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tv   The Situation Room With Wolf Blitzer  CNN  October 19, 2011 4:00pm-6:00pm EDT

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desperate because bush at the time, was far down in the polls against michael due kau kis. baker says, yeah, i got shot down pretty quickly. dirty harry among other movies. but people forget eastwood was the mayor of caramel, california. >> thank you so much. that will do it for me. now to wolf blitzer. you're situation room starts right now. happening now, a seismic shift in the republican race for the white house. the gloves come off between romney and perry. also, herman cain on the spot last night over what he told me in our one-on-one interview. now, he says he actually misspoke. and dozens of dangerous, exotic animals set loose in ohio lead tog a night of terror that ended
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with many of them shot. i'm wolf blitzer. you're in "the situation room." -- captions by vitac -- it's a whole different contest than it was only 24 hours ago and now, the fight for the republican presidential nomination includes a brutal, nasty battle between mitt romney and rick perry. the shift happened last night on television at the cnn western republican debate in las vegas and it did get seriously ugly. jim acosta has more. >> wolf, the cnn debate here in las vegas may have marked a turning point in the campaign. it was nasty, it was personal and it might be a sign of things to come. >> i'm speaking. >> the newspaper -- it's time for you to tell the truth. >> you get 30 second. the way the rules work is that i get 60 seconds -- >> but the american people want the truth. >> it was a wild west shoot outand at times, it felt like
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perry's last stand with an urgent strategy to take down mitt romney. >> because you hired illegals in your home and knew about it for a year and the idea that you stand here before us and talk about that you're strong on immigration is on its faith, the height of hi pock rasy. >> but romney wasn't laughing for long. >> are you just going to keep talking? this has been a tough couple of debates for rick. >> civil discourse was at the window. this was the first gop debate to get personal. >> we hired a lawn company to mow our lawn and they had illegal immigrants to work there. you have a problem with allowing someone to finish speaking and if you want to become president of the united states, you've got to let people speak. >> unlike past debates, the nikt was romney's first real test as the candidates took aim at his health care plan. santorum took -- helped draft president obama's health care
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law. >> just don't have credibility when it comes to repealing obamacare. your plan was the basis for obamacare. >> an issue newt gingrich says is the individual mandate in both romneycare and obamacare. >> there's a lot of big government behind romneycare, but a heck of a lot more than your campaign has admitted. >> romney responded he got the idea of gingrich. >> we got the idea of an individual mandate from you. you did support an individual manda mandate. >> herman cain found himself on the defensive over his 9-9-9 plan. studies have found the plan taxes would raise taxes on millions of americans. >> i love you, brother, but you don't have to have a big analysis to figure this thing out. it's not going to fly. >> romney pointed out a new sales tax would be competing with existing state sales tax.
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>> will the people in nevada not have to pay the sales tax and in addition, have to pay the 9% sales tax? >> you're mixing apples and oranges. >> i'm going to be getting a bu bushel basket because i've got to pay both taxes. >> for perry, giving republicans bitter taste of a more combative campaign to come. >> and you get to ask the questions and i get to answer like i want to. an adviser said he had a strategy to quote, kill romney, but instead quote, kill himself. perry showed he still has some fight left in him. >> a lot of money, millions of dollars as well. thank you. let's get more on what's going on with mark preston joining us from las vegas. mark, you've been on the phone all day. you're speaking to both of these campaigns, what do they say about the heavy duty sparring last night? >> you know, they were both
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claiming vigtry right now. speaking to a perry adviser said newt, or rather mitt romney, was taken off his game. we saw romney from out of the chute. you saw romney reach over and touch rick perry, which was very, very strange. on the other hand, romney folk rs saying we won this debate. all perry was trying to do is attack, attack and attack and the fact is, it didn't come off very well, wolf. >> with the iowa caucuses scheduled for january 3rd, are we going to see more of this intense bickering at these upcoming debates? >> we are and we're going to see it mainly go between romney and perry. we are in a new phase of the campaign. we're very likely to see independent expenditure groups going out and attacking for rick
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perry. for romney, they'll be attacking perry. they're going to be doing it in states such as iowa and new hampshire. after what we saw last night, i suspect it's going to be very, very soon. >> and you've got new reporting that you've been doing on what nevada and new hampshire are up to right now. what are you hearing? >> well, wolf, you know, there's been a lot of talk about new hampshire perhaps holding their primary, the first in the nation primary, in december. i just got off the phone with a senior new hampshire republican who said that in in fact, the negotiations between the two states are going on right now. in fact, this republican told me that everybody is trying to do this in a way that is amicable for everyone. the more discussions you have, the more that they can get this worked out. now, he wouldn't exactly tell me what the plan is right now, but said the discussions are going well and all talk about boycotting here in nevada is not very good and it is not helping
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anybody. we could perhaps have an answer on saturday when nevada republicans meet for one of their annual meetings. >> the schedule is going to be critically important. could affect the outcome as well. thank you. while romney and perry were going after each other, rick santorum went after both of them. accusing them of supporting the t.a.r.p. bailout in 2008. romney is on r record supporting it although he say it was poorly executed. the actual limitation of t.a.r.p. perry flatly denied supporting t.a.r.p. tom, did governor perry flip-flop when it comes to t.a.r.p.? >> you know, wolf, t.a.r.p. has become a radioactive thing here in washington. there are many politicians who are in favor of it at the time because they thought it had to be done to keep the financial system working, but who now are saying, golly, i cannot be connected to that. listen to what santorum said about governor perry. >> the fact is, rick just has
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that wrong. we wrote a letter to congress asking them to act. what we meant was cut the regulation, taxation burden, not passing t.a.r.p. there is clearly a letter out of our office that says that, i'll get you a copy of it so you'll understand it. >> i need to respond to that. he sent a letter the day of the vote on the floor of the house saying pass economic plan. there was only one plan. and that was the plan that was voted on the floor. it was t.a.r.p. you sent a letter on that day saying vote for that plan. now, you can send a letter later saying i didn't mean it, but when you said it, it was the only plan in play and that, that was the t.a.r.p. plan. >> on that account, santorum is absolutely right. the day that the senate was considering the t.a.r.p. plan, rick perry, along with the democratic national governor's head, it was joe mansion from west virginia, the two of them
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collectively sent a letter and that letter said we strongly urge congress to leave partisanship at the door and pass an xik recovery package. this is what they sent to congress on the day this vote was happening in the senate. now, here's the trick of it all. you'll notice that nowhere in this nor anywhere else in the body of that letter do they use the word, t.a.r.p. and the same day back in his home area in austin, the governor issued this statement to the people of texas. government should not be in the business of using taxpayer dollars to bail out corporate america, so the truth is, you can read it the way rick perry did and say, this has nothing to do with t.a.r.p. it's just a sheer accident that a democratic and republican leading governor on the same day, sent a letter to congress saying, you've got to do something, oh, by the way, there's legislation on the table today called t.a.r.p. that you're voting on. now, they're saying it was sheer
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coincidence, had nothing to do with what was being voted on. we were just saying you should fix thing t. i even reached outo joe mansion's office and said, were you supporting the use of t.a.r.p. or urging lower taxes and less regulation. all i really got was a statement saying we don't support the -- and no, it wasn't about t.a.r.p. amazing. this is the kind of thing that drives voters crazy. the fact is, when you look at the timing of everything, at least you have to say this looks misleading, but i think we have to say this seems to be true and incomplete because there was a lot of threading the needle going on at this time that allows politicians to in effect support a t.a.r.p. then. and now say no, technically, i did not. wolf? >> good explanation. there was a fiery exchange between rick perry and rick, between rick santorum, i should say, and rick perry. that was really a lively
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exchange. thanks very much. i want our viewers to go to our website. you can read by blog on the debate last night. it's entitled "perry, romney and reagan." . over to andrews air force base right now. the president of the united states has just landed. he's walking down the stairs and is about to get back on marine one. he's just wrapped up a three-day visit to virginia and north carolina. he's out there selling his jobs bill, speaking at various town hall meetings and the president is clearly wrapping this part up. brianna keilar has been traveling with the president. we're going to check in with her in jus a few minutes and see what's going on. there you see the president getting ready to board marine one. five or ten-minute flight from andrews air force base over to the south lawn of the white house. we'll stay on top of this story. much more coming up.
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there is marine one outside of washington, d.c. getting ready to take off, bring the president of the united states back to the white house. he just wrapped up his bus tour in virginia, north carolina, where he ratcheted up the pressure on congress to pass his jobs bill. our white house correspondent, brianna keilar, has been traveling with the president and is joining us from north chesterfield, virginia. not far from richmond. is that right? >> that's right. south of richmond and here as the president did at all of his other stops in the last few days, he was going after republicans, urging congress to pass his jobs plan in pieces, but in these politically
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important states, of course virginia, but also north carolina, where he was yesterday and the day before, he's also been trying to shore up the support of his base. for the third day in a row, president obama dared congressal republicans to vote against popular parts of his jobs plan, like a $35 billion provision to save teachers, police officers and firefighters from losing their jobs to budget cuts. >> 63% of the american people support what's in the american jobs act. unfortunately, we've had 100% of senate republicans vote against it. a majority think it's a good idea to get firefighters on the job. >> the backdrop for the president's remarks, a fire house south of richmond. a short distance from the district of number two house republican, eric cantor. earlier in the day at a military base in hampton, virginia, first
4:17 pm
lady michelle obama helped the president promote his push to get veterans back to work. >> the last thing you should have to do is fight for a job when you come home. >> these were the presidents last stops on his bus tour through north carolina and virginia. he came here not only to cast republicans as his obstacle to creating jobs, but to rile up his base. >> it is great to be here in north carolina. >> tuesday, he addressed predominantly african-american crowds, a voting block that helped him win in 2008. monday, his first audience was mainly liberal white voters in asheville, whose frustrations he acknowledged. >> i have gone out of my way to try to find areas of cooperation with these republicans. in fact, some of you have been mad at me for trying too hard to cooperate with them, haven't
4:18 pm
you? >> now, wolf, something that we've seen the president do on this bus tour, kind of managing expectatio expectations. he's given two speeches a day and over and over, we've heard him say the american people realize these economic problems weren't created overnight and they're not going to be solved overnight. an acknowledgment it seems that the economy might not be a whole lot better by the time he's up for re-election next year and he's also making this argument that he's still the right choice to solve those economic problems. >> he's got a lot of work to do, obviously. thanks very much. meanwhile here in washington, retired seniors on social security will notice a change in their benefit checks next year. the federal government announcing today they'll be getting a raise, but that also means taxes will go up r for some workers. athee na jones is here and has been looking into this for us. seems like it's good news for some and not so good for some others.
4:19 pm
>> well, wolf, it is good news, but also complicated for some seniors. we have seniors and their advocates questioning how much of an increase they'll see. starting in january, nearly 55 million senior citizens will see a 3.6% increase in their monthly social security check. >> even if it's five cents, it's five cents more than i got now. >> it's welcome news for those who need the checks to stay afloat. it's the first increase known as a cost of living adjustment since 2009, because overall, inflation has remained low. some nine out of ten people aged 65 and older get social security benefits. >> social security check is my whole way of living. my rent. bills. anything that i need. food. all comes out of that. >> right now, the average monthly social security check is about $1100, so the increase would mean an extra $39. >> so many people on fixed income have to deal with
4:20 pm
inflation and the problems that are attached to senior living. medical problems and special diets and a need for special transportation. a lot of them are going to look for this $400 something a year as a bonanza. >> still, it's not all good news for seniors. increases this medicare premiums could mean some see little or not jump in their checks. >> this percent they're getting is going to go towards an increase in medicare premiums. that's good, but it's not money in senior's pockets. >> and for bern, it's a mixed blessing. >> it will help a little, but the rent will take a part of it. then i'm on a lot of medications that take it up. food have gone up. that take it up. >> now, wolf, there's also concern among some advocates that the bipartisan supercommittee tasked with cutting $1.25 trillion from the deficit will recommend changes
4:21 pm
to social security. and one other change. the amount of income suggest to social security is going up. meaning about 10 million workers will pay more. >> a little good news, maybe not so good news either. a lot to worry about. >> dozens of dangerous animals on the loose overnight. deputies are still searching for one after tracking lions, tigers and bears. jack hanns will join ugh lis li from ohio. stand by. but mostly, it acts like my personal assistant on set. unlike my real assistant who isn't quite as thin, light or powerful. ♪ he's right there, isn't he? ♪ get this dell xps 15z, designed with the 2nd gen intel® core™ i5/i7 processors, performance you need, style you want. delivering mail, medicine and packages.
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ohio sheriff's deputies are still searching for a monkey after they escaped last night. the owner was found dead and an examination reveals he released the animals and then killed himself. deputies used night vision goggles to track down lions, tigers, leopards and bears. most of the animals that escaped had to be put down. >> there are 48 animals that we had to put down. they included one wolf, six
4:25 pm
black bears, two grizzly bears, nine male lions, eight lionesses, one baboon, three mountain lions and 18 tigers. obviously, very large part of this investigation we want to conclude is catching those two animals before they get out in the public and do anything. the director of the columbus zoo as well as the wilds has recommended that the monkey be shot and killed. it is very possible that this monkey is carrying her pieceb. >> jack hanna is the director of the columbus zoo. he's been assisting in the search in ohio. this is an emotional story for a lot of people, jack, but tell us what's been going through your mind as you've seen this unfold. >> you know, wolf, first person that's asked me this. it's been very difficult the
4:26 pm
last 14, 18 hours. i can describe this as like maybe noah's ark breaking apart. and breaking in front of us, all these, you heard 18 tigers. i do get emotional, wolf, because 18 tigers lost their live along with all these other creatures, but not one human being lost their life here. now, i'm getting calls from europe, b bbc, calls from all or the world saying you support the sheriff. one of the largest animals escaped in the history of our country and most of these animals lost their lives. think about what happened if these tigers -- sheriff told me last night before it got dark, they're coming down in front of his property. 18 tigers, lions, leopards, can you imagine? there's a neighborhood, wolf, right here. the place is right there by the way. can you imagine what would have happened this morning if the kids were on school buses out there waiting? this would have been something
4:27 pm
that nobody would have wanted to see. >> did authorities have the ability to use tranquilizer guns to bring the animals down, but not kill them? >> wolf, the problem was, by the time my team got here with the guns, it was 6:30. we have three tranquilizer guns. where do you start? plus, it's getting dark. darkness set in. at that point, the ones getting out had to be put down. if you hit him in the bottom of the neck, you don't know where the dart goes. so what do we do? send a sheriff up, is it asleep? bam. this afternoon, about four hours ago, one tiger we found crouched in the bushes. the vet gets within 20 feet. pops the animal with a tranqu tranquilizer and it comes toward the vet. we had to shoot the animal. to have no one hurt and killed
4:28 pm
here when 40 something animals get loose is unbelievable. am i upset? of course. we lost 18 bengal tigers. but we have human life. we need to take care of humans and we've lost our precious animals here because of what happened with this guy. >> how common is it for a private individual on a farm to have all of these exotic animals on his farm? sounds pretty extraordinary to me, but you know a lot more about this than i do. >> the laws in ohio are strong. previous governor signed a bill several hours before he went out of office. governors got me, got committee form. we were p about six weeks away. people thought you could go out and take the bill and go to work with it. hsus has worked with us. say we go up here and got this guy two weeks ago. i have 57 animals here. tigers, lions. cant take them to the zoo.
4:29 pm
legally, what am i allowed to do? no one knew the answers to these questions. animal options in ohio, where people can go buy lions, tigers, cobras, whatever they want to. we're shutting those down immediately this year. we're trying to take care of the private breeders. can't go buying, this is just like a bunch of loaded guns here running around here to have these animals privately. >> did you personally know the owner of this firm with all these exotic animals? >> we did not know him. we traveled here about three years ago, they asked us to come inspect. one of my employees came down today and said it's a mess up there. filthy mess. at that point, the wife came down. she had left him. i think what happened, he came back, just in prison for some
4:30 pm
kind of arms problem we had with firearms. came back, saw the animals all -- money was gone, animals were living in bad conditions. his wife left. he cut the fencing, opened the doors, let them out and said, that's it. bam, i'm done. it's actually, wolf, this is like a script from you know where. i can't believe this is happening. >> were these animals being taken care of properly on this farm as far as you know? >> no. no. the answer to that question is he'd always been cited for not animal cruelty, but again, the laws were so weak here, but starting in a few weeks, this is not the state you want to be in if you want an exotic animal. >> and the, we reported that the preliminary investigation suggests this individual killed himself after opening up the gates and allowing these animals to start roaming around.
4:31 pm
is that the asupgs you're working on? >> that's what i believe. that what i believed since i heard this last night and what i believe some of the folks here, can't announce yet, but that's what i firmly believe happened here. he was so depressed, that's it. what was created was a disaster for the animals. >> there's still one monkey on the loose, is that right? >> right. i just heard three seconds before i went on, they did find a monkey that had been eaten by one of the cats. we don't know if that was the monkey consumed by the cat. other than that, that's all that's left. >> jack hanna, what a painful, painful story for everyone who loves animals, but as you point out, those animals represented a clear danger to a lot of people who live in this area of ohio and authorities did what they had to do and you don't have any
4:32 pm
second guessing. you're okay with that. >> yes, wolf. you said it perfectly. there is no second guessing. i've seen a bengal tiger take down a water buffalo in less than 15 seconds. that's a wild one. these are captive. i wouldn't want to have seen today what would happen if these things would have gotten loose last night. >> jack hanna, thanks very much. good luck to all the people as well. a verbal blunder that put herman cain on the spot last night leading him to say he misspoke in his interview with me. stay tuned. it doesn't cover everything.
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>> american troops are now heading into the heart of africa to help their counter parts track down a warlord. this has some political leaders in the u.s. worried about another somalia. this story contains images which some may find disturbing. still committing tens of thousands of troops to iraq and afghanistan, america sends more soldiers into harm's way in another region. president obama and the pentagon point out the 100 elite troops are advisers only. they won't fight unless it's in self-defense, but hsry tells us advisers can quickly be lured into combat. >> going in uganda, libya, all these places without congressional approval, that kind of stuff has to quit. >> you heard him right. uganda. going after someone most westerners have never heard of. they will be helping to track a warlord who leads something
4:37 pm
called the lord's resistance army. they claim he's a zell lot who seems to be controlled by supernatural powers. his goal, to overthrow the powerover uganda. talk about his m.o. >> he and his fighters will go into a village, tie people up, shut them to death, mutilate, in cases cutting off lips, ears, hands, legs, impressing the children into service. >> forcing boys to fight for him and girls into sexual slavery. analysts say the army has kidnapped hundreds of people, displaced more than 2 million over the past 25 years, but senator john mccain, who favors hunting joseph coin, has an ominous warning. >> i remember somali. lebanon. we've got to be very careful about how we engage the slippery
4:38 pm
slope that could happen there. >> somalia, u.s. forces originally sent to help deliver aid, get drawn into a hunt for another notorious warlord. it leads to black hawk down. a grizzly day in mogadishu, 19 americans killed. those who favored this deploit say that's not likely to happen here. as for america's national security interests. >> we turn our backs on some of these ungoverned spaces to our peril. when we walked away from afghanistan after the cold war, you saw what happened. within ten year, 9/11. >> and experts point out that five years after the u.s. walked away from that deployment in somalia, al-qaeda had gotten a foothold in that region of africa and bombed the embassies in kenya and tanzania. the verbal blunder that forced herman cain to do a turn
4:39 pm
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herman cain was my guest here yesterday. we were reporting from las vegas and i asked him what he thought
4:42 pm
about benjamin netanyahu freeing 1,000 palestinian prisoners in change for one israeli soldier, then i asked him this follow-up question. could you imagine if you were president, we're almost out of time, and there were one american soldier who had been held for years and the demand was al-qaeda or some other terrorist group. you've got to free everyone at guantanamo. several hundred prisoners. could you see yourself as president authorizing that kind of transfer? >> i could, but i would make sure that i got all of the information, all of the input, considered all of the options, then the president has to be the president and make a judgment call. i can make that call if i had to. >> few hours later on the debate stage, he had a different answer. listen. >> but let me say this first. i would have a policy that we do not negotiate with terrorists. we have to lay that principle
4:43 pm
down first. then you have to look at each individual situation and consider all the facts. >> but you're saying you could, in your words, you said that i could see myself authorizing that kind of a transfer. isn't that negotiating with al-qaeda? >> i don't recall him saying it was al-qaeda related. >> he did. >> my policy would be we cannot negotiate with terrorists. >> after the debate, he told anderson that he misspoke. let's bring in our cnn contributor, paul and tony. tony, is this you know, on some of these foreign policy issues, herman cain's problems, is this indicative -- professionals instint of foreign policy. that's often a problem with challenges with governors. they don't have the kind of foreign policy experience that presidents have and he needs to try that.
4:44 pm
particularly if he becomes the nominee, he's going to have to have not only set pieces, improve his instingts. >> sunday on "meet the press," he didn't seem to know what neo conservatives, he wasn't familiar when david gregory was asking him. he didn't seem to know what neo conservatives. >> he is a front-runner now. many of our polls, he's ahead of mitt romney, but you worry if you're mr. cain, he might have just one note. he's got this tax plan, which was roundly attacked last night by his come ppetitorscompetitor seem to have a second act. >> i don't know about that. what he's offering is common sense tempered by a lack of business experience. he's got to get a bit more polished than that on the other issues. that's a powerful thing he's offering. one of the reasons, at least for
4:45 pm
the time being, he's at or near the top of the polls. >> take a look at south carolina. he's way ahead of romney. >> he is. i will say this for him. what he has that no one else had is a sense of humor. that goes a long way, i think. certainly with me. with most people. >> and most likely, this is going to be a domestic economy election. >> a very likable politician. >> this is not going to be a foreign policy presidential. >> expertise of knowledge, but also of -- it's a big myth the government should be run like a business. a superpower doesn't negotiate with hostages. with terrorists. by the way, god strike me for saying this, person who made the most sense of this was newt gingrich. of course, newt was right. >> on that, it was ed rollins in the white house at the time
4:46 pm
trying to keep reagan away from the hostage's family because he knew that reagan had such a big heart, if he met with the families, he'd do whatever he could to help the families. >> it's not just cost benefit. it is being a superpower. mr. cain has got to make that shift. >> i was thinking of ronald reagan as i was watching that debate last night. i blog about it on our website today. stand by, guys. we've got some other stuff coming in, including new reaction from the obama campaign's adviser, david axelrod. he's speaking out on last night's debate. we'll tell you what he has to say when we come back. ♪ do you believe in magic?
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on the issue of illegal immigration. >> you stood here in front of the american people and did not tell the truth. you had illegals working on your property. the newspaper came to you and brought to your attention and a year later, you still had them working for you. >> i'm running for office, for pete's sake, i can't have illegals. turns out they had hired someone who falsified their documents and therefore, we fired them. >> i just spoke with david axelrod and he zeroed in in on that response from romney.
4:51 pm
>> that one comment of mitt romney's in which he told the gardening service that he can't have illegals because he's running for office not because it's wrong, not because it's illegal, but because he's running for office, i thought was a great insight into him. it helps explain why he can shift so easily from position to position on fundamental things like health care, like choice and like gay rights and almost anything you can put your finger on. last year, he attacked the president for being too tough on china. now, he's a trade war you. you get the sense that everything is in service of running for office and so no position or principle is too great to aggregate in service of that goal. >> tony, is that a serious zeroing in on a serious problem that mitt romney has? >> sure it is. on the other hand, president obama was strongly against the independent mandate in health care when debating hillary in
4:52 pm
'08, then he put it into his bill and signed it into law. also, on gitmo. what happens with the senior politician, reagan signed the therapeutic abortion act in 1967 when he was governor, then he switched to being against abortion. what happens when you're a seen r yor politician, your positions change. romney's no different than obama or reagan. there are things he's going to have to explain. >> because the democrats are really, and you're among them, going after romney on the issue of flip-flopping. >> tony's right what he said about president reagan or obama, but this guy's different. he's the mary lou retton of flip-fl flip-flopping. greatest boxer of all time. mary lou retton then. it's extraordinary. it's not even just the flip-flop, but it is finally the mask slipped for a moment last
4:53 pm
night when he said, for pete's sake, i'm running for office, i can't have illegals. oh, my word. mitt. for once, the mask slipped and he stopped being this robotic machine wrapped in human skin and instead, told us the truth, which is anything for office. anything for power. i do think he likes laying people off, so it's probably really fun for him. >> look, the fact is that romney, i think, even with the attack perry brought on him, he held his ground to a guy trying to be the alpha male and romney didn't let it happen at all. he's very smart. he's going to be able to outargue anybody on the democratic side on most policies. business, it's going to be a jobs election. so, i think it's interesting that mr. axelrod and my friend here is targeting on romney. i guess that means they think he's the front-runner. >> were you as uncomfortable as
4:54 pm
i was when romney walked over and toughed rick perry? let's show it to our viewers. there it is right there. you can see him going over there. i got a little antsy at that moment. >> let me tell you what uncle george thought. a retired navy sailor and teacher. right away, he said, it's an act of dominance. right? that guy's a control freak. and i think he's right. because -- mitt. not only is he trying to control rick personally, then he appeals to the moderator. he was like, oh, please, anderson, help me. mr. perry's taking my time. he looked terrible there. like a whiner and -- >> i think what happened was perry tried to be the alpha male and romney stood his ground. he had to leave his hand on his shoulder, which he did, or move it off. >> you never appeal to the
4:55 pm
moderate. the moderators not going to be there when ahminedjad is speaking crazy at the u.n. >> i don't think -- when you get involved with an overtalking situation, you can either walk away from it, keep quiet n which case you look weak, sor stay in the fact. romney chose to stay in the fight. >> we'll leave it on that note. but there's more to dissect and we will. it was the deadliest helicopter shootdown in the afghan war. now, we're getting new photos of the disaster. stand by for that. i've got to tell susie ! the vending machine on elm is almost empty. i'm on it, boss. new pony ? sorry ! we are open for business. let's reroute greg to fresno. growing businesses use machine-to-machine technology from verizon wireless. susie ! the vending machine... already filled. cool bike.
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liberty mutual insurance. responsibility. what's your policy? i tell you what i can spend. i do my best to make it work. i'm back on the road safely. and i saved you money on brakes. that's personal pricing. we're learning new details of the helicopter crash that killed 30 american troops in afghanistan. here's barbara starr. >> these are the first photos released by the military of the worst helicopter shootdown in the ten-year war. it was august 6th in eastern afghanistan, when the radio call came. fallen angel. a signal an aircraft has gone down. all 38 on board killed, including 22 navy s.e.a.l.s. the largest one-day loss for the
4:59 pm
u.s. in afghanistan. it was dark. the helicopter was landing in a mountain valley. just before landing, taliban fighters hiding in a building fired rocket propelled grenades. the rear blades were hit. the helicopter crashed in seconds. these photos are part of an investigation that concluded there was no wrong doing, but threw hours in, the taliban had key advantages according to the report. >> these bad guys had been shot out. they were alert. they were prepared for the next shoe to fall then a snook appeared in their cross hairs and they took advantage of it. >> the steep, mountain valley gave the taliban the critical edge to see what was coming at them. investigator rs were told, quote, there's two ways in, two
5:00 pm
ways out. north or south. as was routine, u.s. military planners were not given critical information about the helicopter's specific route. information that could have further helped avoid risk. one of them told investigators quote, one of the outcomes of this was hey, we've been asking for it, but we never received it. now, we are getting them. the report also says that the taliban commander is u.s. was pursuing mainly posed a local threat. he was killed last month. but when that helicopter carrying the s.e.a.l.s came in for a landing, the report says many of the taliban fighters had already been captured or killed. barbara starr, cnn, the pentagon. and you're in "the situation room." happening now, a wild night in las vegas. the republican presidential contenders throwing mean punches over at the cnn debate.
5:01 pm
was the real winner the man's job they all want. plus, thousands of government buildings have been vacant for decades, costing millions in u.s. taxpayer money. we have new information on what the obama administration is doing about it. and dozens of wild animals break out of an exotic reserve in ohio. how dangerous were there? should they even be kept in such a place? we'll take you to one here in the washington, d.c. area for answers. we want to welcome our viewers in the united states and around the world. breaking news, political headlines and jeanne moos all straight ahead. i'm wolf blitzer. you're in "the situation room." -- captions by vitac -- but first, to the political fire storm at the republican debate where the personal attacks soared to new highs and the candidates may not have done themselves great favors. let's bring in dan lothian. he's at the white house where
5:02 pm
there's talk, president obama could be getting the last laugh. what's going on? >> that's right. we saw governor rick perry really trying to get back in the game so the republican hopefuls spent a lot of time atagging each other, but president obama did end up in the cross hairs when it came to immigration, health care and the economy. on the last day of his jobs bus tour, the president visited a virginia pumpkin stand. as his campaign held a conference call to squash attacks from republican presidential hopefuls who took shot -- >> obamacare is bad news. >> after shot -- >> you have an administration that is killing jobs. >> after shot. >> it's his uncle and his aunt who were illegal aliens. >> democratic political consul assistant fired back. >> i think a lot are smoke screens. >> he said various criticism of border security is just one example. >> we know how to secure the
5:03 pm
border. you put the boots ton ground. >> president obama has put more boots on the ground than ever before. >> obama's campaign again accused the republican candidates of protecting wall street. special interests and wealthy americans. campaign manager jim mesina singled out mitt romney. who won and who lost the debate is still being debated. despite the punches thrown at the president, the hardest jabs were landed on the stage. >> i think the president came out clean and they beat up each other. >> jay carney said the president did not watch the debate. that he did walk by a tv set, it was on, but the volume was off. however, the obama campaign did encourage supporters to tune in and enticed them with a fund raising game. they had a list of names and asked supporters to denate
5:04 pm
money, pledge money, 3 to $5 or any amount, based on the number of times that word or phrase was mentioned. at the top of that list, it was obamacare, mentioned at least by their count, 15 times. second word, fence. it was mentioned 11 times and then of course, 9-9-9, herman cain's economic plan came somewhere in the middle. it was mentioned four times. at the bottom of the list, socialism, that wasn't mentioned at all. >> thanks very much. the front-runner of the republican race at least as of right now, mitt romney, often at the center of last night's scathing war of words. >> just don't have credibility, mitt, when it comes to repealing obamacare. your consultants helped craft obamacare and to say you're going to repeal it, you have no track record on that to trust you. >> mitt, you lose all of your standing from my perspective because you hired illegals in
5:05 pm
your home and you knew about it for a year and the idea that you stand here before us and talk about that you're strong on immigration is on its faith is height of hypocrisy. >> let's bring in gloria borger. she was in vegas yesterday for the debate as was i. he is the front-runner, so he's going to have to get used to getting a few hits. >> it was interesting because we were talking about how herman cain was going to get attacked and people did attack his 9-9-9 plan, but tended to embrace it first, then attacked him. with romney, there was no such embrace. people came to a knife fight. a hypocrite, that he has no credibility on taking on obama's health care reform plan. these are going to be key items in this campaign. they were trying to remind people of things that had occurred before this race started. remind republicans why they're
5:06 pm
so skeptical about mitt romney. >> you know, as we look at rick perry, he said this morning, still in las vegas. that he's going to be announcing his economic plan including some major tax proposals. tax reform. but we're getting a hint of what he has in mind. >> he spoke today to the western governors and said western republican leadership conference, i should say. and said that he's going to propose a flat tax. now, wolf, we've been around a while. the last time we heard the flat tax i think was the steve forbes presidential campaign. this is not a new idea. but i think really what it is is a plan to be different from mitt romney. you see the traction that the 9-9-9 plan got because it's simple to understand. a flat tax is also simple to understand. and he wants to make himself the antiromney. he said today, i am not the candidate of the establishment. you won't hear, this is important, a lot of shape
5:07 pm
shifting nuance from me. and who do you think he's referring to there, wolf? >> we know. at least we have also learned that rick perry's been talking to steve forbes, the author of that flat tax and he's probably getting some good advice. i recently spent some time in new york with steve force and he believes that's the best tax reform out there. >> can it pass? that's another question. >> we'll see in the coming days, rick per ary's going to come out in favorite. let's get to a cnn exclusive. a new effort the obama administration is taking on as part of the push to jump-start the economy that would involve tens of thousands of u.s. government buildings costing taxpayers millions of dollars. what's going on here? >> there are 14,000 properties in the federal portfolio that are not being used and 55,000 buildings that are under used.
5:08 pm
the obama administration wants to get some of these off their books and we have an exclusive look inside one of those buildings. this building in washington, d.c. used to be a heating plant for the federal government, but for the last decade, it's been vacant. it's one of tens of thousands of excess underutilized federal government properties. ken salazar says he's eager to see this building sold off. it's part of a larger initiative to cut waste and net $3 billion in savings by 2012. >> basically stepped up all across the nation and what the president has said, we're not going to do that anymore. we're going to make sure we get all this extra property out there on the market so that it becomes part of our economic recovery. >> this building, it costs about $350,000 to maintain. just for keeping on the lights and paying security.
5:09 pm
it's been sitting vacant for ten years. that's more than $3 million of wasted taxpayer money. the administration is asking congress to set up a special board comprised of private and public members to identify other federal properties the government no longer needs. similar to commissions set up to close military bases. the director of the white house office of management and budget, estimates the government could raise $15 billion in the first three years alone. >> the idea is to put together bundles of properties rather than dealing with properties one by one. one by one, you run into local interests and red tape. when you bundle the properties, you're able to move many properties at once. >> properties already up for sale can be found on an interactive map on the white house website, but there is the question of timing. >> is now the time really to solve these properties or should you wait and see down the line if the federal government might be able to get more money from
5:10 pm
it. prices are depressed right now. >> yes, they are. i think for a property like this and one of the reasons we're being very aggressive about it, is that it is in prime real estate. >> a valuable piece of real estate with a magnificent view of downtown d.c. in northern virginia. that the federal government believes could fetch a high price even in the slow real estate market. now, legislation has been introduced in congress to establish this kind of committee that would be essentially a civilian version of the base closure and realignment commission. the white house has also included this proposal in a list given to the supercommittee. >> thanks very much for that exclusive report. the vice president of the united states getting very heated following a rally to sell president obama's stalled jobs plan. you're going to want to hear what got him so angry. plus, one of the republican presidential front-runners revealing to piers morgan whom he respects most out of all his
5:11 pm
rivals in the republican race for the white house. piers is standing by live. i'm robert shapiro. over a million people have discovered how easy it is to use legalzoom for important legal documents. so start your business, protect your family, launch your dreams. at we put the law on your side. ♪ [ multiple snds ng melodic tune ] ♪
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5:14 pm
after a three-day swing to push his jobs plan. earlier, the president and first lady spoke at a military base in virginia where they announced that private companies have pledged to hire 25,000 u.s. veterans and their spouses by the end of 2013. the president then traveled to the richmond, virginia area, where he urged congress to act. >> these are the choices that congress will be presented with in the next few weeks and if they say no to the steps we know will put people back to work, they're not going to have to answer to me. they're going to have to answer to you. >> vice president biden is pushing for quick passage of the provision including a provision
5:15 pm
that would keep teachers, firefighters and police officers on the job. kate bolduan is picking up this part of the story. what are you hearing? explain to our viewers. >> vice president biden, he came to capitol hill today to try to pile on the pressure to get congress to pass part of the president's jobs bill. the bill is still not likely to go anywhere in the senate, but did lead to a fiery, unscripted moment with the vice president. >> real people will get real relief right now! >> the room packed with teachers, firefighters and police he promises to help, vice president joe biden took the president's message straight to a rally on capitol hill. >> they won't let this vote alone, well i want, my colleagues want, to vote on it piece by piece. explain to the american people. explain why.
5:16 pm
this is an emergency. 300,000 teachers have been laid off. >> biden went on to say police layoffs in places like flint, michigan, have led to increased crime. >> in many cities, the result has been it's not unique, murder rates are up. robberies are up. rapes are up. >> afterward as the vice president was leaving, he was confronted by the reporter from the conservative news site, human events. >> you're not using a rape reference to describe -- >> no, no, what i said, let's get it straight, guys. don't screw around with me. >> you didn't use a rape reference? >> i said rape was up three times in flint. there are the numbers. go look at the numbers. murder is up. rape is up. that's exactly what i said. >> and if republicans don't pass this bill, rape will continue to rise? >> murder will continue to rise. rape will continue to rise. all crimes will continue to
5:17 pm
rise. >> do you think it's appropriate for the vice president to use language -- >> we've got to go. i'm sorry, we've got to go. >> despite the heated rhetoric and full court pass to pass a $35 billion measure, the reality in congress is this bill has virtually no chance at passing and democrats know that. prompting the top republican in the senate to blast the white house and senate democratic effort as nothing more than a political side show. >> let park the campaign bus. put away the talking points. and do something to address the jobs crisis. >> the american people want action. the election's 13 months away. >> still, we do expect the senate to hold a procedural test vote on this part of the president's jobs bill by the end to have week. again, it is not likely to pass as republicans remain steadfastly against the tax
5:18 pm
democrats have proposed to pay for the bill. leaders do promise they'll continue to bring up other parts of the president's jobs bill in the coming weeks. >> i've covered vice president biden for many, many years. i rarely have seen him as angry as i did in that clip. >> very fiery. >> out on the international front, the secretary of state, hillary clinton, is making a surprise visit to afghanistan today. she touched down in kabul. she'll be meeting with the afghan president, hamid karzai tomorrow. secretary clinton is on a swing through the middle east and north africa. made an unannounced visit to libya today. jill daugherty is traveling with the secretary. breaking town the republican presidential debate. i'll ask a voice from the left. vermont senator, bernie sanders fears the most. and shocking new details are emerging after the discovery of four disabled people being kept
5:19 pm
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5:22 pm
there are disturbing new developments after the discovery of four mentally disabled people locked away in a philadelphia apartment building. susan candiotti has been fol whoing the story. this case could be much more expansive. >> the case is growing more disturbing, more states and more suspect by the day. today, a fourth arrest is made in a horrific case of alleged cruelty. it started with a gruesome
5:23 pm
discovery in a boiler room of a philadelphia r apartment building. >> it looks like a dungeon. these people were stored like surplus meat in the basement. >> picture four adults, one chained to a boiler locked inside this dark, filthy, tiny space, reeking of human waste in buckets and on the r floor. >> very, very bad conditions for anybody to be there for five minutes, let alone an extended period of time. >> these are three of the four victims. a woman and three men described as physically and mentally challenged held captive until they're rescued by the landlord. allegedly kidnapped by two men and a woman. linda westen is charged with spearheading the scheme, possibly to rip off their social security checks. westen is accused of dragging the group from state to state, texas, virginia, possibly north carolina, too. even more states may be
5:24 pm
involved. police say before moving to pennsylvania, the defendants trashed this rental home in florida. westen's adult daughter is also charged as a coconspirator. one victim spoke briefly about the people accused of holding him. >> it was real dirty. that was wrong. >> a relative of another victim, horrified. >> the way they described it, as some type of animal. you've got to chain the basement, took all the lights out. >> the woman held captive claims not only were her teeth knocked out, but said she gave birth to two children while under westen's control. tuesday night, the police found the children, ages 2 and 5. tests are being done to term whether their mother and father were the victims in the basement. other possible victims have been found are in the care of social
5:25 pm
services. police say the niece was malnourished, beaten and burned. >> had the other, had they found other evidence that makes officials think this is even bigger horrendous case? >> they do, wolf. they found social security cards and other documents for about 50 people and they said westen was trying to change the name on two of the certificates for two of the children. >> sick, sick people out there. so, which of these presidential con ternds do democrats fear the most? bernie sanders is here. stand by. and dozens of wild animals shot dead after escaping an exotic preserve. did authorities do the right thing? i'm not a number.
5:26 pm
i'm not a line item on a budget. and i'm definitely not a pushover. but i am a voter. so washington... before you even think about cutting my medicare and social security benefits... here's a number you should remember. 50 million.
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5:28 pm
a look at cnn's republican presidential debate, which many
5:29 pm
are saying signals a major shift in the race for the white house. the gloves came off with a series of brutal, nasty and very nersal exchanges. but the candidates took shots at president obama as well. >> we've had a president reasonable for this economy and he's failed us. in part because he has no idea how the private sector works or how to create jobs cht he's made it harder for our economy to reboot and as a result, we have 25 million americans out of work or stopped looking for work. home values going down. you have median income in america thats in last ten, three years, has dropped by 10%. americans are hurting across this country. and the president's out there campaigning. why isn't he govern iing? he doesn't have a jobs plan even now. this is a critical time for america. >> mitt romney, at the debate last night. bernie sanders, the senator from vermont, is joining us how.
5:30 pm
he's an independent, though he caucuses with the democrats. what do you say to your fellow new englander, mitt romney, on the attack on the president's record? >> i think it's very unfair. look, i have differences of opinion with the president. i would be much more aggressive in terms of a job program. but if you compared the fact that when obama came to office, wee iing 700,000 jobs a month. a month. when you compare the fact that during the entire tenure of the bush administration, we lost after eight years, 500,000 private sector jobs. i think mr. romney owes president obama an apology. but what do american haves to say about the future? let's give more tax breaks to millionaires and billionaires.
5:31 pm
let's do more deregulation of wall street if you can believe it when it was the crooks on wall street who as a result of deregulation, have driven this country into the terrible recession that we're in now, so, i don't know what the republicans have to say. >> what they say is that if you lower the taxes on big business, if you deregulate, that will give incentive for the big corporations out there and they're sitting on trillions of dollars by all accounts to go ahead and invest that money and start creating jobs for a lot of american people. >> i understand -- wolf, that's what they're saying there's nobody in america who believes that. that is the bush trickle down economic theory. it failed. over the last ten years, despite all of the huge tax breaks that the largest corporations in this country have received, you know what? the largest corporations have laid off -- they have laid off
5:32 pm
millions. a million and a half workers in the last ten years. so, we give them tax breaks and what do they do? they run to mexico. they run to china and we've lost 50,000 factories over the last ten years. trickle down economics. tax breaks for the very rich. is a failed economic policy. what we need to do in my view, what the president is beginning to talk about, is invest in rebuilding our crumbling infrastructure. make sure we're not firing teachers and police officers and firemen. rebuilding our water systems. our crumbling schools. that is what brings jobs. not giving tax breaks to blil nars. >> but what are you going to get the money for all of that? the republican, you know, they're not going to vote for any tax increases right now, so where do you get the money under these very tight budget restrictions? >> well, that's what the
5:33 pm
american people are going to have to decide. they think it's absurd that when the middle class is disappearing, while the richest people are becoming richer and paying the lowest effective tax rates in decades, vast majority says you know what? the wealthiest people in this country are going to have to pay more taxes. let's invest in infrastructure, our schools and create the millions of jobs we need. mitt romney is wrong and is way out of touch with the american people when he thinks what we need to do is give more tax breaks to millionaires and billionaires and large corporations. >> did romney's health care law set the stage for the president's health care reform law, which is how the law of the land in the united states? in other words, is obamacare based on romneycare? >> i think most objective observers would say yes, tha the case. >> so, you like that as far as mitt romney's record is
5:34 pm
concerned? >> no, i happen to believe and part of the problems we're having in massachusetts is health care costs are soaring. the question we have to ask ourselves is how is it we are spending almost twice as much per person on health care today despite the fact we have 50 million people without any insurance whatsoever? we have a wasteful, bureaucratic system. we should move to a medicare for all single payer program. >> who among the republican candidates do you believe represents the greatest threat to president obama becoming a one-term president? >> i have no idea, but all i can tell you is these guys are absolutely bereft of any serious ideas. that they are simply talking about. here's their trilogy. more tax breaks for billionaires. deregulate wall street. and unfeted free trade so we can continue to lose more jobs to china and low wage countries around the world. that's all they believe in. those are failed policies, so i
5:35 pm
don't know who would get their nomination. >> thanks very much for coming in. >> my pleasure. republican presidential candidate herman cain tells piers morgan whom rerespects the most and least among the republican rivals. piers the standing by live. and which of these escaped animals in ohio represented the biggest threat? we'll tell you. with an a+ credit rating in good times and bad, sun life financial should be famous. we're working on it. so you're seriously proposing we change our name to sun life valley. do we still get to go skiing? sooner or later, you'll know our name. sun life financial. a we don't go lower than 130. ts a room tonight for 65 dollars.
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5:38 pm
dozens of wild animals shot dead after escaping an exotic vefr in ohio. it's a move some animal activists are calling unforgivable. last hour, i spoke with the director of the columbus zoo, jack hanna, who's been assisting in the search and i essentially asked him whether all these animals had to die. >> wolf, the problem was, by the time my people got here with the tranquilizer guns, it was 6:30. when you have 40 something animals running around here, 18 tigers, plus, it's getting dark.
5:39 pm
the sheriff had to say the ones out of the compound had to be put down. you can't tranquilize an animal in the dart. what do we do? send a sheriff up or veterinarian, hey, is it asleep? bam. this afternoon, a perfect example. one bengal tiger we found crouched down in the bushes. the vet gets within 20 feet. pops the animal and it comes right toward the vet. what do you do in this case? we couldn't have done it last night in the dark. to have no one hurt and killed here is unbelievable. am i upset? of course. but what do we do, have human life, versus animal life. take care of humans and now, we've lost our precious animals because of what happened with this guy. >> jack hanna telling me all those animals are no longer on
5:40 pm
the loose. let's bring in our national correspondent, jason carroll in columbus, ohio. what is the latest here? what do we know? >> first start out by saying even the sheriff is telling me that so much of what happened out here was senseless and felt as though it did not have to happen. you heard jack hanna there. the folks here felt as though they had no choice. let's update you in terms of the numbers. 56 animals were set loose. 49 had to be put down and killed. six were taken to the columbus zoo, including three tigers. those were the ones that are able to be saved. this whole thing starting about 5:00 yesterday. that's when the 911 calls starting coming in. people reported seeing wild animals on their property. in one case, a viewer was able to shoot a home video of a grizzly on his property. it eventually had to be put down. deputies ended up showing up at terry thompson's property.
5:41 pm
they were met by at least a dozen tigers roaming around. they had to be put down. thompson obviously had opened the cages where the animals were being held, then took his own life for reasons yet to be unknown. actually shooting some of these animals. >> i want you to listen to a veterinarian we spoke to. she came face to face with one of those tigers this morning and talked about how she tried to tranquilize. >> so, it was a tiger about a 300 pound tiger, hiding in the bushes. so, they took me down, special response team took me down. i was loaded to tranquilize and had to approach the animal within about 15 feet into the
5:42 pm
bushes cht i did shoot it with a dart. unfortunately, about ten seconds later, it roared, got up and came toward me, so the special response team had to shoot it. >> i think a lot of people don't realize it's not like in the movies where you shoot an animal with a tranquilizer gun and the animal passes out. >> that's exactly right. we expected it to take five to ten minutes and an animal that agitated can fight off the effects of the drug. >> so, wolf, you can see the difficulty that many of these -- had to face out here in trying to take down some of these particular animals. at one point, it was said that one animal was unaccounted for, a monkey, but we are now hearing that monkey may have been eaten by one of the tigers out here. they are still trying to confirm
5:43 pm
that. at one point, just one monkey that may be unaccounted for. in terms of the investigation, why terry thompson decided to open the cages to these animals and take his own life knowing what could have been the fate of these animals. >> we may never know the answer to that question either. he apparently killed himself, so we might never know. thanks very much, jason, on the scene for us in ohio. let's bring in brian todd right now. he's in an animal preserve location in the washington, d.c. area. animals like the ones in ohio. where are you and what's going on? >> we're in maryland about 60 miles northwest of washington. take a look at this beauty behind me. this is phoenix, the 500-pound bengal tiger here. our journalist taking a nice shot of him as he sits there in his cage. this is an accredited facility, but the story in ohio raises a
5:44 pm
lot of questions about whether animals like this should be brought to places like this. we pass within ten feet of him in a golf cart. in a split second, phoenix springs to his feet and begins stalking us. he is similar to the one let out, then killed in ohio. >> wild animals conditioned fend for themselves in this environment. this is not their jungle. >> the director of the wildlife sprefr about 60 miles outside washington. he's been here 45 years and now oversees a compound covering 50 acres with some 600 animals. many of them exotics. he's got tigers, timber wolves, lion, mountain lions. many of the same breeds that were sprung in ohio. which of those animals is the most dangerous to the community and why? >> probably the big cats. the big cats are faster. like a house cat. you know, a house cat, yeah.
5:45 pm
has instimgts to go after anything that runs from it. >> he says as much as it breaks his heart, he says the authorities in ohio did the right thing. he said the tranquilizer police tried to shoot it with probably wasn't strong enough. >> they've got 19 gators here. maybe one of his parents down there. the fact this preserve and others like it keeps these animals, raises the debate about whether these animals should be brought to preserves like this. he's taken in several animals in need of care. like this bald eagle. he says the majority of his animals came from zoos or pet owners, but it's an argument he's used to. many people feel that reptiles, predators, should never be brought to a place like this or the one in ohio. what do you say to that? >> fortunately, bringing them is probably one of the better
5:46 pm
choices. these animals were originally sold as pets and grew too fast, too big, for one who had them and then they have to go some place. >> hans says some animals are better off in places like this than their own natural habitats. he points to tigers, places like northern china, russia and india, where the trade in their body parts is still very lucrative. >> thanks very much for that. brian todd on the scene in maryland. herman cain dishing on his opponents. you're going to hear which fellow republican cain says would not make a good president and a cell phone bill that costs as much as a house. [ horn honks ]
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herman cain took a bit of a beating last night, but then went in depth with piers morgan. listen to this. >> who do you respect the most? >> i would say that speaker gingrich and governor romney are the two that i have the greatest amount of respect for that i would feel comfortable if i did
5:50 pm
not get it, but i'm looking pretty good right now, but i have a lot of confidence in the type of job they would do. >> and who do you have the least respect for? >> let's just stick with the ones i have the most respect for. >> no, no, hermen. i don't believe representative ron paul would be a good president. >> why? >> because most of his ideas and positions are eliminate end, rather than fix. we need to fix a lot of things in this country. i don believe water. >> what did you make of herman cain? you spent some qualify time with him last night. >> yeah, in vegas, he's a great character. he's got this amazing charisma. you feel like you've had an entertaining and fascinating hour when you spent time with him. his competitors, i fell, scathing about ron paul, also
5:51 pm
scathing about michele bachmann and rick perry two fellow tea partiers, he's positioned himself as the nonpolitical tea party candidate here. and he kept stressing through theness view he doesn't want to be seen as a politician, so much so when i quizzed him about his pretty extreme views on, say, homosexuality or abortion, he kept saying if i become president my personal views are not necessarily going to be the views that i legally enforce on the american people. and trying to distinguish there, i think, between his personal opinion and what he would do as a president. i think it's a very interesting game play. i'm not sure he can sustain much scrutiny. >> same-sex marriage, those he opposes it it should be left up to various states to make a final position. did he change his position? >> new york he's still on that.
5:52 pm
i quizes him strongly about this, and he genuinely believe that will homosexuality is a choice, and i said, you really believe that millions of americans wake up in their late teens and decide to be homosexuals? he said, yes. he said, but i don't make critical remarks about them. i just believe it happens to be a choice. i asked him about abortion, i said, any circumstances if one of your own children was raped, would you expect her to bring that child? and he said, no, my view that is there are no exceptions. i'm completely opposed to any form of abortion. but again, he said, but that's my personal choice. that's my opinion. i would respect the right of a family in that position to have an alternative view. again, i think it's an interesting position, wolf, i'm not sure it will sustain a lot of scrutiny when it gets serious. >> he has said in the past that if it came to the life of the mother being endangered if you didn't have an abortion, he said then it should be left up to the
5:53 pm
family. he sort of made that, i think, only exception to abortion. i don't know what he said -- did he say the life of the mother exception might be something he would be allowed to go through? >> he didn't repeat that to me. but he -- it was interesting. he's done a lot of flip-flopping, herman cain, but he's got away with it. yesterday i heard his interview with you when you asked him about the situation in israel and he quite clearly said i don't think he was ambiguous at all, that he felt that if he was president he would in that situation, possibly trade guantanamo bay inmate, al qaeda suspects, for an american soldier. and then to me, and to others late last night, he said, look, i've changed my mind. i got that wrong. i said you made a mistake or -- >> he said, no, i misspoke. he gets away with because he's charming. i think the more he gets put up there now, the more he's going to get scrutinized the less he's
5:54 pm
going to be able to hide behind the kecherry demeanor of the pia guy. >> 9:00 p.m. eastern, tonight, i'm going to, watching it. when we come back, jeanne moos. ur dry cleaning and had your shoes shined. well, i made you a reservation at the sushi place around the corner. well, in that case, i better get back to these invoices... which i'll do right after making your favorite pancakes. you know what? i'm going to tidy up your side of the office. i can't hear you because i'm also making you a smoothie. [ male announcer ] marriott hotels & resorts knows it's better for xerox to automate their global invoice process so they can focus on serving their customers. with xerox, you're ready for real business.
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cnn's jeanne moos joins us with a look at creative ways to quit your job. >> reporter: if you're mad at management -- >> they hate immediate and i hated them. >> reporter: -- and you want to quit your job as a hotel room service server, imagine sneaking in a brass band and serving this to your boss -- >> what is this? >> guys, all of you out now. >> i'm here to tell you that i'm quitting. >> one, two, three, four. ♪ >> reporter: joey defrancesco finished his last 13-hour day at the marriott renaissance hole in providence, rhode island. after 3 1/2 years of butting heads with bosses and helping to organize a union -- >> they treat us like [ bleep ] here. >> reporter: -- he decided to live his fantasy. >> to tell their boss to shove it or push back in this big way. >> reporter: joey's a member of
5:58 pm
the what cheer ban, used his access code to bring a dozen or so members through the employee entrance to stake out his boss' office. and now, joey quits is a youtube sensation. quits like a champion. joey says his hotel sources tell him that after the band left, management called police. but no actions has been taken against him. the hotel would only say, we take the health and satisfaction of our employees very seriously. going on to cite, nice things management has done like an iron chef competition for employees and housekeeping week. the last time we saw musical resignation was in the movie "that thing you do." i quit. i quit. i quit, mr. white. >> reporter: we've seen a happy resignation presented on a cake. a spicy i quit when taco bell employee near buffalo rearranged
5:59 pm
the letters on the sign. he punctuated his expletive with a smiley face. to those who told joey, now you'll never get a reference -- >> i wasn't going to get a reference anyway. i organized a union, they mate me anyway. >> reporter: joey has a new job, though his new boss doesn't want him to say where, but it's a job where his degree in history could come in handy. over at abc, they labeled joey's exit the "i quit" poll character it's a serbian song and now joey's a hit in serbian. i guess if he can do it -- >> i'm here to tell you that i'm quitting. >> reporter: cnn, i'm here to tell you that i'm staying! jeanne moos, cnn, new york. >> we're happy jeanne moos is staying because her unique reports are seen only here on cnn. thanks very much for watching i'm wolf blitzer in "t


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