is about as pleasant a prospect as attending the nobel peace prize ceremo ceremony, it says. take a look at "the new york times" today. it's focusing on the hard-liners that exist on both sides. its headline says the rise of chinese cheneys.
5:38 am
the article itself says that americans really should not exaggerate the impact of china's currency manipulation. it goes on to say, chinese goods, mostly compete with products from mexico, south korea and other countries. it's stealing jobs from those countries more than from america. finally, take a look at what the moscow times is saying. u.s. democracy has little it can teach china. they say many chinese see their weathering of a financial kris as vindication of their own system and the beginning of an era in which u.s.-style liberal ideas will no longer be dominant. one issue, many views, your world papers today. there's a new twist in the tale of jean-claude "baby doc" duvalier. it's looking as haiti could get some of the money back thanks to a new swiss law designed to get back that stolen money.
5:39 am
duvalier's lawyer has told cnn that his client's already given his money away to charity. >> that money, president duvalier give to american red cross to have the people after the earthquake. all that money. >> he gave them all that 7 million? >> to american red cross. >> but duvalier may need to hold on to every single penny he can because he's being hits with a lost lawsuits. four former political prisoners are suing him, saying that he violated their human rights. the kplarnts go back to the 1980s. that's when he ruled the imag s country. to another story we're following here on cnn. he outraged muslims around the world by threatening to burn the koran. now, florida pastor terry jones
5:40 am
wants to travel to britain sew can speak at rallies. he's been bar from the country. this is what britain's home office is saying. the government opposes extremism in all its forms. numerous comments made by pastor jones are evidence of his unacceptable behavior. jones is vowing to fight the decision in court, saying it violates his right so free speech. the pastor's threats to burn the muslim holy book last september caused a big international outcry and was eventually forced to back down. after the break, silvio berlusconi back in the hot seat. we'll be live in rome for all the latest on that sex scandal surrounding italy a prime minister. and actress anne hathaway, seen here stepping out on the red carpet, will soon be stepping into something, oh, a little bit tighter. is it perfect casting for this
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prostitution scannedle is threatening to plunge silvio berlusconi's government into a whole new crisis. italy's prime minister says he has nothing to be ashamed of. magistrates in milan are investigating two charges against him, abuse of power and paying a minor for sex. at the center of all these allegation is this woman, a moroccan-born dancer, ruby rubacuori. she's claiming she was 17 years old when she met the prime minister but told him she was 24. ruby denies ever having sex with him. mr. berlusconi does not deny knowing her or that she came to his property. let's start with berlusconi himself and how he's defending himself from the allegations and
5:45 am
those wiretap conversations. >> reporter: he came out on tv last night, zain, angrily, denying everything, coming out fighting, really, to the nation. a ten-minute address which was full of rebuttals and angry accusations at the prosecutors who he claimed were politically motivated, that they hadn't followed the correct procedure, that the investigation was unconstitutional. he talks about the 150 agents that had been involved with this operation, tapping the phone conversations of his dinner guests, he said, and really implying that this was completely unfair and the kind of action that would normally be warranted on a mafia boss and completely unacceptable for the prime minister of italy. so a very aggressive attack on those milan prosecutors who were attempting to prove these two allegations as you say, one of
5:46 am
paying a minor for sex and the other of abuse of power, both centering around this moroccan belly dancer called ruby. theabuse of power -- berlusconi, according to those witnesses who were taped was seen fondling. he's angrily denied saying this is part of a political smear campaign to bring him down. >> could this sex scandal bring him down? he was a pretty popular prime minister. how badly is this going to hurt him? >> reporter: well, there are two issues here. firstly, can the prosecutors prove these charges that are
5:47 am
being built up against him? that will come down to, you know, very difficult to prove whether or not he did sleep with this woman. she says on tv last night that she did not sleep with him. he is insisting that he did not sleep with her either. and also insisting that he didn't know she was a minor. but the wider political implications for this are that all this dirty laundry is being washed very publicly, day after day, new allegations, new evidence is coming into the papers here. and even his supporters are beginning to say here, look, this is pretty strong stuff. whether or not it's true, just the idea of being associated with any of this is incredibly damaging for him. nevertheless, he's shored up his majority in parliament bigger than it was at the time of the confidence vote last year. here's the arch survivor and many feel that if there's one man who can get through this, where any other politician would
5:48 am
have resigned months ago, it's silvio berlusconi. >> cnn's dan rivers in rome. ricky gervais is speaking out again. the british comic has been defending the controversial routine at the golden globes that has so many people reacting. people are saying that his jokes were not so much funny as just plain nasty. gervais sat down with cnn's piers morguen to talk about the fuss. >> they hired me for a job. if they didn't want me, they shouldn't have hired me. >> it's a bit like inviting a hammerhead to shark for dinner and when he eats all the guests, you start complaining. >> i don't think i did anything wrong. i honestly, you know, those were like jibes at these people. i'm sure they have a sense of humor. >> ricky went on to tell piers
5:49 am
he's only confronting the elephant in the room. let's get an update with don ro riddell. >> kim clijsters and veer va zvonareva make it through to the third round in the australian open. jankovic was beaten in straight sets by china's peng. no such problems for the men's number one, rafael nadal, the spaniard remains on course for a fourth consecutive grand slam title thanks to an easy win over ryan sweeting. it only took nadal an hour and 30 minutes to set up a third
5:50 am
round clash. safe to say, nadal is not stressing too much about the preparation for his next match. >> what can i do different? rest in the hotel? maybe going to go to -- >> tomic says he may prepare by going bungee jumping. and how the mavs are enjoying having their star man, dirk nowitzki, back from a knee injury. xoed 14 points in dallas, making a big three-point play right at the end. the team's owner, mark cuban certainly enjoyed it. 109-100, the score. the stats make it clear how
5:51 am
important nowitzki is to the mavericks. with him in their sight this season, they've won 78% of his game. when they've been absent, nine games of the season so far, they've lost 78%. they better keep him fit for the rest of the season. >> they had better. don riddell, thank you. the devil may wear prada but the star of the movie is about to change her slinky gown for a bat suit. will batman fall for anne hathaway? ordinary rubs don't always work on my arthritis.
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welcome back. i'm zain vergee, our top stories now. chinese president hu jintao will be heading to capitol hill later today to speak to u.s. congressional leaders. it's the second fall day of his state visit which has included several hours of meetings with the u.s. president, barack obama. he was also the guest of honor at a glitzy state dinner at the white house wednesday night.
5:54 am
in brazil, the death toll from the country's worst ever natural disaster keeps rising. at least 765 people were killed and floods and mudslides a week ago. hundreds more allissed as missing. heavy rains have transformed hills into tombs of mud and debris. with more rain coming, rescuers are struggling to find survivors. let's take a look at what is clicking with you across social media today. at number three on our list, if you want to make your morning coffee run even quicker, all you need to do is pull out your smartphone. you can pay for that perk, if you use certain model of black berries and iphones. it's a mobile app and it's free. all you have to do is wave the phone at the cash register, just like you have a prepaid card already. reload it with a credit card or paypal and the company is saying that an android version will be out pretty soon as well. anne hathaway is number two
5:55 am
on our buzz list. take a look at trends map. if you just see the size of the word, it actually represents the number of people talking about that topic on twitter. it's pretty much covering much of the world. the actress has landed the role of catwoman in christopher nolan's third film. she follows in the cat tracks of michelle pfeiffer and halle berry playing that role. she's going to be co-hosting the oscars next month. and number one on our trending list, arnold schwarzenegger. you are really liking this story. because the former governor has confirmed that he's heading back to the silver screen. he's already thinking about movie roles. he's saying don't expect any more extreme fighting roles. arnie knows he has to adjust a little bit for his age. he also noted how clint eastwood has adapted his parts to his age.
5:56 am
schwarzenegger is considering playing a nazi commander who refuses to follow killing orders and helps u.s. prisoners escape. if you want to find out what else is trending big on social media, logon to i'll be logged on in just a few minutes so i can chat with you when the show ends. we'll leave you with pictures from the white house. it was all glitz and glamour to welcome hu jintao. today, not so much as china's president heads to congress to face some tough talk on the currency issue. this is "world one" right here on cnn. thanks a lot for watching.
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ahead on quts american morning" doctors say she's been able to stand on her own two feet and look out the window. congressman gabrielle giffords could be checking out of the hospital on her way to a rehab facility. meanwhile, loughner charged with three counts of attempted murder. and the chinese president visiting, tackling some issues. one in five americans considering china our greatest threat. we've all been there, stuck in traffic. you have places to go, got to be
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to work on time. which u.s. cities have the worst traffic where drivers waste 70 hours of their lives every year just simply idling. another winter storm heading your weekend. super bowl tickets for $200? got to be too good to be tree. it is. we'll explain on "american morning," next. keep your home smelling like home. so he chose a university where the faculty average over 14 years of experience in their fields to help him turn a thesis into a business plan and accelerate the path between ideas... and actions. my name is myron sullivan, i'm developing a robotic system to clean oil spills, and i am a phoenix. [ male announcer ] learn more about the school of business at
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