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tv   CNN Newsroom  CNN  January 20, 2011 1:00pm-3:00pm EST

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>> i was online playing one of the games through facebook and i just started typing in this, this is not a joke, i need help. there is a fire in the kitchen, and tell the police to please call the spokane fire department, and i put my address and all that on the internet. >> bob chamer ebers says he is grateful for the person who called 911. he is safe today. and the news continues with ali velshi. >> thank you, carol. have a nice afternoon. i'm ali velshi with you for the next few hours. well, crime has been going on since the 1930s and past decade and especially post-9/11, other things have gotten priority, but today, g-men have not stopped fighting the mob, and today they made history. today, local cops and fbi rounded up the biggest mafia roundup ever.
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110 arrests in new york, and new jersey and rhode island and targeting soldiers and captains and petty crooks from seven families. those would be to gambino and jen kn jenovase and the patriarch family, and it reads like a movie, racketeering and loan sharking and some of these crimes datiing back to the 1980. most of it deeply routed in the construction of the waterfront, and gambling. and eric holder briefed reporters this morning and here he talks about the alleged murders. >> some allegations include classic mob hits to hit perceived rivals. and others involved truly senseless murders. in one incident, a victim was shot and killed in a botched robbery attempt, and two other
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murder victims allegedly were shot in a public bar, because of a dispute over a spilled drink. >> cnn's mary snow is on the case and she joins me for two at the top. mary, it might come as a surprise to people that organized crime is so big and so active today in this traditionally, these families that there could be 100 arrests. this comes as news to some people. >> well, it comes news to a lot of people, ali, because many thought that the influence of these organized crime families was waning, but as the attorney general said today and he would not go as far to say that there is a resurgence, but he said it is a big threat, and one that fbi official says that it is a myth that the mob is gone. you named some of the charges in these indictments, but also, you know, there were some other charges in terms of racketeering schemes that were named as well. the thele a -- the allegation of
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newspaper ads taken promising people with bad credit for loans for fees. these are crimes that have gone back for the decades. it is rare that the attorney general would be here in new york to announce these criminal charges. these were 16 indictments, unrelated indictments. so what brought him here he said was that this was a major operation and he said it was an unprecedented scope of local, state and federal agencies coming together to bring about these arrests. >> in a case where life imitates art, mary. while these people are charge and not presumed guilty, we have to talk about some of to names of these guys. you are a lifelong new yorker. the names of the mafioso have not gone away? >> they have not. i don't think that people would be so surprised to see some of the names, the street aliases, if you will on these indictments. bkala, and tony bagelles, and johnny pizza and fat dennis.
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you know, as you mention, some of the names are associated with the five organized crime families in new york that as you said so many people thought that the influence was waning, but clearly with the arrests today, it shows they have not. >> and i would be curious to know if fat dennis named himself or got that name from someone else. and mary, the obituaries and they say that every time we have seen the arrests, they say they have a nail in the coffin, but has it crippled the crime activity in that area? >> well, it is hard to say. when you look at the rnlg chach ali. one of the defendants named in the indictment is 83 years old, which is an indictment fromr rhode island. and it is is difficult to say. >> well, mary snow's street alias is the news. thank you.
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and the sound is pure elation, in the making on august 24th, 1987, joy white took her 3-week-old daughterer carlina to the hospital for fever, and when she came back to check on her, she was gone. and she stayed gone birthday after birthday until january 24th of this year, until the phone rang and carlina, now a young adult was on the other end. >> carlina is a missing link and we have gotten her back in the name of jesus. hallelujah, hallelujah, halleluj hallelujah. >> she was like she had been around us all of her life. she was no stranger, you know, just fit right in. ? what happened in all of the missing years? it turns out that carlina was raised in a family with a different name, and she was suspicious when her mother could
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not show her her birth certifica certificate, and a few phone calls and dna test later, she was back where she belonged. investigation into the kidnapping goes on. and a tough and intense day for miami's law enforcement community. one miami-dade police officer is dead, and another is rushed into surgeryf a being shot executing an arrest warrant. the department called it a high-profile warrant that had the officers working with the marshall's fugitive task force and one suspect at the residence was shot and killed by the miami-dade police. we are monitoring the story closely. we will update you with more information as we get it. and mark kelly has updated us on congresswoman gabrielle giffords. he says she is a fighter like no one else. and he said she has made attempts to speak, but couldn't because of a trachea tube. he said that she will be moved
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to houston and cited the location and the place where he and his two daughters live would make it easier for him to check on her. and now a few days in, controversy is trying to be tamped down. this is what he said at a martin luther king event. quote. anyone here today who has not accepted jesus christ as your savior, i am telling you, you are not my brother or sister. as you might expect, that has raised hackels and he has met with religious leaders of different faiths to explain and he offered this by way of explanation. >> i would like to say that anyone who heard those words and felt disenfranchised, i want to say i'm sorry. and if you're not a person who can say that you are sorry, then you are not a very good leader. >> okay.
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well, the world's biggest retailer going on a huge health kick. first lady michelle obama has helped walmart to unveil a five-year initiative to make the food it sells more healthful. to reduce trans fats and sugars up and down the aisles. mrs. obama has made health one of her top priorities and calls ate big move for folks across the the country. a major bank admits big mistakes on home loans for troops including accidental, ifs, and how did that happen and what is being done about that? chocolate. e it has 35% of your daily value of fiber. tasty fiber, that's a good one! ok, her mind. [ male announcer ] fiber one chewy bars.
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banking giant jpmorgan chase admits that it overcharged more than 4,000 active duty military personnel on their home loans, and that it mistakingly foreclosed on 14 homes. mistakingly foreclosed on 14 homes. the action violates rules on the books to protect those who put their lives on the line everyday to protect us. cnn's jason carroll joins us from new york on how it happened and what this bank is doing to try to correct the mistake. jason? >> well, ali, as you can imagine, so many of these servicemen and women are already under so much pressure in terms of the deployment, and now imagine the pressure when you think that someone is trying to foreclose on your home, and this is exactly what happened. the banks had a mitted to the costly mistake and tells cnn that it is mailing refunds. and ali, the person who is
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largely responsible for all of this coming to light is her name is julia rolls. she called her family's experience with chase a four-year nightmare. she says it began in 2006, when her and her husband went on active duty. they notified chase, because according to federal law, the bank should have adjusted the mortgage rate and the interest rate should be capped for 6% for those on active duty, but chase continued to charge the family up to 9% saying that they owed more than $10,000, and the couple got an attorney and discovered that the bank may have overcharged 4,000 military families and ali, foreclosed on the homes of 14 service members. >> every time we talked to chase, they were telling us that we were in the wrong. it is amazing to me that we found out how big this is. this is our number one battle right now, and if not for ourselves, but for the other
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families that i am speaking forrer them right now, and i'm hoping that they are watching right now and listening, and can understand and answer this call that chase needs to be held accountable for their actions. >> well, chase has admitted to making the error saying that we have made mistakes here, and we are fixing them. there is no finer group of people than the men and women in the armed services who fight to protect our country everyday, and while any customer mistake is regrettable, we feel particularly badly about the mistalk mi mistakes we made here. the bank says it is mailing $2 million in refunds to service members orn s overcharged and rd 13 of the 14 accidental foreclosures. the rowles feel they are still owed money and they are representing other military fam i wills in a class action
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lawsuit. >> very good response from chase that they made a mistake and sorry and any indication how these mistakes happen? i get that things happen on things that happen on bank accounts, but i don't get accidental foreclosures, but have they offered any explanation? >> exactly. when you think of foreclosing on the homes of 14 people, but not only that but overcharging 4,000 members of the military, and the big questions there are so far chase has not come up with an explanation of how this happened. was it a systemic problem? a computer error? human error? still trying to sort it out. perhaps it will come out if this class action lawsuit goes forward. ali? >> it is in the bank's best interest not to wait for the clas class action but come clean. thank you, jason carroll, in new york. good companies to work with and many of them in america, and they have thousands of job openings and wait until you find out the perks they offer on the other side of the break, the
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"fortune" is out with the annual list of the 100 top companies to work for. topping the list is the software giant sas followed by boston consulting group, and wegman's food market, and google and netapp and, and camden property trust and nugget market and recreational equipment, and dreamworks animation skg.
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when you tlflip through these, everybody is looking for a job or a job that treats you well, what some of the companies offer employees may have you thinking of switching jobs. lee gallagher joins me from new york. lee, you have been following this yearly, what are some of the neat perks that you have seen offered by some of to best companies this year? >> well, there are so many, ali. for this list, it is not enough to just have and on site gym and great 401 kx mat 1(k) matching everything from cisco, the networking company in california, you can get an oil change on campus, and sas has more perks than any other campus. they have a tailor and jeweler and car detailing and huge gym and swimming pool, and really, it is the beginning. it is interesting. all over the place. at zap ppos they have a life coh
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on site if you need direction -- >> and you wonder why in a place we have above 9% unemployment companies have to do this, but the reality is that most thinking people do not think that we will be stuck at 9% unemployment fe yearnow, and at some point people are going to have choices as to who they work for and the ability to switch jobs, so why not put it into the culture now? >> that is exactly true. it is a great point. why not build it in now, but the other thing is that there is a real philosophy happening, if you keep your employees happy, they will be loyal andless distracted and happier, and that is something that sounds soft like a touchy-feely thing, which does not show up in the numbers, but it does. we looked at the stock performance of the companies since we have been doing this list for the past 14 year, and if you compare the numbers to the smp or other broader market
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indices, these companies outperform, so there is something to it. >> and let's pick a couple that our viewers would be interested in. wegman's and what do they offer? >> wegman's is great. we have a lot of the supermarkets on the list, but they go above and beyond to foster a fun culture and cares about the wellness of the employees and they did an initiative where the employees tried to eat five cups of vegetables a day, and walk five miles a week. >> i don't know if that would be fun for cnn to decide that i eat five cups of vegetables and walk 10,000 steps or whatever. >> not for everybody. >> and google, this is a perennial, but a it is obvious when you go to any google's campus or workplace, it just looksle cool. th --s cool. they have lots of food and games. >> well, they have free
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breakfast and dinner and free laundry and climbing wall in the gym. but google did some interesting things this year. they went out and gave everybody a 10% raise because the company was doing so well. that is the definition of a company that is good for work for. they also have an interesting perk that is called a peer bonus. so employees can basically award their colleagues $175 bonus on the spot. they can do it as many times as they want per year. >> wow, wow. >> that has to be approved by the managers. so that is something that is clefr a clever and interesting and different and makes you feel good about the colleagues and the company and innovative out there. >> mentioning climbing walls, one of the favorite places to shop is rei which shows up a lot as well. >> well, they have been on the list almost every year, and this is a company that really first obviously, it attracting an employee who is drawn to the outdoors and the ild wiwilderne
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you will get 50% to 75% off of full-priced clothes and gear and you will have a liberal sabbatical policy, so after 15 years, you can take a four-week paid sabbatical, but after that, you can be awarded every fife years, so that is great. and a lot of the employees may go trekking somewhere. >> with the gear they get at a deep discount from the store. >> exactly. exactly. they are opening up a store here in new york, so you will have to come check it out. >> thank you, lee. and you have to go to check out this stuff on "fortune" magazine, the best stuff to work for. and lee gallagher, is the assistant managing editor at "fortune." tune into your bottom line at 9:30 a.m. eastern on cnn. "your $$$$$" airs saturdays at 1:00 p.m. and sundays at 3:00 p.m. where we have all of your money news covered. we have breaking news. we have just learned that a second police officer has died in miami. two officers were shot while
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executing a search warrant. officers shot and killed a suspect at the scene. earlier we had a report that one officer had died and the other one was in surgery and now we have confirmation that two officers have now died while executing a high priority warrant with the u.s. marshall service in miamiment wi menmiam. we will get more inb fformationr you when we have got it. these are coming from wsvn in miami. a second officer has died. attorney general eric holder calls it one of the largest single-day operations against the mob in u.s. history. this morning federal agents carried out raids in a major sweep across new york and new jersey and rhode island. they arrested more than 100 alleged members of seven organized crime families an charges ranged from murder to arson to extortion and narcotics trafficking and more arrests are expected. we will have more for you on
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that in 40 minutes. after meeting with lawmakers on capitol hill, chinese president hu jintao will be welcomed into chicago later this afternoon. he plans to spend two days in the windy city. chicago's mayor calls it a really big deal. a mayoral dinner in hu's honor is scheduled forrer tonight. and it is more expensive to fly. us airways and delta say they have raised their fares and expect to pay 20% more round trip on delta and 10% more on united. didn't take long for the other carriers to do the same citing rising fuel costs. and the first state dinner for china in 18 years. ed henry goes over the guest list and the menu with us, and he will el ttell us exactly wa ate last night. [ male announcer ] this is charlie whose morning flight
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chinese president hu jintao who occupied most of the time yesterday on the show as part of a press conference is on a three-day trip for trade and curren currency, north korea, and last night the white house hosted a state dinner for china for the first time in 18 years. ed henry is all over the story, and last night, it was glitz and hobnobbing at the state dinner. what did -- tell me what happened. >> well, yeah, it had all kinds of stars, barbra streisand and people like michelle kwan, and vera wang, and jackie chan, the actor, and you all get that, you know, star power oftentimes, but then you have the politicos as well, whether it is henry k kissing
1:28 pm
kissinger, and look at the president's table with four presidents on it. you had president obama, and president hu and former presidents carter and clinton at one table with the secretary of state hillary clinton of course, and i was thinking about it, and i don't think that there has been that much star power in one table in washington since that time in a few months ago in december when you came to washington and ate alone. >> well, i will remember that. >> and it is a spin on thomas jefferson, there has not been that much brain power in washington since thomas jefferson dined alone. so you are like that, the star power and the wattage. >> well, it was. you saw the president and the first lady waiting for hu to arrive in the background you could hear the protesters, but he got a warm reception there, and today, he went to capitol hill, and what was the reception like on the hill? >> well, folks are polite and leaders in both parties, harry re reid, on the democratic side,
1:29 pm
and john boehner, on the republican side, saying that they will support each other, and while they have differences, they will do that. and so harry reid said that he had to come back from nevada, and he did a local tv interview where he called hu jintao a dictator which was not a great dinner conversation, but he walked it back talking about the government differences of u.s. and china. and speaker boehner declined to go, and his office said he does not do a lot of those dinners, but the last time was when queen elizabeth came for a state dinner and you put them together, queen elizabeth and china, and queen elizabeth does not spark a lot of concerns about human rights the last time i checked. >> and people are seeing that it is the 50th anniversary of jfk's inauguration and the second anniversary of this president's inauguration, and what are he and the -- the date is the second anniversary, and
1:30 pm
obviously, he was not inaugurated on a thursday. what are he and the first lady doing to mark the occasion? >> well, the president is not doing much in terms of public events. he will be at the kennedy center to make remarks about what you mentioned jfk's anniversary of his inauguration, but we have seen a lot the first lady today. she did her healthy food eating infi initiati initiative, and she stepped out with walmart that they said they will step out with the folks who do the internal labeling withless sugar and salt, and good for kids and adults, too, and she came back to the white house and surprised the tourists who were here on a normal line and dropped in to the blue room to drop in and i is a hello and use that to is celebrate the second anniversary. i talked to david axelrod about
1:31 pm
this, the second anniversary and he says he remembers up on the platform with outgoing president bush and they were waiting for the oath of office to be administered to the oath, and he said, axelrod, you better enjoy this. it is going to be one hell of a ride, and he said, president bush was right. they have had ups and downs and certainly challenge, because the next year may be just as bumpy as he heads into the re-election battle. but the bottom line that it has gone by pretty darn fast. >> you have been there the whole time and thanks for being there everyday. ed henry, the senior correspondent at the white house with a stakeout. and now, a blockbuster playing out in brooklyn. forget renting "good fellas" we have the real deal. happy anniversary. [ male announcer ] what happened to luxury? ♪ where did all the personality go?
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happening now, more than 100 accused mobsters are under arrest after raids today in new york, new jersey and rhode island. the justice department says that arrests targeted seven organized crime families. charges include murder, extortion, drug trafficking, gambling and racketeering. breaking news in miami. police officials say that two miami-dade officers have
1:35 pm
been shot and killed while serving a warrant. one of the officers died at the scene, and we have learned from the mayor that the second officer died in surgery. a suspect was also killed at the the scene. in washington, chinese president hu jintao has been speaking at a business forum at this hour and he met with congressional leaders earlier to iday where he faced questions of north korea and human rights and other contentious subjects. he will at the end a gala dinner with business leaders in chicago later. and right now, there are 3 million people without homes. in detroit 32,000 homeless and in to di's big i we with want to tell you about an idea with huge implications. a coat that not only keeps the homeless warm, but transforms into a sleeping bag. right now, we have the designer of the coat, and 21-year-old designer veronica scott joining us from madison heights, michigan. thank you for being with us. i am so excited about your invention that i'm just so pleased that people are doing
1:36 pm
things to help out the homeless and i got some criticism on facebook for touting it as much as it is, because in truth, you haven't done anything to solve the homeless problem, but that was not the goal. you set out to design something using simple technology to help people who are out there and have to sleep outside. tell us about your invention. >> well, thank you, i'm very excited to be here as well. so, the coat actually is not the highlight of the whole empowerment plan system, but the coat prevents body heat from escaping in the day as the person wears it, and then transforms into a self-heated sleeping bag at night that is also waterproof, but the interesting part is that the whole system around the coat, how we are hiring a group of amazing homeless women and they are in a shelter system, so they are getting full-time meal plan and shelter and pay for them and their children to create these coats for someone else. that really needs it.
1:37 pm
>> and by the way, you have, this segment is about combining idea, but you have taken existing technology and taken the material they make fireproof suits that is a great heat and moisture barrier? >> yes, it is used in housing construction and in addition with the wool that we have received from carhart, it is going to be self-sustaining. >> is scaleable and you need to get somebody else involved. but you mentioned carhart. >> it began as a class project at a design school i at the end, and it got so involve and so intense that i could not drop it. then after months of working on it and creating four prototypes,
1:38 pm
finally i had a close friend of mine and also a very great person at the school give me a contact with carhart, and with their help, we have been to at least start to manufacturing and producing the coats and actually get a space to begin the teaching process and the jobs that we will be giving to people. >> so, you are getting the raw material, and you are hiring people to be able to make these, and how many would you like to produce? >> well, for this first pilot, we want to produce 25 with the women and 25 more with carhart to provide a training video next week. >> we will keep a close eye on your progress for this and we thank you for what you are doing, and thank you for veering awe of t off of the normal path for doing this. she is a student at madison heights, michigan. thank you, veronica. the two parts of this coat, head to my blog and i will put all of the information there at
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deadly floodwaters are receding in brazil, but the death toll continues to climb. officials describe the flooding
1:42 pm
and the mud slides as the worse tot hit the country in decades. these remarkable pictures show the raging power and the power of the that water, look at that. 165 people have been killed since the disaster was triggered by torrential rains last week. one of the hardest hit areas is rio de janeiro state. many cities are destroyed by the mud, and many officials are predicting that the death toll will climb higher. and a political crisis in lebanon is growing at an alarming rate. government officials have taken up positions at government building. this is after the president collapsed after ministers of the hezbollah group pulled out of the cabinet. harari stayed on as cabinet leader, and this as turkey and qatar said they would broker a new agreement. and 18 people have been
1:43 pm
killed in attacks this week in iraq, and 14 people wounded. t the latest attack in karbala. 150 people were wounded. another attack in baqubah targeted a police checkpoint and killed four people. and the deadliest attack on tuesday, when a suicide bombing targeting a recruitment center in takrit, wounding 100 people. attorney general eric holder calls it one of the largest single-day operations against the mob in u.s. history. they carried out a major sweep in new york and new jersey and rhode island. they arrested more than 100 members of seven organized crime families. charges range from murder to arson to extortion and narcotics trafficking. more arrests are expected. a tough and tense day for miami's law enforcement community. two miami-dade police officers are dead after being shot
1:44 pm
executing an arrest warrant. the department called it a high-profile warrant that had the officers working with the u.s. marshall's fugitive task force. one suspected gunman at the residence was shot and killed by miami-dade police officers. banking giant jpmorgan chase is admitting that it overcharged more than 4,000 active-duty military personnel on their home loans and mistakingly foreclosed on 14 homes. the action violates rules on the books to protect military personnel, and jpmorgan said it is mailing out $2 million in refund, and it so far has resolved 13 of the 14 accidental foreclosures. congressman cohen stands by the nazi comparison and find out exactly what he told cnn's john king in the political update after this. that first job launched my career. since i've been with the company, i've been promoted ten times over the span of 11 years. today, i'm a divisional learning and development manager. we can actually help people develop in their own careers.
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anti-itch tion gives fast, lasting relief. got an itch? gold bond lotion. the quick fix for almost every itch. it is time now for a cnn political update. cnn national correspondent john king joins me from the political desk in washington. john, representative cohen is stand big the inflammatory words and tell our viewers who may not know about, what he is talking about. >> well, he is standing by them, ali, but he is twisting the explanation. steve cohen went to floor of the house of representatives and said that the republicans are like gerbles, and that is the
1:48 pm
group that incited the nazis against the jews. he came on "john king usa" last night and said he needed to do this and be tough, but he said he was not trying to daul republicans nazis, but he issued a statement saying that i regret anybody in the jewish community or my colleagues or anybody was offended by my comments. the way the message was delivered is upset, but he still believes that the republicans are not telling the truth, but he has backed off a bit. today, we have learned more about the organizational chart of the obama administration. in the state of ohio, a key battleground state, does the president deserve to be re-elected? 48% yes, and 44% no. a delicate balance in the key state of ohio. the president needs to get to work there. and what about sherrod brown who is up in 2012? numbers are better.
1:49 pm
45% say yes, and 30% say no, and 25% say they don't know. and this is the 30th anniversary of the jfk inaugural, and also when ronald reagan took the pledge, and we asked them to rate former presidents for their place in history. 85% of americans approve kennedy and then 72% for clinton and 68% for reagan and on and on, but it is a good day to reflect on the presidencies of kennedy and reagan, my friend. >> thank you, john king. your next update from the best political team in television is one hour away. just a day after hosting the golden globes, ricky jer vase s -- gervais sits down with piers
1:50 pm
morgan. >> well, as a fellow brit, what do you think would happen? i said, it is like inviting a hammerhead shark to dinner and when he eats the guests, stop complaining. you have to know what you will get. >> well, as i said, i don't think that i did anything wrong. i honestly, those were like jibes at these people, and i'm sure they have a sense of humor tomorrow night with gorge clooney. well it used to be a little party hosted by robert redford, now one of the hottest events of the year. we'll take you live to utah, the most happening state in the country right now. [ male announcer ] you're at the age where you don't get thrown by curve balls. ♪ this is the age of knowing how to get things done. ♪ so why would you let something like erectile dysfunction get in your way? isn't it time you talked to your doctor about viagra?
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1:53 pm
well, it used to be a small independent film festival but not anymore. sundance kicks off today and it has become a star-studded affair. it features dozens of independent films. "showbiz tonight" host brooke anderson is in park city, utah. one of the toughest gigs at cnn. i'm not sure how she as to go out there, brooke. beautiful scenery, as always. a police where they're happy to have snow and cold. tell me what's on the agenda for the next few days. >> reporter: well, about 200 films, ali, will be shown in the festival. of course, those are feature length films, shorts, documentaries, the whole nine yards. sundance was named after founder
1:54 pm
robert redford's character in "butch cassidy and the sundance kid." since he founded it in the '80s, the festival has really grown. hit movies like napoleon dine mit, "little miss sunshine," reservoir dogs," all were discovered here. you mentioned that it is a star-studded affair each and every year. no doubt that is certainly true this year. demi moore, john c. riley, toby mcguire, kevin spacey, just a few of the stars who will be bundling up to hit this event, which is really considered around the world as the place to be this time of year, if you love film. check it out. >> hi, how are you. >> jennifer aniston's done sundance. >> it's an honor. >> robert downey junior too. >> it's super important. believe me. >> james franco came last year, and he's coming back again. >> it's just an honor. >> some major stars will be joining him in snowy park city,
1:55 pm
utah. pierce brosnan returns to the festival playing a charismatic preachner "salvation boulevard." >> ed helms premiers his new comedy "cedar rapids." >> getting some honey on your stinger? >> demi moore has two films in the festival. so does elizabeth banks. >> please don't use that tone with me. >> "the details" she stars opposite toby mcguire and laura linney. >> i won't bite. >> the cast hopes someone bites on their film. it's up for sale at sundance, along with dozens of other movies. and oprah winfrey could be one of the buyers. she's looking for product for her new own network. >> thinking about the sonny and cher show, not thinking about reality. >> the oprah snapped up the document tritt "becoming chazz" before it premiers at sundance. it will tos chazz bono as he
1:56 pm
transitions from female to male and there are hints oprah may fly to sundance to check out another documentary. ♪ >> about singer and civil rights activist harry belafonte. celebrities do flock to sundance. but when all is said and done, the festival's really about finding and nurturing unknown films and undiscovered talent. >> 100 bucks says he and my nephew can beat anybody in here. >> talent like mark ruffalo. he got his big break in the movie "you can count on me" in 2000. >> my career started at sundance. just a huge support for us. we would be lost without it. it would be really sad if we didn't have sundance. >> not to worry, mark. it looks like sundance will be around for a while. this year's festival gets under way thursday night. and ali, over the course of the ten-day festival, tens of thousands of festival goers are
1:57 pm
expected to glock o flock here to main street in small snowy park city, utah, to take part in the festivities, rub elbows with the stars. i'm looking forward to a lot of movies, actually, inclutding "the detail" starring elizabeth banks, toby mcgar. cedar rapids. demi moore has two movies, "margin call" another "happy day." everybody's getting into town tonight. it officially kicks off this evening. >> one of the reasons why you can't ever make it and you need me to fill in for you, a lot of business is being done there, brooke. you've got films as you said where oprah is shopping for them. some people are shopping for content, some people are trying to sell their content. others are looking for promotion. all the business is getting done in park city for the restaurants and bars. tell me a bit about the money side of it. >> well, you mentioned the buying and the selling of the films. a lot of wheeling and dealing is
1:58 pm
already going on. millions of dollars is going to exchange hands. there's a lot at stake. there's a lot of high pressure negotiations that go on here at sundance behind closed doors at cocktail parties, midnight screenings, that sort of thing and historically, ali, the festival has had a major impact economically on the state of utah. in fact, utah's bureau of economic and business research estimates that it has supported more than 1500 jobs. and you know, has generated more than $60 million. so, it's not just for filmmakers, the stars of the movies but also for those people hop populate utah. it's also beneficial for them if they can handle and stomach it the traffic and all the people that kind of take over their city for a while. >> now, is there anywhere for regular people to participate, or is everybody there either covering it or buying or selling? >> reporter: no, absolutely. people can come and actually
1:59 pm
attend the festival. you can go to the sundance film festival website and figure out ways to purchase tickets. they make it pretty easy for people who just love film to be a part of it, and they have shuttle services all around the city because there's not a lot of parking at the theaters. so yeah, it is easy if you look up the website, robert redford wants to make this a community experience for filmmakers and film lovers alike. >> brooke, great to see you as always. enjoy yourself there and don't work too hard. brooke anderson in park city, utah. all right. let me bring you up to speed with one of the biggest stories we're covering right now. the fbi has been at war with organized crime since the days of al capone in the 1930s. hey, that's his mugshot right here behind me. over the past decade, though, past couple decades, entirely after 9/11, other priorities have gotten more attention, but g-men and women haven't ever stopped fighting the mob.
2:00 pm
today they made history. more than 800 federal agents, state police and local cops carried out the biggest mafate roundup ever. more than 110 arrests in new york, new jersey, and rhode island. targeting bosses, captains, soldiers and petty crooks from seven different families. those are the gam beno, the genovese, the lucchesi, bow nonknow and the family in new england. now, the charges read like a season's worth of the sopranos, murder, extortion, racketeering, loan sharking. some of them dating back to the 1980s. mm stemming from the mob's deeply rooted interests in construction, the waterfront, and gambling. u.s. attorney general himself eric holder briefed reporters this morning. here he talks about the alleged murders. >> some allegations involve classic mob hits to eliminate perceived rivals.
2:01 pm
others involve truly senseless murders. in one instance, a victim was allegedly shot and killed during a botched robbery attempt. and two other murder victims allegedly were shot in a public bar because of a dispute over a spilled drink. >> i want to turn now to a colleague who knows a thing or two about putting mob bosses out of business. >> before he was the governor of new york, eliot spitzer was the head of a labor racketeering united states at the d.a.'s office. in 1992, he put an end to what he called a mob tax on every garment delivery in new york city. he joins me now with his thoughts on cosa knows tra. before we get to some of the specifics that you were involved in, i think there were a lot of people surprised by this news today. i think there were a lot of people who thought in 2011, we wouldn't see a headline of 100 rounded up. we thought this was a an knack
2:02 pm
crownistic thing of the past. >> a lot of people think mob prosecutions are a different era. you mentioned the sopranos. you can almost date people in the mob by what movie genre they watched. it began with the godfather, good fellows" and the sopranos". but it hasn't been there for a couple years because after 9/11, the fbi in particular focused on terrorism as it rightly needed to, but of course, the mob never really goes away. not only traditional la koes as nostra, but other ethnicities, each asian gangs, everything has been there festering beneath the surface. today, 127 defendants, about 91 of them claimed to be members of the mob. this is big news. >> whether we go back to the gangster era or more recent times, the mob or any kind of organized crime tends to be very, very hard to catch and more difficult to prosecute. give us a sense of your experience with this. >> well, you are so right.
2:03 pm
depends what type of activity you're going afr. some of the street level extortions and drug stuff you can get through traditional law enforcement mechanisms. in the case that i brought, this is back in '90-'92, it's 20 years ago virtually, we had to run a series of sting operations, we we ran an undercover trucking company, a sweat shop to catch what we saw as organized crime infiltration in the garment sector where they owned and controlled all the trucking companies and we were able to send a big message and extract them from that sector. they have controlled the fish market, concrete, as you mentioned in it your introduction, the longshoremen union. the folks who, would on the docks have believed the union is under control of the mob. this case has elements of all of this, everything from murder to gambling to drugs to extortionings to union extortion. it's all here in the many, many indictments announced today. >> elliott, you talk about, we talk about how the fbi is in
2:04 pm
recent years focused on terrorism both in organized crime or terrorism. it really turns on whether or not you can find people on the inside to both give you information and then in the proceedin proceedings, offer testimony. is that still the way it's done? is that how they get these arrests and going to try and get prosecutions? >> in reading indictments, and i don't know if you can see this. i'm going to hold up. there's a whole pile of paper here. i haven't read through all of it. there is reference to a lot of wiretapping. you try to turn witnesses. we turned somebody into a cooperating witness. to make somebody into a cooperating witness, normally you have evidence against them. it's a long difficult process. that's how we did it back when i was a prosecutor 20 years ago. that's what the fbi still does. a lot of surveillance and electronics, moles buried inside these organizations and a lot of legwork in the street tracking down leads that may have been forgotten. >> eliot, when you think of 100
2:05 pm
arrests you've got to think that's got to be a big blow to these crime families. is it? >> well, yes, and no, ali. the reality is as i was joking with some fellow prosecutors earlier this morning, this is the 18th obituary of the mob that i've read. it is always the case when you have a big announcement like this that the attorney general whoever it is wants to stand up and take credit. it's also the case they say now we have finally put the stake through the heart of organized crime. five years from now, it will be back. it may have a slightly different form and different group of people. there has always been some element of organized crime preying in different sectors where it can find often a chokehold. and understand what organized crime has traditionally done is find a chokehold where it it can extract a price for people to do business. that is why they go after cement, they go after trucking. they go after the ports, and that is the very clear of smart way they want have of extracting a fee for other people doing business. it will continue to come back.
2:06 pm
obviously the traditional stuff of extortion and drugs and loan sharking but also the more insidious stuff where they insinuate themselves into sectors of our economy. so yes, this is a big blow, certainly the colombo family if you read the indictment, one of the five traditional families here in new york city took out the whole leadership of the family. you wonder will it regenerate like the nine-headed hydra monster of lore. it has a way of rebuilding itself over time. >> eliot spitzer is a former mafia prosecutor, former attorney general in new york and former governor of new york. don't forget his would he "parker spitzer" airs 8:00 p.m. right here on cnn. our sound effect today, pure elation. on august 4th, 1987 it, joy white took her 33 week old daughter carlina to a new york hospital because the girl had a fever. the child was admitted. the mom went home to rest, came back to the hospital, carlina was gone and stayed gone.
2:07 pm
year after year, birthday after birthday until january 4th of this year. that's when joy white answered her phone and carlina, now a young adult, was on the other end. >> carlina was a missing link and we have gotten her back in the name of jesus, hal lieu ja, hallelujah. >> she was just like she had been around us all her life. she wasn't no stranger. she was just, you know, just fit right in. >> what about all those missing years? turned out she was raised under a different name in a family she never felt she belonged in. she got suspicious when her mother couldn't show her her birth certificate. she went on the internet, found the national center for missing and exploited center, and a few phone calls and she was back where she did belong. the investigation into her kidnapping goes on. now to other stories we're following. south florida's law enforcement community is reeling after losing two of its own today.
2:08 pm
miami-dade police officers tried to arrest a fugitive were greeted by gunfire. one died at the scene. a second was rushed to the hospital in critical condition but doctors couldn't save her. the suspect was killed by police with another person taken into custody. congresswoman gabriel giffords' husband mark kelley is growing more and more optimistic about her recovery. less than two weeks after she was shot through the brain, her condition has been upgraded from critical to serious. she's been trying to talk. at the predicted in two months, his wife will walk through the front doors of that hospital that helped save her life. she's about to be moved to a specialize the rehab facility in houston. i john fitzgerald kennedy do solemnly swear. >> that you will faithfully execute the office of the president of the united states. >> 50 years ago today, that boston accent rang across capitol hill as john kennedy took the oath of office. today democrats and republicans
2:09 pm
mark the event with a joint tribute to the nation's 35th president. among those who spoke, joe biden and kennedy's daughter caroline. just a few hours into office, alabama governor robert bentley sparked a controversy. now a few days later, he's trying to tamp it down. here's what he said on monday. "anybody here today who has not accepted jesus christ as their savior, i'm telling you you're not my brother and you're not my sister". he just met are religious leaders of different faiths to try to explain. this is what he offered. >> i would like to say that anyone hop heard those words and felt disenfranchised i want to say that i'm sorry. and you're not a person who can say that you're sorry, then you're not a very good leader. >> curious. mayors from across the nation
2:10 pm
are in washington ready to give president obama an earful about jobs or the lack thereof in their cities. i'll tell you about that after the break. perhaps waste and reduce cholesterol. taking psyllium fiber won't make you a model but you should feel a little more super. metamucil. down with cholesterol. you struggle to control your blood sugar. you exercise and eat right, but your blood sugar may still be high, and you need extra help. ask your doctor about onglyza, a once daily medicine used with diet and exercise to control high blood sugar in adults with type 2 diabetes. adding onglyza to your current oral medicine may help reduce after meal blood sugar spikes and may help reduce high morning blood sugar. [ male announcer ] onglyza should not be used to treat type 1 diabetes or diabetic ketoacidosis. tell your doctor if you have a history or risk of diabetic ketoacidosis. onglyza has not been studied with insulin. using onglyza with medicines such as sulfonylureas
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jobs, creating them, saving them. that is the focus of mayors from across the nation who are meeting in washington for their winter conference. more than 230 mayors are there this hour. a bipartisan group of mayors is set to meet with president obama and vice president biden at the white house to discuss jobs and the economy. an economic report released at the conference projects that by the end of this year, 109 metro areas will have an employment -- an unemployment rate of 10% or higher. employment growth is not that encouraging. it's expected to be less than 1%
2:13 pm
in 150 of the nation's messpolitan areas. the report says 32 metro areas including detroit won't return to prerecession job levels, get this till after 2025. employment is not the only issue. some cities like camden, new jersey are, facing major budget problems even though it's rated the nation's second most dangerous city, it's had to cut its 370-member police force nearly in half. about a third of the city's firefighters also received pink slips. coming up next, a look at this phenomenon of extreme parenting. it's been in the news a lot lately. here's a quiz to help you determine if you're guilty. have you ever tossed around the phrase "physical literacy education"? do you know know what that means? christina romans does and is with us after the break.
2:14 pm
2:15 pm
2:16 pm
chaz. we've been preparing a series for this week called "extreme parenting," when out of the blue a woman who calls herself a tiger mother blasted onto the scene literally. this chinese american law professor's memoir about her ultrastrict parenting techniques las triggered a national debate and led cnn to try to define extreme parenting. basically you know you're an extreme parent if, well, we'll have plenty of stories to fill in the blanks and some parenting experts as our guides. that said, we began with a look at athletic training for teeny tiny tots. christine romans has more. >> it gives new meaning to the term training your toddler. sports training for the diaper set. according to woman you're about to meet, you can never start sports training too soon.
2:17 pm
>> hey, you guys ready? >> we would not leave academic education to chance and hope that children figure it out. we cannot leave physical literacy to chance. >> in grand rapids, michigan, door reen trains tykes, se only a few months old to kick, throw, climb and balance. her goal is to get kids moving earlier than ever before. >> that's very good balance. >> we like to do things that we're good at. so when we teach children how to move well, they're going to keep moving and choose to be active. >> nor ral cares is an acolyte. her middle school kids have been training since they were 2. >> i this i it set them apart in that they built confidence a lot sooner than other kids their age. >> i remember when i was young i would like to go on the balance beams. >> i remember jumping on the trampolines. >> doctors like dennis cardone
2:18 pm
worry about pushing kids into specialized sports too soon. >> we are seeing injuries in younger children we had never seen before. we're seeing overuse injuries which were exclusive to adults and now in 7, 8-year-olds. the government now classifies more than 10% of preschool age children as obese. >> swing forward. then on the blue. right backing. >> everyone agrees kids need to be more active. it's the how that's the question. there's organic play and then there's specialized sports. where do you cross the line? >> unstructured activity is probably had lead to less of these overuse type injuries that we see. it's not until you introduce a parent or a coach into the activity that it leads to these overuse type injuries. >> it's one thing to encourage babies to stretch and roll, say psychologists like wendy walsh, but toddler sports training is extreme parenting she says, entirely for kids who may not be ready you. >> want to be a good parent? go to the playground. lime the monkey bars with your kids. you can get in shape with them. i used to do pullups on the bars
2:19 pm
and situps in the sand box. that's what they need. >> the mayo clinic concludes unstructured physical activity, not training is best for kids up to age 5. but tell that to a thriving gym full of 2, 3, and 4-year-olds. >> i understand that there are skeptics and there are concerns. and every good thing can be done in a harmful way. but the fear of that should not keep us from doing the good things that we know are important for our children. >> go for it. >> reporter: ali, the bottom line, every child has their own departmental timetable. this is one thing that door reen, wendy, the doctor, everyone we talked to in this piece agreed on. don't aim to live vicariously through your kid. they may learn different skills sooner or later than you hope or expect. the playing field will even out by the time they enter grade
2:20 pm
school. ali? >> god bless you folks for not doing that. it's 19 minutes after the hour. let me bring you up to speed with some of our top stories right now. eric holder calls it one of the largest single day operations against the mob in u.s. history. this morning it, federal agents carried out raids in a major sweep across new york, new jersey and rhode island and arrested more than 100 members of seven organized crime families. charges range from murder and arson to extortion and narcotics trafficking. more arrests are expected. and we've learned that i an second officer shot today in miami has died. investigators say two officers were shot white executing a search warrant on a homicide suspect. one officer died at the scene, another died later in surgery. officials say a suspect was killed in the shoot-out with the officers. and if it's thursday it, must it be q & a day. cnn international's richard quest joins me live putting on our carnac hats and predicting the future of china. will it be the foremost economic
2:21 pm
superpower by 2020? find out next. ♪ [ male announcer ] we asked people all over america where the best potatoes come from. the best potatoes? idaho. idaho! idaho. [ male announcer ] and how do you know you're getting idaho potatoes? well, uh... um... [ male announcer ] not all potatoes come from idaho. so if you want the best, you have to do one important thing. always look for the grown in idaho seal. i knew that. i knew that. [ male announcer ] look for the grown in idaho seal. which beneful prepared meals. tonight? i knew that. i knew that. roasted chicken recipe? - savory rice and lamb stew. - [ barks ] you're right. tonight is a beef stew kind of night. [ announcer ] beneful prepared meals. another healthful, flavorful beneful. what was i thinking?
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2:23 pm
quest means business and so do i. we are here together in the cnn newsroom on around the world. hello, richard. >> and a good day to you, ali. good afternoon. each thursday, ali and i bring you the world of business, travel, and innovation. i wish i could say it was easy. it's not because nothing is
2:24 pm
off-limits. now, with that backdrop of president hu jintao taking a three-day trip in the u.s., today we're all about china. >> specifically, richard, china's future. we're playing prognosticator. the question of the day is, will china be the new economic super power by 2020. richard, you go first and you've got 60 seconds. >> it is temperatuing to think china is already the number one certainly if you had heard the analysts talking about. but the reality is, even though today china has gdp numbers up 10% in 2010 and high inflation, if you just take a nominal number, yes, china has a bigger population, is a bigger country, and it will be a bigger economy probably by 2020. but that ignores the fact that u.s. gdp per capita is $47,000.
2:25 pm
china's is just $7500. the yes is not just who is the biggest. no, the core question is how does competitiveness fall out? and on that scale, the u.s. needs to export more to china. finally, who is the biggest? the european union is the biggest economy beating china and the u.s. >> interesting point, richard. you pointed out that the u.s. is not the biggest economy in the world. something a lot of people don't know but let me take it from here. the u.s. is a super power, by the way we define the world. china is a super power too, but the chinese are loath to advertise it. china's economic clout in the world is huge. last year, china beat out germany to become the world's largest exporter, beat out japan to become the world's second largest economy. china's got a way to go to beat out the number one economy whether it's the u.s. or
2:26 pm
european union but its economic output is still only a third of the united states and four times the population. china's economy is going to catch up probably within the next decade or two. but in asia, china's economic expansion goes hand in hand with political and military expansion. it directly challenges japan and to a big degree, america's influence in that region. along with china's huge foreign currency stockpiles, it's breeding confidence on the world stage and that encourages china to take more aggressive stands in favor of its national interests in trade rules, climate change, energy security or the matter of north korea. richard, bankers carry more clout than bullets do today. so china is already a super power. >> took another four seconds there, i do believe. something tells me, ali and i both agree. at this particular point, that china is a little bit overblown. now we come to the difficult bit. >> this is the time when the
2:27 pm
voice comes in and separates the men from the boys. >> good afternoon, gentlemen. nice to be back from a well deserved hiatus. question one, china and japan are the largest holders of u.s. debt as of the end of october, but which country is the third largest holder of u.s. treasury bonds? is it a, brazil, b, russia. richard? >> amongst that list, it's the united kingdom. >> correct. >> we must be on some kind of time delay. i'll let him have that one. >> he's right. the united kingdom is third with over $477 billion of held u.s. debt. china holds over $906 billion while japan holds over $80077 billion. let's go to question two. good luck, ali. >> thank you. >> china and the united states have by far the highest carbon dioxide emissions.
2:28 pm
.china emits over 5,000 metric tons while the united states emits over 5900. according to the u.s. department of energy, which country is the third highest emitter of carbon dioxide emissions? is it "a," brazil, "b," india, "c," japan, or "d," russia? >> ali? >> india. >> incorrect. >> richard? >> i would say it's between brazil and russia and i would say brazil. >> incorrect. >> the answer. >> stop taking advice from me, brother. >> the answer is actually russia. >> that was going to be my answer. don't i get to ring the bell for that? >> well, we have a third question so calm down. here we go. according to the world goal council the u.s. has the world's biggest goal reserves with over 8,000 metric tons.
2:29 pm
which country has the second largest gold reserve, "a," china, "b," france, "c" germany or "d" italy. ali? >> china. >> incorrect. >> richard? >> you see, that will teach you. i buzzed first but the voice chose you. the answer is simply germany. >> that is correct. good job, richard. >> we could have a clean competition next week, richard. >> well, that ends my part. >> was he still talking? that will do it for this week for ali and myself. remember, we are each here thursday. i am here on quest means business. >> i'm in the cnn newsroom 2:00 p.m. eastern. keep the topics coming at our blogs. tell us each week what globally interesting question you want the two of us to talk about.
2:30 pm
richard, see you next week, brother. >> see you next week. a government falling apart. troops and thanks outside government buildings. we're taking you there right after the break. do you think i'd let osteoporosis slow me down? so i asked my doctor about reclast because i heard it's the only once-a-year iv osteoporosis treatment. he told me all about it and i said that's the one for nana. he said reclast can help restrengthen my bones to help make them resistant to fracture for twelve months. and reclast is approved to help protect from fracture in many places: hip, spine, even other bones. [ male announcer ] you should not take reclast if you're on zometa, have low blood calcium, kidney problems. or you're pregnant, plan to become pregnant or nursing. take calcium and vitamin d daily. tell your doctor if you develop severe muscle, bone or joint pain, of if you have dental problems, as rarely jaw problems have been reported. the most common side effects include flu like symptoms,
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happening now, more than 100 accused mobsters are under
2:33 pm
arrest after raids today in new york it, new jersey and rhode island. the justice department says arrests targeted seven organized crime families. charges include murder, extortion, drug trafficking, gambling and racketeering. in miami, police officials say two part-time dade officers have been shot and killed while serving a warrant. one of the officers is died at the scene. the second died at the hospital. a suspect was also killed at the scene. in washington, chinese president hu jintao spoke at a business forum a short time ago and met with congressional leaders earlier today where he faced questions about human rights, north korea and other issues. president hu arrives in chicago later this afternoon where he'll attend a gala dinner with business leaders. deadly into the waters are receding in brazil. the death toll continues to climb. officials describe the mud slides and flooding as the worst to hit the country in decades. look at the force and the power of that raging water. at least 765 people have been killed since the disaster was triggered by torrential rain
2:34 pm
last week. one of the hardest hit areas is rio de janeiro state. more than 200 people are missing. and officials predict the death toll will climb much higher. the political crisis in lebanon is growing at an alarming rate. police have taken up positions around the government palace and other buildings after the government of prime minister saad hairi collapsed last week after ministers loyal to hezbollah pulled out of the cabinet. hariri stayed spoke out today about the crisis. in a speech, he told the nation today he vowed not to give up lebanon's gains over political infighting. his speech came as turkey, syria, and qatar announced they were suspending efforts to broker a new government. the heart of the crisis has to do with the man in these pictures. is he hariri's father, former prime minister rafik hariri who was assassinated in 2005. i a u.n. tribunal investigating the killing is expected to
2:35 pm
indict hezbollah and many fear that could trigger a violent reaction. in iraq, more deadly bombings. 118 people have been killed in attacks just this week. 450 people have been wounded. the latest attack today in karbala south of baghdad. explosions targeted shiite pilgrims. 32 killed, 150 wounded. pilgrims were targeted in an attack in baghdad. one killed, nine wounded there. and in another attack in baqubah, a suicide car bombing targeted a police checkpoint killing at least four people. the deadliest attack was on tuesday, a bombing targeting a police recruitment center in tikrit killing 65 people and wounding 160. overall violence is down in iraq from previous years but this week's attacks have increased fears that militant groups might be regaining the ability to launch terror strikes throughout the country. china is primed to be a major world power. we're telling you one of the smartest things you can do is prepare your business and children for the 21st century.
2:36 pm
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gaue grmatains heyesy.rc g in today's chock talk, we are looking at a rapidly growing trend in the united states, teaching mandarin. have we got that logo we can show viewers today? that's chalk talk in chinese. i'll explain to you why we call
2:39 pm
it chinese supposed to mandarin in a second. the number of students enrolling in chinese language programs as tripled in recent years for good reason. china as we have been discussing has become am economic powerhouse in terms of trade and commerce and now the world's second largest economy. some schools are paying for chinese classes on their own. others getting help through a program called the confucius institute, a non-profit chinese program aimed at promoting chinese language and culture internationally. joining me now to explain the program are three people who have been a part of it for the last four years. robin hall is the executive director of atlanta public schools. closest to me is tonya saunders, the principal of the sam cohen middle school here in atlanta and march wong is a chinese teacher at the cohen middle school. welcome. what an interesting topic. this is an area that is growing in popularity.
2:40 pm
to offer chinese language courses to kids in the atlanta system? >> i'm sorry, dr. hall. let me start with you, dr. hall. >> the district saw this as a tremendous opportunity to enhance the foreign language program. as well as expose our children to the chinese language and culture. so we jumped at the opportunity to making this an offering. >> how does it work at the school? >> at the school, the children are involved in mandarin chinese every day. it is a connections course. >> do they choose this? are they in it? what grades it offered to? >> 6 through . we've developed a k through program where they can take it all the way to integrate grade 12. >> that's kind of the issue, isn't it? march, you're an instructor. tell me how this, would. it's so different from so many of the languages we
2:41 pm
traditionally teach in public schools where the letters are the same as everybody understands. now you're teach ageverybody chine -- chinese characteristics. >> they can actually pick up language fairly quickly. it's a misconception that chinese is hard. it's very, very simple. and students we teach them how to read, write, listen and speak chinese. we first draw them in by giving them interesting topics such as martial arts, food or something about buddhaism or comic books and they can go from there. >> dr. hall, was this an easy sell to back cult, to parents as to the relevance of it, teaching chinese? >> absolutely not. we had a lot of energy generated around developing the confucius institute. and the partnership has been phenomenal between atlanta public schools, emeril university and nanjing university in china.
2:42 pm
we have very good contacts with some of the schools in china. as a matter of fact, cohen and the number one middle school in china is working on trying to become sister schools. >> that's great. >> and perhaps having some exchange programs for students. that's down the road. but we're really looking at providing a holistic approach to learning, to the teaching and learning of chinese. >> do the kids in the school have any sense of the economic benefit of this in the future or is this just an extra sort of interesting topic they're learning? >> no, they are very, very aware. in fact, we talk to them on a daily basis about being global competitors and being able to actually have a hand over other students in gaining scholarships. >> interesting. let me ask you this. do you get any pushback from this? there are certainly a lot of people out there who say this whole china thing is overblown. china has all sorts of issues. we probably shouldn't be, you know, getting so ready to have
2:43 pm
china be the big economy of the future. does anybody ever say why are you wasting my kid's time learning kooez? >> absolutely not. in fact, we have to have total buy-in from the community, the parents, the stakeholders involved with the process of decision making at the school. we get a lot of support from everyone involved. >> as a matter of fact, we've had requests from parents, members of the community to be able to take classes. >> march, when i look at that on the wall when we wrote chalk talk there, i was having a discussion with somebody who say you can't say that's mandarin. that's chinese. explain the difference between the language chinese and the dialects. >> basically, china has 56 different dialects. . so we all speak with a little bit of a northern or southern accent. however, our writing system is sort of like a past toe graphic. that's uniform. we call that the state sponsored mandarin. >> if there are people watching who are interested in their kids
2:44 pm
learning chinese, it is mandarin that they want to be learning? ing. >> absolutely. >> what do you think the benefit of that is? because there are kids across the country now who are going to be choosing between languages, french, spanish, latin, and other things, and maybe music and things like that. what's your best argument for learning mandarin as a public school student? >> obviously, the economic factor is obvious. china is large, very, very large economy. and if you're going to a meeting or doing business with chinese partners, think about the difference that would bring if you could speak or understand what they're actually saying. there's a huge economic factor and a culture aspect. if you look at mirk, every major city, there is a chinatown. your neighbors are probably chinese. some of the people that you met are chinese. so to learn chinese not just learn and understand about eastern culture but something that's been sort of ignored in the past. it's about america, too. there's a lot of chinese americans in this country and they're also part of society. >> dr. hall, let me ask you this
2:45 pm
question. you're dr. hall, you're dr. saunders, right? let me ask you this. we talk about education every day on the show and we certainly vrn certain failings in the public school systems in this country about teaching people english adequately. how do you encourage people now to be skraptingskrapting -- cong on chinese? have we solved the english issue? >> we're still working on that. you don't want to the become stagnated. while we're still working on teaching proper english and spanish and french, we want to add mandarin, as well. >> it's not a zero sum game. >> right. >> thank you all for being here and telling us. i can sort of feel the excitement and the energy that you bring to this. this is a program that's going on in other places in the country. thank you all for this. >> 45 minutes after the hour. let me bring you up to speed with top stories we are following this hour. attorney general eric holder calls it one of the largest
2:46 pm
single day operations against the mob in u.s. history. this morning, federal agents carried out raids in a major sweep across new york, new jersey and rhode island. they arrested more than 100 alleged members of seven organized crime families. charges ranging from murder and arson to extortion and narcotics trafficking. more arrests are expected. a tough and tense day for miami's law enforcement community. two miami-dade police officers are dead after being shot executing an arrest warrant. the department called it a high profile warrant that had the officers working with the u.s. marshals. fugitive task force. at least one suspected gunman was shot and killed by officers. and today is the second anniversary of president obama's inauguration. i guess that means it's time to ramp up for the re-election campaign. that's up next in our political update.
2:47 pm
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time now for a cnn political update. chief national correspondent and our good friend john king joins me from the cnn political desk in washington. two years on the job for the president, john is the beginning of the next campaign, is it not? >> exactly right. it's two years right at the midpoint today. if he wants another four years after the next two years, he's got to get his campaign up and running. that involves raising a lot of money and putting the headquarters. that will be based in chicago. number three is some personnel moves. tim kaine has been the democratic national committee chairman for a little bit. threw say he will stay on for
2:50 pm
the next two years. david axelrod and jim messina are among those who be heading to chicago mighty quick to get the re-election campaign up and running. another campaign getting attention, joe lieberman announced the democrat turned independent senator from connecticut he won't run in 2012. that field is already getting crowded. chris murphy says he'll get into the connecticut senate race, the former secretary of state, susan bisowitz says she's in. on the republican side, linda mack man who just lost in a connecticut senate race. a different seat this is the past campaign. this is the 50th anniversary of the john f. kennedy presidential inauguration. there's some celebration and reflection today here in washington. on john king usa we will have patrick kennedy, the last to be in the congress. he decided not to run for re-election and just left the congress. this is the first congress, ali, since the truman administration that does not have a kennedy. patrick kennedy will be with us
2:51 pm
to reflect on that trivia to talk about his ung the president, the his late father the senator and his current cause, raising awareness of mental health issues. >> quite a legacy. john, thanks very much. your next update is just one hour away. days after hosting the golden globes, comedian ricky gervais since down within piers morgan. this is his first tv interview since the controversial jokes at the expense of hollywood's "a" listers at sunday night's awards show. >> they hired me for a job and if they didn't want me, they shouldn't have hired me. >> someone asked me, what do you think as a fellow brit on tv? i said, well, it's a bit like inviting a hammerhead shark to dinner and when he it's all the guests, you start complaining. you know what you're going to get. >> that's one thing. as i say, i don't think i did anything wrong. i honestly, you know, those were like jibes at these people. i'm sure they've got a sense of
2:52 pm
humor. >> poirz' premier week wraps up tomorrow night with george clooney. tonight and every night at 9:00 eempbt. if you have seen the movie "the king's speech" you probably loved it. i'm confident saying that. if you haven't seen it, you are probably thinking what i was thinking before my friends and wife forced me to see it. why on earth would i watch a movie about a dead guy with a stutter. it is not about a stutter. it's about friendship, courage, empathy and royalty and a stutter. listen. >> my husband has seen everyone. >> insert into your mouth. >> enunciate. >> he hasn't seen me. >> i can cure your husband, but i need total trust. >> what was your earliest memory. >> i'm not here to discuss personal matters. >> why are you here then? >> because i bloody well stammer! >> do you know any jokes? >> timing isn't my strong suit. >> joining me now live to tell us about all about it is the
2:53 pm
producer of the king's speech" ian canning. i guess he talked about a stammer and i said a stutter. i was forced, kicking and screaming into this movie because i just could not from reading about it and being told about it why on earth this it was going to be interesting. and i came out thinking, everybody i know has got to see this movie. tell me for everybody out there who has not seen it, what is so fascinating about this? >> i think for us in particular as well when we first started putting the film in front of audiences we didn't realize we had made a comedy as much as anything else. so that was a huge thing for us. i think also the film really deals with this very key friendship between collin firth playing king george vi and lionel played by geoffrey rush and how one man is overcoming his fears while the other is being a good friend. >> king george vi known as
2:54 pm
albert or bertie, an accidental king. resistant king. but he comes into -- he becomes the king at a time when great britain is going into war. and is now called uponton actually be able to speak to the nation and speak to the world. but he can't speak normally. he can't speak without stammering and without hesitating. and so the story is one that hadn't really been told. people know the story but it hadn't been told to this degree. why did you decide it needed to be told? >> well, i think a lot of the history of king george vi has been forgotten and is not even that much taught in schools even though it's the current queen's father. and i think also what's been really interesting is how that story has resonated with people all over the world. >> do you know, by the way, whether or not the -- anybody in the royal family has watched this movie? the story is about the current
2:55 pm
queen elizabeth's father. >> i mean, you never know. as a film, when is you go through development and developing the script, you approach the palace and you ask them for any help. they're very strict in how they deal with drama in any form. with documentaries, they help, with drama, they really help you with fact checking and in terms of whether anyone in the royal family has seen the film, we still don't know the whether the queen saw "the queen." we may never know. >> but the movie "the queen" was not nearly as complimentary i didn't think. i got the impression that you made king george vi a sympathetic figure. >> it's a very strange thing and our director has spoken about it that usually when you're starting to make a film about characters that are true in real life, you normally get to speak to their family members but that was one family which unfortunately, given their rules, we don't get to speak to.
2:56 pm
>> was it accurate? how much of this was dramatized and how much was real history? >> a lot is real history. we had a royal adviser on set and looking at the script before we made the film. we had an adviser in terms of ceremony and how royal events are handled and we also were lucky enough to find the papers that lionel logue, his diaries he had written just as wirp starting preproduction. so we were able to take all these wonderful facts from the diaries and re-create them in the film. >> i really did enjoy the film. so thanks very much for making it. iain canning is the producer of the king's speech" joining me from new york city. next, i'm going to answer a question after the break. it's important and it matters. i'll see you in 2 and a half minutes.
2:57 pm
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time now for the xyz. last friday i revisited the apply the of the 99ers. a lot of you asked me who they are. they're jobless americans out of work for so long, they have exhausted the 99-week limit on unemployment benefits. while last month's tax cuts for unemployment benefits deal extended jobless benefits for many, it did nothing for the 99ers in some places. they're 89ers or 79ers. they've got nothing left, no job, no state or federal benefits. there are members of congress trying to help them. california's barbara lee, virginia's robert scott introduced a bill just before christmas to add 14 more weeks unemployment to tier one extended benefits that would be available to 99ers retroactively as well as anyone getting extended benefits. that proposal is still in committee. to highlight how serious it the situation is, illinois representative jesse jackson junior announced he would collect and submit the resumes of


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