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tv   CNN Newsroom  CNN  October 1, 2011 4:00pm-5:00pm EDT

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good student, responsible person. she's circumstances are being used by the prosecution who basically called her names, fredricka, instead of dealing with the evidence. her natural presence i think will sell and it will work. >> let's move on to michael jackson. >> one quick thing, fred. she will have to give them an alibi for that night. she never provided an alibi. if she wants this conviction thrown out, she has to give a credible alibi. >> you can catch our legal guys every saturday at noon eastern time. the u.s. state department issued a global warning for americans traveling abroad. they say yesterday's death of al qaeda figure anwar al awlaki could motivate his followers to lash out in revenge. two other men are either confirmed or believed dead in that air strike in yemen yesterday. one of them is a u.s. citizen, samir kahn, who ran the terror group's website.
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the other is a saudi bombmaker. more about him when we go live to washington in a minute. it's an anxious weekend for american amanda knox as she awaits to hear her fate. she is appealing her 2009 conviction for the murder of meredith kercher. knox's attorney say she is the victim of an overzealous prosecutor. knox is expected to address the court on monday. the trial of michael jackson's physician, dr. conrad murray, entered a new phase. paramedics and a doctor are talking about what they witnessed at the end of the pop icon's life. one paramedic described murray's demeanor when they arrived at jackson's house. >> i asked was what his underlying health condition was. he did not respond. i asked again what his underlying health condition was. he did not respond. and then he, i think, it was the
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third time he said nothing. nothing. he has nothing. and simply that did not add up to me. >> why is that? >> doctor's in the house, iv pull, iv hooked up to the patient. it didn't seem normal. >> next week the er doctor who pronounced jackson dead returns to the stand. new jail video of casey anthony has been released. the security video shows the moment anthony learned the remains of her 2-year-old daughter caylee had been found. she got that news from a television news report. a judge ruled the video was too inflammatory to be played in court. anthony was later acquitted in the murder. a california grandfather is recovering after spending six days trapped in a ravine. david laveu drove off the road in the angeles national forest and landed about 200 feet below.
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his children refused to stop looking for his father and then rescuers found him. >> we stopped at every ravine and looked over every hill. then my brother got out of the car and we kept screaming and next thing we heard dad say help, help, there he was. >> you don't know if it's echoing or where it's coming from. so i ran up to the top where those bushes are, i looked down and sad my dad's car. my heart dropped. i was like, oh, my god. i realized running down here, i couldn't see how to get down. i could not figure it out. >> leveu broke several bones and fractured his back in that crash. and a remarkable sight. a small plane crashed into a ferris wheel at a fair in australia today. you can see the plane tangled in the middle there. it took crews about an hour to rescue four people, including two kids on the ride. the pilot tells an australian television station that he simply didn't see the ferris
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wheel. now back to our top story. we're learning more about the associates of al qaeda's anwar al awlaki, men who may also have died with him yesterday in that drone strike. u.s. officials believe a known bombmaker was also there. athena jones is following that story for us today from washington. athena, why is this third man's name familiar with anti-terrorism circles? >> certainly ibrahim al asiri is a known bombmaker. he was behind the thwarted christmas day bombing of the plane going into detroit in 2009, the so-called underwear bomber. he was also behind a plot to put explosives into printer cartridges, and send them in cargo planes to the united states. so it would certainly be a big
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deal if he is, in fact, dead. we spoke with a u.s. official this morning who said there were indications that asiri was on the scene, but this official didn't know if he was killed. i spoke with an official later who said it's not entirely clear yet. this is in line from what we heard from a yemeni official who said the other operatives killed in the strike have not yet been identified and that right now the idea that asiri is dead is a rumor. >> what about this global travel warning being issued by the u.s. state department. are they talking about americans traveling to a specific region of the world? >> well, no, it's not specific. this came out just a short time ago. they are sending this in response to this drone strike in yemen yesterday. they know that the people who support al awlaki and al qaeda
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in general might want to retaliate. quoting from the travel alert saying the death of al awlaki in the near-term could provoke motivation for anti-american attacks worldwide. it doesn't say specifically where. so the idea is really that american travelers should stay vigilant wherever they are. >> all right. athena jones in washington, thank you. >> thanks. all right. you may not be familiar with the name samir kahn, but u.s. authorities believe the north carolinaen was a key player in recruiting young jihadists. he did it through a jihad magazine online. our north carolina affiliate reports. >> reporter: we started off by ringing the door bell of samir kahn's parents house. no answer. so we talked with jabrile huff, the spokesman of the family. >> you can imagine if it was your child, a number of emotions, embarrassed. frustrated. >> reporter: he said the ideology that samir wrote about
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was wrong. he said samir was dangerous but he wouldn't take the next step. is samir a terrorist? >> that's a good question. he definitely was a terrorist supporter. >> reporter: but you wouldn't say he was a terrorist? >> did he actually commit an act of terror? you know, i don't think it's ever been proven that he has. >> reporter: would the words he used against people online, would that not be considered an act of terror? >> i don't know, because he was doing the same thing while he was here. >> reporter: so he was backyard terrorist while he was here. >> while he was here, i would say he should have been arrested and tried for that. >> reporter: the federal government might agree with him on that one. at one point kahn was listed as the number two guy in al qaeda when it came to propaganda. last year a u.s. representative couldn't believe we could track them down but they couldn't. if he was the number two guy, how did they let him get away
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when i could find him in a parking lot? >> those are the same questions i'm asking now. >> reporter: jabrile said he tried to council samir several years ago with others, including his father. it didn't work. there are americans who say this is a huge day to rejoice, now he's taken out with al awlaki. >> yes, but i'm not one who rejoices in the loss of a human life, regardless if they had it coming or not. as for kahn's online magazine, copy of its bombmaking articles have been found in possession of several would-be attackers in the u.s. and brit. italian scientist are accused of manslaughter for failing to predict the severity of an i fell in lo♪ ♪ the first time i felt my heart ♪ [ man ] people say i'm forgetful.
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checking international headlines. a typhoon is battering the philippines. the storm is already being blamed for one death. one person was killed in a landslide triggered by the storm. this comes as the death toll from the previous typhoon has climbed to 52. an unusual trial in italy has been postponed for a couple of weeks. seven scientists are accused of manslaughter for failing to adequately predict the danger from a killer earthquake in 2009. authorities say the six seismologists and one government official were too reassuring about the rumblings that preceded the quake which ultimately killed more than 300 people. all right. people who live in a country known for tulips and windmills want to keep it that way.
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those world famous coffee shops in holland sell much more than coffee and attract visitors from all over the world who buy sometimes marijuana and other drugs that are legal in the netherlands. well, things are changing. beginning today. we explain why and how and what gives. what's going on in holland now. >> we are trying to figure that out. it's one town which is on the border between germany and belgium, which has decided that it's going to ban, as of today, foreign tourists from entering their coffee shops and purchases c cannibus. the reason they had to enforce this ban is because local authorities are asking them to shut down their shops, restrict things or there will be a nationwide ban which will be considered on a national level because the drug tourists are attracting a lot of traffic, a lot of gridlock and a lot of
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pushers of the illegal drugs, who sometimes are aggressive. they rob other tourists, who are trying to sell these tourists illegal drugs, hard drugs that are even illegal in the netherlands. >> for a long time it's been completely okay and legal. that was part of the tourism lure for some folks who would say they could buy pot and all kinds of paraphernalia and it was okay. nobody had a problem with it in these coffee shops. >> it's actually being enforced by the coffee shop owners themselves. the police will not enforce it. it's not illegal. they're saying we will not check i.d.s. they are doing it because they want to keep coffee shops open to tourists, because they say if we don't do this, the touch parliament is considering a nationwide restriction on drug tourists coming from other countries. so we are doing this to show that we can handle things, we can restrict things. in the meantime what they're
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doing is they are building coffee shops on the outskirts of the city so they can move the drug tourists on the outskirts until local authorities say look, we've solved the problem, we don't have this crime coming in and traffic gridlock that is brought in by the drug tourists. >> so if you're a local you can still go in. >> if you're a local you can still go in. and if you're german and belgium. they make an exception for the neighbors. what the government wants to do, there's a huge debate in the netherlands, they want to give people something like a coffee pass, if you're dutch you get that coffee pass, you go into a coffee shop and they ask you for your coffee pass and you show it and you get your drugs. they want to restrict it to the dutch. this appears to be a preemptive move. >> so things would be less abusive? >> i don't know. it just appears to ab preemptive move by the coffee shop owners
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themselves so they can keep the shops open. >> they want more control. interesting. bringing us all kinds of things. everything under the sun. >> that makes our job fascinating. >> thank you very much. do you owe your success and good health to where you are in the family tree? you have a brother, sister, younger, older? discover how birth order can impact your health and career. tom, check this out. good gravy, bill.
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[♪...] >> male announcer: now, for a limited time, your companion flies free, plus save up to 65%. call 1-800-sandals. conditions apply. top story straight ahead including bank of america's plan to charge you more to spend your own cash. it could change how customers are shopping. but first two more deaths are being blamed on cantaloupe contaminated with listeria. the centers for disease control says one person died in new mexico and another in colorado this week. the listeria outbreak has been traced to a colorado farm. a total of 15 people in eight states have died and they're still trying to figure out how to keep this from spreading. now to other health news, who would you say is the healthiest
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among siblings? the first born? middle child? perhaps the youngest? birth order can influence our susceptib susceptible to other conditions. dr. bill, help us unravel the health and birth order and which child is usually the healthiest? >> as the youngest of four, i'm here to set the record straight. when we talk about health this could be physical health or behavioral health. there's a lot of stories out there and mixed data. i can tell you this the oldest child is not at increased risk for diseases like diabetes or multiple sclerosis which has been information wrongly disseminated for years. however first born have a much more sensitive immune system so they're more prone to allergies and asthma.
4:19 pm
in my own family i know. my older brother is the one who got asthma. >> so one of the advantages of being the first born? >> these go way back to the start of time. it's true. older children do farewell. they do better at work. they have a couple of points higher iq. some it may be in the modern era due to the fact that the first born receives longer breast feeding, that may be a contributor. also the oldest child also gets more parental time. on average, fredricka, 3,000 more hours compared to their sibs. >> my goodness. >> once a parent has a second child, now that time is split between the two children. the second, third, fourth children are never going to catch up. and this could influence their behavioral choice as they get older. the youngest children are more prone to risky behaviors. >> so what would be the medical advice for parents out there to try and, i guess, dispense a bit
4:20 pm
more equal time to their kids so they all have equal footing, equal advantages? >> sure. if you want to balance things out for your children, one thing that works is to establish a daily ritual that you can use at home. when you come back to the house at the end of the day, give yourself a few quiet minutes for each of your children to download what they know and what their day's experiences have been. give them that special attention. ensure and enforce family meals together. everybody gets a chance to contribute. in our family we call it all hands on deck. that means everybody participates in chores. i'll mention to you, as the youngest of four i spent a lot of hours with my dad putting up storm windows and painting. i learned a lot about technical skills but he learned a lot about me at the same time. never make comparisons between the children, positive or negative. it never goes down well. >> good luck. don't all parents end up doing that? i'm sure they do that, right? >> we're all the guilty of doing
4:21 pm
it. be aware, try not do it as much. and, you know, one other tip that my wife and i have used, our children, thank god, have turned out well, is small weekend meetings. we call them boy meetings or girl meetings, just one parent and one child. and you go away someplace cheap overnight and have that dedicated time with that one child and you rotate it around and everybody feels like they're getting equal treatment. >> that's nice. that's fair. great ideas. dr. bill, always great to see you. >> we'll talk again soon. all right. straight ahead. petting zoos are popular because you can pet bunnies, sheep, but what if you had a chance to pet a baby siberian tiger? stick around to find out what i mean.
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live pictures now of the washington monument and our nation's capital. people have gotten used to seeing some rappelling taking place on the outside. not today. cloudy skies today have forced the park service to suspend the work on that damaged monument. the team of engineers that had been rappelling are grounded for the day. it is a dangerous job when they're able to do it and visitors to the mall seem to actually appreciate what they're seeing. >> i'm glad there are people willing to do this, but it would not be me. when you look up, it really takes a special person to be able to do this. >> you better believe it. it takes a lot of courage. weather permitting, engineers will be back assessing the damage tomorrow. for many americans money is tight when it comes to their travel budget these days.
4:24 pm
so how can you visit five great american cities without breaking the bank? chad myers find out while talking to melissa bradley, the founding editor of "town and country travel." >> i will give you 20 seconds, you will give me what you like about the city and do it with a budget in mind. how about that? >> okay. i'll do my best. >> can you do that? >> i'll try. >> new orleans. >> great music. great food. after hurricane katrina, amazing energy. you can volunteer there. don't go to bourbon street, go to frenchman street. >> how about new york city. >> the most exciting thing rite now is the 9/11 m 1 memorial pa. food trucks, the chiccest way to eat new york to you.
4:25 pm
>> portland, maine and oregon. >> oregon you have the valley which is the affordable version of napa. in maine, you have incredible bay, both of them focus on local markets, seafood. you can go out on the ferry and see the islands for 7.50. >> santa barbara, california. >> great hiking, surfing, amazing beaches, amazing mountains. easy to find. bikes to rent. food is fantastic. there's farmers markets. beach stands with probably the best milkshakes and hot dogs in the country. >> washington, d.c. >> amazing memorials, monuments. the smithsonian is free. the kennedy center has performances every night at 6:00. you should be smart about it, plan in advance because you can tour the white house or the capitol. no cost at all. you have to pay your taxes. >> your time is up and so is mine. thank you very much. daddy, come in the water!
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the u.s. state department just issued a global warning for americans traveling abroad. they say the death of anwar al awlaki could motivate followers to lash out in revenge. and two others are believed dead in that strike yesterday. one of them is a u.s. citizen, samir kahn, who ran a terrorism website. back in this country, the judge in conrad murray's involuntary manslaughter trial threatened his lawyers with contempt of court. murray's attorneys violated a gag order by participating in a nationally televised interview. jurors in the case are hearing from the paramedics meantime who
4:29 pm
tried to save jackson's life. the emts say when they arrived at the house, murray was evasive about jackson's health. >> i asked what his underlying health condition was. he did not respond. i asked again what his underlying health condition was. he did not respond. and then he -- i think it was the third time he said nothing. nothing. he has nothing. and simply that did not add up to me. >> why is that? >> doctors in the house, iv pole, iv hooked up to the patient. it didn't seem normal. >> our ted rowlands recaps the trial. >> reporter: next week at the conrad murray trial, it suspected to be an extension of where last week left off. prosecutors were laying out their case using witnesses. they were with michael jackson in the days leading up to his death and those people around him while they were trying to
4:30 pm
revive him. on friday we heard from two paramedics who responded to the 911 call to jackson's home. they told the jury what it was like inside that room while they were trying to resuscitate michael jackson. they both testified that michael jackson's doctor, conrad murray, was asked what drugs he had given jackson and they both testified there was no mention of propofol, that, of course, is what caused jackson's death. we started to hear a bit of testimony from the emergency room doctor who treated jackson at ucla medical center. we'll have more of that testimony next week. we will get more of the same of what the paramedics told. murray was again asked what did you give michael jackson? again, no mention of propofol. we're also expected next week to hear from the detectives who were assigned to this case. these detectives have been sitting in the courtroom all the way through this trial so far the first week and have been referred to many times by the lawyers, so the jury is starting
4:31 pm
to get to know them. they'll really get to know them now because they'll be on the stand for some time. we'll hear from two of dr. murray's girlfriends. one of his girlfriends lives here in los angeles. this was the place where murray was having all of the propofol he purchased shipped to. the other girlfriend we may hear from is based in houston, texas. that's the woman that murray was on the phone with when he realized michael jackson was in trouble. ted rowlands, cnn, los angeles. the words amanda knox speaks in an italian courtroom on monday could help her come home. she is appealing her 2009 murder conviction in the beth of her british roommate. prosecutors portrayed knox as a sex-crazed party girl. paula newton is covering the trial in peruitaly.
4:32 pm
are people there hoping it ends soon? do they have personal opinions about it? >> reporter: definitely people here have strong opinions about it. people throughout italy have opinions on it, but no more than this time. this is the middle of one of the busiest tourism seasons they have. everyone talks about the case and everyone has a opinion. it was discussed in court, even this week, defense lawyers saying the press in this town and nationally, in their words, crucified amanda knox. you had seen a lot of people back away from that. many people say they just don't know what happened that night. but they are willing to, you know, let some doubt sneak in there. they looked at some of the evidence and admit it is confusing. why is this interesting? because you have six new jurors
4:33 pm
there, they are a product of the town, they will go into the ruling with their opinions, prejudices, and all of the thousands and items that have been running in the media. a lot of conflicting opinions, and more than anything confusion. people saying we still don't understand what happened that night. >> so much has been said about the family members of amanda knox. but what about meredith kercher's family. any sign of them at this junctu juncture, in this proceeding, in this final appeal? >> their family has always shown quite a large amount of grace, to be honest, fred, to this entire process. their lawyer spoke on friday and they basically through the lawyer made it clear that amanda knox and her former boyfriend did have something to do with meredith kercher's death. at the same time they always said they will respect whatever the decision of the italian
4:34 pm
court is. we expect to see some of their family members here on monday and perhaps as they did last time they will give out some sort of a statement. many people have commented as well, including meredith kercher's family to say there's been so much said about amanda knox, but nothing said about the victim who was brutally murdered. you are talking about more than 40 knife wounds left in her own blood. a young woman who showed so much promise. and many people alluded in the courtroom to the fact that that kind of hurt, that agony they have gone through for so many years has to be respected in this ruling. >> all right. thank you very much. and now astronaut mark kelly is a retiree. his retirement from the navy took effect today. he was a combat pilot before commanding space shuttle flights. in june kelly said he wanted to spend more time with his wife, arizona congresswoman gabrielle
4:35 pm
giffords. she was shot in january at a public appearance. the couple has written a book which is scheduled to be released next month. and bank of america plans to charge customers $5 a month to use their debit cards at stores. the fee kicks in whether you swipe your card as debit or credit, even if you only do it once. the bank says customers can withdraw cash at its atms for free. bank of america's website had several outages yesterday, which a spokesperson said had nothing to do with the fee announcement. it's october, so there are plenty of fall festivals, haunted houses and scary movies to enjoy. >> sweetie, are you okay? >> what are you so scared about? >> there's something out there. >> gray drake will join us later to review "dream house." [ dog barks ] [ birds chirping ]
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it's saturday, you may be thinking of heading to the movie theater. earlier i asked gray drake from if two new films are worth the money "dream house" and 50/50. >> faster.
4:39 pm
>> faster. >> it's your hook. it's what you got. >> i wanted to say hello. >> that makes you different. it sets you apart. >> okay. let's try it. >> okay. >> it's a great song. >> totally. >> i have cancer. >> i was wrong. i was wrong. it's weird. it's weird like that. doesn't sound cool. >> no. >> okay. >> gray what do you think? this sound like one of those movie where people are talking at one time, it's confusing but somehow funny. >> it's fantastic. >> it's fantastic? >> this movie is. it is it's so good. it's terms of endearment minus the estrogen plus medical marijuana. loved it. >> it's called "50/50." >> and those are his odds. the good news is your odds of going into this movie are 100%
4:40 pm
good. >> really? >> because everyone in this movie is spectacular. i can even count the number. >> joseph gordon leavitt is great. >> seth roguean. >> watching them on screen together, it is never dull. seth rogan is really perfect. angelica houston is in this movie for, like, 15 minutes. but it's a credit to her i cried. she made me cry. >> she has a way. >> she really did. >> something tells me your grade will be spectacular. >> it is. i want to hug every single person involved in making this movie. this movie gets an "a." >> wow. a bit of a tear jerker, too? >> yeah. i cried in the movie, on the way home in the car. actually on the way to the studio. >> okay. but somehow it's uplifting as
4:41 pm
well because you laughed. >> it is. it's not the terminal illness movie you're expecting. you get to watch these guys use cancer as an excuse to score with chicks. >> all right. that sounds different. we will take your recommendation. you like it. it an "a." how about "dream house." this thriller. we've been seeing it all over the place. it looks like it will make everybody afraid to be in their own home. let's take a look. >> see? >> no. they are right there. >> wait a minute. look at this. watch. look at the window. and. see, see it was your own reflection. when the light was turned on it wasn't a man it was you, little one. it was you. [ screaming ] >> oh, boy. daniel craig, rachel white, naomi watts. it looks scary. were you screaming like the kids were there, too? >> no. i was asleep. this movie is better than ambien. ugh. >> it put to you sleep?
4:42 pm
>> lord. >> how could that be? maybe your threshold for fright is really high. >> i don't know. the thing is this should have bean good movie and it absolutely wasn't. it's really hard to figure out what happened because daniel craig and rachel are fantastic together. i think it had two major problems. >> what? >> first, the movie borrows most of its major plot points from other better films. so we've seen it, we're done with it. the second problem was is if you've seen the trailer for the film, you've seen the most important part of it. they ruined their own movie. i hate it when they do that. brutal. oh, my gosh i had to give this movie an "f." thanks for the nap, but forget about this movie. >> you're kidding. i don't think you've ever given
4:43 pm
an "f" to anything that i can recall. >> it was so bad i just couldn't even comprehend it. i couldn't believe what i was watching. this is james bond for crying out loud. >> yeah. all right. maybe stick to the 007 stuff or sometimes -- it's not necessarily the actors, sometimes it's the crypt. it's a lot of stuff. >> absolutely. who knows who to blame in this instance but i want to point fingers. i want answers. >> oh, no. >> not a good way to spend 90 minutes. >> we have a hit and a miss in your view. >> yes, very much so. 50/50 is so good, it just makes everything else average out okay. >> okay. always good to see you. thank you very much. she is a tough critic. but she calls them like she sees them. remember, you can get all of the movie grades at fandango and our viral videos today, there's one big theme -- animals. >> animals. >> we've had a lot of them. we have more for you.
4:44 pm
it's hard to compete with that, right. >> it's hard to compete with animals. and hard to compete with baby animals. really cute. >> here we go. a siberian tiger cub. look at the cute little baby. >> my gosh. >> my goodness. this is bogden, one of the only white siberian tiger cubs on exhibit. there is proud mama and papa -- >> mama didn't actually make it. after birth, unfortunately this is at brown's oakridge zoo, a non-profit organization for animal preservations. it's tough to get siberian tigers so there's some inbreeding and sometimes there's issues. that's what happened there. how cute is this? people can touch this. you can make appointments to come and see it. >> while it's young. while it's little. you should not, cannot, would
4:45 pm
not want to. >> what a cool opportunity. >> incredible. love it. okay. you know what? we're going go from the cute and cuddly to something else that is making folks bristle. we are talking republican politics. republicans are not happy with the idea about florida moving the date of its primary. much more on this straight ahead. and economic growth. north america actually has one of the largest oil reserves in the world. a large part of that is oil sands. this resource has the ability to create hundreds of thousands of jobs. at our kearl project in canada, we'll be able to produce these oil sands with the same emissions as many other oils and that's a huge breakthrough. that's good for our country's energy security and our economy.
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time for a cnn equals politics update. florida decided to buck gop rules and move its primary date up to january 31st. that's wreaking havoc with the republican primary candidalenda. now iowa, new hampshire and nevada vowed to move their nominating process ahead of florida to protect their early voting status. in his first new hampshire town hall, rick perry did not field a single question on his controversial immigration policies that have dogged him for weeks now. instead the man who introduced the texas governor provided a rousing endorsement of perry's
4:49 pm
conservative track record on cracking down on illegal immigrants. and mitt romney campaigns in south carolina next week and is expected to attend a fund-raising event for one of the most tea-party friendly elected officials. the cost is $500 a couple. sarah palin calling republican candidate herman cain the flavor of the week. cain joked about palin's comments in on tha show. >> i happen to believe there's ice milk, and hagandaz black walnut it lasts longer than a week, okay? >> all right. >> for the latest political
4:50 pm
news, good to cnn former president bill clinton is celebrating the 20th anniversary of his first bid for the white house this weekend. events are being held in little rock, arkansas. clinton announced his candidacy there october 3, 1991 in the middle of his fifth term as governor. and former president jimmy carter has two reasons to celebrate in atlanta today. that's because it is his 87th birthday and the 25th anniversary of the jimmy carter presidential library and museum. a film about the former president will also be screened and a brand new exhibit on the secret service is opening. and you're about to see the coolest way to fly. i didn't say it was the fastest way, however. to new mexico and the world famous international balloon fiesta next. onpas. this is the relief i've been looking for. salonpas has 2 powerful pain fighting ingredients that work for up to 12 hours.
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here's a look at some other stories making news today. three of nelson mandela's granddaughters are starring in a new reality show. the husband of one of the women says it could air here in january, but they're still in negotiations. the production company called
4:54 pm
the trio role models to women all over the world. a harvard study shows female coffee drinkers are less likely to suffer from depression. researchers say their findings suggest a protective effect. they think caffeine is associated with two brain chemicals linked to mood and depression and look at this. this should make you smile. a dozen baby pandas in china. these super cute newborns made their debut at a research center this week. when the center opened more than two decades ago. it only had six endangered pandas. now there are more than 100. balloon lovers all over the world are actually in albuquerque, new mexico now for the 40th annual balloon fiesta. beautiful pictures there. look at the screen and you can see why. there are events, shows, competitions all of that throughout the nine-day fiesta.
4:55 pm
in a couple hours the distance race for gas balloons is scheduled to begin. pilots from five countries will see who can travel the furthest. and trips of more than 1,000 miles have been documented before. beautiful sight. looks like a painting, doesn't it? >> gorgeous. >> i like that. then there's this -- i know. this is kind of -- oh, you're feeling for that runner there. my goodness. you know that water is cold. >> at least it's scary. >> very scary. and, my goodness, jacqui huge waves knocked down these joggers. usually they think this is a wonderful scenic route to take. not on this day. this was yesterday morning. chicago is known as the windy city, but people got warnings that the wind gusts would be so potentially dangerous. wind gusts of up to 50 miles per hour that it would bring --
4:56 pm
>> it brought the waves. it made the big waves. >> 16 feet. >> there they were, crashing up on the causeway on lakeshore drive. they tried to block it off and tell people not to go on there. either they didn't listen or didn't get the message. a lot of people got knocked over by those waves. that storm system is still out there, fredricka. it's across parts of the northeast today. our cold front is way offshore. it's over here. we have the upper low lagging behind. so things are good in chicago today, albeit cold. the dreary wet weather is out of here. we are talking the "s" word. >> what's that? >> not the naughty one. that's also a naughty one. we have snow out there across the mountains of west virginia. seen it in the mountains of north carolina. a nice dusting here. this is a cold core system. there is a bit of that pink. that's a bit of mixing. ground temperatures are warm, so most of this won't be sticking.
4:57 pm
everything is fine, just wet across much of the big cities. we've got the freeze threat, too. behind this system, where we have the clear skies, overnight temperatures in the upper 20s to middle 30s. so be aware of that if you're trying to save plants or bring those pumpkins in and temperatures staying cool across the east tomorrow but very warm across the rockies and the high plains. >> my goodness. fall is definitely here. we're feeling is. >> it is across the east. >> thank you very much. i'll see you again tomorrow, yes? >> yeah. i'm here. >> okay. all weekend long. >> we will see you this evening as well. we have much more of the newsroom straight ahead. i'm fredricka whitfield. susan hendricks is coming up next. she told tiffany, stephanie, jenny and becky that she was coming to a place like this! but somebody didn't book with travelocity, with 24/7 customer support to help move them to the pool daddy promised! look at me, i'm swimming! ♪ [ gnome ] somebody, get her a pony! [ female announcer ] the travelocity guarantee. if your booking's not right,
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