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tv   World One  CNN  February 14, 2011 5:00am-6:00am EST

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cairo's tahrir square falls quiet, almost. the military now in charge of egypt is trying to clear the last handful of hard-core
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protesters. parliament has been dismissed, the constitution suspended. the new government is urging people -- go back to work. hello, it is 5:00 a.m. in washington, it's midday in cairo. >> you're watching "world live" from london. >> and the bronze medal goes to -- japan. china has overtaken japan as the world's second-biggest economy. we'll go live for details. . [ cheers and applause ] and the stars turn out in style for the pasta awards in london. we check out the winners and the, those that also ran. and look who's coming out of her shell, finally. it's lady gaga. making that grand entrance at the grammys on the music industry's big night.
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the crowds in cairo's main square have dwindled from tens of thousands to just a few dozen. many of the people out today are there to pay tribute to protesters who died during violent clashes there. egypt has been under direct military authority since hosni mubarak resigned as president on friday, after an 18-day revolution. the interim military leaders made some big changes on sunday. they dissolved parliament, suspended the constitution and said they would only be in charge for six months or until elections could be held. egypt's ambassador to the united states says the general's top priorities are restoring security and reviving the economy. fresh protests at national bank of egypt forced its chairman to resign on sunday. state-run television says banks across the country are staying closed until wednesday. as calm began to return in egypt, anti-government demonstrations erupted elsewhere in the middle east. hundreds of protesters marched
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towards a presidential palace in yemen on sunday, calling for regime change. >> cnn's mohammed junjune was there and joins us from the capital sunna. >> reporter: it's a chaotic and violent scene. this has been a staging point for most of the anti-government demonstrations that have gone on for the past couple of weeks. today it started with 200 students just outside the university peaceful protest. by the time we got here they were walking through the streets around the university and at some point you have pro government demonstrators converging on them and start attacking them. we saw pro government demonstrators wielding knives and sticks hitting anti-government demonstrators, pushing them back towards the gates of the university. we saw military, we saw police, they came out, they tried to disburse the crowd. they also tried to separate the pro government and the
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anti-government demonstrators and it was turning violent. in the last few minutes, we were turned away by security. to make sure we weren't filming. we spoke to anti-government demonstrators on the scene, who said they believed that the pro government demonstrators are secret police, deployed by the government to try to stop the anti-government demonstrations from going on. zane? >> what is it that the anti-government demonstrators are upset about? what have they been telling you? >> it's taking on a different tone in the last couple of days. the anti-government demonstrations in the past couple of weeks really started out being organized by the political parties. by the opposition. the people that wanted to get confessions from the president. but since the resignation of hosni mubarak, more people have been emboldened to come out into the streets of sanaa, regular people, because they say this a president who has been in charge for 32 years, the most
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impoverished government in the middle east. a lot of students we've spoken to have said they're disgusted with the fact that they cannot get jobs, no matter how hard they study. and because they've seen what's going on in tunisia, because they've seen what's gone on in egypt, they feel brave enough to come out and express all the anger that they feel. one last thing i'd like to add, one major point to make, yesterday the opposition announced they were going to agree to the president's initiative. that he made to them last week, to the concessions that he made that he was going to have a dialogue with them. even when that announcement was made, there was people marching to the presidential palace. there was a big shift. they were going towards the presidential palace, they were stop because security was concerned that protests was gaining momentum and it could pose a threat to the regime. >> yemen is the poorest country in the middle east. mohammed jamjoom, watching the
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situation unfolding in sanaa in yemen. we want to take you back to the situation in egypt as it stands on this monday. some police officers are joining with protesters in cairo now. they're demanding the government repeal the state of emergency and place power in the hands of a civilian body. cnn's finula sweeney is there and joins us live. after the initial euphoria, we understand that the banks are going to open on wednesday, so they're going to remain closed until now. what, does that mean for the average egyptian? how are they getting on? >> well, it's only the state banks that are closed until wednesday, because there was some protests yesterday by people very angry at those in charge, accusing them of corruption. so the banks, the state banks will open on wednesday. but the stock market, the average egyptian, things are really getting back to normal at least on the surface. let's take a look at tahrir square behind me. anybody who is looking at these
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shots, up until even yesterday would have not been able to see cars as we're seeing now making their way around the square, which is a major artery in the city for cars coming in different directions. there is a group of people not quite demonstrating, but they've gathered at the entrance to the square because of a monument which is going to be erected. they're watching that take place. the monument erected to the demonstrators who died in this uprising. but essentially i think the question now, moneta, is how to manage the level of expectations that egyptians will have following the uprising which was really unprecedented, but also unbelievable just a month ago. so we've seen some breakout demonstrations at various government ministries. we've seen protests at the bank. and i think now for the military, it's a question of managing those expectations and still making progress on meeting their demands. >> what about former president hosni mubarak now? we can call him former president, after what had
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happened over the weekend. we know he's in sharm el-sheikh. but what does the future hold for him now? >> well, we do indeed know he's in sharm el-sheikh. there is a lot of highly speculative rumors going around about his whereabouts and what's the future hold. but the government confirmed yesterday that he was in sharm. germany denied he was at a clinic there receiving treatment. and an airport in the united arab emirates denied that a plane carrying the former president had landed. so there is division among the egyptian people. some want to see him out of the country completely and others would like to see him remain here and be put on trial for corruption. he has amassed a vast fortune over the years. and the best possible figure that we can put on it that's accurate to the best of our knowledge, is in the region of $2 billion to $3 billion. but that is a situation which is playing out. and i think again, it's a
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question of the military trying to strike a balance between managing the expectations of all egyptians now that they're tasting the freedom for the first time. but also, managing realistically what can actually change on the ground. >> fionnulla sweeney thank you for that. it was a ceremony fit for a king. the "the king's speech" ruled over britain's pasta movie awards on sunday. the film has bwon seven trophie, including best film. colin firth won best prize for a male actor for his starring role. >> the shelf space has been quite empty for half a century. so there's plenty of space for the things i have picked up in the last, in the last year and a half. so and now i'm you know, not intending to get used to it any time soon. >> co-stars helena bonham carter
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and geoffrey rush were named best supporting actors. only one award went to the hotly-tipped "black swan" natalie portman was named best leading actress for her portrayal of an unhinged ballerina. she got the award of annette benning, and 14-year-old hailey steinfeld. while london toasted the movie elite, los angeles was drenched in the glamour of the grammys. it was a night to remember with lady gaga making her grand entrance and forgive me for this, an egg -- stroardinary outfit. gaga said on twitter she was in incubation for her live appearance. her aides said she spent three hours crouched inside the egg with an oxygen mask before her arrival. when she came out of her shell -- hard to imagine her ever coming out of her shell,
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she performed her much-anticipated song "born this way" before taking home three grammys, including best pop album. and country trio, lady antebellum, who swept the grammys for song of the year, record of the year and best country album. and performances from pop sensation justin bieber and usher, as well as legends like bob dylan and aretha franklin. and the best album of the year went to arcade fire. and i have no idea who they are. >> congratulations to them. >> did you ever notice when you watch the grammys, they, they look as if they're -- to we really have get up and go out and pick up that award. these bands look too cool for school. >> yeah, they do. it's almost as though they want the awards to come to them, right? we're going get you a full wrap of all the ceremonies in london and los angeles in the show.
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hello, this is world one live from london, dozens of people have gathered in cairo's tahrir square to remember those who died during two weeks of protest. the country has been under direct military rule since friday, when hosni mubarak resigned as president. on sunday, the interim leaders dissolved parliament, suspended the constitution and said elections would be held within six months. the new government could
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also soon emerge in the palestinian authority. a spokesman says cabinet ministers could hand in their resignations this monday. leading to a reshuffle. it follows allegations of corruption and incompetence in some ministries. palestinian authority president mahmoud abbas is planning to hold elections by september. the government of tunisia is grappling with the fallout from the revolution there. the state-run news agency says foreign minister resigned on sunday. across the mediterranean sea, italy says it is facing a potential humanitarian emergency, after 1,000 tunisians fled their country and landed on an italian island. a minister in rome said italian police may be sent to tunisia to stifle illegal immigration. the suggestion has been rejected by tunisian authorities, but said it's cooperated with italy to solve the problem. in italy, it's a scandal that's refusing to go away and becoming a big political headache for the country's prime
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minister. more pressure being piled on silvio berlusconi, over this girl, nicknamed ruby, the heartbreaker. prosecutors want to question him over allegations he paid for sex with the underage nightclub dancer and it's alleged that he abused his power by helping her get out of jail when she was held on a theft charge. he denies any wrongdoing, a court is expected to decide this monday whether mr. berlusconi will stand trial. large rallies took place on sunday to protest the prime minister's behavior towards women. there were demonstrations in tokyo, london and geneva. dan rivers is in milan with a look at what's driving the anti-berlusconi sentiment. >> tens of thousands of people have gathered here in milan as they have in more than 200 other cities in italy, under a banner saying if not now, then when. the rally really is about the kind of anger at the way women are treated and portrayed in italian society. particularly in the mass media.
5:19 am
but there's also a real undercurrent of anger against silvio berlusconi and all of the sex scandals that have engulfed him over the previous few weeks. >> we are here because it's an important appointment to express our opinion about berlusconi, to express our opinion about our women, how women are seen and conceived in this country. >> berlusconi, instead is one of the people most dangerous, that we have in europe. he's very friend of all dictatorship. and he is against women. and we can try to change this country starting from young people, starting from people in the square. starting in this moment for a new cultural model. >> he will find out in the next few days, whether his case involving charges of abuse of
5:20 am
power and sleeping with an underage prostitute will be fast-tracked. if they are fast-tracked, it could see him appearing in court as early as the spring. he also has trouble on other fronts as well. with a tax fraud case and another case involving allegations that he bribed a witness. also on the horizon. so there's a real feeling of a siege mentality for beryl bersi berlusconi and this is the biggest protest we've seen since the so-called rubygate scandal broke a few weeks ago. it probably hasn't escaped mr. berlusconi's notice that today is valentine's day, when it's not only acceptable to lavish gifts on your beloved, it's encouraged. we've been asking people to tell us their best and worst valentine's day gifts. here's what they said. >> the best valentine's gift i've ever received definitely involved chocolate. the more expensive, the better. >> a brand-new mac computer. >> a tennis bracelet with a nice
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dinner, candlelights and a night to remember. >> the best valentine gifts i've ever given is i took my girlfriend to atlantis in the bahamas and stayed for five days and stayed at the cove. >> the worst valentine's gift i've ever received was some socks. some like socks with hill hearts and stuff all over it. >> cheap, bad assorted gas station flowers. >> not one. no valentine's gift is the worst gift i've ever received. >> the worst valentine's gift i've ever given was a toaster. i thought it was a good, creative gift, but it wasn't. >> a toaster? i'm not sure i would want a toaster for valentine's day, i guess it's the thought that counts. a rose is a rose is a rose. but prices really widely vary depending on where you live. now we took kind of an informal price check for valentine's day and this is what we found. in london, red roses are pretty scarce, so you're going to pay
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$5 to $8 for just one. and anywhere from $58 to $96 for a bouquet. but in beijing, it's not bad over there, only $1.50 for a single and $15 for a dozen domestic roses. people in tokyo are paying $10 for one rose and $120 for a dozen. in nairobi, 12 roses will cost you $1.37. love is cheap in kenya where i'm from. kenya is a major rose producer, the country's biggest export earner after tourism, 33% of the world's flowers come from kenya in a place called naivasha. >> and yet, zane didn't bring us any. sorry. this is world one live from london. good for egyptians, but not for us, as egypt celebrates the end of mubarak, tehran has been singing the praises of their uprising. we'll explain, just ahead.
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a show of support that risks attracting a show of force, iran's opposition leaders are calling for a rally in support of egypt's uprising. the march is due to start in tehran a little over an hour from now. iranian authorities say people who show up will be seen as enemies of the revolution and spies and confronted with force. that's in spite of tehran recently praising the egyptian uprising, which it compared to iran's islamic revolution. we want to get more on this, so let's go to reza sai who has been following this from islamabad in pakistan. >> a lot of people keeping a
5:26 am
close eye on iran today. to see if this is the day when iran's opposition movement, the so-called green movement that exploded onto the scene back in 2009 after the disputed presidential elections makes a comeback with street protests throughout iran in support of the uprisings in egypt and tunisia. iran's two leading opposition figures have called for a rally today in tehran in support of egypt and tunisia. no surprise the government had said no and warned the opposition movement against coming out. and that has set the stage for a dramatic day today. last night, the first signs that something is brewing in tehran. for the first time in a long time, we heard chant ever, "god is great" echoing from neighborhoods in tehran. i believe we may have some video of that posted on youtube. as far as activity goes today, according to witnesses, no indication of protests on the
5:27 am
streets. but certainly the security forces are coming out in force according to witnesses, beginning at 12 noon tehran time. hups of security forces, according to witnesses, started moving out into major squares and major intersections. of course, iran's opposition movement is largely snuffed out by a brutal government crackdown. they haven't been on the streets for more than a year. a lot of buzz on the internet. will the uprising in egypt spark a comeback. so moneta, all eyes on tehran and other cities in iran to see whether or not that happens. >> it will be interesting to see if the leading opposition figure will even be allowed out of his house. >> at this point indications are that he won't be allowed out of his house. there's a lot of indications that the iranian government is very wary, very concerned about this events and what could happen today. according to opposition websites, he is under house arrest. today we have word from the
5:28 am
opposition website, that his wife is not being allowed to exit his home. a number of opposition figures activists, journalists arrested. all indications that the iranian government is very concerned of what could potentially happen today. and that is a potential comeback for this green movement. moneta? >> thank you. you're watching world one live from london. coming up, we're going it take a look at the new number two. the latest numbers put china's economy ahead of japan. we're going to tell you more. she has dressed as a teapot, a frog and now she comes as an egg. it could only be lady gaga. check out her performance at the grammys in just a minute. to the morning bowl of cereal. and to lactaid® milk. easy to digest and with all the calcium and vitamin d of regular milk. [ female announcer ] lactaid®. the original lactose-free milk.
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this is world one live from london. >> here are our top stories is this hour. people are gathering in cairo's tahrir square. new video into cnn shows traffic flowing normally under military police watch. meanwhile some police officers are joining with protesters who remain in the square demanding an end to the country's state of emergency. and calling for civilian oversight of a transition to democracy. in yemen, hundreds of pro and anti-government demonstrators are clashes just outside of sanaa university, the protests come a day after hundreds of anti-government
5:33 am
protesters rallied in the government, calling for regime change. security forces put up barric e barricades sunday. demonstrators want the president of yemen to leave office, he's been in power for 32 years and he said he's not going to run for re-election when his current term expires in 2013. the u.s. government is to outline ways it hopes to slash the federal deficit by $1.1 trillion. president obama will reveal the details when he proposes the 2012 federal budget this monday. it will look at making the u.s. more competitive, and at freezing certain areas of spending. the budget will then go to congress where republicans are expected to reject it because they want deeper spending cuts. in financial numbers from japan show weak consumer spending and a strong yen have shifted the country's ranking in the global economy. japan has slipped down a notch and now has the world's
5:34 am
third-biggest economy. china has got the number two spot behind the u.s. some of the world's biggest music stars descended on los angeles for the grammy awards, it was a night of glitz and glaumor that saw huge success for female stars. corine winter was there. r-e-s-p-e-c-t, find out what it mean to me. >> the grammys kicked off with a little r-e-s-p-e-c-t as an all star group of divas paid tribute to the greatest diva of all, aretha franklin. ♪ sisters are doing it for themselves ♪ >> sisters and ladies were definitely getting it done. country trio, landy nik antropov had a huge night, winning five trophies, including top two for "need you now." >> what an mazings year -- another lady, gaga, picked up a trio of trophies after arriving on the red carpet inside an egg a
5:35 am
and betting out her new song "born this way." . rihanna and drake's sizzling duet is sure to spark rumors that they're a couple. and while on the tamer side, cee lo green teamed up with gwynneth paltrow for the song "forget you." and barbra streisand proved her voice was still "evergreen." for old and young alive, it was a night of firsts. ♪ you, you, you >> mick jagger had never sung at the grammys before. neither had teen phenom justin bieber who shockingly didn't win any grammys. but even bigger shock, canadian rockers arcade fire winning the coveted album of the year award. even they couldn't believe it. it was a surprise ending for a
5:36 am
grammy show with something for every generation. corine winter, cnn, los angeles. well let's talk about what's buzzing on social media the talk of the grammys, as number three, jazz singer and bassist, esperanza spalding picked up the award for best new artist. but on twitter, most people are asking, who is she? the american newcomer beat justin bieber and r&b singer drake to the prize. and the number two spot, these folks, lady antebellum beat out stiff competition from eminem and rihanna for vocalist of the year. and at number one, babs herself, barbra streisand, you don't have to be as yug as justin bieber to rock the grammys, 68-year-old streisand dazzled viewers about the world and social media is still buzzing about her today. read more and see more at
5:37 am coming up, it's official, japan no longer has the world's second-largest economy. we'll bring you a live report from tokyo to explain why. ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ now this is what it sounds like in egypt. when the voices of tens of thousands of protesters merge into one. that's a recipe for failed investing. open an e-trade account and open doors, seize opportunities, take action with some of the most powerful yet easy-to-use trading tools on the planet. all built to help you maximize the potential of every dollar you invest. successful investing isn't done by throwing ideas against the wall and hoping. it's done by lowering your costs and raising your expectations by using unbiased research and powerful screeners to build a diversified portfolio with stocks, bonds, mutual funds and every etf sold.
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it's long been expected, but now it is official -- japan has slipped a place to be ranked the world's third-largest economy. china's fast-growing economy has moved into second place, behind the united states. japan's came in at nearly $5.5 trillion, for 2010, about $400 billion shy of china's year-end figure. it doesn't look too good for
5:41 am
japan, either. year on year, japan's economy shrunk 1.1% in the fourth quarter. japan has been plagued with problems lying deflation, low domestic demand. as well as the fallout from a property market crash. what does it all mean for the country going forward? i'm joined now by cnn's keung la live in tokyo. i know you've been looking at the numbers. what do they really mean, for me? >> well, basically, zain, it is an economic snapshot. it tells the world where the center of economic gravity lies in the asia-pacific region. it used to be japan, it is now china. it impacts how the two countries deal with each other as far as politics. it impacts how the world's number one economy, the united states, deals with the asia-pacific region. bottom line, this tells us where the growth is. it is not japan, it is china. zain? >> well what does it really matter, though, who's number one and who's number two between china and japan? how do people see it?
5:42 am
>> well, economists will tell you that we in the media are often too focused on the horse race. but if you step out in the street and actually talk to someone in japan, the average person, what they will tell you is that it does matter. not so much that china is big r bigger, but that japan is flat. they feel uncertain about the future. wages have been flat, prices have continued to drop. this don't want to spend. and that feeds into a domestic problem when it comes to the economy. there is a palpable feeling on the streets of tokyo that japan's history, the -- >> sorry, we've lost kyung lah, we'll try to reestablish a connection. but the other important thing is that a lot of analysts are saying in ten years or so, china could catch up to the number one spot, and who holds that? >> the united states. let's check what's shaping up to be headlines in the world
5:43 am
of sport. it could be the end of an era. pedro pinta is here with that. before that, where's my present? >> you're talking about valentine's day? >> yes. >> i'll get on to doing my job, telling but the sports hlt, one of the best sports footballers is hanging up hibbs shoes. ronaldo is retiring in saw paolo. it's the end of the road for a man who won the fifa world award three times and the balledor. and he won 400 goals for many teams. the 34-year-old said on sunday, i can't take it any more. i wanted to carry on, but i can't. i plan a move in a game, but i
5:44 am
cannot execute it as i wish. the time is up. the now rather portly brazilian will be remembered for his silky skills. his goal-scoring record and his battling with injury, he had several knee operations throughout his playing days. ronaldo led brazil to victory at the 2002 world cup and still holds the title of all-time top scorer at fifa's showpiece event with 15 goals at world cup events. we'll have more on his career at world sports at the top of the hour. for now, let's focus our attention on nba, on sunday night there was a clash of eastern conference tightens. in boston the celtics hosted miami, the heat went into their third game of the season against the celtics, having lost both of their previous encounters. miami were on an eight-game winning streak, so momentum was on their side. they were on the ropes in the second half. miami trails by 13.
5:45 am
after rajon rondo hits the shot. lebron james had a quiet night by his standards, 22 points, although he hit this shot right here to keep his team in it. in the fourth quarter, the score was tighter, the celtics still setting the pace. kevin garnett hitting the tough fall-away jumper. the heat pulled it in just two. james drives, kicks it out to the heat's chris bosh for the jumper and it's just a two-point game. the heat had a chance to send the game into overtime, with under five seconds to play. but mike miller's shot is off the mark. 85-82. the celtics win. they have the best record in the east at 39-14. that is a quick look at the sporting headlines. we'll have a lot more on the big show, it is the big show, at the top of the hour. >> as opposed to this one, okay. >> this is the small show. >> pedro, thank you very much. do you have a valentine's, by the way? >> of course. that's all i'm revealing.
5:46 am
>> all right. men are from marches, read that book? >> yes, i have. international crew is due to be stepping onto the surface of mars, oh, about now. after spending eight months crammed inside a spaceship. if you haven't heard of this trip, that's because it's happening at a special facility in moscow. the six-member crew are all volunteers and they have spent a grueling eight months in cramped conditions, so that the scientists there can monitor their mental and physiological progress. the entire simulated journey will take a year and a half. the kremlin says it hopes to send real cosmonauts to mars by the year 2040. mental conditions in a cramped space. i wonder what they'll come up with? >> it's going to be fascinating. you are watching "world one" live from london. back here on earth, right? coming up, every revolution has a soundtrack. and egypt? no exception.
5:47 am
we'll show you how protesters used music to deliver their message and helped keep the spirit of resistance alive. hmmm, you can't do that. but you can do this. bengay pain relief + massage with penetrating nubs plus the powerful pain relief of bengay. love the nubs!
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welcome back. this is "world one" live from london. >> we're coming up to 6:00 a.m. in new york and noon in berlin. 8:00 p.m. in tokyo. our top stories right now. dozens of people have gathered if cairo's tahrir square to remember the victims who died during more than two weeks of protests. 9 military has also positioned soldiers and tanks near the egyptian museum. the country has been under direct military authority since hosni mubarak resigned as president on friday. since then, the military leaders have dissolved partment, suspended the constitution and called for elections to be held in six months. a new government could also emerge soon in the palestinian authority. the spokesman says cabinet ministers could hand in their resignations this monday, leading to a reshuffle. it follows allegations of
5:50 am
corruption and incompetence in some ministries. palestinian authority president, mahmoud abbas is planning to hold elections by september. egyptians are celebrating the ousting of their president, but iranians have been warned not to attend a march in support of them. opposition leaders have organized a rally in tehran, which is due to start in less than an hour. authorities say people who show up will be seen as enemies of the revolution and spies and con fonted with police. the obama administration has just launched this new twitter feed in farsi, the language spoken in iran. it's similar to an arabic feed already in place. a translation of its first tweet reads, the u.s. state department recognizes the historic role of social media among iranians in the world now. we want to join in your conversations. let's look at what newspapers around the world are saying about all that. in south africa, the "the citizen" has this headline, west is seeking mentally unstable to
5:51 am
start arrest in iran. they're quoting a commander who heads iran's feared militia. it says western intelligence agencies are searching for a mentally-challenged person who can set himself on fire in tehran to trigger developments like those in egypt and tunisia. the "the guardian's" headline is this, activists call for tehran rally in defiance of ban. they quote a spokesman for the former presidential candidate is a as saying the green movement influenced the movements in egypt and tunisia and now we can learn from their movements. this shows that there's a historical desire for democracy in our region. and check out the united arab emirates. this is "the national" and their headline says the u.s./egypt relationship will need a long time to heal. they focus on iran, too, saying the obama administration aware of the power of egypt's example, has been trying since friday to harness it to its own purposes. banging on about the need for iran to recognize the same
5:52 am
rights as egypt's protesters have established for themselves. and then finally in new zealand, look at what "the dominion"'s headline is, iran predicts change. predicting that egypt's uprising shows that a new middle east is emerging that will doom israel and break free of american interference even as tehran clamps down harder on its own opposition movement. you can read about all of that and the articles in full at i've posted photos and video from a safari i was on last week in kenya. it's on facebook, too. on sunday during the protest in egypt, we heard gunfire cracking through the air, every day we heard voices demanding change. but there was another sound that accompanied the protesters on their way to victory. here's cnn's ivan watson with that.
5:53 am
>> reporter: for 18 historic days and nights, this was the soundtrack for a revolution. ♪ ♪ >> an explosion of musical defiance that helped bring down a dictator. ♪ ♪ >> songs of protest composed in the ferment of a popular revolt. egyptians issuing their musical challenge. in front of the gates of government power. singing on a bridge over the nile river. ♪ ♪ >> lyrics inspired by the politics of change.
5:54 am
>> what is the version of that music? everybody is singing, if you see the night, at night. everybody is like they're writing new songs, people are making the melodies for it. it feels beautiful. it feels like so, you know, energetic. it gives people energy. >> not all of the songs were new. this patriotic tune from the '70s bake an anthem in tahrir square. even the soldiers couldn't escape its pull. protesters heralded 23-year-old remy assan as the singer of the revolution. >> anyone now can sing anything they want without being afraid. egyptians instantly know the words to this song -- ♪ ♪
5:55 am
>> because they are the much-repeated chant from the protests. >> this is the sound of a revolution. ♪ ♪ >> ivan watson, cnn, cairo. ♪ finally here on "world one" you've heard of diamonds being forever, right? >> of course. >> not if you're in new york. roaches are forever. roaches, not roses. >> on valentine's day, what could be morrow mantic than dedicating a roach to your loved one? >> new york's bronx zoo came up with the bright idea. we're not talking about any old roach. these are madagascar hissing roaches. the biggest, baddest and noisiest roaches around. >> it seems that the zoo has 58,000 of those critters on hand. you can get them for a $10 donation. it's offering a certificate of
5:56 am
honor. naming one of these roaches after that special someone in your life. >> that's just gross. >> a bit creepy. you're watching "world one" live from london. thank you four joining us, we want to give you another look at the glamorous grammys, last night. >> so many stars, so little time. the ceremony was awash with colors and loads of bling. take a look, this is world one, here on cnn.
5:57 am
hope you join us when "american morning" starts in three minutes. a new era in egypt. the military in control saying it's babysitting the country until the people take over. millions now hoping for a brighter future as the nation also looks for pieces of its past. missing from the cairo now seem. on election day in 2012, he'll be 77 years old. but many say he's actually the future of the republican party. we'll be talking to the winner of the straw poll at cpac, ron paul. it's valentine's day and that is quite a rock. 110-karat diamond, literally priceless, so valuable that we are not even allowed to breathe near it. five men will be guarding it
5:58 am
with guns and they'll be here joining us on "american morgs morning." and lady gaga in an egg. need we say more? we're coming up in just a moment on this "american morning." stay with us. in multiple cat homes... keeping your house smelling like it should. purina tidy cats scoop. keep your home smelling like home.
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