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tv   AM Wake Up Call  CNN  October 4, 2011 5:00am-6:00am EDT

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happening just moments ago in italy the relatives of murder victim meredith kercher speaking out on the acquittal of amanda knox. they're saying they feel like they're back to square one. a live report just ahead. espn changing its monday night football tune. the network is sending a strong message after country singer hank williams jr. made an offensive comment. ready to talk iphone? apple is. what many predict the new device will look like.
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good morning, it's tuesday, october 4th. this is your "a.m. wake-up call." i'm christine romans joining you live from new york. good morning. maybe it's all just a bad dream we'll wake up from soon but a pretty nasty day on the markets. asian markets fell. the hang seng down more than 3. european markets fell. the ftse down more than 2%. dax down more than 3%. no surprise, folks. dow futures are down this morning. now to preday on wall street. a 2.4%. the european debt crisis weighs heavily on investors' minds and wallets. the only one to finish on the up side, walmart. amanda knox and her family are expected to return to seattle as early as today. knox broke down in tears after a jury overturned her murder conviction yesterday for the stabbing death of her british roommate meredith kercher four years ago.
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appearing dazed, knox had to be helped from the courtroom after this verdict was read. her italian boyfriend cleared of murder charges. knox's sister told reporters her family is thankful. >> we are thankful for the support we have received from all over the world. people who took the time to research the case and could see that amanda and travrafaefaello innocent. >> they spoke but about her acquittal and say meredith is the forgotten person. our senior international correspondent matthew chance was there. what else did they say to reporters? >> reporter: there was another press conference on the part of
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the kercher family. they felt that after the acquittal of amanda knox and raffaele sollecito, the former boyfriend amanda knox that they had gone back to square one. they emphasized it's believed it was more than one person that carried out the killing of meredith kercher. so the question that enters your mind surrounding the meredith kercher family, it wasn't amanda and raffaello, he was responsible -- [ indiscernible ] >> we said all along we don't want the wrong people put away for a crime that they didn't commit, having said that, as lyle said it may be a case of waiting another year now to get
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the truth and we can't decide that. we have to leave that up to the police and the forensics and the courts, so we just have to wait again reel. >> i that's stephanie kercher, meredith kercher's sister. it was difficult to hear matthew chance. we'll check in with him on a better connection and we'll continue to follow this story all morning. now, new documents leaked to cnn purport to so attorney general eric holder was aware of the controversial fast and furious gun-running operation as far back of july last year that corrects his testimony to congress. under that atf agents allowed thousands of weapons to cross the border allegedly and fall into the hands of mexican drug cartels. a high level official says holder never misled lawmakers when appearing before the senate back in march. here in the u.s., cnn has
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learned new jersey governor chris christie is on the earn of saying whether he will throw his name in the hat. he could be make this decision within the next 48 hours. we're told christi and his wife went over the pros and cons of running for president. president obama is on the campaign trail in texas today. he's expected to push his jobs bill during a stop in dallas based on a new national poll the president needs to talk up a storm. a majority of those questions believe the republicans will win the white house next year. a little more than a third expect president obama to be re-elected. so with the election more than a year away still is the president the underdog? here's what he told abc news. >> are you the underdog now? >> absolutely. given the economy whatever happens an your watch you've got -- >> you embrace that quickly. >> i don't mind. >> mr. obama cited the anemic
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economy for what appears to be his uphill battle. hank williams jr. coming under fire for comments he made about the president. he compared him to hitler in an interview. in response espn pulled his classic intro song from its broadcast of nfl's game. he was making reference to a june golf game between the president and john boehner. >> come on. come on. it would be like hitler playing golf with netanyahu, okay. >> in a statement released after the interview williams said i was simply trying to explain how ludicrous that pairing was. they're polar opposites. and it made no sense. they don't see eye to eye and never will. let's go to rob marciano. we're expecting flight delays. >> i don't know if it will be as bad as yesterday, christine. we have the same system that replaced the last system that
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was doing the same thing last week and that is cut off low. spiraling over the northeast. unsettled weather continues there. you see it on the radar scope, the ongoing issue and begin and kick out slowly but surely. you see the showers rotating into the eastern part of new england and also then rotating back down towards the delmarva. new york, boston, showers that will cause delays. no red on the map. most of the delays will be under an hour but include some of the cities in d.c. vegas seeing thunderstorms. big storm rolling into the west reinforcing shot comes into northern california tonight but the rain and snow that came into the sierras yesterday getting into sought lake city and winter storm watches are posed for the wasatch. look at that mess. look at november and december as opposed to the first week of october out west and the middle part of the country looking fairly windy and warmer. there's your storm driving into the northwest and the west coast
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there. and five to ten inches of additional snowfall above the 7,000 foot mark that includes lake tahoe. winds gusting to 50 miles an hour and over a foot possible above 8,000 feet. daytime highs in the midsection, 87 in kansas city. warming up to 81 degrees in minneapolis, 75 in chicago and 63 degrees in new york city. so long sleeve with the game. is carol off? >> i was wondering, rob, if she took the day off because of the game but it was already scheduled but i don't see you, you know, wearing a detroit uniform. >> no. >> wasn't that the bet? >> that's why they play five, okay. >> 2-1 right now. >> we have game four tonight. game four tonight so. >> what about this pumpkin. >> what? there's a pumpkin? >> a big pumpkin. i wonder what they're feeding this pumpkin.
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>> my goodness. >> i didn't see this in the rundown but they're clearly juicing it up with hdh maybe other steroids. >> i would say main lining miracle-gro. >> somewhere where they grow big ones -- i like a nice symmetrical orange pumpkin and whatever they're feeding this gourd is something to be -- where is this? >> i'm told that the number one ingredient -- there you go. >> in virginia. >> there you go. >> thanks for the heads-up. >> the number one ingredient cow manure,rob. >> i prefer chicken. >> that's what fees a pumpkin to get it big. >> happy halloween to you pumpkin growers. amanda knox free from jail and jay leno knows why the court let her go. >> you folks might not know the
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jury. italian court overturned amanda knox's conviction. after having those jersey shore kids over there, amanda knox didn't seem so bad. just send her home. >> all right. it's been the talk for weeks. what will the new iphone look like? it's later today but we have a few clues already. we're going to talk about that just ahead. first check out the quote of the day. are you ready? what domestic diva's daughter said mother always peed with the door open. i remember saying you know, now i have friends over, you can't do that anymore. my goodness. coffee doesn't have vitamins... unless you want it to. new splenda® essentials™ no calorie sweetener with b vitamins, the first and only one to help support a healthy metabolism. three smart new ways to sweeten. same great taste. new splenda® essentials™.
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the natural oatmeal formula improves skin's health in one day, with significant improvement in 2 weeks. i found a moisturizer for life. [ female announcer ] only from aveeno. about 12 minutes after the hour. it's your "a.m. wake-up call." our quote of the day. mother always peed with the door open. i remember saying, you know, now i have friends over. you can't do that anymore. that was alexis stuart. martha stewart's daughter. she has a new book out. doesn't hold back when discussing the famous domestic diva. no comment from martha herself. interesting, she said the refrigerator was always bare, as well. let's talk iphone. that's what everyone seems to be talking about today when apple will unveil its fifth incarnation of the device. kristie lu stout from hong kong. good morning, and what are many
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expecting to see today? >> yeah, apple is set to unveil the long awaited iphone at its headquarters in cupertino, california. it could be called the iphone 5 or 4s or both. it will likely cost around $200 and it is expected to have an upgraded 8 megapixel camera. the phone may have a teardrop back meaning it's thicker at the top than the bottom and according to the gadget blog says it will be skinnier, shorter and wider. that's what we're hearing now, but all will be revealed later today. >> all right. any word on who else might be there. clearly steve jobs watchers are wondering if he might make an appearance. >> that's right. i mean this will be the first media event for apple's new ceo tim cook. he took over when he stepped down for health reasons and we all know that steve jobs is the showman. but for cook this will be his
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first public step as the head of the company. he is reported to be a private person. so how he will take to the stage and how he will handle the spotlight will be interesting to watch so there were rumors that steve jobs will be there and he will make an appearance. that said, tim cook will likely run the show. all to be revealed at the event later today 1:00 p.m. in cupertino. >> let's check back with you later. 14 minutes after the hour. president obama stumps for his jobs bill in texas today. but will it even get to the floor of the house? the new opposition he's facing coming up. 14 minutes after. [ female announcer ] once you taste
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dolo free app and get exclusive mobi dls. be smart. book smart. you've probably heard about that hunting camp tied to rick perry that included a racial slur in his name. why are we now just hearing about it. j jon stewart is offering his opinion. >> how come he didn't have to answer questions about this ranch before? oh, i'm being told he does address it in his autobiography. >> perry better have a good explanation for this. >> perry says his father painted over the sign soon after laeasig it. >> it must be solely tasked with correcting these oversights.
5:17 am
yes. nice. >> all right, time now for your political ticker with tim farley live in washington. good morning, tim. >> good morning, christine. >> let's talk about the gop primary calendar. south carolina moving up the primary date after florida did the same. what will this mean for the overall race. >> south carolina is always first in the south and what it's going to do is compress the schedule and we've been talking about this for some time. interestingly enough, it, one, keeps any candidates who win from basking in the after-glow, if you will. they usually like to translate victories or strong showings. iowa being a key state for rick perry and michele bachmann whose campaign has been surviving on fumes. but that said this is an opportunity perhaps for rick perry to rescue himself, his numbers according to the latest abc/"washington post" poll are struling tied with herman cain
5:18 am
but hit romney is not exactly running away from the field so presents an opportunity for somebody to get a couple of wins and may be rick perry to benefit. if he can get something going in iowa and south carolina, with new hampshire pretty much already a given for mitt romney and florida up in the air. but those three first primary caucus dates are going to be key if rick perry can't translate one of those three dates into a strong victory or some strong showings he could be in serious trouble. >> makes it interesting for the campaign strategists trying to make their plans for the next few months. the president is heading to texas to push his jobs bill. he is calling on congress to get it passed. let's listen, tim. >> so my expectation is is that now that we're in the month of october that we will schedule a vote before the end of this month, i'll be talking to senator reid, mcconnell as well as speaker boehner and nancy pelosi and insisting we have a
5:19 am
vote on this bill. >> tim, what are the chances of a vote on the president's bill in the house? >> snowball -- hell, i mean you can put those together. it will get a vote at some point but not in its entirety according to what eric cantor said when he said the president's all or nothing approach is unreasonable and, frankly, dick durbin, the senate from majority whip said he didn't think there would be votes in the senate. there will not be a vote on its entirety but the president is playing the game that he couldn't or seemingly wouldn't play last time around which is to draw that strong line and try to appeal to his base and say, look, i'm strong, i'm pushing for this and that darned congress better do something and it looks like they are going to respond in kind and not do what the president wants and we'll see where it goes from there. >> all right, tim farley, host of morning briefing on s.
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hour. this is your "a.m. wake-up call." good morning. three things to put on your radar today. jury selection gets under way in the trial of the underwear bomber. the nigerian national accused of trying to blow up a flight nearly two years ago. voters head to the poll in west virginia to vote for their next governor. 10 a.m. ben bernanke testifies before the joint economic committee on the nation's economic out look. the markets, fourth looks a lot like the third so far. asian markets fell sharply overnight. the hang seng down more than 3%. right now dow futures are down but slightly. not a pretty day, the dow fell 258 points. about a 2.4% loss. the european debt crisis weighs heavily on investors' minds. the only one to finish higher. walmart. all right, by your you're
5:24 am
aware some banks are charges fees to use debit cards. one restaurant going to take 2% of waiters' tips paid by credit card. it released a statement saying given the increased usage of credit and debit cars there is a movement to pass all are a portion of the fees only to the tipped employee. this plan is burning up some social media sites. one comment, a service worker should not be penalized by the way a guest chooses to pay for their bill. coming up with the media spotlight on meredith kerchaman family says meredith kercher was for gotten. a solar company could end up embarrassing the president. it turns out to be an unfortunate photo-op.
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good morning. it's tuesday, october 4th. this is your "a.m. wake-up call." i'm christine romans in for carol costello. it is 28 minutes after the hour. all right. we're now learning a silicon valley investor and senior administration officials warned the president not to visit a california solar equipment maker. new documents show that the president was warned about a visit to solyndra could prove embarrassing. they have investigating a half billion dollar loan to the bankrupt company alone via stimulus for a company that is now out of business.
5:29 am
cnn has learned new jersey governor chris christie will make his intentions clear this week. he had been pressured by some to get into the race. sources now say he is mulling it over with his wife. any decision about seeking republican presidential nomination is expected within the next 48 hours. prosecutors in the manslaughter trial of michael jackson's doctor are expected to call two of that doctor's girlfor examples as they try to establish a time line of his death. monday two emergency room doctors testified murray pressed them to revive jackson even though he was certain -- they were certain that michael jackson was already dead. one of the doctors says murray left out a crucial detail. >> now, in your discussions with conrad murray, did he ever mention any other narcotics to you other than the ativan or the lorazepam. >> no, i specific asked and his reply was negative.
5:30 am
>> okay. and you never mentioned propofol to you. >> absolutely not. >> prosecutors want to prove murray acts irresponsibly in administering propofol. san diego police are search fog are a man who opened fire on the freeway. he is suspected at shooting at vehicles including an ambulance and a 26-year-old man was injured. they're looking to see whether he was tied to an earlier hit and run. the minimum wage set to rise in eight states. which states will top $9 an hour. new splenda® essentials™ no calorie sweetener with b vitamins, the first and only one to help support a healthy metabolism. three smart new ways to sweeten. same great taste. new splenda® essentials™.
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rx plan gives you the lowest. so you can focuson wha. call humana at 1-800-808-4003. new video just in the day after her murder conviction overturned by an italian court, amanda knox and her family are now bookeded on a flight out of an airport in rome freed after
5:32 am
four years in italian prison, amanda knox and her former boyfriend had been convicted of muiring a roommate. after that conviction was overturned knox burst foo tears as she was led from the courtroom for the first time in four years as a free woman. knox's sister spoke outside the courthouse after the verdict was read. >> we're thankful for the support we have received from all over the world. people who took the time to research the case and could see that amanda and raffaele were innocent and thankful to the court for having the courage to look for the truth and to overturn this conviction. >> amanda knox and her family are expected to return to her hometown of seattle today. the family of the victim, meredith kercher, says they respect the decision of the judges but don't understand it. they also feel that with the media spotlight on amanda knox, meredith, their daughter and sister, was forgotten. her family held a news
5:33 am
conference in italy just a short time ago where senior international correspondent becky anderson is. what else did the family say? >> reporter: yeah, i mean it's been an interesting day for them. they announced they would hold this press conference late last night. they were exhausted emotionally. i spoke to lyle just before they went into the court yesterday and said how are you feeling. he said nervous. it was pretty obvious they'd come to the conclusion that it was all over so far as knox and sollecito were concerned and probably would be freed. they've said all along that they have faith in the italian justice system. they are extremely confused as to what has happened. this is what stephanie said a little earlier on. >> first of all, it was a very long difficult day yesterday. and ultimately while we accept the decision that was handed down yesterday, respect the court and obviously the italian
5:34 am
justice system, we do find that we are now left obviously looking at this again and thinking how a decision that was so certain two years ago has been so emphatically overturned now. >> reporter: yeah, of course was lyle, apologies for that. one of the journalists at the press conference also who is very close to the kercher family also asked whether they thought they might sue like o.j. -- the o.j. victim did and arline's answer to that and that's the mother, of course, said she doesn't know. there are an awful lot of questions now for the kercher family, meantime, of course, a fantastic day for the knox family. we believe they are leaving rome just about now, within certainly the next hour or so. there was a flight out at 11 a local if, indeed, that is the flight they got to london where they will change to seattle. it's just about a half past 11
5:35 am
tonight. perugia, meantime, well, it just tries to get its act together and tries to forget what has been happening over the last four year, there is an awful lot of fury when the decision was handed down last night. a lot of protests here outside the courthouse. people were furious with the italian justice system shouting shame on italy for what had happened. so a lot of hurt here in perugia, some students telling me last night that if it wasn't knox and sollecito then who was it, of course, rudy guede, a drifter from here has been in prison for 16 years for the murder. there was always talk there were accessories to that. many people are slightly frightened about the future here as a student. >> you meat a comparison or at least a reference to o.j. you're not the first person i heard say that trying to draw similarities to what on the surface would seem to be a very different case.
5:36 am
>> reporter: yeah, absolutely. i wasn't surprised that question was asked. the family at this stage are just trying to take on board that's happened. it is a very, very different case, but when you listen to meredith's mother and do remember somebody who was bru l brutally assaulted and murdered in this case, a british student here back in 2007, they are such a dignified fairly simple family. i think they will get advice going forward as to what happens next. they were asked whether they would support the prosecution, if, indeed, the prosecution decide to appeal to the italian high court and have every right to do so. we won't know that for about 140 days and it really will depend on whether the prosecution still believe they've not a case on appeal and when asked they said, listen, that state, italian business and we'll support anything that happens.
5:37 am
very simple family at this stage and want to move on. >> oh, very tragic all the way around. becky anderson in italy, thank you. now to your morning money. hundreds of dollars a year thanks to automatic increases, the minimum wage is expected to rise in eight states. ohio, colorado, montana, oregon, arizona, florida, vermont and washington. economists say the euro will survive as a currency without losing any member, not even greece. 22 economists were surveyed and 17 said it would hold together. despite all believe greece will default on its debt by the end of next year. in the first six months american airlines made $1.3 billion in fees for blanket, food, express baggage charges. it might not be big enough to stave off bankruptcy? american airlines' shares fell
5:38 am
33% on fears bankruptcy is around the corner. we'll watch to see what shares do again today. new jersey governor chris christie not a candidate yet. but president obama says he is sounding like one. what else he has to say about the man who might be eyeing his job coming up. but first a check out today's get smart question. we told you eight states will increase their minimum wage next year. what state will then have the highest minimum wage? is it "a," washington, "b," indiana, "c," north carolina. it's 38 minutes after the hour. [ tires screech ] [ crying ] [ applause ] [ laughs ] [ tires screech ] [ male announcer ] your life will have to flash by even faster. autodrive brakes on the cadillac srx activate after rain is detected
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[ male announcer ] help protect your family at [ beatboxing ] lysol disinfectant spray and...a toy drum. hiya folks, so the other day i tried to buy some camouflage pants but i couldn't find any. [ rimshot ] thank you, thank you i'll be here all week. in fact, i'll be here for the next 18 years. [ rimshot ] is this really necessary? come on ma, laughter is the best medicine! i'm just glad i stocked up on the real stuff. tough crowd. [ male announcer ] get low prices every day on everything to prepare for cold and flu season. we're so confident in our low prices, we back 'em with our ad match guarantee. save money. live better. walmart. 40 minutes after the hour. this is your "a.m. wake-up call." now back to today's get smart question. which state will have the highest minimum wage next year? washington, indiana, north carolina. the answer, washington. the state's minimum wage
5:41 am
increases to just above $9 an hour. the federal minimum wage is 7.25. now for our political ticker let's bring in shannon travis live on the phone from iowa. he's in des moines. good morning, shannon. >> good morning, christine. >> it is early in des moines. president obama, of course, the incumbent but also claiming another mantel in the 2012 race. >> he may be the powerful candidate but bthe president is ee snssentially comparing himseo a long shot. take a listen. >> are you the underdog now? >> absolutely, because given the economy there's no doubt that, you know, whatever happens on your watch, you've got -- >> you embrace that pretty qu k
5:42 am
quickly. >> you know, i don't mind. >> so the president basically saying that the economy makes him the underdog in this context and said -- he admitted americans are not better off today tan four years ago. >> they're trying to prove a negative. that message gets to be real sticky. shannon, lots of focus on new jersey governor chris christie. president obama commenting on that, shannon. >> that's right. the president doesn't like to give any of his potential opposition opponents -- we're waiting on whether christi will run but asked about his potential challenge. take a listen. >> look, if the guy is thinking about running for president he will say a lot of stuff and i think in the republican
5:43 am
primaries, saying nasty stuff about me is probably -- polls pretty well. >> obama, the president, basically is disputing things that chris christie said last week calling president obama a divisive leader. christine. >> thanks so much, shannon. get some bacon and eggs in the drake diner. a quick check of sports. the colts travel to tampa bay for the monday night game and colts took a lead but bucs rallied over the last quarter to win 20-17. 35-yard by legarrette blount. tampa bay improves 3-1. indy, 0-4. the city of indianapolis is hosting the super bowl. the colts are not likely to be playing. the material girl, some web reports saying madonna will be the halftime act.
5:44 am
no comment from the nfl. baseball playoffs are in full swing. the tigers beat the yankees. verlander versus sabathia. detroit won 5-4 and leads the best of five series 2-1. rangers took a 2-1 lead beating the rays 3-1. the grandson of kim jong-il isn't lonely. a lot of people scratching their heads over his picture. this day in history back in 1957, the launch of sputnik one. it was the first artificial satellite to orbit the earth. soviet union launched this one the size of a beach ball and weighed less than 200 pounds and marked the start of the space race. hey, i'm really glad we took this last minute trip!
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good morning, everybody. it's tuesday, october 4th. and this is your "a.m. wake-up call." i'm christine romans in for carol costello joining you live from new york. 47 minutes after the hour. eyes are on gadhafi's hometown. zain verjee from london. the battle still being fought in
5:48 am
sirte. how important is that city to their national transitional council? >> it is very important and crucial to them. what they're saying when the fighting in sirte is over and it falls they will declare a transition and libya under moammar gadhafi is over. symbolic because sirte is the last bastion for the stronghold supporters for moammar gadhafi fighting. that and bani waleed. there were members saying when sirte falls and libya is in a transitional phase after that happens that they don't even want to stand but this is so crucial, sirte because it is so symbolic. >> so an the world to kim jong-il's grandson. a facebook celeb he was. what about this? this very closed society and the grandson on facebook?
5:49 am
>> yeah, the hermit kingdom, the world's most secretive country but guess what, there is some kind of a facebook scandal going on whether it's a school facebook page or his own facebook page, kim jong-il's grandson has this facebook page and the south korean media are reporting this and they have been picking over his blog and these pictures, apparently he's 16, he likes american movies. he also likes photography. he likes travel, it says and he likes going to spas to. there was a picture of him there with a young woman he's posted and they're having all these exchanges but one of the things i found that was most interesting he posted this poll and asked his friends whether they preferred democracy or communism. and he says he preferred democracy. i don't know how well that went over with grandpa. >> wow. well, i suspect grandpa might
5:50 am
not be on facebook. like many young people their parents or grandparents have no idea what they're doing on facebook. thanks, zain. in the u.s. cnn learned new jersey governor chris krity is on the verge of saying whether he'll run. we're told christi and his wife spent the weekend going over the pros and cons of running for president. an important case before the supreme court this session. the question, should police be allowed to track you with a gps device without a warrant? the high court is examining a drug case in the d.c. area but a california case is included as well in the brief -- as a brief. yasser afifi says they secretly discovered a gps discovered by his material. he says the fbi told him that an anonymous informant had called him a national threat.
5:51 am
>> i don't feel angry at all. i just feel really confused and anxious to find out how this turns out. >> all right. new documents leaked to cnn purport to show that eric holder was aware of the controversial fast and furious gun running operation as far back as july of last year. that directly vicks his testimony to congress. under the fast and furious operation, atf agents allegedly allowed thousands of weapons to cross the border and fall into the hands of mexican drug cartels in the hope of tracking these drugs -- these guns where they were going. a high-level justice department official says holder never misled lawmakers when appearing before the senate back in march but fast and furious still a controversial. to rob marciano. where are we expecting flight delays. >> authority east but not as bad as yesterday. a bit of a shift in the weather pattern. good morning again, showers, yes, unsettled weather continues
5:52 am
but today may be the last day of what you see her as far as circulation but showers across parts of jersey, delaware weather seeing showers this morning. and that will begin to wane as we go through the afternoon. as far as what's going on elsewhere, we're looking for delays across the area. in through new york and boston and philadelphia, d.c., some thunderstorms potentially in vegas. saw some of that this morning and salt lake city some rain and higher elevation snow. windy across the midsection and dangerously windy with temperatures in the 80s. record-setting temperatures in some spots. 83 degrees expected in denver. potentially fire danger across this area, red flag warnings posted for a good chunk of real estate across the midwest and northern plains. five to ten inches of new snow expected across the high
5:53 am
sierras. winter storm warnings posted there and for the wasatch of utah so getting off to an early start as what's anticipated to be another active season. all right, speaking of the west, further west to hawaii. why not, huh? now, this is the birthplace of surfing as legend goes and now, christine, the hawaii state board of education decided they'll make surfing part of the curriculum. part of phys ed and make it a competitive sport. as far as the mainland is concerned we'll teach you how to ride a bike when you get to high school. we'll see where this goes. it'll be -- they'll have jerseys and team buses and compete against other high cools. doesn't that look good and inviting. >> i don't think they'll compete against my old high school in iowa. mostly football and volleyball.
5:54 am
>> do other things well in iowa. >> politics. all right, rob marciano, yep, see you at 6:00. starbucks came up with a plan to create jobs. it all depends on whether people are willing to givement the word of the day, u.s. actually a phrase, peer bench-marking. find out what that means. whoa. whoa. how do you top great vacations? whoa. getting twice the points on great vacations. whoa! use chase sapphire preferred and now get two times the points on travel, and two times the points on dining and no foreign transaction fees. of the day, u.s. actually a apply now at
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it's 578 minutes after the hour. this is your "a.m. wake-up call." good morning. now back to the word of the day. today it's a phrase peer bench marking. it means setting salaries for executives that is equal or
5:58 am
above the median for executives at similar companies. it's a strategy that more companies are using to keep talented bosses from leaving. it makes headlines because amgen out in california claims peer benchmarking is the reason it's ceo received a $6 million raise despite losing 7%, 7% of its investments over the past five years. now to carter evans for a look at your morning money. good morning, carter. >> i'm in a sea of red. >> oh, no. >> i know. i know. >> just like the fourth quarter beginning just like the third quarter ended. >> the third quarter the worst for stocks since the 2008 financial crisis. now we move on to the fourth quarter and here's what we got. an ugly day yesterday. today is not looking a whole lot better. our futures. still concerns about the debt crisis in europe. nasdaq off about 9. s&p 500 down about 5 points. a report on factory orders today but really nothing down the pike
5:59 am
as far as good news that could turn things around. a lot worried about the parent of american airlines may have to file as well. >> factory orders are not usu usually a market mover but ben bernanke could be. starbucks wants to step up the job challenge. tell me about it. >> pretty interesting. basically they have a new program called let's create jobs for usa. starbucks ceo howard schultz's idea. all of the money donated goes to the opportunity finance network, a nonprofit that helps give small businesses loans so 5 bucks gets you a red, white and blue bracelet showing you donated to help create jobs in america. rhapsody buying nabster subscribers. rhapsody is buying


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