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tv   World One  CNN  February 10, 2011 5:00am-6:00am EST

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-- captions by vitac -- they're clapping and they're cheering in tahrir square, the heart of the uprising, supporters refuse to drop their
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central command. mubarak must go. hello, the 5:00 a.m. in the east. i'm monita rajpal. you're watching "world one." also ahead -- >> you're not going to top us. kill us, do whatever you want to do we are getting back our country. >> he used the power of social media to launch cairo's first protest and it landed him in jail. now wael ghoneim talks openly about the need for change on cnn. it's a tough time in the u.s., a fast-moving snowstorm engulfs a large part of the south from texas to virginia. and she was told not to push her luck but lindsay lohan just can't help it. she's back in court. we begin this hour in egypt and a null to a government under siege. thousands of people have walked out saying they want want their
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salaries made public of what their bosses are earning. the strike is adding a burst of momentum to the wider protests that are rolling on for more than two weeks. tens of thousands of people jammed into tahrir square wednesday and they are demanding the same today of president mubarak to leave office immediately. ahmad abu gates told pbs' news hour that pressure from the u.s. for immediate change is not helpful. >> because when you speak about problems in egypt now, as if you're imposing on a great country like egypt. >> well, those comments certainly display the complicated relationship between mr. mubarak's government and the u.s. which has demanded
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immediate change in egypt. on wednesday, the white house press secretary talked about the administration's frustration over the slow pace of progress. >> the participants on the government side of us is vice president suleiman. that's why the vice president of our country has talked to him about broadening the pace of this process because what we see happening on the streets of cairo is not altogether surprising when you understand the lack of steps that the government has taken to address their concerns. >> well, we want to find out what's happening now in cairo. let's go to cnn's fred pleitgen, he joins us live. fred, it's adding on to robert gibbs' comments saying it is not helpful meanwhile, the egyptians are saying what the americans want is not helpful either. show the diplomatic dance that is going on behind the scenes? >> reporter: it certainly does.
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keep in mind that the saudis are involved in as, saying if america retracts its aid to egypt at that audis would match that. at least it appears from that vand attach point, the mubarak government has gotten a boost from outside. yes, no secret at this point in time the egyptian government and the american government not on the same page as far as addressing this. the big question, monita, is whether or not the egyptian government is feeling this as some sort of pressure mounting on itself to go. to step down faster than it might want to. certainly it doesn't appear as though that is the case at this point in time. the signals that we're getting out of negotiation between the egyptian government and the opposition here, the established opposition party, is that the government is still very much entrenched in its position. it says hosni mubarak will not step down under no circumstances, and it keeps bringing the argument that we just heard from the egyptian foreign minister that it feels there would be chaos in mubarak
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steps down. and the word they keep using more and more recently in this context is the word "coup." whether it's a civilian coup, but they certainly seem to be sowing the seeds of that. >> it's interesting to know how they define the word "chaos." after all what we see on the streets, what we saw over the last few weeks certainly has not been peaceful. it's certainly been quite chaotic, when you add to the fact that thousand of public workers have gone on strike to add to the momentum that is already not just gaining but in full thrust. >> reporter: yeah, and keep in mind, also, in wide parts of the country there's not even a police force in the streets right now. there are a lot of people who say that the word "chaos" could be applied to the current situation in the country. that the warning of chaos is really something that has no teeth, if will you. one of the things that the government keeps talking about is they believe islamists could
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come to power if in fact hosni mubarak stands down if this country were allowed to hold free elections. one of the things that vice president suleiman said earlier that he feels ejpgss are not ready for democracy and there could be full consequences if democracy would come to this. people in the west might not want power, getting into power. further, of course, chaotic circumstances on the streets here. more demonstrationses, more violence perhaps. right now, however, when you look at the movement that's down there onta here square, there's absolutely no indication that please people are in any way radical or islamists or another thing that the government keeps claiming that there's some foreign influence driving all of this. that's certainly not the gist that we are getting. so, yes, it is hard to see what the government would define as "chaos." but it is something that they keep bringing up and again. they're also saying that the
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pro-mubarak demonstrations of pro-democracy. a new burst of momentum among the protesters seems to be fueled in part by the agent that visits and ghoneim going in. he was held in solitary confinement for ten days and released on monday. he told cnn's ivan watson he was ready to die for the cause. >> i work in the best company there is in the world. i have the best wife and i love my kids, but i'm willing to lose all of that for my dream to happen. and no one is going to go against our desire, no one. >> we will bring you more of ivan's interview with wael ghoneim a little later here on "world one." barely a week has passed since the u.s. dug itself out of a winter storm of historic
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proportions and now millions of people are having to do it all over again. another load of freezing weather is blasting across the southern states, bringing normal life to a halt from tennessee, martin savidge reports. >> reporter: here we snow again. the second blizzard in a week is bearing and battering the nation's midsection and is pushing frigid temperatures and snow deep into dixie. they were sledding on beale street in memphis, the home of the blues was covered in white. were you from chicago? >> born and raised in memphis. >> reporter: in the plains, the powerful storm dumped a foot to a foot and a half of snow in parts of oklahoma that didn't need any more. heavy snow also fell in central kansas. in newton it was slow or no going for drivers, winter storm warnings stretch across the south all the way from northern louisiana to northern georgia. the same system reaches all the
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way into virginia with nearly the same results. the driver of this pickup probably thought things couldn't get much worse. he was wrong. all along the storm's path, folks are fed up and frustrated as the snow keeps on coming. >> i was everywhere, and i have on the tires. >> reporter: back in memphis, rod andrew and his wife karen weren't all that impressed with the snow. after all, they're from alberta canada. >> this is still a big snow. >> reporter: in memphis, i'm martin savidge. >> let's get the latest, jen delgado is there ke winter center. >> it is winding down and that is great news. now, as i show you what's happening on the radar. notice overall, we had snow overnight, again, it's moving out, changing over to rain as
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that system continues to move over towards the east. but i want to show you a live shot coming out of atlanta. this is centennial atlantic park. you see some snow on the ground but you also see cars moving around and that's good news. temperatures above freezing but certainly, we're going to see slick roads out there across parts of the southeast. how much more snowfall are we talking? really, as i said, it's coming to an end, as i take you through the next ten hour, notice totals. i really shouldn't even say ten hours. 1.3 centimeters. half inch of snowfall. the same for charlotte. again, it's going to be wrapping up very quickly. but i want to leave you with video coming out of arkansas and was a bad day yesterday. it was windy, it was cold. and the snow cam down in incredible amounts. we're talking some locations in parts of the southeast, as we go to that video, hopefully -- there it is, you see the tractor trailers backed up in little rock. they weren't going anywhere because as i said, some
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locations picked up about 50 centimeters of snowfall that working out to be, oh, roughly 20 inches. nobody wants to see that happening. luckily, looks like things are going to improve over parts of arkansas. temperatures very chilly. minus 8 in dallas. 1 degrees in atlanta. minus 12 degrees celsius in denver. and luckily, we don't have any more to report. >> minus 25 in winnipeg. >> i know. >> that's before the windchill, isn't it? >> absolutely. add in that wind. >> jen, thank you very much. this is "world one." in just a moment, a radical technique for people in their darkest hour. in south korea, they're saving lives bill rehearsing for death. no trophies at stake but football's top stars were in international action wednesday. we'll have the highlights. and she's beautiful, she's famous and she's back in court. but is lindsay lohan back behind
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hello. this is "world one." live from london. our top stories this hour, thousands of workers across egypt are on strike today as anti-government protesters keep up the momentum after more than two weeks. demonstrators in cairo's tahrir square are renewing the call for president mubarak to leave office immediately. the. the pakistani taliban is claiming responsibility for a suicide bomber in northwest pakistan which killed 27 army recruits and injured 34 others. the attack happened at a military training center near pashwar. they believe he was 14 years old and wearing a school uniform. harsh winter weather is slamming the u.s. for the second time in just two weeks. weather warnings are enforce
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across the south from alabama to texas. freezing temperatures and snowfall are causing havoc on roads, closing schools and keeping planes grounded. the man who has galvanized the protesters in egypt this week is warning the time for negotiation is over. wael ghoneim is a google executive on leave from his job and working as an organizer and activist in cairo. his facebook page is widely accredited with calling the first street protest on january 25th. but police started to take notice. ghoneim was picked up and held for ten days. blind folded in solitary confinement before finally being released on monday. since then, this quiet young man has electrified the crowds wherever he goes. cnn's ivan watson spoke with him on wednesday. >> reporter: do you think it was just a coincidence or a sweep of the streets or were you targeted? >> no, i was targeted, of course. they wanted me. >> reporter: what was going
5:17 am
through your mind at that moment? >> i was super scared. >> reporter: you were blind folded? >> blind folded. everything i gave to my wife because i'm ready to die. there are tens of thousands of people there. >> reporter: you gave that to your wife. >> of course, they gave us a lot of promises about gradual change but going to back to the original interview that omar suleiman did a couple days ago. he said egyptians are not ready for democracy now. >> reporter: what do you thumin about that? >> i think this is actually a problem of the regime. just because you get a few people to decide they are of a better position to decide for a nation and then, you know, use media to brainwash people. use the baseball bat to hit those who decide that they want to say no. >> reporter: do you feel any
5:18 am
responsibility? >> no, no. i am sorry, but i -- i am sorry for their loss. you know, i can't forget these people. i still remember them. this could have been me or my brother. and they were killed -- they were killed as if they -- you know, if these people died in a war, that's fair and square, you know. you hold a weapon and you know, someone is shooting and you die, but, no, none of them. and those people who were killed were not like -- they did not look like they are -- they did not really look like they're going to attack anyone. they were just shooting them. they were shooting them, a lot of the times people were standing -- the policemen would stand on the bridge and shoot people down. this is a crime. this president need to step down because this is a crime. and i'm telling you, i'm ready to die. i have a lot to lose in this life. i -- you know, i work, now, i'm
5:19 am
on a leave of absence. i work in the best company to work for in the world. i have the best wife and i love my kids but i'm womening to lose all of that for my dream to happen. and no one is going to go against our desire, no one. and i'm telling this to omar suleiman, he is going to watch this. you're not going to stop us. kidnap us. kidnap all of my colleagues. put us in jail, kill us. do whatever you want to do, we are getting back our country. you guys have been ruining this country for 30 engineyears. enough. enough, enough. >> wael ghoneim there speaking with cnn's ivan watson. ghoneim is still galvanizing using social media. he has 20,000 twitter followers.
5:20 am
and he just tweeted, i'm honored to represent 250,000 egyptians to convey their demands to ejust a minute government while could be greating other activists. the government has been saying there has been change already and there will be more. earlier egypt's new finance minister talked by phone to cnn. >> there are many things now in question, the vice president, that has been in the cabinet. there are people in the cabinet who would like to see a peaceful transition of power. and it started with different shades of political opinion, including the muslim brotherhood. so i think things are radically different. >> our coverage of the uprising in egypt continues online. you can see a time line of the supports. watch ivan watson's exclusive interview with wael ghoneim. check out the latest photos and
5:21 am
ireports from there and much, much more. it's all at our next story takes us to a country with one of the highest suicide rates in the world, south korea. the statistics are alarming. in the past ten years, the annual tally of suicides more than doubled. cnn's paula hancocks looks at the work of a group in seoul that helps keep death at bay like experiencing it. >> reporter: a slow walk through the snow to their final resting place. a man in black leads the south koreans to their coffins laid out in the woods. a radical concept that only by dying can you truly accept life. he helps. he says, you can't understand death simply by talking about it. people truly experience death by participating in it. and being reborn with a pure state of mind.
5:22 am
kim bon suh runs a clinic in seoul. he's well respected but there's one thing his patients and family do not know. he tells me every day i want to turn a gun on myself. every moment i'm awake. think about suicide daily but i can't do it because i have too many responsibilities. kim says the seminar with beautiful life is his last chance to beat his suicidal thoughts. by dealing with death head on with this group, he's trying to demystify it. as part of the treatment, the dentist has to write his suicide letter. his final words to his wife and children. he is then dressed in burial clothes and walks out into the night and into the woods. kim kneels beside his coffin as a final prayer is given.
5:23 am
signifying his funeral. then isn't silence, he gets in and lies down. his hands and feet are tied. before the coffin is closed. and then they wait. kim will stay inside his coffin for around 20 minutes, no it is usually longer and it's well below freezing tonight. he can't see anything or can't hear anything. i'm told it's this sensation of being buried alive can have an amazing impact on a suicidal mind. the coffin is open. kim byong-soo rises.
5:24 am
the burial process is over. back inside, he rereads his suicide letter. then he tells the group i want to put on a tuxedo and take my wife on a cruise. she's gone through a lot because of me and has always tried to help. whatever she wants, i will do for her. three hours ago, kim wanted to die. after being buried he's now making plans for the future. paula hancocks, cnn, seoul, south korea. [ female announcer ] what if your natural beauty could be flawless, too? new aveeno positively radiant tinted moisturizers, with scientifically proven soy complex and natural minerals give you sheer coverage instantly, then go on, to even skin tone in four weeks. new aveeno tinted moisturizers.
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welcome back. you're watching "world one." live from london. here's some of the stories that we're talking about. it's the game that had would-be rockers leaping around their living rooms playing the air guitar. now guitar hero is falling silent. actavision blizzard is pulling the plug on it.
5:27 am
the company says it axed the guitars because of declines in the music. sorry, rockers out there. guitar heroes aren't the only rockers being forced off the stage. lincoln park had to cancel their performance. the group is on a tour to promote their latest release. "a thousand songs." and at this lady right here, not guilty, that was actress lindsay lohan's plea when he went before a judge. she will remain free on bail, $40,000. the charge comes just five weeks after the actress was leased from a court-ordered drug rehabilitation. and after the judge in the theft case revoked her probation for an earlier drunk driving offense. it just doesn't end with her.
5:28 am
we want to know what's been getting you talking. which stories grabbed your attention today, tell us about it. find us on you're watching "world one," thousands protests on the industries of cairo, to a struggling mother in the nile delta. >> reporter: to the privacy of her home, abeeb breaks down. the situation is horrible. to be honest. i don't know, i don't know how to corner she sobs. you can see for yourself, everything is horrible. i can hardly feed my children. >> we'll tell you why she says, regardless of who is in power, change needs to happen and it needs to happen fast. the familiar sound of howling winter winds. the latest in a succession of hook storms blasting the u.s. how much more can people take? plus, and this is what
5:29 am
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welcome back. this is "world one." live from london. i'm monita rajpal. protesters in egypt are keeping up the momentum after more than two weekses of anti-government demonstrations. thousands of workers on on strike demanding longer pay and
5:33 am
longer contracts. it is adding pressure on the government as demonstrators renew their call for president mubarak to go. human rights says at least 300 people have been killed since protests began in january. military officials in northwest pakistan say at least 27 army recruits were killed in a suicide bombing. the attack happened at a recruitment training center near the city of peshawar. officials believe the bomber was around 14 years old and wearing a school uniform. pakistani taliban has claimed responsibility for the attack. a second winter storm ins many weeks is blasting across the united states. freezing temperatures and snowfall are affecting the deep south. weather warnings are in place across nine states from alabama to texas. and the deep freeze is expected to move east wards. it's already dumped snow across oklahoma, kentucky, arkansas and missouri. just months after being shot in the head outside a grow sorry
5:34 am
store in arizona, congresswoman giffords has spoken a few words. he requested a piece of toast. giffords is undergoing investigation at a hospital in texas. we return to the top story in ejipgt. so much of the movement we've been seeing is on the streets of cairo. the confronts, the strikes, it's also on the streets and many people are just as dissatisfied as the cost of living rises and jobs are becoming much harder to find. cnn's arwa damon has this report. >> reporter: we travel an hour outside cairo to the farmlands of the nile delta to see how life in rural egypt is being impacted. people in this village are very wary of journalists. we leave our cameraman, christian, in the car, when we initially approach a group of men. after a bit of convincing, they
5:35 am
let us film. the suspension remains. work here is fine. the country is peaceful. there are for problems mohammed declares. that's not exactly the case. there were demonstrations and people were on the streets, fending for their livelihood. he tells us off to the side, as the crowd gathers, we start speaking to abeeb. my real opinion whether hosni stays or hosni goes, what's important is that the youth gets jobs she states. this mother of three works at a doctor's office making less than $30 a month. not even enough to cover the electricity bill. and typically egyptian hospitality, she grabs me by the hand and invites us back to her home. her husband, a day laborer is out looking for work. but she hasn't been able to find since the demonstrations began. ages 6 to 11, as you can see,
5:36 am
their childhood is not easy. skyrocketing prices have made making ends meet nearly impossible for most of the population in these parts of egypt. where life is more of a monotonous but desperate struggle to survive, though few daresay that out loud. abeeb invites us inside and away from private eyes. we want to come in and film the bedroom where she and her husband and three daughters all sleep. she wants us to see how they don't have any closet space. the clothes basically are stored in these cardboard boxes. in the privacy of her home, abeeb breaks down. the situation is horrible, to be honest, i don't know. i don't know how to cope, she sobs. you can see for yourself, everything is horrible. i can hardly feed my children.
5:37 am
i am uneducated, illiterate, she continues. i don't know if the government should stay or go. all i know is that people like us need to be able to live. she calls her children inside, pointing to them, saying look at how dirty they are. their stained clothes. i can't bear them having to live like this. please, please, we just need help. we just need jobs, she begs, hoping by risking speaking out to us, the world will listen. arwa damon, cnn, egypt. a flesh blast of winter weather is hampering businesses across the southeast of the united states. storm warnings were in place across nine states from texas to alabama. last week's blizzard affected at least third states, dumping about 2 feet of snow on chicago.
5:38 am
and prompting oklahoma's governor to declare a state of emergency. let's get more on this from our meteorologist jennifer delgado at the world weather center. hey, jen, is it looking any better? >> oh, absolutely. you saw those people actually playing in the snow. it's good to keep your sense of humor. yesterday, some locations picked up about 50 centimeters of snowfall. roughly about 20 inches. we want to point out at that storm is continuing to weaken. it's going to be winding down over the next couple hours. you can see taking the rain and snow and that wintry mix with it and we'll see some improvement there. where they would like to see some snow, talking about a measurable amount of snowfall, we're talking in northern china. they are dealing again with a drought across this region, talking about extreme to severe drought, anywhere in orange and red. now, you remember yesterday, we said we had a system that was going through that is going to bring snow around. in fact, we did see snow. here's the video. here's the proof that, yes,
5:39 am
people are actually shoveling the snowfall. many parts of northern china haven't picked up measurable amounts in weeks this is certainly welcome news. this is hurting the winter week across northern china. as i take you back over, i want to point out fairly quiet that system out of here. some more moisture to the west, will it bring any snow to northern china where they're dealing with the drought. unfortunately, we're not going to see any more snow in the forecast over the next days. we'll see snow and-n provinces including the quong dong province up north. >> thank you very much. just adding on to what jen was talking about how the weather was making headlines. bangkok post says as drought shrivels wheat crop. it says chinaed called for
5:40 am
higher output and pledged $1 billion in spending to battle a problem the u.n. warned could be very serious. now, the ohmman daly ofber saying flood appeal has fallen short, just as the villages were trying to recover from devastating floods last month. the u.n. says donors have only come up with $8 billion an they appealed for $51 million. finally the new zealand post has this headline, policeman charged. an officer has been charged over this week's bush fires which destroyed 72 homes in perth in western australia. the newspaper goes ton say the police officer who has gone missing is understood to have used an angle grinder which set fire to grass at his kelmscott
5:41 am
home. you can read all of those on facebook/cnn. this is "world one," live from london. the orange team sent austria away with the red faces. we'll be back more with the sports update. and the end of a long song. one of the world's most famous duos decides to split. we'll have more on that just ahead. hey smart, you book your room yet? nope. see, has over 20,000 last minute deals every week. so i get a great deal, no matter how long i wait. yeah... i'm not very good at waiting... then we must train you to wait. [ bird squawks ] ♪ [ both scream ] it is time to book, grasshopper.
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okay. it's time now to take a look what's trending on social media right now. number three, hp revealed the touch pad. it has a 9.7-inch screen and allows for features like wireless printing. number two, say it ain't so, singer ashlee simpson has filed for divorce from fallout boy
5:45 am
rockerle pete wins. they've been married for 2 1/2 years. they'll remain friends at least for now. republican chris lee has resigned his seat in the u.s. house of representatives after the married congressman tried to meet women on craigslist. he quit after the gossip blogger published this photo. the father of one says he's made profound mistakes and will work hard to seek forgiveness. if you visit our facebook page, you may not find forgiveness, but top stories there. we want to chat with alex right now. tell us what's going on in the world of football. a friend list, not so friendly? >> yes. we'll start with tigers woods, though, monita. after playing along a u.s. army officer in the pro-am events, tiger spoke on the eve of the dubai classic tournament. he told us his goal is not to regain the world number one
5:46 am
ranking which he lost in a winless 2010 he said he wanted to ratchet up on more victories, especially in the majors then that top spot in the game will look after himself. tiger also told us he was concentrating on being a good dad to his two children. >> so whatever they want to do, we do. obviously, when i don't have them, that's when i can practice a little more. when i'm around them, it's all about them. >> reporter: are they into golf at all? >> charlie likes to play a little. sam is different. they're both two very different people. >> reporter: but you like spending time with them? >> it's obviously the greatest thing in the world. >> reporter: you would spend time winning titles? >> absolutely. the lesson for your kids is far more valuable than anything do you. to be around them, help them grow, share experiences with them is something so special. >> well, tiger's made a shaky
5:47 am
start to the dubai classic, playing alongside lee westwood, tiger's made three birdies, only eight birdies. wednesdays are though, is world international football friendly night. for the world's best clubs with important games coming up. many in the game still play that part, cristian ronaldo scored. france hosted brazil in paris. said to be a rematch of the 1998 world cup final. with competitive game, they're called friendlies, but they don't look so am applicable when the brazilian gets an ugly ticket. france is more clumsy more than malicious. nevertheless, the player had go-to-go, he was sent off. brazil struggled and then he
5:48 am
scored and france went ton win 1-nil. and holland went in search of their sixth victory in a row when hosting austria in eindhov eindhoven. theo janzen with wesley snyder. snyder the main man. missing many top stores. finding the goal. and it came from the penalty spot after florian klein handled the ball in the 31st minute. dirk stepped up sealing the 3-1 victory for the dutch. finally, legendary arude holitz. where do you think he's off to?
5:49 am
>> bahamas? >> no, chechnya. we'll see how he gets on. >> hey, could be good. could be good. >> that's a head scratcher. >> thanks a lot for that. you're watching "world one" live from london. up next, the unlikely hero of the protests in see jipt issues a defiant challenge to the country's vice president and says he's prepared to die for the cause. wrench? wrench. basic. preferred.
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at meineke i have options on oil changes. and now i get free roadside assistance with preferred or supreme. my money. my choice. my meineke.
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hello, welcome back. this is "world one" live from london. we are coming up on 6:00 a.m. in new york, noon in berlin, 8:00 p.m. in tokyo. our top stories right now, house to of workers across egypt are on strike today demanding better pay and longer contracts. the strike comes as protests have paralyzed parts of the country for more than two weeks with no signs of stopping. tens of thousands of
5:52 am
demonstrators converged on cairo's tahrir square wednesday and similar numbers are expected today. they are demanding president hosni mubarak leave office immediately. two years after peace talks between india and pakistan collapsed the two governments have agreed to get them back on track. the decision follows a year of discussions between officials from both sides. ministers will discuss areas including counterterrorism, the disputed kashmir region and broader talks of peace and security. talks came to a halt regarding the terrorist attack in mom buy. mumbai. wael ghoneim, finally released after ten days in custody, the google employee turned activist is turning up the heat. and he has his new message for the new vice president. >> i'm telling this to omar suleiman. he is going to watch this.
5:53 am
you are not going to stop us. kidnap me, kidnap all my colleagues. put us in jail, kill us. do whatever you have to do do, we are getting back our country. you guys have been ruining this country for 30 years. enough. enough, enough. >> and omar suleiman's two weeks on the job he's been tasked with quieting the protesters, talking to the opposition and protecting his boss. and the vital role he's playing has forced the international community to take him seriously and watch him carefully. cnn's brian todd explains that. >> reporter: he's either sending dangerous messages or being taken out of context. he's either an incurable stroungman like his friend hosni mubarak or a valid yabl steward for this country for this crisis. it could be all of the above. either way, egyptian vice president omar suleiman seems to become more important by the minute. that's why so many outside of egypt listen carefully to his
5:54 am
comments. take this criticism from the white house. i think vice president seal lehman made some particularly unhelpful comments. >> reporter: suleiman said this to abc news when asked if he believes in democracy. >> before everybody, when you would do that, when people here would have the democrats. >> reporter: but an egyptian official tells cnn suleiman is being misinterpreted. he said in another interview, suleiman told journalists if a crisis escalates and a coup is attempted unfortunately egypt doesn't are the civic or democratic culture to counter that. an official told us that suleiman was misinterpreted. the official says what suleiman meant was that the country as a whole couldn't take much more of this because schools and businesses are shut down. given suleiman's past it's not hard to see how his words could be taken as ominous signals.
5:55 am
omar suleiman's roots are in the egyptian military but he made his reputation as ahead of the intelligence service which widely feared by egyptians as infiltrations and torture. this man says suleiman is every bit as much of a dictator as mubarak. has he had a hand in the athoses during this crisis and in the past? >> look, he's the head of intelligence for the dirty tricks of the regime, to say it's the regime, the head of the intelligence is doing it all. this is the man at the center of all of this. >> reporter: but ajami and others say there's a flip side to suleiman. >> he's the main egyptian don'ter tdon't negotiator trying to work it out, he's worked with other, including the united states with terrorism. >> reporter: solid picture we're getting from omar suleiman from
5:56 am
u.s.-egyptian only sits he may not be the best to lead them through this crisis but there may not be any other alternatives. . but key leaders from u.s., israel and their allies are comfortable with him because of their past dealings with him. and he has touched a large segment of the people. feared but trusted. i'm monita rajpal. you're watching "world one" from london. thank you for joining us. we want to give you another look at this mega snowstorm in the midwest. take a while to be careful out there. you're watching cnn.
5:57 am
ahead on "american morning," a married congressman takes a picture of himself without his shirt on and then sends it to a woman on craigslist. she sends it to "gawker." well, how, he's a former congressman. flirty e-mails and fallout ahead. also, who could be a bigger threat to the u.s. than osama bin laden. that man. and he was born here. he speaks english. and now top security officials say he is the first we could be worried about. bristol palin going into the family business. politics or fishing? coming up. also, for all you baby pansd da lovers, we've got an alert, first day in school for these little guys.
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