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tv   CNN Newsroom  CNN  October 24, 2011 1:00pm-3:00pm EDT

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here's vice president biden speaking yesterday with my colleague candy crowley on "state of the union." >> there's about 6 million people who are at 6% mortgages, above 6%. they could refinance at 4% if the fees were waived, and we're able from a federal level to have some impact on that. >> nevada happens to be the foreclosure capital of the nation and a growing force in presidential politics, which brings me to the second reason president obama is visiting. he'll hold campaign fund-raisers there. and later tonight in los angeles. and tomorrow in san francisco, and wednesday in denver. there he'll also announce new policies as opposed to new legislation aimed at helping college grads repay their federal student loans. flou to libya. a gruesome discovery is raising questions in sirte. that is the city where moammar gadhafi made his last stand. a human rights group says investigators found 53 decomposing bodies clustered together in a hotel. they appear to have been gadhafi loyalists killed five to 11 days
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ago while in the custody of antigadhafi brigades. human rights watch is calling on the libyan national council to investigate this. conditions in syria are getting too dangerous for the u.s. ambassador. the state department has pulled ambassador robert ford out of syria citing what it calls credible threats against his personal safety. u.s. officials say an armed pro-government mob attack ford an some colleagues in an embassy convoy last month. ford has been an outspoken critic of the syrian government's violent crack dourn on protesters. u.s. officials say they don't know when it will be safe for ford to return to syria. a growing danger in the skies with more people on the ground shining hand-held lasers into airline cockpits. it usually happens while planes are taking off or landing. the most dangerous times for pilots to be distracted or even temporarily blinded. the faa reports more than 2,700 laser incidents so far this year. nearly ten times the number reported in 2005. there are new stiff penalties for shining a laser at an
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aircraft but arrests are still rare. "usa today" reports one person charged happens to be the grandson of the late actor clark gable. officials meet in washington this week to consider more steps to deal with the problem. television sets, household appliances and furniture heading across the pa sick ocean to the united states but not on a ship. they're floating through the water, part of up to 20 million tons of debris from the japanese earthquake an tsunami last march. russian sailors spotted the garbage neither midway islands last month. it could reach hawaii in two years around the u.s. mainland in three years. there is also a danger the debris could damage some small ships along the way. older americans can remember when getting the measles was a common childhood ordeal. the development of a vaccine ended that era but now measles may be making a comeback. u.s. health officials have counted 214 cases so far. that may not sound like much but it is the highest total in 15 years, much higher than the annual average of 60 to 70
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cases. the u.s. vaccination rate remains high, 90%. but experts say some parents refuse to get their kids vaccinated about misguided fears about the vaccine's safety. steve jobs was known for his creativity but he wasn't always mr. nice guy. rough reality about steve jobs next. but first, it is that time in the show where we give a shout out to someone who is just a little bit awesome. today it is representative gabrielle giffords. congresswoman and her congressman mark kelly wrote a book about their life together. in the audio version of the book giffords reads the lapt chapter alive, called gabby, a story of courage and hope. it comes out november 15th. you recall giffords was shot in the head in january and has spent months in rehab. so for returning to the house floor in august, writing a book, working so hard to recover and just being the epitome of the comeback kid, gabby giffords, are you today's rock star. [ male announcer ] are you considering a new medicare plan?
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i tell you what i can spend. i do my best to make it work. i'm back on the road safely. and i saved you money on brakes. that's personal pricing. steve jobs was an icon, possibly the best known ceo of our time. but since his death on october 5th, the world has learned just how much about the apple co-founder it never knew. it is all coming out in a biography jobs initiated long before anyone else knew he had cancer, a cancer that would change his life and finally end it. jobs hand-picked biographer, walter isaacson, a former head of cnn who spoke with kw9 "60 minutes" about a man who really did think different. >> he could be very, very mean to people, whether two a waitress in a restaurant or to a
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guy who stayed up all night coding, he could just really, really go at them and say, you're doing this all wrong, it's horrible. you'd say why did you do that? why weren't you nicer? he'd say i really want to be with people who demand perfection and this is who i am. he was raised in a place i was just learning how to surgeon silicon into gold. it had not yet been named silicon valley but you had the defense industry, hewlett-packard, but also the counterculture of the bay area, that entire brew came together in steve jobs. he was sort of a hippyish rebel kid, loved to listen to dylan music, dropped assicacid, but ho loved rec trelectronics. he made great products but it didn't make for a great management style.
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>> here's jobs in his own words from one of more than 40 interviews conducted by isaacson and aired on "60 minutes." >> other people at apple especially at we went public how it changed them. and a lot people thought they had to start being rich. so they would -- i mean a few people went out and bought rolls royces and they bought homes and their wives had plastic surgery. i saw these people who were nice really simple people turn into these bizarreo people and i made a promise to myself, i said i'm not going to let this money ruin my life. >> as jobs' life was slipping away, he thought a lot about what might await him and here's what he shared with walter isaacson, again from cbs's "60 minutes." >> i remember sitting in his backyard in his garden one day. he started talking about god.
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he said, sometimes i believe in god, sometimes i don't. i think it's 50%-50% maybe. but ever since i've had cancer, i've been thinking about it more, i find myself believing a bit more. i kind of -- maybe it is because i want to believe in an afterlife that when you die, it doesn't just all disappear. wisdom you've accumulated, somehow it lives on. then he paused for a second, and then, yeah, he said i think it is just like an on-off switch. click, and you're gone. he paused again. and he said that's why i don't like putting on off switches on apple devices. >> isaacson's book called "steve jobs" comes out today. how about this number? 1 for every 15 minutes. 1 person in the united states dies every 15 minutes. the most surprising part? is how. stay with us. ♪
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it is time for "undercovered," a chance for us to bring you up to speed on a story you may not have heard a whole lot about. we are talking about a new report on suicide, specifically how many people may actually be considering it. this is what i'm talking about. the report shows more than 8 million americans had suicidal thoughts. just over 2 million actually made suicide plans and 1 million people attempted suicide. the majority of those ended up in emergency rooms with their self-inflicted injuries. around 35,000 people commit suicide every year which of course is a very disturbing number. in these unstable economic times, it can sadly be seen as a way out for some. joining me now to help dig a little bit deeper into the problem is the director of the cdc's national center for injury prevention and control.
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doctor, first how significant are these numbers? what should we take away from them? >> well, what we should take away from it is that suicide is very complex problem. there are many factors that contribute to it. but this is the first time we've really had information on suicide attempts and suicide thoughts in the general population. >> do you find that there is a big difference or does this show that there is any difference at all between men and women when it comes to suicide or attempts? >> women do have a higher rate of contemplation of suicide thinking about suicide than men do. >> higher rate of contemplation. in terms of the manner, is there a difference in the manner of how they go about it? >> this study in itself didn't look at that, didn't look at the manner of suicide. >> when you look at what's happened with our economy, how
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much would you say the recession and then the economic situation could play a role in these numbers? >> well, we do know that for people who did not have jobs during the time of the interview, they -- there was a higher incidence of suicide in that group. however, it is a very complex kind of thing where there's a lot of factors that really play into it. so it's not having a job in combination with other factors that may contribute to whether or not someone thinks about suicide, actually attempts it, or has made a plan for suicide. >> does geography play a role here at all? do you see a difference from state to state? >> we do see some differences from state to state. what we can do about that is it can help us to target interventions. some states had far lower rates of both suicide thought, people with suicidal thoughts, people who had attempted suicide, and
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so we can basically design interventions on a state by state basis to help address the specific risk factors in the states. >> so then in the end do you think this could then help with prevention efforts? >> this really can't he lly can prevention efforts because it brings this to light and gives us something to educate the public about and it gives us an opportunity to intervene as we know that there are more people who are thinking about suicide, who are attempting it, obviously then who actually commit suicide. >> doctor, appreciate your time and insight there. thank you very much. we do want to tell you about the national suicide presengs hotline. 1-800-273-talk. for yor anyone you know, this i an important resource. the defense fights back hoping science is on their side.
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their weapon -- the scientist known as the father of propofol. can his testimony help clear conrad murray? the latest from los angeles next. but first, this day in history. in 2008 it is known as bloody friday, not because of war or violence. no, instead because the markets bled. the stock market crashed. prices fell drastically plunging around 10%. that is a shame in history.
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this could be the final week in the manslaughter trial of michael jackson's former doctor, conrad murray. with the defense expected to begin its case today. but not before finishing one very important piece of business. this is a live picture from inside the courtroom, the cross examination of the state's star witness, dr. steven schafer. lead attorney ed chernoff is pushing back hard on the anesthesiologist who's testified that dr. murray lied about how much propofol he gave michael jackson. in fact, things got downright testy on friday.
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>> you understand that everything you said in the last two days was your opinion. you do understand that. right? do you understand that? >> i stated my name, which i think is a matter of fact. >> you understand that dr. murray is literally on trial for his life. >> once today's cross examination is complete, the defense begins presenting its side. joining me now for today's "crime and consequence," former jackson defense attorney, thomas mesereau. so the defense is going to pick up its case today. probably putting on their star witness, dr. paul white to sort of i guess contradict what dr. schafer, the prosecution witness, has been saying. do you think that's a good move to start with someone like that? >> they have to. because the prosecution has presented a very clear, compelling, convincing case. it hasn't been too long or too short. it's been very convincing. they were very smart in the experts they called. because dr. murray's a cardiologist, they called a cardiologist.
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because he treated michael jackson for insomnia, they called a sleep expert. they ended with an anesthesiologist who's also a pharmacologist. they've covered all their bases. the defense has to really strike back hard in my opinion. >> i'm sure you've seen some of dr. schafer's testimony. it was pretty strong. he actually got out in the middle of the courtroom and showed what a propofol iv would look like and really explain to the jury and help them understand really for the first time how michael jackson might have died. how important is a display like that in a trial? >> very, very important. a courtroom operates on many different levels. intellectual, factual and emotional. and people are very affected by the visual. there are studies that show that people are more affected by the visual than by the spoken word. i thought it was very effective the way he walk the jury through, step by step, what happens in the o.r. and what propofol is all about. very, very good. >> we're showing exactly how it happened in court there. but obviously the prosecution contends that there was an overdose of propofol through
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this iv which dr. conrad murray was not exactly monitoring because had he left michael jackson's room. now the defense says that he may have done this to himself, that he may have ingested too much propofol. let's listen to what the defense attorney ed chernoff had to say. >> one of the things that you said in your testimony was that you could not discount the possibility that michael jackson reached up, woke up, reached up, and turned on -- or turned off the limiter on the iv site. is that right? >> correct. >> so all they have to do is just create just a little bit of doubt there, right? just open the door to some doubt. would that help him? >> i don't think it is that simple. that certainly is something they're trying to do. they're trying to just raise every possibility, they're trying to explain everything that no one really observed or can totally answer, they're trying to set the stage for their own expert to raise even more possibilities. they're hoping at the end that this will all equal reasonable
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doubt to the jury, but it's more than just this notion of it's got to be one slight little doubt. it is not that simple. i think the prosecution's story has been very strong, very compelling, very clear. they have to meet it head-on and i think they're just setting the stanl for their own expert. >> you're pretty impressed sounds like with the state's case thus far. >> very much so. but it is not over until it is over. the defense lawyer has to sit there patiently and just day by day wait their turn. it is not an easy thing do. you learn it do it as a professional but pretty soon they'll have the chance to tell their story. >> the defense plans to call about 15 witnesses, including some former pabts eer patients conrad murray. character witnesses. how important is that? >> very good idea. they are trying to humanize their client. the prosecutor has tried to show the client is a selfish, narcissistic professional who really just discarded all of his ethical obligations to the patients and did what was right for him even trying to protect himself when there was a chance they could have revived the
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patient. the defense has to counter that by showing he is a decent human being, a good professional, he's helped people throughout his career and try and humanize him whereas the prosecutors have tried to devalue him. >> the greatest hurdle for the defense? >> i think the science has been explained very clearly. this issue that propofol is not like a normal sleep medication or normal antianxiety drug, it doesn't belong anywhere near the home, it was administered recklessly. i think they've done a very good job showing just the horrible aspects of what this doctor did. >> i know are you still in touch with michael jackson's family. how are they dealing with this? i've seen them in court. i know janet jackson's now coming back from a tour to be here in the courtroom. how are they doing? >> i think they're doing reasonably well. it is just a very disquieting process to go through day by day, having everyone talk about how your son died. i'm talking about katherine now. or how your brother died. very, very unpleasant situation. but they're behind the prosecution. they think there should be a conviction.
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they want dr. murray held accountable and they're doing what they feel is right for the family and right for michael. >> tom mesereau, always appreciate your insight on this one. nice to have you here in studio. >> thank you very much. a political slam on mitt romney. now being compared to michael dukakis. is it a fair assessment? we'll find out. it is "fair game" and it is next. but first our political junkie question of the day. just how many states did michael dukakis carry in the 1980 general election against george h.w. bush? the answer when we return.
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before the break we asked you how many states michael cue ka kiss carried in the 1988
1:29 pm
presidential election? a total of ten states and the district of columbia. he got 111 electoral votes to bush's 426. but of course if you're a political junkie, you probably knew that already. time now to go beyond partisan talking points to the heart of the political debate where all sides are "fair game." we're talking about the field of candidates competing for the republican presidential nomination. we've seen great swings among the front-runners from michele bachmann to rick perry, to herman cain. but one name just never seems to go anywhere. either up or down. that's mitt romney. this is him from earlier today filing the paperwork to get on the ballot in new hampshire. he's near or at the top of all the polls but there seems to be something missing. this weekend noted conservative columnist george will referred to him as the republican's michael dukakis calling him a massachusetts governor running on competence but not ideology. why hasn't romney run away from the field? joining me now is democratic political consultant ed ez knes
1:30 pm
know is a and ed, i'll start with you. why is mitt romney stuck in neutral? >> it is funny that's brings up michael dukakis. when i was at ucla in the '90s he took a class called "the american presidency" taught by michael dukakis. he admitted on the first day of class if he knew anything about the subject he wouldn't be teaching it right now. but i don't think that mitt romney is as much like michael dukakis as he is more like john kerry. he tries to do the right things, he tries to be the safe candidate. he wants to be the one who can beat obama but people aren't really sure what he stands for. then you add in the fact that he is gaffe prone. he says corporations are people. he said something about corporations need to hit rock-bottom before we can fix that problem. is not a good start for him and
1:31 pm
it is why people aren't in love with him yet. so that's why you see a different flavor of the month. people -- republican base getting excited about somebody else, because romney hasn't really caught on yet. >> christopher, why do you think he hasn't broken away? >> well, he hasn't broken away in large part because social conservatives are very, very, very uncomfortable with his evolving positions. i think george will's analogy really ge to the point here. we're not sure what the position is going to be. he's evolved on social issues, he's evolved on abortion, he's evolved on health care. so the concern is we're not sure what he's going to evolve into next. and here's the thing. he knew he was going to be running for president this time around, so i am wondering why he didn't spend the time that's necessary to warm up to the social conservatives. i do take issue with the fact that george will says competence as opposed ed td to ideology,
1:32 pm
somehow competence and ideology are juxtaposed. i mean that's a bit of a problem. i think the problem here with romney is that people are not in love with him because he hasn't given us a reason to be in love with him. he's more central casting than real. he tried to of course break away with that absolutely ridiculous performance at the debate. that didn't work. >> so you said a whole lot there but let me get back to this idea that you think, chris, he wasted some time in not trying to reach out to conservatives? >> he did. he wasted an entire cycle. look, we knew he was going to be running again for the presidency. that was a given. so why didn't he take the time? we shall not be having this conversation at this point. he should have spent the time talking to conservatives about who he actually is. he hasn't done that. so here we are, again it's like we've seen this movie before, we're going back to the movie again where people are just
1:33 pm
particularly social conservatives are saying you keep evolving, guy. i mean who are you? and that's the problem. >> ed, of course -- >> real quickly. republicans are a bit predictable in who they nominate in that they always nominate someone whose name has appeared on a ballot previously. ever since gold water only ford is the only one to get a fom nation who hasn't had his name previously appear on a ballot. obviously george w. bush benefiting from his dad's name being on a ballot. romney should be the clear front-runner right now but he's not. he's got some hurdles to get over. >> there is a concern apparently that he'll move to the left if he's nominated. do you think that fear is justified? >> yeah. it's justified. i think it's a natural inclination because he was the governor of massachusetts. right? and he's tried to take sort of a
1:34 pm
moderate approach to his candidacy. the problem is, just like dr. metzler said, he doesn't have his conservative credentials down. that's not just a problem in the republican party, it is a problem in politics these days. politics is segmented in. different ways. we are not this nation that gets our information from three or four sources like we did 25 or 30 years ago. we get them from 800 different sources. people are silent into what they like. candidates like rick perry, people say his candidacy is dead, and if it is, it's a zombie candidacy because he's still running but he can still do some damage. that's why you see him getting some fire and really keep going the way he's been going. >> rick perry has this major tax speech planned for tomorrow. how critical do you think this is for him? >> it is absolutely critical. this is his opportunity to come out but he's got to be clear,
1:35 pm
he's got to be out chart, he's got to look more united states and less texas. he's been extremely successful in texas but texas is not, to the surprise of many, the united states. and so as a result of that, he has to come out and hit this out of the park. he cannot go back and, like herman cain -- what is it now? 9-0-9? he's got to be clear on what his position is. i think what the republican party is looking for is the fusing of rick perry and mitt romney but that's not going to happen. so we can't kind of create a pechlt romney candidate. i think you see this contradiction, who's the real conservative here and whose position is not going to evolve and as a result of that, that's the person we want to nominate. >> got it. all right, chris, ed, thank you both for your time today. nice to see you.
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it is an ancient region well established by the 11th century. it is located along the second biggest body of water in the middle east. ottoman troops burned one of its major cities as they retreated from russian forces back in 1915. now it is reeling from a new disaster. do you know where it is? we'll take you there next in imagine living your life with less chronic osteoarthritis pain. imagine you, with less pain. cymbalta can help. cymbalta is a non-narcotic treatment that's fda-approved to manage chronic musculoskeletal pain. one pill a day, every day, can help reduce this pain. tell your doctor right away if your mood worsens, you have unusual changes in mood or behavior or thoughts of suicide. antidepressants can increase these in children, teens, and young adults. cymbalta is not approved for children under 18. people taking maois or thioridazine or with uncontrolled glaucoma should not take cymbalta. taking it with nsaid pain relievers, aspirin, or blood thinners may increase bleeding risk. severe liver problems, some fatal, were reported. signs include abdominal pain and yellowing of the skin or eyes.
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before the break we gave you some hints about today's globe trekking report. we were talking about eastern turkey. the site of deadly 7.2 magnitude earthquake. the quake hit one of turkey's poorest regions doing heavy damage to cities along the biggest body of water in turkey.
1:39 pm
we've heard some conflicting reports on the exact death toll. what can you tell us? >> reporter: hi, randi. we're hearing from the disaster management agency, which is basically the disaster ministry for the whole of turkey, that the death toll that they have now is 279 with 1,300 injured. there were discrepancies before between what the deputy prime minister gave news ankara and what the interior minister gave us here on site. i think what is interesting to point out is that both said that actually the rise in numbers over the last 24 hours was less than they had anticipated. so that is at least one good thing. >> diana, in terms of the buildings that collapsed, how tru structurally sound were they? what do we know about them? >> i imagine there will be an investigation into them.
1:40 pm
of course after 1999 when there was this huge earthquake in northwestern turkey in which 18,000 people died, there were huge changes to building regulations in this country. they became much stricter. now it is possible that that was why we only saw certain buildings collapsing in both these two main towns that were affected van, where i am now and about 100 kilometers away whereas other buildings remained intact. of course there will be question marks over why those buildings did indeed collapse. many people said to me earlier in an earthquake zone which we have, you shouldn't be building multi-story buildings. there will be many questions that need to be answered about why some of those buildings could not withstand this earthquake. >> for those who manage to survive this, all of those who are homeless, is there somewhere for them to go? are they getting any help? >> well, tonight is better than
1:41 pm
last night. the red caress accident hrescen tent cities for people to stay in tonight. when the sun goes down here in this region it becomes extremely cold. last night a lot of people were too scared to go back to their homes if their homes were indeed still standing because there were numerous aftershocks. many people spent the night on the streets around fires or in their cars. now at least they have somewhere to go to. these tents are made to keep the warm in. there are 22,000 blankets that have been brought in and all being provided with hot food. so the red crescent has mobilized itself into action and given people somewhere at least warm to stay and somewhere where they don't have to worry about bricks and mortar falling on their head tonight. >> diana magnay in turkey, thank you. the quake victims need your
1:42 pm
help. to find out what you can do, go to chinese authorities have arrested two men in connection with the deadly incident that shocked the world. video captured by security camera early this month showed a pair of drivers one after the other hitting a 2-year-old more than a dozen people passed by the toddler as she lay bleeding in a busy market. eventually a woman pulled her aside and tried to get her help but the girl later died at a hospital. they're counting the votes in tunisia. more than 80% of registered voters participated in the first election since the ouster of president ben ali. that event kicked off the arab spring, a pro-democracy movement that's ousted other leaders in libya and tunisia. new zealanders are celebrating a big win today after the home team beat france to capture rugby's world cup. the all blacks, as they are called, were the last ones standing after the 45-day
1:43 pm
tournament. they immediately held a victory parade. though auckland, with about 100,000 people lined the streets to get a look at the cup. there it is. "cnn newsroom" continues straight ahead. but first, the end of the world. well, maybe not. you can take that up with harold kamping. first he predicted rapture in 1994. then may 21st of this year. then he told us this last friday was "the" day, october 21st, 2011. the real rapture. bell guess wh well guess what harold? your 15 minutes are up.
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i want to take you back now to 2009. a snowy, foggy february night in western new york state. a commuter flight operated by colgan air was en route to buffalo with 49 people on-board whether it crashed into a house about five miles short of the runway. all on board were killed, along with one person on the ground and months later, investigators named the cause as pilot error. allegations from the lawyer representing victims's family that colgan air knew the pilot was a slow learner. on cnn's "american morning" he discussed internal e-mails that questioned whether he was even fit to be trained on the plane that he was flying that night in 2009. >> they show us two things. first, they show us that just months before the crash, the
1:47 pm
highest levels of colgan management knew that the captain was not qualified to fly this plane and yet they put him in the plane anyway. the other thing they somehow us more generally is that colgan, as part of its regular business practices, sacrificed safety for profit. essentially they showed him a video on how to recover from stalls. you need active hands-on training where you practice stalls. the airlines did not do that. >> we get details on the crash, the pilot and those damaging e-mails now from cnn's deborah feyerick. >> reporter: six months before the crash, supervisors at colgan air were going over a list of pilots they considered ready to fly the new fleet of q-400 turboprop planes. when captain marvin renslowe's name came up the e-mail suggests there was serious misgivings. there's something in the back of my mind about renslow.
1:48 pm
colgan's chief pilot answers -- yes, you are correct. he had a problem upgrading. that means transitioning to the next level. the vp replies, anyone that does not meet the minimum requirements and had a problem is training is not ready to handle the q-400. the chief pilot, he's already off the list. now several families are suing the airline saying pilot renslow was unqualified to fly the plane. it is their lawyer who released these e-mails. the investigation by the ntsb at the time did find captain renslow never received hands-on experience with the safety system in the q-400 called a stick pusher which activates to prevent the plane from stalling. when the plane began slowing too quickly, the safety board found the pilot reacted in a way that suggests he was startled and confused. he pulled back on the column rather than press forward, essentially dooming the plane. pinnacle airlines, colgan's parent company, defends its pilot saying only after being fully satisfied that captain renslow was red do i transition
1:49 pm
to the q-400 aircraft was he allowed to begin q-400 training. renslow was faa certified but had failed five pilot tests, three of them before he got to colgan. something he did not disclose to his employer. the ntsb ultimately blamed the crash on pilot error. deborah feyerick, cnn, atlanta, georgia. every day on this show we call out someone who we think has, well, screwed up. today is an unidentified passenger traveling from lax to portland, oregon who failed to notify his airline he was traveling with a loaded gun in his checked bag. he was perfectly within his right to check that gun, but in keeping it loaded and failing to report it, well, he cost people a lot of time, manpower and ultimately money. you see, the gun tumbled out of bag sunday morning as it was being loaded on an alaska airlines flight. and because it wasn't reported, the kwun's owner was questioned, released, then allowed to board a later flight. the tsa told the "l.a. times" it
1:50 pm
is "the airline and passenger's responsibility to ensure that firearms are transported correctly." let me say this. the tsa hasn't always turned in a stellar performance. but in this day an age, shouldn't we, the traveling public, be just a little more savvy, too, and do our part? first, who packs a loaded gun so poorly that it would slip out of a bag in bag in transport? secondly, in the post-9/11 world, if you're going to travel with a gun, don't you think it would be wise to first unload it and second report it, maybe, ahead of time? come on! save us all the angst. so for not being the most responsible citizen, it's time for you, the unidentified pis l pistol-packing flier providing the sunday scare to "face the music" ♪ there's something wrong with the world today ♪ ♪ the light bulb's getting dim we need to protect the environment. what about the economy? what about our planet? [announcer:] at conocophillips,
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do the fundamental work of chemistry. ♪ the difference, the one element that is the catalyst for innovation, the one element that changes everything is the human element. ♪ ♪ it must be love ♪ if must be love for the shot of the day, a house cat encounters a wild cat. you see that. check out the stare ha-down in boulder, colorado. this cat butted heads with the mountain lion. the kouger finally walked off with another big cat. take a look. that is such a great shot. taking a closer look now at stories making headlines across the country at street level. first to milwaukee, wisconsin, home to bike maker
1:54 pm
harley-davidson. the company is recalling approximately 300,000 motorcycles to fix a problem with the rear break light switch. they say it may be exposed to excessive heat which can cause the light to fail. the problem could also cause fluid leaks or the loss of rear brakes. the recall involves 2009-2012 models of the touring cdo and terror touring trike vehicles. next to indianapolis where police have seized more than five tons of marijuana. it is the largest drug bust in indiana had history. local and federal authorities were involved in the sting which began in march and ended last year. police found the pot in a warehouse along with more than $4 million in cash. four men have been detained and will appear in court this week. authorities say a mexican drug cartel is the likely source of that operation. in lakewood, washington, police shoot and kill a soldier recently back from afghanistan. it happened sunday night when a neighbor reported a man lying in
1:55 pm
the street with a gunshot wound. when police responded, trent thorpe was sitting in a pool of blood. >> i heard the police say, drop the weapon, drop the weapon, several times, loudly. then i heard a couple of shots and then a volley of shots. >> four officers have been mrailsed on administrator leave pending an investigation. thorpe returned from afghanistan in june. now to philadelphia where preliminary hearing has been set today for three suspects accused of imprisoning four mentally zib disabled adults. the three will appear in court december 19th. they face charges countrying criminal conspiracy, kidnapping and false imprisonment after the landlord of an apartment building discovered the adults locked in this 15 x 6 basement. a hearing is set for wednesday for a fourth suspect, weston's daughter jean mcintosh. finally, to st. paul, minnesota, where a teacher and her second grade class wrote letters to moammar gadhafi 25
1:56 pm
years ago. and to their surprise, guess what? he wrote back. carla hults from our affiliate kare reports. >> this is it. >> reporter: perhaps it it's indicative of a man who led, if not terrorized, his country for 42 years. >> i have a letter from colonel gadhafi. >> reporter: that proof of his influence would reach all the way here to a quiet living room in st. paul. >> for me, the excitement of the project, that it was directed. >> reporter: it was 25 years ago, then and still second grade teacher jill swanson helped her students reach out and understand current events. >> after we pulled down the map and found libya and discussed what had happened the day before, we said, we should write letters to both of the leaders. >> reporter: so the second graders wrote letters to gadhafi and president reagan. >> can i ask you to stop bombing us and we'll stop bombing you. >> reporter: child questions answered by a known tyrant.
1:57 pm
>> we received a kind letter in which you condemned the barbarian aggression against our people. >> reporter: and a class learned more about political propaganda and a leader who would rule for decade more. and for those who responded directly with a dictator -- >> he says, thanks for your stand with us. i don't wish anyone death, but i certainly think the world didn't need his ugly iness. >> that was carla holt reporting from kare. time to check in with our friend wolf blitzer for a little politics. wolf, i understand that there's some new numbers on what people think of the whole occupy wall street movement. >> there are. we have a brand new cnn/orc poll just coming out. let's take a look. we asked the question, what do you think of the occupy wall street movement? 32% of those nationwide have a
1:58 pm
favorable response, 29% unfavorable but 39%, four out of ten almost, are unsure about the occupy wall street movement that's going on not only on wall street but you in a lot of cities all over the united states. on another question cwe asked, o you trust wall street to do the best for the economy? take a look, only 3%, randi, have a great deal of trust of wall street, 20% somewhat, 22% a little, but 54% says they don't trust wall street at all to do the right thing, not necessarily very encouraging numbers for all those people on wall street right now. and it comes on the heels of these occupy wall street movement protests all over the country. a couple of other political nuggets as far as endorsements are concerned, rick perry is going to be announcing his new flat tax proposal you've been reporting on tomorrow. steve forbes who ran for the
1:59 pm
presidency, the republican presidential nomination, in large part on his flat tax proposal, he's been advising rick perry but now he's formally endorsing rick perry for the republican nomination, important endorsement. mitt romney got an important endorsement in new hampshire, the former governor john sununu endorsing romney for the presidential nomination. bottom line, the politics continue and a lot of us will study rick perry's announcement on the details of his flat tax proposal. it could resonate. then again, maybe not. we'll see. >> the president is on a bit of a western swing. how critical is this in terms of timing to raise funds and also try to help folks out in the housing deptd? >> he's doing what he can, given the fact there's such a division it in washington. he's unlikely to get congressional support of the house and senate for the legislation he needs, but he can take certain steps unilaterally
2:00 pm
through executive orders. that's what he's trying to do right now. he's also trying to set the stage to differentiate between him and any republican nominee that emerges. so in addition to doing some substantive policy discussion, he's doing a lot of campaign fund raising as well. >> all right, wolf blitzer, so nice to see you. thank you very much. >> thank you. and that will do it for me, everyone. i will hand it over now to brooke baldwin in atlanta who picks it up from here. >> randi kaye, thank you so much. hello to all of you i'm brooke baldwin. just in to us here at cnn, two reports of two explosions in nairobi kenya. a television station there is reporting two loud blasts at a bus station. this is the second explosion of the day in nairobi. this komz just two days after the u.s. embassy warned of imminent terror attacks in that country specifically. in fact, early this morning at least 14 people were hurt in a grenade attack in a nairobi
2:01 pm
nightclub. kenyan troops crossed into somalia in pursuit of islamist militants and they threatened to launch terror attacks in response. we'll bring you new details as soon as they come in. meantime, president obama has a plan to help a million homeowners pay their mortgages and he's revealing that plan in just a couple of hours from now. the president is en route to las vegas where, the foreclosure crisis is the worst in the country if you look at the numbers, he'll be announcing changes to the national home refinancing plan. the changes would make it easier for homeowners who own more than their homes are worth to refinance. and a 7.2 magnitude earthquake hitting turkey. take a look at some of this video here. hundreds are dead, more than a thousand injured. rescuers desperately searching right now for sur vooifrs. . >> translator: there were knocking sounds and then there were two screams.
2:02 pm
we tried to pull the rubble ourselves but what can human power do. >> we'll take you to a small town in turkey coming up later in the hour. also, a man hunt under way in florida this hour for two men police consider extremely dangerous. ron del reed, the guy on the left side of your screen, was awaiting trial for murder and la witt cuss taylor, his cell mate, already convicted of murder, they disappeared from indian river county jail, no word on how they escaped. murky video regarding missi missing baby lisa. it shows a man less than two miles from the irwin home. here he is spotlighted. this is around 2:15 in the morning the day 11-month-old lisa was reported missing from her crib. as the video surfaced sunday, lisa's parents attended an emotional candlelight vigil just outside their home.
2:03 pm
tunisia's leading sec collarist party has reportedly conceded defeat in the first national election since that country kicked off the air sprang early this year. reuters is resulting an islamist party winning the most votes, voter he estimated at 80%, lines were long with waits lasting hours. in the words of one man, quote, we have waited 50 years for this. in court today, one of two men implicated in an alleged iranian plot to assassinate the saudi arabian ambassador to the u.s. pleaded not guilty. he is accused in this alleged scheme which involved hiring hit men from a mexican cartel to set off this bomb at a washington, d.c. area restaurant. the seksd man indicted in the plot still on the looses. now to something that i saw you this morning and i immediately thought, i have to share this with you. you know i love guitars.
2:04 pm
some people like, this guy apparently loves guitars. this is his mansion, birmingham, alabama. you would think the owner was a musician or something. wrong, he's actually a ceo in the medical field. he came up with the guitar idea himself. now he's soling his property for $18 million. a lot more to cover for you in the next two hours. take a look at this. this very second, police say a stooerial rapist is on the loose and his victims have one thing in common. i'm brooke baldwin. the news is now. the targets of a suspected rapist all belong to the same sa report. what he apparently knows about these women may further prove these attacks aren't random. the search is on for survivors of a devastating earthquake. see what crews are finding amidst the rubble and the ruin. i'm calling on congress to pass the american jobs act.
2:05 pm
>> but since congress isn't budging, president obama declares he's going at it alone. his new plan affects mortgages and college loenz. plus, the dangerous chase for a great white killer. >> he was our brother and we loved him. >> how crews are hunting the shark believed to have attacked an american diver. pink slips for praying? >> when i perform my prayer daily, they send me home. >> a fight is escalating between muslim drivers and a giant rental car business. sunny hostin is "on the case."
2:06 pm
2:07 pm
2:08 pm
have you heard about a crime wave that could shatter a sisterhood? four different rapes have p happened in less than a year, the last attack less than ten days ago. police say the suspect is going after women from the same sorority and members are being warned not to tell anyone now that they belong to this particular group. i want to bring in scott goldstein, following the case for the "dallas morning news." we were talking about the story this morning in our meeting. when you think about a rapist going after sorority sisters you think about parents going out buying pepper spray to protect their daughters. but we're not talking about kids in their teens or early 20s, are we? >> no, not at all. this is delta sigma ptheta, it's black women and mostly alumni. it's a national organization and in this particular case it's been women in their 50s or 60s.
2:09 pm
and we're not sure if they all live alone, but they've all been alone at the time of the attacks. so, no, it very well may not have anything to do with anything during their college days at all. >> we don't know. police don't know yet. but they're in their 50s, 60s. but also police have surveillance video of a man they're linking to one of the attacks. while we watch that, tell me what is it exactly he's accused of doing to these women? >> well, from what we understand, the video is somehow connected to the second of the four attacks. it happened sometime in april in plano, which is north of dallas. they're not even tellings us exactly what the video is from. it's -- but they're telling us the plano police believe this is very likely their suspect and he matches the description that all four of the women have given and the women have also said that during the attacks, during the sexual assaults, he indicateds he knows something about them and about their group. >> scott, what does that mean,
2:10 pm
he knows something about them? like what? >> well, they're not -- clearly all four of these women, the common thread is they're a member of that so reporority. cops are tight-lipped on the real details. ats this point, they don't think it's a coincidence that these victims are all part of the same sore rtty alumni group. they decided to put that out on friday, as you might expect a lot of anxiety among the members of the group. >> sure. when you talk about these victims here, we're talking about in their 50s and 60s, but this p suspesuspect is describe much, much younger. >> yeah. he could be -- it's kind of a vague description of a heavyset black man i believe in his 30s, but, again, it's kind of unclear what his connection or motive is. if they know of a possible motive they haven't shared it with us. it's kind of pure speculation,
2:11 pm
talking to experts that maybe this guy has something against this particular organization. but really, like i said, that's speculation at this point. you know, i think they're appealing to the public because they need tips, they need help identifying them. hopefully someone can recognize those videos and photos they released. >> so bizarre, like you said. no one knows a significant motive yet. could it be rerevenge? we don't know. what is this rapist's m.o.? from what i heard, he's attacking between evening hours and morning in their own homes. >> that's right. we know there was forced entry i believe in the most recent attack. it's unclear if that was also the case in the others. but, like i said, they've all been home alone at the time and so it kind of would indicate that he kind of knows something about them. obviously he knows that they're members of this group, most
2:12 pm
likely, so there's an indication that he knows that they were alone when he did attack them. >> scott goldstein, "dallas morning news ", we'll keep following this story. here's hoping they catch this guy. thank you so much. let me get this to you now. just in to us here at cnn, the prosecution has rested in the trial of dr. conrad murray, michael jackson's doctor. he has been on trial for involuntary manslaughter. we know that michael jackson's sister janet has canceled shows, her music shows, to be with her family for what could be this final phase in that los angeles courtroom. less than two hours from now president obama is expected to announce big, big changes involving mortgages and college loans and, get this, he won't need congress to do this. find out how it will affect you. plus -- they lined up in libya to see what's left of moammar gadhafi. but here's the question -- what happens to his body? his family has an idea. and walmart announcing a new strategy ahead of the holiday
2:13 pm
season, and they're hoping this move will get shoppers just like you to flock to their stores. stay right there. we will be right back. emily's just starting out... and on a budget. like a ramen noodle- every-night budget. she thought allstate car insurance was out of her reach. until she heard about the value plan. shop less. get more. make one call to an allstate agent.
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. try to process it this. in the state of nevada home prices have fallen by 53% since their high before the meltdown. 53%. that's painful. nevada really has gotten it the worst, but you it it's probably pretty on your street either. so the president has flown to vegas with a plan to help homeowners shackled with big mortgage payments and virtually no chance of selling their
2:16 pm
properties. key word here -- responsible homeowners is what they're saying. let's go to jessica yellin. we've got historically low interest rates but a lot of struggling homeowners can't get to that. so how is the president going to make that easier, jess? >> exactly. and you nailed it. first, let me say, brooke, this is the latest in a long line of attempted fixes to improve the situation for borrowers, struggling with underwater homes or crazy mortgages. this administration has tried a lot of things that have failed to meet expectations. now, in this new effort, it says if you have good credit and you have a good payment history but your home is just underwater because, like in nevada, the home prices have crashed, well, they've rearranged the rules to ease the terms so that you can refinance and they're going to cut down the hassle. so no new appraisal is required, no new credit check, and there's going to be less cost because you won't get those typical risk-based fees that these kinds of borrower s usually have to
2:17 pm
pay. also, given the bad economy, they'll even consider you a responsible homeowner and eligible for this if you've missed one payment this year. so that's the general terms. >> that's the gist of what he will be announcing. and while we're talking nevada, what about politics? politics at play here, ms ms. yellin? >> no! yes. he has to win nevada to win the white house. i mean, it's part of their plan, it's a must for him essentially. he won it comfortably in 2008, but the bottom had has fallen out of the economy there. it's a very large population of newcomers, people who just moved to nevada who have to still be won over. so he has to start again with them. there's this terrible housing market that we've talked about and a big latino population in that town who are a little let down that the president hasn't gotten immigration reform done. sew has to sell and he's coming to town with something that could particularly help
2:18 pm
homeowners there where so many homeowners are under water. so i would say, yes, there's policy here but there's also politics, too. >> yes, ma'am. jessica yellin, thank you very much. want to talk more about this for homeowners and bring in poppy harlow with quick question, will this help revive housing prices or is this striblgtly a matter of preventing foreclosures and putting a little extra money in people's pockets? >> great question. the initial analysis is that, yes, it could help but it's not the panacea that we need to fix the overall housing crisis. it will do two things if it is effective. first of all, you keep more homes out of foreclosure so you don't add to the glut of homes that are on the market. you don't make the situation worse. secondly, the argument is that you stimulate the economy. if people pay less in their mortgage, if this works, they're going to have more moneyo spend just out in the broader economy. morgan stanley came out said, it might be a $7 billion boosts to the overall economy.
2:19 pm
now, the folks tsue this say it could kick in as soon as december 1st, a near-term plan. again, the president does not need congressional approval to do this. they are predicting that with these changes by the end of 2013 we could see double the current amount of homes refinanced. so far you've seen about 900,000 homes that have been refinanced to a more effective mortgage rate under this plan. this could be double that. these are all coulds, all big questions. yes, the goal is to put more money in consumers' pockets to stimulate the economy and keep the home off the market that already has a glut of homes. >> again, we're talking nevada, it's 53%, home prices down an average of 53%, since the meltdown nationally. >> right. >> tell me that we've seen the bottom. >> no one knows. we've gotten better, right? you look at the realtytrac numbers. they say one in every 213 homes
2:20 pm
is in foreclosure. it sounds very bad but it's actually 38% better, if you will, than it was a year ago. there's some signs that it could get a little worse, though. take a look at this map. what this is showing you is the city yous that are hit hardest by foreclosure. topping the list of foreclosure, las vegas, 1 in every 39 homes at some stage of foreclosure. number two, vallejo, california, stockton, modesto, riverside, california, 15 of the top 25 cities hit hardest in this country by foreclosure, 15 of them are in california alone. sow see why he's out west where he is making this this announcement. bottom line -- for closures hurt the entire economy. if this plan works, the extra money homeowners have will help stimulate the economy and it's going to keep homes that would have fallen into foreclosure, the argument is, off the market. but as jessica said, i think it's an important point this
2:21 pm
administration has struggled for years to deal with the housing crisis. they've been heavily criticized about their house iing options being aggressive enough. >> not a panacea as you appropriately mentioned. 53% down in nevada alone. a stunning number. poppy harlow, thank you so much. also right now, the search is on for survivors after that earthquake rocked turkey yesterday. you'll see this dramatic rescue effort there of a toddler. we're live on the ground next. also, just in, word that tropical storm rena has just gotten more serious. brand new update coming at you next. ates another laptop bag or hires another employee, it's not just good for business. it's good for the entire community. at bank of america, we know the impact that local businesses have on communities. that's why we extended $7.8 billion to small businesses across the country so far this year. because the more we help them,
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liberty mutual insurance. responsibility. what's your policy? . couple of breaking stories to pass along to you. first let's talk weather. let's bring in jacqui jeras. we've been talking a little bit about tropical storm rina, now a hurricane. >> yes. it it's intensifying. it developed over the weeked kend. it it's really been intensifying, very significantly, since then. we've got a category 1 hurricane over here into the western caribbean, winds 75 miles per hour. this was a special statement just issued here from the national hurricane center as
2:25 pm
they're flying into this thing as we pespeak. you can see the data from the hurricane hunters recording a wind speed at 76 miles per hour. now, we are concerned about this definitely for mexico especially because this thing is going to get stronger. in fact, sometime on tuesday into wednesday we're probably going to see this become a major hurricane and then approaching, getting near, the land possibly making landfall sometime on thursday. so this is a very powerful storm, the water still very, very warm so there's a good chance for this thing to grow. you know, we haven't seen a hurricane hit the yucatan since hurricane wilma. it it's quite some time. of course, the big tourist and resort areas here in cancun and cozumel, these areas could be threatened. something we'll continue to watch very closely in the next couple of days. again, rina becomes a hurricane, category 1, with winds of 75 miles an hour. >> thank you, ja.
2:26 pm
cnn has now confirmed two schools in fayetteville, north carolina, are on lockdown. let's see. because of some sort of police incident outside of cape fear high school, one student has been injured. this is according to, i'm presuming, dr. teresa perry with the north carolina schools district. doesn't know if that student was shot. we have not been able to confirm that, although our affiliate wtbd is providing this aerial footage, reporting that it there was a shooting outside two of these schools. we're talking cape fear high school and we're talking mack william school. this is cumberland county, allegedly happening just about an hour ago. according to our affiliate down there in north carolina, a school spokesperson is only saying the student was, quote unquote, injured outside that building. again, cnn has confirmed these two schools are on lockdown at this hour. we'll keep making phone calls. as soon as we get any more updates we'll bring them to you live here on cnn. meantime, coming up next, a
2:27 pm
horrific story we need to tell you about. this pertains to these two adopted teenagers kept as prisoners without food, without electricity, and then beaten. find out what else investigators say these parents did in this case and what the neighbors did not tell police. ba back in just a moment. protect your family... and launch your dreams. at we put the law on your side. ♪ got so many scratches and scars ♪ ♪ maybe time can mend us together again ♪
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♪ it's not what we've done but how far we've come ♪ ♪ i know that we will recover [ male announcer ] here when you need us most.
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2:30 pm
the earthquake in turkey now is being blamed for at least 279 deaths. take a look at this here. this is a toddler being carried feetfirst from the rubble in extreme eastern turkey. the government is now saying the quake demolished nearly a thousand buildings and survivors are battling near-freezing temperatures just to make matters worse. as we said, the quake was seshted in extreme eastern turkey near iran. we have diana magnay on the ground near where this hit.
2:31 pm
bring us up to speed. how many people injured and how are the rescues going? >> reporter: well, turkey's disaster agency says that around 1,300 people have been injured, as you said around 279 the death toll now. and something that the interior minister saying that the death toll rising less than they expected at first, which is one good thing. also at the site where i am here in the city of vaan, one of the two cities very badly affected by the quake, head of search and rescue here says he has indications there are signs of life in the rubble. so they are trying to dig down to what he thinks are two people still alive down there. so we will of course be monitor progress from that front. and that is the situation that is replicated in the city where i spent most of the day where search and rescue continues to pick through the rubble. as you said, it is a very cold night here. last night many people stayed
2:32 pm
out on the street warming themselves with fire, not really wanting to go back into their homes for after shocks. there have been tent cities set p up where they're at least getting shelter, warmth and warm food. brooke? >> diana, can i just ask you live on tv if you wouldn't mind asking your photographer to maybe zoom in and show us what's happening behind you. it looks like there's rubble behind you, a bit of hustle and bustle. show us what's happening. >> reporter: sure. hopefully you can see it. joe, can you zoom in to what's going on. i hope you'll be able to make it out over our technology. by basically there's a huge digger and you can see the search and rescue teams dressed in orange with the fluorescent white and they've been working on this site, which is a multistory apartment building, for the last 24 hours. the quake struck at 2:00 p.m. yesterday afternoon. they've been going ever since
2:33 pm
and they are hoping that they'll be able to pick two people out of the rubble there. brooke? >> wow. we can see perfectly, and so it looks like they're combing through you with some heavy machinery through you some of the rubble. are they listening for cries? how is the process working? >> reporter: well, they said that it wasn't through the human ear that they heard -- that they got indication. i haven't been able to narrow down what exactly the technology is that they've been using. i know that they've been using sniffer dogs on a lot of these sites because obviously the sort of easiest phase is to do these sound checks where basically everyone is just completely quiet and you listen out for any knocks or any cries. then you bring in the sniffer dogs and then you use some of the sophisticated technology. but i haven't seen that being deployed as we -- we need to find out a little bit more about what it is. >> sure. can you also -- we're looking at
2:34 pm
what looks to be perhaps electric cords. i imagine, diana, electricity is an issue given this tremendous earthquake and rescue effort. >> reporter: it is. electricity and water are both i issues right now. the government says they're working as hard as they can to bring both of those things back to these two cities. there have been a lot of water brought in to the tent cities and all the survivors on these sites where i am now are being floodlit by massive generators. it is a difficult part of turkey to bring this kind of equipment down to in the deep southeast, a very poor and quite rural part. but i suppose one benefit of the fact is it's a sparsely populated rural area is the earthquake would cause a dangerous earthquake, 7.2 on the richter scale, which is the worst turkey has experienced in a decade, at least it wasn't in
2:35 pm
a more densely populated part of the country. >> diana magnay, thank you so much. and thanks to your photographer as well for zooming in on those pictures. tremendous, thank you. now this. back here at home, this is a story quite honestly i'm disgusted, angry about it. here's the story according to court documents. 16-year-old adopted twins out of vancouver, washington were victims of abuse. the teenage twins say they were locked in their bedroom without electricity, the doorknob removed from inside their door, and if they ever tried to force it over, an alarm would go off. these teens were fed usually just once a day. and when they did get food it was very, very little. there were four other children in this home, including two of the parents' biological children, sometimes those other kids would try to pass these twins food through a small hole in the wall. the 16-year-old twins had to steal food to survive. according to these court documents, if they were caught
2:36 pm
stealing food, the twins were forced to strip naked and be beaten with a wooden stick. police found that stick encrusted with dried blood. the parent whoz adopted these twins when they were just 2 years of age, they were arrested last week. jeff and sandra weller are charged with second-degree assault, unlawful imprisonment and criminal mistreatment. as for these twins, they were homeschooled, they say, and abused for as long as they can remember. they say they were not allowed to touch their adopted parents. apparently hugs and pats on the back were out of question in this household. they couldn't sit with the adults. they couldn't use the same forks or knives or spoons as their parents. the wellers are denying all of these allegations. they told police the children were hoarding food and that's why they had to put looks on the refrigerator and cabinets. as for the neighbors, they told reporters they suspected something was going on inside that home but they didn't want to get involved.
2:37 pm
>> the girl was always kind of shy and seemed like everybody was picking on her. >> yes, very skinny. the other ones looked pretty well taken care of. >> you know, i have four kids myself so it's just kind of nice to see something's going to happen, hopefully. >> the neighbors in fact said they heard yelling coming from this house and bizarre behavior from teenagers in the middle of the, night, and someone, we don't know who, did finally call police. that brings me to the reason we share these sorts of stories with you. if you hear something strange coming from your neighbor's house, follow your gut. ask questions. i'm not suggesting you put yourself or your own family in danger. but when it comes to kids, folks, these things should not end up here on the afternoon news. we can do better. my name is robin.
2:38 pm
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so walmart might be paying you this christmas and fedex gets ready to hire a lot of help for the holidays. karina huber is live at the new york stock exchange. karina, let's start with walmart. what's the story? >> yes, okay, let's start with the world's largest retailer. the deal is they'll be offering a program over the holidays, how it works is if you buy something at walmart, then you find that same item somewhere else for cheaper, bring in the receipt and ad from the competitor and walmart will give you gift card for the difference. it's not a cash refund but store credit, which is a smart move. say the difference is $5, $10, we usually spend more of the value of the gift card so they could boost sale that's way. overall, brooke, this move just illustrates the kind of competition retailers are going to be facing over the holiday
2:41 pm
season to track consumers who are struggling with high levels of unemployment. >> given the competition, it makes me think, ong, if walmart is doing it, might others fol w follow? >> well, the truth is many are already offering price matching and some deals are better than walmart. if you look at best buy, they have price match, beth bath and beyond zrnt a limit on the time frame. we're seeing longer return policies, more layaways, deeper discounts and lengthier price matches. of course, all of this is designed to lure the customers back into the stores. you know, according to a recent report, the deciding factor will be pricing this holiday season. the question is, how low will the prices go for all of us potential shopper s eper is? >> i know a lot of people are getting nervous because they can't afford the holiday gifts. people are out of work. fedex is hiring. who are they looking for? >> okay, this is good news in this struggling economy. what fedex is doing is hiring
2:42 pm
20,000 seasonal workers, an 18% jump from last year. essentially what's happening with the company is they're expecting a double-digit jump in holiday shipments thanks to a largely improving economy and thanks to the fact we're doing more of our shopping online which mine miens shipping is at play. this is it a good sign for the economy, uptick in shipping. we'll be hearing from u.p.s. within the next month as to their plan forz the holidays and macy's and kohl's have also boosted their holiday hiring. there are jobs out there but they are temporary. up next, rick perry has been sinking in the polls. but he just picked up a pretty high-profile endorsement and it comes one day before the texas governor makes a huge, huge announcement. we're back in 60 seconds. i habe a cohd.
2:43 pm
yeah, i toog nyguil bud i'm stild stubbed up. [ male announcer ] truth is, nyquil doesn't un-stuff your nose. really? [ male announcer ] alka-seltzer plus liquid gels fights your worst cold symptoms, plus it relieves your stuffy nose. [ deep breath ] thank you! that's the cold truth! a dispute over brair breaks is costing more than two dozen muslim drivers their jobs. hertz has fired 26 people who
2:44 pm
shuttled the rental cars to and from sea-tac airport to be cleaned. these drivers refused to clock out before prayers and clock back in when they finish. they pray at least twice during their work shift. >> we feel like we're being punished for what we believe in. it's five minutes. it's not as big deal as the company makes it. >> now, the union p representing these drivers contends hertz used to let drivers take short breaks for prayer without punching the clock, but a union spokeswoman says the company suddenly changed its break policy. >> the company unilaterally implemented this policy to clock in and out and specifically identified prayer breaks in their policy. they have not applied the policy to people who take smoke breaks. >> hertz tells our affiliate komao many seattle some drivers had been abugz the prayer privileges to the point it was unfair to other employ yeez and hertz says it is now requiring all workers to clock out for any and all breaks.
2:45 pm
let's go to washington, shall we, talk to paul steinhauser with america's choice 2012 politics update. paul, two words -- flat tax. talk to me. >> you're going to hear a lot about that tomorrow. why? because rick perry the texas governor in south carolina tomorrow, going to announce his plan for a flat tax, basically a flat or even rate for both corporations and for personal income. so a big announcement tomorrow from rick perry on that. maybe he's hoping for some of that 9-9-9 magic that herman cain had when cain announced his tax plan. it kind of boosted him in the polls. now, today, one day before the big anounlsment, perry got an endorsement from steve forbes, the head of sfoshz incorporated. he ran for the republican nomination on the flat tax. today forbes endorsing perry for the nomination. so stay tuned. more details tomorrow. everybody putting out their competing tax plans, brooke. >> perry got that endorsement.
2:46 pm
also mitt romney got a pretty high-profile endorsement as well. >> he did. he was up in new hampshire today, went to the state house in ballot in the first in the country primary. john sununu, former governor, three terms, still pretty popular in the state, most recently the republican party chairman in the state, both two of the top candidates getting two major endorsements today, brooke, as the march goes on. just over two months away from the first votes in iowa. >> here we go. paul steinhauser, thank you very much. coming up, moammar gadhafi's body right now on the floor of a meat locker. so what should happen to his remains? his family has a suggestion. also -- cnn is now learntions just how many billions, with a "b" gadhafi had stashed away. we'll share that number with you. also back home breaking news, two schools on lockdown in
2:47 pm
north carolina. reports of a shooting. back in 70 seconds.
2:48 pm
real quickly, i want to give you an update on the two schools in fayetteville, north carolina, on lockdown. according to our affiliate wral, a female student was shot in her neck during lunch at cape fear high school. so both the high school and mack williams middle school -- all this fayetteville -- on code red lockdown. we'll get you more information as soon as we get it. meantime, "in depth" today, in libya, mow march gadhafi who died rich, the dead libyan
2:49 pm
leader was sitting on $20 billion in cash. just in one account. he owned shares in ge, also in semens, he controlled $160 billion. exactly how much was his, though, and what belonged to libya, who knows? in case you missed it, this video here surfaced saturday. it showed libyans mobbing a man purported to be the one who shot gadhafi dead. the guy with the beard says he witnessed the deed himself, dan rivers has the latest on libya's dead tyrant. >> reporter: well, all day today more people have been allowed in to see the body of moammar gadhafi. that process has now stopped with the last group of some 50 people being allowed into this market facility behind me where his body is lying next to his son. we're told no more people will be allowed in on orders from the misrata military council. what happens next we're not sure. we assume that means they may be
2:50 pm
preparing to bury the former dictator or hand him over to the gadhafi tribe as has been requested by his family. but officials are not giving much away. they say they want to do this process in secret. but this has attracted a lot of criticism internationally for the way that they have handled this. they said they would treat his body with dignity and bury it in accordance with muslim traditions but that's clearly not what has happened here. he's been here now for some four days on public display with hundreds of people cueing up at this gateway to see the man who ruled libya for 42 years. dan rivers, cnn, misrata, libya. >> dan, thank you. now this -- >> he's more than just a quick news spot, you know. he was our brother, and we loved him. and he will be missed. >> an american diver found dead. the suspected killer?
2:51 pm
a great white shark. and now crews are hunting this particular shark so it can't attack again. coming up, i'll speak live with an expert from the discovery channel on what goes down during one of these shark hunt searches. also -- it is music monday, which means i show you an up-close-and-personal look at some of the industry'ses hottest stars, some of my favorites. who's on tap today? here is a hint -- she just performed at the white house state dinner. find out, that's next. but first this -- public restrooms. apparently they're not all disgusting. we have a list that proves that thought wrong. the top five bathrooms in america, yes, indeed, a list based on good hygiene, style, public access in an online contest. number five, the snow basin ski resort in huntsville, utah. apparently this thing has italian marble, crystal chandeliers. pretty fancy. number four, don's johns
2:52 pm
president luxury restroom trailer in chantilly, virginia. set up for president obama's inauguration. third, the scottsdale center for performing arts in scottsdale, arizona, multicolored lights making your bathroom experience one to remember. so who could have the top two public rest roomts in all of erica? i know you're waiting for it. find out after this. rs in all o? i know you're waiting for it. find out after this. os in all o america? i know you're waiting for it. find out after this. os in all o america? i know you're waiting for it. find out after this. ms in all o america? i know you're waiting for it. find out after this.
2:53 pm
2:54 pm
2:55 pm
you've been thinking about it over the break. want to know where the top two public restrooms in america are. number two, the renaissance arlington capital view where the water comes out red if it's hot and blue if it's cold. number one best bathroom break is the field museum in chicago where you can enjoy looking at artwork, a beautiful night sky on the ceiling. i guess if you like to look up. and these restrooms are cleaned every hour. there you go, america's best bathrooms. so it it's monday and on the show because i love music we call it "music monday," this next segment where i take you backstage with the music industry's biggest and brightest stars. this week, say hello to the new face to r & b, janelle monae, performing at the state dinner and slated to perform at the nobel peace prize. she says it's more about where
2:56 pm
she's been than where she's going. >> i am janelle monae. i'm a mugician. a musician and magician. ♪ i'm born in kansas city, kansas, i'm born into a hardworking family who made something from nothing. both of my parents were janitors at one point in their lives. i started off wearing my uniform in honor of them and everyone who's working hard. it's inspiring my music because i really want to create music that is an experience for people who, again, are working hard each and every day. i want my music to be their choice of drug. ♪
2:57 pm
i think when i decided that i wanted to be an independent artist i was just moving back from new york, i was a young playwright and i decided, though, that i had more to say as an artist. ♪ some people talk about you like they know all about you ♪ i started to fall in love with artists like stevie wonder and david bowie. i loved knowing that i didn't have to just be an actor. i didn't have to just sing. i could create this concept album that could possibly one day be a broadway musical and i'd be in control of it, versus being someone's typecast character for a role that has been played for thousands of years. so i started to write stories that i felt were inspirational, not just to me but to, again, all of the people that i'm thinking about in my community.
2:58 pm
metropolis, which was suite one before i released the album in four suites, we've 0 only gotten p up to two and three, it deals with an android, and you can mirror that to i guess the other, whoever you think is the other in our society today, whether gay, whether african-american, the minority and the majority ♪ ♪ >> this deals with someone again, cindy mayweather, who's very special and she's bringing people together, the haves and have nots, very similar to what i've always wanted to be looked
2:59 pm
at as, a uniter, someone who brings people together, you know, not catering to just a red or blue state but creating this purple state where we can all live and breathe and love and just really unite. i think music is that common denominator and the concept album has brought so many people together. i'm just honored to be the narrator of it all. ♪ >> janelle monae. i'm always out and about going to shows so you can always watch my "music monday" interviews, on my blog. let me know who you like, love discovering new music. now watch this. here we go, top of hour two, i'm brooke


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