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tv   CNN Newsroom  CNN  October 25, 2011 1:00pm-3:00pm EDT

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they'll be available in early 2012. people who love gadget tri will want one of these cameras. one of the draw-backs is is that the screen on the camera is really small. this one is very small. it also -- the question, will they awaken the sleeping giant, a big company like sony or cannon will they make a lightfield camera. that's unknown. >> thanks, dan. cnn newsroom continues with randi kaye right now. >> hello, everyone. he calls it cut balance and grow, but rick perry might have called it cut, balance grow and catch up. as you may have seen live here on cnn, the texas governor and republican hopeful unveiled his answer to the economic woes and to herman cain's 9-9-9 platform. the perry plan would give
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americans the option of paying the income tax rate they pay now or 20%. it would keep the hugely mortgage interest and deductions for families earning less than half a million a year and would cut the corporate tax rate from 5% to 20 and temporarily slash it to 5.25 and eliminate taxes on stock dividends and long term capital gains. perry says he aims to unleash american ingeneral unite for a new american century. >> we will set our employers and our people free by slashing the cost of government, cutting taxes for the middle class families, balancing our budget and growing our economy. the future of america is too important to be left to the washington politicians. >> and joining me now with more on perry's number is cnn's number one numbers guy, ali
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lshi, this is kind of a flat tax and kind of not. >> the issue with it is that i don't know who in america wouldn't choose the 20%. you could run the numbers three ways, you could do it with 20% he's plo posing. do it the normal way which he says he'll leave in place or with the alternative minimum tax. generally speaking for lmg all wealthy in the country, the 20 percent will be a better deal. you'll lose revenue from that side and many other people who will get a tax break. what we haven't understood is how this affects how much money the government actually ends up collecting. >> perry's argument is regardless whether it's revenue neutral or not, regardless whether the government gets as much money out of the tax plab or not, you're taking less out of people's pockets and that money in traditional economics would be used to buy things,
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create demand and creates jobs and that should spur the economy. it's a little more nu answered than the 9-9-9. it's bold, i'll give him that. >> taxes cut and taxes eliminated and a balanced budget in eight yeesars, that's a lot. >> there would be one exception, that is if all of a sudden this was so bold that everybody in corporate america and the corporate world said america has become the best deal in the world to do business in, let's move our headquarters there's and do these type of things, that's not likely to happen. the ultimate thing that drives job creation in the world is demand. we have a weak economy in the united states, not terrible but weak and weak economy in europe and weakening economies in india and china. demand is what's going to spur growth. this may do, may not do it.
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here's the other issue, it's going to be very tough to bring in cuts now. lots of people think america's corporate tax should be brought down. he wants to bring it down from 35 to 20, a lot of people think now is not exactly the time to do it. that maybe be a three or four year out thing when the economy is doing better. >> he's talking about something called a territorial tax system. can you shed light on that? >> let's say you're a major american corporation and you have a billion dollars in profit from all of the operations all over the world. according to the system we've got now, you made half a billion of that in russia or in india. after a certain allowance for making money overseas, you pay taxes in the united states on money that you made elsewhere. a lot of companies are saying, wait, i've got to pay taxes in russia or india and china and have to pay it again in the united states because i'm head quartered here? what rick perry is talking about is saying if you're an american
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based company, you only pay income tax on the profit that you made in the united states. it was generated in the united states. not the other territories in which you made money. again, there are people who worry that while that could be a boom for business it cohen courage those companies that proefr to make investments when the money is, the supporters this plan will use it's not fair to charge people tax on money that they've made elsewhere and that has been taxed already once elsewhere. he's tackling a lot of issues in the proposal. it's unclear whether this will generate the business necessary to get the economy back on track. if it doesn't generate growth, randy di, his plan reduce the deficit may not work. >> because it is all about the economic growth. thank you very much.
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speaking of money and ali, you should know, "how to speak money", you can preorder or buy in store coming november 8th. now other headlines we're following, moammar gadhafi has finally been buried. the national transitional council says the burial took place in an undisclosed location, members of the tribe were allowed to pray over the body and gadhafi's son was buried in the same spot. they were removed temporarily so autopsies could be conducted. the autopsy confirmed that gadhafi was shot in the head but there are lingering questions surrounding his death. it looks like a moderate islamic party was won the tun is yan election. 90% of the tun is ya's voters turned out.
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this was the first election sen ben ali touched off the arab spring. boys as young as 11 need protection from a sexually transmitted virus. it recommends vaccinateding boys to protect them from hpv linked to several forms of cancer. the vote was 12 in favor with one exception. the centers for disease control is likely to go along with that recommendation. the cdc already recommends hpv vaccinations for 11 and 12-year-old girls. michael jackson just wanted to sleep and dr. conrad murray wasn't the only doctor he asked for help. high jackson was desperate and took actions into his own hands. a look at the defense next. but first, it's that time where we get a shout out to someone who is a bit awesome. today it is several folks, these folks, the rescue workers in turkey searching in rubble. today, it is being called a miracle.
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they pulled out a 2 week old baby alive two full days after the quake. to all of those heroes, today's rock stars. [ male announcer ] this is coach parker...
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lawyers from conrad murray are now presenting their side in the michael jackson trial. the prosecution rested yesterday but drama moments ago in the courtroom. cherilyn lee told the judge she wasn't feeling well. >> i'm feeling really, really dizzy, and my vision just become
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a little blurred. if you can give me a minute. >> miss lee, if you're not feeling that well, do you want to rest for a little bit? do you feel that might be of any help? >> if i rested a little bit if you don't mind. >> lee is back on the stand now and she's sure to be asked about what she's told cnn in numerous interviews that michael jackson had asked her about diprivan. also yesterday we heard from dr. alan metzger, one of michael jackson's former doctors. he said he had seen jackson a few times to discuss his health, nutrition and both excitement and fear about his upcoming concert tour. but the defense zeroed in on a conversation dr. metzger had with mr. jackson two months before he died. >> did he mention to you any specific medicine that he hoped to obtain for the sleep issues? >> he asked me about intravenous
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sleep medication. >> did he happen to mention the name? >> i think he used the word juice. i don't think i heard the word of a specific medication. >> the defense was trying to show that jackson had requested i.v. anesthetic from other doctors not just conrad murray. here's the problem, dr. metzger said he never gave jackson propofol or other sleep medication. the prosecution jumped on that. >> when michael jackson inquired about intravenous sleep medication, you explained to him that it was dangerous, life threatening and should not be done outside of a hospital, correct? >> that's correct. >> did you ever give michael jackson propofol? >> never. >> is there any amount of money you would have -- that would have convinced you to give him int int intravenous propofol in his house? >> absolutely not.
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>> the defense was trying to show jackson did had a sleeping disorder but the people they are putting on the stand to show that also refused to give him propofol, unlike dr. conrad murray. they could wrap up their case as soon as thursday. oil spilling in the water off the coast of new zealand. animal life in jeopardy. what's up with the penguin sweaters? it's our undercover story next. first, a look at the videos that you're watching on ♪ [ computer ] onstar. we're looking for city hall. i'm sending directions to your car.
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more than 300 tons of oil spilling into the ocean, miles of shoreline contaminatedwide more than 100 tons of oil and waste. it is the worst maritime disaster in the history of new s zee land. a containership crashed into the reef on october 5th. cleanup crews are scrambling to pump out what oil is left in the ship before it worsens. the ship's captain faces charges for facing unnecessary danger or risk. the oil spill is a major threat as you can imagine to wildlife, over 1,000 birds have been found
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dead in little blue penguins are also at a great risk. rescuers like the ones you see in this world wildlife fund video are finding them covered in this thick oily gunk. some describe it as peanut butter. more than 100 have been saved. and there's this. how amazing are these pictures from australia and south africa from a few years ago. knitters in new zealand are whipping up similar sweaters for their blue penguins. we're told the sweaters prevent them from preening feathers and soaking in toxic oil. i'll bring in an oceanographer at florida state. this is an important habitat for many species. what type of impact do you think the spill might have on them? >> it's already had an impact, killed hundreds of birds and they are having to move the blue penguins out. normal nesting areas and build special af yarryes for them.
1:19 pm
there was a release of oil, several hundred barrels were released and sh drifted towards the mayor island. unfortunately this disaster has been going on for a while and they haven't yet got it under control. >> you say that this came really at the worst possible time in the worst possible place. why is that? >> well, every oil spill is miserable in its own way. in this case the oil is coming ashore right when the little blue penguins are in their nesting bur rows taking care of the young and taking care of their eggs. that's the same for many of the nesting birds in this area. this is the bay of plenty, one of the richest areas off the coast. white sandy beaches, stoney beaches. this is a tourist area, very famous for commercial and recreational fishing. this disaster shuts all of that down. oil loose in the ocean is never
1:20 pm
good for the ecoology and this is no exception. >> i covered the bp oil spill along the gulf coast for more. it was horrible to see. you say this is actually more like the exxon valdez spill and not so much like the bp spill? >> that's right. here you have a ship aground on a reef about 12 miles offshore. and the oil is coming out. they know exactly how much is on board and they can use somewhat conventional methods for trying to get it out. that's the big challenge, over half of the oil that the ship was carrying is still on board the ship. and although they have pumps and pipes going out to it, the stuff has got a consistency of a very thick honey. it resists being pushed out of the ship. the big fear is there may be a storm or something that would break the ship up and dump the rest of the oil into the ocean. so that's very different from the bp blow out where you had a
1:21 pm
deep satisfy resea release point and it went on over a longer period of time. you're releasing oil close to shore and have the chance of intervening with pumping and booming the vessel. >> ian mcdonald, great to have you on. this is a story that's not getting enough coverage so we're happy to talk about it with you. thank you very much. rick perry says scrap the tax code and lays out his own flat tax plan. >> cuts taxes and it also cuts the spending. and it balances the budget by 2020 and it grows jobs and grows the economy. a big question is, how accurate was he? a fact check next. a horrible cover-up back in 1994, susan smith reports her children missing saying a carjacker took her car with the young children inside.
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keep many deductions, it would cap federal spending and offer personal retirement accounts as an alternative to social security. he promises to put our fiscal house in order. but face time is all about the facts and that brings me to tom foreman who is in washington with us today.
1:25 pm
tom, this plan looks like great news for wealthy investors and corporations, true? >> well, governor perry would say it's great news for everybody, that's specifically what he said, randi, listen to this one really important piece of sound in that speech. >> families in the middle and on the lower end of the economic scale will have the opportunity to get ahead. taxes will be cut across all income groups in america. >> wow, who can be against that? taxes cut for everybody in the country. but let's take a look at the details of that. he's saying there are advantages for everybody in this plan. but that's where it gets tricky, you talk about the wealthy, among the things in the plan according to his speech today are cuts in whatever they have to pay in terms of dividends taxes and corporate gains taxes in terms of inheritance taxes. when you talk those type of
1:26 pm
things, you're talking about people who trend to higher income because frankly if you're making $25,000 a year, there's not a lot of inheritance to worry about in most cases. what about the rest of the people? one of the corner stones of this plan is a standard exemption of $12,500, that's the way he's addressing the idea that the lower end of the spectrum suffers more in some kind of change like this but 51% of the country paid no taxes in 2009 anyway. i don't know how you can reduce the tax burden on people who are paying no taxes at this level. bottom line, once you add this up, we think it comes out to being a case of it being true but incomplete with a big emphasis on the incomplete part
1:27 pm
because there's so many things we have to cut up in the numbers to figure out really where this comes down. much harder to produce a bottom line. >> speaking of sound bites, balancing the budget in eight years, possible? >> is it possible? i don't know, randi, the white house at any moment say things are possible, congress will say things are possible. the problem we run into when people say they will balance the budget. part of his plan here says we'll allow you to choose between this new simple tax code that you'll fill out on a postcard or you can go with the old tax code. how do we know who will choose that and how many will choose it and what it will do to revenue? i think eight years from now in this economy is impossible for everyone. i don't want to fault perry but eight years is a long time in an economy like this.
1:28 pm
is it possible? yeah, it's possible. is it probable? i'm not sure shz probable for anyone right now. >> at least we're talking about that and that's positive. >> we'll see. >> thanks for the fact check, appreciate it. first donald trump and no rick perry talking about the president's birth certificate. perry says he's just poking fun. but is it a good issue to keep alive? wolf blitzer breaks it down for us next. at liberty mutual, we know how much you count on your car and how much the people in your life count on you.
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if you thought the birther issue was gone, it's back. rick perry has gotten in the middle of it. here's what he said this morning. >> let's, if we're going to show
1:31 pm
stuff, let's show stuff. it's a distraction, i get it. i'm not worried about the president's birth certificate. it's fun to poke at him a little bit and say, how about let's see your grades and your birth certificate. >> of course, this is all about people who believe that president obama wasn't born in the united states. donald trump made it a big deal when he was flirting with the presidential run, forcing the president to show his birth certificate. let me bring in our wolf blitzer now, anchor of "the situation room." is this just a distraction as rick perry is saying now? >> no, i mean rick perry had a chance to end this whole zugts over whether or not he believes the president of the united states was born in hawaii as a long form birth certificate shows but he decided for whatever reason to prolong this whole discussion, we're talking about it right now because he didn't put an end to it. he could have said, i've seen
1:32 pm
the long form birth certificate on the websites, it's over with, let's move on to real substantive issue. especially on a day like today when he did release his new tax and spending proposals including a proposal for a flat tax and all of that. he could have easily ended this whole discussion. for whatever reason, he wanted to continue to poke fun at the president. that's why we're discussing it right now. i suspect it's going to come back to haunt him. not even from democrats but from a lot of republicans. karl rove was ridiculing rick perry for this and i'm sure oirs well as well. next time he's asked, he'll say let's move on and get over it because it's not an issue that will consume the electorate. >> let's share with of our poll, was barack obama born in the u.s. 80% say definitely or probably yes and 17% say
1:33 pm
definitely or probably no. when you look how it breaks down by party, republicans saying 69% that barack obama was born in the u.s., independents 80%, democrats 89%. this poll was done wolf, after the official birth certificate was released. this just doesn't seem like a good move. >> yeah, but there's still -- you saw 17% who are unsure that the president was born in the united states. politically i don't think it's a smart move on his part unless he's doing it really tongue in cheek in all of that and trying to have some fun. it doesn't come across that way. he's got to clarify it and say, i believe he was born in hawaii and believe the birth certificate is authentic. let's move on and talk about other issues. to let this thing linger out there will not help him, i suspect in a republican contest. if he were to get the republican nomination wouldn't help him in a general election, at least at this point. i don't think there's any doubt about that. did you see randi, that new
1:34 pm
cbs/new york times poll. if you did, among republicans it shows rick perry right now a distant fifth, fifth herman cain is on top of that poll. he has a lot of work too do. he's starting with the new tax plan, the flat tax proposal. he still has millions of dollars and time. he can come back but he has a lot of work to do and playing around with the whole birther issue is not going to help him. >> yeah, he certainly is surrounding himself with strong advicers so it seems he should try to get back on track. wolf blitzer, thank you very much. nice to see you. >> thank you, randi. rick perry's flat tax. was his announcement today enough to reenergy his campaign and his supporters? it is fair game and it is next. but first, our political junkie question, which president was in office when the first federal income tax took effect? the answer is just ahead. ring ring
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before the break, i asked which president was in effect when federal income tax took effect? the answer is abraham lincoln. 1861 to help pay for the civil war. it was revised several times before finally being repeeled 11 years later. time to go beyond partisan talking points to the heart of the political debate where all sides are fair game. today we are tackling the flat tax or more specifically, the economic plan rick perry rolled out today. we talked about the specifics earlier in the show.
1:38 pm
you know the flat tax actually became federal law in 1894. it was ruled unconstitutional one year later. at the time the rate was 2%. for rick perry today's announcement wasn't just about numbers about but character and vision and tryinging to reenergize potential voters. joining me now are maria cardona and will cain. let me start with you on this one, will. do you think this will come as a much needed boost for rick perry? >> i think it will be a boost. i would say he hit it into the outfield. back to the trivia question, 1913 is the first time the permanent income tax was put that place when woodrow wilson was president and the rest is history leading today to this monday tros city of the u.s. tax code. deductions for making your house energy efficient and we've got a tax code riddled with holes. you know who knows how to negotiate that, lawyers and
1:39 pm
accountants and people that can afford lawyers and accountants. rick per rery's plan helps simplify the tax code. that's something we need to concentrate on. >> maria, is it a winner for perry? >> i think it all depends on how it continues to be sliced and diced. the fact of the matter is most economists and analysts have said a flat tax actually moves the tax burden from wealthy individuals to middle class and working class people. that's exactly supposedly what perry doesn't want to do. if you look at it, that's exactly what it does. it talks about 20% being optional. if you're wealthy and pay at a higher level you'll choose the 20%. most middle income and low income families don't pay anything or pay less than 20%. again, you're doing nothing for middle income families and in fact, he also talks about simplifying the tax code, which is also code for taking away deductions that help workers and middle class families. a boom for the wealthy and does
1:40 pm
nothing or can hurt mid class and working class americans. >> what's the tea party going to take away from this? >> well, i think the one thing we can agree on, the numbers need to be spliced and diced on this plan. what the tea party will think, what we all think, the tax code needs reforming. i've been very, very critical of the republican field for president. one thing they should get credit for, they have bold ideas from 9-9-9 to the flat tax to jon huntsman plan which does away with deductions and exemptions these are bold ideas. the difference, all of those deductions and exemptions that's another form of social government engineering, telling you what to do, your behavior. a simplified tax code would be a moral document. >> speaking of morality, what you want to do is actually make it fair and none of these plans
1:41 pm
that the gop talks about are fair. in fact, they are completely unfair to those who are actually working to get a paycheck. what this platte tax does and frankly every other gop plan is that it gives all of this boom to the wealthy individuals and shifts the tax burden to middle income and workers. let's think about this for a minute. personal income tax rates are the lowest they've been since world war ii and lower now than they were under reagan or clinton. clinton actually asked the wealthiest and big corporations to pay their fair share while giving middle income americans and working families a tax break. look what happened, the greatest economic expansion we've had in our generation. let's do that again. >> perry had to get on the board with a plan. will, will this move the old 9-9-9 off the table? will voters take notice here?
1:42 pm
>> no, i don't think it will move 9-9-9 off the table but it's a valuable part of the conversation. from a strictly political perspective what you're asking randi, how does this play? i think it is a winning issue for republicans if maria wants to maintain the status quo and green energy and energy efficient cars, that's not a proposal she can win, reforming the tax codes which all republican candidates are talking about doing, it's a winning political message. >> democrats are also talking about simplifying the tax code but in a way that is fair and doesn't ask middle income and working families to pay more than what corporations, hedge fund managers and the wealthiest 1% do whose incomes have risen while middle income families have seen their real incomes decline. dz not fairness and not moral. >> these are a nonpartisan issue.
1:43 pm
>> it should be. >> will cain, maria cardona thanks so much. >> they are kicked out of their homes, forced to choose from rent or groceries. michael moore joins piers morgan to discuss the financial crisis. they talk to real people and piers join us live with a sneak peek of tonight's town hall next. is the dollar bill knocking on death's door? as congress scrambles to pinch penni pennies, one idea so to scrap to a dollar bill. switching to a coin could save $5.6 billion over the next years. if you're wondering how, coins last longer than bills. as much as we hate to say it, adios dollar bill, your 15 minutes could still be up. [ male announcer ] humana and walmart have teamed up
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1:47 pm
piers morgan hosts a special town hall featuring the always outspoken film michael moore. people have to make tough choices as they make ends meet. piers joins us live with a bit of a preview. i no he you're doing this town hall from the studio. what do you expect to hear from the 99 percenters. >> people have been asking what do the protesters stand for? what is it they are protesting about? what i wanted to do -- i have michael moore on for an interview and we were discussing this, why don't we open it up get them in. i thought what a great idea. we have about 50 protesters coming in. they've all got very different stories and i want to get to the heart and souls what occupy wall street is really about. what is their grievance, put a human face to what they've been going through that is making them protest. >> i know michael moore certainly has somewhat of a personal interest in this whole
1:48 pm
occupy wall street movement, isn't that right? >> he's very fired up about and believes it's been a long time coming and it will get bigger and bigger. he believes the wider issue here is america beginning to rebel from the grass roots up towards what they see as the capitalist greed that has brought america to its economic and financial knees. there's a lot of merit to the argument, the way wall street behaveded in my opinion has been re -- rewarded themselves with huge bonuses again, i can quite understand why people who have lost their homes or jobs or livelihoods, struggling to feed their children, i can understand why they would feel so grieved. nobody in wall street has been held to account for the price they paid. i get why they are protesting. what appears to be happening, the protest is unraveling in the
1:49 pm
sense of what it's really about. we need to get to the bottom of what it is that's really driving them. i hope it will be lively and spirited. the protesters will be very emotional and it will be a cracking hour of television. more importantly, it's going to be a fascinating insight into what occupy wall street at its heart is really about. >> and when you look at this movement as a whole, it has certainly grown, gone global. where do you think it's heading? >> all around the world people are feeling the pinch in the financial crisis. with all of these things it takes time to get down into the mass pop yulist. whether it's in greece or even in china, having problems there too. america has serious problems. you have 10% unemployment, not falling. you've got a lot of people who are suffering very, very badly.
1:50 pm
they have seen in their eyes a lack of accountability from those at the top of the financial institutions and the government who they believe have caused this mess. as with all of these things, it is people in very large ivory towers making decisions that right now are affecting the ordinary man and woman in the american streets. man and women and i think it will get bigger. i don't see any signs of the economic crisis easing at all. if anything, it's getting worse and you're going to see wider spread protests. >> how did you pick which protesters get to be part of the town hall and which don't? >> we encourage people through twitter and we're going to be taking live tweets throughout the hour. it's not just about the protesters. if people want to put a question to michael moore, maybe you're working wall street and fed up with the protesters, to believe
1:51 pm
that they are unfair. maybe you are working in one of the financial institutions around the world that people are blaming for what has happened. if you want to have your say or you're not a protester or someone sick and tired of what has happened to you and your life, tweet this. i will put it to michael moore. he's a big lad. he's going to take it on the chin. i think we're in for a very lively hour. >> i bet you are. you're going to wear your black and white stripes. it's going to be a very interesting evening, i'm sure. >> i think i will. >> all right. sounds great. i'm glad that the viewers will be involved as well. if you're struggling to make ends meet, lost your job, you're part of the 99%, tune in too piers morgan tonight. michael moore will join piers
1:52 pm
morgan tonight on cnn. every day on the show we call out someone who we think deserves it. to florida we go. sharing stories of his time on the battlefield in the middle east, don't forget. stories of shoot out near orlando, florida. sounds impressive, huh? a stand-up guy. he's not the second generation sheriff's deputy that he's claiming to be. he even convinced his girlfriend. had he a gun, a badge, and a uniform. he served briefly in the navy but never found the declarations. >> both he reports he faked himself. taylor is charged with a possession of a firearm by convicted felon because back in 2005 he was convicted of impersonating a paramedic and
1:53 pm
forging documents. this guy, a real charmer. for all of your battlefield baloney, it's time for you, benjamin taylor, to face the music. ♪ [ male announcer ] it's true...
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with cleaner affordable natural gas... more jobs, less emissions, a good answer for everyone. so, by reducing the impact of production... and protecting our land and water... i might get a job once we graduate. let's take a closer look at stories at street level. today we start in orlando where
1:56 pm
a federal judge has blocked a controversial federal law. it requires welfare applicants to pass drug tests before receiving benefits. the judge issued temporary injunctions saying the law could violate the constitution's fourth amendment ban on illegal search and seizure. they sued the state last month on behalf of a 35-year-old navy veteran on the grounds that having to pay for it was unreasonable. next, amarillo, texas, where the very last b-53 is being dismantled. it was put in effect at the height of the cold war. it's about the size of a mini bus and said to be broken down and disassembly facility in amarillo. the dismantling is a year ahead of scheduling and a milestone to reduce the number of nuclear weapons. to new york city now, the
1:57 pm
arrest of eight new york city police officers. current and retired nypd officers were running a gun smuggling ring. they trafficked at least 20 illegal handguns and 16 rifles and shotguns. they are charged with trafficking of weapons and stolen goods across state lines. and finally, to dallas where a manhunt is under way for a suspected serial rapist. police believe this man has attacked at least four alumni of a black sorority. the alleged victims, all black females in their mid-50s to 60s. he broke into the suspects' homes and made it obvious that he knows personal information. ed lavandera is here. how did police put the pieces
1:58 pm
together? >>. >> it happened in three different suburbs and a lot of the cases involved a small sample. you know, the fact that there were four victims in their mid-50s to mid-60s. black females, that kind of narrow the pool down as well. the description is that it fits the same description as well. they felt confident with what they had. then, on top of that, they had the surveillance video back in april. they are not saying how it is be connected or if it even is in any kind of way. but it all clicked that they had perhaps the same suspect that they were looking for. interestingly enough, the disturbing part for many of the 400 members of the sorority that live in the dallas area, bliss say that this man had been tracking his victim for some
1:59 pm
time. >> >> he made it obvious that he knew details about them personally. and we're trying to expand on that. >> right now we don't understand how this information -- with we don't know if he by chance has a list of members or he's simply looking for members that may be out there supporting different paraphernalia, things of that nature. >> that was the other thing that came up in the course of these attacks that investigators found, that this attacker knew several things, intimate details about each one of his victims, even though these victims did not know each other and did not
2:00 pm
know who was attacking them. so a very disturbing situation, randi. >> yeah, it certainly is disturbing, ed. be sure to keep us posted. thank you so much. and thank you for watching. continue the conversation with me on facebook or on twitter @randikaye. brooke is picking it up from here. >> hello, everyone. i'm brooke baldwin. let's go. beginning with rapid fire, a two-week old baby pulled out of the earthquake rubble there in turkey. the child's mother and grandmother have are been rescued but the child's father is still trapped. so far, more than 400 people are daddy. in 24 devastating 7.2 earthquake
2:01 pm
that hit turkey on sunday. also today, former leader moammar gadhafi has finally been buried. a spokesman says that gadhafi, his son, and top advisor have been buried in a secret location. until then, he had been in a storage room. police have a horrifying video of this little girl getting run over and then ignored by passersby. a 24-year-old man is charged with manslaughter, accused of being one of the driver who hit the girl. it's an outcry in china. more than a dozen people can be seen walking, driving, biking past her and not doing a thing to help. now, take a look at this. look inside. the los angeles courtroom where here he is, dr. conrad murray is on trial for involuntarily
2:02 pm
manslaughter. jackson's former nurse is back on the stand. she treated jackson for insomnia in the months before his death. >> you know, i'm feeling really, really dizzy. i'm sorry. my vision has just become a real blur. so if you can just give me a minute. >> if you're not feeling well, do you feel you need to rest for a minute? >> yes, if i could just rest for a minute. >> cherilyn said that michael jackson said that he needed more than traditional sleep measures. >> accused of killing 17 other women, hayes and komisarjevsky were convicted of murdering
2:03 pm
jennifer-hakwe petit and her daughters. hundreds of people gathered for the funeral of the man who was the heir to the saudi prince. sultan bin abdulaziz was in his 80s and had cancer. lindsay lohan's father has been arrested for domestic violence against his girlfriend. also making news, linld see low man has agreed to pose for pl playboy. what will they pay her? approximately $1 million. commissioner david stern is going to cancel all games through november 28th. the news will wipe out 102 games
2:04 pm
on top of the 100 games already scrapped because of the labor dispute ongoing between players and owners. netflix lost 800,000 u.s. subscribers in the last quarter and warns that more cancellations could be on the way. this huge hit comes after a controversial price hike earlier this year. and the northern lights put on quite the show. the official name of the red and green flares from the sun, seen here on youtube, usually people in u.s. cities like boston and seattle get to see them. but it was seen as far south as atlanta.
2:05 pm
we have a lot more to cover. stay with me. watch this. they are supposed to protect and serve but new york police officers pushing weapons for cash. i'm brooke baldwin. the news is now. as police look for a serial rapist -- >> we don't know if he has a list of victims. >> targeting sorority sisters. and herman cain has this. so, rick perry, how would you fix the economy? >> a 20% flat tax. >> we'll breakdown his new plan. plus, life beneath the rubble. dramatic rescues under way days after a deadly quake. and confessions of a come immediate yin. a saturday night live legend sits down with to promote his book. >> there was cutting backstage.
2:06 pm
>> darryl hammond reveals his dark secrets. what do you got? restrained driver... sir, can you hear me? just hold the bag. we need a portable x-ray, please! [ nse ] i'm a nurse. i believe in the power of science and medicine. but i'm also human. and i believe in stacking the deck.
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what's your policy? i tell you what i can spend. i do my best to make it work. i'm back on the road safely. and i saved you money on brakes. that's personal pricing. you have to see this. my goodness. a baby two weeks old, look at this, carried in a rescuer's arm. they rescued it it two days after the earthquake hit and they managed to find the child's mother. that's her head there on the stretcher. they are about to load her on to an ambulance. also, they got the child's grandmother. but the father is still buried in all of that rubble. in terms of numbers, the death toll has jumped to more than
2:09 pm
430, which is more than 150 from this time yesterday. i want to bring back in diana who is live for us in extreme eastern turkey. diana, what can you tell us about these rescue operations? are they ongoing as we speak? >> reporter: they are ongoing. this is where the little girl was pulled out with her mother and grandmother. the rescue worker who brought that child to safety, the moment when the mother handed the child over to him inside the tunnel that they had created to try to bring the baby out, and handed him over to safety, he said that was like having a second child for himself. he said he's worked in this job for 12 years and has never pulled anyone out alive.
2:10 pm
they achieved something, there was something to rejoice in rather than the repetitive cycle of pain, which is so often the case, brooke. >> diana, when we were talking yesterday, you said there was a big mass of a 19-story building and it had couple belled to the ground and there was a multitude of buildings that followed suit. do we have any idea how many people could still be trapped? >> reporter: they don't know how many people are missing or therefore trapped. of course, this is quite a close-knit society, there are a lot of people who say, i have these friends and relatives missing. i will move out of the way so you can see. this was another four or five story building that collapsed
2:11 pm
and they pulled another four bodies out of the building. and this are two,000 buildings brought down. i spoke to a rescue guy earlier. he was running the operation on three of these sites and said, you know, this search and rescue operation will continue for a while. i've been through the tsunami, i've been to -- he had recently been to somalia and disaster zones all around the world. he said, 20 days after the earthquake actually happened, there is still hope even though the majority of the people brought out are dead, brooke. >> the picture behind you, it looked like perhaps there was a dozen to two dozen rescuers and it looks like a fairly organized effort. in these situations we're accustomed to hearing chaos and
2:12 pm
disorganization. how does it look there? how are they doing and what do they need. >> reporter: in terms of the search and rescue, it does look to be a coordinated effort and in 1999 17,000 people died and the government was criticized for their lack of response. this time it's well-coordinated and there are hundreds of medical personnel on the ground. what you do hear from the people is that they are not getting the aid to them quickly enough and we hear from people here that it's taking too long to get to where they need to. >> still can't believe that 2 week old baby that was found. diana, thank you so much.
2:13 pm
we talked about this yesterday. a serial rapist on the loose in texas. the target, sorority sisters. >> right now we don't understand how he's obtaining the information. we don't know if he by chance has a list of members or if he's simply looking for members that sport different memorabilia, jewelry, placards, things of that nature. so we've put out a request to members to not advertise their affiliation with that sorority, for their own safety. also, eight new york police officers arrested charged with trafficking $1 million worth of m-16 shotguns, handguns, even cigarettes. the story, two minutes away. and have you heard about the flat tax proposal from rick
2:14 pm
perry? it's called cut, balance, and grow. it includes a 20% new flat tax rate. what would this really mean for you and your bank account? we'll breakdown the numbers for you coming up. eb all day. guinea pig: row...row.took one, 8 months to get the guin: ..row. lile cbby one to yell row! guineaig: ro's kof strange. guinig: row...row. such a simple word... row. anncr: t an easierayof strange. save. get online. go to get a quote. e u 15% or more on car insurance. her morning begins with arthritis pain. that's a coffee and two pills. the afternoon tour begins with more pain and more pills. the evening guests arrive. back to sore knees. back to more pills. the day is done but hang on... her doctor recommended aleve. just 2 pills can keep arthritis pain away all day with fewer pills than tylenol. this is lara who chose 2 aleve
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2:16 pm
they are supposed to serve and protect but today eight current and retired nypd officers are under arrest in this big gun smuggling ring. they trafficked more than a million dollars in illegal weaponry and stolen goods as well. about an hour ago, commissioner ray kelly talked about the arrests. >> there's no question about it, a case like this is disheartening to the entire
2:17 pm
department. people who are out there, day in and day out doing, in my judgment, a great job and putting their life on the line. >> let's talk more about this with al detective. gill, we're talking about where you used to work, retired and active guys busted for pushing weapons to the bad guys. what's your first reaction upon hearing about this? >> well, being 27 years in the police department, it's really embarrassing to have like eight officers do something like this. but the focus of new york city from the mayor to the police commissioner is to get bad people off the streets. a woman who was innocent was shot and killed. this is not far from the precinct of where this happened. it's really disheartening to the new york police department. but not everybody is like that. >> certainly. the officers bragged about the guns they could get and i'm
2:18 pm
quoting, they could get anything from a to z. gill, what kind of guns are we talking about? >> they have a total of 20 guns. handguns go from 400 to $600 on the street. the other machine guns, m-16s, are military weapons that go anywhere from 1500 to 1600 out on the streets. so these guys were transporting these from new jersey to new york. they did it recently. the fbi put a good case together and, really, you know what? these guys are in big trouble after this case. >> the know that the serial numbers were scratched off these guns. so where are they now? how tough will it be to find them and do we know who bought them? >> i'm sure the fbi traced these guns. they did surveillance on them, eavesdropping.
2:19 pm
the guns didn't work as opposed to the other ones that they sold in mexico, the fast and furious, they were all operable. when you scratch something off the gun, that's when you don't want them to know where they are from. that's also a federal crime. >> not only were they accused of m smuggling these guns but they were accused of smuggling cigarettes and slot machines. what do you know about that snl. >> they brought them from atlantic city to westchester county and port chester. it says $1 million but i cannot foresee that this action that they were doing, selling these guns, would give them an extra amount of money so vast that it's really worth it. i don't really think they got much out of this for what they are going to do and i think they are going to pay dearly for this
2:20 pm
because this is an fbi case and one of their strengths is to do a case just like this. >> you mentioned an informant was involved and that the investigation started back in '09. how did these officers ultimately get caught? >> well, with the confidential informants and them backing and going out and selling and they actually sold it to the fbi agent. they already started out in surveillance. once the fbi got it, they got together with the new york city police department and internal affairs. so they had these guys really well. what's happening lately, in the last three or four months, all of this activity has been happening and the guns were smuggled in and this was a good time to apprehend them, which they did. >> gill alba, thank you so much. >> thanks for having me. new details for you this afternoon on the school shooting that was breaking news this time yesterday afternoon. two teenagers are in custody
2:21 pm
accused of shooting another teenager in her neck. plus, sorority sisters are the target of this serial rapist. see you in two minutes. they have carb steady, with carbs that digest slowly to help minimize blood sugar spikes. [ male announcer ] new glucerna hunger smart. a smart way to help manage hunger and diabetes. and here's what we did today: supported nearly 3 million steady jobs across our country... ... scientists, technicians, engineers, machinists... ... adding nearly 400 billion dollars to our economy...
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2:24 pm
a sorority is supposed to be a life-time connection of sisterhood, lending a hand after college is over. but a sorority today is asking women to put away all kinds of memorabilia, key chains, what have you, because a serial rapist is on the loose. in less than a year, four alumni have been attacked in three separate suburbs all around dallas, texas. these attacks seem to happen at night, when the women are at home alone. the victims are in their 50s, their 60s, and the attacker knew very personal information about each of them. police do have something to go on. take a long look. this show as possible suspect. this was in an attack last april in plano, texas. ed lavandera is following this
2:25 pm
for us. do we have any idea why someone would want to follow thtarget t sorority? >> all four of these victims being sorority members, is in the mind of investigators, a big clue. does he have a beef with the organization for whatever reason? that's what they are trying to find out right now and this is a sorry connection and none of the victims knew each other personally is a clue for investigators right now. >> also, i was getting tweets from delta saying how frightened they are because of what is happening in dallas. my question would be, what precautions are alumni in the air being told to take? >> i think there's no question that this is really a major shockwave of fear through this sorority community. it's a massive organization, worldwide.
2:26 pm
it's got a strong presence here in the dallas area as well. they are essentially being told, as you mentioned off the top, to put away all of the paraphernalia, t-shirts, license plate plaque placards, key chains. these attacks happened when the women were alone at night in the overnight time. many were asleep in their houses when this happened. so avoid being alone, if you can. logging your doors. and this came from the national chapter. saying facebook and twitter, all of the social media. they have public websites on facebook and post pictures from events and people be comment on it. all of that, they say, to lay off and back away. authorities are saying, weapon don't know how this person is getting information on their victims. it could be through the social media website. that's something that they want
2:27 pm
to pay close attention to and be weary of as well. >> what do police know about this guy? we showed this police surveillance. the time stamp is 9:30 in the morning and having run up on the story, this guy's m.o. is to attack women in the night between 9:00 at night and 4:00 in the morning. >> right. authorities we spoke with -- we spoke with several of the police authorities that were investigating and they said we're not going to say where this video came from. the background of where this video came from, what the situation is here and what we're looking at is not clear to us. but authorities say they have good reason to believe that this is the man that they are looking for and they are hoping that someone around this area will know who this person is, based on the appearance. obviously it's a large man with a unique walk that they are looking at perhaps that will kind of trigger, hey, i worked
2:28 pm
with this guy and i hope it triggers that one phone call that breaks the case. >> and i know you spoke with the police captain. let's take a listen to that sound. >> we feel not only is he doing his research, he's possibly conducting surveillance. so he's spending some time around the area, around the residence prior to the attacks. >> ed, you mentioned that we're hearing from the delta sig sigma theta, to think that our members are being targeted is certainly disheartening. until the individual responsible for these crimes is brought to justice, we will continue to remain in close communication with one another and law enforcement. have you -- i know you talked to members of law enforcement but have you talked to anyone local with the delta sigma theta and what have they said? >> i tried to reach out to anyone local and everything has been kicked back to their head
2:29 pm
of the national organization in washington. probably several reasons for that. it's very possible that a small and tight-knit community, it wouldn't be difficult to figure out who those victims are. there's a great deal of effort being made to protect those identities. and there's a great deal of fear. if you're being told to not wear those key chains and placards, the last thing you want to do is come on tv and say that you're a member. >> ed, thank you so much. we'll follow that one. >> an update out of north carolina. still no word on a motive for a shooting at the school. a 15-year-old who is not being identified and another suspect
2:30 pm
was arrested for shooting a 15-year-old girl. they are caught on camera walking up the hallway with a a ..22 caliber shotgun. the girl is in stable condition. >> and another surprise by republican presidential candidates. >> today i talk before the american people about my cut, balance, and grow plan. >> senator rick perry proposing a 20% flat tax for everyone, including businesses. but just how fair is this particular plan? we'll take a close look at it and tell you what it means for you, your wallet, and your job. also, take a look at this video. police officers kicking out occupy wall street protesters. this is oakland, california. find out why they are evicted, coming up a little later.
2:31 pm
2:32 pm
2:33 pm
2:34 pm
checking the clock here with rick perry, he's expected to talk in north carolina. the texas governor unveiled his flat tax proposal and he's going to be answering questions about it. we, of course, will be there live. first, i want to share two quick numbers with you. the first number is 20. as in 20%. that's the income tax that you would pay, i would pay, everyone would be paying under the plan that perry i announced this morning. and the second number is 6. 6% f 6%, which makes him trailing ron paul, newt gingrich, mitt romney, and trailing herman cain.
2:35 pm
rick perry was supposed to blow doors. but at this point of the race, he's getting blown out. will this flat tax proposal boost his numbers? will it help revive our economy? joining us is a resident scholar at the american enterprise institute. a senior economist at the federal reserve bank in dallas. allen, it sounds like -- let me ask you. is it as simple as it sounds, this whole flat tax proposal? he says the tax code with fit on the back of a single post card. >> it's not going to be quite that simple and i think that's a common pattern, for candidates to overstate some of the benefits of their plans. his plan probably would be simpler for some taxpayers, but there's some complicated factors. the sample tax return that he's circulated, for example, starts with a line that is income and leaves out all of the lines that you would need to add up all your different kinds of incomes. so it's not going to be as simple as he's setting forth. he's going to give people a
2:36 pm
choice to pay under his plan or under the current system, which ever is better for them. i think that's problematic. one of the reasons is that a lot of people will have to run the numbers both ways. they will go through the complexity of the current law liability and then calculate under his plan and then choose which is best. you have the complication which is better for those people. >> let's compare. we have a bunch of targeted tack breaks and the folks in washington get to decide, okay, here's an industry that needs a little push. if taxpayers buy their stuff, they get a little write off. do you lose that tax, being able to nurture certain sectors of the economy and, if so, how big of a loss would that snb. >> they like a tax system that is neutral and i think some grounds to hope that the perry plan will measure up well on
2:37 pm
that front. his plan is very vague on this front. he talks about getting rid of special interest loopholes and so forth. if he carries through on that, the plan will come out. that will be a positive feature of this plan. >> is that possible with the flat tax plan? >> the flat tax is a vague term and actually one of the things that is interesting is that today we thought that -- many of us thought that this would be a flat consumption tax, a type of consumption tax in the 1980s. but that's not what this turned out to be. it is instead a flat income tax which is a different way of using the word flat tax. the flat 20% rate. >> we, also, hear a lot these days about income wealth distribution, take a look and listen to what is happening with these occupy wall street folks and we came across something that is interesting. it comes from visualizing and
2:38 pm
shows the bottom 90% of workers earn the nation's income and then the top 1% earn a little more than 1 out of $5. so 20% of the income. so what a flat tax do to this equation? i heard david gergen saying that it's a boom for the wealthy. >> most high-income taxpayers would have a significant tax cut under this plan. they would be paying a 20% rate on their ordinary income instead of 35 and paying dividends on zero capital gains. it has to be a large tax cut for those at the top and that brings us to another issue which is clearly a revenue loser. it's going to raise substantially more than the regular tax system and it's going to worse the budgetary
2:39 pm
imbalance. >> alan, thank you. just a quick reminder, we're going to see for the first time -- we'll get to hear some answers from governor perry when he speaks in columbia, south carolina. there will be a q and a afterwards and we'll take that live in about an hour. president obama is hitting the late-night talk circuits. he taped with jay leno in california. find out where else he stopped. this may make you hungry. waffles and chicken. plus, the controversial campaign ad for herman cain shows cain's manager 408 seconds in taking a drag from a cigarette. the story from the ad in two minutes. [ dr. banholzer ] every once in awhile
2:40 pm
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2:42 pm
time to gl to washington with wolf blitzer. we've got a lot to talk about, including this quite a campaign ad from herman cain's ad. where should we start? >> lits start with the poll numbers. you mentioned it a while ago. it's a good opportunity to look at herman cain, if you look at the new cbs "new york times" poll, he's doing great right now. 25% for kairn, 21% for romney, 10% for beginning rim. ron paul, 8%. rick perry down to 6%. michele bachmann, 2%. everyone else is at 1%. if you dig deeper on the poll, they have tea
2:43 pm
supporters. he gets 32% of self-declared tea party supporters compared to romney and 18% rick perry and only 17% -- here's what is fascinating about this poll. i blogged about tl on our situation room blog. i point out that a month ago, mid-september, among republicans in general, tea party supporters, rick perry, was way ahead and now he's number five. he's gone down to number five in both of these categories. maybe this new plan that he's released today will help him regain some of that momentum. he still has some time to regroup. when you're only at 6% or 7%, that does not necessarily bode well. herman cain, shall we say, he's smoking hot right now because -- >> his this is a real herman
2:44 pm
cain political ad roll tape. >> since january i've had the privilege of being the chief of staff to herman cain and the chief operating officer. tomorrow -- ♪ >> i know people initially were not even sure it was legitimate. >> definitely legitimate. that is his chief of staff. he admits that he smokes. he does it by choice. taking a cigarette, herman cain is smiling as he is -- it's a strange ad, let's put it mildly, but i guess it's generating some ad. maybe that was the intent all around. it's among the stranger campaign ads that we've seen. dare we make a comparison to, i am not a witch.
2:45 pm
do you remember that? christine o'donnell when she was running for senate. there have been strange ads. >> this one gets to go in that category. >> this is a little weird. a lot of people have pointed out that when herman cain was in the restaurant business, he was ceo of a former godfather pizza and did oppose a ban on smoking in restaurants. but he is a colon cancer survivor. he should not be promoting smoking. as you know, smoking, cancer, colon cancer, there is a connection there. >> bad news. >> there is a connection there. >> bad news. wolf, thank you. let's talk political pop right now. we have two stories for you. first, we'll start in california. we have to eat. maybe you're eating lunch right now. president obama took an unscheduled trip to rosco's chicken and waffles yesterday after arriving in l.a. he ordered a country boy.
2:46 pm
that means three wings with choice of waffle, potato, or french fries. the trip continued in burbank where he taped with jay leno. perhaps you'll rather back in march of '09 didn't go over too well for the president. he took a heat for joking about his bowling score. he later called and apologized to the chair of the special olympics. and in addition toll being tto the first lady, she's written a book about requested american grown," how it inspires family schools and community. the first lady did not accept an advance on the book and will
2:47 pm
donate all proceeds to charity. the book goes on sale april 10th. now, have you seen this piece of video? oakland police evicting occupy wall street protesters from an area near city hall. they protested, go arrest the ceos as they were booted. also, occupy protesters will be kicked out of a park in atlanta. we'll give you an update on that in two minutes. stay right here. ♪ with the lowest national plan premium... ♪ ...and copays as low as one dollar... ♪ ...saving on medicare prescriptions is easy. ♪ so you're free to focus on the things that really matter. call humana at 1-800-808-4003. or go to for details.
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2:49 pm
about before dawn, hundreds of police officers were protesting occupy prol testers. they said because of the conditions in the makeshift camp. here's how it played out.
2:50 pm
take a look. officers dragging pieces of the camp away. they actually used a public system to warn the protesters if they did not leave the plaza. some did not leave and dozens were arrested. one man did not make this very easy. you can see him struggling and being carried by the police. they say that occupy oakland is not over and they will be back. similar situation in atlanta. george howl is here. i know you were at woodruff park where they were there for a couple of weeks. what are they saying? is the clock ticking? >> there is a lot of concern among protesters what they saw there in oakland could happen in atlanta. no one knows when but the city's mayor says a last ditch effort
2:51 pm
is being made to try to prevent -- >> i met with 25 past ors for more than an hour and they agreed to meet with protesters. >> the mayor hopes a deal can be brokered but will revoke the executive order allowing protesters to stay in the park up until november 7th. that's when he could get people to clear the park. it became heated over the weekend after several disagreements, mainly over safety hazards. protesters say that it's been peaceful so far but he believes that there are elements broen to violence and th prone to violence. >> any time there's any kind of large protest going on, it looks bad on the mayor. i don't think the mayor needs to see it that way. i think this reflects well on
2:52 pm
society. people are coming out and they are talking and they are starting toll fix their own problems. >> these protesters don't need to be arrested but they are willing to be arrested and the dialogue will continue. >> are people starting to leave the park, are the crowds getting bigger, smaller. >> today they are having a much bigger march. not coke like the drink but the coke brothers that they say spend a lot of money trying to influence politicians. big march today. no plans to leave the park. no one knows what the plan is for police to move in and clear it. >> george how well, thank you so much. >> thank you. if up want to learn more about the occupy wall street protest, watch piers morgan tonight with michael moore on cnn tonight at 9:00 p.m. chasing a chimp.
2:53 pm
a chimpanzee is about to get loose from a zoo in texas. a former "saturday night live" star, have you seen him like this? >> the week that i did the gores, i was taken away in a straight jacket. >> this is no joke. darrel hammond sat down to talk to us about the years of abuse at the hands of his own mother. we'll talk to the cnn write enwho interviewed him, two minutes away. [ sniffs ] i have a cold. [ sniffs ] i took dayquil
2:54 pm
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2:56 pm
but awesome ! ♪ nationwide is on your side this is quite the story. you know darrel hammond from his time on "saturday night live". >> your leader will show up where he is supposed to show up, and express himself with decorum at all times, thus restoring dignity to the oval office. you're going to miss me. aren't you? >> but underneath all of that comedy was a lot of real-drive drama, pain, pain that he says came from his own mother. >> when i was a child, i was a victim of systematic and lengthy
2:57 pm
brutality. i mean, stabbing, beating, being electrocuted, stuff like that. >> and that is just the beginning. hammond goes on to talk about cutting himself, being on medication. he says he would stay at psych wards. with me now, producer who interviewed him. i read your piece, watched the interview. it took my breath away. and from what i understand, you know, you sat down with darrel to do the interview, it was supposed to be a comedic interview, right? >> yes, i expected him to come in and we'd have a good laugh and 20 minutes before he wassing arriving, and he said, you might want to google his book. he wants to talk about it. so we looked it up, and i've done interviews with comedians before where they've had dark
2:58 pm
pasts and i've done jim norton and we end up making jokes. >> this ends in tears? >> this ends in tears. he talks clearly -- your conversation takes quite the turn but he talks about his mother in all of these, he says, very much so examples of abuse. what does he say she did to him? >> he says that she electrocuted him, stabbed him, i believe beat him, and you know, it took us a good half hour into the interview -- usually these are 20 minutes. this went 45 minuteses and he finally opened up and we had to kind of go back around and say, what is going on? i don't really understand what happened and finally he let loose and he can plained why his mother abused him. >> why? >> he doesn't really have an answer for that. when she was on her death bed, she started to think, you know, somebody did something to her. she was once a little girl, he says, somebody did something to
2:59 pm
her that made her this way and he was apologetic to her. >> i want to play another piece of sound. he talks about being on medications, seven at once. take a listen. >> i was never in a mental institution for a long time. i was in psych wards where i would go in and they would go, well, is he going to kill himself? what's wrong with him? i was diagnosed with everything from schizophrenia to multiple personality and bipolar and all of the things that doctors have traditionally placed on people who are only really just trauma patients. with me, i was on as many as seven medications at one time. these doctors didn't really know what to do with me. there was cutting backstage. i was once taken to a psych ward. in fact, the week that i did the gore debates, i believe i was taken away in a straight jacket. and there


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