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tv   CNN Newsroom  CNN  October 26, 2011 9:00am-11:00am EDT

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made them money on their own. pulling themselves up by the boot straps. that is really the american dream. they can take the rich people, but not the other kind. >> interesting discussion that we had this morning. >> that will do it for us this morning. "cnn newsroom" with kyra phillips starts right now. after weeks of peaceful protest police move in and dismantle the "occupy wall street" movement in two major american cities. this is oakland, california. the '60s style showdown turned violent. stunned grenades explode and protesters refuse to abandon their tent city. dan simon in is oakland for us and, dan, looks pretty calm behind you now. let's talk about what led up to what happened on the other side of the screen last night. >> these protesters had set up this tent city, as you put it, kyra.
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they were there for about two weeks and authorities in oakland had thought it had gone on long enough and they thought it was a si safety situation over there and health problems with people living in those tents for so long. they decided to disband those protesters and cleared everyone out yesterday afternoon and a few hours later about 7:00, 8:00 at night about 500 protesters decided they wanted to take that area back. so, they started rallying towards city hall and that's where they were met by police who were in riot gear, who threw tear gas into the crowd. it was a very unsettling situation about 100 people arrested. there were some people with minor injuries. this went on all throughout the night. things as you said, now, are calm, carol. i'll step out of frame and you can see a live picture of what it looks like now. some barricades set up just behind those barricades are city hall. just a few protesters now. police monitoring the situation. things seem to be under control
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right now, but i think we'll have a better sense as the day begins of what things are like. kyra? >> dan, you talk about the police being concerned about violence and things getting worse. do we know yet what exactly triggered what the police did and triggered these measures? you know, pretty aggressive measures. are they receiving criticism for that, as well? well, police are saying the crowd got violent. some water bottles hurled at police. some people threw paint at the officers. they felt they had to respond in kind to prevent things from getting any uglier. from their point of view, what better way to do that than to dispense tear gas. in terms of what the community response is going to be, it is unclear at this point, clearly the protesters feel like that the police overreacted here, but in terms if there will be any
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outcry from respectable community leaders, i think, we'll also wait for that, as well, as the day begins, kyra. >> we'll follow it, dan simon in oakland. thanks. here in atlanta, police arrested 53 protesters who refused to abandon their tent city in woodruff park. police say the arrests were o orderly and peaceful. organizers are vowing to return to the park and resume their protests as early as this morning. wall street protesters, live pictures now that we're monitoring. apparently some neighbors are complaining about the beating of a drum circle and the city established a complaint hotline. so, protesters have now agreed to limit their drumming to four hours a day. president obama says that he understands the public anger that's fueling all these protests and other peaceful rebellions against the nation's power brokers. here's what he had to say last night on jay leno. >> look, people are frustrated. and that frustration has
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expressed itself in a lot of different ways. it expressed itself in the tea party and expressing itself in "occupy wall street." i do think what this signals is that people in leadership, whether it's corporate leadership, leaders in the banks, leaders in washington, everybody needs to understand that the american people feel like nobody is looking out for them right now. >> coming up in just a few minutes, we'll talk with congressman charlie rangel about "occupy wall street." he has come out in support of the protesters. president obama tosses a lifeline to young americans drowning in college debt. from the class of '09 have racked up an average college loan debt of $24,000. the unemployment rate for college graduates age 24 and younger rose to 9.4% last year. that's the highest since the labor department began keeping records in 1995. the president will now unveil a
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plan to help. christine romans is crunching the numbers and brianna keilar looking at the politics of the equation. just give us the nuts and bolts of the plan. >> sure, okay, two different proposals that are sped up here. under health care reform there was student loan reform and the president wants to push up the start date to next year. originally planned for 2014 and now it will be graduates for 2012, kyra. they'll be able to do a couple of things. one is what you pay for your student loans will only be 10% of your discretionary income. you won't be going broke every month paying for your loans. also, speeds up your loan forgiveness. after 20 years, whatever balance is left on those loans, if you faithfully made your payments, it will forgive the rest of those loans. also, the second program allows current graduates to have a bunch of different kind of federal loans to consolidate them together and for a limited time get a lower interest rate. the white house is hoping that will allow people freeing up for
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money for right now are buried under a bunch of student debt. two points i want to make. doesn't address rising tuition. tuition is still going up and up and it still shows that we're just taking on so much debt, we've got to do a better job of educating kids about what kind of debt, how much debt and where they should be going to college and what kind of majors they need to be taking on so they can, you know, get through this pile. it will still take years to get through this pile if you take all these loans, kyra. >> brianna, president obama is bypassing congress on this. >> that's right, he is, kyra. he is using his executive authority and not only the first time he's done this this week. you know, president obama has been pushing his jobs plan urging congress to pass it in parts. but what he's doing with this, with the student loan program and also with something he unveiled on monday in las vegas, assistance for homeowners who are under water on their loans. refinancing assistance.
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he's sort of got this message this week and you've heard it throughout the week. you'll hear it again today when he touts this program today at the university of colorado. it's called, we can't wait. that's the message that he has. he wants to do things on the economy. if it's congress, republicans who are standing in his way, then he's going to sort of highlight that and, in this case, bypass congress altogether doing what he can executive authority, kyra. >> brianna keilar at the white house. thanks so much. live coverage of president obama outlining his plan for college loans. his remarks are scheduled for 12:45 eastern at the university of colorado's denver campus. oh, herman cain, not just the top choice among republicans for the white house, but for their house, too. meantime, rick perry really struggling. paul steinhauser joining us. rick perry still trying to save
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himself. >> no doubt about it. plenty of time left. still over two months until the start of the caucuses in iowa. rick perry is going up with his first campaign ads to pay television commercials of his campaign. this ad running starting in iowa, kyra. what does it do, it touts rick perry and he touts it himself. i think you'll see a lot more ads when it comes to rick perry. he has $15 million cash on hand. that will buy commercial time in iowa. this is a brand-new cbs/"new york times" poll. the poll indicates his drop from 23% support from just 6% support in the polls. you can see it right there, cbs/"new york times." that's a national survey. rick perry himself said it probably has to do with my debate performance. perry said last night, you know, the biggest mistake i made maybe, going to all those presidential debates. but they're kind of hard to turn
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down. who's on top of that cbs/"new york times" poll herman cain followed very closely by mitt romney, kyra. >> questioning whether he should even debate. we'll get our panel next hour to weigh in on that. paul, i'm sure they have a comment on that. herman cain and his rise in the polls, what is behind it? >> probably that 9-9-9 tax plan and likability. republican voters, according to the surveys, like herman cain. this is a brand-new one, of all the republican candidates, who would you most like to have dinner with? gingrich at 22% and romney at 17% all the other candidates in single digits. our poll from last week indicated the same thing. likability, one reason why herman cain has soared right up there. kyra? >> paul, thanks. joe the plumber, remember him from the 2008 race? he's launched his campaign for congress. did it last night in toledo. he's running in ohio as a
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republican and he's using his real name now. sam wurzelbacher. we'll hear from him next hour if he's ready for the transition. that's coming up at 10:45 eastern. your next political update in an hour, but you can always go to our website, 24/7. in eastern turkey a race against time in the search for survivors from sunday's deadly earthquake. the likelihood of finding people alive in the rubble declines by the hour. some people are beating the odds. zane zurnlg zain verjee joins us live from london. couldn't get enough of the pictures of that 2-week-old baby being pulled from the rubble. >> the baby, her mother, her grandmother all survived. some really other incredible stories, too, that are out there. 461 people have been killed, but just take a look at this video. some of the latest emergency
9:11 am
rescue efforts have rescued a 27-year-old woman. she was in the debris, kyra, for 67 hours. she's a teacher, she has some breathing problems, but she's going to be okay. she's being treated. then there was this other guy, 18 years old pulled from a collapsed building after 61 hours. these are some of the scenes of jubeulation after the rescue effort happened. let me just show you what the headlines are saying around the world, kyra. the "wall street journal" says cheers, tragedy in turkish rescues. this newspaper points out the temperatures are falling and it could snow today. also, rescue teams are racing to find survivors. take a look at "daily telegraph." this is the headline. after hours of searching, we heard babies cry in rubble. the article talks about the miraculous rescue. you were saying no one could get enough, but they also add that these pockets of jubialation.
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>> turkey stands united in the face of earthquake disaster. that paper says the quake really has shown, kyra, that turkey stands united as a nation, whether their difference. kyra? >> all right, zain verjee, we'll continue to follow this story and every move that those rescuers are making. coming up, we'll ask a man who has been in congress 40 years what it is like to get a 9% approval rating from the american people. later, we'll take you to a town where there's low unemployment. people making six-figure salaries left and right and a housing shortage. in fact, the town is so hot, it's stealing strippers from vegas. tmoisturizing lotion. the natural oatmeal formula improves skin's health in one day, with significant improvement in 2 weeks. i found a moisturizer for life. [ female announcer ] only from aveeno.
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welfare applicants that move comes after the aclu filed suit for a single father who objected to the test who says it violates his right to search and seizure. in fayetteville, north carolina, student are recovering after a science experiment exploded outside the school's chemistry lab. the building was evacuated as a precaution. police in albany, georgia, expect an unsatisfied customer at a taco bell drive through threw a homemade fire bomb at the restaurant early sunday morning. the man called to complain about the lack of meat. a metal plastic bottle suspected of containing gasoline. we have bigger problems.
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a new poll asked americans what they think about the job that congress is doing. the results aren't just bad, they're laughably bad. >> the approval rating. the bad news is your approval rating is 41%. >> right. >> the good news is you're still better than congress. explain. i mean, so, if you're grading on a curve, if you're grading on a curve, you're killing. >> all right, let's bring in congressman charles rangel. you know, check out what the american people think of you and your colleagues. the cbs news and "new york times" poll, congressman, showing 9% approve. that's the lowest since 1997. sir, you've beenen congress for more than 40 years. how does it feel to get that big, fat, failing grade? >> it's painful. even though i normally poll between 80% and 90% of the vote during the general election, i am still part of the congress.
9:17 am
i'm still part of government and i don't blame them one bit. so, you know, it doesn't give me that much satisfaction that democrats and republicans that republicans polled much lower. but the fact is that they have every right to believe that the government can do more than we are doing to make it a little easier for them to go through this crises. so, that's why i go down to wall street and that's why they know who i am and i walk among them and i take the arrows and the bows because they are frustrated and something has to be done. >> they are frustrated. they are mad as hell when you look at the occupy wall street protests. they're mad as hell with the system and congressman, that includes you. you're a part of the system and now we're seeing protesters calling you a sell out and anti-trade protesters showing up now calling you out for supporting free trade agreements with panama, columbia, south
9:18 am
korea. you're basically wall street's pal here. you sold out u.s. jobs and ensured big corporations. how are you responding to the specific criticism about you right now? >> i can say without a question of doubt that half a dozen of people that appeared on the same street and not in my office complaining about my vote on the united states trade bill had nothing at all to do with the protesters of wall street. and, of course, as a citizen, as well as an elected official, i think it's right when people have a problem with my votes that they express themselves, especially at the polls. again, i've been there for over 40 years. i guess i'm doing something right. but it doesn't make anyone feel good to be the subject of criticism. but it's deserved and, as it relates to being a part of
9:19 am
government, but the most important thing is that under our great country people can say what they want and that's in the constitution. and i don't feel badly about that at all. but i want to make it clear, anybody that jumps up and say that they're part of the wall street protest, they're not. and i know that there's limited resources that the press has, but it shouldn't take too much of an effort to find out they were totally, totally unrelated to the wall street protests. >> let's take a look at the violent scenes that broke out in oakland last night. should protesters be able to stay or police just doing what they need to do? >> i'm not in oakland. i can't see the clip that you probably are showing, but i think it's abundantly clear that there's just no, there are limits to the right of free speech and when it interferes with other people's right, it has to be weighed. but i'm at a terrible
9:20 am
disadvantage since you know that i can't see the clip that you're talking about. >> well, you watched the news it was all over last night and i suggest you do take a look at it. we're talking about tear gas and protesters being broken up and police say they were worried about it getting violent. it would be interesting for you to definitely take a look at this and get your take on this. >> well, it's happening around the world and when the congressional budget office says that 1% of the high earners own 42% of the nation's wealth and people in the middle class are pushing into poverty and it will take more than just tear gas to bring equity there to the system that we have in this great country of ours. >> that means congressional leaders like you, charles rangel. i mean, there is definitely frustration about what the leaders within our country are
9:21 am
doing all the way up to the president of the united states and we're seeing through these protests all types of frustration from politicians to corporate america. i think -- >> there's room for everyone to participate. there's room for reporters not to look for violent things and to report the disparities that exist in our great country. there's room for the clergy to talk against the wars and talk for the people that are poor and the sick and the aged. and there's a heck of a lot room for the congress and the united states government. so, you're right. >> well, there's room, there's room to see that approval rating on congress to go up, as well. a lot higher than 9%. congressman, thank you. >> i agree with you. >> thank you so much. more on the occupy movement in just a few minutes. the author on how "corporatism conquered the world." he explains when he joins us live at the bottom of the hour. the most wanted holiday
9:22 am
gifts of 2011. last year it was peace and happiness. what do people want this year? we'll go to new york stock exchange for details. imagine gift shopping for 7 billion people. the u.n. says the planet is about to hit a new plateau, population wise. cnn ireporters try putting the figure into context, next. [ male announcer ] truth is, dayquil doesn't treat that. really? [ male announcer ] alka-seltzer plus fights your worst cold symptoms, plus it relieves your runny nose. [ deep breath] awesome. [ male announcer ] yes, it is. that's the cold truth! [ male announcer ] yes, it is. ♪ we're centurylink... a new kind of broadband company committed to improving lives with honest, personal service, 5-year price lock guarantees and consistently fast speeds. ♪ since ameriprise financial was founded back in 1894, they've been committed to putting clients first. helping generations through tough times. good times.
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let's check out your "showbiz" headlines. decades after he gave up meat free cookbook. highlights of introducing and
9:25 am
eating meat. sir paul and some favorite friends contributed their favorite recipes. harry potter movies are about to vanish from store shelves. warner brothers will pull all eight in december. analysts think that the studio is taking a page from disney putting popular films in the vault to be released. warner brothers and cnn, both part of time warner, by the way. six weeks in, chaz bono is done. he and his partner were voted off last night. well, here's a number that's difficult to dance around. the united nations says that last week the world's population will hit 7 billion people. cnn's zain verjee has more on how some cnn ireporters are conc conc conceptualizing. >> hi, kyra. 7 billion. i've been counting. the u.n. says that they will hit that number october 31st. that's halloween. this report basically says that most people will be under the
9:26 am
age of 25. most people in our world will be living in cities, not in the countryside or in rural areas and that africa really sees the most growth. 7 billion, right? a really hard number just to wrap your head around. here's what some ireporters did just to give us a sense of what it's like. veronica in san juan city puts it like this. she decided to start with one grain of rice and says that grain of rice helps make a cup of rice and to get to 7 billion grains of rice, you'd need almost 440,000 pounds of rice. then in santiago in chile, he decided just to take a walk to help visualize the idea of 7 billion and he figured out that by taking 7 billion steps around the planet, 133 times, he would not return home for 152 years.
9:27 am
then, finally, kyra, luke of chicago decided to use names to capture and represent the names of 7 billion. he figured out if he was going to name every single person on earth, he would have to name ten people a second for every second since he was born. kyra, there's this website that you can plug in your birthday, your birth date and it will tell you what number you are in the world. the website is down, i wanted to plug your birthday in, 8-8-blank. but i'm estimating it at 3,898,265, 107. that's who you are. congratulations, kyra. >> you are a math whiz. imagine if each one of those individuals, 7 billion people, if everybody gave 25 cents, put it into the hopper, what kind of amazing things we could do in this world. let's contemplate that. >> we're selfish, why would we do that? >> well, you're number one in my
9:28 am
book, if i wanted to count the numbers. >> see you a little later in the hour, zain. coming up, we're taking you to a place where the economy is booming. >> the money's here. my vegas girls would rather dance here than in vegas because they make more money here. >> things in this boom town are going so well, the strippers are leaving vegas. we'll tell you more in just a few minutes. lessons learned from the "occupy wall street" protesters. you'll meet an author who says what you see here could be a model of things to come.
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checking top stories now. two more survivors have been pulled from the rubble of turkey's 7.2 earthquake. the woman and teenage boy were trapped for more than 60 hours. at least 461 people have died in that quake. hurricane rina expected to
9:32 am
strengthen as it nears mexico's tourist hot spots. the storm is packing 1 110-mile-per-hour winds. both cancun and cozumel are under a hurricane warning. after weeks of private talks, the house supercommittee holds a public hearing. the head of the congressional budget office is scheduled to testify. the committee is less than a month to come up with a $1.5 trillion deficit reduction plan. can you believe this? christmas is less than eight weeks away. not too early to start thinking about the holidays. alison kosik at the new york stock exchange with details on this year's most wanted gifts. what are they asking for this year, besides peace, love, happiness. >> we'll get to that in a minute, kyra. so, yeah, if you can't figure out what to get that special someone, you can't go wrong with clothes. clothes is the number one thing people are asking for. after that, it's all about gadgets. so, the second and third most
9:33 am
wanted gifts, tablet computers, labtops, notebooks and ipads and that seems exactly what people are more willing to buy anyway. spending on electronics is expected to hit a record high this year. really a big change from last year. the number one gift people asked for last year, peace and happiness. what does that mean about our priorities then? maybe they got peace and happiness and figured, it's overrated. >> one of these days, you know what it is, all comes down to humility. you have to be humble to realize what's important. the dow dropped to more than 200 points yesterday. what are you expecting today? >> we are getting a nice bounce back in the early going, about three minutes into the trading day, the dow up 153 points. now, today is a big day because it's supposed to be the day that european officials unveil a big plan to fix europe's debt crisis. meetings today are happening. the official announcement expected in a few hours this afternoon and analysts do expect
9:34 am
them to come through with an actual plan, even though we're hearing reports that there are still disagreements. right now your looking at the numbers and you see investors are pretty optimistic at this point, kyra. >> alison, thanks. what if i told you there was a state where the unemployment rate was 3.5%. people without college diplomas are earning six figures and strippers are actually leaving vegas because the money isn't as good. >> vegas now is seasonal. okay. you got to hit when it's golf tournament or some seminar. here, it's just happening every day. it's crazy. anybody needs a job, come up to willison, north dakota. >> guys come off the train and they don't have a job and i say, sit here for three hours and they have a job when they leave. >> it's not the twilight zone. it's williston, north dakota. the boom comes with a price. blake spent some time out there.
9:35 am
blake, where is all the money coming from? >> well, the money's coming from the oil and the oil is coming from a place called the formation in western, north dakota, and just created thousands of jobs out there as these oil companies find new and better ways of getting all the oil out and the jobs are not just for these oil companies. places are hiring all kinds of positions. we talked to a local fast food chain and the manager of the taco john said that she came from idaho where she made minimum wage and now she's making six figures and they're hiring $15 an hour every single place is hiring as more and more people enter the state. >> that is incredible. now, take me into the experience, if you don't mind. you were actually there for a week and i understand you slept in an rv. >> we did. yes. there is absolutely no where to stay and that is the biggest issue there right now is this huge housing shortage. so, we actually had to rent an
9:36 am
rv in bismarck and drive out to western north dakota about four hours and drive around these little towns. we stayed in the walmart parking lot and we stayed at a rest stop. there are no hotels that have openings even the locals are seeing their rents triple because there is just high demand out there. it's a huge problem. >> blake, i think you need to open up a bureau in williston, north dakota. you could do very well there. on another note, you interviewed a number of residents who say there is a bit of a backlash that is developing, as well. let's take a listen. >> i think the infrastructure and everything right now is five years behind on what it should be today. the roads are at least five years behind. >> so many people working here and they don't have enough housing. >> that's it. that's where i live. >> sleeping in this parking lot and in my truck along with all these other people. >> our little peaceful existence is pretty much gone.
9:37 am
if. >> wow. talk about the frustrations and it sounds like you could make a little extra money if you sold your rv. >> definitely. that's what people are doing. there are all kinds of job opportunities out there. people are coming out with rvs to rent. i mean, you could rent it for basically as much as you could an apartment in manhattan. it's just crazy out there. >> wow. well, great job, blake. it's definitely a fascinating story and you can see more of it on cnn money. appreciate it, blake. all right, up next, "occupy wall street" protesters have given us all a formula for a whole new way of life. that's the author of how corporatism conquered the world thinks. ♪ [ male announcer ] we're not employers or employees. not white collar or blue collar or no collars. we are business in america. and every day we awake to the same challenges.
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9:40 am
oakland, california, sh showdown "occupy wall street." >> who are you protecting? >> what our next guest says it's
9:41 am
not much their message that you need to hear, instead, it's the methods you really need to watch. douglas rushkoff is the author of "life inc. how corporatism conqurd the world and how to take it back." let's talk about your op-ed. you say it's scary and promising. give me a little more context. >> i think it's scary because it's hard to understand what it is. it's not recognizable. you know, we keep trying to contexturalize it as a protest because we know what those look like because people marching in the streets and angry and looking for something. it does not fit into that box because this is not a group of people demanding stuff, as much as it is a group of people modeling new behaviors. >> last night i was telling you that michael moore talked to pierce morgan. he has been embraced by "occupy"
9:42 am
protesters. listen to what he said. >> this is a protest against capitalism. for some other people they like capitalism but they think it has become a system of greed and need to be reformed or put the controls back on that used to be there. what do you think? >> yeah, if anything, this is a movement dedicated to evolving capitalism to whatever comes next. so, it's not a matter of people saying, oh, stop capitalism. stop the banks, end this thing. it's more of a matter of people saying, well, what if we divest our money from corporate banks and put our money into credit unions and local banks, instead. what instead of having a heavy debate parliamentary system with a right and left that seem opposed, what if we develop something called the general assembly through which people have discussions in which to create consensus. what if we experience complimentary currencies. so, that's really what makes me excited about this movement, if you want to call it that.
9:43 am
they are modeling strategies that then we can actually try ourselves. >> all right, so, final question here. because the number of journalists and, you know, a lot of people here and in the broadcast world, we've gotten criticized and hammered for saying, not going deep enough into this movement and interviewing other people that have a more intellectual message that we're just showing, you know, the drumming and calling it another woodstock. what would you say we're not talking about? what is the one thing that we should take seriously about this and not forget as we monitor these various movements? >> i think the thing to look at is to look at the occupied movement as kind of a cultural microcosm. as a little mini society. actually look at what are the things, what are the things that they're doing? in other words, how are they negotiating consensus? how are they talking? what are they thinking about
9:44 am
currency? what are the things that they're t tryi trying? they use something called freedom tower, which is a free wi-fi solution that could be employed in any city anywhere in the country. so, look at what they're testing. you know, think of them as beta testers of new strategies for dealing really with a post corporate society. >> douglas rushkoff the book is called "life inc.." it's always great talking to you, douglas. thank you so much. >> great to be with you, you take care. >> you can read more of his op-ed go to you can weigh in, as well. changes at the top of ibm. the company names its first female ceo in its 100-year history. (camera flashes) yoleine...yoleine.! what do your friends think of your car? they think it's cool. well, what did they say about it? ah, that it's cool. (laughs) does your focus match your personality?
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9:47 am
let's check news across country. a tennessee family survives a house fire thanks to the daughter's fake baby. the doll was part of a health class assignment on parenthood. when her baby started crying in the middle of the night she woke up and saw smoke. she got everybody out safely, including the "baby." traffic comes to a screeching halt on an oklahoma highway after drivers spot money blowing across the road. dozens of people pulled over, pocketed thousands of dollars and then took off. no one has claimed the lost cash and no one has turned anything in. and gassing up your car could load you up with germs. a new study finds gas pumps are one of the germiest things we touch with public mail boxes a close second, by the way.
9:48 am
70% of pumps tested were highly contaminated with the bugs most likely to make you sick. alison kosik at new york stock exchange. the details with big changes at one of the world's biggest technology companies. we love hearing this, alison. >> yes, we do. this is significant because ibm's new ceo is a woman, virginia rometty takes the helm at ibm next year. she has been there for quite a while, about 30 years. she is known to have gotten ibm into cloud computing and analytics. she is also known to be the person who led the watson computer project, you remember that. the computer that beat humans on jeopardy. on this news, ibm shares aren't moving too much because ibm has been doing pretty well lately and this is expected to be a smooth transition. still, kyra, a female leader is notable. she could wind up being the highest profile woman in all of corporate america. kyra? >> alison, it's 2012, right?
9:49 am
we should see more, well, we're approaching 2012. we're almost there. i'm already jumping ahead. why, we shouldn't be talking like we're still having to break the glass ceiling, right? we should see more major companies taking women on as the lead role. >> oh, listen, i completely agree with you. but the reality is, even nowadays, you know, we're in the 21st century and it is extremely rare to see a woman lead a major company, especially a fortune 500, if you look at all fortune 500 companies, you know, only 12 female ceos at companies including kraft, pepsi. so, it's even more rare when you have a female lead a technology company. but, now, women lead the two biggest tech companies. ibm and hp, which recently hired meg whitman. analysts say you know what is happening here, we are turning a corner. the more that this happens the more normal it will be. who knows, we'll stop leading the headlines with stories like this when it becomes an everyday
9:50 am
thing when women lead big companies. >> alison kosik for president, that's what i say. it's not a bad idea. chicago blackhawks star patrick cain has some competition. his name is gunner and heice. sports is six minutes away. the postal service is critical to our economy-- delivering mail, medicine and packages. yet they're closing thousands of offices, slashing service, and want to lay off over 100,000 workers. the postal service is recording financial losses, but not for reasons you might think. the problem ? a burden no other agency or company bears. a 2006 law that drains 5 billion a year from post-office revenue while the postal service is forced to overpay billions more into federal accounts. congress created this problem, and congress can fix it.
9:51 am
9:52 am
the stories making news l e later today at 12:15 eastern, on capitol hill, john walsh joins police and firefighters calling for a broadband emergency network. later this hour from denver, president obama is expected to lay out the plan to help college
9:53 am
students or graduates rather to help pay back the student loans. and at 2:00 p.m., the people for the ethical treatment of animals is filing a lawsuit against sea world saying they are enslaving the killer whales that perform there. and we will check in with the newsroom and christine romans who is live. >> and i want to tell you how the white house wants to make sure you are not paying student loans when you pay social security and what it means to dig out of student loan debt coming up at the top of the hour. i'm dan simon, and in oakland, california, there was a dramatic clash between the police and the protesters and tear gas dispensed and what started it all? we will have the storyt thech to the hour. i'm rob marciano at the head of the cnn weather center, and we have a hurricane almost cat 3 rina will make shore in mexico tomorrow, and then make a run at florida possibly.
9:54 am
the next track is up. and this time joe the plumber is back and he is campaigning for himself and not someone else. joe, the real name is sam, is running for congress. is he ready for switching from citizen to candidate? we will ask him live next hour. [ siren ] [ applause ] [ jackhammer ] [ crowd cheering ] [ speeding car ] [ siren ] [ horse whinnying ] [ bell dings ] your true self -- uncover it, embrace it,
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protect it. what's healthier than that? borrowed technology from ferrari to develop its suspension system? or what if we told you that ferrari borrowed technology from cadillac to develop its suspension system? magnetic ride control -- pioneered by cadillac, perfected in the 556-horsepower cts-v. we don't just make luxury cars. we make cadillacs.
9:56 am
two words, world series.
9:57 am
that is right. the rangers are one win away, but they got a lot of help in the last way because of the way that the cardinal manager tony la russa managed the pitchers. they are heart broken that their closer jason motte was not brought in until too late. and la russa is getting a lot of criticism including from an airline pilot. pilot announces flight time to st. louis is 1:37, or faster than the time it takes tony la russa to get his closer into the game. that's cold. and the highlights of this ducks' game, and this kid is gunner williams who scores from the halfline, and he does it not once, but twice. when he was not doing his thing, the star patrick kane was. he had ta spin around to marian hossa. kane scored the winner and the
9:58 am
blackhawks win. >> that was quick and dirty. see you tomorrow. okay. one singing halloween house is now a nightmare. jeanne moos with more. >> reporter: that is no motion detecting anti-burglary device. this is a talking house. practically a dancing house. ♪ party rockers in the house tonight ♪ >> reporter: it was christened the most awesome halloween show you are glad that is not in your block. >> perhaps the best house you have seen in your dreams. >> reporter: or nightmares. one scene taken from tim burton's "halloween." and here is the house version. ♪ this is halloween halloween >> this is the family who lives in the halloween house in riverside, california. kevin prefers we not use his last name is not doing any tv
9:59 am
interviews at the moment, but we did have a nice long phone conversation with him. at the day job he installs fiber optics for verizon, but he takes a week off to put up the 5,000 or so l.e.d. lights on his own house. ♪ and he uses the spare time over a period of months to ro gram them. he started the tradition back in 2008 with "thriller." ♪ because this is thriller night ♪ >> reporter: he does something different every year. ♪ he did the monster mash >> reporter: and this year's monster smash is party rock anthem from afo. cars cruise by kevin's house which attracts a crowd of 300 or so people standing around watching the nightly shows. one night a teenaged girl showed up on his doorstep around midnight and asked if this is the house with all of the lights, and could he please turn them on.
10:00 am
kevin declined. to us, it may be funny. are the neighbors amused? one we talked to said that the folks seem to like it, but she was a bit worried it would be too popular. online, it is a smash, and epic, incredible and awesome and that is kevin's daughter departing the singing house, and the mid-performance. kevin said he does not do christmas, because he is too tired for halloween. take the pick, a eyesore or eye gasm? ♪ party in the house tonight >> reporter: jeanne moos. it is the top of the hour and thank you for joining us in the newsroom. president obama tossing a lifeline to graduates drowning in college debt. why? because college graduates have racked up a loan debt of $24,000 and a lot of them can't afford to pay.
10:01 am
the unemployment rate for grads 24 and younger rose to 9.4% which is the highest stins department of labor began keeping records in 1995. let's start with you, christine and walk through the details of how this will help the college ra grads. >> three words income-based repayment. this is a program that the white house is speeding up the program that congress has passed quite frankly that means it will cap how much you pay for the student loans. it reduces your repayment amount which is 10% of your discretionary income. right now sh, your payments can capped at 15%, and the white house wants to lower it to 10%. also, accelerate the loan forgiveness date which means 20 years after faithfully paying the student loans every month on time that 10% of the income, and if you have a loan balance, the
10:02 am
government will forgive it and if you are free and clear after 20 years. and another chance to consolidate the loans. these are for people who have different kinds of federal loans, you can consolidate them, and get a half a percentage interest rate lower and this would put some money in people's pockets which the white house says would help now. something i want to be clear about. congress passed a lot of this back in the health care reform, but what the white house is doing is to stepping up and speeding it up so that the class of 2012 can start to benefit from this, kyra. >> okay. thank you. over to the white house. brianna, the president is bypassing congress on this, right? >> yes, kyra. it is a sign of a new strategy that the president is rolling out in earnest this week. a strategy of really going it alone without the help of congress. using executive authority here as you said christine say to speed up some of the changes to the income-based student loan
10:03 am
repayment program. it was supposed to go, and the changes were supposed to go into effect in 2014, and president obama will be touting this at the university of colorado is scooting it up a couple of years, saying it is going into effect in 2012. he did the same thing monday, when he unveiled a new housing assistance program, and you know the white house had put together a assistance program before and it did not do a lot and did not hit the mark of what it aimed to do, so the president rolled out a new program to help folks who are underwater on the loans. that is something he did as well with the executive authority. you are hearing a line from him as he is on the three-day western swing of "we can't wait" and going it alone without congress. >> thank you, brianna keilar. the lawmakers in the so-called super committee have less than a month to identify $1.2 trillion
10:04 am
in cuts over the next decade. kate bolduan on capitol hill, and let's talk about the purpose of the public hear today. is it window dressing? >> well, i will tell you that there are many growing skeptics up here on capitol hill and off of the hill that would agree with that statement. i will tell you that the focus of this, kyra, i'm hearing is that basically spending programs and looking at the government spending, and area where the government has cut spending in the past and where they possibly could cut here in terms of a deal for the super committee. previous hearings have had to do with the history of the drivers of the nation's debt as well as revenue options. this is the first hearing in almost public hearing in almost five weeks. the super committee has been meeting much more often behind closed doors and almost exclusively really. today, they will be hearing from the director of the con grer nach budget office. we talk about the cbo often and the gold standard of budget analysis up here, but i am
10:05 am
hearing kind of outside of the public hearings from sources on both sides, democrats and republicans, who are saying that the committee is making little progress towards an agreement and with a fast approaching deadline of november 23rd, clearly the pressure is on, and these are live pictures we are looking at as the committee is coming to order. we will be watching closely to see if any of the members tip the hands on where things stand and where things are heading. we are watching closely to see if the group is going to be able to reach agreement, kyra. >> well, even if it comes up with $1.2 trillion in cuts, it is not enough. >> that is what many of the budget experts are saying. by law, they are required at minimum to find $1.2 trillion in budget savings. i have been talking to the budget experts and specifically dr. allison rivlin, one of the architects of a previous budget reduction plan and she says if they just reach that mark, it is
10:06 am
not enough to stabilize the country's debt, and the chairman of the committee of federal budget mayan mcginnes and what she and other experts are saying to go big of $3 or $4 or $5 trillion to make a difference to stabilize the country's debt and calm weary the markets as many fear of another credit rating downgrade if this committee does not do big and fails to do its job, kyra. >> all right. we will monitor it. thank you, kate. after weeks of patient protests, patience runs out as police run into occupy protesters in two american cities. in oakland, california, you can see the '60s-style showdown turned violent with tear gas spewing and protesters refusing to abandon the tent city, so
10:07 am
this is what happened. >> i heard loud bangs which was the tear gas going off and you want to throw up, and your eyes are stinging and i ran two blocks away. >> several officers have been doused with hazardous material, paint and bottles. >> in atlanta, police arrested 53 protesters here who refused to abandon their tent city in the park. police say the arrests were peaceful. and police are trying to soothe the anger of neighbors who are complaining about the protests of the drums, so protesters promise to limit the drums to four hours a day. dan is there, so let's talk about how it looks calm right now, but let's talk about the showdown that happened just before sunrise.
10:08 am
>> well, over here, you can see that the barricades have been set up behind and a few police officers in riot gear and a couple of protesters, but for the most part things have died down here. i want to explain how this all began. these protesters had camped out in front of city hall for 15 days. police were getting concerned about the health situation over there in about the safety situation, so they disbanded everybody yesterday afternoon and told them to hit the road. the police was barron, and then a few hours later, about 500 protesters decided they wanted to take city hall back, and so they started to march towards city hall, and that is when they were met by police, and things were peaceful until according to police objects were being thrown at them, water bottles, paint, and that is when they unloaded their tear gas canisters. and things sort of really turned violent. it was like that all throughout
10:09 am
the night, and then sort of calmed down, and this is the situation again what it looks like right now. sort of peaceful. i think that we will get a better sense throughout the day what things will be like, you know, as soon as the sun comes out and what organizers of the movement plan to do next, kyra. >> well, dan, it sounds like the police felt threatened. so are they facing criticism now for the way things were handled or do folks understand what triggered this? >> well, certainly the protesters feel like this was overzealous behavior, and i think that, again, we will get a better sense as the day unfolds what community organizers have to say about this from the police officer's point of view. any time they are tlent odd tr lives are threatened with objects thrown at them, they felt like that was the best way to get the crowd to break up. you look at the images and certainly violent and there will be some questions as to whether or not they used the appropriate amount of force.
10:10 am
>> dan simon, we will follow it. dan, thanks. stocks on wall street took a huge hit yesterday. the dow and the s&p 500 and tumbling, and it is a big problem and especially with europe, and so allisison kosik joining us to about the big meetings taking place in europe and it is important for the markets and how it impacts our numbers. >> yes, you said it correctly, kyra. it has huge implications for the world. right now the top leaders are meeting in europe to get the debt issues in order, and they have a top order to fill. it is likely to cost hundreds of billionings of dollars. this is the 14th meetings in the past 21 months, but this is coming with high hopes. wall street is hoping that something big can be done today. that is why the stocks are moving today and the dow up 100 points. this is why we care about europe getting a handle on the debt
10:11 am
issues. because if europe goes into another recession, it could end up dragging us down, too, and think about how connected we are. on overseas trade, brookings institute says that half of our exports go to europe. so if they go down financially, they will not be buying our products. and the u.s. businesses and banks are invested in the eu and we have seen how the problems there have hurt business and consumer confidence here. and kyra we should get word of the debt plan and what is going to be happening here. kyra? >> thank you, alison. those leaders are gathering in brussels a and the objective is to beef up the currency, the euro, and to address the debt crisis as we talked about. zain verjee is in london to look at the headlines behind the proposed bailout. what are they saying, zain? >> well, kyra, it is crunchf time for the european leaders,
10:12 am
and they need to deliver. let's look at the headlines. the advertisers say this, high stakes poker game in brussels. it says one thing is clear that the potential failure of the european economy as a whole stems from the inevitable failure of the weakest links which is a failure of politics. and the "guardian" says time to unleash financial power or face single currency backup. and they say that the leaders have done everything to prevent a problem. in this words make or break talks are much overused, but it is something that has to happen. and it is fashionable to compare greece and the swamped cds swamped euro crisis to the lehman brothers meltdown. given the true scale of the problem though, it's hard not
10:13 am
the worry that europe's crash and the ripple effects around the globe could even be worse. and so as alison said, if europe is driven into the recession, the value of the dollar would go up, and the u.s. exports would become significantly more expensive, and it would really hurt people on main street. kyra. >> all right. zain verjee out of london. thank you for the perspective. well, a high school chemistry experiment comes to a serious end, and what sent the students to a area hospital, and the hazmat team to the school. and the nba lockout may have an effect on the olympics, and we will look at the potential impact next. i'm not a number.
10:14 am
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10:16 am
checking stories across the country. in florida, the governor has blocked a controversial plan to drug test welfare applicants. that is after aclu filed a suit for a single father who says it violates his rights to unreasonable search and seizure. and in ohio, a science fair project exploded outside of the chemistry lab. and in georgia, police suspect that an unsatisfied customer threw a firebomb at a taco bell restaurant. he had called to complain about the lack of meat in the chalupa prior to the attack. if this were any other year
10:17 am
the nba players would be ready to suit up for opening night, but instead, they are dressing down in t-shirts and playing pickup ball. the first two weeks of the regular season are gone, and the plans to cancel the last two weeks in november are on hold as the players and the owners go back to hold. with the season in doubt, there is concern about the lockout's effects on the olympics. mike presca joining us to talk about this. talk to us about the impact on the olympics here. explain that. >> there is uncertainty, but i would nout say that the olympics of the big stars being on the team are out. the nba season ends july 5th or 6th, and mike krzyzewski, the duke coach who coaches the olympic team says that if the lockout drags on, it could affect the schedule. and the other thing is that these are big stars that we are talking about and when they play
10:18 am
for the world championships like kevin durant and those great players did two years ago, they are covered by insurance, but with a lockout, the insurance question looms large if one of the million dollar stars gets hurt, who is going to pay the money. they will be probably able to work it out, because you have to remember that the stars and all nba players think of themselves as brands, and they want to be on the international stage, and they feel it will help the endorsements. i am sure they are patriotic and love the international experience, but there is a bit of a selfish motivation for them to play as well. >> interesting. you know, we talk about the olympics now, and you have addressed the insurance issue, because of greater risk for injury if they are not in shape and not playing and if there is no play, no insurance, but you bring up the issue of the brand. do you actually see the players getting dropped from big money deals if they are not seen play playing on a regular basis? >> well, the idea is that you can step up to the next level. i think that a lot of the nba
10:19 am
fans knew who kevin durant was, but after the world games in turkey, he really became, you know, the new face of the nba. and so his marketability went through the roof. all nba thinks they are brands, but a few are. there is always this, there also has been this idea floated around that the players say if we don't have a deal, and we are not in the olympics and use that as a bargaining chip, but that is dangerous, because that could turn a awful lot of fans who see that as selfish that we can't get the multimillion salaries so we won't play for the country. >> if the lockout is going on and the u.s. coaches decide to go with non-nba players for summer games, does that put us at a competitive disadvantage and could we possibly discover some new stars? >> well, for years we won the gold medal with the college players and now the best college players are in the pros and that would be at a disadvantage, but
10:20 am
most of the international pl players play in the nba as well. spain would not have the gasol brothers, but rudy garcia and others. and there was a time when we thought that was what the olympics is about, and now it is about crushing angola, but i don't know how that happened. >> mike pesca, thank you, i love your stuff on npr. and now "dancing with the stars" lost their most controversial contestant. chaz bono is voted off. and the controversial ruling of the death of amy white house. marjorie, you've had a policy with us for three years. it's been five years. five years. well, progressive gives megan discounts that you guys didn't. paperless, safe driver, and i get great service. meredith, what's shakin', bacon?
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they'll figure it out. getting you the discounts you deserve. now, that's progressive. call or click today.
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10:23 am
more than three months after amy winehouse died, we finally know why, and let's get the latest from "showbiz tonight" host a.j. hammer. what happened? >> well, this news is just breaking from london a short time ago, an inquest has said that amy did die as a result of alcohol poisoning. amy's parents said it is relief that we found out what happened to amy. the court found that she had been battling hard to battle the alcohol, and it is a source of great pain that she could not winb in time. she started to drink a week after her abstinence. a pathologist said that her blood alcohol level was five times the legal limit to drive, but kyra, it is not any less sad to know what killed this extraordinarily talented and extremely troubled young woman. >> it is a shame. all right. aerosmith juggling the concert schedule now, i understand, after an accident in steven
10:24 am
tyler's bathroom. you have to explain this one. >> and yes, aerosmith's lead singer steven tyler collapse ed in his bathroom after a bout of food poisoning, and he apparently felt so badly that he lost some teeth. the manager spoke with us, and he said that steven tyler suffered minor injuries as a result of food poisoning today in paraguay, and his show tonight has been postponed. he would like to apologize to the fans in paraguay for the inconvenient and hopes to see them all tomorrow night. he is always rocking, kyra. >> yes. and the "dancing with the stars" just lost the most controversial contestant? >> yes, chaz bono has taken the last bow. he and his partner were eliminated, but it was a good run for chaz and considering not
10:25 am
just the lack of dancing experience, but the early controversy about having a transgendered contestant on the row which i am glad fizzled to noncontroversy and that is the point to chaz to be on the show. showbiz was there for the elimination show and when we spoke to chaz after the show was over, he told us he was proud of what he accomplished there. >> i got farther than i thought i would. i had an amazing time with this woman everyday. you know, it is -- this is a life-changing show, doing this show, and i'm so just grateful i did it. i just take away so much. >> okay. chaz is gone, but the controversy about the judging on the show is still going on. professional dancer max tangoed with the judges. his mom cher twitted after the show and called the judges grumpy and rude, and chaz talked
10:26 am
about how he was upset about some of the judge's comments, but one thing that chaz has been saying that struck us, kyra, and this is interesting, he thinks that there is a double-standard on the show. according to chaz, women on the show are heavy get support, but overweight men get ridiculed like we saw chaz this week, and we have been seeing that going on, and we are sorry to see chaz go, but the headline for me is that nancy grace is still a part. >> of course. still going strong. got everybody voting for her, . a.j.? >> i do. you know, she insisted i put her number at the top of the of the speed dial for her votes, and i have to vote 12 times every week or i will experience the wrath of nancy grace. >> i get the e-mails, too, and i respond. i'm there. i'm with you, nancy. we know our place, a.j. thank you. if you want information on everything breaking in the entertainment world, a.j. has it every night on hln at 11:00 p.m.
10:27 am
eastern. ourolitical buzz panel is ready to tell us why congress has hit a new low when it comes to job approval, and plus, they will weigh in on this new candidate for congress, a man from ohio, and you have probably heard of him. that is all coming up. when you have diabetes... your doctor will say get smart about your weight. i tried weight loss plans... but their shakes aren't always made for people with diabetes. that's why there's new glucerna hunger smart shakes. they have carb steady, with carbs that digest slowly to help minimize blood sugar spikes. and they have 6 grams of sugars. with 15 grams of protein to help manage hunger... look who's getting smart about her weight. [ male announcer ] new glucerna hunger smart. a smart way to help manage hunger and diabetes.
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top stories, two more survivors pulled from the rubble of turkey's 7.2 earthquake. the woman and teenaged boy were trapped for more than 60 hours. at least 461 people died in sunday's quake. hurricane rina is expected to strengthen as it creeps up to mexico's tourist spots. cancun and cozumel are under a hurricane warning. after weeks of private talks, the house super committee is holding a public committee. the congressional budget office is saying that the committee has less than a month to come up with a $1.2 trillion deficit reduction plan.
10:31 am
okay. the political buzz and rapid fire to look at the best political topics of the day, and three questions and 30 seconds on the clock and playing is maria cardona, and xm talk show host pete dominic, and columnist for "the hill" newspaper, cheri jacobus. >> less than 9% of americans approve of the job that congress is doing. maria, why is that so high? >> that is a curious question, because i want to know what 9% they are, and i would advise they don't admit part of the 9%, because they would have something thrown at them. but it is frustrating, because americans are frustrated that this congress cannot get anything done. i think and a lot of the independents and the democrats agree with me that they are frustrated by a republican party that has lurched so much to the right that they are not supporting the proposals, and
10:32 am
they are currently in the president's jobs bill which will create 9.9 million jobs. they are more focused on making this president lose his job than giving them jobs. >> sherry, extra two seconds. >> well, that is the same number of people who claim to have been abducted by aliens and visited the mo shthershimothership. so the 9% is a strange number, but the last time that the numbers were exactly the same before the last elections when the democrats had the congress and the president was unpopular and the americans sent more republicans to congress. i think the same thing and maybe different with a popular president, but he is enormously unpoplar and what americans want is more balance in congress, and there are not enough republicans in congress to stop this president, and we e need a republican senate. >> pete, isn't nine your lucky number? >> no, one is, kyra. i will tell you about why that is later. 9%, and i don't know what that meant. well, maybe they are trying to match the approval to the
10:33 am
unemployment rate. this is not about democrat or republican as much as about the system. the reason that people don't understand this, but a lot of the americans don't approve of congress because of the system they work in. they have to raise millions of dollars to get elected and then do the bidding of the donors who donated the campaign, so we have to change the way we elect our officials. >> and rick perry said that the biggest mistake for him was participating in the debates. what do you think? why would he say that? not a smart move? a smart move? revealing something here? pete. >> rick perry's big mistake is being. rick perry has questioned himself everyday why he entered this presidential race. it is ridiculous, and this guy -- he makes sarah palin look like a rhodes skcholar and one texan republican said he is bush
10:34 am
without the brains, and this weekend he put the nail in the coffin dredging up the birther debate. this guy is not intelligent and i don't know how he got elected there, and there is a lot of dirty politics or texas democrats are that bad. he is finished. >> well, he is like joe biden and they blurt stuff out and without guile and unpracticed in the art of political deception, and some people might find it charming, but he sort of blurts out these things that might be said around the breakfast table or strategy meeting that he shouldn't. he should be in debates, and people expect that, but in some ways it is charming, but if you are the staff, you are having a lot of sleepless nights and drinking mylanta, but and i know that you guys in the press love it, but he is a burden. >> and joe biden did win, so at least he knows how to win a campaign, but perry's big mistake is, i agree we perry, is
10:35 am
entering the campaign and no, his admitting himself into the debates was not a smart move, because this is somebody who should not be up on the dias who should be competing for one nominated for a potential presidency. it is not something that he is ready for. i don't think that he has the fire in the belly to do it. and he's just not ready for prime time. >> all right. my favorite question of the day, and it is your buzzer beater and 20 seconds each on this one. sam wurzelbacher, aka, joe the plumber, is also running for congress, and what would you ask him? >> ask him the same question of any candidate, why are you running? he has a head start and citizen ledge s legislator and a great message, and you know, he got barack obama to inadvertently do some truth telling on the redistribution of wealth. so i think that he has a good head start, but treat him like any other candidate and ask him
10:36 am
why he is running. >> maria? >> and i would ask him if he really wants to do this and if he understands what is at stake and what it is going to take, because those were not questions asked of perry, and if they were, he did not clearly answer them truthfully, and he should also understand that this is not going to be easy. he is not going to have john mccain bringing him into the national spotlight and holding his hand every step of the way. those are the key questions for him. >> pete, bring us home. >> well, kyra, glad to know that you are giving joe the 16th minute of fame and groundbreaking stuff here. but ask him some fundamental questions about government and maybe the three branches and the favorite supreme court case, and maybe if he can answer them, he is qualified or not, tell him you have a stuffed animal stuck in the toilet, and he can help me, because he is a plumber, and i think it is insult that anybody would vote for him, and he is a joke, and nobody should
10:37 am
vote for him. >> well, he is. >> and even though we have the same haircut. >> well, we have provoked a violent outbreak. this is occupy pete dominic happening in five seconds. >> occupy washington. >> thank you for the feedback. thank you, thank you. >> thank you. >> kyra, you could keep me on with him, but the viewer would have a hard time telling the difference between joe and mine head. >> well, he has the much better haircut than you, pete. >> how dare you, kyra. >> you know i love you. taking it to a quick break and then we are talking about the income gap getting bigger, and a new report showing that the top 1% are getting richer. we will have details on how that compares to the mild class. a baby's cries can wake the dead. >> and sometimes save the living. we will talk about one family who owes their life to one realistic doll.
10:38 am
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all right. let's check the news cross country. a tennessee family survives a house fire thanks for the daughter's fake baby. the doll was part of a health class assignment on parenthood. well, when her baby started to cry in the middle of the night, the girl woke up and saw smoke. she got everybody out safely, including the baby. traffic coming to a screeching halt on an oklahoma highway after the drivers spot money blowing across the road. d dozens of people pulled over and pocketed thousands of bucks and took off. nobody has claimed the lost money and nobody has turned any in. gassing up the car could load you up with germs. a new study says that pumps are highly contaminated with the bugs that are most likely to make you sick by 71%. well, alison kosik is at the
10:42 am
new york stock exchange with news to stir up the occupy wall street protest showing that income among the top 1% of earners is soaring, alison. >> yes, this is where the phrase comes from the rich are richer and the poor are poorer. the wealth gap is big and getting bigger, and the congressional budget office came out with a report on how much incomes have grown since 1979 through 2007, and so that is a big gap of time there, and during that time, what was found is that the top 1% of the population, incomes grew 275%, but if you look at the middle-class, incomes grew only 40%, and then you look at the poorest among us, incomes were up just 18%. and the cbo gives us a few reasons why. for one, executive compensation is high. bigger financial services industries mean more people are in banking and bigger salaries there. also, there are these huge salaries in industries including sports and music and
10:43 am
entertainment. also the wealthier, they are reaping the rewards of tax benefits like capital gains, and many of the investments are taxed at a lower rate so that the rich tend to benefit more from this, because they tend to have more investments. kyra? >> well, wall street also got a new housing report this the last hour, and how it is impacting the markets? >> not really impacting the markets much though it was on the positive side. new home sales, kyra, jumping 6% in september, and the focus is on europe and the corporate earnings and a lot of optimism that europe will get a comprehensive debt deal done today which is why the dow is up 57 point although it is off of the highs of the session. and boeing shares are up after posting better than expected earnings, and it is one of the leaders on the dow. >> thank you. and a month after the contaminated cantelopes were recalled the death toll from the listeria outbreak has risen up
10:44 am
to 28. because it takes so long for the symptoms to show up, the cdc says it will be another couple of weeks before they know it is over. people have been infected by fruit traced to a colorado growers. health officials found unsanitary conditions at the farm's packing plant. the man best known as joe the plumber, and now he is sam waltzerbalker for congress, and we are talking to him going forward. [ horn honks ]
10:45 am
10:46 am
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well, my next guest went from obscurity to the spotlight after this little exchange back in 2008 with then-candidate barack obama. >> my name is joe wurzelbacher, and i'm ready to buy a company that makes $250,000 or $280,000 a year, and your new tax plan is going to tax me more, isn't it? >> well, here is what is going to happen -- >> after that, joe the plumber became a household name than fox the mccain campaign, and he got a speaking tour and wrote a book and went to the middle east as a reporter, and now he is trying something new, joe the plumber, and aka samuel wurzelbacher is running for congress in ohio as a republican. he joins me live from new york. so as you hit the trail, you will be challenged about the kred ability, and you know that. the fact that you weren't a licensed plumber and you got the nickname joe the plumber, and are you ready to be grilled?
10:48 am
>> absolutely. that whole licensed plumber bit, and you did know i was in the united states air force, right? >> united states air force, no. >> yes, i was a plummer in the united states air force and i was a plumber. it amazes me that people want to bag on me about that. >> why wouldn't people talk about that you were in the united states air force, and why wouldn't you talk about that? >> well, the media wants to point the story one way or another, and stir the pot. >> interesting. why should people of ohio and americans in general take you seriously? >> why shouldn't they take me seriously? quite frankly, you look at the current representation and the economy and occupy wall street, and the republicans and the democrats, and you know, you are going trust those people? come on now. >> is what the one issue that you are most concerned about in ohio in particular the district where you will be running?
10:49 am
>> jobs. it all comes down the jobs. ohio has lost nearly a quarter million people, and they are not moving down to florida. they are moving to other places to look for jobs. ohio is a great place to live, but you can't live there without a job. so we will concentrate on that and bring back manufacturing. we want to push trades, and you know, make a great living and we have some damn good people working the trades, so i have thoughts and plans to make that come about. >> tell me about it, because we have heard about the president's jobs plan going state to state to tout that, and give me specifics of what you can is a is say to those out of work in your district, what are you going to do to get them back to work? >> well, some of it comes down to cnc machines and it is technical and trade based as far as putting things out there. the ceo of cummings industry said he would put another factory in america hiring 1,000
10:50 am
employee, but he does not have the workforce it, and we have to push the education in the secondary vocational schools and talk about how great it is to be this the trades and working with your hands and getting thing likes that done. that is one part of it. >> all right. you are going to run as a republican. and the candidates that are out there, the gop candidates running for president, who do you support? >> right now i like herman cain. i tell you that he is a man who says what he means and means what he says, but back to the gop and me running as a republican, that is not going to encompass who i am. there is a system in place that says you have to run as republican or democrat, andment ins -- and independents can not be voted in. so i am running as a republican, but i want to represent all american, union and non-union and it is about promoting jobs and specifically in northern
10:51 am
ohio. >> every day i do a segment with a representatives of panel, where i ask them a number of questions, and one, as you know, because you were sitting next to pete dominic who was tough on you. and let's listen to what he had to say s andly let y li will le respond. >> i am glad to know that you are giving joe the 16th minute of fame which should be groundbreaking stuff. and ask him some fundamental branches of government, and his favorite supreme court case, and why he is callfied to run for congress, and maybe he can answer those, and if not, tell him i have a stuffed animal stuck in my toilet and i want to figure out how to get it out. >> in all fairness, your favorite supreme court case, aka, sam. >> well, you have the judicial and the executive and the legislative and i don't have a better supreme court case. and if he is serious about the
10:52 am
toilet, i will do it. i'm about making a living. i can do it. he can pay as well. the fact is that i'm honest and sincere, and i served them in the military and i want to serve them in this capacity in congress, because we want people to go to work in washington and not get by on the american people. so you need to go to joe to congress for and read what i have to say. if you like it, volunteer or donate support and getting hard work and honest americans back into office. >> before i go, i have to get it straight, do i call you joe or s sam? >> my name is samuel joseph wurzelbacher and it amazes that it is such a difficult concept to grasp from the american people when we have a tax code that is 6,000 pages and growing and they want to talk about samuel joseph wurzelbacher, and i have gone by the middle name and half of the population goes by the middle name. it is not an odd thing, and people have to get over it. >> we will track how you do for sure.
10:53 am
appreciate your time today. >> hurricane rina threaten enning the resort areas of cancun and cozumel, and rob marciano is tracking the storm. he is next in the newsroom. a look at the markets, the dow industrials up almost 15 points. we are watching your money, too. ♪ [ male announcer ] we're not employers or employees. not white collar or blue collar or no collars. we are business in america. and every day we awake to the same challenges. but at prudential we're helping companies everywhere find new solutions to manage risk, capital and employee benefits, so american business can get on with business. ♪
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10:55 am
stories making news, later today at 12:15 eastern, john
10:56 am
walsh will join police and fire officials to call for an emergency broadband network. later in the hour, in denver, president obama is expected to lay out the plan to help college grads grappling to pay back the student loans. and peta is expected to file a suit against sea world for enslaving the killer whales that work there.
10:57 am
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well, we found out one thing from the president's appearance on "the nigtonight show" he is a fan of televised debates. so mark preston, what did the president say? >> well, kyra, he is out west for the next couple of days and appeared on the "the tonight show" with jay leno, and he says that people are captivated by the republican race, but he says he is not. this is what he said last night. >> have you been watching the gop debates? >> i'm going to wait until everybody is voted off of the island. [ applause ] once they narrow it down to one or two, i will pay attention. >> i don't know, kyra, look at the smile on the face, because it is hard to believe that president obama is not watching these republican presidential debates which have really turned into fireworks and we saw it on
11:00 am
cnn last week. >> i was just wonder, does he watch "survivor" and that is


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