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tv   CNN Newsroom  CNN  October 19, 2011 3:00pm-4:00pm EDT

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happen to my son. he's a goo kid. i'm sorry. i'm thankful every day that i have him in my life. >> reporter: in the past seven years, five kids from the boys and girls club that he attends has been killed. >> there is still a need for us african-american men who can come back and provide an influence to these young people that i received at the club. >> reporter: he also grew up in this neighborhood. what are the goals for yourself? what do you want for yourself? >> i want to be able to go to college and be a veterinarian or zoo cooper. >> reporter: as an honor student and star athlete, he's well on the road that melvin traveled. thelma gutierrez, omaha, nebraska. >> thank you, thelma. hour two happening right
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now. you can see sheriff lutz holding a press conference in zanesville, ohio. here is sheriff lutz. >> the experience that they have, i believe at one point they told me it was over 100 years -- over 100 years of experience of dealing with animals and that's far more than what we have. so it's been great to have them here. i've prepared a little bit of a statement. it's going to be different things that we've been thinking about that we wanted to get out to you and we'll take some questions afterwards. first of all, alt this point, still i have no new information on the death of mr. thompson. we are still waiting on autopsy reports, which is not uncommon. we still feel our earlier preliminary report is what we are sticking with and we have no new evidence that would indicate anything different with that. let's get right to the animal
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totals. as i said earlier, the numbers we reported earlier, 48 to 52, was sketchy and it was. the number of animals that we are approximately dealing with on this farm is 56. the numbers include 48 of which are now deceased. there are 48 animals that we had to put down. those animals included one wolf, six black bears, two grizzly bears, nine male lions, eight lionesses, one mountain bear, one baboon and 18 tigers. there are two missing at this time. one being a gray wolf and a monkey. we were able to transport six animals to the columbia zoo. one was a grizzly bear, three leopards, and two monkeys. i want to state, as someone
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asked me earlier about mrs. thompson's wife marion, she has been here. she was taken up to the scene. she did help the zoo officials get these animals out of the house and has been cooperating with us. we are not interested in taking her animals but tonight for safety reasons these animals were taken to the zoo and that situation will be worked out at a later date. the animals that were dispatched were buried on the property. that was at marion's recommendation. we've talked to the agriculture society and talked to everyone to make that proper in that regard. we felt that was the best thing for this situation. we are and currently will be
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talking about a game plan for the missing wolf and monkey. obviously a very large part of this investigation that we want to conclude is catching those two animals before they get out into the public and do anything. the director of the columbus zoo, as wells the wild has recommended that the monkey be shot and killed. it is very possible that this monkey is carrying herpes b. we do not have any tests to verify that but it's highly likely that this animal is carrying herpes b. a lot of these species carry these disease. i'll open this up for questions tomorrow pertaining to that and let these experts deal with that. we also will be concurring with them as well as forming a game plan about how to pursue those two animals if there is anything that we need to do. a couple of questions that i didn't have the answer for you,
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one, the farm is about 73 acres in size. i know there were a couple of you that were talking about that and so we wanted to give that information to you. i don't have the exact criminal record of mr. thompson that some of you have skds. he's done time in county jail. he's had misdemeanor animal charges in the past. i know a couple of you were asking about that. this will be the last press conference of the day. we will be holding a press conference tomorrow at 10:00 a.m. i don't know if we'll have a lot to update on that but we will be doing that in case there is something that we can give you. before i answer any questions or ask anybody to step up here, this was a very, very bad situation. couldn't have been handled without everybody involved that was here doing their job.
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starting with our first responders and the job they did to keep -- to keep that number contained to this property and this area was just -- was just phenomenal. and, as jack said, that was our main goal, was to protect the citizens of our county. some of the people that i want to thank, of course, jack, columbus zoo officials and wildlife officials. anybody and everybody in our county that brought out food, refreshments, that came out here. the ohio state patrol really helped us last night and today on traffic enforcement, taking care of the roads and we were provided trucks and rifles and men with four wheelers to go with our deputies. i had a call with every one of my surrounding sheriffs. i'm not going to name them because it would take too long
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but they have all been very supportive and we had some of their guys here tuf day. the public health, so many people showing up at one of these situations to offer any kind of help. doug davis, my county engineer was here providing equipment and everything state representative brian was here. it's been nice to have their support. county commissioners have been represented here all day during this whole incident and, of course, one of our area businesses, fred poke even gave us his polaris to be using up at the scene. we're going to try to keep or open the road at 4:30 p.m. i had been asked on whether we were going to allow and open the road up at 4:30. also been asked about public records request pertaining to this incident or any other incident with mr. thompson and
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those are going to be put on a disk and will be passed out tomorrow, possibly available at the 10:00 a.m. press conference. before i -- jack, is there anything else that you want to say before we take any questions? >> what do you say when you have 18 tigers, in india, we thought there were 5,000 left in the word until a study was done last year, we were so far off. there were less than 1400 available in the world. there are more tigers in zoo logical parks than there are in the world. so obviously to hear 18 tigers had to lose their lives over something like this, not just emotionally but you see our people here that risked their lives to save these animals, it's the most significant creature in the entire world, the tiger is.
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you would understand that. i'm sorry that this had to be done but if you had 18 running around in these neighborhoods, you folks would not have wanted to see what happened. >> and in charge of the most of the operation up at the property, director of operations, kim handle has been in the command van and our director, the trailer, a lot of great cooperation in this county. it's easy to be sheriff in this county and it takes these types of things and these types of incidents. i'll open yit up for question. please identify yourself and who you are so i can hear you. >> inaudible. >> i don't know where you got that information from. i never ref leased that. no. >> when is the last time that this county had a mobilization
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this big? >> well, under my watch, this is my third year as sheriff. the last incident, we had an officer-involved shooting in february, january of '09 was probably the last major incident that we had and it didn't gain the attention that we've had. so i don't know that we've had one this big. >> can you describe what the officers or the deputies saw when they got on the property, pulled up for the first time. was mr. thompson's body in the driveway or near the cages and where were the animals at that point? >> to set the stage, mr. thompson's house sits at the end of a very, very long lane. i guesstimated earlier 300 yards that thank you had to drive and that's probably not doing it juts justice. probably 400 yards from the
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road. we didn't even get inside the gate. we had animals that were visible from the roadway. these animals were obviously out of their pins and cages but were not outside of the fenced property and now down towards the property and attempting to get out. so they did al phenomenal job. they close encounters. >> and where was mr. thompson's body? >> later on we had officers make it to the house to check to see where he was at and he was later discovered in the driveway. >> how confident are you that you're going to be able to get the last two animals?
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>> i'm not an animal person, knowing how they are going to travel, what they are going to do. i just want to say that obviously we want our public to be safe. i would be more in fear if we had a bear or lion out there but definitely want them to stay away from these animals. don't take action in your own hands. that's the main thing. dial 911. let us know what you're looking at. let's us know where it's at and where it's headed for. >> yesterday you asked the schools to think about canceling classes and most of them did. will you ask for them to do that again tomorrow? >> we've been in constant contact with the schools. i have to make some phone calls with them after this press conference. our recommendation will probably be that they open.
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we may need to still operate in caution but my recommendation will probably be that they open. >> how is marion doing? >> well, she lost her husband and a lot of animals that she was close to. so very, very upset and i guess dealing with this as good as anybody could. >> were any of the cages opened? >> no >> [ inaudible ]. >> well, as we released -- let me verify the numbers. we have 48 numbers that are dead and those are animals that were released from pens or got out of
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pens. >> so all of them got out? >> yes. yes. >> how far from the home did the animals get snl. >> again, i'm not really good with distance as far as we haven't really got a specific distance. the estimate i used earlier was probably 500 yards, five football fields. we're not talking miles. >> [ inaudible ] >> repeat your question a little louder. >> i'm just curious as to what this virus is that the monkey may be carrying. >> it's a herpes b. it's very dangerous for humans. a bite wound is considered a very serious condition. that's why the sheriff is recommending, do not approach the monkey. monkeys can be cute and
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attractive. don't handle it if it approaches you. >> can we get your name? >> my name is dr. barb wolf. >> [ inaudible ] >> did terry thompson leave any indication as to what he was doing and why? >> to my knowledge, we have evaluated the crime scene and we have not found anything like that. no. >> sir, wpxi, pittsburgh. you said that tried tranquilizing effort and what -- >> obviously, as i said before, one of our biggest hurdles here was dealing with the amount of animals, the type of animals, but more importantly, we only had about an hour to an hour and a half of daylight. as jack said, this wasn't a situation where we could just walk in, stay a safe distance.
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these animals were on the move and showing aggressive behavior. once the nightfall hit, our biggest concern was having the animals roaming. today, when we went back in, we had -- of course, daylight hours. we found a mature, bengal tiger, was laying in some brush. this was going to be, i would say, southeast to the house, approximately 200 yards. this veterinarian had more guts than i did, by far. with a dart gun got very, very close, probably from one side of this tent to the other. we thought we hit it but as we did, got up, showed very aggressive behavior starting towards her and then turned and started running away from us. at that point, we didn't know for sure if the tranquilizer
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would work. we didn't know how far the animal was going to go. and at that point we had to put it down. >> [ inaudible ] >> well, all of the animals that were left were transported out of here. i made that decision based on some good, experienced people behind me recommending that. that as volatile as the situation was, the conditions that these animals were living in, we wanted them transported to a location where they could be inspected and checked out and we felt, also, that there could be some danger and a lion last
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night, a dead lion. so we made that call and in no shape or form are we trying to take those animals away from marion. and she's been instructed -- she took part in removing them and we've got information from her about visiting the zoo and getting them back. >> [ inaudible. ] >> there are hobz's will are horses. the horses will be turned over to marion and they will be instructed to contact her for reference to those horses. >> by the way, cats love cold weather, they like the rain. it's not a warm climate monkey
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temperature. he's having a good time out here today and, of course, with the virus she might have, up don't want to mess with it. >> we're hearing that some animals have gotten loose from the property. can you confirm that snl if so, how many times? >> yeah, i can't confirm the number but i'm going to say that we have had some complaints in reference to animals at large before this, yes. >> are you concerned about any of the animals coming back to this property? >> what a past 19 hours for the folks in ohio outside of zanesville. when we finally heard officially that the tally of all of these exotic animals that were on this
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73-acre property, 56 animals in total. 48 are now dead that includes, one wolf, six black bears, twool grizzly bears, nine lions, and eight lioness, one baboon, three mountain lions, and the ones that are dead have been buried on the property. terry thompson, according to the police, let these wild animals go last night and then turned the gun on himself and shot himself. there were six animals that they were able to save. they are now in transport to the columbus zoo. and right now they are looking for two more animals still on the loose. they are trying to figure out a game plan for that. the gray wolf and a monkey.
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the monkey will likely be shot and to reiterate what the sheriff is saying, they had no choice but to shoot these animals given to the fact of their behavior, and no tranquilizers to use on them and the fact that it happened in the thick of the night. we'll continue to follow this as well. the courthouse in san an tone know were five people in custody and we'll go live to texas to get the details there. plus, new efforts to identify the victims of chicago sear yil killer john wayne gacie. that is under way even though the case is some 30 years old. the sheriff asked for the public's help and you will not believe how many people have responded. we'll be right back.
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snoorm if. if you get a monthly social security check, it's going to be bigger. the inflation is based on 3.5%. so for the average social security recipient, that amounts to just about 38 extra bucks each and every month. 585 million americans do get social security. but, yep, there is a little bit of a but here. the social security raise will be eaten up by a hike in medicare premiums coming in january. now to this story. a break-in at the san antonio courthouse they find five foreign nationals arrested on burglary charges. three of the men were caught
3:25 pm
inside this closed courthouse after police say they climbed the fire escape, broke through this fourth floor window. two more were apparently waiting in some sort of vehicle outside. i want to bring in ed lavandera who is putting this story together for us in dallas. are police considering this a possible terrorism case or something else entirely? >> well, they have been looking at that throughout the day. but the more and more we are hearing about what happened here in san antonio in these overnight and morning hours, it doesn't look like it's going to be any real threat. officials are holding a press conference. what we were told by a law enforcement force in the san antonio area said that there were two men that kale scaled up a fire ladder, broke into the fourth floor -- the fourth floor of the courthouse building and that they were being watched the
3:26 pm
entire time by the security agents at the gate, at the courthouse. they were actually scene on these surveillance videos, walking around, and even found a display inside the courthouse that found mexican some brar rows around and they were seen wearing the sombreros. so i can't imagine that this is going to turn out to be anything serious. >> all right. so sombreros and a judge's gavel. do we know what was found in the rv outside? >> there were some reports saying that they had found pictures and photographs of water utility locations and various other suspicious things around the country. but the contact that we've spoken to said that there were computers on board and a map of the united states, very typical for tourists. so they are checking all of that out. they have been going through the
3:27 pm
rv this afternoon. they still haven't found anything that leads them to believe that it's terrorist-related. >> so do we have any idea what it was that they were doing, who was in the courthouse, and who are these men and where are they from? >> early on as well. the men are -- five men are all of moracan dissent. she showed french driver's license and that they had a long-term contract to rent this rv for two months. so they were about a month into this trip. at some point they had gone to florida, according to the -- >> ed lavandera, forgive me for interrupting you. here are the images, sombreros and all. this is an image of two of the
3:28 pm
men along the hallway in the courthouse. >> yep, i think we can chalk it up to a long, crazy night on the river walk at this point, to be honest. >> ed leaf van dara, we don't know anything about that. but thank you in dallas, texas. now, what president obama is doing here on this third and final day of his bus tour touring. dan lothian is going to be back with us after the quick break. our 4 new rich & hearty soups really have people talking... [ guy ] ring, ring. progresso... i love your new loaded potato with bacon. that's what we like to hear. ring, ring. progresso... ...switch our phone service?, i think we're pretty happy with our phones. [ male announcer ] progresso. you gotta taste this soup. i'm not a line item on a budget. and i'm definitely not a pushover. but i am a voter. so washington... before you even think about
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cutting my medicare and social security benefits... here's a number you should remember. 50 million. we are 50 million seniors who earned our benefits... and you will be hearing from us... today and on election day. ♪
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news here into cnn, you're about to here from democratic senator chuck schumer mocking. >> the only thing that stands in this legislation is a small handful of very, very, very wealthy people. not all wealthy people because, as joe biden said, i believe
3:32 pm
most people who makeover $1 million believe this is the right thing to do. but it's a small number who are very greedy. their view is, i made all my money, all by myself, how dare your government put its fingers on any of that money. and they, unfortunately, control the republican side on that side of the senate. that's the problem. >> senator schumer there flanked by firefighters, i'm sure. dan lothian knows all about that, on capitol hill. now for our america's choice 2012 politics update. dan, we saw president obama not too long ago, at station number #, he wants this bill passed?
3:33 pm
>> reporter: that's right. also surrounded by firefighters, talking about how in pieces of this jobs act and certainly hire other firefighters that were hired around the country. and the first lady announced an effort of 270 private companies pledging to hire 25,000 veterans and their spouses by the end of 2013. so this is all part of an effort that the president has been on for the last three days to get pieces of his jobs plan passed so that americans who are unemployed can get back to work. >> let me ask you also with regard to last week's big c cnn gop debate, is there any reaction last night from the administration? >> reporter: well, there is. the campaign held a conference
3:34 pm
ca call and while they said they are not going to get into a blow by blow of last night, but they said that the republican hopefuls, the wealthy americans, wall street companies, large companies. what's interesting, though, is that they singled out mitt romney. they keep going after him. and they pointed out the comment that romney made yesterday in defending the use of illegal immigrants on his property hired by a company that he had hired. and they said that this just shows that mitt romney really doesn't have any credibility and that "he will say and stand for anything to get elected." so clearly the campaign going after mitt romney, even though we've seen mr. cain and others getting attraction recently. >> he is the front-runner after all, dan lothian.
3:35 pm
that makes sense. coming up, conrad murray's defense team is going to startling their part of the story. but will the jury buy it? sunny hostin is back. she's next.
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after five days off, the trial of michael jackson's doctor resumes. also, the latest on this new effort to identify the murder victims of john wayne gacy. sunny hostin is back with this today. let's begin with the trial of conrad murray. we know that the trial has been on hold since last thursday. what came of that? >> well, the lab test was a test con dpukted by the prosecution on michael jackson's stomach contents because they suggest that it was the deadly cocktail that killed him, not only the propofol but the diazepam.
3:39 pm
then they found that there was not this sort of lorazepam in his stomach so he could not have self-ingested it. so certainly a big blow to the defense case because they opened their case on that. during the opening they said michael jackson killed himself. >> sunny, the case of john wayne gacy, we talked about this last week, there were a couple people coming forward because they are exhibit tracting dna from some of his bones. do you know what kind of response they have gotten since then? >> it has been extraordinary, brooke. at last check, 70 families have come forward with information about their missing loved ones. certainly the sheriff's department is thrilled about this response. there were eight victims that were shown last week and perhaps
3:40 pm
there are more victims out there. he was known as a serial killer. >> finally, sunny hostin, got to ask, a california judge revoking actress lindsay lohan's probation. what happened? >> yes. the judge revoked, once again, lindsay lohan's probation for failing to really do her community service requirement. what's so interesting about this, brooke, she has like line legal lives. time and time again she gets chances. 120 hours at the morgue. she may be, apparently, did about two hours at the community service at the downtown women's center saying that she just wasn't fulfilled by that work. of course, the judge really laid it into her today and said something that i often said when i was a prosecutor. probation is a gift.
3:41 pm
not a right. so she revoked her probation and she have another hearing to decide if she could go to jail for up to one year. she's got nine lives so we'll see. >> it's a good thing. >> it's a good thing. come on, you know. >> sunny hostin, thank you so much and welcome back, by the way. still to come, have you seen this, ladies and gentlemen? it's a whole new side of barbie. she's got pink hair, tattoos. the question is, is this barbie sending the wrong message to kids? that's next. over those mashed potatoes and dinner is served. four minutes, around four bucks. campbell's chunky -- it's amazing what soup can do. four minutes, around four bucks. where they grow america's favorite wpotatoes. idaho, everyone knows idaho potatoes taste great.
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. ♪ >> okay. so she's been in a body controversy in the past because of her figure but now barbie is in an online debate over a number of things, including body art. that's right. you can see the tats on her neck and arms. mattell has partnered to create a collector's barbie that comes with tattoos on her neck, shoulder, and chest and wears a hot pink mini skirt, leopard shirt and stilettos. some parents say that this crosses the line. a popular mommy blogger says, i
3:45 pm
really don't like this barbie tattoo idea. it's not going to harm girls but i'm concerned in a general sense that they are introducing kids to products, ideas, and styles that are not age-appropriate. but the president of the company says that the tokidoki barbie was designed for an adult collector. the doll is limited in edition and only 7400 units were created. barbie is $50 and not distributed in toy stores. let's ask katherine. i understand you say, tokidoki barbie, no big deal. >> i think it's awesome. i want it for myself. i think she's pretty cool. >> why? well, she presents an image from
3:46 pm
the traditional image that we see. for that reason alone, i think she's kind of interesting. she's presented as a collector's item so she's not being presented to kids and i would probably hard-pressed share her with my daughter which she would love her. >> that's the issue, the tokidoki is for adult collectors but they could pass it on to their kids or whatever. i think this statement really explains it. let's let girls be girls and not take the sweet and p innocent out of childhood. but sweet and innocent and tattoos? come on? >> well, barbie has never been age appropriate if we just go by what barbie is. barbie is an adult woman, she's been a flight attendant, a doctor, barbie's been many things. so if you want to go on, does barbie reflect little girls?
3:47 pm
no, she never has. they are all adults, right? little girls have always wanted to play with dolls that reflect adult life, that reflect what they are going to be when they become women. i don't think that there is anything wrong with that. we can debate endlessly -- we can debate endlessly what is age appropriate and what sorts of outfits or styles might be suitable for young girls. but, really, young girls are not universal. i have a little girl that likes baseball caps and skateboard shoes and stick-on tattoos and i think that's awesome. >> well, i guess ultimately the onus falls on mom and dad. thank you for being with us. wolf blitzer is back from washington after being in las
3:48 pm
vegas for the big cnn gop debate. we'll check in with wolf after this quick break.
3:49 pm
3:50 pm
cnn's in depth coverage this week taking a closer look at a gop front-runner who has already beat the odds in one arena. herman cain survived stage four colon cancer that spread to his liver. he talks about how it contributed to his decision to run for president. >> we're learning more about herman cain's history of colon cancer. it was stage four, as you said, in the colon first, but then had spread to his liver. anytime you have spread like that, that makes colon cancer stage four.
3:51 pm
he had four cycles of chemo there therapy, then six more cycles of chemo therapy. if you can surgically resect this type of cancer, your odds of survival overall in your favor go up significantly. without treatment, this is a tough cancer to beat. usually in the single digits in terms of survival, but even with treatment, the numbers can be from 35 to 65%. in herman cain's case, he was able to have this tumor removed and had this to say. >> i got my five-year check-up from my oncologist. cat scan, x-rays, the special blood tests you do if you're a cancer patient and i got a clean bill of health. five year, totally cancer free, and that's after having a 30%
3:52 pm
chance of survival. that's an a ha moment. >> so, the doctor says he is five years without evidence of disease, cancer free, in his body. doesn't mean it's a cure necessarily. it means in his most recent scans, they didn't see evidence of the cancer. there's about 100,000 cases of colon cancer detected every year and those numbers are going up. they say around age 50, people should get screened or earlier if you have a family history and are high risk. in his case, he had lower abdominal discomfort in 2006 and that's what propted this whole thing. at the five-year mark, a very important benchmark for herman cain. >> thank you so much. now, for a preview of what's coming up on "the situation room." wolf, how was your trip? >> vegas was great. a fabulous debate, as you
3:53 pm
probably saw. we're going to have full assessment coming up here in "the situation room" over the next two hours. what happened. we'll get a democratic perspective, i should say an independent perspective, bernie sanders will join us. the president's proposals for jobs and we've been covering it all day. what happened in ohio with all these wild animals on the loose? the jack hannah is going to join us live. we're going talk about what's going on. we lot a lot of news here, around the world and a lot more. to answer your question, vegas was good. >> we'll see you in a couple of minutes. thank you so much. coming up, question for you. would you pay $10,000 worth for a picture with a certain someone? what if that certain someone lives in the white house?
3:54 pm
joe johns has the "political pop" next. value of fiber... ...and 80 calories per serving... may want to tell a few friends. ♪ or all of them. ♪ i'll go get my bowl. [ female announcer ] new fiber one 80 calories. yes, you can actually love breakfast. ♪ at liberty mutual, we know how much you count on your car and how much the people in your life count on you. that's why we offer accident forgiveness, man: good job. where your price won't increase due to your first accident. we also offer a hassle-free lifetime repair guarantee, where the repairs made on your car are guaranteed for life or they're on us. these are just two of the valuable features you can expect from liberty mutual. plus, when you insure both your home and car with us,
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we here at cnn have been tracking all the new and we'll call it creative ways these politicians are raising money and here's the latest. how about a family fun fund-raiser and it's not cheap. joe johns has that. joe, i know we're talking photographs, ten grand a pop for who? >> right. think about it. people complain how much it costs to take the family to an
3:57 pm
amusement park. you might have travel costs and you have to get hotel tickets, tickets, you've got to pay for food, drinks and the picture with your favorite character. imagine if just the picture of the family outing is going to run you ten grand. next week in chicago, that's what the cost of the obama for america is calling a family photo reception with michelle obama. only six people are allowed in the photo. seems kind of random, right? when you shell out $10,000, you would think the more, the merrier. get a whole crowd. but those are the rules. i asked them why, haven't gotten back to me. >> so, $10,000 and then you mentioned chicago. the first lady's going to be there for what's being hailed as a food dessert summit. >> that's what i thought, but actually, it's food desert.
3:58 pm
>> i'm sorry. maybe i have brownies on the brown. >> an underserved neighborhood where you can't find a good grocery store. rahm emanuel holding a conference on it. looks like she's going to get a little something on the side for the campaign. >> i was going to say michelle obama with all her garden and suf. meanwhile, we are also hearing the president not showing a lot of love for the kardashians. why are they even talking about the kardashians? >> who knew? keeping up with the kardashians is getting the presidential seal of disapproval. i can't imagine why he wouldn't want sasha and malia staring at the family baggage. mrs. obama said in an interview with ivillage that the president doesn't really like it much when his daughters watch the
3:59 pm
kardashians, but she says she, mrs. obama, tends to work with the daughters to focus on the lessons they get from watching the show. >> so, reading between the lines, are you telling me that keeping up with the kardashians is somewhere on in the white house occasionally? >> what it sounds like. which is pretty amazing. if you've ever watched it. >> maybe once or twice. finally, we have it on good authority that a california movie star who is considered as a possible vice presidential candidate and we're not talking arnold. >> yeah. think about it, it's kind of logical. clinton eastwood. this is a story told in an oral history symposium at the university of virginia by none other than james baker, former secretary of state, held a bunch of other jobs. he says the campaign of president george h.w. bush gave serious consideration to asking eastwood to be his running ma


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