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tv   CNN Newsroom  CNN  April 12, 2011 1:00pm-3:00pm EDT

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leaders are doing in the short term has as much impact on gas prices as market trends or long-term energy policy, but that doesn't stop politicians of both parties from pointing the finger at each other. >> reporter: the issue is already playing out like a campaign ad, republicans are blaming president obama. sarah palin is calling him the $4 per gallon president on facebook, and democrats are pointing back pointing at cozy republican ties with the oil and gas industry. "cnn newsroom" continues with randi kaye who is in for ali velshi. >> hi, suzanne, thank you. too many bodies not enough clues. a desolate beachfront on long island for months maybe years a dumping ground for a possible serial murderer. that's where we start this hour, the scene of the latest grisly discoveries representing at least the ninth victim and maybe even the ninth and tenth victims whose remains have been found since december. all the remains were found on the side of ocean parkway,
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linking beaches and a wildlife sanctuary just a few miles from new york city. and geography isn't all they have in common. the first victims found and identified were all young women who had been missing since as far back as 2007. they also were prostitutes who advertised their services online and whose bodies reportedly were found in burlap sacks. my colleague, allan chernoff, joins me now, he's at jones beach where police at the moment are not. allan, what happened to the search today? >> reporter: police were out early this morning in a helicopter looking overhead to see if there was anything else that they wanted to check out by land. they didn't see anything of interest. as you said, yesterday, grisly discoveries. they found both a skull and a set of bones, separate areas, about a mile and a half apart. so, the work right now is in the
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laboratory, the forensics. those bones are at the medical examiner. here in nassau county. and the other sets of bones are in the suffolk county medical examiner. the bones that have been discovered over the past two weeks, four other individuals. >> allan, if we could, let's back up to exactly what prompted the searches in the first place. how did all of this begin? >> reporter: well, this all began with this very woman. shannan gilbert, a woman who was working as a prostitute, lived in jersey city, new jersey, she had come out here to the town of oak beach, it's about 12 miles down from where i'm standing right now along this barrier island. she was visiting a client, ran out, came to a neighbor of that client. he called the police. she ran out. apparently reportedly hysterical and she was never seen again. the police have not found her. they have not yet identified any of the remains as hers.
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>> and in terms of clues, what do we know about what police know about the killer? >> reporter: well, the first four sets of human remains found back in december, they were all found fairly close to each other, right off the highway behind me. the other remains, they've been in different areas further away, miles apart. so, that's one item. also, the first four women had shown signs reportedly of being strangled. so, that would seem to point to a pattern by this supposed killer of killing these -- of how he would kill these prostitutes, and, of course, all of these women had advertised online, so there's a pattern over there. but, again, police don't know if it's one person, several people. they're still working this case. it's been a very tough one. it's been ongoing for almost a year now. >> gruesome story to be covering, but allan chernoff, we appreciate it, thank you.
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and today is a major day in space exploration history. 50 years ago today, the first man went into space, and 30 years ago today, nasa sent up the first space shuttle. soviet cosmonaut yuri gagarin blasted off on april 12th, 1961, and on that same day in 1981, astronauts john young and robert cribin took the space shuttle "columbia" on its first place. let's listen to the sound effects. >> translator: i am continuing the flight. the overload is somewhat increasing as well as the vibration, but i'm feeling well, and i'm in great spirits. i can see the earth and can distinguish the features of its terrain. >> america's first space shuttle, and the shuttle has cleared the tower. >> ironically nasa's shuttle
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program ends this summer after 30 years and more than 130 shuttle missions. and a piece of space history could be coming to a city near you. nasa is announce announcing th resting place of the space shuttles. north korea has detained an american man, two state department officials tell cnn that u.s. diplomats are working with the swedish embassy in the north korea capitol pyongyang right now, sweden is negotiating on behalf of the u.s. which has no diplomatic relations with south korea. the state department is urging north korea to release the man on humanitarian grounds. swedish officials have visited the man and are asking for a regular visit. he's apparently been held since november. retired army general stanley mcchrystal is teaming up with the white house to help military families. the first lady and the vice president's wife, dr. jill biden, are launching a program called joining forces. the president and vice president
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joined them to make the announcement just minutes ago at the white house. mcchrystal, who was relieved from duty as the top military commander in afghanistan last year will serve as an unpaid adviser to the first lady's initiative. the first lady said the campaign is a large-scale effort to make sure military families have the support they need and list all sectors of society from communities and businesses to nonprofits and charities as well. congress lifted the veil today on the details of the budget deal they struck late friday to avoid a government shutdown. the spending plan cuts nearly $40 billion from a wide range of programs and services, that would make this the single biggest cut ever made to the federal budget in one year. the hardest hit are the departments of transportation, housing, commerce, justice, labor, and health and human services. they all lose billions of dollars in funding. lawmakers also agreed to cut $3 billion in funds for high-speed rail. another $3 billion for highway
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construction, social welfare programs aren't spared either. they cut more than $500 million from wic, a program that subsidizes food for children of low-income families. but the defense department and veterans affairs both got a boost. we'll break the budget down in much more detail for you in the next hour. the georgia state senate passed a bill aimed at cracking down on illegal immigration. it would allow police officers to check the immigration status of certain suspects, but senators removed a measure that would have required private employers to verify the legal status of a new employee. the georgia bill is partly patterned after a tough new law that went into effect in arizona, you may recall, last year. that controversial law in arizona has triggered massive protests and debate, but a federal appellate court upheld a previous ruling to suspend parts of the law on on monday. that included the requirement that local police officers should check a person's immigration status while enforcing other laws. the national transportation
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safety board is investigating a collision between two planes at new york's jfk airport last night. watch this. you can see an air france airbus 380, the world's biggest passenger jet, clip a smaller plane while taxiing to the runway. the collision forces the smaller delta plane to spin -- there it is -- about 45 degrees. just seconds later, the pilots radioed air traffic controllers. >> 553, just hit us. >> super a-380 i understand he believes he hit the regional jet and i understand they're evacuating the regional jet. >> and jim bittermann happened to be on board the air france jumbo jet heading to paris. >> yeah, the slight rumble and it felt to me like they hit a rough patch or pavement or something like that. but the pilot immediately stopped the plane. >> it damaged the airbus's left
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[ male announcer ] engine light on? come to meineke now for a free code scan read and you'll say... my money. my choice. my meineke. nasa is phasing out its space shuttle program this summer, so what happens to all
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those retiring shuttles? 1 dozens of museums across the country are hoping to get their hands on them and land a piece of space history. john zarella is live at the kennedy space center visitors complex for us today. i understand you have the scoop and you know who is getting a shuttle. >> reporter: we sure do, and sadly, there aren't enough vehicles to go around, the iconic winged flying vehicles, and they're going to be a lot of places that are disappointed, some that thought for sure they were getting one. and this is what i've been told by sources at nasa. that the shuttle "enterprise" which is sitting currently at the smithsonian, it was the very shirs shutt first shuttle, it did drop tests, it's going to the "intrepid" air and sea museum in new york. "endeavou "discovery" is going to the smithsonian to replace the
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"enterprise" "endeavour" which is going to go to the california science center in los angeles. that is a nonprofit organization, private government museum that is going to get the shuttle "endeavour." and the final shuttle, "atlantis," is coming here, to the kennedy space center, and it will fly the final mission later this summer in the space shuttle program. so, "atlantis" is coming here. "endeavour" is going to california. and smithsonian gets "discovery" and "enterprise" will go to the " "intrep "intrepid" museum, randi? >> this is like getting a super bowl. this is a boon to tourism for a lot of these communities, right? >> reporter: for all of those locations. there's no question about it. here they expect at least 200,000 additional visitors every year. $15 million generated and poured
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into the local economy. new york expected that they would get something like 300,000 visitors every year, and i'm sure the numbers at the california science center will be the same for "endeavour." i think, you know, one of the big losers in all this, a couple of big losers, the johnson space center in houston did not get a shuttle. and dayton, ohio, the air force museum there, which was thought to be a favorite in the running, did not ultimately get the -- get a space shuttle. nasa administrator charlie bolden is going to make the official announcement in probably the next 10 to 15 minutes. he's here at the kennedy space center just a few miles from here. a lot of nasa employees are gathered at that location where the announcement will be made, but, you're right, randi, huge impact impacts to the locations that are going to get the space shuttles. randi? >> john zarella for us with the breaking news. thank you, john. president obama's big
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mistake, how is the white house responding to cries of hypocrisy over the debt ceiling? we'll get to the bottom of it with our ed henry. that's next. ♪ [ male announcer ] unrestrained. unexpected. and unlike any hybrid you have ever known. ♪ introducing the most fuel-efficient luxury car available. ♪ the radically new, 42 mile per gallon ct hybrid from lexus. ♪
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welcome to the darker side of green.
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welcome back. armageddon, that's the word the white house is using to describe what will happen if congress doesn't raise the debt limit, and there's plenty being said
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about senator obama's no vote on a similar request back in 2006. so, let's bring in senior white house correspondent ed henry as we do at this time every day. ed, great to see you. what is going on at the white house with this ratcheting up of the rhetoric? >> reporter: well, look, the white house is trying to make this as stark as possible and prepare for the president's big speech tomorrow when he makes a pitch not just for increasing the nation's debt ceiling, lifting that, but laying out some sort of a broader vision on deficit reduction. they're saying essentially the sky's going to fall. interest rates are going to get hurt. the markets will be rattled if we don't lift the nation's debt ceiling, allow the government to borrow more money and basically have the united states potentially default to its creditors around the world. what republicans are shouting now is hypocrisy since as you say as a senator barack obama in 2006 voted against lifting the nation's debt ceiling, said he was lodging a protest vote against president bush's policies on the debt.
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republicans say, look, we're doing the same thing right now and this is why, you know, they don't believe in president obama's spending policies. and so the bottom line is jay carney jed tritried to say he r the 2006 vote and he thinks it's the right thing to do, to move forward on this, but all eyes will be on the president tomorrow to see if he puts real details on the table, not just broad principles, but is he going to get specific about spending cuts and tax increases to big the nation out of this big debt hole. >> speaking of tomorrow, ed, how specific do you expect him to get? do you have any inside information on that? >> reporter: so far white house officials are keeping it very close to the vest and suggesting that this is going to be about the president's approach, not necessarily line by line details. that could be a missed opportunity if that is how it pans out, because very clearly the nation is looking for some leadership right now on this very issue. the president has an opportunity here. which is to get up tomorrow and say, look, there are some of his
1:20 pm
fellow democrats on the left who don't want any more spending cuts, they saw some of the $38 billion in cuts from last week in that budget deal, they don't want to see any more. there are some on the right who don't want to see tax increases on the rich. the president has an opportunity to run in the middle here and say let's do a little bit of both, because that's ultimately the only way to solve the problem. by the way, that sets him up for 2012, saying, look, i'm the grown-up here, we'll see if he's actually doing it. >> i know he's had a busy day today. tell us a little bit about the event the president had and he's hosting today. >> reporter: it's interesting he and the vice president and the wives were kicking off an event, a new initiative by both the first lady and mrs. biden to help military families dealing with deployments in iraq, afghanistan, the situation in libya, all around the world obviously, but what's interesting right before this event at the white house i was at another event on the national mall, the world war ii memorial,
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where vice president biden and other senators, whatnot, were honoring bob dole, the former senator, who helped build the memorial and raise the money for it, and it was a story that tom brokaw told, the emcee told, he was talking about the greatest generation, and brokaw said a few years ago when dole was raising money for the memorial, he spoke to a hollywood mogul who they thought would turn over a big multimillion dollar check for the memorial, instead the mogul said he had other priorities right now, and he turned to the mogul and said when i was 22, i had other priorities, too, but then i went to war. that's the kind of service that the greatest generation provided, not just in the war but in their public service in washington later. we'll see whether this president, whether some of the senators, the speaker, both parties will step up in that same way, now, randi. >> we'll look forward to finding it out. ed henry in the tastakeout, tha you. police are examining what appears to be a human skull found on the outskirts of a bird
1:22 pm
sanctuary on long island, new york, potentially the ninth or even tenth set of remains discovered in the probe of a suspected serial killer. they are about five miles from where eight other societies of human remains were found. japan has declared the fukushima daiichi event a seven on the scale of rating nuclear accidents, putting on par with the chernobyl disaster. the prime minister vowed to end the crisis at all costs. according to a senior pakistani security source, pakistan has temporarily stopped cooperating with american intelligence officials after the upset caused by the arrest and release of cia contractor raymond davis who fatally shot two pakistanis earlier this year. drone strikes have also caused problems in the u.s./pakistani relationship. paying more for gas can be a hardship, right? well, believe it or not, you may actually be benefiting from
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gas prices are now at a national average of $3.79 a gallon according to aaa. approaching an all-time high. well, no one likes to pay more at the pump, but believe it or not, some say there are benefits to paying high gas prices. stephanie elam joins us now from new york. is there really a silver lining
1:26 pm
for high gas prices? i don't believe it. >> you may have to look really, really hard and get out your magnifying glass, randi, and see if you can really see it. but there could be one, not just the obvious winners, everyone will say fuel efficient cars or oil companies. let's start with state budgets, many are in dire straits and we're talking about a collective shortfall of $112 billion for fiscal 2012, but a handful of states stand to benefit from higher gas prices because they fully or partially applied general sales tax to gasoline, so the more it costs, the more money they take in, and the higher revenues, well, they can benefit in the form of better roads and other state services. the other silver lining here, believe it or not, there are actually fewer traffic fatalities. think about it, people are driving less, fewer accidents and fewer deaths. a study by the university of alabama and harvard's medical school arrived at this conclusion. listen to this, for every 10% increase in gas prices, driving fay tall tis are reduced by
1:27 pm
2.3%, that's not the only health benefit. an economic professor at the university of carolina says paying more at the pump can actually lower obesity, and the theory here if you're driving less, you might walk more, bike more, and if you're paying more for gas, you can't afford to eat out as often as you may like. so, according to this professor's study, a permanent $1 increase in gasoline prices will reduce obesity in this country by as much as 10%. of course, there's also the environment which stands to gain, too, less driving equals less pollution. but honestly, randi, seriously, none of this will make anyone feel better about paying more at the pump and it could have a big impact on your wallet and the economy, but nevertheless programs the next time you head to the pump especially down in georgia where there's a lot of driving going on, maybe you will look at the silver linings and feel better about what you're paying. >> i think about the heart and the stress it causes my heart when i'm in traffic, maybe if we all drive a little less because of the high gas prices we'll all be a little bit healthier,
1:28 pm
right? >> yeah, that's the idea behind it. even if you did it one day a week, i'm sure it would help out a lot of people emotionally as well so they're not cussing at the bad driver next to them. >> all right, stephanie, i think you did convince me. you found the silver lining. >> yes! >> appreciate it. >> sure. >> well done, my friend. be sure to join christine romans for "your bottom line," and don't miss "your $$$$$" with ali velshi. people in the midwest are scrambling to save their homes and the flooding is getting worse.
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let's get you caught up on
1:30 pm
the latest headlines and the stories you may have missed. in long island police are expanding their search into another county for more possible victims of a suspected serial killer. they uncovered what could be the remains of a ninth or tenth victim on monday. investigators are examining what appears to be a human skull found at a bird sanctuary. since december they've found the remains of eight women in suffolk county. two state department officials tell cnn north koreans have detained an american man. u.s. diplomats are working with the swedish e isish embassey in north korean capital. the state department is urging north korea to release the man on humanitarian grounds. tweedish swedish visits have visited the man and are asking for them to continue. on the anniversary of the
1:31 pm
historic events of the first shuttle flight, nasa is telling us where "atlantis" and "endeavour" and "discovery" will call home. one will be at the kennedy space center, and one is promised to the smiths sosonian "enterprise will move, and "endeavour" will go to the california science center in los angeles. parts of the midwest are under heavy flooding. red river that borders minnesota and north dakota flood the area around fargo, north dakota. residents placed sandbags along flooded streams and roads and used all-terrain vehicles just to reach their homes. three people have died, while the u.s. coast guard has said it's rescued five other people. in egypt, a blogger is sentenced to three years in
1:32 pm
prison, an evgyptian court handd down the sentence monday morning. the man who was critical of the army was arrested on charges he had defamed the military and spreading false information. human rights watch is calling it one of the worst strikes against free expression in years. and breast augmentation and false readings on mammograms. we'll tell you about it ahead. [ male announcer ] surprisingly priced at $15,995, the 2011 jetta has arrived. discover german engineering and premium style on the jetta s with best-in-class rear legroom, as well as no-charge scheduled carefree maintenance, all standard. that's great for the price of good. hurry in, and for a limited time while they last get a 2011 jetta for $179 a month. visit today. [♪...]
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it was a real-life nightmare for a nevada woman and it could be a cautionary tale for the rest of us. the woman says he dropped her mother off at this las vegas office for cosmetic surgery, but when she came back eight hours later, her mother was gone. the office locked, and even the furniture inside the office was different. the mother turned up dead in a local hospital, and police are investigating her death now as a murder. they arrested this man, and his wife, at the las vegas airport preparing to board a flight for columbia. police say the husband claims to be a homeopathic doctor in colu colombia, but he's not licensed to practice in nevada. let's bring in senior medical correspondent, elizabeth cohen, this is such a terrifying story, but this is a case of an unlicensed medical practitioner, it sounds like he was operating out of this makeshift clinic. >> and he was preying on people in his own community because they trusted him. it sounds like he told them he was a doctor and they didn't
1:35 pm
check it out. and she had what was called a buttock augment, and it can be deadly, people die sometimes in the surgeries when they're not done the right way, this time it wasn't done by a licensed surgeon. it's criminal what they did to her. >> even if you are seeing a licensed doctor, there is a risk. is there a way to protect yourself from something like? >> first of all, i should say it's criminal for what they allegedly did to her, it hasn't been ajudjudicateadjudicated, s that there. make sure they are a medical doctor, they need to have an m.d. after their name, and you need to google the doctor to make sure they are actually ljsed ljs licensed to practice medicine. it's easier to do than you think, there are state-run websites that are run by state boards of medicine. and you want to make sure they're board 72 certified, the
1:36 pm
should be board sta certified i plastic surgery in this. you want to check the surgeon's record which you can do through state licensing boards. all of them have websites. and ask if they have hospital privileges. this is an explanation. the picture we saw, they were thing e ing oo optin inin ining shack. you want them to have hospital privileges because that means that a hospital has looked at them and said, okay, you're all right. we'll let you operate here, if this doctor does not have privileges at a hospital, run the other direction. >> and a lot of the places, i would imagine, they are probably a lot less expensive than some of the top doctors, a lot of people think, hey, a better deal -- >> you don't want to get a better deal. >> cheaper is not always better. >> this is surgery. this is not fast food. you want someone who knows what they're doing and taking the time to do it right. really one of the gold standards here for figuring this out is
1:37 pm
ask the doctor if they have hospital privileges, call the hospital and say, does, you know, dr. john smith really have privileges with you. and then you can rest a lot easier. if the hospital lets them operate there, you know that they've at least jumped over certain hurdles. >> i want to get to our other really important topic regarding false positives when it comes to mammograms for certain types of breast augmentation. what's that about? >> there are various ways to do breast augmentation, you take fat usually from the hips and you put it in the breasts and it's actually in many i was a very clever way of doing it, because you get sort of thinner hips at the same time. >> what a deal. >> what a deal, two for the price of one. the surgeons who do it says it has a great safety record and the patients are happy with the results. later when the women have mammograms, they look at something that looks like cancer but they are dead fat cancer. >> and we know what happens after that. >> you have to have a biopsy.
1:38 pm
>> which can be invasive. >> you have to have an invasive surgery to check it out, it's a downside if you well of this particular type of surgery. it doesn't seem to happen all that often, but still going in you should know that. if you are going to choose this type of surgery, know in advance it might happen later on. and make that decision being an empowered patient, being fully informed, that this can happen later. >> women that have breast implants often get an ultrasound. >> that's an idea, you can talk to your doctor, would an ultrasound help in my situation, talk to your doctor about it. does this mean i should do things differently than other women. >> all right, elizabeth, thank you. a promise of paradise. a reality of forced sex and the fear of black magic. an underside of naples, italy, that may just shock you. let me tell you about a very important phone call i made.
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and find out about an aarp medicare supplement insurance plan. you'll get this free information kit... and guide to understanding medicare, to help you choose the plan that's right for you. as with all medicare supplement plans, you can keep your own doctor and hospital that accepts medicare, get help paying for what medicare doesn't... and save up to thousands of dollars. call this toll-free number now. what had been feared in japan and the roast of test of is now a fact. the level at the fukushima daiichi plant has been raised from five to seven, the highest level on an international scale, putting it on par with the 1986 chernobyl disaster. the move by japan's nuclear
1:42 pm
regulator was based on the massive release of radioactivity since the plant was damaged by a powerful earthquake and tsunami in japan. the safety agency said the amount of radiation released so far equals only 10% of the release at chernobyl. others say it's based on the initial impact of the accident and doesn't take into account that levels have since dropped. they also say no deaths have resulted from the leaks at fukushima, and risks to humans are believed to be low. imagine if you can a world where women seeking a better life are offered promising jobs in a foreign country only to end up trapped as sex slaves. add to that nightmare, the fear of voodoo and you have the glimpse of the life of thousands of women in italy. diana magnate's report is part of a report to help end modern-day slavery. >> reporter: by far the largest
1:43 pm
group of women trafficked into this country for sex are nigerians, they started arriving in the mid-1980s promised a european paradise, and after the fall of the iron curtain, they were joined here by eastern europeans, albanians, especially, moldovans and ukrainians, paradise turned ugly, but there's an extra dimension of fear that the nigerian women live under that the european counterparts do not, voodoo cells, police saying traffickers of nigerian women don't have to exert the same kind of physical force over them because of their spiritual holds that the black magic rituals exert. it's difficult to put a number on how many women are trafficked into this country, but between 2000 and 2008, around 60,000 women called the authorities asking for help as victims of trafficking and those are only those who were brave enough to
1:44 pm
ask. but victims of sex trafficking in this country if they do go to the police can be granted a six-month residency permit, and that's far longer than many other european countries, something that ngos that deal with the problem praise as an example of extremely progressive immigration policy. >> be sure to tune in each day at the hour for more reports on modern-day slavery and what is being done to end it. you can find out much more about the cnn freedom project by going to our web page of time right now, 44 minutes past the hour, and it's time to update you on so of the developing stories we're watching. former egyptian president hosni mubarak was hospitalized in sharm el sheikh, that's where he's been reportedly staying since he relinquished power in february. the 82-year-old mubarak has had several medical problems in the recent past. his condition is unknown at this point. the medical examiner in nassau county on long island is
1:45 pm
testing a set of bones found during an expanded search of the area to see if there's a tenth victim in a possible serial killer case. a skull was found yesterday making it nine victims so far. the medical examiner hasn't yet determined if another set of bones found in the search is actually human. cisco systems is getting rid of the once-popular flip camera as part of their plan to refocus the company on service. smartphones cut into the flip's popularity and profit it turns out. cisco will also shed a web platform for musicians and media companies as well as more than 500 jobs. all right, take a look at this. imagine being able to bend and twist and fold a lightweight ipad or kindle like i'm doing here with the cover, imagine being able to do that to the ipad itself so it goes right into your bag or your pocketbook. it may sound futuristic, but they are in development right now and could hit the market as soon as this year.
1:46 pm
joining me for more via skype, is nick molinari, it's cool, can you show us one of the screens and tell us how it works? >> sure. i can show you one of the prototypes that we're developing here. i've got a small version -- i think i heard you mention the skinned kindle, it's the same technology in this prototype. the way it works is that we take out a piece of glass that's in every display, in every electronic device that you can think of, and we replace it with a piece of plastic that we put electronics on. >> and did you come up with this idea, or who are you working with to come up with the technology? >> no, the idea has been around for a number of years. i should say that the flexible display center is a consortium of 30 different companies, and so there are lots and lots and different technologies, materials technologies, manufacturing technologies and all needed to be brought together, and that's the idea of
1:47 pm
having the center that we can focus the activity. >> it looks cool, and it certainly is convenient. how cool would it be to bend your ipad or your kindle and put it in your bag or your pocket, but there has to be a bigger use than that, right? it will be used in real life in the army or in the field somewhere? >> that's right. and if you think about it, glass is heavy, and it kind of breaks. and the things we do to make it more robust when we put it in electronic devices like an ipad just tend to add more weight, so especially in the army. but even in our daily lives, if we want the electronics we have to be lighter weight and virtually anywhere we can think of, then you need to figure out how to get that glass out of there, and that's really the problem we've been focusing on. in the long run, we're thinking about things like we say "harry potter" newspaper, a newspaper that really comes to life while you're reading it, so the whole thing compresses down into a single sheet. >> so, if you were to drop something like this obviously, then it's not going to crack
1:48 pm
like glass? >> that's exactly the point. >> and so these aren't on the market yet, or are they? >> no, they're not on the market yet. there's a lot of pieces of the puzzle that need to come together, but there are a couple of different companies. big manufacturing companies that are starting to make the screens. and there are a couple of start-up companies that are starting to make devices that incorporate the screens, so i think you'll start to see things using this kind of technology probably in the next 12 months or so. the thing is you'll probably be kind of disappointed because you won't actually be able to bend it, because even though it will have a plastic screen in it, there will still be other electronic in there that are really hard. we build the prototype boards and they have a nice flexible screen on them, but there's all this other electronics that is still made out of silicon and hard stuff, so that's kind of the next frontier for us, we're trying to figure out how do you make the electronics out of
1:49 pm
stuff that is hard but doesn't break. >> i want you to get on that and figure it out. >> you got it. how long have i got? >> how much will these weigh, i'm curious? >> well, so the electronics are not going to change a whole lot, but you can see the screen that's made out of plastic weighs a lot less than a piece of glass, maybe a tenth of that, if i can take the other electronics and replace it with plastics stuff, i can get something that's like a piece of paper, as when you started out the bit. >> all right, nick, this is really cool. we'll continue to follow it. i look forward to seeing it on the market. thanks very much for the explainer. >> you bet. >> and for more about flexible screens, visit our blog at donald trump hasn't officially entered the presidential race, but he's already a popular choice, it turns out, among republicans. just how popular, you ask? your cnn political update in just a couple minutes. [ male announcer ] escape convention.
1:50 pm
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1:52 pm
>> so, dond trald trump seems t the hot ticket for republicans
1:53 pm
and he has something new to crow about. our correspondent jessica yellin joins me from washington with the political update. hi, jessica. >> hey, randi. yes, more signs of the trump effect. a new cnn opinion research poll finds that donald trump's numbers are increasing. 19% of republicans say they would support him for president. that matches mike huckabee who until now has been ranking as number one at the top of the field. so trump is tied for first place with mike huckaby aee and follo by sarah palin and newt gingrich and mitt romney. and romney announced yesterday he is forming an exploratory committee, so he would like to see himself inching up. trump's power is evident. we know that tomorrow, president obama is unveiling his vision for long-term deficit reduction
1:54 pm
as part of the budget debate. later this week, we will see the house republican vision on deficit reduction. and if there are not enough plans out there, there is another one. there is a so-called gang of six. three republicans and three democrats are working privately on a compromised deal which much of washington believes it could be the solution of this and the answer that gets everyone on board or enough people to pass something. yesterday, for the first time two members of the team revealed some of the details, and i got a chance to talk to them, randi. they said that their plan would reduce the deficit by $4 trillion over ten years, and it would also reform some social security and medicare and medicaid which is hard for democrats and revenue increases which is hard for republicans, and some defense spending cuts. so that is sort of the go goldilocks budget everyone is looking for, but they won't say when they will make it public. and finally, here in d.c., our
1:55 pm
mayor spent is the night in jail. vincent gray spent the night in jail, but not for anything scandalous, but because he was protesting part of d.c. rules that were passed as last week's budget negotiation. part of the deal that the democrats worked out no longer can d.c. fund the use of low-income abortion services for women, and a voucher program. the mayor says we do not want those terms dictated to us and we want to be in charge, and he went to jail for it. he is out. thank you, randi. >> thank you, jessica. only in d.c. >> yes. >> and good to see you and the next update from the best political team in television is just an hour away. skipping long lines and making it to the last-minute flight on time. an insider's view of avoiding airport interference is next. [ jennifer garner ] there's a lot of beautiful makeup out there.
1:56 pm
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1:58 pm
cnn is looking into the challenges facing air travellers today in a series we call "fix my flight." and today, we are checking in with bud workman who spends his day at the air trair trans tick
1:59 pm
counter, and he gives tips on how to avoid his ticket counter. >> the biggest advantage for travel is to do your homework and be prepared at home or at your office. check the airline's guidelines as far as a bag, and bypass the ticket counter and go straight to the gate. give yourself plenty of time to go to the airport. know what area of the airport to drop yourself off to be close to the ticket counter for the flight you are on. then from there, if you have questions about the security line, you can go to website of the particular airport and a lot of times they will tell you the weight time. most airlines have kiosk machines to get the boarding pass and select a premier seat and aisle or window or that type of seat, and you can also check in the bag. you should put your name tag with your name and cell phone. sometimes you can put the home address and you are in one town and vacationing in florida, that is not going help us out very much. the best thing is to prepare yourself before you get in line.
2:00 pm
for example, take your keys out of the pocket, and your cell phone and belts and take those off before you get to the security line and put them this bag so you can place them on the x-ray machine and they will go right through. when i go shopping, i look for a belt or shoes that are called tsa-friendly and the belt does not have to come off, because it is made of a particular plastic and the shoes don't have metal contact in them. you have to take the shoes off, but it will help. >> stay tuned for another "fix my flight" report, and we will have tips of packing for the airlines to avoiding that dreaded middle seat. too many bodies and not enough clues. a desolate beach front in long island for months and maybe years is a dumping ground for a possible serial killer. some of the grisly discoveries are representing the ninth and maybe the ninth and tenth victims whose remains have been found since december. all of the remains were found on
2:01 pm
the side of ocean parkway linking beaches in a wildlife sanctuary on barrier eisland ner new york city, and geography is not all they have in common. the victims are all young women who have been missing as far back as 2007. they also were prostitutes who advertised their services online and whose bodies were reportedly found in burlap sacks. my colleague allan chernoff joins me for two at the top, and he is on jones beach where police at the moment are not. allan, what happened to the search today? >> randi, what happened is that the police did use a helicopter early this morning, and they were right behind us just looking around seeing if there was anything of interest. they did not find anything that they wanted to pursue on land. so, for now, the search is finished here. both here in nassau county and a little stretch down across the border in suffolk county as well where this whole case got going
2:02 pm
in the first place. >> and allan, i know they have found now the remains of possibly nine or even ten victims, but this all started with actually one victim that they were looking for. >> it did indeed. a woman by the name of shannon gilbert a woman who had been working as a prostitute and lived in jersey city, new jersey, and was out here at oak beach a small community down this barrier island, and she had been visiting a client. ran out. ran to a neighbor's home. that man called the police. she fled, reportedly she was hysterical that evening saying that somebody was trying to kill her, and she was never seen again. she has not been found, and none of the remains uncovered thus far have been identified as being her's so that is still a mystery standing out there in a case that has been somewhat cold, frankly. >> and i want to ask you about the terrain. i mean, i have been to jones beach many times. i'm curious if you think that
2:03 pm
the terrain there is posing a problem at all in terms of the police finding clues? >> it is a challenge. as a matter of fact, the investigation all started in terms of the searching started back in december. the police in suffolk county were able to find four bodies, remains of four bodies and then they called it off. partly, because of the snow, the cold, and also behind me, this is not the worst where we are set up right here. you see the dunes and the grass, and but during in much of the area, there are shrubs. it is very thick, and not easy to get through. but, one thing that did help the police at least initially is that the first few bodies were frankly dumped right near the highway. police sources were quoted as saying, well, it looked line somebody drove up and dumped bodies out of the car. >> terrible story. allan chernoff there at jones beach for us. thank you, allan. today is a major day in
2:04 pm
space exploration history. 50 years ago today the first man went into space and 30 years ago today, nasa sent up the first space shuttle, and the russian cosmonaut left in 1961 and on that same day in 1981, john young and john crippen took that amazing flight. let's listen to the amazing sound effects. >> i am continuing the flight. the overload is somewhat increasing as well as the vibration. i am feeling well and i'm in great spirits. i can see the earth, and i can distinguish the features of its terrain. >> america's first space shuttle. the shuttle has cleared the tower. >> ironically, nasa's shuttle
2:05 pm
program ends this summer after 30 years and more than 130 shuttle missions. north korea has detained an american man. two state department officials tell cnn that u.s. diplomats are working with the swedish embassy in the north korean capital right now. sweden is negotiating on behalf of the u.s. which has no diplomatic relations with them. sweden is urging them to release the man on humanitarian grounds. they are asking for regular visits since he has been held since november. and the retired army command commander stanley mcchrystal and vice president's wife jill biden are launching a new program. mcchrystal was relieved from duty as the top commander in afghanistan will serve as unpaid adviser to the new initiative. she says it is a campaign to
2:06 pm
ensure that the military families have all they need and to enlist all sectors of society to aid. and the georgia state senate passed a bill aimed at cracking down on illegal immigration. it would allow police officers to check the immigration status of certain suspects, but the senators removed a measure that would have required private employers to verify the legale status of a new employee. the georgia bill is patterned after a tough new law that went into law in arizona last year. that controversial law in arizona has triggered massive debate and upheaval. a court overruled arizona's law saying they must not mandate that immigration status be checked before a person can start a job. and is the 150th anniversary
2:07 pm
of the civil war a painful memory or something to celebrate? we will hear what many of you think. [ woman ] bathing suits!
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personal pricing now on brakes. tell us what you want to pay. we do our best to make that work. deal! my money. my choice. my meineke. 150 years ago today the civil war began with the first shots fired at fort sumter on april 12th, 1861. when you ask around about the civil war today, you will get a wide variety of responses.
2:10 pm
some say they don't care about the war while others say that the events of 1861 still divide our country today. check out this cnn opinion research poll just released today. roughly 1 in 4 americans say they sympathize more with the confederacy than the union. that is 23% for the confederacy compared to 67% for the union. when asked whether the civil war was fought over slavery or state's rights, 52% said ta leaders of the confederacy seceded to keep slavery legale in their state, but 42% said that slavery is not the main reason 2that the states seceded. and we have a facebook chat to day by adam goodheart who wrote a book on the civil war. you heard this conversation about the civil war that we had an hour ago and what would you say stood out the most to you? >> well, what stands out to me the most is how fascinated americans are with this history 150 years after it occurred.
2:11 pm
you know we think of america as a country that's always looking towards the future and leaving the the past behind, and yet in how many countries in the world did tens of u hhundreds of thousands of people go out dressed up as soldiers to reenact this very difficult past. >> well, you heard me mention the cnn poll there, and roughly one in four americans say they sympathize with the confederacy and not with the union. what do you make of the numbers? >> well, i think that today we tend to project current-day politics on to the politics of the past. and i i thie think that we are moment in american history where people feel ambivalent about the federal government and many americans who project back, and obviously state's rights continues to be something that rears its head. rick perry of governor of texas talking about not too long ago of texas seceding from the
2:12 pm
union, and you know, william faulkner, the great southern novelist said that the past isn't dead, it is not even past. >> this is 2011 though, and not 1861, so i'm curious if you find a difference of the attitude towards the civil war. has it changed over the years? >> yeah. i think that if anything, today, we have sort of lost touch. i think that the poll numbers show that, that we have lost touch with just how much this war was about slavery and people in 1861 wouldn't have disputed that fact. in fact, the newspaper headlines at the time called it the great slavery war. and, yet to,day, as you showed us about 1 in 4 americans think it was not about slavery. i think that's very revealing that race is such a wound in this country, and open wound, and the wounds from the civil war when you think asbout it hae not had that long to heal. the last americans born into slavery only died in the 1960s in the civil rights era, so when
2:13 pm
you think of it that way, it is not that lon ago. >> i have had a chance to follow some of your blogging in "the new york times" about the civil war and some of the comments are interesting. i am curious what made you take on this project and what has been the reaction? >> well, as a writer, i really like to try to put my readers back in the moment of the past, to have them experience the past, not sort of from this 30,000-foot perspective that many historians use today, but as it was lived today by americans 150 years ago. i think that recounting history day by day is sort of telling history the way that each one of us lives it in our times, and each day brings with it new and sometimes confusing events, and we don't know what is happening next so in my writing, we try to look at that. >> and some people say that the civil war does not affect them, but is there really anyone that
2:14 pm
the civil war did not affect? >> gosh. i think it really belongs to all of us as americans. actually 1 in 3 americans, about 100 million americans have an ancestor who participated in the war. but even for those of us who don't have an scestors by that time, it is such a fantastic story and epic story with wonderful characters and wonderful writers and photographs and something we will revisit now and for a very long time to come. >> well, you have certainly gotten all of aus lot more interested in it. adam goodheart we appreciate your time. your book is "the civil war, an awakening." thank you for being here. >> thank you for having me. and a woman opens up her suitcase to share what she has learned along the way.
2:15 pm
2:16 pm is the best. i don't have to leave my desk and get up and go to the post office anymore.
2:17 pm
we all know that airline baggage fees have caused many people to carry on their luggage, but how do you fit a whole trip's worth of stuff into one bag? we look at a series called "fix my flight" and today, we have packing advice from a packing pro, a flight attendant. >> this is a medium-sized roller board bag and this is awesome.
2:18 pm
i can take it on a seven-day trip. the key to traveling is organizi organizing. i take a scarf when i amle traveling, because it makes a great blanket and always put a couple of dryer sheets in the luggage to keep it nice and fresh. when i pack my pants, i roll them up like this. this keeps them from getting wrinkled, because that is the way i roll. people just tend to overpack. and at the end of the trip, they are looking at the luggage and they havable ob worn hanly worn the clothes they have brought. and the ul smaer bottlller bott so hard to refill. will put my shampoo and conditioner in the zip lock bags. it fits around the items in the bag and when i get to the hotel, i cut a hole in the end and squeeze it out like you would if you were frosting a cake.
2:19 pm
there you have it. this will last me about a week. often there isn't enough time to grab something to eat, so i always bring something. what is great in the morning is some instant oatmeal. it is great. you can pour it into a coffee cup and ask a flight attendant to bring you a hot cup of water. the customers think they can't ask for more to drink or eat. if you ever need more pretzels or you didn't get a lunch, we would be happy to help out. don't put me in the middle seat. no, the middle seat is the worst seat. i don't like sitting in the middle seat. most of the flights are pretty full these days, but by all means if it is near departure time, and you are noticing seats are available, before you get up and move though, because there may be other customers coming in that are actually in the seats, ring your flight attendant call button and ask the flight at ten tan dant because we are move you if
2:20 pm
wi we can. and con role the things that you kand not the ones you can't like weather delays. sit back and relax. >> good advice. stay with us for another "fix my flight report." a pilot has some advice on the smoothest place to sit later on in the show. earlier we asked you if you would pay more to fly on a newer airplane. and yvonne says no, if i cannot rely on them to take an airplane out of flight when they are not airworthy, how can i trust them? and reginald says i probably would as long as it is even and dave say, please don't give the airlines any new ideas. right, dave. and if you want to join in, go to our blog on and you can also comment on my facebook and twitter page as wellali's, and we would love
2:21 pm
to know your comments. nasa has marked the 30th anniversary of the first shuttle flight by announcing what it will do with the soon to be retired fleet. intrepid will go to the air and sea museum in new york city, and the smithsonian will put "discovery" on display outside of the smithsonian, and the " "atlant "atlantis" will stay at kennedy space center in florida. and in japan, officials say that the disaster at fukushima daiichi is as high as chernobyl. that puts it on par with the 1986 chernobyl disaster in the former soviet union and defines it as the major accident requires long-term countermeasures. an e jep shan army spokesman says that former egyptian president hosni mubarak is in the hospital. no word why, but he is 82 and rumored to be in poor health. he is living in his holiday
2:22 pm
villa in sharm el sheikh sincef months ago. it is too wet in some places, and too dry in others. karen mcginnes checks the weather.
2:23 pm
2:24 pm
time to check a little weather for you across the country. karen mcginnes is here to tell us about that. you have a little bit of everything going on. you want to start with the flooding first? >> yes, let's start with the flooding and the red river flows from south to north, up towards
2:25 pm
lake winnipeg, and we have pictures coming out of the fargo area. this is thanks for the national guard. they let some of to local tv people fly along with them. some of these little towns just outside of the red river are completely cutoff, and in fargo, the river crests saturday night and early sunday morn, and it is the fourth highest crest in fargo. but down river, randi, we are looking at grand forks, and they are not going to crest until wednesday, going into thursday, and they are really bracing themselves, because it looks like it is going to be the second highest crest that they have ever seen. >> so sandbagging must be under way i would imagine? >> yes, millions of sandbags across the area that have been handed out. >> translator: a . >> and where the tornados? >> well, they are across the midwest, and in is from michael stouffer who is an ivideo, and he drove his family around, and in merrill, wisconsin, but there were other areas.
2:26 pm
and they are estimating this is a ef-2 or ef-3 and at the top of the of the estimation, it had winds with the tornado of 165 miles an hour. >> and bad things come in threes as the saying going. so a little bit of wildfires out there? >> yes, near lubbock p. and the garza fire is out after three days, but in swenson, they are saying it is 80% contained, but randi, the bad news is that the wind is going to be shifting again. it's a little less gusty and a little cooler, but they are going to be switching around, so that is going to wreak havoc for firefighters. >> tough getting it under control. all right. thank you, karen. scandal rocking the university of san diego's basketball team. the school's all-time scoring player, a former coach and eight others are accused of illegally profiting off of their team.
2:27 pm
with sports car styling and power, plus the refinement and space of a luxury sedan, the jaguar xf is a timeless blend of performance and craftsmanship. see how jaguar outperforms the competition at or visit your local jaguar dealer. >> female announcer: sandals luxury included resorts now include a
2:28 pm
once-in-a-lifetime offer: book now, save up to 65%. call 1-800-sandals. let's get you caught up on the latest headlines and the stories you may have missed. in long island, police are expanding their search into another county for more possible victims of a possible serial killer. they uncovered what could be the remains of a ninth victim. they say they have uncovered what appears to be a human skull at a bird sanctuary. since december thax have found t the remains of eight women. and north koreans are saying that i have detained an american man. swedish diplomats are
2:29 pm
negotiating on behalf of the u.s. since the u.s. does not have diplomatic relations with north korea. they are urging them to release the man on humanitarian grounds. swedish officials are asking for regular visits. today marks the 30th anniversary of the first space and shuttle flight. on the anniversary of those two historic events nasa revealed where the retiring shuttles will call home. intrepid will go to the space museum in new york, and shuttle "discovery" to the udvar center, and the "endeavour" will go to the california science center in los angeles, and the shuttle "atlantis" will stay in florida. a coach and basketball players at the university of san diego are accused of running a
2:30 pm
bribery ring. the coach and the school's all-time leading scorer brandon johnson seen right here along with eight other people were charged for fixing college basketball games and then betting on the fixed games at vegas casinos, and the police arrested an busted up the bribery ring at the university and prosecutors allege that all people operate ing ing in fixins and running marijuana, and each one faces a year in prison and $250,000 fine. what a mess there. and police in paris have issued what is believed to be the nation's first fine. they say a 28-year-old woman violated the law monday night and fined $215. officers declined to specify whe whether the woman was wearing a burqa which covers the whole body or a full-faced veil as both are banned under the current law. france has the world's largest
2:31 pm
muslim population. a new danger for americans traveling to mexico. we will tell you why you may be putting your life at risk if you ride the bus. that is up next in "globe trekking." is the best. i don't have to leave my desk and get up and go to the post office anymore.
2:32 pm
japan's nuclear accident now on par with chernobyl, the world's worst nuclear disaster, and here to talk about the announcement about this is michael holmes, so they have upped it to 7.0. >> yes, the highest you can go on the scale of nuclear disasters, and yeah, that is right. it will be interpreted as being the same as chernobyl, but it
2:33 pm
actually isn't. but still there is that massive release of radiation from the japanese. so, level 7.0 means a major release of radiation with a widespread health and environmental impact. but you know the amount of radiation released in japan is nowhere near chernobyl. it is about 10%. and it is interesting the way it was released is very different. in chernobyl, you had the explosion and debris went as high as 30,000 feet which is up where planes are flying. it went over a much, much wider area, and so, while it is a very serious situation, and the most serious category, it is not really comparable to chernobyl and it does not mean either that the situation in japan has all of the sudden worsened overnight, because it has gone to 7.0. what has happened is that they have added up the combined cumulative radiation released and that technically puts ate at the 7.0 level.
2:34 pm
but it is nowhere near the same. and what is interesting is the unit of measurementt, 370,000 as of april 12th in japan. 5.2 million in chernobyl, so it is nowhere near the same, and serious, yes, but no way of telling. >> what is the latest on on the evacuations though? they have widened it? >> yes, it is out 50 miles now, and a lot of the people are wondering if it is not enough. other governments like the australians and the u.s., too, are telling them their people to go further with an abundance of caution. the thing that with the japanese situation is -- and with any nuclear disaster, too, you don't know how bad it is until it is over. that is when you can go in and assess everything on the the ground, and make a really valued judgment on it, because at the >> and it is worrisome because in the beginning, don't worry, and then things were going
2:35 pm
horribly wrong in the plant and the core. >> yes, and officials say it could be several months before the cooling situation at the plant is brought under control. several months. so this story is going nowhere and for these people wholey around there, nerve wracking. >> thank you, michael holmes. turning to mexico. we have reported about the deadly and savage struggle of the country with the drug cartels to turn over the trade to the united states. in times, travellers have been caught in the kros fire,-- cross fire, but now there is a new danger of americans crossing the border. rafael romo reports. >> reporter: are people getting kidnapped from buses and hideways? this man says he has heard about it and he is afraid and the bus drivers are afraid about their safety in the border region. >> at night and in the wee hours of the morning, it is risky. >> reporter: many people say from matamoras to late march to
2:36 pm
early april they received three reports of american citizens being kidnapped after boarding buses. male bus passengers including an american citizen were forcibly removed from the those buses and they have yet to be located. and they go to as close as the border of the texas and mexico border. >> they are not comfortable. >> reporter: mexican authorities looking for missing bus passengers made a grisly discovery. they found 88 bodies in multiple mass graves, but officials say there could be more. the bodies were found in the body of san fernando located 90 miles south of brownsville, texas, which is the same town where the bodies of 72 migrants were found last august. mexican authorities say that so far, they have arrested 16 people in connection with the bodies.
2:37 pm
some bus lines on the american side are canceling service to mexico, but one operator on the mexican side says that they are not changing the routes for the time being. >> >> translator: we are taking measures to make sure that the passengers and the drivers are safe, but canceling routes is not part of our plans. >> and rafael joins us now. so, what is behind this? is this all about drugs or more to it? >> well, that is exactly right. it is all about drugs. you have two very powerful drug cartels, and they are fighting for the same territory. this is a route that has been used for many, many years as a transit point for mexican drugs, from mexican drug cartels to go into the united states. so there has been a battle going on there for a couple of years now, and that's what is behind those killings. now, some other elements of the organized crime are, have been attacking migrants coming from central america and from mexico,
2:38 pm
because they know that they carry thousands of dollars with them, and so that's where some of the kidnappings are coming from. but at the route of the violence is still the same problem, the drug cartels. >> and the cartels are so powerful and so well armed and so much money, so how do authorities battle against something like this? >> well, we have a case of a town that was it became a ghost town because people were so afraid. a drug cartel came in and said, we are going to retaliate for the arrest of some of our members, and people fled, because nobody had any assurances that the authorities there were going to do something. now the mexican government has been sending more troops and federal police officers, but definitely, and it is evident in this case, it is not making a difference yet. >> translato >> and also i know from the stories we have covered here at cnn, they don't want to be art p of the fight against it, and
2:39 pm
because their lives are endanger, and we have had police chiefs and other folks threatened, so it is a serious issue. thank you, rafael. next, we break down the big cuts in the budget deal. some things may surprise you, so don't go anywhere. i had a student the other day that said... "miss stacy, this class is changing the way that i look at things." sparking that interest and showing them that math and science are exciting... it's why i teach. ♪ i know they can, even when they think they can't.
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2:41 pm
our big breakdown is a big
2:42 pm
deal that nobody loves and some people hate, and a last minute breakthrough of the compromise, and the details came out more than 72 hours after the house and the senate leaders and president obama announced they had a deal. so before we jump in, let me show you what was never on the table. that's most of the federal budget. here is our pi chart there. and 56%, give or take goes for mandatory spending such as social security, medicare and medicaid. another 7% is interest on the $14 trillion debt. most everything else is considered discretionary and subject to the lawmakers' whims, but most of them won't touch security spending, so that leaves the rest of the pie. transportation, commerce, justice, labor, health and human services bearing the brunt of the largest single year budget cuts ever.
2:43 pm
almost $3 billion is due to come from president obama's high speed rail project, and another $3 billion from the highway construction and consider this plan the anti-stimulus, if you will. the women, infants and children nutrition program will lose more than $500 million, and the u.s. payments to the united nations will drop by $377 million. the pentagon and veterans affairs will actually see increases of almost $6 billion in total. the first congressional votes on this plan are now expected thursday. cnn is looking into the challenges facing air travelers today in a series that we call "fix my flight." today we go into the cockpit to get a pilot's view of what you can do to up the chances of and on-time departure. >> i have been flying airtran now for 15 years. on tuesday and wednesday, a good time to fly.
2:44 pm
a lot of people want to fly, obviously, on the weekends. so fridays, mondays are not good days to fly, and also, tuesday, is you will get the best deals. if you have the opportunity to travel in the morning, that is the best time to travel. as the day goes on, certain things happen. weather could be a factor. the volume of traffic could be a factor and the earlier you fly, the more traffic you avoid. people think that sitting over the wing is less bumpy and i tend to agree in light choppy air, but once you are at a higher level of turbulent flight which is not unsafe, but the entire aircraft feels the same thing. because we care about the customers and the comfort, we are always trying to do things to get you a smoother ride. getting on is a challenge sometimes. it really is. sometimes i see the people getting on the aircraft and it is a 45-minute flight, and they will take out am computer, a
2:45 pm
novel, two magazines and an ipod. you won't use all of those things. be more realistic of what you will need on the aircraft. and be more organize and be familiar with where you are seated. i think that the first thing that i would talk about when we put on the seat belt sign. if you are a passenger traveling and you use the bathroom in the terminal before you get on the aircraft, and that is one of the largest problems we have out there. we cannot move if someone is standing up. so we have to stop. and we are in largest and busiest airports in the world like here at hartsfield-jackson, that would cause 10 or 15 aircraft behind us from stopping. the only thing we want to do is to get you to point a to b in the most convenient and safe way. we want to get to the hotel as much as you do, i guarantee it. stay with us for another "fix my flight" report. next hour, richard branson and his plans for space adventures and how to save the american
2:46 pm
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>> new mexico has now joined the majority of states by outlawing corporal punishment in schools. many of you i am sure remember the school paddle the one with all of the holes in it. well, here are the 19 states that still allow it in schools. where going to the principal's office has a whole different meaning. a recent report says that a quarter of a million kids were subjected to corporal punishment. so has the time come for all states to stop spanking? it the topic for our stream teem, and joining us today is attorney lisa bloom in los angeles, and sirius xm radio host pete dominic. so lisa, should we be putting away the paddle by this time? >> of course. no child should be hit in any place in this country, be it in school, in their home. we should join the rest of the civilized world in outlawing corporal punishment. it is long overdue, and no child should be in fear if they make a mistake in school they will be hit. that is ridiculous. >> pete, what do you think?
2:50 pm
are you a spanker at home? >> randi, this question is one -- i mean, the idea that we have been debating this is one of those things that makes you embarrassed to be an american that we have 20 states that allow this. no, i'm definitely not a spanker at home and if i hit one of my little girls, they would definitely hit me back. i checked the year this morning and i'm pretty sure it is 2011 and let's join the rest of the civilized world, please. >> here, here. >> and can we go so far in your opinion to call this child abuse or is this an effective meanings of discipline and absolutely not, huh? lisa? >> oh, i think it is a form of child abuse, and we are moving in that direction, randi. in many states hitting a child with the intent to harm them is child abuse even spanking can be considered child abuse when you take into account all of the factors and everything that is going on with the children who is being hit. so i think that it is absolutely wrong. and most importantly, even if you don't think it is wrong, it is one of the least effective
2:51 pm
forms of discipline. parents who spank their kids will tell you that it is a last resort. other things to end work better and parents tend to do that when they are simply angry. >> while i have you both here, i want to ask you about another issue with the school kids. one public school in chicago is banning the kids to bring lunch from home. they have to eat what the school sells and provides and the principal says that it is better for the kids since the parents send processed junk food. so we have added to the stream, an award-winning chef, tony marshanti and does the school have a point here? >> well, it is crazy, to be honest to you to look to the school system that i have seen to be the rulers of great nutrition. it starts in the home, and starts with creating good, clean healthy food and teaching the id cans at a young age what food really is. i think that, if there is an
2:52 pm
education component that needs to happen, then we start to teach the parents how to cook more. although we would love to pack the restaurants we need to start at home and cook good food and have the kids appreciate more than a ho-ho or twinkie or chick eb nugget. >> i am anxious the hear what pete has to say, because you are a junk food guy and you like your doughnuts. >> i don't know how that information got to you but i blame the executive producer of the show. >> yes. >> and i don't think that the government should tell us what to eat, but somebody has to. we have a childhood obesity epidemic in the country, and the only winner is the provider of food for the school. can they always intervene if a kid is coming with a ho-ho for lunch, but this has to be up to the parents. the parents have to learn what to feed the kids. if it is not grown in the
2:53 pm
ground, then it is not food, and with that said, i have to get out of this gig to go get my doughnut. >> lisa, as a parent, why don't you weigh in here? >> well, i applaud the school trying to get the healthy food into the children's bodies. we do have a childhood obesity problem, but look, i'm vegan and my children probably came to school with lunches significantly more healthy than anything that the school would have offered them, so we have to give the schools information and the tools they need to feed the kids healthy stuff three meals a day and worry less than the one school lunch with nobody likes and never wants to eat, and worry more about educating the kids about healthy choices. >> tony, what is your advice on getting the kids to eat healthier? >> well, we shgs , withe we ha with food in the home. we have to grow our food, and
2:54 pm
start with cooking in the homes. if you start with easy recipes the kids will be more food aware and more conscious and not want the sugar. chef jamie oliver did some great things with trying to change the school system food system, but it is going to take a long time. it has to start at home teaching great food principles and then they will want different foods and they won't want to go to the cafeteria to offer it at home as well. so it starts in the home. >> what a great healthy discussion, and pete, time for your doughnut so we have to say good-bye to all of you. >> don't do it! >> don't do it, lisa says. very funny. we have you all covered on all things, food, and check out the eatocracy page, and for all of the news you can use, and the lunchtime poll on the lunch ban that we have been talking about here all at, a
2:55 pm
great resource. time for a cnn political update. brianna keilar is up on capitol hill, and what have you got? >> well, randi, the budget deal worked out between senate majority leader harry reid, a democrat, and john bay for toeb republican, and we found out a short time ago, and this is on the ticker, steny hower, the number two democrat in the house is not sure he is going to support it. he says he is still reviewing it, and that there are some cuts in this deal that he just doesn't agree with. so, we know that the last time that the house passed a short-term spending measure, republican leaders lost quite a few of their republican rank and file. coming up on the ticker, our deirdre walsh, is writing up something that eric cantor, the number two republican just said. he said he was confident it will pass, and asked if he needed
2:56 pm
more democrat support since some republicans are not supporting it, and he did not answer. and also, michele bachmann is eyeing the presidential nomination for republicans. she paid a viz stoit asit iowa was actually was heckled by a handful of students where she talked about abortion and same-sex marriages and the the debt, and the students held up a sign that said that homosexuali homosexuality, desensitization i and those were the issues they took up with her, randi. >> okay. we will keep an eye on the political ticker. and your next visit with the best political team on television is up in an hour. and what kind of people would rob a kid's lemonade stand? i will tell you. ♪ na, na...
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-- captions by vitac -- like crunchy taco. time now for the xyz and today we take you to the community of warner robins in central georgia where we are sorry to report one heck of a sour lemonade stand experience. here is what we know. three girls were selling lemonade to raise money for one of the girl's cousins who will soon begin treatment for an intestinal disease, and the girls were on the way to make a difference and they had raised $150 when suddenly a man and woman approached the girls and asked them about the lemonade and would you believe that the couple snatched the jar kn taining all of the cash that the girls had raised? they snatched it right out of a


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