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tv   CNN Newsroom  CNN  October 8, 2011 12:00pm-1:00pm EDT

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like cutting our own arm to do the job we need to do. >> reporter: alvarez said the leaf blower works much faster than cleaning up with the broom. saving time saves money. >> it's probably not going to be as easy, as fast and as cost effective for the customer. >> reporter: still, save wants commissioners to listen to its message so that no one in palm beach county will be listening to this. dan cork rin, channel 5. >> how is it in your neighborhood? >> i wouldn't be upset losing leaf brothers. >> really? you need perfectly pan cured lawn for the street, increases the home value. >> i do that. i do it with a rake, okay? >> that's old school. rakes and sweeps? >> we're old school around here. >> good to see you today. >> happy morning, enjoy the rest of your weekend.
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>> good afternoon. you'll be on at midnight. >> see you at 2:00 a.m., pal. let's get started. thanks so much for joining us. a pretty controversial turn after a big backer of presidential candidate rick perry took aim at mitt romney for being a mormon. shortly after producing perry to the crowd of social conservatives texas pastor said they shouldn't select mitt romney because he's mormon, a religion the pastor described as a cult. later cnn political correspondent jim acosta asked the pastor how he responds to voters who insist that romney's religion shouldn't be an issue. here is what he said. >> the southern baptist convention, which is the largest protestant denomination in the world has officially labeled mormonism as a cult. i think mitt romney is a good moral man. but i think those are us who are born again followers of christ should always prefer a competent christian to a competent
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non-christian like mitt romney. >> political activist bill bennett responded to the pastor's comments today. take a listen. >> i would say to the pastor, you stepped on and obscured the words of perry and santorum and cain and bachmann and everyone else who has spoken here. you did rick perry no good, sir, in what you had to say. and if i may say, i announce this for the press in terms of debate between mormons and evangelical vuvuzela, i was there, the one true holy apostolic church. i forgive you all in the name of the father -- >> well, when mitt romney took the stage, he told the crowd that bill bennett hit it out of the park but he didn't address
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the controversy directly. he did address another speaker who claimed mormons and muslims don't deserve first amendment protection because of they have a different idea of who christ is. >> they strengthen the nation. we should remember decency and civility are values to. one of our speakers crossed that. poisonous language never softened a single heart or changed a single mind. the blessings of faith carry the responsibility of civil and respectful debate of the task before us is to focus on the conservative beliefs and the values that unite us. let no agenda narrow our vision or drive us apart. >> how is perry responding to the pastor's comments? here to tell us jim mccluskey joins us. jim, you were at the values voters summit. is perry distancing himself from the pastor?
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>> well, he's distancing himself somewhat. he was asked about it last night in iowa and he said he does not believe mormonism is a cult. the perry campaign says this was the event organizers who asked pastor jeffres to introduce perry not the perry campaign. i checked with the family resource council hosting the event, they said we did run this pastor past the perry campaign and he was okay with them. there is a bit of a controversy over the pastor's comments and whether or not they sort of had the tacit approval of the perry campaign. the romney campaign is not making that charge. they are basically stepping away from this controversy. they are not making any further comments. aid chance to talk to a spokesperson for the romney campaign after governor romney gave his speech. she said at point they have no plans for the former massachusetts governor to make
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any further comments on the subject. they believe that what this pastor had to say yesterday is beneath them and beneath governor romney so they don't want to talk about it. >> so then will this have any impact, do you think, on romney's campaign? >> i think it will. this was the elephant in the room, if you're pardon the expression, for the republican party heading into this campaign. a lot of social conservatives, a lot of evangelical christians have a problem with governor romney's faith. this pastor said this to me yesterday. he said, look, you may not say it to the press, we may not say it to pollsters but when we pull the curtain behind us in the voting booth for some christian conservatives, evangelical christians, this is going to be a problem for them. having said all that, mitt romney gave a speech back in december 2007 where he thought he was able to put this matter behind him. he went to texas a&m, you might
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remember, gave a speech that harkened back to john f. kennedy's efforts in 1960 to put his catholicism out of the public minds in terms of what they might or might not vote on. for mitt romney, he might have thought he put this behind him in the '08 campaign, unfortunately for him this is all back in the forefront. it caused a huge uproar at this conference. my sense is that, yes, he's going to have to deal with this as the campaign goes on. whether the campaign wants to or not, he's probably going to have to deal with it. >> jim, like you, i'm going to have a chance to talk to the pastor in the 4:00 eastern hour. we'll have another discussion about his comments. jim acosta, thanks so much. coming up in the next half hour, we're going to hear from ron paul who also addressed the values voters summit. demonstrators are back in the streets today to the occupy wall street protest. they are now in their 22nd day. the protest started in new york and they have spread to a dozen other cities now coast-to-coast
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including portland, oregon, austin, texas, washington, d.c. susan candiotti with us. saturday has been the biggest day so far for these protests, right? >> that's right. and here in new york they are planning something different. what's different? instead of just being in that part near wall street that we've seen so many times now because we're now entering the fourth week, believe it or not, now the group wants to expand its base of operations here in the city. so they are going to move to set up a second location in washington square park which is up the street. it's also in the heart of the new york university campus which could attract more students certainly. it's also near greenwich village. the question is, will this be a permanent second base of operations. we don't know yet. >> last saturday, susan, there are 700 arrests alone on the brooklyn bridge. what do you think about today? more peaceful?
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could we see the same type of arrest count? >> you know, it's hard to say. certainly the organizers of the protest say they are all about being peaceful but they also acknowledge that whenever there are clashes, they know they are getting more publicity out of it. so it's hard to predict certainly what will happen by the end of the day. we know there will be concerts, an additional march. also there could be a possible issue, as we mention that second park unlike the one where they are located now, which is a privately owned park and open 24 hours a day, this second park that we're talking about is a city park. it has a midnight curfew. we're not sure yet whether they will stay beyond that curfew and that might force a confrontation with police. we don't know. >> susan candiotti, we'll follow it throughout the day. thanks so much. professional football has lost one of its most enduring and colorful figures. legendary coach, commissioner and owner al davis has died.
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the oakland raiders breaking the news on its website. the team plans to release a statement later today. davis, who was 82, was a very hands-on owner and general manager during his 40 plus years at the helm his team won countless championships including three super bowls. al davis, dead at the age of 82. apple co-founder steve jobs was buried in a private ceremony yesterday. it was very small, family only. that was according to the "wall street journal." we don't even know where it was. apple says there won't be a public memorial for jobs who died wednesday of pancreatic cancer. you can go to remembering steve at to leave condolences. troops in afghanistan struggle after a decade of war and multiple tours of duty. >> there's a fatigue factor, emotionally drained, physically tired. we've had instances where soldiers have taken their lives here. that's tragic. >> haunting stories from bagram air base next.
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uh, it is, yeah, it's a chevy volt. so what are you doing at a gas station? well it still takes gas to go farther. but you're not getting gas. true. not this time. uh, don't have to gas up very often. so you have to go to the bathroom? no. yes you do. thought these were electric? yes, it's a uh, a chevy volt. so what are you doing at a gas station? delivering mail, medicine and packages. yet they're closing thousands of offices, slashing service, and want to lay off over 100,000 workers. the postal service is recording financial losses, but not for reasons you might think. the problem ? a burden no other agency or company bears. a 2006 law that drains 5 billion a year
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from post-office revenue while the postal service is forced to overpay billions more into federal accounts. congress created this problem, and congress can fix it.
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american troops have been fighting in afghanistan for 10 years now. war protesters marked the 10 year anniversary by demanding immediate withdrawal of u.s. forces in afghanistan. the protest was held at the entrance of martin luther king jr. memorial in washington. similar demonstrations held in other u.s. cities and abroad. the decade long war in afghanistan is taking a major toll on our troopers. a report from bagram air base outside kabul where the strain of combat is having tragic circumstances. >> reporter: again when they landed in bagram, it goes on. >> our father, who art in heaven -- >> reporter: ten years of jet
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fuel, now fatigue here. can you see what it takes to carry on through this decades wars. will you dent is chaplain to thousands. in his several months here affected by the very few. >> a number of our soldiers on their third, fourth, in some cases their fifth tour, there is a fatigue factor, emotionally drained, physically tired. we've had instances where soldiers have taken their lives here. that's tragic. we've had about six or seven since i've been here. when someone takes their own life, there's almost a sense of you've reached out to me for everything else, why don't you reach out to me for this. >> the ripples of a suicide reach far. sergeant guadalupe in this war so his three sons won't be, marred by the recent loss of a
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friend in iraq. >> it was actually, she overdozed. she was younger than me, so i didn't -- i thought she had a lot to live for. i don't know why it happened. i wasn't necessarily talking with her frequently at that time, but it hurt me a lot. and how? because i knew her. i knew what some of her dreams were and now she didn't get to live those dreams. it's like it ended. >> this was a dirt road a decade ago, now it's home to one in nine of america's troops in afghanistan. when the americans landed here 10 years ago, it was on this russian-made runway. now they have been here nearly a year longer than the soviets. the cost to the soviets huge. the cost to america, still
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unknown. although signs of sadness and change are everywhere, the prison here gone afghan prisoners elsewhere. soon troops will leave for good but will carry away with them the scars of here and iraq. >> what i do every year is i call the family, either the spouse or the parents of the individual that has been associated with me and was lost in combat. then i also call a very close friend of mine injured, severely injured on the day that occurred. like i said, i make three calls a year, actually four. sorry, four calls a year to family members. i won't say it makes me feel good or bad, it's just something that i need to do. >> reporter: the closing stages of a war longer than anything america has ever coped with before. cnn, bagram. each time a witness takes the stand we learn more about
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what happened the day michael jackson died. 2011 our legal eagles get ready to dissect the testimony in the trial of michael jackson's doctor. in america, we believe in a future that is better than today. since 1894, ameriprise financial has been working hard for their clients' futures. never taking a bailout. helping generations achieve dreams. buy homes. put their kids through college. retire how they want to. ameriprise. the strength of america's largest financial planning company. the heart of 10,000 advisors working with you, one-to-one. together, for your future. ♪
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there are more than 400,000 kids in the u.s. foster care system, about 30,000 age out of the system each year. suddenly faced with having to find work to support themselves, there's a hand full of new programs helping young adults get ready for the working world. christine romans errors plrepor >> reporter: ravens prophets in the system. >> don't have anyone to gain
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advice or put together a resume or conduct themselves in an interview. >> reporter: she's now a student at university of albany studying women's studies. she wants to be a roll model for other children. she's a youth ambassador for career workshops like this one. >> i learned how to be punkial, professional. >> reporter: a three-state study found former foster care youth are three times more likely to have a high school diploma or ged. they are more likely to end up on the government roles. three-quarters of women and one-third of men received food stamps and housing assistance. it's a tough role to break. >> the two largest pipelines for young adults in the country. >> reporter: for those young adults who age out of the system, suddenly being on their own can be difficult. >> right now i'm looking for any job that's hiring at the moment. i just need to be financially stable at the moment. >> tom hilliard, author of a new
12:19 pm
study on employment and former foster children. these kids, he says, need mentoring and jobs programs. >> any teenager who gets into a difficult work situation could just say the heck with this and walk out. but what if you knew you were going to be taken care of and nobody was going to say a word to you about it. then you're more hikely to walk out. >> reporter: raven says mentors she met in her early teens put her on the right track. that's why she wants to help others. >> i was blessed to have a great support system and a lot of programs, so i feel like that's important, vital for youth in foster care. for more on careers for teens and adults check out christine romans book "smart is the new rich." and he's... not so much. well, for a driver like you, i would recommend our new snapshot discount. this little baby keeps track
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two big trials under way, one involving michael jackson's personal doctor. the other the so-called underwear bomber. first the trial of dr. conrad murray, our legal analyst today, sunny hostin former federal prosecutor and contributor for "in session" who is in new york and holly hughes, criminal defense attorney and former prosecutor, she's here with me in atlanta. all right, guys. let's go ahead and start with conrad murray. first full week of foreign minister. prosecution seems to be racing through witnesses painting quite a picture of the doctor who to say the least was very distracted. they have heard most of the
12:22 pm
audiotape of dr. murray to police. what do you think, is that going to hurt or help his case. sunny? >> i've got to tell you, i think it helped his case. he sounded reasonable. he sounded cautious. he sounded concerned about michael jackson. and he got the chance to testify basically before this jury without being cross examined. this was almost a slam-dunk for the defense. he painted michael jackson out to be this chemically addicted man who had vast fapharmacologil knowledge who had been given propofol by doctors in germany. he said he didn't even know he had signed onto this. he didn't know he would be giving propofol sick days a week. i think all in all when you look at the totality of this interrogation, it was very, very helpful to the defense. >> and holly, three of dr. conrad murray's girlfriends testified this week. what did you make of that? why was this brought up?
12:23 pm
why was this brought into the testimony? >> the reason they wanted the girlfriends is they established a time line. i thought they were very careful about not character assassinating dr. murray. it wasn't about the fact he was having multiple affairs outside of his marriage, it was really about the standard of care, which is the whole issue in this case. while his patient is under the influence of propofol, he is on the phone with one girlfriend. we know that from the time line 11:57 a.m. she says i'm speaking with him and suddenly the phone goes dead. she can't get him back on the line. we can assume from that, that's when he discovers michael jackson. we then know 911 isn't called until 20 minutes after 12:00. that's a lapse of 23 minutes. what's happening during that time. the other girlfriend we know that while dr. conrad murray is in the ambulance with his patient rushing to the hospital to save his life, he calls another one of his girlfriends.
12:24 pm
that is not good medical care. there's no wear of getting around it. i've got to tell you, i've got to back up here, i love sunny hostin but i think that tape was incredibly damaging to dr. murray. he's on that tape admitting i didn't know anything about propofol. i didn't know i was going to have to administrator it. i'm not familiar with it. then what are you doing ordering gallons of it. >> that's right but michael jackson is pointed out as in control. michael jackson is in control. at least he painted michael jackson out as being in control. manipulativ manipulative. they are both adults. they are both adults though. that argument doesn't work. that argument doesn't work. let me disagree with you about the girlfriends. >> final thought, sunny. >> the girlfriends did assassinate the character of dr. murray. there was this one girlfriend nicole alvarez who described her body as an instrument.
12:25 pm
she and very flaky. she said dr. murray was paying for all her bills. they painted him out to be this sort of sugar daddy who likes young, very flaky, crazy girls. i've got to tell you, it was a back doorway of assassinating his character. in that sense i thought the prosecution did a masterful job. masterful. >> let's move to case number two. if i get in trouble i'm hiring you two. let's talk about the underwear boerm, 24-year-old nigerian accused of trying to blow up a passengers plane to detroit in 2009, we'll never forgot it. he had plastic explosives hidden in his underwear. jury selection ended. he's acting as his own attorney. is there anyone helping him, guiding him. >> there will be counsel helping him through the process. it's extremely difficult when clearly your client doesn't want you there. you've been appointed by the
12:26 pm
court to make sure this man doesn't absolutely shoot himself in the foot as it were. he's not familiar with the processes, not familiar with the evidentiary rules and procedure of the court. so there will be an attorney who is assigned by the court to sit there and assist him. but getting him to listen to you is virtually impossible. he's already told the court, i don't like any of these people. i'd rather defend myself. >> sunny, wrap it up for us. how hard is it to prosecute a case where the defendant is acting as his own attorney. >> it's extremely difficult. the old saying, he who has his self as a client has a fool for a lawyer. the latest news on this, he is going to allow his court appointed attorney to represent him in opening statements. his court appointed attorney is giving the opening statements. this is a 24-year-old highly educated man, highly educated man in nigeria. he's not stupid. perhaps he will take use of his
12:27 pm
court appointed attorney and not represent himself going into court on tuesday. >> you two are fired up for a saturday morning. we'll bring you back in 20 minutes to talk about a muslim inmate actually suing the state of ohio. he says his civil rights are violated because of the way his food is prepared. i'll see you guys in a little bit. iffany, stephanie, jenny and becky that she was coming to a place like this! but somebody didn't book with travelocity, with 24/7 customer support to help move them to the pool daddy promised! look at me, i'm swimming! ♪ [ gnome ] somebody, get her a pony! [ female announcer ] the travelocity guarantee. if your booking's not right, we'll help make it right, right away. from the price to the room to the trip you'll never roam alone.
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$1.8 billion this year in extra fees. >> there are a number of services historically were complimentary in hotelses, now some hotel properties are charging for them. this can be everything from shuttle service, fitness club fees, parking fees, fees for hotels to hold your bags to smaller fees you might not notice. >> reporter: by law hotels are required to disclose all charges on an itemized bill if you request one. >> a lot of frequent travelers tend to use express checkout service. i recommend getting an itemized bill when you check out and reviewing all of the charges. >> reporter: even a late night snack can be costly. >> many times hotels will automatically add on 20% gratuity, also add on a delivery service charge. >> reporter: being a member of a hotel loyalty program can help. >> some will offer free wi-fi or discounted parking if they are a member of a loyalty program.
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>> reporter: sometimes hotel points can be redeemed as airline miles when you're on the go. well, they help us stay in touch with family and friends and with what's doing on around us. just ahead how sites like facebook and twitter are changing the world.
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now for top stories. leon panetta says any agreement to leave american troops in iraq passed the deadline to withdraw that at the end of the year must include immunity from iraqi prosecution. made the agreement after a number of troops should remain in iraq but necessary to grant them immunity. monday is a new deadline to reach a labor deal between nba players and owners.
12:32 pm
if there isn't one, they will cancel the first two weeks of the season. he also said the entire season could be in jeopardy. at issue, how to split the profits between the owners and players' union. players will lose $350 million for each month they are locked out. a tower figure in the nfl has died. legendary coach, commissioner and owner al davis has passed away. over the years he led oakland raiders to countless championships and three super bowl victory always ememploying his players to just win, baby. how can we forget that. al davis was 82. republican presidential candidates are converging on washington this weekend for the values voter summit. a huge gathering of summit. nearly every candidate is attending the event in an effort to win over the key voting bloc. first on stage texas governor
12:33 pm
ron paul. >> our leaders and economy are under attack today. there is no doubt about it. so we will have to meet up and make this decision. to me the most important decision we have to ask, just as they ask, you know, in biblical times, as well as the time of our finding of this country, what should the role of government be. it isn't where do you cut this penny or this penny and what do we do here and there and tinker around the edges. it should be what should the roll of government be. the founders said the roll ought to be protection of liberty. that is what the roll ought to be. >> paul was followed by mitt romney who blasted president obama's economic policies. results from the summits straw poll are expected in a few hours. we'll bring them to you. the political primary calendar is like the weather. if you don't like it now, just wait. it's probably going to change. a look at all the shuffling. >> reporter: this the part that
12:34 pm
hasn't changed. a lot of candidates still running a race where they are not sure where the finish line is going to be. it is becoming a little bit clearer. this is what happened. a while back we had everybody clustered in february. then florida jumped forward and said they were going into january. that triggered south carolina and nevada to rush in there. now we're talking about iowa on the 3rd of january. that's the closest we've come to a solid date on that, which would probably end up putting new hampshire somewhere in this vicinity. all sorts of rules where they need to be in relation to each other. this is probably the calendar we're looking at right now. iowa did not go into december. that's something people worried about. that's probably a good thing. but there's still concerns about having that front loading of january same as before. now you have the holidays in here competing with the campaigning. you have the college bowl championships all taking place at the same time the early voting is happening. that's a real issue these campaigns do look at.
12:35 pm
so watch for the conflicts that build up there as we move this whole campaign season up. who benefits in same as before. probably front-runners with money do better, have a shorter race because they have to defend for less time. they have to get ready for general election to move through the process. voters, depends who you like, whether or not this is good or bad for you. for people who want a national primary, having this happen for the second presidential race in a row helps them build a case, look, we're moving to a national primary anyway. let's go ahead and get it done. still might be a long road before that happens. nonetheless, we said all along if you're writing in your primary calendar, for the moment keep those last few entries in pencil because they are not locked up yet. have you gone out to eat lately? if you put the tip on your credit card, there is a chance the server had to give 2% back to the restaurant. is that fair? legal eagles weigh in again. a lot of times, things are right underneath our feet,
12:36 pm
and all we need to do is change the way we're thinking about them. a couple decades ago, we didn't even realize just how much natural gas was trapped in rocks thousands of feet below us. technology has made it possible to safely unlock this cleanly burning natural gas. this deposits can provide us with fuel for a hundred years, providing energy security and economic growth all across this country. it just takes somebody having the idea, and that's where the discovery comes from.
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a muslim inmate on death row is suing over the way his meals are prepared. we're back with our legal briefs sunny hostin in new york. holly hughes right here in atlanta. okay. let's start with this lawsuit suing over meals. the muslim inmate on death row
12:39 pm
says ohio prisons refuse to prepare his meals under islamic law. holly, is it a violation of constitutional rights? >> no. here is the thing. i have read the constitution. nowhere in there does it say as a prisoner you get to have a certain thing to eat. this does not violate his constitutional rights. the prison has gone above and beyond here. they are preparing vegetarian mal meals. they have taken pork completely off the menu, even for inmates that want it. it's off the menu now. they are trying to make sure this inmate doesn't get something he's not supposed to have under his religious ten either. his issue is he's hollering he doesn't like the way the meat is being slaughtered. according to religious beliefs he can only eat meat bled out through the throat. you don't have a constitutional guarantee to get your food served like you want. you're in prison, come on. he's on death row for murdering
12:40 pm
his estranged wife and brother-in-law in a courthouse. i'm sorry, but when you go to prison you give up certain constitutional rights. you give up your right to be free from search and seizure. you give up your right to privacy. guess what, you give up your right to cook your own meals and have them delivered like you want. this is outrageous. >> sunny, we talked about this a week or two ago when an inmate requested his last meal and it was ridiculous. it was two pages long, steak and lobster and special desert and vegetables. they said, you know what, we'll give it to you. then they said forget it. this is totally going away. we're going to get rid of the law. what do you think? >> let me say this. i usually agree with holly on some things. when you become a prisoner you do give up a lot of rights. you don't give up your right to practice religion. i think that's very, very clear. holly, you know that. so in this case, they have to
12:41 pm
make reasonable accommodations just the way they make reasonable accommodations for other prisoners. they are making kosher meals in that prison. so they do have to, in a sense, make the accommodation for him. he's muslim. >> that's the point. they have taken pork completely off the menu. they have done that. >> i don't know that that gets them there. i don't know that that gets them there. i don't know that that gets them there. i think you're painting out to be -- painting this with a very broad stroke. this is a close legal question in my mind. i don't think it's that cut and dried. i think the prison does have to make sure they have made reasonable accommodations for him. i don't know if they have gotten there yet. >> onto a case number that's outraging a number of people. keeping 2% of servers tips if they are on a credit card. changes were necessary because more diners using credit cards and bank transaction fees have been rising.
12:42 pm
so what do you guys think? >> this really gets my goat, actually. >> go ahead, sunny. >> i think we might agree on this. we may agree. perhaps i'm upset about it because before i went to law school, i was a waitress like so many young people. the bottom line is you don't make that much money. for these employers to try to pass through these credit card fees to their employees, the ones least able to pay it, i just think is ridiculous. it's not illegal what they are doing. i think holly will agree with me. but what happened to corporate decency, being a good employer. you're going to take 2% from your employees, your waiters and waitresses because you don't want to pay credit card fees. come on. >> minimum wage for a waiter or waitress isn't what everybody else gets. if everyone gets $7, waiters and waitresses make $2.13 an hour. this is crazy. i will say sunny is right.
12:43 pm
it is not illegal but it is certainly immoral. who can best absorb this. if a customer says you're worth a $20 tip, it is just absolutely egregious that the company comes along and says, well, we're going to take a percentage of that. if i went in and took 2% of my employee's payment just because i felt like it, that would certainly be theft. >> you'd be a thief. >> i think this is absolutely outrageous. >> we agree, holly. we agree. >> there was this tweet sent out from the company say guests who spend with credit cards pay 25% more in cash so this results in higher tips and wages for our servingers. >> so what, that's a bonus that goes to the waiter or waitress. they are happy with your service. they like you. the customer gives that money up with the expectation it the go
12:44 pm
in the server's pocket because the server did a good job. i think people would be horrified and outraged. >> i'm glad you guys agree on this one. sunny, like you, and holly, i bet you waited a few tables. that's how i helped pay for college. tips were everything. if they didn't tip well, i say, what did i do wrong. that was completely unfair. thanks, guys. the latest marching band routine that goes viral. you won't want to miss it. ♪ and the flowers and the trees ♪ ♪ all laugh when you walk by
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wellish -- well, the halftime show is one of the bers things about college football games, aside from the game, of course. this is a show from a band that definitely knows how to rock the crowd. ♪ ♪ >> all right. reynolds, ohio university knows what they are doing. >> in athens, ohio. my goodness, what a beautiful
12:48 pm
day on the gridiron. who ever thought all the action was during the game itself. >> college bands, even high school bands need a little more credit. >> absolutely. >> they have got the rhythm. sometimes they have got better moves than football players. >> when you listen to music, listening is one thing. this is one of the things you really have to look, see it and hear it at the same time. you lose something just hearing the music. >> more than a million hits on youtube now. you got moves like that? i know you do. i hear you sing now and then. i see you off camera. >> she's telling the truth. >> is true. he loves to rap. rap about the weather now. >> i will rap about the weather. let me tell you the dance they are going to be doing in parts of texas of it's going to involve an umbrella. so dry there in the summer months. now a big change in the forecast as this area of low pressure across the central plains and frontal boundary zip from west to east. as it does so, especially in tech it's going to interact with moisture from the gulf and you'll see scattered showers and possibly maybe rain.
12:49 pm
in fact, the forecast holds anywhere from odessa to midland, back to abilene, two to six inches of rainfall from now all the way through monday. some places may get as much as eight to ten. when that happens, dry river beds will be filled up. the hard soil is really going to cause runoff where flash flooding is a certainty in many spots. the back side of the system, rocky mountains, cold air from the north, possibly snowfall in the highest elevations. could see a foot of snowfall. meanwhile eastern seaboard plenty of high pressure, with that not much in the way of rainfall. wrap things up, what you can anticipate highs boston, new york, 70s, 76 in washington, 78 in atlanta, 79 in miami, 66 in portland, 85 in kansas city and 76 in los angeles. that's your forecast. >> thank you, reynolds. >> you bet. they help us stay in touch with family and friends and what's going on around us. just ahead how sites like
12:50 pm
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we saw it first in tunisia,
12:53 pm
then egypt, libya, images and alerts of uprisings posted on the internet by people in the streets. some days that was the only way the outside world knew what was going on. in-depth on the powerful media. >> reporter: even before mubarak stepped down from power, egyptians were already talking about the role the internet played in their uprising. >> definitely this the intern revolution. i'll call it revolution 2.0 art as arab spring started to take root throughout the region, egyptians weren't the only ones utilizing facebook and twitter to mobilize the masses. contin tunisians, yes, ma'amens, syrians. few have access to internet and 60% of adults are i will literal. one of the most important aspects of social media is it can be used as a form of
12:54 pm
advocacy. >> seconds post it on twitter, we tweet to followers, then like a tree with branches. information spreads around the world in the matter of an hour. >> reporter: it was a newfound freedom using the most up to date technologies to get the word out in countries with extremely strict media controls. where populations had grown accustomed to being heavily monitored. some countries cut internet or phone service at times attempting to shut down communications but never completely effective. months of revolt produced a flood of images from citizen journalists constantly posting and uploading them online. some claim to prove atrocities. the role of social media during arab spring took on another dimension when news of steve jobs death broke. tweeted attributes to the man whose apple products helped them make it easier onspread their revolutionary message. many express grat tuds for iphone, the a advice that
12:55 pm
allowed revolution areas to film demonstrations, post videos only, text message their colleagues, phone their contacts, all from the palm of their hands. via twitter, one egyptian wrote, so you got steve jobs who made millions happy and you have someone like mubarak that made millions sad. muhammad jamjune, cnn. the 65-year-old pilot 13 miles off coast of hawaii when he ran out of fuel. the coast guard there within minutes to rescue them. miami-dade could be losing some of their police force. the mayor is threatening to lay off 90 officers if the union doesn't make concessions to balance the budget. officers who respond to 911 calls could be the last ones affected. right now 2900 sworn officers on the force. top stories right after this. coffee doesn't have vitamins... unless you want it to.
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12:59 pm
said funds jobs not war. the protest ended at the martin luther king memorial. this is what angers them. america lost nearly 1800 troops. another 14,000 came home wounded. it cost taxpayers $323 billion and counting. the woman known as the tree mother of africa has been laid to rest, nobel laureate was cremated in nairobi. she led to the planting of 40 million trees in her country. she believed most conflicts were over natural resources. she was not buried in a wooden coffin in accordance with his beliefs. mitt romney's faith is coming under fire from a conservative baptist preacher who suggests mormon ties may turn off evangelical voters. pastor jeffress from dallas goes further saying mormonism is a cult and romney is not a christian. jeffress made the comment when


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