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tv   AM Wake Up Call  CNN  October 13, 2011 5:00am-6:00am EDT

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new developments in the assassination terror plot involving iran. the u.s. treasury department is taking action today. lawmakers meet on the issue. the fbi busts a man in florida for hacking into the e-mail accounts of celebrities and dozens of other people. investigators say he was able to figure out people's secret pass words. big apologies after another major blackberry service outage. we're finding out more about
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what went wrong. good morning to you. it is thursday, october 13th. this is your am "wake-up call." the treasury department has slapped new sanctions against iran's force. the government describes a money trail starting within that iranian organization. but former homeland security secretary tom ridge says think bigger. >> it's a monstrous ly buffet. they are working unilaterally independent of the ayatollah himself. clearly that, is a force under the control of the hierarchy of the mullahs within iran. so i just can't imagine that anybody's been authorized to operate independently of that leadership. >> senator joe leberman tells
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cnn a military response should be considering saying this behavior by iran cannot go unresponded to. the president as kmapder in chief, our allies and the you saudis including the target here have a lot of options that are both owe ververt and covert. in my opinion, there has to be a response. by the way, a senate hearing today will discuss current sanctions against iran. a mathor surprise on day two in the trial against the accused underwear bomber. he pleaded guilty to all charges against him. his legal adviser anthony chambers spoke outside the courthouse. >> it's a situation where he just simply reflected upon what had occurred and what he thought was the best decision. there's nothing in particular that caused this to happen. it clearly was not opening any piece of evidence by one witness. it's a decision that was against the advice of counsel but his decision he chose to make and he believed to be the right thing to do today based upon his own feelings.
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>> the knee jeerian native dried to detonate an explosive device on christmas day 2009. a man suspected of going on a killing spree at a southern california beauty salon is in custody this morning. he is 42-year-old scott decray. he was taken into custody without incident but now trying to figure out a motive. wednesday's rampage left eight people dead and a ninth person in critical condition. a warning for the occupy wall street protesters and it's coming from new york city michael bloomberg. the protesters have been using new york's park to hold their anti-wall street demonstrations for the past four weeks. during his visit to the park yesterday, the mayor said the park would be cleaned on friday and cautioned the protesters to obey the rules. at a news conference, the mayor talked about the legality of holding the protests in a public
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park. >> we believe the law says that they, because of the terms of the park was created, we don't know that we could force them out if we wanted to do that. political news this morning, herman cain is now leading the pack. that's according to an nbc news/"wall street journal" poll. he is the first choice among 27% of republican voters. four-point lead over mitt romney. rick per ji in third. we'll talk more about this new poll and our political ticker in ten minutes much the important thing to remember this about this poll, it was taken before tuesday's debate. shocking video out of florida. a 70-year-old bus monitor is caught on camera beating and biting a 14-year-old student.
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this happened back in june. the polk county state attorney's office released the video. it happened when the 14-year-old threw a much smaller student over the seat, hitting the bus monitor in the face and chest. the bus monitor now faces child abuse charges. let's head to atlanta and rob marciano. i'm sorry, that story led into you, rob. that was terrible. >> violence. >> wow. >> listen, we'll do a little weather and then show you a more life giving story at the end of the weather cast. first off, video coming into us out of mexico. talked about hurricane jova yesterday. this is the video. you see it disappear rapidly. tremendous amount of rain with this. over a foot of rain in many spots. this is what you get. you know the hills go up in a hurry. so flash flooding with a foot of rain is not out of the question.
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you get water coming through that particular city. it's still raining there and still raining in the mountains. the winds have since died down. all right. here is the satellite picture as mentioned. there you see it disappearing as far as the infrared satellite imageries go. the eastern half of the country is where we'll see the most unsettled weather today. west of there, windy and hot in the desert southwest. chicago, slicing back through st. louis and new york city and boston. this is relatively light stuff. that will cause some travel delays in the new york metro hubs and in chicago as well. potentially seeing over an hour delay if both of those spots. boston, philadelphia to a lesser extent. atlanta and charlotte seeing showers. still mild side, though. 69 in new york. 67 degrees in chicago. 64 degrees up there in minneapolis. all right. missouri, you know, a lot of people have twins these days. a couple in missouri, carol, had
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twins. they had one of the babies on october 1st in one city, in bellevue. and parentally the baby number two was not ready to come into the world. so they stopped momma's contractions and let her go home for a couple days. october 6th, five days later, carol, the next baby was born in a completely different city in another hospital. both are said to be doing relatively well. but looks to me like they're on the small side. so maybe they came a little bit early. >> actually, that's good for them. they'll have their own birthday. >> yes, they won't -- yes, they won't be so same person. they get two birthdays, two separate sets of friends. it could be cool to have a twin but you'd have to share your birthday. almost like having your birthday on christmas. >> that's true. >> i always felt bad for those kids. >> i'm sure it will be fine for them. thank you, rob. we appreciate it. >> see you, carol.
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the occupy wall street movement has taken off across the country which means jokes about it are popping up everywhere. here is jimmy kimmels's take on the protests. >> the protests have been going on for quite some time and they're starting to become a burden on local businesses in the area. there is a notable exception. one business which managed to find a way to actually make some money on all this. >> this holiday season, give a loved one a unique memorable gift that will last a lifetime. now you can name a wall street occupier after that special someone on your gift list. introducing the international wall street occupier registry. the international wall street occupier registry has a limited number of occupiers available for naming. for just $54.99, we'll xlekt a unique occupier and tattoo the name of your loved within on his or her arm. they'll receive a full color photo of their personal occupy area long with certificates of authenticity. and if and when the occupier
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gets arrested, your loved one's name will appear on the police log. call this number to reserve your occupier now. don't be a douche, call today. >> just that last line got me. you heard it. when blackberry goes down, you feel lost. no you feel really, really angry. millions of customers around the world lost service and they want it back, like now. what's being done to get you back online? we'll have that just ahead. first, here's today's quote of the day. "if you could get another ultra rich american to publish their rernz along with mine, that would be very useful to the tax dialogue and intelligent reform." can you guess who said that? we'll have the answer for you in a couple minutes. a vacation on a budget with expedia. make it work. booking a flight by itself is an uh-oh. see if we can "stitch" together a better deal.
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it's pretty amazing when people who loan you money also show you how to save it. not just money, knowledge. it's so much information, it's like i'm right there in every van in the entire fleet. good day overall. yeah, i'm good. come on in. let's go. wow, this is fantastic. ge capital. they're not just bankers. we're builders. they helped build our business. this is your "a.m. wake call." here is the quote are the day. if you could get other ultra rich americans to publish their tax returns along with mine that, would be very useful to tax dialogue and intelligent reform. this is all part of buffet's campaign to get congress to raise taxes on the super rish but th rich and revealed his adjusted
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gross income was $62.9 million last year. his federal income tax bill was nearly $7 million. another black eye for the company that makes blackberries. millions have seen their service disrupted this week and in and out the problem has spread to the united states. let's head to hong kongment my blackberry service was down most of the day yesterday. it appears to be back now. is that true with all customers? >> there is some progress in some areas because the maker of the blackberry is in damage control mode. research in motion is struggling to restore blackberry service in much of the world. the issue has spread into north america. an update from the company's website announce the a significant increase in service levels in europe, middle east and africa. now stephen baits, the managing director of rim in ireland, he says the company is frantically working on a fix.
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>> at this stage we understand the frustration our customers have because blackberry is used as a communication vehicle for people to connect with their friends, their family and work colleagues. we understand the importance of that system working in real time. and we do see some improvements. we have seen a marked improvement in the service in business and consumer e-mail through our systems. and we still don't think we're out of the woods yet. our team is working and is going to continue to work night and day until we get to that resolution point. >> not out of the woods yet. rim shares are already down 60% this year. and expected to see more downward pressure on friday with the launch of the apple iphone 4s. >> i smell the purchases of many, many more iphones, just saying. go ahead. >> oh, sorry. well, anyway, again, got a really good next story to tell you about. about nasa exploring balloons
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for space travel. and this one is straight out of a novel. nasa is testing balloons for space exploration. how exactly would they be used? potential projects include a suborbital spacecraft. a trip to saturn would require a balloon that can withstand tempt negative 292 degrees fahrenheit. they're testing the next generation balloons with a oregon-based company in a world war ii blimp hangar. consider it live but with a little history. >> that is a cool story and a much more positive story than the blackberry story was. thanks as always live from hong kong. who will come out on top for the republican race for the white house? mitt romney is holding steady. but herman cain continues to surge to the top in a brand new poll. what does it all mean? it's 13 minutes past the hour. [ mom ] scooter? your father loves
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16 minutes past the hour. comedians are still joking about the gop debate from tuesday night. jay leno takes issue with the music choices. here's your punch line. >> you have noticed during the debates the more boring the candidates are the more dramatic and exciting the music is? here's the music -- this is the actual music from last night's debate. listen to it.
5:17 am
♪ now see, for that kind of music this is what the candidates should look like. >> you see? there! >> that was really funny. it's time for our political ticker with tim farley. where's your loin cloth? that's what i want to know? >> we're not going to get into. that thank you very much. >> that's probably good. let's talk about this instead. president obama's senior campaign strategist david ark will r axel rod is going after mitt romney calling him a
5:18 am
flip-flopper. but he does stop short of labelling romney as the presumptive nominee. ari fleisher calls the move about it obama administration an interesting new development. listen. >> when you're a president and you can't run on what you've done, you attack anybody you can find. and i think they're trying to undermine whoever the eventual nominee is going to be. >> actually recall not right about this time in 2003 when president bush was running for re-election, they telegraphed a strategy in which they would go after the democratic nominee. >> oh, so which line of thought do we believe, tim farley? >> well, you know, this is sort of like watching that movie "war games." at the end a different strategy pops up on the screen and there is destruction in either case. i don't think that will happen here. look, this is a long boxing match. it's anyone who watches boxing will tell you, it's the jabs and body blows that work until you
5:19 am
get to eventual lit knockout punch. it does seem that this does signal, if i could use that analogy and beat it to death, that they're trying -- that their telegraphing their punches. they think that mitt romney is the one to beat. they have to do work. the push is to portray him as a flip-flopper and all the other kinds of things. meanwhile, they have to run against their own record which is the biggest challenge for this administration, regardless who have the republican nominee is. but it does seem more and more they're leaning that way. it's not just the white house by the way. the dnc is already sent out e-mails specifically to michigan voters to talk about mitt romney. they see him as somebody who will be competing in the michigan primary. and so the message is spreading right now. it does seem that they're looking at mitt romney as the man. >> with everybody pushing the primaries up, too, maybe they have to act sooner. i don't know. it is strange. new hampshire's primary could be on december 6th. >> yeah. but if they think mitt romney is going to be the one who is going to emerge victoous, regardless
5:20 am
of how the schedule works out, they're looking long ball and they see mitt romney as the guy. they need the death of 1,000 cuts starting with the cuts right now. >> you want to weaken them as soon as possible. you know, at least in the voter's mind. let's talk about herman cain. in the new "wall street journal" poll, he leads the pack. one caveat to that poll, of course, it was taken before the republican debate on tuesday. but still, he's ahead of mitt romney in this poll. >> well, he had a pretty good debate on tuesday, too. so you wouldn't see the numbers drop anyway. this is a national poll. that's important to remember much it's also important to remember that people don't win nominations by winning national polls. they win it state by state. herman cain has not done much in iowa. you'll remember also that when mike huckabee who eventually won iowa came out with his cappndidy in 2008, he was pushing a fair tax. the 999 tax and spending plan that herman cain came out with doesn't sell among a lot of
5:21 am
conservatives. that may be part of the undoing. it is simple and easy to understand. they like his positive, upbeat message. they like the fact that he's not mitt romney. i think that's one of the key parts of this, carol much it's more of a problem for mitt romney which shows that he hasn't sold anybody yet. the democrats are saying he's the inevitable candidate. and republicans may think he is. but they're not really excited about that now. >> i think roger simon said it best. he said republicans' hearts are with herm an cain and their brains are with mitt romneyment we' romney. we'll see how it works out. thanks tim farley. a four-hour fire fight, one of gadhafi's sons captured. rebels try to take full control of the loyalist's last strong hold. more details straight ahead. st w i want to do it ♪ ♪ changing of my mind ♪ it's just how we're gonna do it ♪ ♪ [ male announcer ] turn your world upside down
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well, both are important. let's be clear. they are but this is important too. [ man ] the receivables. [ male announcer ] michelin knows it's better for xerox to help manage their finance processing. so they can focus on keeping the world moving. with xerox, you're ready for real business. welcome back. rebels say they have captured one of gadhafi's sons. haven't we heard that before? let's head around the world with our reporter love eer live in . is this true or not true? does the council have one of gadhafi's sons in its control? >> i guess the answer for that right now carol is we don't know. word came wednesday that after four-hour fire fight in the battleground city, one of gadhafi's sons had been captured. he was libya's national security adviser and under his father's
5:25 am
regime, he had a prominent role in the military and security forces. some reports suggest he was directing operations in gadhafi as hometown. others say dent have a formal role. initially the council who we're quoting field commanders say that his son along with a number of aides were captures and were then taken to the eastern part of libya. but then later a spokesman for the ntc said that as far as they were concerned, there is no confirmation that he has been captured. this happened before. about a month ago the international criminal court reported that another of colonel gadhafi's son was captured. then later he was seen by reporters. will is no word on any of the gadhafis whereabouts. carol? >> including the big one, gadhafi himself. he's still out there somewhere. no one knows where.
5:26 am
okay. let's move on to this other story. it's fascinating and involves pirates and a message in a bottle. >> yeah, i keep hearing sting's song in my head right now. this is a story that is about more details about his rescue operation that took place in the waters off somalia early this week. an italian ship with 23 crew onboard was hijacked by pirates who destroyed the ship's communications system. the captain of the ship activated what rescuers would describe as the best maritime practices. essentially, the crew barricaded themselves in the engine room after throwing a message overboard in a bottle. they also put up a cardboard sign to let rescuers know where they were. the crew were freed by troops operating under nato's operation ocean shield. it was made bost u.s. and british troops along with the italian military. 11 pirates surrendered. how did they find that bottle in the ocean?
5:27 am
>> i was going to ask you. it's a big ocean. it's a little bottle. but i guess, i don't know, they had some great forces with them. the force was with them. i don't know. thanks so much live in london this morning. a hacking case targeting some of hollywood's elite. a man accused of hacking computers of celebrities and posting very private things online. you'll hear from him just ahead. capital one's new cash rewards card
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good morning you to. this is your a.m. "wake-up call." it is 30 minutes past the hour. this morning we're hearing from the florida man accused of
5:31 am
hacking into hollywood celebrities cell phones. the feds say christopher cheney hacked into computer accounts and other devices of more than 50 people including scarlet johan sen and singer christina aguilera. investigators say he uploaded nude photos of some of the victims online. cheney tells our affiliate waws what started out as a curiosity turned into a strong addiction. >> so what would you do with the information you found in those e-mails? >> nothing. i mean it was almost like reading a completely uncensored blog. i mean i wasn't saving archives of e-mails to blackmail someone. >> cheney is charged with 26 counts. he faces a maximum of 121 years in prison if he is convicted. a petition with 200,000 signatures on it got bank of america's attention. but that may be all. a bank executive personally called 22-year-old woman this
5:32 am
week. molly is the one who launched the online petition after bank of america said it would charge debit card users a $5 fee. well, the bank of america executive told molly he understands customers' frustration but he says cancelling the fee would be "premature." the justice department is going to court seeking information about last year's massive gulf oil spill. the target, transocean, the company that drilled. they issued subpoenas for information. the board asking for it doesn't have the authority to investigate. and that's why they're so slow with these things. today in the doctor conrad murray trial, the defense will get its chance to cross-examine a sleep expert who says that propofol has no therapeutic benefits for insomnia. a cardiologist took the stand
5:33 am
yesterday and said that michael jackson would still be alive if dr. murray didn't wait so long to call 911. in a taped police interview, dr. murray said he only tried to help jackson. >> i mean, i love mr. jackson. he was my friend. and he opened up to me in different ways. and i wanted to help him as much as i can. >> as for the defense, it is dropping its theory that jackson may have orally ingested, you know, swallowed the propofol blamed for killing him. in topeka, kansas, the county prosecutor says his office will resume prosecuting domestic abuse cases though with little money and less staff. the move comes one day after the topeka city council facing a budget crisis of its own voted to repeal the city's misdemeanor domestic battery law making it in effect legal to abuse your spouse. 30 suspects have gone unprosecuted since the standoff
5:34 am
began a month ago. a new report says the united states remained largely unprepared for a large-scale bioterrorism attack or a deadly disease outbreak. the u.s. got a failing grade for ability to handle a large scale event. it also got ds across the board for its ability to develop and quickly approve medical counter measures such as vaccines. if you paid nearly $7 million in income taxes, you would say you paid your fair share? warren buffett says he didn't. he says that's not enough. he reveals his tax records just ahead. he yummy cereal? yummy. [ woman ] lower cholesterol. [ man 2 ] yummy. i got that wrong didn't i? [ male announcer ] want great taste and whole grain oats that can help lower cholesterol? honey nut cheerios.
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5:36 am
>> well, there are other cities this happened. to you've seen cities going into hundreds of millions of dollars in debt. why? in this case, this is a higher rate of poverty than other cities in the area. so as the economy is really taking a hit, that means the city had to do a lot more for its residents. also, you just have the idea of foreclosed homes that are marking certain areas. that's a big expense for cities as they have to have, you know, police and firefighters board them up. they have to take care of at band ond properties. and lost revenue from the recession. no question. harrisburg, pennsylvania, we've seen big budget robs like in central falls, rhode island. you remember that one. boise county, idaho, jefferson county, alabama, all of these places facing bankruptcy, declared bankruptcy or somehow managed to avoid it and are now emerging from it. here is the issue for a lot of these places. when they have to cut their budgets, it's something that you feel immediately. because this is the government that is closest to you, right?
5:37 am
i mean this is -- this is the firefighters, the people on the front lines, the people who respond when you pick up the phone and call the city. so that's why it really shows how the recession has come right down and hit some of the towns very, very difficult. >> let's talk about warren buffett. i'm trying to wrap my mind around the fact that he made $62 million last year. >> warren buffett, remember, he's one of the world's richest men. he is a careful investor, careful businessman who earned seriously earned his business chops over many years of investing. in 2010, what did he earn? he told congress in a letter detailing exactly what his earnings were, his total income, $62.9 million. his taxable income, $39.8 million. his federal tax bill was about $6.9 million. that's what warren buffett sent
5:38 am
in the government. so 17.4% was his tax rate. of course, you know the tax brackets, carol, are much, much higher than that. and that's one thing that warren buffett said again and again. it isn't fair that he paid 17.4% when the secretary, for example, is paying in the 30s. just not fair. so that's how he plays into the whole debate about is it fair, the fair share that the share that the rich are paying in their taxes? he says, no. and that's congress debating that. >> and that controversy goes on. thanks. i'll join you in just a bit. herman cain surges to the top of a new poll. he's hot. we'll break it down for you next. therapy, it's pro-cool technology releases armies of snowmen masseuse who cuddle up with your soreness and give out polar bear hugs. technology. [ male announcer ] new bengay cold therapy. the same technology used by physical therapists. go to for a $3 coupon. the same technology used by physical therapists. ♪
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aviva life insurance and annuities. we are building insurance around you. good morning. it's 40 minutes past the hour. herman cain is leading the pack. that's according to an nbc news/"wall street journal" poll. set first choice, cain is, among
5:41 am
27% of voters. it is a four point lead over mitt romney. in what is being called a major win for american workers and businesses, congress has passed free trade deals with colombia, panama, and south korea. the white house republicans and big business groups called the deal job creators claiming it will spur $13 billion in new exports each year. but union groups say there's no proof that trade deals were delivered tens of thousands of new jobs. they also say the deals don't do enough to protect workers' rights in those nations. president obama will welcome the south korean president by the way to the white house tonight for a state visit. attorney general eric holder is among several top justice department officials named in a congressional subpoena. investigators are requiring information about a controversial program called operation fast and furious. the program which allowed the illegal sales of guns believed to be destined for mexican drug cartels came under fire after weapons found at a mexican and american murder scenes were traced back to the program. blackberry outages
5:42 am
frustrating millions of users across the globe much what's being done to make sure we stay online? we're talking to one of the men in charge. that is just ahead. first, one year ago today the 33 chilean miners were rescued after being trapped underground for more than two months. that rescue operation took 22 hours. it's 42 minutes past the hour. you have one new message. [ mom ] hi scooter. this is mommy. the progresso chicken noodle you made is so good. the vegetables are cut nice and thick... you were always good at cutting your vegetables. and it's got tender white-meat chicken... the way i always made it for you. oh, one more thing honey... those pj's you like, the ones with the feet, i bought you five new pairs. love you. did you see the hockey game last night? [ male announcer ] progresso. you gotta taste this soup. a vacation on a budget with expedia. make it work. booking a flight by itself is an uh-oh. see if we can "stitch" together a better deal.
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good morning you to.
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it is thursday, october 13th. this is your "a.m. wake-up call" joining us flif new york. it's 44 minutes past the hour. serious outages for blackberry users affecting people on fife different couldnntinents. erin, this is affecting a lot of people for days now. are these outages finally over? >> well, carol, some good news for blackberry users across europe, the middle east and africa. research in motion telling thus morning that there has been some significant improvements within their network this morning. as of 6:00 a.m., british standard time, blackberry users have a full range of services here in europe including e-mail, including blackberry mess enking and browsing. throughout the night, executives were working here in the building just behind me to resolve this issue.
5:46 am
and they are saying that they're cautiously optimistic about their progress, carol. >> so do we know what's behind all of this? what's behind the outages? >> well, yes, carol. this is an infrastructure problem that happened in what they call a core switch here in europe. it's a place where most of the data flows through the network here in europe. and that core switch went out last night. stephen bates, the managing director, talked to us a little bit about the problem. >> the cause behind this delay is in the core switching systems within the rim infrastructure. typically we have a lot of the backup systems to provide resillency. in the case of the switching systems, that backup has not worked as we had expected. >> now that backup led to a backlog of e-mails and different data points going through this
5:47 am
network which research in motion responded to by slowing the network to deal with the backlog of information. and as a result, we saw the effects spread throughout africa, south america, and then yesterday morning north america. but hopefully, carol, this situation is now under control. >> i hope so and so do hundreds of thousands of others. thank you, reporting live from london this morning. the united states is urging other countries to cut ties for iran after a terror plot. the treasury department he has slapped new sanctions against the force. they describe a money sale starting within that iranian organization. but former homeland security secretary tom ridge says think bigger. >> it's a monstrously thing to think that someone that in the force would be operating unilaterally independent either
5:48 am
of the ayatollah himself or am an din jad. quite clearly that, is a force under the control of the hierarchy of the mullahs within our i iran. i can't meth that anybody's been authorized to operate independently of that leadership. >> senator joe lieberman sells cnn a military response should be considered saying this kind of behavior by iran cannot go unresponded to. the president as commander in chief, our allies, including the saudis who are the target here, have a lot of option that's are both overt and covert and in my opinion there has to be a response. that from senator joe lieberman. a senate hearing today will take place and they'll discussion current sanctions against iran. a major surprise on day two of the trial of the underwear bomber. he pleaded guilty to all charges against him. his legal adviser anthony chambers spoke outside the courthouse. >> it's a situation where he just simply reflected upon what
5:49 am
had occurred and what he thought was the best decision. there's nothing in particular that caused this to happen. it clearly was not opening or any piece of evidence by one witness. it's a decision that was against the advice of counsel but a decision he chose to make and he believed to be the right thing to do today based upon his own feelings. >> the nigerian native tried to detonate an explosive device on a detroit-bound flight on christmas day in 2009. he said he did it to avenge the death of innocent muslims. investigators are trying to determine how two amtrak trains collided overnight in oakland, california. there are reports one of the trains was stationary at the time unloading passengers. another train then ran into that one in what is being called a slow-speed crash. cnn affiliate says as many as 18 people have been hurt. shocking video out of florida. a 70-year-old bus monitor caught on camera beating and biting a 14-year-old student.
5:50 am
>> wow. this happened back in june. the polk county state attorney's office released this security video. the 14-year-old threw a much smaller student over the seat hitting the bus monitor in the face and chest. the monitor now faces child abuse charges. quick glance at sports now. cam newton can move forward with no scandal hanging over his head. the ncaa ended the year-long investigation into the auburn university football program. auburn paid money to recruit newton, now a budding star in the nfl, investigators found no evidence of that. and they say everything's bigger in texas including the drama that the rangers nelson cruz hit a three-run home run in the top of the 11th inning to lead texas over detroit in the
5:51 am
american league championship series. texas w leads that series 3-1. but there is still time for the detroit tigers. >> there is. you know, you've had your back against the wall before as far as the tigers are concerned. we'll see what happens. cruz, that guy is clutch, man. he always comes through. >> unbelievable. you couldn't expect him to be perfect all season and then postseason. >> no. >> he looks a little tired, actually. i think he's ready for a christmas break. anyway, best of luck to both teams. it's a feel good story. i'm not a fan of either team. all right. let's do a little bit of -- let's go to mexico. hurricane jova is churning there. a tremendous amount of flooding. we had rainfall over a foot of rain in a lot of the spots. and there you see the result of it. torrents coming down. and itf re.
5:52 am
nonetheless this is what the result was. and the storm itself is pretty much fizzled out into the mountains there. you see relatively quickly. but these are the totals. and in many cases, well up and over a foot. check out a little further north, north of the baja and southwest of the u.s. santa ana winds blowing in california. 105 yesterday. long beach got to 102. another steamy day out there with the off shore winds. but every east of the mississippi is where we'll see unsettled weather. two pulses of rain, one of which is slowly marching towards chicago land and milwaukee. and the other is kind of scattered across the northeast from new york to boston. that will cause delays at the airport, especially fli new york city metro and chicago to a lesser extent in boston and philadelphia. temperatures still mild. obviously the record breaking temperatures will continue across the southwest. 69 in new york. 67 in chicago for october. that's pretty good. all right. all the time we have right now, carol. i'll see new a few minutes. thanks for the temperatures.
5:53 am
they're great. thank you, rob. >> you're welcome. still ahead, we now know which banks are increasing their fees but we found some that actually are not increasing their fees. we'll have details on that just ahead. first, let's take a look at the word of the day. that would be hackerazzi. find out what it means and why you need to know about it after this break. [ male announcer ] for sore muscles use new bengay cold therapy, it's pro-cool technology releases armies of snowmen masseuse who cuddle up with your soreness and give out polar bear hugs. technology. [ male announcer ] new bengay cold therapy. the same technology used by physical therapists. go to for a $3 coupon. the same technology used by physical therapists. fore! no matter what small business you are in, managing expenses seems to... get in the way. not anymore. ink, the small business card from chase introduces jot an on-the-go expense app made exclusively for ink customers. custom categorize your expenses anywhere.
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it is four minutes until the top of the hour. this is our "a.m. wake-up call." today's word of the day, hackerazzi. what does it mean? it is used to describe hem who
5:57 am
hack into celebrities e-mail accounts. they're using the word in case involving a 35-year-old florida man. he's accused of hacking into e-mail accounts and other devices belonging to more than 50 people including actress scarlet johan sen and singer christina aguilera. now you know. republican presidential candidate michelle bachmann took on herman cain's 999 plan at a gop debate on tuesday nightment and now comedians are taking on michelle bachmann. here's your punch line. >> she took on herman cain's 999 plan. look at this. >> you're never going to get rid of it. and one thing i would say is when you take the 999 plan and you turn it up side down, i think the devil's in the details. >> you have to respond. we've given you several chances to respond the we'll come back. >> that's right. >> michelle bachmann who pointed out that if you flip the numbers
5:58 am
999 up side down it turns into 666, the mark of the devil. she did. she really -- see, that's what i look for in the president. the ability to imagine what would happen if you flip things up side down. >> let's go to another man who knows a lot about numbers. that david letterman thing was funny. >> i know. i feel up side down with the numbers here recently. today it could be an interesting day. we've got earnings coming out from jp morgan chase before the bell. google after the bell. it's also thursday. we get the weekly unemployment numbers. let's check out futures. currently mixed. dow futures down 28. nasdaq up 2.5. the footsie in london, dax in germany, both edging lower in early trade b 1% lower in trade right now. >> what is making headlines on >> well, everybody is complaining about bank fees, right? there is a great feature on about seven bank
5:59 am
that's are still awesome. these banks do not charge you any fees. in fact, in many cases they pay double the tinterest of the big banks and if you get charged fees by the other banks, they'll pay you back. when you use someone else's atm, they put that money back into your account. carol, you know, i had this personal dispute with my bank over these few fees. i ended up closing my accounts. one of the reasons was the interest was so low. i want to show you what they sent me. this is the left overinterest. take a look. >> i can't see it. i have a tiny monitor. what does it say so i can laugh? >> one cent. one cent. and it cost them a postage stamp to send this thing to me. it just goes to show where priorities are. >> going back to the seven banks that, you know, don't charge fees, how can they make a profit? >> here's the thing. they have no overhead. they have no


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