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tv   AM Wake Up Call  CNN  October 25, 2011 5:00am-6:00am EDT

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developinging news right now. mu g muammar gadhafi has been buried. more details ahead. also ahead, the hpv-vaccine, it is routine for girls, but should it be routine for boys? and while you were sleeping, an amazing sight in the southeast. streaks filled the sky across parts of the country. some saying the northern lights were the strongest seen yet.
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good morning you to. it is tuesday, october 25th. this is your "a.m. wakeup call." police in the dallas area are hunting for a us suspected seri rapist. the victims are all african-american women and from delta sigma pheda. the most recent attack was 11 days ago in the town of corinth. they're mystified by at parent sorority link to the case. >> right now we don't understand how he's obtaining the information. we don't know by chance if he has a list of members or just simply looking for members that may be out there sporting different paraphernalia, t-shirts, jewelry, license plate placards, things of that nature. so we put out a request to not
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advertise their affiliation for that sorority right now for their own safety. >> all four victims offered similar descriptions of the man showed in a video. police believe he's the man responsible for the attacks. investigators are urging delta members not to advertise their affiliation. you heard that. texas governor rick perry is hoping to renew momentum for his presidential campaign when he lays out a plan today full of goals dear to conservatives. perry spells out his plan called cut, balance and grow in "the wall street journal." it includes personal accounts for social security, optional flat tax, major spending cuts, and a series of tax cuts. he's formally unveiling the plan today in south carolina. he started out strong. he's taken a beating in recent debates and in the polls. president obama in los angeles today continuing a western trip combining fund-raising and presidential business. he's supposed to tape a segment
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of e""the tonight show"" tonigh. he stopped in veg veg and discussed changes for his mortgage refinancing program with a group of homeowners. no accident why he picked vegas. nevada leads the country in bad mortgages. >> if you meet certain requirements, you will have the chance to refinance at lower rates which would save hundreds of dollars a month. thousands of dollars a year on mortgage payments. >> in addition, there will be lower closing costs and certain refinancing fees will be eliminated. the administration is touting the president's plan as a way to stabilize the housing market and help jump-start the economy. some critics say that unless the glut in foreclosures is cleared up sh the effects of the plan will be very limited. new developments out of libya to tell you about. gadhafi has been laid to rest at a secret location. that's according to libya's
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governing national transitional council. he was killed five days ago in his hometown. his deok'ing body had been on display in a cold storage unit. the revolt against him erupted eight months ago. the ntc and the united nations called for an independent investigation to determine exactly how gadhafi was killed, whether he was executed or caught in the crossfire. wikileaks is in danger of going belly up. the founder stopped publication of the secret data in order to devote full time fund-raising. he says that a financial blockade by u.s. financial companies has wiped out 95% of wikileaks' revenue. they stopped doing business with wikileaks after they published scores of confidential diplomatic cables last year. the government says disclosing the information was illegal and caused risks to individuals and national security. let's head to atlanta and
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check in with jackie gerris. any flight delays today? >> mostly across the upper midwest and into the great lakes. we've got strong area of low pressure moving in there. we'll see occasional showers, too. that's why we expect to see the problems. let's take a look at that list in chicago, we think it will be one of worst cities for travel. that is going to be in the afternoon hours. we'll see thunderstorms and those winds gusting around 25, maybe even 30 miles an hour. delays under an hour today for new boston due to the wind. the rain pushed out of there. minneapolis, especially in the afternoon we'll see that rain. windy for new dallas and kansas city. denver will see pm rain showers. but we could be seeing some snow in denver late tonight and into tomorrow. winter storm watches which are posted there. we could get over a foot up into the high country. warm conditions across parts of the south from texas to central plains states. we're talking 10 to 20 degrees
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above where you should be for this time of the year. look at that. 83 in kansas city. 72 in chicago today. we're seeing cooler in the northeast. 06 degrees in new york city. we're keeping our eye onz the tropics. if you have travel plans to cancun or have friends or family going there, pay attention here to rina. category 2 storm now. it is developing into a major hurricane with potential land fall late on thursday. all right. do you drive your car? do you beat it into the ground? how many miles do you have on that odometer? quit a few? can you compare to this? take a look at this. how about a million miles on a 1990 honda accord? yeah, a million miles. this man has been working on this for years and years and years. this is in maine. look at this. look at the people in the street in their costumes. they had a big parade and celebration for him. of course, honda has taken high
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note in all of this, carol. they've been recording this and they're giving him a brand new car. >> wait a minute. let me get this straight. they held a parade and all this stuff because a man reached a million miles on his car? >> what an accomplishment, right? he's a mechanic, of course. after a million miles, you have a lot of work to do, right? >> well, congratulations to him. jackie gerris, many thanks. late night comedian konan o'brien waste nod time poking fun at a few rivalries last night and that included one of his own. here's "your punch line." >> a bank in washington was robbed by who men in george w. bush masks. yeah. luckily right afterwards two guys in obama masks came and bailed the bank out. president obama was back in los angeles today where he'll appear on "the tonight show" with jay leno. no, obama is appearing with jay
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leno to highlight the one job that was saved during his administration. >> it's a gps device that is being used to make sure parents know where their children are to to help locate long distance runners. now the technology is being targeted to a population that is growing every day, those suffering from alzheimer's. we'll have details in a live report. first, our quote of the day, this is the quote. "you associate yourself with a nutty view like that, and you damage yourself." advice given to a republican presidential candidate. find out who was offering up help in 90 seconds.
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a dragon space ship and shoes that can track your loved one's every move. let's head to hong kong for some tech headlines. good morning. hey there. l let's talk about the dragon capsule. it is developed to fly cargo and then eventually crew to the spags station. the next liftoff could be december 19th. the final launch day is set by nasa who is sponsoring the flight. the dragon will carry food, water and other space station supplies and tests will be conducted. nasa is depending on partners like space ex to deliver cargo and eventually crew, astronauts, to the international space station. many will be looking to see how the dragon performs out there in orbit. back to you, carol. >> before you go, tell us about the new shoes that could help people find their loved ones.
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>> yeah. this is a really fascinating piece. a ground breaking technology. finally available for sale in the u.s. it's been out for two years. it's called gtx. these are walking shoes to help find wandering patients who are suffering from alzheimer's an dementia. the shoes have built in gps transmitters in the heels. there are other tracking devices out there. but since patients tend to take off, gps bracelets, the shoes are said to be more effective. they will retail in the united states for about $300. buyers will need to set up a monitoring service. if you're interested, the brand is called gtx. carol, back to you. >> pretty cool. christy live in hong kong this morning. thank you. the occupy wall street movement has taken on a life of its own. but just how will americans view the protests and what does it mean for democrats and republicans? we'll take a closer look. that's just ahead. fore!
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♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ [ male announcer ] the peace of mind of owning a 2011 iihs top safety pick. the all-new volkswagen passat. 14 minutes past the hour. welcome back. no one seems to have an answer on how to end the bipartisan bickering in washington. but now that may have changed. our aaron bu our erin burnett got a visit from sesame street's elmo last night. let's take a stab at it. >> elmo, you could solve the world's problem right now.
5:15 am
in washington, everybody hates each other. nobody will do anything together. >> really? >> it's hurting america. how do you fix it, elmo? >> play dates. >> play dates? >> yeah, everybody has play dates. >> like put a democrat and republican play date? >> play dates. yeah, play dates. and everybody brings their own food. >> okay. yeah. >> they have to sing songs. >> i think that might solve it. it's better than anything we tried so far, elmo. >> play dates. why not? time now for your political t k ticker. i can see john boehner and harry reid -- no, i can't. >> no, i can't either. talk to the hand. or the hand puppet i guess if you want advice on that. >> exactly. let's talk about the polls. we have two new polls this morning that show split opinion on the occupy wall street protests including a cnn poll.
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let's take a look at these polls. what does it mean and what can democrats and republicans draw from it? >> well, this has been the problem all along, carol. how do you associate yourself or dissociate yourself with or from the occupy wall street movement? as you mentioned, the cnn poll, you're looking at about the same amount of people oppose as support the movement, fwhun thr about one in three. it's not different from the pugh research poll that indicates 39% to 35%. these are numbers that say the movement is not being widely embraced. the only positive for democrats is that some democrats enbrace it. that is only 50%. at this point, it's not a great idea to get too much on to the band wagon. i think if you dig deep near the polls, what you find is even more interesting. when it comes to the tea party movement, and this is specifically one of the things out of the pugh research poll, the tea party movement has a the love negatives attached to it. even most republicans don't care
5:17 am
for it. you can see that republicans run the danger of being cast as the radicals. this is something democrats used fairly successfully. and at least based on these noolz we're seeing could be an effective strategy moving forward. that is republicans that entl d enthralled with the tea party and that's why they're not doing what they're supposed to be doing. that's the line the democrats can use. >> and they have been using that line over and over again. let's talk about rick perry. he is regrouping. he's hired some gop veterans to recharge his white house bid. is it too little too late? >> well, you know, the people ask the question of john mccain in 2007 when he started making changes. in this case, rick perry number one is coming out with more bold proposals today. he has a story in the "wall street journal" and making an appearance in south carolina. he is rolling out the flat tax plan of 20% flat tax. he hired on someone that worked
5:18 am
as george w. bush's campaign manager in 2000. this is a strange addition given the team perry and team bush have not played well together. karl rove has been very critical of some of the things that rick perry is saying. whether it makes a difference or not depends on whether or not you can make that good second first impression. do you get a second chance at that? that's what rick bettperry is gambling on. he's not giving up easily and we'll see how it plays out. certainly changes, maybe inject fresh life into this campaign, carol. >> he certainly has a lot of money to play with. we'll see how it all pans out. thank you so much. a disturbing report out of syria from amnesty international. some people consider it safer to leave their wounds untreated rather than go to a government-run hospital. we'll have more on that just ahead. first, pack some pizza or a hamburger for lunch today. that's because it's national greasy food day.
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it is 21 minutes after the hour. this is your "a.m. wakeup call." here are three things to put on your radar. day two of president obama's trip to the west coast. he'll be in los angeles this morning. he'll tail an appearance on the jay leno show. he'll also take part in fundraisers in san francisco and denver. at 10:00 a.m. eastern, the sentencing phase of the casest
5:22 am
man found guilty of raping and killing a woman and her two daughters in connecticut. today the jury will decide if he deserves the death penalty. at 11:00 a.m. eastern, the cdc's vaccine advisory board will vote on whether the hpv vaccine should be on the schedule for boys and not just for girls. accusations out of syria that the very place is being used for torture. let's head around the world. we have a reporter fl eer live london. unbelievable, actually. >> absolutely unbelievable, carol. amnesty international is saying syrian authorities have given security forces a free rein in hospitals. patients needing treatment at government-run hospitals in syria are being tortured at the hands of not only security forces that are there but by doctors and nurses as well. according to the 39-page amnesty report, the patients suggestibe
5:23 am
injured during a protest are subjected to beating, so much so that people are now even afraid of going to hospital to seek treatment. the report describes that even hospitals that want to help patients are facing major dilemmas. for example, if a patient needs blood, the hospital would need to contact the defense ministry which controls the blood bank. now amnesty says hospital staff were also subject to torture for treating patients. unfortunately, cnn is not to report from within syria. the u.n. said more than 3,000 people have been killed since the unrest began seven months ago. syria is saying that they're blaming the unrest and need for security crackdown on terrorists and armed gangs. carol? >> i was just going to say, it's so difficult to get into that country, how do you stop such a thing? >> this is the thing. no one really knows what is going on inside the country. so what cnn has to rely on is
5:24 am
our sources within the country, also from the youtube and video that come out of there that people are brave enough to post online much it's very defensively verify and confirm what is actually happening within the country. unless we're allowed inside for ourselves to see with our own eyes what is happening. it is difficult to actually know what's being done and i guess to be able to report to the outside world what is happening. >> yeah, i don't think that's going to happen any time soon that syria will say yeah, come on in and see what is happening. two days after a devastating earthquake in turkey, rescuers hope to find more survivors even as the number of dead keeps going up. an update just ahead. and it's already recommended for girls but should boys get the hpv vaccine, too? with diabetes, it's tough to keep life balanced.
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good morning to you. this is your "a.m. wake-up call." it is just about half past the hour. rescue workers are using shovels, machines, even their bare hands to search for survivors following that deadly earthquake in turkey. the death toll is at 366 with 1300 people injured, more than 2,000 emergency workers are doing their part to help. many of the victims lost everything they own. >> translator: i have no house left or furniture left. i managed to save my children's lives. i came outside and saw i have nothing left. >> sunday the 7.2 quake hit one the regions poorest areas and with near freezing temperatures, some are collecting wood from
5:29 am
collapses buildings to burn for heat. a moderate islamic group is claiming victory in tune eesha's historic election. official results are not expected until later today. the north african country was the first to overthrow the long time ruler. voters waited for hours in lines that looped around polling stations. the turnout rate, 80%. the first national election since it became independent in 1956. it is day two for the defense in the trial of michael jackson's doctor, conrad murray. cnn's ted rollins has more for from you los angeles. >> reporter: when court resumes, a nurse who treated michael jackson will be on the stand. she is testifying that at some point in the year 2009, the year that michael jackson died, he asked her to give him propofol. before she took the stand, we heard from another health care provider, one of michael jackson's long-time doctors.
5:30 am
he, too, told the jury that in february of 2009 michael jackson which was looking for somebody to give him propofol. >> he asked me about intravenous merchandise. >> did you mention the name of the medicine? >> i think he used the word juice. >> we're expecting to hear character witness that's the defense is hoping to build up conrad murray's reputation which took such a beating during the prosecution case. we're going to hear from a couple of witnesses that we have met in year's past. ruby moseley is a woman in houston, texas, who was a patient of conrad murray. murray helped her community in houston by serving in underdeveloped area. then we'll hear from a guy named jerry causy. he had a heart attack ten years ago and dr. murray saved his life. >> i had a heart attack ten years ago and he saved my life. he's been my friend ever since.
5:31 am
>> reporter: janet jackson is coming back to los angeles to attend portions of the rest of the trial. she was not in court yesterday. we expect to see her and the rest of the family in court later today. >> thank you, ted. medical experts are expected to vote later today on a proposal that boys should get the hpv vaccine. it's already on the centers for disease control vaccine schedule for girls. they will decide if boys should get it, too. the vaccine prevents cervical cancer and other cancers. hpv is spread through sexual contact. time to wake up now to today's morning monday news. the swiss pharmaceutical company know various 'tis will cut 2,000 jobsz over the next two years. the majority of those cuts will happen here in the united states and in switzerland. profits for novartis were up 12% for the third quarter. the job cuts are said to be part of the $300 million restructuring plan. fedex is marking the
5:32 am
calendar for december 12th. they predict that will be the busiest day in the company's history. fedex is also planning to hire 20,000 holiday workers to help with the holiday rush. it expects to handle roughly 260 million shipments between thanksgiving and christmas, a 12% increase from last year. more trouble for netflix. final numbers show the company lost 800,000 subscribers in the third quarter. you will remember this past july netflix outraged customers when it decided to increase prices for the dvd and video streaming services. then things got worse when it looked to rebrand the movies by mail services as quickster. they expect to lose more customers by the end of the year. a tough talking campaign ad for herman cain. but wait until you see how it ends. we'll play this ad for you. this is an ad, you have to see it though. we'll get reaction from our deputy political director. i don't know what this ad means.
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the answer will surprise you. if the answer is b, $5.6 billion. a nonpartisan group called the government accountability office did the study. they found switching to coins would save money in the long term because coins last forever and paper currency lasts about 3 1/2 years. now you know. time for our political ticker with our deputy political director. he joins us on the phone this morning from washington. good morning, paul. >> hey, carol, good morning to you. >> good morning. let's talk about rick perry first off. he has the big story in the "wall street journal." he finally outlines his tax plan. it's complicated. the 20% flat rate unless you don't want it. >> yeah. it's not as simple as 9-9-9. it worked wonders for herman cain taking him from an after thought to a front-runner in the battle for the gop nomination. this morning rick perry, texas
5:38 am
governor, whose poll numbers dipped over the last couple weeks. he'll be in south carolina and introduce his plan. it is cut, balance and grow. catchy title there. you mention he was also out this morning with an op-ed in the "wall street journal." he has a choice between a new flat tax rate of 30% or keep your current income tax rate. you get a choice there. it's a menu there. new flat tax would preserve mortgage interest, charitable and state and local tax exemptions for his plan. that's a lot of us. it will increase the standard deduction to $12,500 for individuals and independent. he wands to lower the corporate income tax rate from 35% to 20%. one of the quotes that i thought spelled out most he said this simple 20% flat tax will allow americans to file taxes on a postcard. there you go. >> we'll see if it catches on, if it catches fire. let's talk about someone who has caught fire and that is herman
5:39 am
cain. his campaign released this new web video that minces no words. but it has the strange ending. i can't put it any other way. we're just going to have to watch it. let's watch and then we'll discuss. >> mark block here. since january, i've had the privilege of being the chief of staff to herman cain and the chief operating officer of the friends of herman cain. tomorrow is one day closer to the white house. i really believe that herman cain will put united back in the united states of america and if i didn't believe that, i wouldn't be here. we've run a campaign like nobody's ever seen. but then, america's never seen a candidate like herman cain. we need you to get involved because together we can do this. we can take this country back. ♪ i am america one voice united we stand ♪
5:40 am
>> so as i was watching this, paul, i thought to myself it's kind of boring. but then he smokes that cigarette. i'm just trying to figure out what he's meaning to convey. >> unusual is the word that came to my mind when i saw it. let's start with the cigarette. what is most bizarre about this is herman cain is the colon cancer survivor. maybe that's not the best symbolism that his chief of staff is taking a drag on a cigarette. carol this thing came out last night and it went crazy online. it was definitely talkst online world. we were trying to figure out fit was real. yeah this is ours. this is our new video, our new commercial. bizarre. the guy there mark block is the chief of staff to the campaign. bizarre commercial. we'll see if it catches fire. >> oh, that's a good one if it catches fire. i can see it on saturday night
5:41 am
live right now. >> yeah. we can already bank on that for next weekend. paul, thanks so much, we appreciate it. now to today's sports headlines. game five of the world series, texas rangers hosting the st. louis cardinals. the game came down to clutch hitting. mike naply broke a 2-2 tie with a rocket to right field. two scores would run. those were eighth and ninth rbis of the season. the rangers take the 3-2 lead in the best of seven series. game six tomorrow in st. louis. mr. napoli is the hero. a big upset on monday night foorm, the ravens trail the jaguars before scoring on a five-yard touchdown pass. they couldn't recover the outside kick. time expired. jags beat the ravens 12-7. jacksonville kicked four field goals to get their second win of the season. the ravens offense, well, you could even call it offense? it was ugly.
5:42 am
more bad news for nba fans. "the new york daily news" is reporting the nba is cancelling two more weeks of the season. league had already canceled two weeks. nba owners locked out the players because of a labor dispute. the two sides are discussing players' salaries and diffying up the total revenue. the white house announces changes to help struggling homeowners. we'll run down the president's plan to curb foreclosure. that's just ahead. it's 42 minutes past. at aviva, we're bringing humanity back to insurance and putting people before policies. aviva life insurance and annuities. we are building insurance around you. the new spark card from capital one. spark miles gives me the most rewards of any small business credit card. the spark card earns double miles... so we really had to up our game. with spark, the boss earns double miles on every purchase, every day. that's setting the bar pretty high. owning my own business has never been more rewarding.
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good morning you to. it is tuesday, october 25th. this is your "a.m. wake-up call." it is 44 minutes past the hour. police in the dallas area are hunting for a suspected serial rapist who has attacked at least four members of the same sorority. the victims all african-american women in their mid 50s to early 60s are alumni of delta sigma theta. all were assaulted in their homes overnight. the most recent attack was 11 days ago. police say they're somewhat mystified by the apparent sorority link to the case. >> right now we don't understand how he is obtaining the information. we don't know if by chance he has a list of members or simply looking for members that maybe out there sporting different paraphernalia, t-shirts for the
5:46 am
sorority, jewelry, license plate placards, things of that nature. we put out requests to not advertise their affiliation with that sorority right now for their own safety. >> all four victims offered similar descriptions of the man shown in a video. police believe he's the man responsible for the attacks. investigators urging delta members not to advertise their affiliation. president obama is in los angeles today continuing a western trip that is mixing fund-raising and presidential business. today he is scheduled to tape a segment of "the tonight show" with jay leno before heading off to san francisco and denver. before arriving in los angeles yesterday, he stopped in las vegas where he discussed changes to his mortgage refinancing program with a group of homeowners. no accident why he picked vegas. nevada leads the country in bad mortgages. tsz also a swing state. the new rules will allow homeowners who owe more than 125% of the market value of their homes to refinance the
5:47 am
mortgages. >> if you meet certain requirements, you'll have the chance to refinance at lower rates which could save you hundreds of dollars a month and thousands of dollars a year on mortgage payments. >> in addition, there will be lower closing costs and certain refinancing fees will be eliminated. the administration is touting the president's plan as a way to stabilize the housing market and jump-start the economy. some critics say that unless the glut in foreclosures is cleared up, the effects of the president's plan will be limited. gadhafi has been laid to rest. it happened just this morning. let's get to our dan rivers. he's live in tripoli. will there be a funeral, dan? >> reporter: well, not as such, no. he has been buried in secret in the desert with the kind of minimum of ceremony. we're told that by one of the
5:48 am
military council folks that the burial took place along with his son and the defense minister. members of the gadhafi tribe were praying over the body and then all three bodies were moved in convoy into the desert and that's as much as we know. they want to keep the location secret to avoid it becoming a shrine. and this after five days of the bodies being on public show in that market on the edge of the town as they come under singing criticism. the transitional government here for handling of all this. but finally now, gadhafi has been buried. >> why did it take so long? i'm sure there was a lot of debate behind the scenes. but why did it take days to decide what to do with gadhafi's body? >> well, i think there is a mixture of reasons. firstly, they wanted to allow the public to see the body.
5:49 am
a lot of people, hundreds of people cued up to take that opportunity because they wanted to see for themselves that he was really dead. there was also the question of an autopsy. that took some time to organize. although, they did not in the end have international independent observers in for that autopsy. we don't know the details of that autopsy other than gadhafi was killed via shot in the head. and i think there was really a lack of control of the people guarding the body from the leadership of the country. and that is symptomatic of the situation here. you've got a bunch of different rival militias across this country, many of whom just don't really listen to the transitional government and to their wishes. even though they were being ordered to stop that public viewing going ahead, it continued. so i think that just illustrates how difficult the next few months is going to be here.
5:50 am
>> so the national transitional council is probably relieved that gadhafi has been buried because they can now, i guess, close the book on that chapter. so what's the next step? >> reporter: well, they're now going to look towards organizing some sort of body commission of some sort to write the constitution. i would imagine this will be a similar process as we've seen in neighboring tunisia where there will be some sort of vote to elect the people who will then draw up the constitution. they will go away, write a constitution, come back, and then we'll have elections here, we're told by the chairman of the ntc within eight months which will put it at next summer. >> dan rivers live in tripoli. thank you so much. wikileaks is in danger of going belly up. founder says he has temporarily stopped publication of secret data in order to devote full time to fund-raising. a financial blockade by u.s.
5:51 am
financial companies has wiped out 95% of wikileaks' revenue. many of those companies found doing business with wikileaks after it published scores of confidential u.s. diplomatic cables late last year. disclosing the classified information was illegal and caused risk to individuals and national security. let's head to atlanta now and jackie gerris. nasty weather over much of the country today. >> parts of it. there are a lot of areas that are going to see awfully decent weather today, especially the southern plains. gorgeous, sunny, great weather. but we're going to have a little bit of a lousy stuff, too. that's going to cause travel delays today the we're focusing in especially across the midsection for that potential. we head into the afternoon hours, i think things could get nasty in the chicago area. windy conditions along with the chance of showers and thundershowers. boston, rain moved out now. it will be wunindy today. minneapolis looking for rain.
5:52 am
dallas and kansas city, it's going to be the wind for you but a very warm wind, anyway. and denver, looking for some afternoon showers. but late tonight and into tomorrow, denver, watch for that to change over to some snow. we actually have a winter storm watch in effect for the denver area this after a record high of 80 degrees yesterday. you get up into the high country, could be talking about well over a foot of snow. there you can see the rain showers across the northern tier across the south. it's nice and warm. but watch for that change. in the meantime, enjoy that 83 in kansas city. 87 in the dollar area. hurricane rina producing winds 100 miles per hour. that makes it a category 2 storm. expected to be a major storm with possible land fall near cozumel or cancun. all right. we have some spectacular video i have to show you. if you're brushing your teeth or away from your tv, get over to it now. take a look at this from michigan.
5:53 am
we had a magnetic storm on saturday night. that caused a a. mazing display of the northern lights. look at the reds, greens, and purples. what a great show for people to see. on a scale of twoun five, this was on the low end. call it a number two. so it's not enough to cause any problems with cell phones or gpss. that's the good news. believe it or not, you know, you have to be pretty far north to see these things. my husband is a pilot. he was in atlanta flying in last night. he saw it all the way down here in georgia. >> you're kidding. >> yeah. >> was he flying at the time? >> he was flying at the time, yeah. >> oh, i can't even imagine how spectacular that would have been. >> i know. they saw it in arkansas, tennessee, ohio, new york. >> i guess he couldn't take pictures because he was flying the plane. >> probably not an ethical thing to do. >> well, thank goodness for. that. >> jackie gerris, many thanks. still ahead, it's a company
5:54 am
that became a household name but it is in serious trouble. so why are google and microsoft looking to throw billions of dollars at it? first, let's take a look at our word of the day. find out what it means and why you need to know after a break. road trip buddy. let's put some music on. [ woman ] welcome to learning spanish in the car. you've got to be kidding me. yeah, this is good. vamanos. vamanos. vamanos. gracias. gracias. gracias. ♪ trece horas en el carro sin parar y no traes musica. mira entra y comprame unas papitas. [ male announcer ] get up to 795 miles per tank in the all-new volkswagen passat tdi clean diesel.
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it is three minutes until the top of the hour. now back to our word of the day. okay. what is that, you ask? well, they are single celled animals exclusively found in deep sea environments. they're in the news because a dive team documented the deepest
5:58 am
known existence of the creatures more than 6 1/2 miles down. now you know. no one seems to have an answer on how to end the bipartisan bickering in washington. but now that may have changed. our erin burnett got a visit from sesame street's elmo last night. so why not let him take a stab at it? >> elmo, you could solve the world's problem right now. >> really? how? >> in washington, everybody hates each other. nobody will do anything together. >> really? >> and it's hurting america. how do you fix it, elmo? >> play dates. >> play dates? >> yeah. everybody has play dates. >> like put a democrat and a republican play date? >> play dates. >> harry reid, john boehner play date? >> play dates. everybody brings their own food. okay. yeah. and they have to sing songs. >> i think that might solve it. it's better than anything we've tried so far, elmo. >> just the image of that is making me a little nauseous. i don't know about you. let's head to the nasdaq market
5:59 am
site and check in with carter evans. he has a look at the numbers this morning. >> that elmo interviews with a good get for erin? >> it was. >> that guy's got some great ideas. let me tell you. today we're going to get a report on home prices, the case schiller home index. we're going to get a report on consumer confidence. and it's a big day for earnings. among them, we'll hear from 3-m, delta, dupont, ups, before the bell, amazon. in the meantime, all green yesterday. a good day for stocks. dow up 105 points. today, our futures, they're a bit lower. but they're starting to move higher. we have those reports coming in ahead of the reports. they're a bit lower. markets in europe and asia are looking good this morning. >> okay, quickly now, what is the big story on cnn money right now? >> a lot of people are talking abouta hoo and google and microsoft and what's going on? it's really a big game of chicken. this is a story on


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