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tv   CNN Newsroom  CNN  October 18, 2011 3:00pm-4:00pm EDT

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may have h differences with the catholic church but that is no excuse for throwing around na analogies. and with that, one more hour to go. watch. welcome back. i'm brooke baldwin. here we go. republicans rolling the dice in vegas. coming to a mcdonald's near you, tv lunch, tv dinner, and time for flannel pjs. it's time to begin with reporter roulette and i want to begin in vegas with mr. john king at the scene of the gop debate. john, what's the one thing that you're going to look for starting at 8:00 eastern? >> a lot of attention has been focused on herman cain. my question is, does rick perry show up? he started off at the top of the
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polls and now is in a freefall. so does rick perry show up? is he combative defending his views and is he as feisty at the end as he is at the beginning? because a lot of people have said that at the course of the two-hour debates, he starts to fade. that's my question. mr. cain will be the center attention as well. >> let's talk herman cain versus mitt romney. is it a fair fight? >> well, sl tl a fair fight? everything is fair in love and politics, right? is it a fair fight? you know, it depends on how you look at it. in the sense that herman cain you could say, no, it's not a fair fight. mitt romney ran for president last time, he's an experienced politician. he's got infrastructure in all of the key states. he has this overwhelming advantage. however, look at what the tea party did in 2010. a guy who has no political
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infrastructure. he's ran for office but never been elected to office before. a lot of voters like that. do enough voters want a president who has never held office, never been a senator or governor? that's a key question for mr. cain. but a lot of views that we see as somehow mr. cain benefits. a lot of people, to put it more simply, want to send a bowl to the china shop. they want to send somebody in who is going to tip over everything, break everything, because they think washington is broken. in the long run, mitt romney has more advantages by the traditional rules of politics that most likely will help him. however, every now and then the rules get broken. that's why we're watching this with such fascination. >> fascinating indeed. and we'll be watching all of you, all of the contenders. what happens in vegas, does not stay in vegas. john king, thank you very much. next here on reporter
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roulette, let's go to alison kosik live at the new york stock exchange. alison, first talking about markets, are they rallying? >> better than he cexpected ears from bank of america. jpmorgan, up more than 2%. bank of america reporting that they put aside more money for mortgage lawsuits. what that means is b of a probably won't have to raise more capital and that's really a bright spot in the financials because banks and analysts have been sounding the alarm bells, the warning bells about the challenges facing banks these days. brooke? >> and then, alison, what is it about mcdonalds? we are hearing that they are launching an in-store tv show? >> sure. they are launching their own set of network. the idea here is to make mcdon nad's more of an experience. you know, they've got the fancy
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coffee and playground. now they have mcdon nald's tv. they are rolling out this idea in hundreds of restaurants in california. there will be snippets of tv shows. mickey d knows that it has a captive audience. you're taking a page out of the book that you're seeing in the ads while you're getting gas. you have the tv always on and in gas stations you can turn away. at mcdonalds if you don't want to be bombarded by the tv, there are also going to be areas known as quiet zone. >> a quiet zone at mcdonald's. interesting. we'll look for them at a california mcdonald's near you.
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alison, thank you. take a look at this monster that rolled over west texas yesterday. that is more than a mile high dust storm. people say it went from light to dark. lifetime texans say that they have never seen anything like this dust cloud. they went all the way back to the owe 30s. is this the same thing that was popping up in arizona? >> the generator which was causing crashes on the interstate, this was simply a cold front. because now it's turning into winter. but you just mentioned dust bowl and that's exactly what i was thinking. >> really? >> it hasn't rained in texas for basically the entire year. and they didn't get to grow
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anything. the crops, the weeds, billions of agriculture damage and there's nothing to keep this down. people choking, engines, people were looking at this dust storm from the sky, from the airplanes. you can look out the window -- we even had one of our people that works in a building on a plane over texas, looked down and took a picture. it was amazing. you would see it from 35,000 feet into space. >> thanks for making the connection, chad. appreciate that. >> sure. most of us are not thinking christmas just yet. however, neiman marcus is. their famous christmas catalog is out today. the items that they are offering up. also, secretary clinton
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makes a surprise visit to libya. she did not hold back billion what she thinks about the disgraced leader's future. that, coming up. our 4 new rich & hearty soups really have people talking... [ guy ] ring, ring. progresso... i love your new loaded potato with bacon. that's what we like to hear. ring, ring. progresso... ...switch our phone service?, i think we're pretty happy with our phones. [ male announcer ] progresso. you gotta taste this soup. i'm not a line item on a budget. and i'm definitely not a pushover. but i am a voter. so washington... before you even think about cutting my medicare and social security benefits... here's a number you should remember. 50 million. we are 50 million seniors who earned our benefits... and you will be hearing from us... today and on election day.
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i tell you what i can spend. i do my best to make it work. i'm back on the road safely. and i saved you money on brakes. that's personal pricing. and welcome back. if it's interesting, it's happening right now. you are about to see it. rapid fire. let's go. a 15-year-old girl last seen with the son of one of the three people who was arrested in the philadelphia enslavement case. she is not a victim. she is a run away. that is what philadelphia's police commissioner is saying. police say four mentally challenged adults were kept shackled in a philly basement in a scheme to steal their social security checks. also, a philadelphia police lieutenant told me that he can
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almost guarantee there are more victims in that scam. the american academy of pediatrics say that the bumper pads that you put in cribs should never be used. there is a risk that babies could get trapped or strangled by these bumpers. >> and that true richard branson fashio fashion,. >> i'm lucky to be in a position where i can make dreams come true. we have to thank the people of new mexico who actually voted to get this building built. and then make sure that none of them regret it. >> a reported 450 tickets have been sold for $200,000 apiece.
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flights could start next year. josh thompson won the dunk contest with an assist over his -- get this -- mother. that was his mom. after some hip shaking he dunked over his mom since being uploaded last friday. we'll watch the clip again. dribble, dribble, and jam. 390,000 views on youtube. the earthquake damaged reactors at japan's fukushima daiich ooichlt's plant may be shut down sooner than called for. they called for a shutdown in january and say that it could happen as early as next year. they say it could take years, possibly decades to clean up the largest disaster since chernobyl. the marine corps times says that the ban on wearing bracelets has been lifted
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immediately. they have long prohibited jewelry against for rings and watches. >> and, okay, who likes gift shopping? not really me. but, look, if you have to go out, you've got to buy a good gift for the person who really already has everything? consider this. the his and her water fountain. the price to cool? $1 million. you can find it in neiman marcus catalog. how about a hand crafted ma hog knee both for a mere $250,000? i'll take that. >> now, this -- >> i hope that this would help to achieve peace between the palestinian and the israeli's side and this would help support
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the cooperation between the two sides. >> huge international story here today, celebrations in both gaza city after gilad shalit was set free after five years. israelis gave back 1,000 prisoners in exchange for just this one prisoner. and it's been described as a dungeon of horror. it's out of philadelphia. that's coming up. luck? i don't trade on luck. i trade on fundamentals. analysis. information.
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a father-son reunion five years in the making. hamas soldier gilad shalit,
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embracing his father today. clearly he didn't want to let him go. >> translator: we can say that we have experienced the rebirth of a son. i would like to thank everybody that has come here today, that has come to support and to welcome gilad so warmly. >> and keep in mind, this one man, gilad shalit, was freed in exchange for 1,027 palestinian prisoners. about 500 palestinians boarded buses as they started their return home. huge celebrations in the gaza streets. the united states is hoping that moammar gadhafi is either captured or killed and soon. those words from secretary of state hillary clinton? she said that in tripoli shortly after arriving on this surprise
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visit. cnn's correspondent jill dougherty. >> reporter: this is the first time she's visited since 2008. gadhafi remains at large. battles rage in twool major cities. an elected government is months away. but a senior state department official traveling with the secretary told reporters, i think it's exactly the right time for us to be coming. the mission, to congratulation the libyan people on what they have accomplished so far, offer a partnership with the u.s., and meat with rulers with the national transitional counsel to discuss the biggest road map. the treatment of wounded fighters, 15,000, including 1500
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amputees, according to u.s. officials. they plan to unveil a five-part program to help them, including spare parts for medical equipment and possibly bringing the wounded to the united states for specialized care. clinton is also bringing more money for hunting down and destroying soldier-fired missiles called man packs. her trip to tripoli was conducted under tight security. gadhafi still has thugs and although they say that gadhafi is coordinated their resistance. i would not underestimate his ability to be a nuisance but i also think that the libyan people are going to prevail. jill dougherty, cnn, tripoli. how the los angeles dodgers wound up in the middle of a nasty divorce settlement and we now know who won. first, some help from the cnn's help des.
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>> time for us to get answers for your pending questions. joining us is and david is a professor at ny you. guys, thanks for being here. lynn net, this goes to you. harold filed for bankruptcy a year ago and is still making pavements on high-interest credit cards. how long is it going to get his credibility up again? >> the bankruptcy is going to stay on the report for ten years but you can rebound by doing things like opening up a secured card. opening up to get your current status and how much you are spending every single month. you load some money on to your secured card and then after that you start to build a more positive credit rating. >> maybe a little more than he thought. >> yeah. >> this comes from frank. he's 67 and has a 401(k) in an
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annuity. he wants to know when he should start drawing down and if he should use his mortgage and avoid any taxes? >> well, there's a couple things he needs to be aware of. if it's an annuity, it may have surrender charges where there may be a percentage of the value that is taken out out front. if he has a low rate on his mortgage, he may want to keep it because he's getting a tax deduction. if he has other things like savings, he will pay the mortgage, if he's insistent. >> folks, if you have a question that you want answered, send it any time to this is $100,000. we asked total strangers to watch it for us.
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and we are now on the case today with holly hughes. i want to begin with a pretty high-profile divorce case. when you're talking about who gets the dodgers, is it him or her? we now know it's him. mike mccourt. >> yes. he came out on top of that deal. they've been fighting about this for a long time. it's a another piece of property. it's part of the estate they own. so who like gets the silverware and the leather couch.
3:24 pm
>> absolutely. who is going to come out on top. and apparently it's frank mccourt today. >> and what about dodgers' fans? didn't he drive the dodgers into bankruptcy? >> right. but there's a couple different types of bankruptcies. we're not talking bankruptcy where the team is going to dissolve. they think that's the end of it. they are closing their doors. what he's doing is attempting to restructure and rebuild the franchise, rebuild the teams. the fans will not be affected and will still have to go and cheer for their favorites. >> okay. number two, the horrific four people found chained in the basement, filthy conditions. and now the missing florida girl who is 15, she was a run away and has been found. first of all, the mentally
3:25 pm
disableded victims, we're hearing from them. if you're their attorney, assuming they have one, is that smart for them to be talking? >> well, absolutely. because at this point in time we're looking at criminal charges. remember, private attorneys do not bring criminal cases. that's going to be on the prosecutor's office. so the philadelphia district attorney's office has come out and said that these people are going to be charged with a host of crimes. they are talking about kidnapping, false imprisonments. if there were beatings, they are talking about aggravated assaults. and then on top of that we have the impetus and the whole thing for this. the police say that this is a fraud case. this is a case where they are stealing the defendants -- the three defendants arrested have been stealing the disability checks and medical waivers. so they are being held captive and taking their money. there really an entire host of charges that we will see and then on the civil side you may see an attorney representing
3:26 pm
these poor victims if in fact there is anything that the defendants still have that they can sue to recover. because, remember, you have to show actual injury. and these poor people faced horror after hour and then they moved from multiple states, to virginia -- >> not only multiple states, the lieutenant in philadelphia also said he can almost guarantee that there are other victims. let's listen. >> and one person has been missing since 2005? >> yes, her family reported her missing in 2005 and when the detective visited the relatives, the detective described it as the relatives were actually dropping on the ground, so happy that we found their family member. >> lieutenant, might there be
3:27 pm
other victims involved here? zen g. it's going to be a long-term investigation. we are actually pulling more detectives into this investigation. because there's so much items to go through, so many interviews have to be conducted. will there be other victims? i guarantee there will be, yes. >> quickly, in terms of the three defendants, what charges do they face? >> multiple kidnapping. we're talking about federal charges as well as state charges. because if they have taken them overstate lines, they have aggravated assault, fraud, theft, theft by deception kidnapping, false imprisonment. they are going to be facing it. it's unconscienceable. these people could testify. we keep saying mentally disabled but that does not mean stupid. that does not mean that they don't know what happened to them and what they lived through to survive. so we're going to see a whole pack of charges and these people just need to plead guilty,
3:28 pm
brooke, because it's pretty much a done deal with all of the photographs. >> holly, thank you so much. >> thank you. coming up, as you know, a big debate in vegas. we're just a couple hours away. only 12 more debates are left before the primary. we're counting down. gloria borger is live from vegas next. and, also, we have cain's former boss live with us. stay with me. at bayer, we've been relieving pain for over 100 years. and today, we're re-inventing aspirin for pain relief. with new extra-strength bayer advanced aspirin. it has microparticles so it enters the bloodstream faster and rushes relief right to the site of your tough pain. in fact, it's clinically proven to relieve pain twice as fast. new bayer advanced aspirin. extra strength pain relief, twice as fast.
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time for your 2012 politics update. tonight is the republican presidential debate. gloria, as we look ahead here -- and here's the countdown.
3:32 pm
thanks, guys. as we look forward to tonight's debate, one person riding with a lot on it is rick perry. what does he need to do in order to gain some traction. >> reporter: he needs to perform well. he needs to do a lot more than he's done in these last debates. he needs to show up with a plan, maybe a plan for the economy. he needs to take on herman cain and mitt romney, in particular. i think in a way rick perry has the most to lose tonight. if he doesn't really bring it. you know, last debate we were all remarking about how passive he was during the debate. so today he's really got to show up and become a plausible president, sitting next to all of those other folks. >> what about -- >> in terms of big tger picture
3:33 pm
debates, the role that they play, how important are they in the primary season? >> you know, it's interesting. they say, including the candidates, why do we have to have so many debates. we have done eight and more are coming up. i have a new research poll numbers for you, brooke. it said that about a third of republicans have actually watched a debate. that's a huge amount. three quarters of republicans have said that they are very helpful. but here's the key. about half of tea party members say that these debates have helped them reassess the candidates, which means, it's helped them change their minds. that's why you see herman cain on the top today, rick perry on the top another day, michele bachmann. it's because those tea party candidates have really been -- i mean, the tea party supporters
3:34 pm
have been watching these debates and it's really helped them decide who they like. and we got the gondola in the background. >> thank you. you know we enjoy that. gloria borger -- >> i don't know what i'm going to do without it. >> no gondolas in d.c., i suppose. >> i know. coming up tonight, the western presidential republican debate. tune in, 8:00 eastern time, hosted by mr. anderson cooper. you know, herman cain and mitt romney are ahead. and tonight we have cain's former godfather's pizza boss. we'll talk to him, next. we're america's natural gas and here's what we did today: supported nearly 3 million steady jobs
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in preparing for the republican debate that starts at 8:00 p.m. sharp in las vegas, a man who hired herman cain toll run godfather's pizza, his name is jeff campbell. good to have you on. first question out of the gate, when and why did you hire herman cain? >> well, i met her man sometime in the early to mid-80s. it's all getting fuzzy to me now. but he was visiting burger king headquarters, representing our former company pills bury. and the first time i let him i was impressed and we brought him in to run our philadelphia region which he did very well and then when we acquired the godfather's pizza in 1985, needed a leader, he was the
3:39 pm
first person that i thought of for that job. that was in 1986. >> a lot of people can be impressive, but then why did you pull the trigger and hire him? can you be more specific? >> yeah. that's a great question. he's impressive on the surface. what you want to do is find out if there's any substance beneath that and i had years of watching him operate in philadelphia before making the call and then, of course, i've watched him since. so with herman, who can offer the goods on the and offer the goods on the inside. >> he said to solve a problem, you first have to know precisely what that problem is? oh so can you just tell me a problem, ann dote that cain solved at godfather's pizza and how he went about correcting it? >> well, i would say in a
3:40 pm
slightly general terms, what he found was an organization that was not performing, that needed to drive its revenues, improve its performance on -- in terms of operating profit, and in the process of making that happen, he needed to energize a fairly demoralized organization and get them all on board and leaning forward in their foxholes, as we would say. and that's what he did. >> did he make any mistakes? >> i'm sure he did. i don't remember any. >> not at all? not a single one off the top of your head? not on the top of my head. maybe some place deep inside. but i'm getting to an age where those are getting harder and harder to find. >> well, how about this one, was he a good boss, a bad boss, how good of a communicator, was he
3:41 pm
fair? >> i shared the air this morning with spencer wig begins who worked for herman when he worked in philadelphia and if i'm remembering correctly, he said that he was a very fair boss. tough and demanding but fair. he is a very good person. he's great with people. and he has that wonderful sense of humor and particularly in a business environment where you're facing adversity. >> so we've been using a lot of adjectives, impressive, fair, great humor, would you endorse him? >> i am not endorsing him yet and i'm -- >> you hired him. you can't give me a yes or no right now? >> no. different job. >> different job. >> different job. and there's a huge amount at stake this time around. we can't get it wrong.
3:42 pm
so he is a personal gave right of mine as a leader avenue as a person but i'm not making any decisions on who i'm voting for until we get a lot closer. jeff campbell, thank you so much. live from san diego. coming up next, we have one of the chilling 911 phone calls from last week's deadly hair salon shooting in orange county, california. it was a town referred to as mayberry by the sea. and president obama is talking about his proposal. what he's saying today. and, next, we're going to take a moment to point out the city that is hosting tonight's big debate. you don't know the egos that i have to deal with. you're probably right. thank you! whoever you are. i'm pretty sure that was phil jackson. he's quite famous... million championships... triangle offense innovator... [ male announcer ] the audi a8. named best large luxury sedan. nice wheels zen master.
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thank you...todd. ♪ every time a local business opens its doors or creates another laptop bag or hires another employee, it's not just good for business. it's good for the entire community. at bank of america, we know the impact that local businesses have on communities. that's why we extended $7.8 billion to small businesses across the country so far this year. because the more we help them, the more we help make opportunity possible.
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we are now hearing some pretty dramatic phone calls, detailing the horror of last week's hair salon in a once sleepy california town. >> do you know who the hairstylist is? >> i think it's one of the hairstylist's husband. yl do they have the door open? >> you guys need to shut the door and hide somewhere, okay? >> he's just shooting everybody. >> okay. >> no another call, a woman clearly shaken up describes how she got away and feared that she would be next. >> i got down and put my hands over my neck like an air raid drill. i was just hoping wasn't going to kill me. >> okay. we have police and paramedics on the way.
3:46 pm
do you know how many he's killed? okay. we're on our way. and you're at the hair salon? >> i'm harding behind a car in the parking lot. >> and is this your cell phone that's -- >> yes. >> okay. go ahead and wait there. we're on our way. >> can i get off the phone? >> yes. we're on our way. okay. >> frightening. in total, eight people were killed in last wednesday's massa occur, middle of the afternoon, broad daylight. ninth person is seriously wounded. and police say they believe the suspect, scott dekraai, was out for revenge due to a custody battle. he was charged with eight counts of first-degree murder. and when he was there, one of the victim's family members lashed out at him. >> i hate you!
3:47 pm
i hate you! >> the orange county district attorney's office says he will seek the death penalty in this case. and a father goes into a michigan gas station, convenience store around 3:00 in the morning, and he's bragging about having a designated driver, a show show officer. here's the issue, the driver is his 9-year-old daughter. he's been charged with child abuse. a witness spotted them leaving the gas station earlier this month and then decided to follow them. >> i just watched a van pull out of a gas station. a 7-year-old girl was driving it and her dad is drunk and he's in the passenger. >> is the vehicle staying on the road. >> actually, she's driving pretty good. i'm telling you, i can't believe it. >> he reportedly refused to take
3:48 pm
the brett thattizer. >>. the girl said that her dad was drinking whiskey and let him drive before. he cannot leave without court consent and cannot have unsupervised contact with a minor. we're talking about republicans at this hour with regard to this debate upcoming tonight. let's not forget about the president of the united states jobs tour, campaign tour, whatever you want to call it, here is he appearing in jamestown, north carolina. this is the ragsdale ymca. in 2008 they voted for barack obama, but only by the slimmest of margins. he's there to talk about his jobs proposal and what it would mean for taxes. >> i want to be clear, the vast
3:49 pm
majority of americans would see a tax cut under the jobs bill. we have been cutting taxes. we haven't been raising taxes. we have been cutting taxes. and we can continue to keep taxes low for middle class and working families if we ask those at the vi top to do their share and a lot of them are willing to do it if they feel it's going to make the country stronger, reduce our deficit, and put people back to work. >> so a three-day bus tour through two states. north carolina and virginia. and we want to take a moment to point out the host and the city representing it. nevada has the highest unemployment rate in the entire country. las vegas, specifically, which thrives on tourism, isn't seeing as much in this down economy. here is t.j. holmes.
3:50 pm
>> reporter: welcome to the city of lights, a city struggling in the down economy. just ask the cab drivers. >> you think people don't get it, how bad you're hurting? >> reporter: they don't. the strip are hesitant to spend. >> andy helps to run the ve neegs. he said business is is starting to pick up, but not enough by itself. >> locals still don't have the confidence they can go buy homes again and making money. >> construction, the engine of the vegas boom, has come to a standstill. the unemployment rate is at 14.2%. the foreclosure rate is higher here than anywhere else in the country. one of the few places that's bustling. vet serve, which provides meals for veterans. >> the economy is closing down and they're losing jobs. >> one idea to help vegas rebound, trying to put the focus back on the people who live
3:51 pm
here. >> this is fremont street, the original strip. >> zack works for the company is in the process to re-elected more than 1200 employees to downtown. old vegas. >> for us, the community and the locals are first. and if we happen to create something that's really, really cool as a community and they want to come visit, that is awesome. we'd love that. i think that the most important thing we can do as a community is really focus on creating the elements in downtown las vegas that serve the community and not fall into the trap that the strip has fallen into, which is we need to serve the tourist community. we need to make sure it works for them first, then the locals second. >> t.j. holmes in las vegas. don't forget, we are a mere four hours away from the big debate. the republican candidates go head to head in vegas. 8:00 eastern time right here on cnn. a telepromter, sound system,
3:52 pm
podiums and presidential seals stolen from a presidential van in central virginia. what? joe johns all over it. "political pop" is next. hey, friend. >> hey.
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now let's take a quick look at tomorrow's news today. first, first lady michelle obama and dr. jill biden will be attendinging game one of the
3:55 pm
2011 world series. major league baseball's welcome back veterans program and the initiative kicks off tomorrow between the rangers at the st. louis cardinals. and the john bon jovi soul foundation expands tomorrow. they're celebrating the opening of the kitchen in new jersey. and grammy winning natalie cole, daughter of nate -- nat king cole, will be in d.c. promoting public health and hepatitis c awareness. have you heard about this one today? president obama gets his telepromter and podium poof. stolen. i know. laughing about this a little bit with you. >> could you imagine what would happen if they took our telepromter? >> some days we do. how did this happen? >> i'm kind of skeptical about this story and would be more so except for the fact there's been kind of a back door confirmation
3:56 pm
that there's a big investigation going on, but how does the president's telepromter and the podium with the seal get stolen? this is in central virginia. also based on the report by wwbt tv in central virginia and as i said, the administration really hasn't shot it down. i've called and sent e-mails. a bunch of people have gotten information about it. not much. this happened before the president got there on his trip. this was part of the advanced process. what we know is number one, it's not the secret service this time. >> meaning -- >> in other words, they're not the ones in trouble. precisely. this is controlled by the defense department of the united states. it's something called the defense information system agencies. i thought it was the white house communications agency. >> the ones in charge of his van and stuff. >> exactly.
3:57 pm
when ever the president goes somewhere, they come along and do the set up. >> and it wasn't just -- it was the telepromter, podium. what else? >> i don't know what else. and they haven't said. they're not answering anybody's questions. they've got an investigation going on. they won't tell us if something was taken out of the van, just that it appeared op the parking lot of a holiday inn. >> so, is the entire van and its contents gone or just the contents itself? >> the mystery continues. i wish i knew. >> sorry. so many questions. the other topic, claire mccaskill and twitter. >> back in may, she apparently got very motivated, she was going to lose some weight and went on twit r to talk about it to make it a public issue and then you know, we actually i think the first tweet.
3:58 pm
do we have it somewhere? i'm tired of looking and feeling fat, she says. maybe talking about it publicly will keep me on track. may 12th. >> oh, my goodness. can you imagine going on twitter and it didn't work? >> october 8th. the next one. goal, i did it. i lost 50 pounds. thanks to team charloteses. also, a before and after picture. there you dpo. big difference. run i running for re-election, so she's not only running the treadmill. she is running another campaign. >> wow. i don't know if i'd want to talk about dieting on twitter. >> i know. >> i know we were talking about our time on the treadmill last night, but good for her. and now, with a little bit of time we have left, let's talk halloween. we wanted to play this again. this is from "time" magazine.
3:59 pm
the most best ideas for costumes. fifth, rebecca black. you know rebecca black? she sang that song, i won't sing it. move on to number four. i'm thinking of going as her for hallowe halloween. think i should do that. >> totally. >> rock a blue sapphire ring. okay, number three. reveal. moammar gadhafi. i'm sure there's going to be a lot of good -- >> he's got so many good costumes. >> he does. all of his uniforms. number two, you can be any of these guys, the gop candidates for president. and first place -- >> i want to be romney. >> you could be a pregnant beyonce. >> wow. >> it's even more fun


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