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tv   CNN Newsroom  CNN  October 28, 2011 3:00pm-4:00pm EDT

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her grandmother. >> you just don't do that to your baby. you don't. i'm up pet with her. i'm really hurt that that's something you don't do. i didn't teach her to do thing like that and it hurts me. >> reporter: in cleveland, melissa reed, fox 8 news. >> police releasing the parents without charging them. it is not yet clear what happens next but the little girl is now living with the grandmother. hello, everyone. it's the top of the hour. i'm don lemon. brooke is off today. occupy oakland and keeping an eye on wall street and time for report reporter roulette. tell me what happened 20 years ago on sunday?
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>> i can't tell you what happened yesterday. >> the perfect storm happened 20 years ago. >> the storm, yes. >> the movie, hurricane in iraq -- we don't have a hurricane this time but we have a significant weather event. for new york city. let me show you what is going to happen here. i'm talking about all of the western suburbs just to the west of the city. part of an i-95 -- 10 to 20 miles west of there. zero inches of snow to 15 or 20 right along. along the water, it's going to snow a lot in new york city. it's just not going to stick. there's going to be slop. there's going to be a raindrop and snowflake that comes down at the same time. you don't get accumulation with that. what you do get with that,
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patterson, up into northern bour ban county, snow on the leaves are going to make it break. all of the power lines are going to come down. 15 inch ts of snow. rapidly, though, as you get past the delaware water gap. those numbers are significantly more. you're going to see a lot more rain. you never get enough snow in new york city. the winds are going to be 30 to 50 miles per hour with this. all of a sudden you have snow and snow on the leaves and branches. the branchs are going to break. new york city, this is what it looks like. all the leaves are not on the branches. i called my parents in the poconos and they are gone. as you get closer to the shore,
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the leaves are still there. down to hartford, connecticut. we could see a million people without power. >> boy, oh boy. thank you, chad myers. appreciate it. now to barbara starr. she's at the pentagon. a larger vet group is demanding answers with the occupy oakland incident that landed a marine in the hospital. >> it's the country's largest organization of veterans, mainly young veterans from that war. they are a very mainstream group. they focus on veterans health care, homelessness, jobs issues. they have just this afternoon put out a statement calling for an investigation into what happened to scott olson, an iraq veteran hurt so badly tuesday night in occupy oakland protest. let me read the statement to you. it says, quote, we expect to see a full and complete
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investigation into the circumstances of this incident. it's what scott and all americans deserve. iraq and afghanistan veterans come from varied background and represent diverse opinions. the strength of the new community lies in our shared commitment to country and veterans like all americans should actively participate in the ongoing conversation about america's future and their safety as a paramount concern. what happened to this young man, suffering a skull fracture in the occupy oakland has resonated across the country and now for the first time we see an indication of a very deepress son nation, if you will, feeling by the mainstream veterans community, at least a group that represents a significant number of them, don. >> barbara starr, appreciate it. customers baulk at debit card fees.
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next on reporter roulette is alison kosik at the new york stock exchange. >> surprise, surprise, most banks are not going to follow in bank of america's lead. now vrivals say it's not becaus of the outrage over b of a, but that reaction has influenced their thinking a little bit. chase is going to be continuing testing its debit card fees through next month and "the wall street journal" says chase will not make those fees stick. same with credit card issuers. pnc, key corp, you are not going to see any monthly debit card fees there either. >> do they have fewer fees or finding other ways for them to charge us? >> oh, you know what? we could end up, don, paying in other ways and we probably already are. look at checking accounts. most are not free anymore.
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only 45% of checking accounts are free. compare that to 2009 when 60% were free. the reality is that these banks still have to make up for lost revenue. there are new regulations in place cutting in bank profit. so, yes, i think that you can safely say that banks will get creative and make up for that lost revenue. >> alison kosik, thanks. next up, susan candiotti. a very special day. >> reporter: don, that's right. 125 years ago this day the statue of liberty opened to the public, back in 1886. and this date, what makes a difference, is shave installed torch cam over the statue of liberty. five web cams are rolling. one of them streaming live video. all of these are operating 24 slsh slash 7 and from it you will get a view of the new york
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harbor, of the skyline, of the crown of the statue of liberty as well as the torch looking up and down at the crowds below. it's very spectacular. but also on this day, and you can watch those on the national park service website. also on this day, they swore in on the 125th anniversary, 125 new citizens from 46 countries. among the celebrity, actress significant gorn knee weaver who read the famous poem, bring you your tired your por masses to break free. here's why she says it's still relevant today. >> the poem doesn't say give me your, you know, young ent fra nurs from india and china. it says give me your tired and poor masses and we all need to take a look at the poem here again and i felt theres with a great appreciation for what it
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stood for. >> reporter: while the tourists visiting the statue of liberty are lucky, they are shutting it down tomorrow for $27 million worth of renovations in the base of the statue, making it safer, fire safety measures, including a new elevator, for example. but you can still come out to visit the statue of liberty and ellis island remains opened as well. don, back to you. >> thank you, susan candiotti. we have some breaking news into cnn. it voinvolves an earthquake and i'm not talking about the one in turkey that was a 7.2 magnitude. this one is a 6.9 that just hit peru. 6.9 earthquake that just hit peru. that is being recorded right now we're working on it.
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i tell you what i can spend. i do my best to make it work. i'm back on the road safely. and i saved you money on brakes. that's personal pricing. brark breaking news in peru,
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a 6.9 earthquake. chad, what do you know here? >> unlike the earthquake that just happened in peru a couple of days ago, this did not happen -- or, in turkey. unlike that one. this is in peru here. about 180 miles from lima. let me take you here. this is the coast of peru. it was almost on the offshore island. nothing is considered a tsunami threat. as we zoom in, all the way in here, lima, peru, it's a very unpopulated desert area here. not much rain. there is nothing here except a couple of coastal towns. not really concerns so much about a 6.9 away from the city. i'm sure they felt it in lima and i'm sure that they are out in the streets now waiting for the aftershocks, but it was not something so close that we're going to see the devastation like we saw in turkey. >> not close to the city center. we'll be watching that and getting the pictures in to our
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viewers. >> more on breaking news that we have. out of south carolina, a gunman is on the loose after a shooting in greenville. we're getting reports that nearly a dozen schools have just lifted their lockdowns. here's what we know right now. an officer tried pulling a guy over but then he took off and when he finally found the car, the suspect started shooting. >> it's very dangerous because the fact that they will open fire on an officer who was checking for a vehicle that had a tag that was inappropriate. we don't know the circumstance or what the individual has done, why the individual has done this, we don't know the facts at this point. police are calling the attack an ambush. we're monitoring the situation for you. also developing right now, the search for answers. after a gunman opens fire on a u.s. embassy in bosnia. he fired several rounds in
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serbia. the suspect is alive but was hit in the leg. here's a picture of the 23-year-old. there are reports that he's from serbia. updates as we get hem here on cnn. and just into us, the two coal line miners trapped in kentucky have died. we're told that a wall collapsed on them while they were inside of a truck. not yet clear what caused that accident. but they have died. a former high school teach ner ohio has been sentenced to four years in prison for having sexual encounters with five of her former students. one victims' mother said that her son has lost his faith and no longer sees the good in people because of stacy. >> these young men may appear as if they are tough guys but in reality they are truly hurting. she let him down. he trusted her.
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as he begins his freshman year in college, he should be looking at life with great possibility and happiness. she has stolen his innocence. >> she pleaded not guilty by reason of insanity but the judge said he couldn't make that magnificent leap. all right. look at these rappers. you recognize them? well, their fans are now considered threats to america, at least according to the fbi, which is listing followers of insane clown posse as a hybrid gang. that's right. a hybrid gang. we're told that they like to deal drugs, steal, and assault people. the rap group, the you'll notice, is famous for wearing clown makeup. sons and daughters get and the mother finds out about the death of her child via facebook. find out how it happened and why
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some are pushing for legislation to prevent it. in the next half hour, stay with us. breaking news on the news that we reported at the top of this hour. 6.9 quake in peru. our chad myers is working on it. as soon as we get the information, we'll bring it right there to you on cnn luck? i don't trade on luck. i trade on fundamentals. analysis. information. i trade on tradearchitect. this is web-based trading, re-visualized. streaming, real-time quotes.
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the british monarchy is starting with the next generation of royals will still have a shot at the throne.
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whenever the dutch and duchess of cambridge reproduce, right? >> reporter: that's right. he wants to change the laws so that katherine has a girl and can go on to be queen even if she has a younger brother. there are british rules involving the british monarchy. and he can't change it on his own because the british monarchy is the monarchy in 15 other commonwealth countries around the world. he's had a chance to change this and he has reached some sort of an agreement. the prime minister described what it means, in essence. >> okay. but, max -- >> put simply, if the duke and duchess of cambridge have a girl, that girl would one day be our queen. >> don, it's simple idea but quite complex to do. >> it's not just about the royal
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genders. the other change announced regarding the heir to the throne. >> yes, this is quite significant. the british monarch is also head of the church of england. no catholics are allowed into the an nar key. it's a rule that no british monarch can marry catholic. so they are changing that. it's really odd because having a same-sex marriage as well they can't mary a catholic. so this is about modernizing. that means you could have a head of a mary a catholic, which is historic. >> same-sex marriage. a whole lot running through my head there. thank you, very much, max
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foster, we appreciate your reporting. more on the breaking news, a 6.9 earthquake in peru. information and pictures as we get them here at cnn. we're back. moments away. every time a local business opens its doors or creates another laptop bag or hires another employee, it's not just good for business. it's good for the entire community. at bank of america, we know the impact that local businesses have on communities. that's why we extended $7.8 billion to small businesses across the country so far this year.
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breaking news in peru. chad myers, what have you learned? >> maybe an aftershock or two, don. unlike the turkey quake a couple of days ago, not really located in any kind of a populated area. there are a couple much beach roads here but i can't even find a home anywhere along the coast. so certainly no resorts here. not a real big city anywhere. now, at 6.9, you can probably expect 100 mile radius to feel it. they probably felt shaking, maybe some plates were rattling. but unlike the earthquake on the east coast a couple of months ago where the entire east coast shook for a while, even though it was a virginia earthquake, washington, d.c., had damage.
3:25 pm
i don't see that happening here. there are coastal cracks in the crust. they were going to see a localized quake and damage but certainly not what we saw. not the tens and thousands of people without power and hundreds dead. this is not a populated area, don. >> chad, as you continue to talk, i want to tell our ireporters and if you know anyone out of peru, go to or go to but since it wasn't a big city, like what happened on turkey, not a lot of people will be affected? >> certainly i believe they felt it in lima. no question. but 180 miles from where the epicenter was and it was 21 miles deep. that tells us there's a little padding of the crust as well. a shallow quake like we had in '80, that did such a great deal of damage in port-au-prince but
3:26 pm
here 180 miles away from the biggest city, there are smaller cities, no question about it, but you have to understand how they built some of the homes here and it's a concrete block and mud in the middle. it's called grout, whatever you want to do. those types of homes are not earthquake resistant. they will shake and fall. those localized shakes, a significant quake for at least 1,000 people but not 100,000 or a million people, don. >> thank you, chad. slash la all right. 6.9 quake in peru. we're woukrking on the details. staying behind bars but the man being held in the disappearance of an american woman in aruba is fighting for his freedom and, just in, a
3:27 pm
decision now from the court. plus, a mother finds out her young son is dead. getting the news. guess what. via facebook. how it's sparking knowledge about emergency contact. holly hughes is on the case next. what? pay you? hang on. kitchen counselor here. mom, i think what she means is "greasy dishes." cascade complete pacs fight tough greasy messes better than the other tablet. there's only one cascade. love it, or your money back.
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we bring you stories, an over weight teen who became a beauty queen and that meant reconditioning her live and lifestyle. sanjay gupta has this story. >> although my exterior may have looked a little different. >> for bree, becoming a beauty queen was beyond her w50i8dest dreams. >> i was so unhappy with the way i looked but yet i still
3:30 pm
continued to eat unhealthy and lacked physical activity. >> reporter: at 17 years old, she weighed 230 pounds. >> i would come home from school, sit on the couch for hours, watch tv and smack all day long. >> it was nagging pain in her knees that led her to go see her doctor and what he said, led her to change her life. >> he said, you know, this weight has to come off. at that moment i knew, he's right. it's up to me and only me to change it. >> she tried a quick fix to losing weight. >> i completely threw out all of the junk food, i joined the gym, i educated myself, i went to a nutritionist. i did all the right steps. >> three years later, she had transformed her buddy from pudgy duckling and earning an early round at the baiting suit competition. every beauty queen has a platform. hers, as you might guess, is
3:31 pm
fighting obesity and she happily promotes whether it's doing zumba or speaking at her home town city council meeting. >> i'm going to bring the crown back to floerns. >> or talking to students at her high school. >> i challenge you all to make a change today and to make a change to be a happy and healthy and confident individual to accomplish whatever it is you want to set out to accomplish
3:32 pm
the death of a child is something that no parent should want or have to go through. but imagine learning about your child's passing the way this woman did.
3:33 pm
>> on facebook, it was on the news, that's how i had to learn of my son's death. we waited all the way up until the next day and still got no phone calls. >> she learned about it, holly, on facebook? on facebook? holly hughes is on the case. how does this happen? >> well, unfortunately, this family had a divorce in it and so the father was listed as the emergency contact. this young man was killed during a football injury and it was fatal to him and the father was notified and he did not pass on to anyone that mother should be notified. so, of course, if she's not an emergency contact, the school doesn't know to call her. >> it can happen to anybody in a divorce and the speed at which things travel on the internet. >> unfortunately, what it comes down to, don, is not a matter of the law because whoever's listed on that emergency contact, think
3:34 pm
about t. the school could not give information out. if the person is not authorized. because that would be a violation of the law. so what we're talking about is just common decency and passion. clearly a distraught father would think that the mother should be notified even if it is a divorce. this is just horrible. >> yeah, it is horrible. let's go to case number two. another bid for freedom by the american man jailed in aruba in connection with his travel companion, robyn gardner. gary giordano's lawyers said that his life is being destroyed. the judge was expected to rule pretty quickly. do we have a decision? >> we don't have a decision yet. and i'll be interested because when he initially gave the prosecution a certain amount of time, the understanding would that be they were conducting an investigate and they have sent out cell phone records and dumps on his computer and they are awaiting on that analysis. they have things in the united states, in holland, several other countries. so when they went back to court
3:35 pm
today they had something to tell the judge. they have confirmed that blood found on a towel is in fact robyn gardners. so they are working. they are working forward. they are not just holding him without some type of an investigation happening. so the think the judge is likely to extend his stay there. >> all right. holly hughes on the case there. we appreciate it. >> thank you. christopher lost his life in afghanistan last saturday. you've probably never heard of him. but we want you to he was on his 14th deployment. that's right. 14. that's more than any other ranger killed in combat. he enlisted in 2001 and was a member of the 75th ranger regiment based at joint base lewis mccord washington. throughout his military career he told his family not to make a big fuss if he were killed. with all due respect to he and
3:36 pm
his family, on one mission he was part of the ranger mission that rescued jessica lynch when she was captured by iraqi forces in 2003. she said later that he and the other rangers were "true heros." the army agrees as they call him irreplaceable. the guy you want by your side when the chips were down. he earned two bronze stars during his decade of service. a third will be given and an ied in afghanistan ended his life. two other soldiers were also killed. sergeant was just 29 years old. he leaves behind a wife and two small girls. we'll be right back.
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new video of martin lawsuit
3:39 pm
lawsuit ter king, jr.'s life. we travel with soledad o'brien. here's a preview. >> we've got some difficult days ahead. but it doesn't really matter to me now because i've been to the mountain top. and i don't mind. >> april 3rd, 1968, the last speech that martin lawsuuther k ever gave. he returned to his motel exhausted, his favorite room, 306. it was the last night of his life. >> have you ever had a chance to be inside dr. king's actual room at the motel?
3:40 pm
>> no, only in my imagination. >> playwright has imagined the last night of his life for almost 30 years of her life. >> they never let anyone in this room, almost never. this is all the way the room was when he died? >> uh-huh. it's so small. it's too small to contain his dreams, you know. he was a king. he was worthy of more but he stayed like a regular person, you know, cigarettes and -- >> and coffee. >> and lots of coffee. and the phone and then the bible. >> your set designer -- >> he came here and meshed everything for eight hours. >> why was it important to get everything right? >> it was just important to do it right and bring the audience inside of this room in a very tactile way. i really feel as though, particularly in terms of the set
3:41 pm
and in terms of the visual, fly on the wall perspective, i think you've got this right. >> and how about the man himself? we will never, never know what was inside of his brain and what his exact thoughts were but i really feel as though we get to the core of him facing that door and i know someone is waiting for me on the other side but i'm going to walk out in spite of. >> sole soledad o'brien joins me. thank you for joining me. >> thank you. >> you've done numerous documentaries on dr. king. you've been in that room, probably never with cameras. >> right. >> and not a conversation like that with that clarity. >> no. it's amazing. victoria hall is a big talker. she works with words.
3:42 pm
and when we got into the room she just stopped talking. i was trying to gauge her reaction and she sort of said nothing and then got a few words out. it's amazing. people, of course, have been to the museum. >> when you go in, in that room, is it -- >> small. it's small and it's weird. >> you get that feeling, like you gasp -- >> cigarettes are in the ashtray and you see cups of coffee. they've set it up for the room but it's exactly as it was when he died and people can visit that at the civil rights museum behind a glass wall, as you know. so to be inside, it's odd. they call it the king abernathy suite. they did the exact same thing in the play. they measured it exactly and brought it to life on the stage. >> i have so much to talk to you. i want to talk about sam jackson. you've talked to him and have actually seen the play. the controversy is that she king -- one of the first things
3:43 pm
is -- >> he yells for cigarettes and then you can hear him urinate off camera. that sets the tone for, hmm, we haven't seen that side of dr. king. you can understand how people who are owe motion nally unattached and he was a man. these are the things that i, as a playwright, a man would be doing and thinking disgusted and worried about. >> because we know our speeches and see the individual yoef of him. >> he was a man and didn't always talk in the way that the people from that era did all the time. >> we love that image and i think she's taking a great risk. but people love the play that. is to take an icon and make him human, that's a big risk. >> big risk.
3:44 pm
>> thank you. >> all over the place. thanks, soledad, watch the full report part of this weekend's new cnn presents. catch it sunday night at 8:00 p.m. eastern right here on cnn. it's going to be great. other news now, a 5-year-old girl from arizona is missing this afternoon. she disappeared on october 11th. there is controversy here. the child's mother pleaded no contest to child abuse of other children before the missing girl was born. >> very unfair for you to ask me that. do i look like i hurt my daughter? do i look like i hurt my daughter? she's scared. she's scared. please. >> we are going to speak live to the arizona police department in two minutes.
3:45 pm
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time now for the help desk where we get answers to your financial questions. joining me this hour is the founder of the financial advice blog ask the money coach and david is a certified financial planner. thank you for being here both. i appreciate it. lynette, your question today comes from gina in ohio. she has 28 credit cards, 18 with no balance and she's asking if her credit score will be affected if she closes the account. first thing first, you never want to open up 18 credit cards, right? >> no, obviously. they can lead to unimaginable debt. but frankly, typically, i tell people not to close out accounts. if they have three or four accounts because it can mess up something called your credit utilization ratio, the amount of debt that you charge.
3:47 pm
in her case, she has over two dozen credit cards. that's not going to impact her too much to close out the credit cards, reduce the temptation and avoid those and partner receives unemployment benefits in new york. and ll continue to receive those benefits in california until he's employed. >> he would still be able to receive benefits if california. he will need to register and check in with the unemployment officer in california. different states have different rules. the benefit may be different and there may be a delay in getting him up and running again as far as benefits. we should be prepared to have an interruption in his benefits. >> sure. >> additionally, if he's going to travel to california, you have to be available and ready and willing to work. so during that time that he's transporting himself to
3:48 pm
california, he may not be eligible for benefits during that time period. >> sure. you have to prove that you're looking for work. >> yeah. >> if you have a question that you want answered, send us an e-mail to this is $100,000. we asked total strangers to watch it for us. thank you so much, i appreciate it, i'll be right back. they didn't take a dime. how much in fees does your bank take to watch your money ? if your bank takes more money than a stranger, you need an ally. ally bank. no nonsense. just people sense. at red lobster. there's so many choices. the guests love it.
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[ male announcer ] it's endless shrimp today at red lobster. as much as you like any way you like, like new sweet and spicy shrimp, all for $15.99. my name is angela trapp, and i sea food differently. all right. we have all been following the search for lisa irwin. she is the 11-month-old baby who disappeared from her crib in missouri. but there's another little girl who has vanished from her home. this is jesse. she's five years old and disappeared from her home in glendale, arizona, 17 days ago. take a good look at this little face.
3:50 pm
police issued an amber alert. scores of people have joined the search. her relatives have complained that the news media are not doing for coverage has shown a light on the mother's own troubled past during a vigil for the child, she lashed out at a reporter who asked if she hurt jessica. >> very unfair for dwrou ask me that. do i look like i hurt my daughter? she's scared! she's scared! please -- >> tracy breeden is with the glendale police department. thank you so much joining us. what do you know about the circumstances of jesse's disappearance? >> well, what i can tell you, tom, is that she went missing from her residence 17 days ago in the afternoon when her mother went on an errand for a little bit. she was left with her siblings
3:51 pm
and when her mom came back, jesse was missing from the residence. >> it's don by the way, but tell us what she was wearing the last time anyone saw jesse? >> she was wearing a plain white shirt, blue jeans shorts and pink sandals. we haven't ruled out abduction or kidnapping in this case and typically in situations like that, after a period of time, they can change a child's appearance, so we're asking that when people see jesse's picture, to also think about the situation that she may, her appearance may have been changed to look like a boy. try to imagine her with glasses on, those types of things because that's important as well. >> what are police doing? are you going all out because there's been criticism by the family, i'm not sure about the police department. >> well, i can tell you what we
3:52 pm
are doing is we have a team of investigators that continue to diligently work on the investigation. they're looking at over 10,000 bits and pieces of information not continuing to continue to follow up and tips that continue to come in. we also continue to utilize our local, state and federal resources and we just want to thank them. the fbi has been with us since the very beginning of the investigation and they also continue to assist us with this. >> before i ask you the next question, how tall is she? >> jesse is approximately 3'5" tall and weighs 55 pounds. >> i saw an incredible interview on hln last night, on dr. drew. her family, her relatives have been complaining that this case isn't getting the same national attention as some others, but they're also upset about the
3:53 pm
local coverage, which has resulted in questions about jesse's mother. do you think there are questions and are they fair? >> you know, we're aware of all of that. but we want our focus to be on locating jesse. we can't imagine the depth of the pain and emotions that the family must be going through with a child that goes missing. but what we want to say is don't lose hope and don't lose hope in us because we are, our level of commitment in finding jesse hasn't waivered and we believe in the value of what we're doing. we have a little missing girl out there and we're doing everything we can to find her. >> thank you very much. we really appreciate that. if we can please put her picture back up. little jesse shockley, she disappeared 17 days ago, glendale, arizona. her apartment. amber alert, wearing a plain white shirt, blue jean shorts
3:54 pm
and sandals. 3'5" tall. about 55 pounds. there's her picture. any information, please call police. we have a quick update on another missing child story. an autistic boy in virginia has been found. he was missing for six days. his name is robert wood. he has been found. robert wood jr. he's been found. he is at the hospital with his family now. there is hope. there is hope. glad for that family. hope little jesse shockley's family has a similar result. okay, the world series in its final game tonight. let's bring in andy from our affiliate live in st. louis. the texas rangers are playing the st. louis cardinals. the cardinals turf. so, is it really true that the home team almost always wins in these high stakes world series game? >> yeah, history not on the
3:55 pm
ranger's side in this one. in the last eight games, the home team has won every single one. you've got to go back to 1979 with the pittsburgh pirates beat the orioles on the road to win a world series. this rangers team, one of the most resilient in baseball and after the game last night, they were convinced they were still going to get the job done here tonight in game seven. >> what's going to happen is going to happen and we don't want to go over scores and stats and all that. you were there. give us some color. you can do what most can't see. you can show us because you're there. what's around you? sounds like people are gathering, sounds kind of exciting. >> yesterday, this place was covered with rangers fans. ready to celebrate their championship and cardinals fans weren't making much noise, but it's a different scene today. lolts of cardinals fans and
3:56 pm
they're looking now, they're the favorites of course. rangers fans still optimistic, but not as much as yesterday of course. >> thank you. my old market there, st. louis, missouri. lived there for a little bit. nice town. nice town. thanks again. imagine sitting down to dinner with the president of the united states. for every day people, you know, four every day people did just that. ttd#: 1-800-345-2550 what every trader needs. ttd#: 1-800-345-2550 like streetsmart edge, ttd#: 1-800-345-2550 the intuitive trading platform that thinks like a trader. ttd#: 1-800-345-2550 access dozens of workshops and webinars ttd#: 1-800-345-2550 -and talk over your strategy with dedicated ttd#: 1-800-345-2550 schwab trading specialists. ttd#: 1-800-345-2550 plus, traders get up and running faster ttd#: 1-800-345-2550 with a personalized introduction to all that schwab has to offer. ttd#: 1-800-345-2550 talk to chuck and get it all for $8.95 per trade. ttd#: 1-800-345-2550 open an account and trade up to 6 months commission-free. ttd#: 1-800-345-2550 call 1-800-790-3808 today. ttd#: 1-800-345-2550
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imagine getting an invitation for dinner from the president of the united states. four every day people got just that. joe johns is here with the political pop. how did they score these are great tickets to score, so to speak. >> not so bad, right, don? an opportunity to sit down, have dinner with the president of the united states. it was at liberty tavern in arlington, virginia, just across the river from here. four just regular, plain folks got the privilege. couple of retirees, postal worker, a small business owner also described as an entrepreneur. this was the payoff from the dinner with barack contest from a few months back. fund-raiser of course though they said you didn't have to give any money to enter. they did suggest you give at
3:58 pm
least a $5 donation. these were the winners, casey leebling, martinez, wendy smith, an artist, also a professor from indiana. and ken knight. u.s. postal service employee from arizona. the president had actually offered dinner with both himself and vice president biden, but the vice president was out of the country, so these folks had to settle for the commander in chief by himself. >> dug deep here and did your homework, what's on the menu? >> don't even ask me, but i can tell you this. american cuisine. that's what i do know about the restaurant. i haven't ever been there though. there are a lot of good rest raub raunts in arlington. >> that's a bad, when people want world series tickets, not a bad ticket to get. did you watch last night?
3:59 pm
because i want to know what's up with speak boehner and the series. >> okay, so simple version is he goes to tennessee. chattanooga. and he's doing a fund-raiser there for a congressman, fleishman and a local newspaper reports that after this fund-raiser where he raised a couple of hundred thousand dollars, the speaker went and got a steak dinner and split a bottle of merlot with four people who accompanied him there to tennessee and stayed for about an hour and a half. according to newspaper reports, people were surprised to see the speaker of the house standing at the bar, watching the game, sipping on a glass of wine. that's the way it's been described. >> you've got to have a beer. >> former, one of president obama's former speech writers wrote a sit come. nbc picked it up. >> this is a sitcom about a


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