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tv   CNN Newsroom  CNN  October 27, 2011 3:00pm-4:00pm EDT

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that's because there are budget cuts all across the government. they're everywhere. not just for nasa, not just noaa. they're everywhere. >> if congress can't fund this, it is already up there. it is just defunct? >> no, no, this will be up there of five years. but that's the life expectancy. the next one is not supposed to be up for, they don't even have a plan to put it up for after that. what if this doesn't go up very well tomorrow or what if it only lasts four years and the next one is two years down the road? could we be two years without a weather forecast? that would be ugly. >> let's continue on, shall we? top of the hour. i'm brooke baldwin. stocks soar, wall street likes what it's seeing and patients using their shoes. let's begin with you at the new york stock exchange. tell us about the dow and in
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doing so, talk to me about europe. >> reporter: okay. the dow has been in rally mode all day. right now it's at 358. the nasdaq s&p had been in rally mode. for the market overall, it is shaping up as one of the best months ever. this all happening because this european debt deal is giving investors a big shot of confidence. this is deal that wall street has been waiting for. these debt problems have been years in the making. so here's what this dleel do. it will do several thing. first it will have banks write off half the value of their greek bonds so greece won't owe them as much money. it will free up cash so greece can pay other bills. it will do two other thing. it will force banks to set aside more cash and it boosts the european bailout fund. these are insurance american purchases are meant to prepare europe. >> we've talked so much about greece but i think we need to talk about italy.
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economically speaking, it is a big of a bit fish. seven time bigger than greece and they have their problems as well. economic problems and political problems. what is going on in italy? >> you're right about that. itly swimming in its own pool of debt. it has $2.5 trillion in outstanding debt. it is one reason europe is boosting the bailout fund to go ahead and help other countries if they need it. italy is trying to pass as tarot americ , austin airport measures. i hope we pull this up. these deputies came to blows literally. they were punching each other in parliament. it was like a hockey game. they were award suits and ties. you can't make this up. >> suits and ties. remind us. this has to do with the economy, with a plan. remind us why we see them like this. >> they're fighting over passing
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these austerity measures. they may have to face higher tax, maybe even raising the retirement age. this is stuff that's politically tough to swallow. these the hot potato issues that politicians don't want to get anywhere near so they were duking it out. i don't think they'll solve anything that way. >> i don't think so. i don't think so. thanks for sharing the picture there and what's happening in italy. thank you. also, next, a little more than a month after the don't ask don't tell policy ended, eight same sex service members, six who are active are suing the government for their partners' benefits. let's go to the pentagon and straight to barbara starr. why are they suing? >> this is a critical challenge now to the defensive marriage act. the longstanding federal law that states a marriage is between a man and a woman. certainly as we know, especially in the u.s. military, the pressure is on to grant benefits
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to same sex partners. we're talking about everything from housing benefits, medical benefits, access to recreational clubs, that sort of thing. the u.s. military is under the rule of the defense of marriage act but there are couples now married in states. same sex couples where these types of unions are legally recognized. so they have filed a lawsuit against the attorney general, against the defense secretary, against veterans affairs secretary. challenging the constitutionality of that law now that don't ask don't tell is gone. there is a real push to get equal benefits for same sex partners as there is for the more traditional husband and wife unions. we'll see where the lawsuit goes. >> thank you very much at the pentagon. next, elizabeth cohen here to talk about a new pair of sneakers that may help keep elderly patients with alzheimer's from wandering off.
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>> who would have thought, right? is not that interesting? >> how does this work? >> the way it work sprks a gps go into those snakers. these will go on sale next week. if your grandmother with alzheimer's wanders away, you can track her. again, these go on sale next week. and it generates a map. like you see a google map. it generates, kit tell you where she is so you can follow her. is this technology new? >> it's interesting. shoes aren't new and gpss aren't new but putting a gps in a shoe is a new idea. there are other company doing similar thing. putting a gps in a bracelet that is locked so they can't take it off. you know where your relative has gone. right there, that has a gps in it. there are little modules that you can put if someone carries a bag. you put in it and you can track them that way. there are a couple of different ways of doing this. >> i guess you have to make sure they're not taking them off.
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>> right. chances are they won't take their shoes off so that's true. >> gps in sneakers. >> you can feigned anyone. if you're worried your spouse is cheating, strap them on. >> elizabeth, thank you. >> not as useful. >> not at all. still ahead, cnn takes you to the exact spot where moammar gadhafi fell under fire and uttered his last words. what dan rivers found at this blood bath, it is stunning evidence of torture and execution. plus, should the parents who name their kid adolph hitler be allowed to keep custody? snm i'm sitting here going yark believe this happened. >> a man released dozens of animals before killing himself. now his wife is trying to take
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is right for you. i tell you what i can spend. i do my best to make it work. i'm back on the road safely. and i saved you money on brakes. that's personal pricing. if it's interesting and happening right now, you are about to see rapid fire beginning with an amazing rescue. according to the turkish news agency, an 18-year-old student spent nearly 100 hours in the rubble of what was an apartment complex. he was rushed to the hospital and amazingly, he only suffered from dehydration. the death toll now, we are learning, is up to 534. bp will soon be back to deep water drilling in the gulf. reuters is reporting that bp got a permit to drill a well in an area that could hold up to three
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billion barrels of oil. the final federal report on the disaster of 2010 found bp, trans ocean and halliburton all share responsibility. 11 oil rig worker died in that explosion. and 200 million gallons of oil poured into the gulf. remember that young woman who was found naked, bound and hanging from that balcony at that california mansion? her name was rebecca zahau and her family never really bought that official ruling of her death, suicide. today that family had her body exhumed for a second autopsy to be done by forensic pathologist cyril wecht. he is consulted on cases ranging from president kennedy's assassination to the death of anna nicole smith's son, daniel. >> does he know how to read? >> yes, your honor. >> he better understand, if you even dream about her and you violate my order, you will go to jail. >> those words rang true for michael lohan, the father of
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actress lindsay lohan after he jumped off a third floor balacoy running from police. and john edwards will go on trial in january. a north carolina federal judge refused to dismiss charges of violating election laws in 2008. edwards' attorneys had argued many these charges were brought obey republican prosecutor wanting to take down a big name democrat. and your commute. how did it go this morning? i bet it didn't quite look like this. this happened, this happened near detroit when hundreds of pumpkins fell off a truck. rush hour traffic quickly smashed the pumpkins to that you will which. road crews had to be called in to clear the highway. the truck driver was cited for having an unstable load of pumpkins. look at that mess. tsa pulling a screener from checking luggage, because the agent reportedly left this
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inappropriate note. you see it is scribbled on the back of that paper. the inappropriate note. the passenger found this. a personal item was found in her luggage. the tsa is apologizing and said it has zero tolerance for this type of behavior and adds it is disciplining the agent. >> they say there are 95 bodies in this area and at least ten of them have been shot at point blank range. still ahead, the place where moammar gadhafi took his final breath. we are now getting a look at the bloody aftermath. and dan rivers finds some floesive evidence. did the rebels torture, did they execute people? that is next. plus, when the mission in libya will end.
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nato in, gadhafi out. now nato is getting out of libya. i'll take you back to last march, st. patrick's day, in fact. that is the u.n. security council allowing the north atlantic alliance to protect the libyan people from their deranged ruler. you're going to see u.s. delegate susan rice, there she is, deck out in st. patty's day green. so fast forward. late this morning the council agrees nato's job is over. they're done. here is ambassador rice. >> this has been quite an extraordinary period of activity for the security council, as well as for the united states, nato and arab partners who participated in the enforcement of resolution 1973, and today, many months later, we have the
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prospect for a free and inclusive libya. >> so far so good. seven months done. no quagmire. but post gadhafi, libya is still sorting thing out. a lot of disagreement. a lot of ill will. lots of bad blood from that brief and brutal war. a quick warning to all. you watching, we're taking a look now at the war's ugly conclusion. the battle of sirte and its sobering aftermath. here now, dan rivers. >> reporter: as the dust settles on the libyan conflict, there are increasing questions about the atrocities that appeared to have been perpetrated by militia loyal to the transitional government. these are just some of the bodies found around moammar gadhafi's convoy. some were kill in the battle as the former dictator tried to flee but some appear to have been executed as prisoners, contrary to the geneva conventions. plenty of evidence around here of other bodies here. some of which human rights watch claim were also executed
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themselves say there are 95 bodies in this area, and at least ten of them have been shot at point blank range. we witnessed this during the battle for sirte. pile of bodies with their hands bound behind their backs, shot through the head. with no clear sense of who they were or who shot them. the bodies lay here for days without any revolutionary forces attempting to bury them. but now human rights watch investigator peter said he has found clear evidence, some of the victims were gadhafi officials. and he is concerned they may have been executed by revolutionary forces. this is the aftermath of a massacre at the majari hotel in sirte. 53 bodies with evidence on the wall that this hotel was occupied by revolutionary brigades before the people were killed. >> we're very disappointed that they still haven't sent anybody down to sirte to investigate. and their failure to investigate risks invoking the jurisdiction
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of the international criminal court. this is a war crime. >> reporter: the transitional court has promised to bring them to justice. but the true scale of the killing in sirte is only now becoming clear. some 300 bodies have been found so far with no one from the transitional government attempting to gather evidence before the bodies are removed. dan rivers, cnn, tripoli. coming up next, he is convicted of killing a mother and two daughters during a brutal home invasion. as a jury is deciding his fate, his father takes stand and testifies about his son's dark past. and what he reveals suggest this guy is both a miracle and satan all at once. his words. plus, they named their kid adolph hitler. should the parents lose custody of their son for a name? sunny hostin is on the case. r from a mile away... while going shoeless and metal-free in seconds. and from national.
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first, the father, then the mother, the parents of this man convicted of killing a connecticut mother and her two young daughters in that horrific home invasion took to the witness stand today. their testimony could mean the difference between life and
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death for their son. i want to bring in sunny hostin. and listening to the testimony, it has been pretty heavy. tell me about it. >> you know, it really has been. he's painted a picture of a son they adopted when he was 2 weeks old. he called him a miracle. a miracle baby. that miracle really turned into quite a devastating picture for this family. he also describes the fact that they took in foster children into their home. and one of those foster children sexually abused joshua komisarjevsky. and then he in turn abused his sister also. we heard some testimony about the fact that he was involved in satanic rituals, fell in with a bad crowd and was diagnosed as having really severe psychological issues. but rather than have him treated psychologically with psychological drugs and testing, this family turned to religion. we know now that the
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komisarjevskies are deeply religious, devout christians and they instead placed him in a residential religious program. we're getting a picture of a young man who was very troubled and didn't receive the help that he so desperately needed. >> thus, this would be the defense in paining komisarjevsky. it was his accomplish, stephen hayes who was really the bad guy, right? >> i think that's right. they're certainly trying to save his life. and certainly his mother and father, they are testifying in an attempt to do that. when there's a death penalty case, and we're in the penalty phase of this trial, there are mitigating factors that the defense tries to bring forth to the jury. and those factors, they hope will sway the jury away from death penalty recommendation and more toward a life in prison without the possible of parole. certainly mitigating factors
3:24 pm
that are considered are one's mental state, one's life circumstances. that's why i think we're seeing so much of this playing out at trial. >> as you pointed out, it is life or debt for komisarjevsky. case number two. a couple fighting to get their kids back them claim their children were taken away because of their names. this is the couple. they name their son, adolph hitler campbell and their daughter joyce lynn arian nation campbell. so whatever you think about the names, can a court really take kids away because of a name? there has to be something more here. the standard is in whatever is in the best interests of the children. i would say it not in the children's best interests to be named these name. there was domestic in the home as well as physical abuse. the parents had some
3:25 pm
psychological problems. were unemployed. looking at the totality of the circumstances, the court did take these three children away from the family and it has been 33 months, quite some time. the family has all along said this is just about the odd names that we've given our children. it is a little more than that, brooke. >> would it be possible down the road that these parents could ever get these kids back? >> well, you know, courts certainly like for families to remain together if it is in the best interests of the children. at this point, the family is saying, and the parents are saying no. no abuse was found. that's still being called into question. but if the court does make that determination, it is quite possible that this family could be reunited. they claim that the children want to come back home. if the court finds it's in the best interests of these children, then one day we may see some reunification. >> kids named aryan nation and
3:26 pm
adolf hitler. who does that? >> they did. >> thank you, thank you. trending today, the man convicted of pulling off what has been called the biggest ponzi scheme in u.s. history now is bernie madoff waits to die in prison, he and his wife are speaking out. see talking suicide and he's talking about yes doesn't feel remorse when it come to his victim. that's next. plus, if you're running for president, you have to have a plan to improve the country. not so these days. you have to read gore i can't's column. find out who she says is directing these republicans. we'll talk about this column with gloria. meineke's personal pricing on brakes.
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i tell you what i can spend. i do my best to make it work. i'm back on the road safely. and i saved you money on brakes. that's personal pricing.
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that's bernie madoff, a big time investment broker but was actually running a $50 billion upony scheme. the country's all time biggest ponzi scheme. ruth is the woman who stood by her man. ruth now says she and bernie tried to commit suicide after his investment charade became public knowledge. she talk to cbs's 60 minutes, saying, and i'm quoting, the haters just got to be too much to bear. >> i don't know whose idea it was, but we decided to kill ourselves because it was so horrendous. what was happening. we had terrible phone calls, hate mail. just beyond anything. and i said, i just can't go on anymore. >> ruth made. on said that she and her husband took handfuls of sleeping pills ambien but woke up the next
3:31 pm
morning anyway. you can watch that on cbs this coming sunday. if bernie madoff sees it, this will be from the north carolina prison where he is spending the next 150 years. and if you are feeling sympathy for this couple, here's what abc's barbara walters said he told her in a recent interview. i understand why clients hate me. the gravy train is oh. i can live with that. the average person thinks i robbed witness sxoes orphans. i made wealthy people wealthier. here's a riddle for you. with running for the president of the united states, what come first? the plan to improve the country or catch a campaign? think about it. chief political analyst gloria borger. here it is. let me read the first graph. you say, quote, call me crazy but i recall when presidential candidates ran for the high office because they had things
3:32 pm
to say. the notion went like this. i have ideas that i think will be great for the country. i have thought about them. vetted them with experts, spoken about them throughout my career. i have refined them many, many times, even changed some. and now i think it's time for the presidency armed with those ideas to present to the nation. that's your point. that's your going into this article. but there's a but. >> what a thought. the but is whatever happened? whatever happened to that? it sort of struck me when i was watching a recent presidential debate. in which rick perry turned to mitt romney and said, you know, you've had years to come one all of your ideas. i just got into this race six weeks ago so give me some time. and i thought to myself, you know what? it really should be the other way around. that you're a presidential candidate because you have ideas that you think will be good for the country. so to me, it is ideas first.
3:33 pm
candidacy second. and what we're saying this time for example, someone like herman cain has one idea. 9-9-9. he is also out on a book tour when he is running. you had rick perry getting in late with some unformed ideas. came up with a flat tax. just recently, so it seem to be oddly per verse to me the way it's working this time around. >> so you cite different candidates, you mention that had moment in the debate with romney and perry. but you also say, you also talk about how they're auditioning. who is doing the auditioning? >> well, the tea party is doing the auditioning. the tea party has an idea of the sort of perfect candidate. and they're sort of the theatrical directors, if you will. the candidates are coming in and auditioning. and so michele bachmann at first, well, she played pretty well in philly but didn't get to broadway, right? and then rick perry kind of looked the part but he kind of flubbed his lines.
3:34 pm
and cain is of course very entertaining. so, however, there is no perfect candidate for them because guess what, there is no perfect candidate. but with a we're watching is people being vetted before our very eyes. the only one who is a known quantity is mitt romney who came up with the 59-point proposal that wasn't full of gimmicks. >> you're saying serious, boring, ungimmicking. he's a known quantity so they're not ready to put him in yet. >> to go c nmpb the man who unleashed dozens of animals and then killed himself. the widow wants to take the six that survived back to the farm. she was supposed to take them home but the state intervened. the final, final minutes here.
3:35 pm
coming up, we'll talk live with the coo of the columbus zoo where these animal are being held right now. but first, are you tired of traffic? the guy who invented roller blades is taking his latest invention to the skies. and it could be the future of commuting. check this out. scott olsen is at it again. the invention of roller blades has a new way to move people around. this is sky ride. a human powered elevated mono rail. >> my ideas have been pretty much moving with the roller sglads the roll bike, the sky ride. >> the capsules hang from a 12-foot track and they can travel up to 30 miles an hour. no gas rirld. it gets its power from you. there are two versions. one where you row and one you petal. >> the important part has been the actual drive system. what allows people to propel themselves along that track smoothly, quickly, efficiently,
3:36 pm
safely. we can adapt to it different people's needs. >> for olsen and his team, they expect sky rides in the ski resorts in the near future and eventually they see it as a replacement for cars and buses in cities. cnn, atlanta. i'm not a number. i'm not a line item on a budget. and i'm definitely not a pushover. but i am a voter. so washington... before you even think about
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cutting my medicare and social security benefits... here's a number you should remember. 50 million. we are 50 million seniors who earned our benefits... and you will be hearing from us... today and on election day. ♪
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i want to take you back to the story out of columbus, ohio. the columbus zoo, about an hour or so ago. we got word that marian thompson will not be claiming those six exotic animals freed by her
3:39 pm
husband just last week outside of zanesville. the state ordered the animals to be quarantined just as marian thompson was expected to pick them up and take them back to her farm in zanesville. we're talking specifically here, six animals. a grizzly, three leopards and two primates. these six animals survived that harrowing night last tuesday and wednesday when law enforcement officers shot and killed dozens of animals freed by her husband terry thompson before he took his own life. a tragic story all the way around here. joining me now on the phone, the columbus zoo's coo. and tom, it is interesting timing. the state steps in, decides to quarantine these six animals just as this woman marian thompson is about to pick them up. can you tell me how the chronology of this unfolded? >> we received fax letter around 5:15 from marian thompson's attorney stating that they were
3:40 pm
coming, which would be today, and picking the animals up. and i'm assuming that the department of agriculture, ever since the incident happened at mr. thompson's facility, were investigating any type of issues that we might be experiencing with these animals. and so just about, i would say, a couple hours ago, we received a letter from the department of agriculture placing these animals under quarantine through the state, and this now will not allow marian thompson to retrieve the animals until this quarantine and investigation is over. >> so she knew about that ahead of time. she didn't show up to the zoo an hour ago expecting these six animals to go home, correct? >> no. she did not realize. her attorney was contacted but
3:41 pm
she apparently did not get that correspondence. so she arrived on site with the trailer, and some folks to assist her in retrieving the animals. so her attorney then notified her, showed her the order. and then she requested if she could at least visit or see the animals, which the columbus zoo allowed that to happen today. >> what did she say when she saw the animals? what did she say to your people at the zoo? >> she was upset at the order. but she also realizes that the columbus zoo know our whole role in this tragic situation was to ensure that the animals that are here are getting their best care. our number one goal is animal care and welfare and public safety. so when this situation happened accident our first goal and role was to bring the animals where
3:42 pm
it is a safe place and our professional staff could care for them. >> but tom, there is no law at the moment on the books in ohio that says someone cannot have exotic animals on their own property. technically, these are her animals. and let me just, i know the department of agriculture, i'm looking at my e-mail from them. she said she is entitled to a hearing within 30 day to get her animals back. the quarantine is indefinite. is this a way, i don't know if it is the state to buy a little time here? >> that would be a question for to you ask the department of agriculture. i guarantee you that as they're here at the zoo, they're getting great care and it was, you know, talked about this morning with our staff that marian was coming and she was removing the animals from our facility.
3:43 pm
obviously, that concerns us and our staff because we want to make sure that the animals were getting proper care. that it is also a safe place that they're being health. but at all times, we realized that marian was coming. and we were not stopping that at all. until we received the letter from the department of agriculture. and so then we informed marian of this ruling. >> well, perhaps we will follow one the department of agriculture and ask some of those questions. tom stalf, thank you so much for jumping on the phone. i do want to get this in. we've just gotten some new sound from president obama. he's meeting with the czech prime minister at the white house today. and as we see the dow up, just about 400 points here, there we go. 373. just about 17 minutes away from the closing bell. the president commented on the new deal brokered late last night from europe overnight
3:44 pm
that's giving the markets quite the boost today. >> as markets all around the world, it will help lay it out for around the world. the key is to make sure it is implemented fully and decisively and i have great confidence in the european leadership to make that happen. with respect to the relationship between the united states and the czech republic, it continues to be strong. the czech republic is one of our greatest allies and has provided the kind of support and cooperation on both security and nonsecurity issues that is the mark of a true ally. as a fellow nato member, we have consistently reaffirmed our article 5 commitment that says that an attack on any one of us is an attack on all of us.
3:45 pm
>> president obama at the white house just a short time ago. with that, got to go to break.
3:46 pm
time for the help desk. joining me, the founder of the financial finance blog skrk the money and david novak is a certified financial planner and an adjunct professor. thanks for being here. first question to you, this is a pretty straightforward one. it comes from agnes in sacramento. what's the best debit card for teenagers. >> what i would look to do for your teenager is set up a joint bank account, checking or savings or a custodial bank wkt the child.
3:47 pm
maybe keep $500 or $1,000 in them. that way the child can't overdraw the account more than a few hundred dollars. and it shouldn't have that much impact on financial aid. this way they can build a credit history and start using a debit card for ongoing expenses. and debit card that's the best one? they should just look at that criteria? >> i would look at a debit card as opposed to a credit card where you're incurring debt. a debit card is just pulling the money out of the account that you have. >> your question come from craig in california. craig writes that his father opened a 529 for craig's son and gave him the power of attorney over it. he's wondering if that account will be counted when his son applies for financial aid? >> 529 assets are counted when someone fills out a fafsa. whose name is it in and with a 529 plan, the money wrefts the donor so the grandparent who did it or even if the father takes control. that's actually advantageous. your financial aid eligibility will only be reduced by 5.6%.
3:48 pm
any aspects in the kids' names, that will reduce your eligibility by about 20%. it is actually still advantageous for the family. >> very good to know. if you have a question you want answered, send us an e-mail at any time. accept it. you can't change the way banking works. just accept it, man. free ? doesn't close at five ? try nature. it's a bank. what do you want, a hug ? just accept it. hidden fees, fine print, or they'll stick it to you some other way. stay with the herd, son. accept it. just accept it. accept it. just accept it. accept it. if we miss this movie, you're dead. if you're stuck accepting banking nonsense, you need an ally. ally bank. no nonsense. just people sense.
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♪ [ gong ] strawberry banana! [ male announcer ] for a smoothie with real fruit plus veggie nutrition new v8 v-fusion smoothie. could've had a v8. in a mere ten minutes from now, i know you're waiting for the man wolf blitzer to come up on "the situation room" with a lot of news happening. you were talking about rick. he will be one of the guests talking about the "time" magazine cover. and hillary clinton. >> a lot of good pictures. one of the still photographers put a nice portfolio together.
3:50 pm
we'll show one of those on hillary clinton on her recent trip overseas. the managing editor from "time" magazine will be joining us. i want you to get ready because our own got a big story coming up in "the situation room" right now. a lot of people know there are iranian diplomats serving at the united nations. did you know there were iranian working here in washington, d.c. as well out of the pakistani embassy? >> did not. >> you and all of viewers are going to get a big report. peter king, chairman of the house home land security committee and others making some very serious allegations about these iranian who serve here in washington. we've gone back and are checking all the information. that's coming up and a lot more news including a big, big day on wall street. >> huge. >> erin burnett is standing by
3:51 pm
live. she's got a lot of good stuff coming up. >> look at that. 334 points. big, big, big day. thank you. see you in ten minutes. meantime, avert your eyes, maybe not. police in ohio recently stopped a speeding car to find a female car without nary a stitch of clothing. and a thong and not a lot else. if you guessed alcohol is involved, ding, ding, ding, you are correct. she was cited for challenge ond other violations. 70,000 bucks. that is what your taxpayer bucks spent on books for president obama. find out how the administration is explaining this one. plus, wolf was talking hillary clinton. we're going to talk chelsea clinton. the daughter of one of america's
3:52 pm
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3:55 pm
citizens. also in aruba, an american man they would in jail would be in court. court will decide if he will remain in jail or be released. robin gardener who was in aruba with him vanished august 2nd. also, this. ♪ little appetite for destruction, anyone? an announcement from hard rock giants guns and roses. the band kicking off its reunion tour in orlando, but this is not a complete reunion. you're going to see axel rose, but you're not going to see the guitarist, slash. we kind of decided we're going to call this guns and runs. $70,000 plunked down by u.s. embassies to buy president obama's own books. what's the deal? why all the reading material?
3:56 pm
>> first things first. i don't know that employees of u.s. embassies are so desperate for reading material that they've just got to have a copy of president obama's book. my experience is traveling overseas to u.s. insulations or whatever is depending on the kind of place you're talking about and the kind of internet access they have. first thing they want to see is a recent newspaper or magazine, just a touch of home. hold it in your hands, but the deal here is that the embassies are actually buying these books. mostly about copies of the book "dreams from my father," because apparently, they want to give them to people overseas as gifts. depending on the country you're talking about, there's some places there's a lot of curiosity about this president, a lot of fascination, so they hand them out as gifts.
3:57 pm
it's been going on apparently since 2009. >> which embassies in particular bought the books? >> the most notable embassy, not industry, is probably in cairo. actually, it's been something like $40,000 on this book in 2009. other embassies, $4,000, $5,000, a few of them. the korean embassy was one that i found to be of note. total, about $70,000 according to the "washington times" newspaper here. >> so, has the administration been aware? what do they say? >> yeah, jay carney was asked about this and there's been a lot of digging around now. statement from him says it's the embassy's decision themselves. they're the ones who decide what american books to buy and they make the decisions based on the interests in the country where they are. they say these are not decisions that are made in washington. not decisions directed by washington. so, their point of view is it's
3:58 pm
you know, what the embassies think is a good idea to give away as a gift to one of the people they have to deal with. >> before i move on to chelsea clinton, i am just curious. is this just president obama specific or are these embassies reading previous presidential books? >> that's the thing. a number of other officials have written books that have been handed out as gifts as sort of a list. it's happened before. however, probably the big controversy is aut the fact that president obama is in office right now. many of the other people whose books given away or whatever by embassies overseas were already out of office and the question is is, you know, whether he benefits from that by the government buying the president's book. >> chelsea clinton. rumors, rumors that she's running for office. dispel these will you. >> people just love this and love to hate it, too. i was calling around on capitol hill today and talked to one democratic official on the house
3:59 pm
side who said this is complete catnip for the media, if you will. but they're all shooting it down. the question is whether chelsea clinton, the daughter of bill clinton and hillary clinton, will run for congress. specifically the office of congresswoman nita lowey in new york. very well-known and respected in democratic circles and the story has been trickling out there for some time now and i think a blog picked it up and so now, everybody continues to speculate, but we're told no. chelsea clinton is not seeking the congressional seat of nita lowey hands down and that's the end of it. but i think people are going to continue to try to figure out. >> what is this? wiful thinking? >> it's jus


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